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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-9:57am MST

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ays as far south as florida. >> breaking out the parkas in florida.
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in new jersey late last night and passengers were more than happy to be back on solid ground. >> in the movie "titanic" with the old people laying in bed saying good bye for the last time, that is what we fel like. >> probably the scarest thing in my life. >> identified gaps and will work to strengthen storm avoidance policy s policies. the siege at oregon wildlife refuge is ending this morning. fbi agents moved closer to the group's encampment overnight. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in tir sixth debate tonight being held in milwaukee. we will take a closer look at hillary clinton's trouble courting women voters. first in this half hour new fears over the rapid spread of zika. cases being reported in at least
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so far no mosquitos carrying the virus have been found here in the u.s. tom costello has been on the story for weeks. good morning. >> a new study published in the new england journal of medicine is providing more evidence that the birth defect microcephaly is most likely called by the zika virus. urging women to cover up, wear engage in safe sex. summer olympics are very much a top concern. on the soccer pitch in dallas a high stakes qualifying match for the summer olympics, the u.s. versus costa rica. but after the game the talk turned to the zika virus for female athletes who may be headed to rio this summer. >> if i had to decide today i would not go. fortunately, the olympics are
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>> reporter: in the caribbean at latin america it is a race against time. wiping out zika carrying mosquitos that pose a real threat to pregnant women. the concern zika spreads unchecked. >> we will likely see significant number of cases in puerto ricond other u.s. territories where there may be intensive spread of zika. >> reporter: infectious disease experts believe it is tied to dramatic increase in number of babies born with microcephaly, abnormalally small heads and brains. many of those babies die. while a full vcine rollout could be years away experts believe they can begin a clinical zika vaccine trial. >> we have the construct that
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>> reporter: cdc continues to advise pregnant women or women who could become pregnant to zika hot zones. consumer reports released its list of most effective. on the list sawyer fishermen's and off. consumer reports suggests avoiding products using natural plant oils. the u.s. olympic committee is hiring two infectious disease specialists to advise olympians who have concerns about zika before they head to brazil. and said it is up to individual athletes whether they feel comfortable. >> you can find more on the list of repellents on our website >> we will not have mosquitos this weekend. too cold. >> they will be frozen in ice. let's show you what is going on out there. this is lake county, ohio.
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there is more on the way. at least 30 cars involved, 15 tractor trailers. i-90 was closed for a while. this is just east of cleveland. it is now reopened. we have more of the same weather today stretching from the up of michigan into western new york. lake effect snow. continue. visibility. as we get into tonight and tomorrow there is going to be a clipper moving across. that will end the lake effect snow because the wind will change direction. look at snowfall.
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>> that's your latest weather. >> who hits the snooze button here. a brand new study that may settle that debate once and for all. voters. why is she struggling to court a
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ntributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, a prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. 7:4 on this thursday morning. back with more on the presidential race and the struggle facing hillary clinton. >> big question for her campaign, why is she having trouble courtin female voters?
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clinton campaign from the start and knows this issue very well good morning. >> good morning. with arguably the most famous woman running for president, many expected there would be with a gender gachl few knew it would break in favor of bernie sanders. for hillary clinton the question, what women want. after feeling the burn from college-aged women. clinton conceding a loss to bernie sanders in new hampshire. >> for human rights as women's rights. >> and women rights are human rights. >> reporter: echoing her famous words as first lady to a women's conference. she attended with mall lynn deleine albright. this week albright campaigning by her side. >> a lot of you young women think it has been done. it's not done.
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for women that don't help each other. >> reporter: it provoked young women who broke heavily for bernie sanders. >> i feel he speaks to our generation. >> i'm not an informed voter and feminist that alienates people. >> she seems a little old fashioned. >> reporter: so called bernie date outraged feminists on twitter after some said that some supported sanders to meet boys. >> where are the boys? the boys are with bernie. >> gloria said it is a bernie rally, this is where the boys are. >> she later wrote on facebook she misspoke and apoll ogized for what is being interpreted. >> i feel it is opposite of
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>> reporter: the candidate who concluded her 2008 try for the white house. >> thank you to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it. >> reporter: now worried her appeal maybe falling through the cracks. >> the gender doesn't matter. i don't feel like somebody should run a country because they are a girl or boy. >> reporter: clinton vowed to re-evaluate her campaign following her n hampshire defeat including more outreach to younger voters, particularly women. clinn saying even if they aren't supporting her now she still supports them. >> interesting conversation to have. let's bring in msnbc political analyst. there's a certain irony here. the biggest, surest sign of progress in the women's movement is younger women don't necessarily look at the candidate's gender as a reason to vote for him or her.
