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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  February 7, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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day. we know how people are celebrating in lodo. we've been watching it since we came on the air following super bowl, and that is a much thinned crowd over what we saw just about 30 minutes ago. also, want to call your attention to the fact that a pedestrian has been struck by a car on colfax and milwaukee, near east high school.
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the team has arrived, at the hotel where they're staying, where there is a very, very large party. that's where cheryl preheim joins us. and we heard so much about this game being for pat, the team owner, and you got a chance to speak with anna bell, his wife? >> reporter: yeah, she just talked about what this day has meant to her. this the first time he hasn't
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super bowl, and the whole bowl lend family came up, and she said the broncos have given a great gift to the family and community. she asked us to pass along a thank you to the fans in denver, those celebrating in the streets, or in their living rooms. she wanted to thank them for the loyalty, and perseverance to stay with the team, so thank you on behalf of anna bell bowlen. she is looking forward to getting back to denver, and here is the mayor. >> this team was ferocious, so i couldn't be more proud. a great victory for the entire region of denver. >> reporter: it really is something this is something the
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and we will see that this week, tuesday will be quite a celebration. >> we didn't talk about it, but there's been plans being put in place for a celebration on tuesday. we'll start at noon, probably about 17th and wynkoop, and program starts at 1:00 at the civic center. everyone is invited. let's celebrate the broncos, and bring home the lombardi trophy. >> we shocked the world. and no one gave us a chance, and i'm so proud of the team, particularly that defense. you can't separate the team, but we got to give it up to the defense that was no -- they denied everybody. >> reporter: thanks, mayor. seemed like a home game at levi stadium, and that is certainly the sentiment here. there are a couple carolina fans who are staying at the hotel. they have been very gracious,
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closely with jen elway told me -- john elway, that pain is fresh in our minds from a few years ago, so our fans have been gracious to those fans at the team hotel. >> invite them to the party. >> go up to their rooms and wake
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we continue our coverage of the broncos third super bowl win. aaron? >> reporter: thanks, kyle, i don't want to toot our own horn, but we said earlier we had a feeling that the denver defense by score a touchdown that could play a big role in the outcome. and they did.
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and malik jackson got into the end zone, and scored what proved to be a massive touchdown in the game. i caught up with malik earlier in the locker room. >> defensive performance, that also has to feel pretty good. >> it's just a blessing to be a part of this. von did it, everybody doing what they did, it's an honor to be with these guys. we played, i don't know, -- >> how cool is it for the defensive unit to get a mvp in von miller. >> it's awesome. we won the game off defense. >> you chucked the ball into the
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>> no. it's just a ball. people came to see us, hopefully somebody got a good souvenir. >> we heard cam say we're going to fly on that zone. your response? >> no fly zone! no fly zone, no run zone. you might as well not even come up. we got dogs out there. everybody's out there doing what they're supposed to do. it's a defense to be reckoned with. >> you heard the talk all week about how unstoppable they are. >> they don't get -- they came out front runners, they got up front, and arizona beat them run. we dominated. >> you have to ask where you think the defense will rank historically. >> number one, we've proven in week in, week out.
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>> i want to ask about peyton, to give him this, and the defense did. >> it's a blessing. it's a chance for him to be going out on top, and me to be able to help them, that's great to have someone go out on top. i hope it's not, but -- >> do you think he cares that he and the offense struggled? >> i don't think they did what they wanted to do, no turnovers, score points. that's what they did. >> reporter: you want to talk about pressure. how about gary kubiak, the man took this job knowing that this was the only outcome that would satisfy the boss, john elway. john fox won the division four years in a row, got to the super bowl and lost, and they decided to partways with him, saying it wasn't good enough. kubiak comes in and got the job
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rob caught up with the head coach earlier. >> when john said this one's for pat, did it give you goose bumps? >> just amazing, rod. everything we've been through this year, the type of team we were, you know, he's a fighter, mr. b, what he's done for this offerings, what he's done for us. very special. >> reporter: when you came here, you had a dream. this is the dream, how does reality compare to what happened? >> it's interesting how the year spanned out, we've been through, the guys pitching in. it's the best defense, the one thing we did the whole time, we held true to what we were, and that's how we won. we got into another grinder and get out. >> reporter: it's trust to say
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steelers, just got company with the best 2015 team. >> i knew they needed to finish it of 0, and they knew that, and they were playing a different type of offense. >> reporter: winning the super bowl means a lot to a lot of coaches, but to come back to colorado where you were a big part, and bring the city this state a super bowl championship, how does that feel? >> it means everything to me. it's my football home, and to be here as a player, and being in super bowls as a coach, it's the proudest moment of my football life. >> thank you, buddy. >> reporter: how about the architect of it all? john elway, the man that brought gary kubiak in, emanuel sanders,
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the defense, being talked about as one of the best ever. >> reporter: john, i know you waited a long time to say those words. >> you're right, i waited a long time, and for the -- fortunate to be sable to say it. the coaching staff, and the players played hard. we'll take one home next week, and hopefully, i know pat will cherish it. >> reporter: how does it feel as an executive, not as a player to hoist that trophy. >> it's great. you have the defense stepping up the way they did, von miller was unbelievable, and stayed after them all day. we did enough, you know, to win the football game. just a great team win, and really proud to be a part of it. >> reporter: four turnovers, seven sacks that led to 15 points, people talk about the 1985 bears, the great panthers teams, the steelers, they have
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defense. >> they do. they just kept getting stronger and stronger, tremendous all year, but the playoff were unbelievable. but putting the pressure on cam newton, they did great. >> you made the move to bring in gary kubiak. he was able to pull the right, to get everything done. made the right decisions. >> i'm so happy for gary, he did such a tremendous job. and staying on top of everything, and i'm just happy for him, what he went through last year, and coming back and do it in the last year, i couldn't be happier for a guy i love. >> broncos, super bowl champions for the third time. >> reporter: the 2015-2016 season will go down as perhaps peyton manning's worst. the other would be his rookie
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championship and you get the feeling that he couldn't careless about statistics, because he now has another lombardi trophy trophy. >> we just kept fighting. [ too much crowd noise in the background. [ take it all in. enjoy being a part of this journey. it's been a heck of a ride this season.
