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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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perhaps a good time for perspective. >> particularly with these headlines. swedish says it knows of no one who has become infected. a spokesperson said the testing is done out of "an abundance of caution." this is alarming news for the 2900 who had surgery at the hospital between august of last year and january of this year. the hospital was blaming an ex-employee, the state department of health thought that employee tried to steal pain meds t is not clear how that might have potentially infected others but similar cases we have covered in the past suggest theft of hospital pain meds can put other supplies or syringes at risk. thus, putting an entire population of patients at risk. swedish will pay for hiv, hepatitis b, and hepatitis c testing. the patients at risk should take them up on that offer says our own medical expert. >> if they get the phone call and say they are being tested,
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those things to make sure you follow through with what they tell you to do because all these diseases we are talking about, if you get them they have conkwenss, the chances-- consequences, the chances are low but you want to make sure. >> 2900 patients impacted by all of this, tay started-- they started receiving phone calls and notifications today. here are the dates involved, this is critical because swedish is getting a lot of phone calls from people, this only involves surgeries between august 17th of last year and january 22nd of this year. if you had surgery outside of those dates, no need to worry. if you went to the hospital during those dates for nothing-- for something other than a surgery, no need to worry as well. again, the tab will be picked up by the hospital. also important to note is you might expect all is an active criminal investigation with all
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englewood police department and the colorado department of health is working with swedish on how to move forward with all of this. adele? >> so, i have to ask you, chris, are former patients then supposed to call swedish or wait for them to call? >> as you might imagine when the news broke of this 1:00 this afternoon, a lot of those patients simply didn't wait for swedish to call. so they called swedish. they took a ton of phone calls and are now saying if you can, wait to contact us but, again, it only impacts patients who had surgeries during those particular dates and it is about 2900 in total. >> got it. thanks a lot. this week's snow storm has colorado back on track for mountain snow pack, that is crucial in so many ways. here is 9 news reporter, maya rodriguez. >> all of that snow measured in inches in the metro area but in feet in the mountains means colorado's snow pack rebounded after a slow january.
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factor. without the storm snow totals and precip totals for january were going to be about the 70% of normal range. >> but now, state wide snow pack is up to 118% of what it would normally be at this time of the year. what does that mean? well, for now expect good skiing. and later on in the year, good news for colorado's drinking water ply. >> if the snow pack-- supply. >> if the snow pack is high, reservoir levels could be drawn down easily. >> what happens in january and february isn't an indicator of what happens march until may. the influence of el nino in the pacific usually means more snow in colorado. in the mountains snow pack season is longer than the traditional start. it starts october until april when the snow begins to melt. >> at this point we are 2/3 of the way through the typical snow pack accumulation season.
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every flake of snowfall counts. maya rodriguez, 9 news. >> historically, if february is one of the months with the lowest accumulation it picks up in march and april. a father from greeley died in a car crash driving to the hospital for the birth of his second child. 29-year-old hor hay surono was leaving work-- jorges surono was leaving work to the hospital and slid on ice and hit a semi head on, less than 30 minutes before his son, caleb, was born. the semi driver was not seriously hurt. the woman who survived the planned parenthood shooting in colorado springs shows her story for the first time tomorrow. tucania crayon will be on tv. crayon was barricadedane clinic room for 5 hours in late november. the shooter admits shooting and
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he referred to himself as a warrior for babies. the hoe is tomorrow on channel 20 at 9:00 a.m. democrats announced a plan to beef up a state program that provides drivers licenses for people here illegally, it is about treating with them respect, supporters say, but cutting back on unlicensed driving, potential ben fishiaries are finding it difficult to get an point for a license because republicans who funding for it. that made appointments available only 3 offices state wide. today boulder county sheriff, pely, a democrat, joins to argue for more access for the program. >> this is a benefit for all of us, the drive, and all of us would prefer to-- if we have a traffic encount toor have it with a license and insured driver, right? >> the plan is almost cert toon die if it reachathize republicaned control senate.