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you watch gloria and madeleine albright and some of their work has been accomplished by the fact that younger women no longer feel they have to tip the scale for women the way they did. >> it is insulting when you hear madeleine albright hear what she said. don't look at credentials, policies, issues. you are a woman with, vote for a woman. it makes no sense. >> it is a phrase i have heard her use since '95 in beijing. even on a starbucks cup. the problem with the context, she says it jokingly, but she said it at a rally with young woman. i think that was out of context. she was with just on the bill maher show and a separate issue. young women don't feel the connection. if you are hillary clinton and came out wealthy, a valedictorian, a life story they are telling in a campaign video at her rallies, they don't want
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she wanted to know what she can do for them. she talks about i not we bernie sanders says and they want to know how you are going to help me with sexual assault issue, getting a job, and she's not specific in that. >> is that a larger symptom of clinton's campaign? bernie sanders seems to have keyed in on the message that a lot of young voters find inspiring and hillary clinton has not found that message for her campaign. >> you put it in a very simple term. she hasn't found the message. the problem is she's looking for one. bernie sanders didn't hunt for a message. he is who he is. hillary clinton's campaign is struggling. women are also pulled away by bernie sanders but it has nothing to do with their gender. >> they are not struggling to find a message, you are struggling to find a message in
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>> way too late to find her voice as she says. >> what young women are saying to me in iowa and new hampshire is she looks too much like a politician. he looks like change. overcome. >> we have two politicians who have been in office for many years. thank you so much. coming up, big news about "the voice" why gwen stefani's time isn't over after all. and a reunion 70 years in touch your heart. right after this. brain. life's short, talk is cheap. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? you're gonna want someone like me.
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boyfriend? >> don't knock it. we have a touching reunion seven decades in the making. >> i guess it is a better question do you believe in love, lasting love? the story of a long lost love is warming people's hearts just in time for valentine's day. u.s. army veteran norwood thomas was only 21 when he fell in love with joyce morris during world war ii. when norwood moved to america joyce moved to australia.
7:21 am
both single again norwood turned to the internet and rekindled their love over skype thanks to help of one of his sons. now after 70 years apart norwood made the three-day trek all the way to australia to find joyce waiting with a big hug and a smile. norwood said of their meeting, brace yourself, let me get the tissue. he said i would rather die traveling to australia than at home wondering what if. my hands are shaking. this is so beautiful. norwood would stay in australia so the two can celebrate valentine's day together. >> best valentine's day. >> i can't. >> so beautiful. >> that is like the note book
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everyone. i'm gary shapiro, here is what is coming up on channel 20 for 9 news 8:00 a.m., we are waiting to hear how an arapahoe county deputy was doing. he was injured in a car accident yesterday while responding to a murder call. a 6-year-old boy was found dead
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that incident is still being investigated, too. we have learned that the mesa county deputy derrick geer has died. he was removed from life support last night. after donation of his organs. investigators say he was shot several times on monday, by a 17-year-old suspect who is now in jail. geer's funeral is being planned for monday. and today, we have created puptown, at 9 news. just one of the many areas the pups have taken a nap right now. and one of the many areas where we are featuring dogs and cats, all adoptable, with the dumb friends league, and it is a telethon, and you can support the animal shelter by donating all of the information you need, it is on the 9 news app and all right, let's check weather and the traffic now, with amelia and marty. >> hi, gary. >> a little bit of puppy spooning going on there. >> a little bit. [ laughter ] >> i'm a fan of. let's go to the morning drive. starting to wrap up our slower conditions and get back into the 60s across u.s. 36, and
7:28 am
it came up before the 7:00 hour, and colfax and 25, it is whipping around here with the wind. too badly. one crash to the eastside of westbound 70 at peera. the backups to chambers. >> and around here, we are talking about wind, mainly in the foothills today. but those areas that are getting it are getting it. 30 to 50 miles an hour. and now, down here, i don't see too many gusts, much more than afternoon. and that will be late this afternoon. and that will help to push some of these clouds out. we will have more sun this afternoon than we will this morning. with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s around here. a mild day for the mountains and west. and close to 60, with those winds in and near the foothills. it gets a bit cooler tomorrow.
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it's 8:00 on "today," the 30 day challenges from yoga to fitness to clenss. can you really change your life in just one month. then, what's their secret? >> to the most -- >> is she delusional or what, couples married more than 50
7:30 am
gwen stefani returns on a new role, a hit show, with her beau, february 11th, 2016. [ screaming ] >> good morning buffalo. >> good morning to all my coworkers in austin texas. >> shout out to university of memphis, missouri. [ screaming ] >> it is 8:00 on today and it is a chilly one out. thursday, 11th of february, 2016 and as we make our out to go to the tundra of rockefeller center, we say good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> almost 50. >> well, we were so afraid to be
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>> hi, guys, good morning. >> longer coats. >> i know. >> i'm like eight feet tall with this crazy hat. >> we look like sleeping bags. >> yes, we are. >> any way -- >> i like the song. >> thank you. >> it's a good one. >> good one. >> thank you. thank you. >> you owned it. >> coming up, did you forget to make a valentine's dinner reservation, you're in trouble. no, you're in luck because we've got a recipe for a date worthy dish you can make for your special someone. >> isn't that so much more romantic, a dinner at home someone making it for you, as long as someone else is doing it. >> plus, with new york tattoo beginning today, we've lined up a snaek eak peak everyone will be
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>> sounds like it all over again. >> first, natalie has got a check with the morning's top stories. >> well, the armed stand off at national wild life refuge in oregon could finally come to an end today. four remaining antigovernment protesters said they would surrender as the fbi and other officers closed in. the situation became tense over night with the hold outs yelling at officers over a phone line being live streamed on the internet. 11 occupiers have been arrested and one was killed since the protest began early last month. with nine days into the first presidential primary, republican field is shrinking, new jersey governor, chris chris tee, donald trump campaigning in south carolina predicted that more rivals will leave the race if he wins big in the state. but texas senator ted cruz is counting on support from southern conservatives. democrats, bernie sanders and
7:33 am
milwaukee it will be the first meeting sbins meeting since the primary victory. sanders who trails, met with al sharpton. clinton is getting a formal endorsement today from the congressional black caucus. royal caribbean is offering full refunds to passengers who arrived back in new jersey wednesday night after what some described as a cruise from hell. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas left saturday on a scheduled week long trip it ran into a storm that rocked and damaged the ship. royal caribbean said four people seriously. the u.s. olympic committee is hiring infectious disease specialist to advise american athletes worried about the zika virus at the summer games in rio. brazil is among the countries where it's being spreaded.
