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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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here is a warning if you are heading out on i-70 this afternoon. the two center lanes of westbound i-730 or currently closed on washington street to repair a damage expansion joint and may stay close for a while, maybe up to six hours. this will definitely affect the rush hour afternoon. extensive delays are expected. drivers need to find alternate routes when possible again. i-70 westbound right by the stock show area at washington street. outside, it looks beautiful. look out the window. a little more clouds than there were yesterday at this time, but still pretty cold and does not peeled like anything is going to melt any time soon. let's check in with danielle who is out in the backyard. hey, danielle. >> you saw the clouds pushing in. that's going to be part of the
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all that impressive to the metro area but some spots may wake up in the 20s. streaks of clouds flashing across the skies, skill a background. readings in the low 30s, warmer than yesterday. to the west, sub zero at 9 below, gunison. 70 mile-per-hour speeds in neverland and 21 in estes park. for now, one little snow bands pushing to the south, on the junction of i-70. here is that system out there in the great basin starting to press in from the intermountain west. it will affect us as we go through the afternoon and evening. we may have a few snow bands pushing in. your best chance to find a little bit of snow, an inch of less, around castle, el dorado.
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a little bit more sunshine. mostly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the afternoon asks the little front starts to pushing in. it could bring us some flurries. tomorrow, another cool one. don't worry, a glimmer of hope next week. it's going to feel like spring time, kyle. and that hopefully had help melt off all the snow and the ice still in my backyard. >> that would be awesome. that's nice to look at. thank you, danielle. see you shortly nearly 3000 former swedish medical center patients need to be tested now for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c after a former tech put them at risk. there is now an investigation looking to see if he stole more drugs. the patients had surgy from july of last year to january of this year. we spoke to one person needing testing who is going through
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>> it was definitely a shocking thing to go through it the first time. now to have it happen the second time, you wonder, what am i doing wrong? >> i bet. scott setser had to be tested in 2008. in that wakes kristin parker used dirty needles to steal fentanyl and refilled the syringes with saline. the tech in this case now has not been arrested or charged. there is no evidence that patients were exposed. this is testing now all out of precaution. you remember this guy, pharmacy chief martinshkreli look the fifth when he appeared on capitol hill.
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the price of drugs. shkreli has been widely scorned for raising the price by more than 5000%. today, he didn't say a word before the house oversight and government reform committee. antiabortion activist who was indicted last month for making undercover videos that claimed ploont illegally sold fetal tissue for profit has now turned himself n david deliden appeared in a houston courtroom and posted a bond. sandra merritt and other activists turned herself in yesterday. there is a new u-mass lowell poll out today. and it shows not surprising bernie sanders has a strong lead ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. not surprising because he is from neighboring vermont. here is how it all breaks down. bernie sanders is leading with 58%. clinton has modest gains at 36% right now.
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donald trump is the front runner in new hampshire with 36%. cruz and marco rubio are about tied. rubio at 15%, cruz 1 point behind at 14%. the primary in new hampshire is this coming tuesday. around here, her husband died trying to drive her to the hospital to deliver their son. and, now, this northern colorado mom is sharing her story of both life and also loss. jill shmucker's husband died while driving his wife to the hospital. doctors believe he suffered a stroke and lost consciousness and veered his car, hilt a rock face and rolled down into a witch. tony was unconscious. their two kids in the back seat fine. rescuers rushed jill to the hospital where she had an emergency c section and delivered a healthy baby boy. she would later found out that
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>> i was praying for a miracle like crazy. and i got several miracles, three perfect boys that -- i mean, they were barey even bruised. so, i'm here and i'm walking, which is a miracle. i just didn't get that one last miracle that i would have loved to have had. >> oh, boy. jill is expected to make a full recovery from her broken back. she says she is so very thankful for her doctors, first responders and the entire community who has embraced and support her and her family. a close call out in fresno. the sheriff helicopter narrowly missed colliding with a drone flying illegally at about 600 feet. the pilot was able to do a quick maneuver to avoid what could have been a pretty bad crash. the man flying the drone said it was programmed on a legal flight path but that it went off when he programmed in. the case has now been submitted to a federal level for
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as this clock continues to tick toward super bowl 50 -- gosh, does not feel like it's of going to get here, does it? both teams are practicing again in california this is video of the broncos practicing at palo alto. sessions are closed to the public and media. you are looking at video shot and provided to us by nfl phils. peyton manning says he is eager to get back to business on the field. >> denver is united in orange, no doubt. in a city this big, you know there are some panthers fans out there. at least 400, anyway. look at colleen. colleen went into enemy territory this morning to check out the mile high cat. when the fans told colleen while it's good to find fellow panthers fans, living in denver and not cheering for the broncos is a little weird.
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there and we have been gone a while. it's definitely good to be able to see your team on tv, been able to root for the team, hear about the team here in denver and nationally. it's something else. >> in 2011, the mile high cat teamed up with shelby to have a home away from home, on 18th. and there is a competition between denver and charlotte, one that could help a lot.
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we started off the week with so much snow. now, we are winding things down with just a little bit of it. a whole lot of cold this week as well. out to the high country, gorgeous shot coming in despite the cold. larry pierce capturing this one at 7 below out there in steamboat springs. looks lovely right there with a little bit of sun light out there. skier, snow boarders taking it in. snow pack numbers have been so impressive across the state but the series of storms moving in. stayedwide, 115%. a little bit more en route to the region late tonight and into tooth morning. numbers at 31 out at the airport. the clouds have been picking up and pushing in over the past hour or so. winds out of the south- southeast coming up at 6 miles per hour but it is making it feel cooler.
