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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 9, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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it gets better it better leave me alone all by myself but this much is true i'll always be lost without you open wide and insecure i fall asleep dreaming of
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this one's for pat! >> super bowl 50 belongs to broncos. the team spent the night in the bay area and then heads home, lombardi trophy in hand. it's time to celebrate victory with every bronco fan in colorado. we look back 17 years to the last time denver got to savor this moment. we may get an idea what
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>> we're expecting up to half a million to 1 million people in the downtown area. >> the best advice how to get around, what you can and cannot get at the parade and how early to look for a spot and why one important member of the teen went somewhere else today. 9news starts now. the final touchdown of the season for the denver broncos, the intended arch by water canons at dia resembled more of a cheerful plane wash, still a nice gesture of a salute for the world champions. as the plane taxied to the parking spot, one of the pilots opened the cockpit window and watched the broncos flag. the players carried the lombardi trophy escorting it to its new home. it's the third time the trophy has landed in denver and the first time in 17 years. our own bronco insider mike klis rode home with the team
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afternoon with head coach gary kubiak. they boarded a fleet of buses and slowly made their way in a caravan back to team headquarters. there was at dove valley where hundreds of fans waited along the streets to catch a glimpse of the buses as they pulled in. tomorrow's parade waving to them as they got into their cars and trucks and headed home for the night. >> denver is ready to party like its 1999, the last time the team paraded and partied with the lombardi through the streets of downtown. an estimated 650,000 people filled the streets. tomorrow there is expected to be close to 1 million fans lining the streets. this is a look at the city and county building tonight, nothing but orange and blue lights out there right now. tomorrow it will be a sea of people across civic center park. don't try to camp out tonight, however, for a good spot because the park will be closed off until about 5 a.m. >> as many as 1 million people
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parade kicking off at noon at union station. it heads down 17th, goings right on broadway and wraps up with the -- goes right on broadway and wraps up with the rally. parking will be at a premium and traffic will be a mess. 9news reporter victoria sanchez looked into two ways the city is recommending you get to to go. >> reporter: this is where the broncos party will be starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning, but here. rtd is suggesting people arrive at least two hours early. by car, train, bus, bike or on foot make sure you leave early for the broncos parade and celebration. >> we're expecting up to half a million to 1 million people in the downtown area. >> reporter: rtd says there willing an increase in trains a crowded commute. >> plan on getting in at 8:00. come in early, as early as possible i would say. plan ahead and plan on staying longer and just be patient as
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takes a while for everybody to too. >> reporter: rtd is making temporary changes for the parade. all f, h and d lines will end at the convention center 6 blocks from civic center park. c, e and w lines will run normally to union station where the parade begins. if pedal power is your style, denver b cycle will have a valet check-in service to get you in and out of civic center park since they expect bike stations to be full. >> during the winter we usually average around 4 or 500 rides a day. i wouldn't be surprised if we do triple that especially considering the influx of people coming into the area. >> reporter: red bikes cost $9 all day for trips up to 30 minutes. you can ride it and return it at any station. >> give them the option. >> reporter: the parade starts at union station and goes down 17th street to broadway. you know you're getting close when you see orange and blue stripes in the street and crowds of people at civic center park.
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celebrating the broncos super bowl 50 victory. on our website we have the full list of rtd light rail and bus schedules for tomorrow and if you think that camping out here at civic center park is a good opposite, well, it's not -- good option, well, it's not. the park closes at 11:00 tonight and won't reopen till 5 a.m. >> thanks, victoria. denver police say fans will notice police officers especially on foot as they check security and block off roads along the route and the park. dpd wants to keep the tactical advantage and of will not give specific numbers. they are using past history to finalize plans for tomorrow's parade. they can only plan for what they think might happen they say. a security expert and former fbi agent who worked at the salt lake city olympics says that strategy relies heavily on intelligence gathered lady of time. of-- ahead of time.
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different types of incidents that could occur at an event like this, to have the appropriate level of staffing on hand. >> logistically they have the things that are going to go on if something bad happens, put then they have all these other preventive things as well and they're trying to learn intelwise are sources telling them that something is going to happen? >> dpd has not said there's any threat to the events tomorrow. there is a list of things fans cannot take to the parade and rally. folding chairs are banned, no alcohol, no marijuana and if you take a backpack or large pack and they advise against it, be ready to have it searched. if you can't make it to the parade, you can watch the entire celebration on 9news at 10 a.m. we'll be on the air until 3 p.m. a few fans probably didn't realize they'd get a chance to get so close to the bronco buses on their way home from the airport this evening.