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sense to give government id cards to people breaking the law by being in the country. those republicans argue the policy only encourages more illegal immigration. the criminal investigation into chipotle expanded and nowinationwide. chip oeltly-- now nation wide, the new investigation opens safety. food handling has been a concern for the denver based chain. an e coli outbreak in several states and noro virus in boston the company. 2 days after iowa, 2 more candidates have dropped outlet of the republican-- out of the republican race cht rand paul is bowing out, rick santorum is bowing out, this year he finished in 11th place with less than 1% of the vote. santorum endorsed rubio. the republican field which once
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just down the street from the site of super bowl 50, a long way from the glitsy nfl experience san francisco, fans in santa clara can see the lombardi trophy and watch old time films and see old uniforms, what you don't see there are a lot of other fans. despite being the city home to levi stadium in the super bowl, most people are spending time up the road in the big city by the way. >> the crowds, i am kind of ashamed of it because this is a beautiful place but there is nobody here. there is no lines, come down to santa clara, if you are from denver, come to santa clara and enjoy this spot. >> that is kind of sad. there is a tribute to john elway there as well. you can check out the gridiron glory exhibit. it is free. they even have a horse out front. good omen. mayor hancock is placing
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and charlotte mayor roberts agreed to if the broncos win he has to wear a jersey. >> we shall see. the surgery peyton manning is expecting after retirement. hard enough to get a appointment to one military academy, meet the student accepted to 3. going nearly face to face
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for high school student athletes this is signing day, it garners attention, we like to celebrate the stars of the classroomism nelson garcia introduces us to a senior in
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>> students like kelly greer are amazing. >> yeah, it was. >>... and not surprising at the same time. >> i have 43 of the best of the best students. and then you have kelly in there and she is at the top of that. plus 5 on an assignment. >> before she went to chaparral high school... >> she tutors me in every clas. >>... she fell in love with the military when she visited the academy at 10 years old. >> i knew then it was what i wanted to do. >> when it became time to look for options after high school... >> i have never gotten a b, i have 4.2 gpa. >> she always has been very smart, organized, driven. >> they wanted to give the platinum. >> she got in all 3. >> i was so happy. i had to call my parents right away. >> you don't really hear about that very opten.
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>> i thought, go kelly. that is insane. >> amazing. >> i am student body treasurer, president of national honor society, president of chinese national honor society, president of link crew, i work with speelgs needs kids. >> she is busy and everything but she finds time to help out others. >> i have no idea how she does it. >> not surprising. >> it doesn't surprise me she sat in an interview and plueveryone away. >> and decided... >> on the air force. >> i take chinese and want to continue that at the academy as well. >> nelson garcia, 9 news. >> greer plans on making the air force her career, wants to major in computer science and interested in cyberwar fare. we got to see the name and design of a new tiger exhibit at the denver zoo that will let visitors geup close and-- get up close and personal with the cat family. it is called the edge. close enough to hear and smell the cats.
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tiger's outdoor exhibit space by 50%. >> the exhibit has been named "the edge" to bring people closer than ever to the tigers and reflects the appearance of the new exhibit which will look as though it is on the edge of a forest. >> it will also feature a small seating area for zoo keepers to do seminars and demonstrations and expected to open in december. >> see and smell the cats. >> okay. we mentioned signing day, we will take you there, next . we won't get a break from the cold for a few days, there
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hi, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard where it is kier, cold, and-- clear, cold, and about to get colder. roads are in good shape, good news for the drive tomorrow morning. our high today, 28. the average is 44, bet you felt that when the winds are kicking up, we have a wind chill nooins 5 in denver - 15 in limon, and - 10 in laramie, some will be overnight lows.
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south calm in the 9 backyard. 19 outside the studio. yep. feeling like february, not a lot to show you on the radar bullet we are tracking wind, gusting winds that created ground blizzard conditions in the foothills, the winds will ease over the higher passes gotta have 2 hands on the steering wheel tonight and tomorrow. wind chill advisory out for the east, central, and south central plains, i think the numbers will go zero to - 15 and with winds in cheyenne we have a warning in effect, winter weather advisories in the northwest, series of weather systems will cross on the northwest flow, water shaper showing where the moisture is sh across the east-- is across the east coast and west code. the ripples coming through will bring snow squalls to the northern and central mountains and flurries to lower elevations cheeping us chilly. moisture is not overly
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travel advisories, not a very well organized storm system so tomorrow mid 30s, we have sunshine to start clouds in the afternoon, and again, a bit of wind in the foothills and that will bring a few snow showers to those traveling i-70 late tonight and tomorrow. clear and cold this evening, clouds build into the foothills around 2:00, the next wave coming through maybe a few flurries in denver tomorrow night but it doesn't look like it will hold together too well. in the mountains shs lows - 4 to - 11 on the plains, temperatures very cold. high temperatures tomorrow, not a whole lot warmer than today. some 40s on the map in southeastern colorado. we won't get above our average of 44 here in denver, though, until the weekend. and so, get set, lows going low tonight, about 3 above in denver, cold start to the day, bundle up the kids when you head to the bus stop in the morning. 28 lunchtime. 32 in the afternoon, again, a few flurries tomorrow night into friday. won't worry too much, the cold is the big story here.
