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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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began in new mexico ends along i-25 in colorado. that's next on 9news. can you go back next year and do it again? >> i think so. back to back, right? >> let's give it up for von miller, the mvp of super bowl 50. >> there's no place like bronco country. i mean, this right here is awesome. this is amazing. >> we've got the greatest fans right here. these fans have been great all season long for us. >> and they came out in huge numbers today to thank their team for bringing home the championship. hundreds of thousands line the streets of downtown for this victory parade. >> 9news reporter victoria sanchez found fans that drove there all night to be there. before we talk about the fans, give us an update at the capitol. >> we're about two blocks from
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now, there's a -- capitol. there's a bomb threat that was called in just after 4:00 today. the building has been evacuated. and the colorado state patrol and dpd are doing a sweep of the building. we'll bring you an update as soon as it's going on. earlier today, there are up to a million people, maybe even more than a million people here in downtown denver that were here to celebrate the super bowl victory. >> we met one couple from missouri who said they would not miss this party for anything. >> fans in their sunday night best line the streets of downtown denver to celebrate the lombardi trophy coming back to colorado. >> my little boy is four years old. he gets to grow up in a city like this. it's awesome. >> from the steps of the colorado state capitol all throughout civic center park, hundreds of thousands of people
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>> it was all about the orange and blue from a batman costume to a blue mustang head piece and everything in between. >> most people were from colorado but some drove across state lines. >> we drove from missouri to be here today. that's a ten-hour drive, but they say it was well worth the trip. the view from the denver public library showed just how many people showed up. with a crowd this large, you know some people were playing hookie. >> it's just so fun to see all the fans come together and celebrate such a really cool accomplishment in bronco history. >> history these fans want to see repeated. >> we're going to do it again next year. number one defense, go broncos. >> the 1 million person crowd has left the area already. there's still a few people
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raleigh that happened today. while the crowd was large and excited, it stayed mostly peaceful, which is good for dpd that was out here on their bikes, motorcycles, and on foot, making sure this crowd stayed safe. >> with all the kids out there, mark was just commenting too, and i agree, i bet classrooms were almost empty today. >> i asked that kid, does your teacher know you're not in school? and he said, she does now. >> she may have been at the parade. >> thanks. during the day's parade, the fans packed in 14 deep in places along the route. some watched from balconies and rooftops. one truck carried the lombardi trophy. quarterback peyton manning. super bowl mvp von miller and annabell bolin, the wife of broncos owner pat bolin. manning once again avoided saying whether he'll return to
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>> it was definitely a team effort. offer special teams was -- offer special teams was awesome. we did our part. we made plays at critical times. everybody contributed. >> police say there was only one arrest during the scene today. it stems from one person threatening another. denver schools offered students excused absences to attend the parade and rally if their were going. >> and, as you can imagine, getting into and out of downtown denver today has been very difficult at times. rtd says their services have been at capacity most of the day. station platforms have been full. fans seem to be pretty good mayured about it all despite wait times. rtd says there will be no charge for riders until 8:00 tonight to celebrate the broncos world championship win. tonight is round two in the presidential primary cycle.
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with campaigns hoping to be able the show momentum for the long road ahead. brennan joins us now. closing right now. >> most of the locations closed, hoping for earlier results than iowa since new hampshire is on east coast time. republican front runner donald trump, true to form, grabbed a lot of today's headlines. he's getting questions about how genuine he is after he repeated a vulgar putdown of ted cruz, shouted by a woman in the crowd. google it if you want. >> i'm wondering to myself. would you say that as president of the united states? >> no. >> with the seal on the podium? >> once different. >> so are you going to be a different guy. >> i went to the best school. i had -- i was a good student. i have an uncle who was one of the top professors at mit there.
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i have to do what i have to do. >> is it an act? >> no. it's not an act. >> sitting down with lester holt, he went on to reiterate that he was just repeating what was shouted. >> hey hope they can -- they hope they can place second or beat donald trump with the relatively small voting toplation. only two candidates remain on democratic side. bernie sanders is out polling clinton. her campaign would be happy to bernie's backyard. she has to address the fact that female voters have been leaving her for sanders. >> i know a lot of young women policy. this election is more about their future than mine. participating. >> the clinton campaign,
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off the growing insurgency from the sanders camp. colorado democrats get their chance to weigh in march first right after nevada and south carolina. >> all right. brandon, we'll look for the results. a deputy critically wounded when he was shot multiple times by a teenager will be taken off life support. before derrick gere passes, shea eve confirmed his organs will be donated. a 17-year-old shot gere several times. witnesses called 911 after seeing the teen armed with a gun. the suspect took off when deputy gere told him he was being arrested. the deputy fired his taser, but the teen managed to fire back. barely breathing. >> i have an officer down. bleeding heavily. >> copy.
