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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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why is peyton manning changing up his pregame routine right before the biggest game? and the bronco who just got to california three days late. >> keep it classy, colorado. police agencies across the state have their security plans in place for super bowl sunday. they're asking you to celebrate in style. live with a lot of bronco madness at the king king soopers here, coming up. >> i love that. magnet madness all day today. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we're pumped up. we want to get you set for
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in store for you. marty coniglio and amelia earhart is standing by. >> we have the falsecos we get in the foothills. the radar will figure that out. as we look to the south and east, this is where the snow is. colorado springs, about half to a quarter inch of snow moving town through crowley and along highway 50. it is falling apart. we could see between half to an inch of snow. it started in melbourne county in the castle rock area and continued through the south throughout the night. cloudy skies this morning. we clear out in the afternoon. upper 30s and low 40s. it's warmer tomorrow. windy and cold on sunday.
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hour, in about 20 minutes, we have extremely warm temperatures. we could use that to melt snow off the roads. amelia, it's super bowl friday. >> super bowl friday. it is friday lights, so, please, have a safe drive to work fridays always kickoff early around 4, 4:30. today we're seeing a nice easy start to the 5:00 and into the 6:00 hour. travel times between denver and not bad overall. not much to worry about if you're in the central corridor. if you're out near dtc and greenwood village. a near perfect start as well. near vasquez. northbound 25 looking good approaching the 76 split. we're in the mid-60s and after
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across 225, we're still in the mid 60s. >> thank you for that. it is 532 right now. be a bronco. don't be a donkey. that's the message denver police is giving bronco fans who want to go out and celebrate after a big win on saturday night. they don't want to see any riots like years past. colleen ferreira joins us from downtown. police are already working on a security plan? >> they definitely are. we have to talk about this because of what happened in 1998 after the broncos won the super bowl. that's why i talked to denver police. they said they actually learned a lot from 1998. they are prepared if anything comes their way on sunday. i know it won't because i know all of you are going to behave on sunday. they're encouraging people to be prepared if the broncos win the super bowl. denver police started running public service announcements on their facebook page this week.
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celebrate in style. this specific one you're looking at right now is a message from miles. be a bronco this weekend, don't be a donkey. hashtag don't be a donkey. tweet that so you get that engrained into your head. i checked with several agencies across colorado. they all have a plan to deal with anything that comes their way. they keep their security plans confidential for obvious reasons. a lot of them say they're not worried because they trust fans are going to respect their area when the broncos win the super bowl. cheryl, i'm looking at all the viewers, all the die hard broncos fans. i'm saying behave otherwise you're going to have to deal with me. >> oh,. now i know you're much tougher than you look, colleen. i'm listening. security is obviously so top of mind here too. there's a huge presence, but so
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here on the california end. colleen, thank you. while denver fans are getting ready for their watch parties and celebrate, the players and coaches are putting the the finishing touches on their game plan. they have their final practice today. they're going to get up, get practicing. tomorrow will be exciting because they're going to walk through at levi stadium. they will get the first opportunity to walk through the tunnel and see the super bowl field. the panthers are practicing at san jose state university. the broncos are practicing at stanford in palo alto. both a 15 minute drive to their hotel. this is video provided by nfl film. while the broncos want to stay sharp, they say they don't want to overdo things too much either. >> we're just trying to polish right now and stay sharp and be short and get these guys as fresh as they can possibly be on sunday. >> my pregame routine has changed the past couple of
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for a while, i do go out there and throw before the game. i take my body jordan sunshine taylor out there and mike harrington, our assistant equipment manager. we'll go out and throw some routes and come back in the locker room, get dressed and get ready to go out and play in super bowl 50. >> jordan sunshine taylor, maybe that's the lucky charm. you know, rain, wind, nothing could keep thunder away. thunder, the broncos mascot, that is. he finally arrived at the red barn. it's a stable outside of stanford yesterday. it took a couple of extra days for thunder to get here. >> thunder, are the denver broncos going to win the super bowl? >> that's a yes.