7:34 am
u.s. is unlike, some infected mosquitos could reach the south this summer. >> we expected as we get into the summer months we would see what we see local out breaks. what we're seeing right now and what we will continue to see are people who travel to the region in south american and caribbean and come back to the united states having gotten infected there. >> and dr. anthony said aggressive mosquito control is the key to keeping minor out breaks from spreading. a wild elephant went on a rampage in western india wednesday. the panicked elephant smashed homes and sent frightened residents running. the elephant wandered into the small town from a nearby forest, thankfully it did not attack any people. after several hours chasing the animal, they shot him with a tranquilizing gun. how cool is this?
7:35 am
in the middle of boston's fenway park. the competition featuring olympic skiers and snowboarders, it's designed to attract new fans to winter sports. the athletes land right near home plate. we'll be there live tomorrow. that looks like fun. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> that is a green monster, for sure. >> white monster. >> remember we had the ski slope out here? >> that was fun. >> we should. natalie, thanks very much. we're a month and a half into 2016 as we touched on trending earlier this week as abandoned your new year's resolution. >> you do not have to give up on your fitness goals altogether, erica is here with more, good morning. >> you can go to boston and try that race, right? >> there's the 30 day challenges you may have heard about. they seem to be about everywhere, you can find one
7:36 am
it feels much more manageable than a life long commitment, but are these enough to make 2016 the year you actually conquer that resolution once and for all. >> each year, there's a chance to start fresh, one that doesn't often last long, with many americans quickly dropping the ball on those new year's resolutions. >> two weeks into january is not looking good for most of us. >> the problem with new year's resolutions it really under mine our confidence sometimes and we think of ourselves as failures. >> the good news, there's still time to hit the reset button thanks to a growing trend. the 30-day challenge. >> people are looking for manageable ways to start something new. they want to maybe join a gym or try a new work out routine. they don't know how to start. 30 days seems like something very manageable. >> from yoga to running, sprint training to clenss.
7:37 am
accessible than ever. when magazines counting 30 days of squats and full body slim downs. abs offer challenge for every body part, even your mind. gyms and boutique fitness centers advertise similar programs, hoping it will keep more. >> i wanted to pressure myself and see it results then i would carry it longer. >> it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit doing something every day can give you a head start. >> if you do something frequently, like four days a week or many more, you're much more likely to establish a habit. >> giving that resolution for a new you, a fighting chance. >> these are opportunities to start over all the time, tomorrow is an opportunity to start doing something fresh again, too. >> it's 30 days still feels a little overwhelming, doctors recommend starting with a week long challenge. she advises doing the activity
7:38 am
you're making it a part of your routine, if you pair it with something you already do, that can help. going public with your goals can also help hold you accountable, also be realistic, don't choose an aggressive 30-day challenge if you're not exercising regularly already. not only is it going to be tough, but you can hurt yourself. >> no carbs for 30 days. >> no french fries today. >> i failed already. >> one day at a time. >> no challenges for 30 stays. >> that's it. >> there you go. >> no alcohol for 30 days. >> i did one of those, i said good-bye january. >> forget it. >> coming up, make room on the grill what burger king is adding to its menu for the very first time. >> 56-year-old model about to make history in the pages of sports illustrated swim suit issue. >> long-term romance picks the brains of some remarkable
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pb&j. it' s just pb&j. unless you make it right. then it becomes a sandwich as mighty as it is humble. easier to make than a mistake. as simple as a sunny day, but just as perfect. when you make a pb&j with smucker' s, that' s the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker' s, it has to be good. we're book. it's 8:12:29. >> what time is your alarm set.
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>> 4:30. >> do you hit the snooz button. >> never ever. >> the trap. >> i set three alarm clocks and i treat them as a snooz and i use my phone, i have another phone. >> my husband would kill me i if hit snooze. >> one is like down the hall and they have to get up to turn it off. >> that's right. >> here is what we're finding now, if you hit the snooz button, it can be harmful. that's right, this is according to researchers at stanford, they're smart, all right. >> a little bit. >> when your alarm off it acts as signal to your body to wake up and start the day. hitting the snooz button, even for an extra five minutes confuses your brain because you're forcing your body to restart its rem cycle which can be as long as 120 minutes that's
7:43 am
for grogginess. >> my body's other alarm has to get up. >> by 4:10, i have that alarm going off. >> wi don't need the alarm in the other room, there's something else in the other room. >> tiny, babies, panda fish, business insider takes an interesting look at the pet names we call our significant others and they tried a number of studies that show that nicknames can be good for relationship. it shows partners are into it. 76% of who reported being very happy in their relationship said they use pet names, but another study found the more little names are used, the less special they become, do you agree love chum? >> i do not use nicknames.