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the team of as the caravan past them. one fan even pulled over, danced and waved with as much enthusiasm as you would ever see from anyone parked on the smolder of e-470. there he is -- shoulder of e- 470. there he is. the broncos arrived at dia this afternoon and escorted to the airport at dove valley where a group of fans were standing by to meet them, 9news reporter steve staeger among them. >> reporter: those who ever wondered if football is a family affair need look no further than jose garcia otera. after he converted the family suv into fandom on 22's he gave it to his son, the first in the family to graduate high school, though he did reserve the right to borrow it back. >> he don't have it right now, man. i took it back today. it's dad's turn today to take it back and cruise it. >> reporter: he's decked out this car, decked out his arm and now he wants to complete
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>> the only reason i don't do my house is because my wife won't let me. >> reporter: football is a family affair. that's why victor tayas navigated crutches on an icy sidewalk. >> i have a torn acl. i came all the way to welcome them home. >> reporter: to welcome home his football family. >> i can't jump right now, but if i, could i would. >> reporter: they surely felt the support even with victor's feet firmly planted as car after car poured out of the parking lot, players and coaches got as big of a kick out of all this as the fans did, fans young and old. >> i haven't experienced something like this since i was their age, you know. >> reporter: football is a family affair. >> i remember going to the parade. now i get to experience it with them. >> reporter: one that just got a little stronger here in the mile high. in centennial steve staeger, 9news. >> a lot of the players slowed down on their way out of the parking lot to pass out high
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video of all the fans as they fulled out. brock osweiler share -- pulled out. brock osweiler shared some of his pictures on his instagram page. several broncos players sent out pictures on social media last night with the super bowl trophy. we got a look at when it was like from their perspective once they got back to denver. brock osweiler took a message on the signs from the bus. then he posted the view from passenger decide out of dove valley tonight. he sloped it enough to high five -- slowed it enough to high five, shake hands with a few fans. a boy in the crowd apparently didn't know who it was at first. then there's that moment of recognition. we expect that scene to play out hundreds of times tomorrow along the parade route. no is fromman pose for -- no superman pose for cam newton today. we think phillips meant a little dab will do you, but too much dab will undo you. newton completed fewer than half his passes yesterday and
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peyton manning did not fly home with the team today. he and his wife and kids were the special guests of a guy with oversized ears at a theme park in southern california. we'll have more from manning coming up later. >> looks like a great time. peyton manning has inspired a lot of football players over his 18 years including seahawks quarterback russell wilson. wilson wrote a heart felt letter to manning published today just in case manning retires after his super bowl win. the letter published by the players tribune has gone viral today reading in part, "sheriff, if this is it, there's one moment i won't forget, 10th grade, louisiana at your quarterback camp. you inspired the kid in the green t-shirt. you inspired me to work hard, take notes. you inspired me to love the process, love the sweat and tears, but most of all you inspired me to love the game." most people in new hampshire will not go to the
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however, in the tiny town of dixville notch as is tradition voters cast their votes as the clock struck midnight. ohio governor john kasich got the most votes with three, donald trump two and democrat bernie sanders got all four votes from the democrats. tomorrow night we'll have the final results from the entire state of new hampshire on 9news. while democrats and republicans look for a 1 there a third party candidate is still -- for a win there a third party candidate is still considering whether to jump into the race. former mayor michael bloomberg said the race is an insult to voters, no word on when he might make a decision. president obama asking congress to approve nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to combat the zika virus. funds would go towards mosquito control programs and vaccine research. the request comes as the cdc
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the virus, something it's only done three times in the last decade. with the virus linked to birth defects the u.s. olympic committee reiterated guidance that says pregnant women might consider not going. top zika experts say it is a personal decision. >> it's very difficult to give advice to people who devoted the last x number of years training for that. what we can do with the cdc and the nih could do is to just give them the facts and the evidence based information. >> the cdc now reports 51 known zika cases in the u.s. 50 are the result of travel abroad. one was through sexual transmission. six of the patients are pregnant. on the west slope of mesa county a 17-year-old is in custody accused of shooting a deputy. around 11:00 this morning deputy derek geer got into a foot chase with a suspect during a weapons investigation. geer caught the suspect who
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geer used his taser. the suspect used a gun. an hour later the teen was in custody. geer was in the hospital in critical condition. the deputy is a navy veteran, husband and father of two children. same time of year, same story, all the freezing and thawing has created tire popping potholes around town. one worth mentioning is on northbound share dan near 33rd avenue. -- sheridan near 33rd avenue. a crew showed up to make repairs. it's not clear how many cars were damaged before they repaired it. one person we spoke with counted at least 10 cars with flat tires. the city of denver is not responsible for damages under the colorado government immunity act. >> some of them will rattle your teeth. still ahead at 10:00 cdot has a whole arsenal of weapons to battle winter including its own trusty world war ii howitzer. >> then a cruise ship with
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right into a storm with 30-foot high waves and 100 mile-per- hour winds. >> kathy has details on what will be a perfect february day for a parade in denver. >> 21,000? i thought it was 2,100. don't tell me wife. >> oh, his wife knows and she called us tonight to tell us what happened next. >> and there was something defective about peyton manning during the super bowl celebration. take a guess and see if you're
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take a look at. this 6,000 people on board one of the world's most largest cruise ships got a ride they did not expect. carnival's anthem of the sea sailed into a monster storm off the coast. 30-foot waves crashed the ship. inside tables and chairs were tossed around the dining rooms. outside chairs and tables were tossed around in the winds estimated to be around 100 miles an hour.
