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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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have scored resounding victories in new hampshire - now the scramble is on as the c donald trump and bernie sanders have scored resounding victories in new hampshire. now the scramble is on while looking ahead to south carolina next week. >> a jet makes an abrupt landing at dia. >> to call it the party of the century would be an understatement.
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>> our city was rocking. >> who knew there was so much orange. >> what a great way to start the week. >> i'm cheryl preheim, along with cory rose and amelia earhart has your traffic and marty coniglio has your forecast. folks mainly on the west side of the metro area and in the front range foothills. gorgeous otherwise. we have another one of those beautiful sunrises going. wind now pushing close to 30 miles per hour along the turnpike between broomfield and boulder. between 25 and 50 miles per hour right now in the foothills. that means good air quality for you today. no wood burning restrictions in effect. look at temperatures on the northwest side from broomfield to boulder. it's 50 in longmont. go right down the road into fort collins where it's in the 30s right now. we're going to be warm and dry
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we started that way here. it's going to continue here. the closest snow is over along the missouri river. it's not headed our way. it jumps up. the temperatures are going to fly, already in the 50s on the west side of town. most of the rest of us will join in and top out in the mid- 60s this afternoon. we do have a chance for some mountain snow coming up this weekend. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. amelia, it is so warm and dry, we always say, gosh, i can't believe it's february. >> it's so nice to get outside. everyone was walking around in t-shirts. i just checked the winds at rocky mountain airport. heard that sky 9 was not taking off. 26 miles per hour right there on the runway. so they're going going to stay on the ground today. 270 is really looking nice here. early volume is going to pile up. it's one of those things that heads through the drive. you're going to drop down to the 40s approaching york and vasquez.
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10 easy minutes on 225. 70 to 25. 65 miles per hour averages. e-470, c-470 is all looking good. metro wide we've on got one accident to keep in mind. that's going to be on northbound i-25 near sixth avenue. the slowdowns are very light. it's unaffected coming out of lakewood and golden. in my next update , we're talk about construction in golden that could affect your drive, starting at 9:00 a.m. carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> as expected, donald trump and bernie sanders have all the
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new hampshire voters seem to reject traditional politics and embrace the outsiders in the election. tarhonda thomas joins me this morning with more. tarhonda, two big wins for those candidates, anyway. >> huge wins. the margins were so large that it's definitely a boost to their campaign this morning. >> i would say so. >> trump hopes to take that energy to carolina. he took more than a third of the vote in new hampshire. behind him, john kasich whose campaign is quite the opposite of trump. he said the fact that voters picked him for second show they want a positive campaign. jeb bush and ted cruz came in second. marco rubio was fifth with 10% of the vote. the other candidates got single digit percentages of the votes. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton didn't have that close of a race. bernie sanders walked out with nearly 60% of the votes.
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>> tonight with what appears to be a record breaking voter turnout. because of a huge voter turnout -- and i say huge. we won. >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire, right? do we love the people of new hampshire? you know, i said it. i said it even a year ago. i i think i'm going to do really well there because i'm here a lot, and it's so beautiful. and i love it so much. >> now, we will see if all of the candidates make it to the south carolina primary. cheryl, we're hearing that
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considering dropping out of the we'll stay tuned on that. >> thanks a lot. it is 6:05 now. a man is going to be back in court. he was arrested after a police. corrections employee. he's a reported member of the a white supremist gang. right now, stover street near east prospect road in fort collins is closed so police can investigate a stabbing there. our partners at the coloradan say it happened at midtown fort collins at a duplex late last night on stover street. two women were sent to the hospital. police say even though the road is closed, there's still access to schools in that area.
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woman in wheatridge -- in a wheatridge hotel is dead. he held himself up in a motel friday night. after five hours of negotiations, deputies entered the room and found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the woman survived last week's stabbing, but she has not been identified. police in boulder think an organized theft ring is responsible for stealing cars. police sent us video clips of the suspects. in most cases, the cars were unlocked and keys were inside. sometimes the cars were running. crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to information that leads to an arrest. you don't have to give your name. it's 6:07 right now. we can't give you the exact number because there's so many conflicting figures being thrown out there.