7:44 am
>> not for -- what's my, dwarves? no. >> yeah -- >> he said love chunks. >> you've got to own it. >> my husband calls me "wife". >> that's cute. >> i like that. >> what about you, al? >> i can't tell you what debra calls me. >> is it x-rated. >> it's sweetiest, it's not a pet name. >> it is, but kind of generic. >> oh, that's not bad. >> i call jack bid di uddy boy and my wife hates it. >> it is 8:00 in the morning it's a great time to talk about hot dogs. >> all right. >> later this month burger king will add grilled hot dogs to its menu.
7:45 am
you'll have two options, a hot dog and bun with ketchup mustard and onions that sell for a 1.99. burger king is making the move as hot dog sales slipped 4% last year. >> here in new york, if it's snapped. >> i love -- >> these are boiled. >> yes. >> and grilled, better. >> okay. and some hot dog chains are having thicker skin and boil it and bite into it. >> i like that. >> i don't like that. >> it's slight long wave. >> all right. oh, yes. definitely chicago style. i like that too. >> we've already expressed the fact it was a skinny dog, right? >> i like the skinny hot dogs. >> right. >> they're skinny.
7:46 am
conversation and gwen stefani's new role. surrounding sports illustrated this year includes ad campaign hoping to expand the definition of beauty. it comes from the company, the model getting a lot of attention, guys this morning, this mother of two named nicole. in the swim suit issue. people cheering her and the campaign praising them for celebrating women of all ages and sizes. on monday we have the first interview with the cover model. and to gwen stefani giving back her red chair to christina aguilera but she won't be gone from the show. instead of competing with boyfriend blake shelton she will
7:47 am
they are keeping it going. in an exclusive interview blake explained why gwen was the perfect choice. >> ultimate like artist to get to mentor your team? it's like wait a minute. this is perfect. and i actually know her. >> indeed he does. >> starts february 29. i love her reaction like wanted me around. exactly. >> one stop shopping. >> shopping? now al has a check of the weather. >> like a love costco. we have cold air to talk about and it is coming as we show you what is going on. i think somebody accidently pressed the button for us. we have light snow across the great lakes. some of it heavier at times.
7:48 am
to be looking at very chilly conditions. it will feel like 18 in syracuse. indianapolis 8. raleigh feels like 13. sunday morning we are looking at colder weather. we may set records in boston, new york city, washington, d.c. as far south as raleigh. rest of the country we have sunshine. no problems in los angeles.
7:49 am
>> and that's your latest weather. a little romance is sponsored by smucker's. >> something special we are calling a little romance hoping to get you in the mood for love. hoda is here. >> i'm so excited about this little project y. spent the last few weeks working with long term years. i joined forces with michaelson. we will premiere our original video tomorrow. first i want you to meet some of the stars. >> so glad to see you. what a pleasure.
7:50 am
couples who collectively represent more than 350 years of successful marriage, no better experts for a few lessons on love. >> she was crossing the street. the guy i was with i said i'm going to marry her. he said what are you nuts? i was only 15. >> from that day on it seemed he was. he was a pain in the neck, to be honest with you. >> she wore high heels and a tight dress. my eyes went out of my head. >> i go back and my grand mother said what did he charge you. he said give it back. >> the worst mistake a grand mother made. >> back to the lion's den. i said to her i will return your money if you have lunch with me. >> i said come on, i'll take you
7:51 am
and she says i'll take you in my car. >> now tell them what the car was? >> an old plymouth. and i says i'm not letting this one go. it's a ride. >> she had her cocktail in her hand and hair was a beautiful burgundy deep red. >> did you feel something special right away? >> no. >> not even close. >> he bought me a solid bunny this big and he proposed. who can resist that? >> one night he come home and said i decided i love you. >> that was romantic. >> i said to him, i'm not sure i like you. >> i found myself on one knee.
7:52 am
what are you saying? will you consider marrying me. >> what did you say? >> i said yes. >> how do you make a marriage last 50 plus years? >> never have gone to bed mad. >> i'm not saying we never had fights. i didn't get out of bed and leave the bed, but i would go on the living room couch and next thing you know he is on the floor next to me and we say this is ridiculous. >> i found out if you say yes dear you are right. i know he is wrong but eventually -- >> i apologize. >> i still see him as the sexiest most gorgeous man there is. >> is she delusional or what? >> romance takes different forms. >> i think it gets better with age.