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ended up taking four days to get here. his handlers thought it would take 22 hours drive time but because of the snow storm, it took four days. thunder has a busy schedule. he has to work out, get clipped, bathed, get its hooves pedicured. he has tv appearances, stadium there's pregame brunches. all of that happens just before he leads the team out onto the field on sunday. thunder is not the only animal rooting for the broncos. jimmy fallon brought back those >> ready. let's release the puppies. >> wow. landslide right there.
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winner, the denver broncos. >> of course it is. >> we're loving that. >> obviously highly intelligent. isn't that cool. >> we love that. >> now, i do have to tell you guys, one thing thunder has, you guys that, the puppies don't, thunder has a super bowl ring. >> i know. >> really? >> thunder -- the owner wears it, but it's technically thunder's ring. >> we couldn't help but notice thunder is staying in a nicer place than you are. we didn't want to bring that up. >> it's true. that's a sore subject, gary. why would you bring that up. thanks. we'll talk to you later. >> i feel like all the puppies bowl. >> obvious they did. >> i love it. >> they're so smart. that's cool. in most areas around the state, you're going to see plenty of peyton manning
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for the past five years, the greeley-evans school district has had a dress code banning several items of clothing because of relation to gangs. unfortunately the number 18 is related. students have had no complaints about the policy in part because it's been in place for so long. >> i did not know that. 5:39. close the filing for bankruptcy protection. bloomberg citing unnamed sources and saying sports authority is getting ready to file for chapter 11 and may close stores around the country. the company is facing a big deadline. in about ten days, they're supposed to pay $20 million in interest. it earlier skipped that payment. mayors in the video here. you can see the denver board of ethics is reviewing michael hancock's trip to the super bowl. you see him laying out his bet.
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his family to california for the game. the board will meet today, talking about whether or not that's okay. now, the city money paid for the mayor's airfare, lodging, meals, plus two staffers and security officers. the wife and daughter did buy their airfare on their own. the broncos provided the tickets for the mayor's group to attend the game. >> they had a little issue with that last super bowl when the broncos were in it. they decided they wanted to clear wit the ethics board this time. >> it's 5:40. it's an all out magnet blitz. >> we're giving them away at ten king soopers. we're stepping up our magnet game. in broomfield, about 20 minutes left to wait, vita. >> that was much better. let's try the wave. yeah.
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we have an exciting crowd. the the line goes all the way down the aisle. this is mark right here. mark has -- you've tried before several times to get one of these magnets. >> this is the fifth time i've tried and hopefully i will get one. >> i think you will. tracy came all the way from castle rock. it's her birthday. >> we're about 20 minutes away. as soon as that happens, we'll be live with you as folks start going through today. >> we better get him a magnet. five times? poor guy. >> give him a magnet. he needs one.
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we want. oh, my goodness, a whole breecher section. you can share with us today. social media. use the hashtag we are broncos. clouds this morning clearing during the afternoon today. really pretty good looking day around here with mid-30s to 40 degrees. we'll be in the 20s and low 30s foothills. again, it is super bowl friday. super bowl sunday looks unbelievable. in santa clara sunday, kickoff temperature in the low 70s. sun will be up for about an hour during the game. then they go into the evening. it will stay in the 60s with light winds and dry conditions. man, what a nice looking night on sunday. >> all right. looks beautiful out there in california. go pro cameras are letting us see an event from an entirely
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swedish medical center continues to contact people who will need to be tested for hiv and hepatitis. in the meantime, we know more about that former surgical technician who might be responsible. 28-year-old rocky allen is accused of stealing a syringe filled with a painkiller and replacing it with another syringe. afterwards he failed a drug tests which led the hospital to believe he had been stealing for a while. 3,000 patients were put at risk for getting those viruses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in new hampshire this morning hours after going one on one. clinton is behind in the polls. she came out swinging. she made the case to voters progressive. she pushed back that she can't
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she's taken so much money from them. the candidates debated paying for free campaigns and college and universal health care. >> i do not accept that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers just don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> a new nbc news wall street journal shows clinton 20 points behind sanders in new hampshire right now. the state's primary is set for next tuesday. reading about a daring rescue is one thing, but seeing it happen is entirely different. cameras were rolling as a man stuck on the side of a mountain for days was rescued. is balancing. dam. the man is homeless. he hopped a fence and planned to set up camp there. out.