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showed why they're the best fans in the world. hundreds of thousands of people packed civic center park yesterday to show their appreciation for the super bowl champions. all of it was captured. >> reporter: good morning on another beautiful day in broncos country. >> just want to get good pictures for the memories. >> reporter: it's crazy the enthusiasm people are showing. >> wow. it's incredible. people are saying, you know what, i don't need to go to work today. >> we have people all over the world represented. >> this is the greatest time for everybody.
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country, are you ready? >> i have a lot of memories. i will never forget this. >> there's no anger anywhere. people are happy everywhere. >> all types of people. it's beautiful. >> hey, denver. it's time to salute your world champion denver broncos and valuable player, von miller. >> this is great, but i didn't get here by myself. i have great teammates. i have a great culture. guys fight for each other. other. they helped me to the point where i'm at today. 53 guys on the roster played a huge role on this team, and >> love it. this. >> bronco nation. bronco nation all the way.
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>> that picture. >> that is incredible. doesn't it just make you feel good? wow. that's a crowd. it is 6:09 now. charges have been handed down in a major pot trafficking ring. federal authorities say they plan to send 100 pounds of marijuana to other states. the pot was hidden inside furniture. and in one case a vacuum cleaner. two of those charged tried to buy a large number of pot from an undercover federal agent. keeping with that theme, pot sales are on fire. almost 1 billion bucks in recreational and medicinal marijuana last year. 35million-dollars of that money will go towards school construction projects. another round of recalls because of those takata airbags.
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of its vehicles in this country. the recall includes mercedes benz suvs from '05 to 2014. they're also included in this recall. the defective airbags could explode, sending shrapnel flying. general motors also issuing a pretty big recall today. more than 373,000 trucks and suvs in canada are under recall for bad brakes. they can come lose and stop working. no reports or crashes or injuries at this time. >> it is a windy wednesday, which translates into warmth. we'll be into the 50s and mid- 60s for highs. i'm going to jump ahead. kind of a windy day on saturday. we'll -- we're going to have fog and then a disturbance
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us wind and cooler temperatures here and very light snow in the mountains. in fact, most of the snow comes sunday afternoon. i would love to tell you it's more of an early indication, only about an inch or two. that's the best i see in the mountains for the next several days. >> okay. marti, thanks. >> just about a lot of everybody i know is loving the new beyonce song. it's like an ear worm. he can't get it out of his head. a lot of people in the business world are very happy about it
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nothing to do, nothing to hit. it's dry around here.
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we have really no new systems coming our way until late afternoon early evening. we'll start to see high clouds drift out of utah. they will be over the front range during the day tomorrow. cold air continues to pour into the midwest. watch what happens over the weekend. a little system comes out of the pacific northwest and cuts down through here on sunday. that's why i'm forecasting some cooler air here on sunday and that really light mountain snow. chilly in the central and western valleys. fairly mild in eastern colorado with some of the coolest ratings down low right along the south platte river. windy conditions again west side of metro denver. 25, 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the foothills. more like 40 to 50 wind gusts. 50s and 60s at lower terrain. we'll keep it sunny with a pretty decent rebound
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30s and 40s in most locations. we get that good chinook effect. low 70s down south. we'll be in the mid-60s today with the wind continuing through the day. tonight, as we stay pretty close to freezing -- on the west side of town, i think we'll have a lot of folks above freezing. we're still 60 plus. saturday is windy out of the south and cooler from the north. the first couple of days this week, what do you think today will shape up to be? >> i think today is going to be heavier. monday everyone was recovering from the super bowl celebrations, and tuesday, of course, a lot of folks, hundreds of thousands headed downtown. maybe they headed into work a little late. today i think we're back in the swing of things, starting off with a busy beginning on i-25. delays are still light because
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to the east side, some folks could be tied up in all four directions. now, we're looking at our cdot camera at a stall. off to the left shoulder now of our drive south and eastbound. now it looks like a two-car crash there. sunrise this morning at 6:59. sun glare is going to be a factor. we have more details on the 270 delays in just a few. sears does not want to waste any time. they will accelerate the closing of 50 profitable stores. sears which owns k-mart, poor sales have sped up that time line. if you watch the super bowl, you help the chain reach a digital sales record. pizza hut sold nearly 12 million bucks in food across its digital platforms alone on sunday. that sets a single day sales record in that category.