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taking it one night at a time. >> reporter: a second super bowl trophy for number 18 in his 18th season. kyle, adele, we will send it back to you. quite an evening in santa clara. >> and what a roster of men that is easy to report. >> look at the depth. absolutely.
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we have seen crowds that have been excited, that have tetered at times on the edge of something more, and for the most part, denver police have been just letting them have their way upon a couple select blocks. >> christine has been keeping an eye everything down in lodo. we had been hearing some information that possibly dpd officers were kind of trying to
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left? >> reporter: and what we've been seeing, the thousands of people dispersing on their own, there are still a couple hundred people outside the tavern and lodo bar and grill, but are still dancing and jumping around. there were thousands of people that were blocking the intersection of 20th and market. those people have since dispersed. people their way back into bars, back home. and really, it's gone on without incident, denver police have been kind of lining outside of the crowds, but haven't seen any violence, or force needed. the crowds are pretty much just celebrating as they should. nothing is getting out of hand, a different scene back in the late '90s. >> that is the good news for this, anyway. and police have learned a little bit -- >> they told us they studied the
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and crowds that ensued afterwards. i mean, they've kind of been, denver fire's been going around putting out fires, so to speak, we heard some reports of people lighting couches on fire, but widespread disturbance? nothing we've heard of so far. and the boulder daily camera is reporting some. nothing's reached the critical mass where true damage can be done. >> and there were some break-outs in '99 in fort collins, so some of the things along the metro area did -- we've seen so far tonight that most celebrations have been controlled. people are acting and behaving and they should, if they want to celebrate, dpd has given them the place to do so, locking down traffic, at least in closing some streets. and other people have taken to their cars, like on federal and speer.
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>> and you saw people riding on cars on federal. and they shouldn't. this is a great night for the
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this sunday, the critical new hampshire primary now just two days away. last night, the most bitter republican debate yet. >> there it is. >> he knows -- >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> at stake, can donald trump rebound from his disappointing iowa finish? can marco rubio keep his momentum going and surge in new hampshire? can bush, kasich or christie survive beyond tuesday? donald trump joins me face-to-face. plus, the democrats are going at each other too. >> innuendo and insinuation. >> can hillary clinton have her own comeback kid new hampshire style moment.
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hampshire blowout into a national movement. >> what leadership is about is not just swimming with the current. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are with us this morning. and bern your enthusiasm. was that bernie sanders on "snl" last night, or larry davis, or both? >> pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. >> i'm chuck todd in manchester, new hampshire. joining me for insight and analysis this special sunday morning are msnbc's chris matthews, nbc's andrea mitchell, hallie jackson of nbc news, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt. trump, sanders, clinton and the latest numbers. welcome to sunday and a special edition of "meet the press." from manchester, new hampshire, this is a special edition of "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning. here we are right here in new
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we're right here in nbc news' fabulous new hampshire headquarters, two days before what may be among the most important days in american politics this year. and last night's republican debate as our "the washington post" colleague put it, marco rubio hit a wall named chris christie. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> and it only got worse from there for rubio. we'll have much more on the debate later this morning. joining us today are three candidates who are all counting on tuesday to help send them to the nomination and perhaps on to the white house. republican donald trump, and the two candidates vying for the democratic nod, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. before we get to the interviews let's take a look at the very latest tracking polls out this morning. cnn/wmur has trump with a big lead still at 33% followed by rubio, cruz, kasich and bush in
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