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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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there's more snow on the way tonight for parts of the metro. rest easy, it's nothing more than we've already seen this month. >> down to two, hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head in new hampshire. >> the man who put thousands at risk for hiv and hepatitis. >> showing team of spirit is fine, but you'll have to leave the no. 18 at home at one school in colorado. it has nothing to do can peyton manning. >> at denver united in orange never looked brighter. snoop steals the show at the big super bowl event. 9news starts now. in the morning we could see a light dusting of snow. radar shows a ban of it moving across monument hill on the divide. temperatures are dropping into the teens tonight and we'll have a chilly friday ahead. kathy shows us when it will warm up coming up in a bit. hillary clinton went on the offensive against bernie
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debate five days out from the new hampshire primary tonight. a new nbc news wall street journal marist poll shows clinton 20 points behind sanders in new hampshire. sanders tiptoed around frequent criticism of clinton as the hand picked person for wall street. the audience was pretty amped during their exchange. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents to the best of my ability and i'm very proud of that. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> much of the debate discussed progressivism and progressive
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clinton is a moderate or a progressive and whether sanders' progressive ideals like universal healthcare and
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[ technical difficulties ] >> that happened in this case. the alleged theft occurred on january 22nd. the other new law from 2010 formed a surgical assistant and technician registry with the department of regulatory agencies. now allen was registered but has since had his registration suspended. at the time those laws were passed there was a bit of criticism that they didn't go far enough and couldn't necessarily prevent something like this from happening.
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caught with that syringe allen tested positive in a drug test with marijuana and the painkiller fentanyl in his system. we were curious if surgical techs are required by the state to submit to drug tests. dora told us that it is not a state requirement. >> thanks so much. the extreme sports world has lost a legend. professional bmx bike are and subaru rally team -- biker and subaru rally team driver dave mirra died from a self- inflicted gunshot. he had just moved with his friends hours before to north carolina. mirra is one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the x games with 24 gold medals won from 1995 to 2008. he leaves his wife and two children. the washington post is providing fresh insight into peyton manning's initial response to doping allegations. before that al-jazeera report last year went public. the post is saying tonight that manning when attorneys and private investigators look into
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clinic involved and investigating records. the pis according to the newspaper also went to the home of charlie sly's parents, the former employee who first implicated manning and recanted the day after manning's team went to his parents' house. not interfere with the investigation or remove any records from the clinic. you'll see no. 18 jerseys everywhere in school district. the past five years the greeley evan district has had a dress code banning several numbers on any clothing because of their no. 18 is among them. the district says it's for student safety and it works. a spokesman says they've had no complaints about the policy even with the excitement surrounding the super bowl, in part because the policy has been around so long. part of san francisco has been turned into super bowl city, a big fan festival with nightly concerts leading up
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dave matthews band and katy perry. the team's logo shine as top republic plaza. you can see a slide show of denver lit up in blue and orange on time lapse means king spirit emblazoned in orange lights. this long duration photo was taken going up the trail. hikers came down the zigzag bar trail with blue lights you can see on the left. the picture is a combination of 181 exposures taken last night. super bowl can bring people together in interesting ways. yes, that is rod mackey, peyton manning and snoop dogg hanging out at a press conference today, rod apparently oblivious looking at his phone playing word with friends or something. peyton. >> the halftime headliner for play. today the group talked about the show and also made their picks for the game.