7:53 am
pick you up after i stop laughing. >> i'm glad it worked out. 61 years. >> so cute. >> something all the couples had in common was a great sense of humor and each couple one person was the audience and one person was kind of the star. one always let the other do the talking and you can see why it worked out. there is more tomorrow. invited to see the amazing couples and 30s other in this out of the world celebration thrown by the knot all part of a new music video we are premiering tomorrow on "today." >> fun. >> you wrote that line. adorable. we are keeping the romance going here in the orange room with kickoff of our smucker's
7:54 am
we are helping people bring in mile stones of all kinds. today christina and her husband have been married for 16 sweet years. this is a before and after of her parents. they have been together for 24 years. look at them. exactly the same. rich and margie have been hanging in there for 65 years together this month. and our plaza producer is hanging outside celebrating with a few happy couples who decided to share this beautiful day, their anniversary with us this morning hanging out bouquets. happy anniversary to all of these couples and you can keep sharing your lovely pictures as scrambling about getting day. we have the recipe to serve the first your local news and
7:55 am
good morning, i'm cheryl preheim. here is what is coming up on channel 20 for 9 news 8:00 a.m.
7:56 am
colorado that people heard about all over the country. jury selection starts today, for the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from its mother's stomach. emergencies on planes and at airports rarely happen but it can happen so we are taking an in depth look this week at safety. we want you and your family to have a plan of action, in case something would happen while you are traveling. and 9 news has so happily gone to the dogs. find out why so many cute adoptable dogs and cats are hanging out in our station today. let's check the weather and traffic now with amelia and marty. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. we are going to go right up to sky 9. they are flying what looks to be a fire in the area of larkspur. we made a call and according to douglas county, several agencies are headed to the scene, if not on the scene, already, and we don't have information as to whether or not this is a home, and if it is a fire spread through the trees there, and we are going to get more information, and joining us on channel 20, sky 9
7:57 am
we will have the updates now. but marty, it seems like with the moisture on the ground and in the tree, it would be hard to say if it could be a forest fire at this point. >> and luckily, it doesn't look like the smoke is laying down very much. so not very windy there. hopefully not a big spread on that. wind is an issue today but mostly in and near the foothills. 30 to 50 mile-an-hour gusts, and common, but again, much to the east of i-25, and i don't think we will see a lot of wind today, here, locally, and high clouds, are with us right now, we will get those breaking up. it will take a couple of hours to do that. by noontime, look for partly cloudy conditions. and the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, and a mild day over the northeastern plains, with 60s and 70s, down in southeastern colorado, and we also have a nice warmup going on with sunshine in the mountains. 59 with partly cloudy skies, and winds stay mainly in and at the base of the foot hills, and we do have some cooler air with northeasterly winds tomorrow. and a windy saturday. and extremely windy saturday night. into sunday morning.
7:58 am
>> 8:39 on this thursday morning, february 11, 2016. you know that song you're as cold as ice. it is as cold as ice. >> it really is. foreigner, the guy with the song are here for special throwback thursday performance. >> urgent emergency. get it. >> a little mental workout
7:59 am
>> plus fashion week in new york and we are getting things started with big trends that you'll want to stock with stuff in your closet. recipe. the ingredient passion fruit. >> i love passion fruit. >> that is a good nickname. >> tell us how cold it is. >> my little kiwi. >> very cold. i'll show you what we got going on my little kumquat. my little welcome mat. into the weekend. snow around the great lakes. saturday the cold air is everywhere in the east. it is going to be brutal. we have more wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunday we are watching a big storm system that is going to bring snow to the upper plains
8:00 am
river valley. more wet weather and snow and cold air stays in the east. the country. >> and that is your latest weather. thank you very much. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has been covering the middle east for the last two decades.
8:01 am
experiences in the new book "and then all hell broke loose." this is your calling, i think. this seems to be what you were put on this earth to do. correspondent. regions. love story. >> in a sense it is a love story. i get married and have a baby. there is a theory about what happens in the middle east. and the theory is that there was a status quo and the status quo got broken and now we are in a period of chaos. i tell it first-hand. and i love the people that i meet and sometimes i hate the people that i meet. it's the history of the last 20 years in the middle east. >> on the one hand the dynamic of what is going on in the region. the other hand there is this job
8:02 am
almost a journalistic equivalent of a first responder. >> with the team and i go around and i don't respond to stories. i think that is what a lot of people think that i do, that i'm sitting here in new york in a suit and the phone rings and i get on the plane and go. we live in the region. i have lived in the middle east for 20 years. we are always there. we are always meeting people, discussing the stories, meeting the contacts. >> you understand the context of things. >> and we are living it. we are feeling the experience along with the people. >> here is what you write about covering the wars in iraq. you said nbc never pressured me to stay i liked the baghdad bureau and was willing to keep coming back just as police and fire sirens reminders new yorkers they were home the sound of car bombs reminded me i was in baghdad. i was like a battered wife who couldn't leave the man abusing.
8:03 am
know how long i was going to stay. i don't think anyone knew the war would drag on as long as it did. i went there with a suitcase and ended up staying five years living in a hotel that sometimes was bombed. i lost a lot of friends. i lost some colleagues. i wanted to see it out even though it was painful. i wanted to see how this very transformative event, how it would play out. yes, i was interested and i felt like i couldn't leave. it was a sort of addiction. >> you also write about 2012 and the year you and your team were kidnapped in syria. as harrowing an experience you can possibly have how did it change you? >> i think on a personal level it made me appreciate being alive more. i think it made me appreciate
8:04 am
as i said right at the top i just got married. i have a baby. that was something that i thought a lot about when i lost my freedom, when i thought i was going to die. i thought i love my career. i love my job and i'm still doing it, but it is important to have some sort of balance. it is almost like people who get a terrible illness and are lucky enough to recover how they can have that spirit of life where food tastes better and the drink tastes a little cooler. >> fascinating stories that you tell and you cover stories so well for us and we appreciate that. >> thanks for having me on. always a pleasure to be here and to do the stories for the "today" show. >> the book is called "and then all hell broke loose." up next brain games. savannah and i will try not to embarrass ourselves in a matchup of the minds.