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last year's super bowl. pizza hut will not disclose its full number, but a spokesman says digital sales usually count for about half. red lobster continues to see a boost in sales thanks to she mentions the seafood chain in the song. sales continue to rise. it's even calling its cheddar bey biscuits. >> do people listen to the song and say, i'm going to red lobster. >> i think it shows the power of suggestion. >> do you think beyonce really goes to red lobster? >> she should buy stock right now. >> watch us every day.
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watch us every day, thanks. >> 6:18 now. a guy on a flight from boston
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the two commuter trains slammed into each other head on yesterday.
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two train engineers among the dead. one was missing in the wreckage. the stretch of track ran between a river and a forest. it was 45 miles outside of munich. revamping a police department. now the doj is threatening to sue the city. the deal was reached after a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen sparking violent protests. it included a reform to the policing system. passengers cheered when police came onto the flight and got a drunk man off the plane. it happened on a flight headed from boston to san diego. it had to make an impromptu landing here in denver. alaska airlines says the man was drunk and belligerent. the flight crews tried to tell him to calm down and then started yelling at them and was abusive. he threatened the crew.
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that happened to be dia. this is video of the man being escorted off the flight. the passengers around him start clapping. the plane eventually went on to san diego. >> they were three hours late because of one gentleman not acting gentlemanly. >> wow. okay, a goat in india found himself in trouble and behind bars. we'll tell you about that. coming up. first, bad to the bone, marty. >> that's fantastic. around here, snow pack is hanging in above average or 100% of average, either way you want to say it, with the best snow pack in the southern parts of the state. wind continuing around the area today. very strong in the western suburbs again. 40 and 50 mile-per-hour winds in the foothills with
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we're into the 50s and 60s around here. for the next few days, pretty mild with us dropping into the 50s for friday and saturday. it gets kind of windy in the southeast. >> thank you, marti. take a look at this cdot camera. 270 is the spot. crashes 70 and south of eastbound. two cars here. looks like one car rear-ended the other. luckily they're out of the lanes. backup is just about here. expect delays from i-25 onto 270. if you want to avoid that backup, use 75 to i-70.
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back back. we know it may sound like an onion headline, but a goat was arrested. his crime was grazing where he shouldment be. >> he should have known better. >> the goat and the owner found themselves in police custody after the goat was accused of grazing in her neighbor's lawn. well, one of those neighbors happens to be a local judge. the goat is being charged with trespassing and -- of property. >> i didn't realize you could form formally charge an animal. >> they're not known for being very smart. >> even though those in the animal kingdom may need help from moms sometimes. this is an adorable moment between a panda and her mom this week. the baby is learning to climb
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still needed a boost. mom is there. i will help push you right on up that tree. >> aren't panda cubs the cutest in the entire world. it began two years ago.
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it will be a couple of years before the new va hospital in
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but in the meantime, lawmakers are hoping to tighten control over future va construction projects. >> congratulations. let the whole team know they've got bronco fans in the white house. >> the broncos have a new fan in the president of the united states. that fandom comes with an invitation. we worry about our safety to some extent. that's why all this week we're here to help you and your family stay as safe as possible. safety week on 9news continues in just a few minutes. good morning, everybody. cheryl preheim and gary with you this morning. we're expecting more gorgeous weather. the backyard is the place to be this week, marty. >> i'm not even wearing an overcoat. i'm only out here for a few minutes at a time.
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miles per hour. we call that the chinook effect. we're going to have that throughout the day today. temperatures have a wide range here. this is very interesting. 38 at dia. we're in the 50s in boulder and longmont. move into the 30s in fort collins. jump over to the other side of the continual divide. we have single readings in the valleys. right now it's dry across colorado. that's going to be true. the nearest snow, about 4 or 500-miles away over in iowa and minnesota. high temperatures today, 50s and 60s here with 30s and 40s. nice rebound for our friends in the mountain valleys. as we look at the midwest, they're getting hammered with cold air. it's not the coldest they will see. there's going to be yet another blast of cold air. another one that misses colorado. maybes you think, i'm glad i live here.