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>> they have a scottish kicker as well and our bass player is scottish as well, so we feel a certain affinity with the scots. so i think we'll go panthers. >> the denver panthers we definitely are rooting okay? >> denver panthers. >> all right. animals are making their super bowl predictions, too. ozzy the grizzly in montana went with the broncos. a manatee in florida who has been right eight of the last nine super bowls also went with the broncos. although his friend went with the panthers. at a zoo in tennessee a panda picked carolina. 9news reporter matt renoux is joining us now. >> matt? >> reporter: thanks. yeah. i like some of those predictions, i guess. it's kind of a really wild way to look at the super bowl and all sign here as far as animal predictions go certainly point
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the broncos mascot was asked what he thought of the super bowl. obviously we know what his response was, but then a very credible otter was brought in and his super bowl prediction was utterly fantastic. at pier 39's aquarium, the oldest and wisest otter they have is coming out for an otterly important task. >> we'll see how it goes. >> pick the winner of super bowl l. >> two helmets, one for each team with a little food under each and whichever helmet shasta goes to first, we'll see that's him predicting the winner. >> a big job shared today by a mammal much bigger now that broncos mascot thunder has beaten the snow mother nature dropped. >> there were tractor trailers laying sideways. >> reporter: he's been asked if denver is the team to beat. >> hey, thunder, are the denver
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>> reporter: of course, you that. he's hardly objective, but what about old shasta? intelligence. >> reporter: at first he somed put off by that little bronco -- seemed put off by that little bronco helmet, but then the little river otter started flowing with a wise decision. >> there it is. winner. >> reporter: broncos, baby, the team to beat. >> i don't know if any of you guys have super bowl squares, but maybe pay attention to. this. >> reporter: after these predictions there's just noter way the game could go. it wasn't -- no otter way the game could go. it wasn't just picking the helmet. he played with the bronco flag and the foam finger and some other otters were brought in and couldn't stop playing with the helmet. they actually put it on. this is all just great signs for the broncos. you would think they'd automatically pick something like the panthers just afraid
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gone with the broncos. might as well give them the trophy. >> it's all quite logical. one crash turned rush hour into hours on the south side of the metro today. >> music has lost another legend, founder of a group in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> kathy is watching our chances for a little more snow before you wake up in the morning. >> and on throwback thursday we look back at the role a woman played during the broncos' very first years. >> reporter: the broncos spend
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several musical legends have passed away in 2016 and
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jury earth, wind and fire died at -- founder of the band earth, wind and fire died at his home today at age 74. the ramp for c-470 to southbound i high pressure 25 reopened. -- i-25 reopened. it was closed after a turbine hit it. cdot said they had to bring in a special crane to move the turbine which was 135 feet long. cold but dry here in the 9news backyard, but there is a little snow on the way. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine. the sunset on another cloudy, cold late day period with temperatures this afternoon well below freezing again. in terms of snowfall for this season we're doing pretty well as you might imagine, 38.8 inches at dia so far, running above average for the month and now the year and march and april our snowiest months on average, mid-30s at the airport today, teens in the high
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the incoming front creating blowing snow and ground blizzard conditions in some of the foothill areas. wind chill is 12. winds now are southwest at 9 and in the 9news backyard our temperature is hovering in the lower 20s, no snow in the backyard yet, but there's a little band of snow traveling north to south along the front range. this is part of a weak weather system that could bring up to 1/2 inch of accumulation to areas mainly south and east of the city. a bit of wind picking up in southeastern wyoming with a high wind watch posted here, winter weather and travel advisories not in effect for colorado but across the northern rockies, a light accumulation on north and west facing slope and enough to freshen up the snowpack in the mountains. less than an inch of accumulation for many areas in the city. we may see a secondary band come through producing a light dusting for the morning drive. the system is out of here midmorning. 2 to 4 inches forecast for the central mountains no, travel
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snowpack with the fast moving weather system rotating across colorado. a second system is following sunday, but high pressure is our dominant weather feature and other than a bit of wind shift, cloud cover and brief snow shower activity a quiet weather pattern the next couple days and temperatures run below average again tomorrow, mid-30s in the city. the snow bands are pushing south and east, but we may get a secondary surge during the wee hours in the morning. we will have sunshine, but in the second half of the morning commute. so the early morning drive may be slick. sidewalks, roadways, plan accordingly. north and west facing slopes picking up a little bit of snow. low temperatures in the single digits tonight, 12 greeley, 18 below colorado springs, 17 in lamar. it is southeastern colorado that will see milder temperatures tomorrow afternoon while much of northern colorado is kind of in the midst of that cold snap. the snow covered areas like blackhawk 27 tomorrow and 25 in
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in the denver metro area )bbe occasional snow showers tonight, an inch of accumulation or less and with that low at 14 it will be icy and cold when you step out tomorrow, but it's friday. sunshine before lunchtime, but we won't make it to 40 tomorrow. by the time we hit saturday we'll come close to 50 ahead of the next front that come bring flurries sunday night. we warm up monday, but the payoff is the middle of next week, 60s in the planning forecast. so we certainly might melt off some of these ice and snow if we can be patient a few more days and santa clara football kickoff temperature 70 degrees with partly sunny skies. this is what i call an icy ice fishing picture on the blue, kyle. bill lynnfield said please come join me, quite the angler apparently. many broncos fans like to recall their memories and experiences over the years.