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right there at about 32. not too bad as we have clouds starting to press in. not quite as chilly. temperatures and winds will be an issue. tracking the wind gusts around the foothills inestes park. things are picking up toward the loveland region pass there, too. mid section of the country also pretty quiet, too. on to the pacific northwest, a few travel advisories for montana, washington, oregon and into idaho as the next little system starts to nudge into the state. i'm not anticipating a ton of snow, just a few snow showers filtering into the western slopes. around here, it's been pretty quiet. fast forward towards the evening, clouds thickening up. 8:00, 9:00, snowfall firing up the heaviest in the northern mountains. a couple of snow bands to be drifting in, arapahoe, around midnight.
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until early in the morning, 5:00 to 6:00. might be snowing, might be slick in some spotsing for the morning commute but won't last long. lunchtime, we'll start to clear things out but it will be yet again a cold but clear friday night. looking at the snowfall amount, a dusting, really, an inch or less. not expecting. in northern colorado. an inch to inch and a half in the foothills, to the south toward c. 470 and towards castle rock. today in the upper 30s, a little bit of snipe early son. now the clouds have started to temperatures warmer. degrees. teens and 20s, that's what you are looking ahead towards the morning and in the mountains. metro area, within en inch, inch half. tomorrow, another day in the mid-30s. we warm up briefly on saturday,
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hopefully that will help to melt only some of the snow and look at the warmup, monday, tuesday, and beyond. looks beautiful. i'll show you the 9 day
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broncos fans across denver are really excited. they came out today to those
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this is the shot from the king soupers in arvada. we were in aurora, hotchkiss and windsor. we had other locations for the cheyenne, wyoming. we have the fullest on sunday morning. we have bets from the two competing governors and the mayors, you know how it goes. the catholic church is also jumping. there is a challenge that could help people in both cities. we have larry smith president of catholic charities. you guys are teaming up with catholic charities in charlotte? >> yes, we are. >> what is charity bowl 50. >> this is a healthy competition between charlotte catholic charities and us to
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money for those in need. >> all the money raised here stays in denver and charlotte, too. they keep their money. there is a bet between the two bishops betting $500 and that will go to whichever team wins. that charity gets the winning amount. >> since it's super bowl 50, we have a long way to go. >> we have a long way to go. >> this is right until the end of the game. >> right until the end of the game. go to and go to donate. >> and we have link on >> i should point out that denver is ahead of charlotte right now. >> yes, we are leading the way in the early efforts. we have pulled ahead yesterday slightly and we are updated every day around 4:00 or fight. that's a great competition. >> does not matter who wins the game? >> no, no. all about the bowl. >> where does the money that will be raised here go here?
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of the things that we are doing. it will go to samaritan house, to the women's services which includes light house, gabriel houses. we have nine locations at that that provide clothing, food, formula for young mothers and their children daycare centers. we have six around denver. and there are other that was wrap around all those like our counseling program for regina chaley where we never turn anybody away who needs help. all the services provided. last year, we serviced over 77,000 people. >> we talked in the fall about you also have a lot of affordable housing. >> we do. we have 25 apartment buildings, all around the denver metro market. >> so, if you want to get involved with the charity bowl goes. >> and that's going to be another way to help charlotte. >> absolutely.
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and it's a great way for the out. and since we're going to win
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parents today know it is such a different world out there from when we were children. staying safe often means staying connected but it's really hard for parents to rationalize buying a cell phone for a child. this could be a compromise. it's wearable technology developed by a japanese company, a smart watch. by speaking into the watch, kids are able to call their parents, even send text messages to them and it can also alert parents to their child's location. the watch is expected to be released in march. i bet that does pretty well. when the -- when the denver broncos and the carolina panthers hit the field, a lot
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tables. it is so immense, so filling, a person can consume as many as 2000 calories on game day food. one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wings. 3 to 5 of these little guys can have as many as 300 calories. clinical did i 'tis lisa shiverman -- clinical dietician lisa shiverman suggests that we speech the sour cream to the greek yo gut and switch to light beer. >> the higher the con ten of the beer, the higher the caloric content of the beer. >> and the end zone should be the plate. fill it up once and turn your back on the buffet table and just get back to the game. we need you at the tv, anyhow, rooting the team on. at puree, or peas into the guacamole.
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content and that will keep the green content. and if your kid has a swing set in the backyard, can it be
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six giants panda cubs made their adorable debut over the week. the pandas were born in 2015 but made their first appearance. it was worth waiting for this. >> absolutely. >> make at how big this base it. they are playing with red lanterns and chinese knots. wood symbolize joy which i think they are experiencing. >> a little bits of that. >> and good fortune. >> they are too cute. all of them. would you say that. >> yeah, having the time of their life. >> looks pretty cool. snowy there. absolutely. >> going to be the case for us around here, too. just a little bit of light snow.
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of the week. early flurries will continue early tomorrow morning. and that will warm things up on saturday. sunday, a dip in the numbers but things should be looking good. >> next week, awesome. so good. >> and don't forget i'm handing out these bad boys. come find me. >> in littleton. >> come find me.
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