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warm, dry start to the day. amelia earhart has the latest on how things are shaping up. >> good morning, marty. you can't blame any of the traffic issues on the snow. this is one of our biggest concerns. it looks to be a pretty minor accident, but the impact of the delays are going to be pretty big. toward the i-25. this is south and eastbound 270. a rear end accident. slowdowns transition into i-25. so, as an alternate route, you will see the backups there in the red. take southbound i-25 over to eastbound i-70 rather than cutting across 270. we'll see slowdowns on both approaches there. i-25. now, we've got a northbound crash at 6th avenue. it's off to the right shoulder. light. for the most part, we've been clear on the side streets. gary, that one just cleared up and out of here. >> all right, amelia. thank you. derrick gere is going to
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before he dies. he's been on life support since he was shot on monday. before doctors take him off, gere is going to donate his organs. he was responding to a call about an armed and suspicious teenager when he was shot. a 17-year-old boy was arrested about an hour after the shooting. a scary night for people living in a greeley apartment complex. they saw several people with guns outside. they block off the area near a village green apartment last night. we saw several police car there is walking in and out of the crime scene. police say they were investigating a shooting in the area of 26th avenue and 13th 13th street. a witness told us he heard a loud sound and looked out his window. >> when i looked out my window, we seen gun fire happening actually right in front of our apartment, across the street, and possibly 30 to 40 rounds
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>> he said bullets went into several apartments. we're finding out exactly what happened and if anyone was arrested or hurt. it's 6:34. construction on the new hospital in aurora is now four years behind schedule and more than a billion dollars overbudget. lawmakers say that can never happen again. the house just passed a bill to tighten control. noel brennan is live. this bill is aimed to monitor these super construction sites much more closely. >> those super construction projects, those are any projects that cost over a hundred million dollars. that's now budgeted at $1.7 billion. that's three times its original estimate for or so years ago. we know the house yesterday passed a bill. they're going to move forward
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and management over these types of super construction projects. so the bill says that the va would also have to let the u.s. army corp ofening nears manage those construction projects. the va would have to report to congress to keep lawmakers up to date on what's going on. the bill says congress has to be notified 60 days before any money is spent on advance planning or design. that legislation passed a voice vote in the house yesterday. now it will move on to the senate. now, an investigation blamed what happened here in aurora on frequent design changes and a complicated process that the va didn't really understand, gary. now, this hospital is slated to be complete in 2018 and january. that's four years after it was originally set to be done. >> oh, my gosh. forever. thank you very much. 6:36 right now. hundreds of thousands of
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jammed shoulder to should we are the sun beating down on them. some consuming substances that impair, but nearly every single person behaved themselves really well. people were downtown to cheer the champions. denver police told us that there was only one arrest and that person made a threat against someone else. not the entire event. the department tweeted out a thank you to the city, saying behaving themselves. >> well, the party was one rarely ever seen in the city before. maybe except for back in 1999, the last time the broncos won the super bowl. pat bolin wouldn't make it, of course, to yesterday's celebrations. anan bell raised the vince lombardi trophy. peyton manning received a
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at the steps of the city council building, unlike '99, fans were hoping for john elway to stick around for a super bowl threepete. >> you were saying it was very similar except the crowds. the crowds was different. >> unbelievably bigger crowds. >> crazy. all right. it's 6:38. keeping our family safe, our kids safe is such a big priority for all of us. that's why we're spending time talking about your safety. today we're talking about safety in your community. what do you do if you are in a restaurant or a mall? they're helping you develop a safety plan this week. >> do you know what, cory, when you say safety plan, it sounds daunting, just another thing i have to do in my already busy, busy life. i promise you. it is so easy and helpful and something you need to talk about and do.
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a restaurant and they helped us develop a safety plan if something were to happen. >> first and foremost, we're here to be able to decompress and have a good time. that needs to be the forefront of our mind. we also need to remember that our safety is our responsibility. let's be a little situationally aware. let's pay attention to where i might be able to get out of view if i needed to hide. pay attention to people t people around us. we're here to be able to socialize and have a good time, so let's make sure we do that and we're not paranoid. >> let's say a mom, dad, three kids, total family setting atmosphere going on. is there anything those parents should do with their kids to make sure the family is safe? >> in today's day and age, absolutely. it depends on the anal of the kids. if they're older, i think we need to have frank conversations about safety and safety plans. if they're younger, of course we need to tailor that.