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the team's first fans who had a very high profile role when it all began. >> it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: in the house she's lived in for a decade jimmy crabb flips through a book of memories much older than that. >> it brings me very warm memories. >> reporter: before cheerleaders there was jimmy and before thunder there was tango. >> when i is here ride out onto the field, the person now who does it, it's like yeah, i used to do that. >> reporter: the team's first year in denver, they was the original miss denver bronco. she won the spot in a contest she said, though they was riding high. she admits the bar for the job wasn't. >> i think it was basically just be a good horseman and have my own horse and be willing to travel. >> reporter: the duties were limited to appearances, ribbon cuttings and handshakes. >> you just rode as fast as you could around the arena. they cheered and it was exciting. i think it was such a newness
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we had a professional football team that everything was totally new and we all had to lead up to. >> reporter: a bronco queen without a lot of confidence from the saddle hard to see where the new team was headed. >> i guess i wasn't sure about the football. i never figured that it we've take off like it has. >> reporter: after so many years jimmy has seen a lot of success with her team which makes the losses easier to handle. >> we should be very excited that we've gone to this many super bowls win or lose. >> reporter: a thought for this sunday from a woman who spent the broncos first one on the sidelines. in littleton whitney wild, 9news. >> jimmy said she didn't realize what her contribution would mean at the time.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. sounds like peyton manning's future will be decided on a yellow legal pad. just three days before the super bowl manning and the broncos worked out at stanford university again. peyton insists he hasn't decided yet if this will be his final game, but his father dropped a few hints on the radio. >> he probably envisions himself getting good and healthy and can he play if he's good and healthy? i think he pretty much knows it wouldn't be with the broncos. that would be another thing. he had some offers last year from some teams. some teams talked to him, but i think that was going to be a lot of drama again to change teams and been through that once. so i don't know that he would want to do that. he's real good about just -- we used to do this with a lot of
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get out the old one side the negatives, the positives and list everything. >> sounds like a no. of course, the results of super bowl l between the broncos and panthers might have something to do with manning's decision, also, and we're live. 9news sports reporter rod mackey is at the broncos hotel in santa clara. hey, rod. >> reporter: it's a good thing that the team has two weeks off before the super bowl, give some of those banged up broncos time to heal up and it worked. tj ward and darian stewart both full participants at practice today and peyton manning said he had apparently his best performance at practice of the year and more good news for the players, no more media. this team has never talked so >> hola, amigos. >> super bowl. >> thank you so much. than others. football.
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perfectly with that. how ready are you to be done football game? >> i'm very ready. we're here to play a game, not put on a show. >> reporter: you enjoy this stuff more than a lot of your teammates, but even for you. >> i can't wait to play. this time and in day is over. we had fun with you guys, all the silly questions and those things are out of the way. it ain't got nothing to do with this sunday. we don't want to talk about it. >> the hard part of super bowl is over now. it's the wind down part of the week up until the game. we'll be in the rooms now, curfewed and everything else. we'll be in the rooms enjoying our family and get ready for this game. >> it's definitely a special opportunity. this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here with demarcus and chris and us be here at this moment. so i just want to take
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>> reporter: von miller turns out the exception. could he keep on talking, but like -- he could keep on talking, but like his 52 teammates he would prefer to play football. not a lot of love to us, but we're going to give some to brock osweiler coming up in our super bowl update. back to you. blake comeau made one of the most spectacular passes you'll ever see tonight. avs were beaten by the dallas stars, but watch blake comeau. he makes a no look behind-the- back right on carl soderberg's stick. that's what i'm talking about. magic johnson meets harlem globetrotters meets peter forsberg meets comeau. avvies lose. sloppy buffs turned the ball over 14 times and beaten by the ducks 76-56.
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you add one of the most famous rappers in the world to the super bowl? the snooper bowl. the nfl network sent snoop dog to dig for -- snoop dog to dig for dog on both the broncos and panthers, bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay. >> first can i get a discount on papa john's pizzas while i'm in the state of colorado? >> absolutely. >> first i want to say cam, cam, cam there for me. there you go. i like that.
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two years ago the days before the super bowl prices doubled, in some cases tripled for tickets.
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opposite direction. seats on the nfl ticket exchange more than $4,000 last week are now below 3,000. some tickets on the secondary market have fallen to $2,600. that's still not cheap. so those thinking of making a very expensive last minute trip to the bay area, hey, a deal on tickets. drew seems surprised 7injy3by that. >> i am. nothing in that down ever goes down in price. >> i know, right? 71 in santa clara on sunday, by the way. in denver no 70s in the planning forecast, but tonight back in the mid-teens, tomorrow's high in the mid-30s, close to 50 saturday, but next week mid-50s tuesday and put some 60s on there. >> you can have a six day parade right there. >> you want to? tuesday would be the parade day? that doesn't look so bad. >> starts tuesday. looks like it will end on saturday. >> cold on sunday night, though, 18 degrees. nobody start any trouble that
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calm and everything else. it will be beautiful. super bowl update next in about 10 minutes and the tonight show. you'll see it in its entirety. we'll see you here tomorrow. >> it's one long parade singular. >> there's no breaks, just goes? >> six days.
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