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>> this is truly a tragedy for us. and the deputy that was injured today is 40 years old. he has a wife. he has a 13-year-old and an 11- year-old kid. >> the teen whose identity has not been released was arrested an hour after the shooting. deputy gere is a navy veteran and has been with the sheriff's office since 2001. the family says they're heart broken as they begin the grieving process. an amber alert that began in new mexico helped in southern california. it happened near wallenburg. police issued an amber alert who had been kidnapped by her father. his vehicle was seen headed north into colorado. state troopers said they tried to pull him over and he took off. they eventually tried to get the vehicle to slow down.
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the vehicle rolled and it ejected him and his daughter. >> whoever made the decision to deploy the stop sticks ultimately got the vehicle to slow down. it did slow the vehicle down. unfortunately the driver continued to speed and continued to drive recklessly and that's what it's about. it's about this person that doesn't have regard for life and decided that he was going to speed after being pursued by the police. >> cfp says the little girl and her father suffered moderate injuries. the girl was airlifted to children's hospital. the suspect was taken to a hospital in pueblo where he could face charges both in colorado and new mexico. police say the death toll from a head-on train collision in southern germany has risen to ten after one of the people injured died in the hospital. police say one person is also still missing after the morning crash. 88 people were injured in all. nine of them seriously. transportation authorities are working to determine what caused the two passenger trains
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high speed curve about 30 miles southeast of munich. it's not clear how or why the trains were routed onto the same track. >> a local core in the southern city ruled today to take into custody the developers of a collapse during the earthquake last week. dozens of people have died. three are being held without bail on suspicion of negligent homicide while authorities finish their investigation. the number of deaths is 41. more than 100 are still believed to be trapped. shoddy construction is said to have been contributed. it was the only structure to collapse. walgreens will begin selling a medication used to reduce heroin overdoses without the need for a prescription. stores in 35 states in washington, dc will offer over- the-counter drug that's used as an antedote for opiate drugs.
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kiosks where people can safely dispose of their unwanted, unused, or expired prescription drugs. >> flashing lights could help prevent jet lag. >> also ahead, the great moment during mardi gras festivities. a local student in a spontaneous battle. >> and the mother of a man in florida accused of tossing an alligator tried to explain her
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a music student squared off with sticks in a spontaneous battle during mardi gras in illinois. they're both impressive. pipes. a new stanford university study found exposing travelers to brief light while they sleep can help prevent jet lag. the treatment delayed the on set sleepiness by two hours. it can be used to trick the clock into adjusting to an awake cycle. the therapy used 2 milliseconds
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study is published in the journal of clinical investigation. >> a man in florida faces assault charges. investigators in palm beach county say he threw a live alligator through an open drive- through window at a wendy's. joshua james tossed a 3.5-foot gator in october. he was arrested on monday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. illegal possession of an alligator and petty theft. his parents say it was a prank that has opinion blown out of proportion. >> it's a stupid prank that he did that's now turning into this. it's stupid. >> and you definitely believe this was a prank? >> 100% because he's a prankster. he does this like this because he thinks it's funny. he had no problem with turning himself in. he's a stupid kid. >> he said he pick up the animal on the side of the road
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the animal was released into a nearby canal. >> yikes. >> okay. you see an alligator coming at you, call 911. it appears that spring has come early in denver this year. oh, my gosh, it was beautiful. >> it was gorgeous. how much longer we'll get to
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hello, welcome back. meteorologist kathy saban. a great day no matter where you were or what you were doing. temperatures running above tomorrow. 55 at dia. 55 in greeley. close to 60 this pueblo, lamar and trinidad. the average is there for comparison. consider this. we'll not reach record territory, but we'll see tomorrow. now. dia is 47 degrees. winds are out of the southeast at 5:00 with mid-40s. not a lot to show you on the radar. temperatures this hour range anywhere from 48 to dub valley at longmont. we remain on the western fringe of a cold arctic air mass that's plunging into the u.s. high pressure over the area is keeping jet stream to the north of us and keeping the cold air at bay. also bringing stormy weather to the midwest and eastern seaboard.