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better, what they can take, what they can accept, but we need to make sure we have a plan. >> remember, we talked about that yesterday. if you're -- you don't make decisions on the fly, it's important to have a plan. we're challenging you, your family, friends, co-workers to have that conversation about what you would do. talk about those what if something were to happen, this is how i'm going to react. >> some peace of mind just knowing you know what to do. hope you never use it. >> 640 now. this morning bernie sanders and donald trump are waking up winners. they both claim victory in the new hampshire primaries. tarhonda thomas is here with a wrapup for us. tarhonda, this is the first primary vote of the political season. >> last week was the caucus in
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new hampshire. trump and sanders were predicted to win yesterday. they didn't just win. they won big. for bernie sanders, it was a donald trump's attention. >> first of all, congratulations to bernie. clinton. sanders says he's hitting a nerve with the american people. >> what appears to be a record breaking voter turnout because of a huge voter turnout. i say huge. >> we won.
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call from clinton who promises to keep fighting. >> it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. it's weather you get back up. >> chris christie may not be getting back up after his fifth place finish. he's said to be reevaluating his campaign. donald trump was in a much better spot with 35% of the new hampshire vote. he's already looking towards the white house. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that. >> john kasich came in second place with 15% of the vote. ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush came in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively. with a big turnout, the primary season has just begun. many of the candidates are moving on to the next primary on saturday. colorado will have to wait for a while to get in on the action.
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>> thank you. wall street could get a bounce after tuesday's wild session. it traveled points up and down, pushed and pulled by oil prices. it was never up or down more or less than 100. traders will be watching fed share janet yellin talking about the economy before congress. identity thieves did manage to breach computer systems in an attempt to get information that could be used to steal tax refunds. the agency says hackers used personal data of taxpayer that was stolen elsewhere in order to generate pin numbers to file fraudulent returns. the irs says no personal information was disclosed by its computers. the largest ranch under one fence in this country. the sprawling wagner ranch is a
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more than a mall acres. 167--year-old ranch has been caught up in a pretty big legal battle between the heirs of wagner. they're fighting on whether the ranch should ever be sold. jumping up into the 60s for us as we go through the afternoon. we should get barely into the 60s tomorrow. it gets cloudy in the afternoon. friday and saturday in the 50s. it will be windy out of the south and east for us. i think we're going to have cold air get close to but stay just to the east of the front range coming up early saturday morning. >> marty, thanks. sounds okay. 6:44 right now. well, they started it before the last super bowl the
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on saturday morning, we're going to jump ahead to early saturday. again, there's cold air filtering into the eastern plains early saturday morning. it comes short of the i-25 corridor. that's going to push off as the system moves in from the northwest on sunday. that will create quite a bit of snow in the midwest and a little bit of snow for colorado's mountains. i really accent on little. only an inch or two of snow. most of that falling sunday afternoon. so you really don't get any benefit out of it until monday. that's the only snow we're seeing in colorado the next several days. amelia, looks like we have bumper cars going. >> the 270 drive, down to the single digits now. that's all going to be the south and eastbound lanes. check out the long line of cars
6:41 am
onto 36 and possibly 76 as well. luckily everybody is off to the should we are the tow truck on scene. backups there have led to a 13- minute drive. this walgreens say stores in 35 states and washington, dc will now offer over-the-counter medication to reverse opiate overdose. a consumer alert to tell you about, ikea recalling a million of these ceiling lamps because the glass shades can come loose and fall on your head. the clips that secure them can come loo and louing it to fall
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there's been eleven injuries. target taking a new approach to kid's bedding and home goods. a gender neutral kids line. pillow fortunate consists of 12 different themes. it comes a month after the retailer announces they will be move away from gender based signage. a lot of people are going to remember that for a long, long time. right? one for the ages in denver. yesterday, hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million people came out to celebrate the super bowl champion denver broncos and see the vince lombardi trophy lifted back in the mile high city. >> i will never forget those imening mass from yesterday.