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instead of making it to the bahamas the ship is now expected to return to port in the northeast tomorrow, so back to winter. when the snow is measured in feet instead of inches in parts of colorado, that's what comes out. the big guns from cdot along red mountain pass in the south western part of the state. it brought out two world war ii weapons to bring down the snow when avalanche danger reaches a certain point. that's protocol. the canon is a howitzer released from the army. >> if we keep these paths knocked down as far as we can with explosives, that means less likely to come down with huge slab avalanches which is one of the worst types. >> each blast sends a 40-pound missile up to 7 miles. cdot says it's the least expensive and most effective way of setting off a controlled avalanche. >> those canons are necessary
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fact at 115% of average. we'll be hearing a whole lot more about that. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine here in the 9news weather center. everyone is so excited about welcoming our broncos home today and the victory parade and celebration, wonderful weather considering in mid- february we have temperatures in the mid-40s where we start, mid-50s by afternoon and it should be beautiful. the city is lit up, everybody ready to go. the monthly averages are 46 and 19. it's our fourth snowiest month and we started off that way. a major shift in the weather pattern will allow temperatures to soar out of the 40s into the 60s and stay there more than one day, something we haven't seen in a while. today was probably the coolest day of the week. at the airport 30 degrees, wind south at 14, steady air pressure and a wind chill of about 20 outside now. so not overly cold. all the really heavy weather is outside our state's border. we're tracking an area of low pressure that's pulling in cold air and wind.
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travel advisories across the midwest as we can see extending through minneapolis down through memphis, all that heavy weather is headed towards the carolinas and the northeast. that's where we'll see airport delays, travel delays tomorrow. cold wind and snow wrapping around this monster low pressure system which is also pulling in some cold arctic air and we just sit right on the western fringe of that. the heavy wet weather is east of us of high pressure, this big blocking dome will keep the storm track to the north of us and produce that drier northwest flow allowing in a few clouds. the winds will shift out of the southwest. that keeps us high and dry in colorado the rest of the week. look at all the moisture in the northeast and across the carolinas. that's where we'll see not only the cold air, but heavy rain as well. mid-50s in the step, but we go warmer heading into -- city, but we go warmer heading into the second half of the week. look at futurecast, a beautiful weather pattern shaping up. we haven't seen a shift in the pattern like this in several weeks.
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start off kind of cold tonight with overnight lows anywhere from 6 in lay den, 13 frisco -- hayden, 13 frisco, 23 in greeley, southeastern colorado 10 degrees above average in denver, greeley and fort collins, 30s in the high country, good travel weather up and down the front range and across the i-70 corridor. 50 in bailey, 46 idaho springs, 40 in grand lake. city forecast tonight, fair skies, light winds, cool, low 25. sun is up at 7:00, quick jump in temperature, 51 by noon, 54 in the afternoon, 10 degrees warmer than average. 60s are possible wednesday, a couple weak fronts coming in the second half of the week, but we're dry. next system i'm tracking may bring flurries sunday night into monday. i know it's valentine's day. the models aren't agreeing with this, but there is a system to watch sunday into monday and the longer range numbers just look crazy. we are going to enjoy the
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view and enjoy this wonderful weather. by the way, kristen proctor says take, that cam newton. you just take that. >> he lost his pants. >> he's so cute. who cares, right? cam newton's face says it all, denver d, right? for some broncos fans the experience of watching the team win its third super bowl title was priceless. for others there was a price tag. justin kerrigan was met by a reporter from our sister station late last week. he arrived with some buddies to enjoy the weekend in san fran. when didn't go was -- who didn't go was his wife who was in for a shock. >> how much do you think you'll spend on the entire trip? >> 30 grand. >> reporter: 30? >> i spent 21,000 on the tickets. >> reporter: 21,000. i thought you meant 2,100. >> reporter: are you joking right now? >> no joke. >> kerrigan bought the tickets
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his wife saw the story on 9news at 9:00 and called us. she said his friends did pick up the cost of his tickets. kerrigan had to shell out 4,400 for his. she told us they had a good
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. hopefully broncos quarterback peyton manning loves a parade, the tramping of feet i love every beat i hear of a drum