8:05 am
8:38 in a thursday morning. >> jason sylva is host of "brain games" which kicks off a season on sunday. every time he drops by -- >> he embarrasses us. >> we demonstrate how slow witted we are. we still have more to learn about the brain. >> the most complicated object in the universe. this year we shot internationally. we went all over the world. the episodes are now an hour long. it is deeper and more immersive. >> where did you find the smartest people? >> i think right here on the "today" show. >> what are you going to put us through today? >> this -- think of this as a ghost. you have 20 seconds to move one
8:06 am
that the goat is facing. only get to move one stick. you ready? let's pull the counter. >> to change the direction. >> you only get to move one stick. >> these two attached. >> count down begins now? >> how long? >> 20 seconds. >> i can only touch one stick. >> just move one. it should be the same figure but facing a different direction. >> i hate this. >> that is a goal post. >> time is up. >> so let's go back to how it was. again, you can move one to change the direction. >> is this a thing that a 4 year old would know instantly? >> probably. the goat is facing that way. most of us are thinking he should be facing that direction.
8:07 am
and make him change a completely different direction facing upwards. you move this one over here. >> >>. >> you could have given me 20 minutes and i would never have gotten that. >> we tend to want to stick it in the same. what we are going to do now is pull up a sentence on the screen. you guys have ten seconds to sentence. >> count the f bombs. >> we have ten seconds, go. >> and time is up. >> three. >> five.
8:08 am
the answer is six. most people guess four. the reason why -- we will pull up the answer. >> it's on the screen here. >> the ofs. >> the two ofs are the smallest words of the sentence. we tend to not see the smallest words in a sentence because we are so quick to look at the full meaning. >> i didn't count any. >> that's why most people get four. it is six. >> your brain is conditioned to ignore small words. >> you look at the meaning as quickly as possible and you decide what it says. >> to show you how we do that all the time i will pull up a sentence with scrambled words and you will be able to read what it says. read that out loud. >> similarly your mind is reading this automatically without you thinking about it. >> completely scrambled letters yet you can extrapolate the meaning.
8:09 am
>> you guys are doing great. this is really fun. now, you know how they say once you learn to ride a bike you never forget. this is a special bike where we flipped the gears. when you veer left it goes right. when you veer right it goes left. >> why would you build a bike like that? >> to show you how you have mental maps and created a neurconnection of how to ride a bike but a simple switch will become much more difficult to do so. >> i would think so. >> you want togive it a shot? >> okay. >> i think this is really important. what happens if you don't do anything inwill it go straight? >> when you think you are going straight you are still doing a bunch of microturns just to keep it in balance. so it is not going to be intative. keep in mind you go left or right.
8:10 am
>> try to aim for that monitor and be careful. >> this is impossible. the second you correct it it goes in the opposite direction. >> your intuition is completely backwards. >> it's impossible. >> we gave this to somebody for two weeks in order to remap their neuro connection and were able to learn. if you put a lot of practice you make the switch. >> you want to try? i'm good. thank you so much. that was fun. new season of "brain games" premieres sunday. a fashion week preview.
8:11 am
you by visionworks. fashion week gets underway today here in new york city. what are the hottest trends hitting the run way? here to share insider secrets are co host of fashion police on a. >> e. >> and fashion correspondent for e news. good morning to you. no idea where that came from. you guys what do you think are the big trends? >> for me the big trends are clunky shoes. >> we have seen it on dakota johnson like a very big thing right now. lots of that. >> i love that. >> exaggerated silhouette.
8:12 am
>> we are going to have models. florals you think will be big on the run way. >> we have been see ag lot of celebs wearing floral. bold florals. i chose this very romantic floral and paired it with denim so you can see a nice modern way to wear it. it is nice little ruffle adds a little bit. >> i like it with the jeans. very cute. >> thank you so much. >> next you chose lingerie inspired dresses. >> something to show a lot in slip dress. this is a really easy way to wear it. >> i love the idea of a big jacket over the top. a very versatile piece.