6:43 am
perspective will be seen online. they were filled with immans from the broncos who turned the cameras on the fans who mine the streets. >> that's the noise from baroques wilier. he posted video of him throwing it into the crowd. there's a picture of patrick smyth. his picture shows peyton manning holding the trophy alongside gary kubiak. tight end daniels posted a pick as they passed between the city and capitol building. the caption reading could this be his last completion? referring to the two-point conversion near the end of the game. >> i don't know, but i gave the ball back to him because he deserves it.
6:44 am
his mural on the side of the wall has a shiny new addition. it went up with the game against the seahawks. that didn't work out so good. the street artist added the final touch. the vince lombardi trophy. >> president obama picked the panthers to win the super bowl, so it may have been awkward when we called up to congratulate them on the win. he extended an invitation to the super bowl champs. >> what i want to do is obviously extend to you the traditional visit to the white house. hopefully you guys can get here before i leave office. >> well, we can't wait. we'll look forward to that. i know our whole organization looks forward to coming town there and getting an opportunity to meet you and be a special day for us. thanks so much forinvitings. >> congratulations.
6:45 am
have bronco fans in the white house. >> i will definitely do that, mr. president. thanks for your time. >> can you imagine hearing that voice on the other end. i would not be able to find words. >> kubes is such an awe shucks kind of guy. >> 6:51 right now. a great start to with's -- to what's going to be a beautiful day.
6:46 am
the predawn. this is cool. it's a little flying saucer clouds. that indicates some pretty good win in the area. that's certainly the case. dry here, dry through the day today. no big storm systems all the way to the west coast. you see a few bands of high clouds that will drift over the course of the next few days. cold air continues to pour into the midwest. they're going to get another surge friday. it's going to be a big push. for us, saturday and sunday, around idaho. the front range. and the light snow i mentioned toward the mountains. teens, 20s, 30s,40s around eastern colorado. no chinook effect there.
6:47 am
in the afternoon. mid-50s to mid-60s in the front range. the foothills will be windy throughout the day. 35 to 50 mile-per-hour gusts. temperatures also in the 50s. look at it. clear skies stay wide. 50s, 60s, and 70s in the east. 30s and 40s for most mountain and western locations today. 65, windy conditions tonight. the wind holds us to near 30. then the clouds thicken up highs near 60. couple of days in the 50s. there's the sunday cooldown. again, 47 is a bad average. that's not too bad, amelia? >> no. it looks really nice. marty, let's go out to 270. a couple more cars on scene along the eastbound stretch of 270 at york. cars are blocking the shoulder. tow trucks are on scene. flashers are on and the curiosity delay across the eastbound delays.
6:48 am
13 minutes south and eastbound. average speeds 26 miles per hour hour. now, coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to have an update on an earlier crash. we have a crew headed that way. we'll get more details on this accident. sounds like it could bon the serious side. we'll have more of that coming up. >> sounds good, amelia. it's 6:47. here is a look at today's top stories. today this morning police in greeley are investigating a shooting at the village green apartments. crime scene tape and police cars blocked off the area near 13th 13th street late last night. one man who lives in the area tell us he was in the kitchen with his family when he heard gunshots. when he looked outside, he saw several men and heard dozens of shots. a mesa county deputy is going to help save a few more lives before his death. deputy gere was shot on monday.
6:49 am
before they take him off of life support, he's going to donate his organs. deputies arrested a 17-year-old after that shooting. today a man accused of targeting a department of corrections employee. he was trying to break into a home. that house belongs to a former department of corrections employee. a man wanted for stabbing a woman in wheatridge is dead. andrew houton held himself up in a hotel room. officers found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the woman who was stabbed survived. police in fort collins are investigating a late night stabbing. according to the partners, two hospital. we don't know their conditions.
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>> a flight headed from boston to san diego had to make an impromptu landing in denver. alaska airlines says a man was drunk and belligerent, was told to calm down by flight crews. this is video from inside the plane. then that man started getting verbally abusive and started threatening the crew. the nearest airport, which passengers applauded when plane. marty, a small price to pay for a gorgeous day. >> i agree. we're going to be warmer tomorrow. windy conditions will kick up again on saturday out of the southeast. we're going to have a cold front move over the eastern plains saturday. our wind cools us on sunday. then we start warming up again. it could be even warmer the middle of next week. two big events coming up. saturday, valentine's day. and monday, president's day. what a nice looking holiday we have coming up. >> president's day.
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