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and water before he was rescued. thankfully, greg, he only had minor injuries after this. >> that's good. that's amazing video to watch. 5:47. long term u.s. mortgages have fallen for the fifth straight week. the average mortgage on a 50- year fix dropped to 7.2 nationally this week. that's down from 3.79. that's the lowest we've seen since april of last year. the average rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage is also down. keep in mind this is a national average. it does not include a lot of different factors. after the super bowl, don't forget. here comes valentine's day. according to the retail federation, americans will spend an average of $146.84 on flowers, stuffed animals, candy.
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all total we're looking to spend nearly $20 billion. >> around here, wow, $20 million. that's impressive. i'm not going to be much of that this year. sorry, julie. around here things are going to be clearing out. she's getting new running shoes out of the deal. temperatures are going to be in the 30s and 40s around here. over the weekend, we're looking for extraordinarily high winds. high winds warning goes into effect in cheyenne and laramie areas. sunday we'll start to see 40 and 50 mile-per-hour winds over the northeastern plains. just kidding. i'm going to get her some really nice shoes, camilla. >> she probably wants a matching orange outfit to go with what you just had on. i'm sure they make a female version of that.
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push into the i-70 corridor downtown and central i-25. we're still accident free. roads are dry here in the metro area. northbounders on 25 still trekking on threw with speeds at 45 miles per hour. c-470 east and westbound, easy start. 7 minutes in either direction today. as we get out to our metro wide map, we have a smooth start across 6th avenue. we're going to preview your
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well, she's fired up. before the broncos cheerleaders, there was jamie and before thunder, there was tango. history.
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jamie was the first original miss bronco. she remembers riding tango around the stadium. >> they cheered. it was exciting. i think it was such a newness with being the first year that we had a professional football team that everything was totally new, and we all had to experience what it was going to lead up to. >> pretty cool stuff. perhaps she didn't realize what her contribution would mean at the time. now she loves sharing her memories with us and with her grandkids. light snow continues to move over southeastern colorado. this is a relatively weak system. 12:00 this morning should be wrapped up over northeastern colorado. see the back edge of the
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looks like it's clear in laramie county. going down into the lajunta area. cold in the mountain valleys. clouds have kept temperatures up in the teens and 20s here in the east. morning clouds. midday clearing. afternoon sun. that's the story for us today. it turns into a pretty decent day. 20s and 30s in the mountains. say good-bye to the snow as it moves out of northeast colorado with generally an inch or less in accumulation. this afternoon everything starts to clear out. 20s and teens in the mountains. 30s out west with 30s and 40s here in eastern colorado. today cloudy. this morning clearing out this afternoon, high near 40 degrees. tonight, down into the low 20s. tomorrow is a warmer day. now, we have another cold front moving through on sunday. it will be totally dry. it will be windy.
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and then on monday we start warming back up by the middle of next week. we're in the 60s. now, there's friday lite. i like that shot of me. >> this is the eisenhower tunnel here. i-70 is going to cloud up early today. i will be headed up to the mountains. traction laws in place. multiple chain laws. we're tweeting those out. for right now, no problems across 70. u.s. 6 also looks pretty good. if you're headed out to the east side, you have a nice beginning at dia. marty is scared of this shot,
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we have a very excited crowd. >> it's a big day. >> magnet mania. >> greg moss is celebrating orange friday in a unique way. after hitting his special goal, he's going to start turning orange around 6:15. >> we're going to start turning
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>> i'm nervous about it. i don't know why he's letting us do this. okay. we'll be right back in just a
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