8:13 am
and you don't feel too exposed. thank you very much. >> let's talk about accessories cht you say fringe is in. >> crazy about fringe. here we have a fringe bag, a nice way to add texture to your outfit. i love it with this little striped top. the bag is by candies. kate hudson loves the fringe bag. it's a nice way to do bohemian but fresh and model. >> emily has the braids going. >> we are seeing this on everybody right now. braids are a great way to keep hair up and look fresh and clean. >> thank you so much. and you are looking for the bomber jacket. >> this is going to be street
8:14 am
olive green, navy blues. they are inspired by street wear, very luxury run ways. super cute way to wear it. we have jeans here. >> i can't help but notice the gorgeous lip. bright red orange color. >> no eye makeup. >> thank you so much. have fun this week. you can catch up on all things fashion every night on e news and look for special fashion week edition next week. the perfect valentine's day
8:15 am
all this week on "today" we are serving up a dose of lamore in honor of valentine's day with food to get you in the mood. brazilian chef is going to help you sweeten things up in the kitchen. nice to have you here. we are making sea food and fruit, why do you like it? >> it is a very brazilian recipe. passion fruit is a delicious ingredient to add in sea food
8:16 am
salmon. >> everything smells good. let's take a look at our ingredient board here. >> what kind of salmon do you like to use? >> i like to use any kind of salmon that you prefer. i like atlantic salmon. >> what do we do? >> first we were going to -- we sprinkle with salt and pepper and put a little bit of oil. >> that goes in there. >> after we put salt and pepper and the oil in it. 275. >> starts to come apart. while it is cooking we make the sauce. >> it's pretty easy. for those who don't know passion
8:17 am
it looks like that on the inside. we are going to make passion fruit puree. >> scoop that out. >> we scoop it out here and we are going to add a little bit of water. >> i'll help you there. >> all of this. >> you have about five in there. so we just -- three times, four times would be good. then you strain it. >> you don't want all those little bits in there. >> we don't. you just want to get the flavor out of this. there you go. once that is strained we are going to go over to our onion. >> i will go this way. guys, have you tried this yet? >> love that. >> continuing with this sauce.
8:18 am
with a mix of butter and canola oil. the reason i use canola oil keeps butter from burning. >> you can use the combination of the two. >> so you cook for four minutes until trans lucent. after that we go ahead and you are going to add some dark brown sugar. and this is what we just made. you add and then you cook for just a few minutes until that sugar melts.
8:19 am
add the nice velvety taste like a beautiful consistency. >> let's pretend it cooked. let's plate this up. >> how do you like the combination of flavors? >> i love it. >> could you replace yogurt? >> you can replace yogurt. or in brazil we use -- when i first moved here i had a hard time finding it so that is when i started making this recipe. >> pour the sauce over. this is what it looks like over here. thank you so much.
8:20 am
hi, everyone. i'm gary shapiro, with the 9 news update. the first phase of the jury selection in the dynel lane jury trial begins in boulder county this morning. she is a accused of attacking 27-year-old michelle wilkins and cutting the pregnant woman's fetus from her womb. wilkins survived the attack. her unborn child did not. jury questionnaires will be filled out today. the trial in boulder is expected to last two weeks. let's check the forecast now. marty joins us, it sounds like another beautiful day out there. >> a good looking day. the clouds may be a little misleading making it look gloomy. bullet they will be moving off. light wind gusts. 15 to 20 miles an hour this afternoon. and most of the winds stay above 7,000 feet at 30 to 50
8:21 am
the morning clouds we have had, they are breaking up. they will continue to move to the southeast. with clearing skies during the afternoon. 30s, 40s, to near 50s throughout central and western colorado. and 50s right on up i-76. with warmer temperatures. down to the south and east. and for us, today, partly cloudy, and warm conditions, and windy in and near the foothills. a high near 59 degrees. and tomorrow, we are going to have slightly cooler air, move into our area, and it will knock us back about 8-12 degrees from where we are today and a windy day saturday, it bricks us back, another -- it brings us back, another cold front comes on sunday. the front on sunday will bring very strong winds in the mountains and foothills with gusts over 80 miles an hour early sunday morning.
8:22 am
this morning ben stiller is here and more good looking than ever in "zoolander 2." and a throwback thursday concert from the legendary band foreigner. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist
8:23 am
>> welcome to "today," thursday morning, february 11, 2016. >> you forgot our names. >> i'm so distracted because foreigner is here. you are listening to "hot blooded". they are going to do one of their songs. couldn't be more excited. >> i had no idea how many songs are key to the weather. "hot blooded", "cold as ice." >> you inspire them. >> this brings back so many high school dance memories. >> like almost the original house band for miami vice. >> believe it or not they are celebrating 40 years together, back out on the road and a new
8:24 am
a live performance from foreigner. we are so pumped. let's talk about special guest. >> what is wrong with us? >> this might give you a hint. it is the hit from drake. >> who won the big ring? denver broncos. >> the mvp of the super bowl, von miller. >> big ring. >> we haven't gotten it yet. >> they have to make them. i have never con a super bowl. i didn't know. von had six tackles and made cam
8:25 am
the two sacks and the big fumble that we saw both ended up with broncos' touchdowns. you are with us. thanks for joining us. fellow texan. my first tv job was in college station. how do you feel now being a super bowl champ? >> i feel pretty good. we have a long weekend ahead. it really hasn't set in yet. >> is it true you celebrated with your mom after the fact? i just love that. >> i spent a lot of time with my mom after the game. we put so much time into it. it wasn't just me. not just my mom but my dad and brother. we put so much time into it as a group. it is only fitting. >> we see the pictures. >> in back-to-back games you took out two of the greatest quarterbacks in football, tom brady and peyton manning.