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days are going to be awful. [ cheering and applause ] >> one day before the big super bowl championship ride through downtown denver manning was treated to a special disneyland parade down main street usa. when i hear a band, i just want to stand and cheer as they come. peyton was joined by mickey, minnie, pluto and goofy, marshall and mosley. the last two are his kids. >> the fact that i get to come almost 10 years later and have my kids here with me in that parade. ashley is riding space mountain right now. so that tells you what fans we are of the disneyland experience. so i'm proud to finally say i'm a part of it. >> ashley is still waiting in line at space mountain. all season long broncos fans have been trying to find a good nickname for the defense. i suggested calling them offense because they seem to
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considering what they did to is superman -- to is from man cam newton in the super bowl -- to superman cam newton in the super bowl i'm calling them kryptonite. >> reporter: the seahawks need to move over and make room for the 2015 broncos, one of the most dominant defenses of all time. >> this is no surprise. i expected this. >> reporter: are you guys the greatest defense? >> the greatest defense ever, quote me. no disrespect to any other defenses, but we're the greatest defense ever. >> reporter: turns out it's true. defense does win championships and denver just did thanks to four turnovers and seven sacks against the mvp and the best offense in the nfl. >> people kept talking about how cam couldn't be stopped. he was just stopped. >> we got dogs everywhere, man. this defense right here is special. we got talent across the board. >> reporter: how does super bowl champs sound? >> great. we'll wear the ring the rest of our life, man. it's great.
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i had to turn the tv off all day. i just got tired of hearing all the talk. we did and we played that way. so 10 points for the no. 1 scoring offense in the nfl, the unstoppable. >> we just wanted to play the type of defense we played all year long. it really wasn't anything different we had to change. we just had to go out there and be us and it worked for us. >> reporter: did it ever. rod mackey, 9news. the nuggets thought they won a game with a buzzer beater tonight just before they lost the game on aim buzzer beater. nugs were trailing the -- on a buzzer beater. nugs were trailing the brooklyn nets by one point until kenneth faried comes through. that's what i'm talking about with just one tick on the clock, just enough time for the nets to feed their all-star forward. >> joe johnson throws it up for the win and scores. >> that's what i'm talking about. nuggies lose 105-104, lucky shot.
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the official denver broncos super bowl championship ball cap that peyton manning wore during the postgame celebration had an upside down velcro strap on the back. guy puts in 18 years, breaks every imaginable record, wins the super bowl in what is likely his final game and they hand him an irregular defect hat, strange but drew. >> an actual photo, not doctored. >> actual photograph, so much so that my manning bleacher creature doll, i went to check his hat today and look at that. >> it's fine. >> it's fine. >> and the other teammates? >> it says champions. >> their hats were fine, too. >> he got the one defect hat. if somebody tries to sell you this is the hat peyton manning wore for the postgame
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if you can't make it to the
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something like that, you can watch the entire celebration on 9news at 10:00. we'll be streaming on and be on the air till 3 p.m. >> what about school? >> you'll be talking to your
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beyonce, gaga, and coldplay moments after their super bowl show stoppers. >> we've got them backstage for
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on "extra." >> queen b's halftime takeover. >> how exciting was today? >> coming straight off the field to a.j., her homage to michael jackson. little blue ivy getting a kiss from gwyneth. and the million-dollar question. >> you've got me stumped. i'm not really sure. >> a.j. and i are on the field with all the moments you didn't see. >> this is the super bowl, "extra" style. >> jay-z, chris martin, gaga, and her mom. >> i can't even say anything. >> mom, you ran away! >> then, taraji p. henson on her musical mix-up, mistaking coldplay for maroon 5. >> no more shots for me. plus, he set off a twitter storm. we've got the hot ref today. >> it's kind of crazy. >> and super bowl couples news. kate and nick. tim and nina? >> you heard it here first on "extra." >> then, mario's new a-list
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as he takes home a lifetime achievement honor tonight. >> is this the polite way of saying adult films? plus, ryan reynolds turns it into an a.j. roast. >> you have more lighting than barbara walters. now, on "extra," from entertainment studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. we have ever angle of super bowl 50 covered. coming up, what lady gaga's mom thought of her national anthem performance. also coming up, beyonce's incredible 31 carat diamond earrings. bowl wardrobe. a.j. and i were with them all coverage. of eyes watching. as queen b becomes the super bowl halftime show mvp. >> how exciting was today? >> it was super exciting.
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beyonce dropping her new power
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