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we'll be enjoying here between now and february 19th. low pressure around cincinnati. snow, wind, travel delays. really a big storm system that will impact about 7 states heading into the overnight hours and tomorrow. cold air will follow this front through. for high pressure, anchored over the area, we're really looking at a nice warming and drying trend. we are monitoring the strong storms in the southeast. an issue. 74 in dallas tomorrow. 61 in denver. the really cool air in the midwest and the northeast. we'll be tracking the wind in the foothills a few high clouds around the area. really good travel weather across the city and across the state. it's going to be chilly for some areas tonight. the high cloud bank around fort collins and greeley. we'll look for teens in the high country and a nice jump in temperature tomorrow. 42 in grand junction and 70 in lamar.
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a beautiful afternoon shaping up and a warm weather trend that continues right into the weekend. fair skies, light winds, cool night. the low, 28. sun up at 7:00 tomorrow. temperatures jump into the mid- 50s by lunchtime. i think the high will be above average in the low 60s. we trend above average into the weekend, even with a weak, dry front coming through. maybe flurries valentine's evening into monday. nope. it looks warm and dry with highs close to 70 headed into the middle part of next week. broncos orange everywhere you look.
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stocks closed lower after sitting most of the day
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we shouldn't be surprised. the greatest passer of all times passed on making an an announcement today. peyton manning road in the lead miller. manning waved to all the fans along the route, but didn't make any reference to his future when speaking to the estimated 1 million people gathered at civic center park. >> we have some of the greatest fans out here right now. these fans have been great. all season long for us. we certainly needed them in a big way. but it's been great to play with some great players. we had a lot of new players this season. guys that just worked hard and stuck together. i keep repeating that over and over again. everybody has really stuck together this year. that's why we are here today. it's great to be with all these great fans. >> all right. so peyton missed the obvious
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retirement, but maybe he's saving it for 9news broncos notebook. >> what did you think, buddy? >> i'll tell you, it was awesome. it was a perfect day. a great turnout. great to be up there with demarcus. i had my kiddos up there. it's a great day. shows the kind of support broncos fans give to the team. really, a special day. >> at least winning and playing on the field. parade rank up there. >> it's part of it. every championship that you see, the parade is part of it. it's what the players look forward to and coaches look forward to. that's what i said. the weather was perfect. you can see everybody was just happy.
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people's faces out there. i've ridden in mardi gras parades. it's pretty similar. i saw a lot of similarities in the crowd. everybody was enjoying themselves, but demarcus and i had a lot of laughs up there. mosley standing back there next to me wasn't much fun. went straight to the fun and sat between von and mrs. bolin. she got her wave down to a tee at disneyland. >> what are you going to do? >> we're going to find a place to go. i think everybody gets separated. we're going to find a place to get together tonight, hopefully, and keep enjoying it. keep celebrating for a little while. >> boy, he looks relaxed and happy, stress free, right? >> carolina panthers' quarterback cam newton confirmed today what he already knew. he's a sore loser.
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criticized because of the way he handled his press conference, all grumpy and noncooperative. walking away all together. >> if i offended somebody, that's cool. i know who i am. i'm not about to conform or bend because your or anybody else's expectations would exceed mine. >> i'm a sore loser. you show me a good loser, and i'm going to show you a loser. >> i'm going to say this in newton's defense. all we do is rip on coaches and athletes for being phony and pandering to the media. this dude shows us how he really feels. pure joy, deep despair, and every emotion in between, and i love it. >> he's honest. >> isn't he? >> he's very honest. if i offended somebody, that's cool. >> that's cool. well, downtown was a whole different deal for the broncos today. peyton was smiling, von miller,
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the fire engine through downtown is really a remarkable thing. >> that scoreboard can make a difference. >> well, can you imagine a week ago today, a huge blizzard. today it was sunny and mid-50s and not even wind in the city. >> it was sunny and warm like the avs' championship parade years ago. >> we remember that one. planets were all aligned. >> i know you're fishing for a compliment. >> no. i know what happens when the other shoe falls. i'm just the messager. >> nbc nightly news is next
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