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sunday, the next wave comes in, got a couple more flurries in the forecast and then the great thaw temperatures mid 50s coming up here as we move into the is wonderful. speaking of warm weather, how about sunshine and 71 for the super bowl? hi, everybody, head, shoulders, knees, and toes and another part of peyton manning's body that needs fixing. 9 news broncos insider, mike klis brought his note book to the super bowl. >> uh-oh. i think that was the wrong one. >> mike was explaining peyton manning, today, revealed he will need hip replacement. >> okay. >> flip books. >> i felt bad, mike worked hard
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it is national signing day, one student athlete in broomfield hit the bulls eye with his college decision. taylor tenby is locked and loaded. >> some kids follow in father's foot steps. >> i grew up playing basketball and baseball like my dad. >> nick muskety was a shooter. >> i had no idea competitive shooting was a thing. >> a chance meeting at a gun rapg on his 13th birth-- range on his 13th birthday changed the trajectory of his life. >> we did research and i found my way on the boulder county 4-h shooting team. >> in 5 years he graduated to the usa shooting, jr. national team and soon to be a collegiate shooter at linden wood university near st. louis. >> the 147 universities or colleges that offer a shooting
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>> the 5 of those that offer scholarships all had their sites set on nick, the top recruit in the country. >> it is different, it is unique, and it is something that can take me, i believe, farther sport. >> shooting will take nick to new competitions around the world and one day he hopes to toengio for the 20 twen-- tokyo, for the 2020 summer olympics games. >> could lead me to my future job if i play my cards right. >> lets holster those ideas for now. after all... >> it started as a hobby and turned into my entire life. >>... today he is pulling the trigger on his future. taylor tenby 9 news. right? peyton manning picked tennessee, stay tld the whole time. cam newton, people know him as
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florida, he went to florida and sat behind tim tebow and transferred to blin, jr. college before going to auburn. signing day was very different for these 2 gentleman. i have a band aid as oil prices go, so do
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crude went up, so did the dow gaining 183. s&p up 9, nasdaq lost more than
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adele was alarmed when i told her it was 10 degrees with the chind chill. >> very alarmed. >> she is not happy. >> it will get warmer tomorrow, though, kind of. we have temperatures above freezing. >> there is some headway. >> there you go. not a lot on radar, that will be the scene tonight. the northwest low will clear skies, wind chill advisory on the east central plains. east of denver to 15 below. snow increasing in the mountains tomorrow with a chance for snow, no winter weather or travel advisory. high country. wehead be 44 in denver this time
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whole lot colder than that. those of you with snow covered >> yeah. >> there was no melting today. we are going to see temperatures remain below average for at least another day, maybe 2. tonight, clear and cold, a low of 3 above, tomorrow temperatures don't warm a lot but you get sunshine to look nice and we can almost see friday from here. friday isn't looking a lot warmer but if you focus on saturday, our sports caster down there at the end of the table is super thrilled about that y. am not sure i can go 50, though. remember i had 50 all week. >> sure did. >> you are back in town. >> i had to come down a little. >> 33 by the time the day rolls around. >> no, it won't. but it will look nice. that is important.
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we're living a nightmare. it's killing me all over again. >> tonight the people ve backlash. >> it hurts so much to watch it. >> we break down the mini series with two of the trial's ke players. marcia clark and kato kaelin. >> i think they make me look like a stoner. >> find out what they really thought as we look into marcia's personal l
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battle, a topless photo.
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