8:26 am
as a team we put a lot of time into game plan and spent a lot of time together. the energy was great. >> everybody has energy. >> that fumble, could you feel the game change at that point? >> it was still early. it was a super bowl so every play was elevated. when i got the sack i went to the sideline with teammates and celebrated and tried to take advantage of the moment. >> you are famous, also, for your dance moves and your sense of style. going back to the dance moves. we all love. i thought we weren't supposed to show that on morning television. >> that was an exercise move. >> where do the moves come from? what inspires them? >> we have a lot of fun in the locker room. >> clearly. >> all of the dance moves come from the locker room with
8:27 am
>> can you name them? >> i got that. [ laughter ] >> the fashion sense. this is fantastic. we have some other shots. i love the hat. that color is fantastic. do you have a stylist or is this just you? >> it's just me. i have help with my suits. my individual style is all me. i just try to be von to the fullest. only one me. >> von to the fullest. >> look at the shoes today. >> do you have the best style on the team? >> we have a lot of great guys in the locker room. broncos are probably most stylish team in the national football league. i wouldn't say i am most stylish.
8:28 am
you are easily the most stylish. when you would have worn cam newton's versace pants? >> when you are cam newton you can wear whatever you want to wear. he made them look good. >> you are kryptonite. >> i ask you the question that peyton manning won't answer. what is your gut feeling about whether or not peyton comes back next year? >> i haven't thought about it. i still think he has the physical ability to do it. and mentally he has been strong through his whole career. if it comes down to that i feel like he has time to play. >> tattoos, you are known for them. you have an owl. are you going to get a super bowl 50 tattoo in. >> where do you put that one?
8:29 am
my teammates already beat me to it. i have to jump on the wagon. >> you have to find the space. >> you can't just put it anywhere. >> i have tattoos. i will pick your space. >> whoa! >> hello! >> not like that! >> everybody in the studio -- foreigner left. >> that is not what i meant. i said as fellow tattoo and texan i will help you find -- >> a feeling you get from people. >> that is not what i meant. i meant it in a christian way. >> thank you. >> it has to be the lombardi trophy. super bowl ring. i haven't put too much time into it. we just won four days ago. >> you have to design this thing.
8:30 am's take facebook page. we are trying to get to a million likes. we would be honored if we had a super bowl mvp hit the button to tell us how many people we have so far today. >> here we go. >> 229. we want to get to 260 before it's over. we have to do weather. can you do a little dance? >> we have bronco nation. >> come on.'s take. >> can you show me a dance move to get to the weather? >> love it. >> i like that. that's good. we are going to come over and do a little weather. want to help me. we have never had a super bowl mvp do the weather. these are the current temperatures and our wind chills right now.
8:31 am
11 in new york city. you heard of the polar vortex? it is always there it is coming for us here in the east. you guys in denver will be fine. jet stream dips down, single digits. you want to read off some wind chills, feels like. green bay feels like negative 17. make sure you bundle up. indianapolis 8 degrees, feels like negative 8. make sure you bundle up in this area. denver is good like al said. >> and the purple is bad. >> purple is bad. we could see record lows sunday morning in boston, new york, washington and raleigh, north carolina.
8:32 am
>> that is your latest weather. >> thanks for being with us. congratulations. >> coming up, the man, the myth, the look. we are back with ben stiller next. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence?
8:33 am
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8:36 am
>> male model oft year. >> the greatest male model covering countless magazines, scoring hottest ad campaigns. >> zoolander number 2, running his stuff on the catwalk. who could forget that signature look? >> he is almost too good looking. >> that would be my main concern in considering a relationship. >> reporter: he learned there was more to life than being ridiculously good looking and went from supermodel to superhero. >> they won't be looking for not us. >> reporter: uncovering and foiling an international assassination plot.
8:37 am
the grid derek is back. more beautiful than ever. and about to face the biggest fashion emergency of his life squaring off with old enemies and new. >> i'm sorry, i can't understand a word that you are saying. >> reporter: does he still have what it takes? >> now. >> earlier this week we sat down with ben stiller and cyrus arnold who plays his son. >> good morning, guys. >> good to have you both here. >> it's a pleasure to be on the "today" show. >> he is ready to go. i see how he got the part. >> you gave him a tie. >> that's your tie. >> you got this for me in rome. >> of course, i did. >> very fashionable tie that only derek would approve. >> you're welcome. >> ben, for you to break out the
8:38 am
>> it took a little bit of getting into. luckily derek is basically derek. >> he lives on forever. >> for me all the time. >> do you find yourself doing that face? >> it's kind of like especially over the last few years as we have been working on the movie and getting back into it i find if i want to take a picture i do that even when they don't ask. they go why are you making that face? >> habit. >> so many great cameos in this film. justin bieber, sting to name a few. >> natalie morales. >> i was going to mention myself. >> you are such a good news reader. you are the go-to. >> i paid him for that mention. >> matt lauer we had to come back a few times because we had issues. >> who was most desperate to be
8:39 am
>> matt. >> nobody asked me. >> next time. >> a living legend, al. >> your mom actually did a tape of you and submitted it? >> yeah. it was a great reaction. kind of priceless. part. cyrus -- i saw his audition and he was so good and funny and so real and just felt perfect for the role. then he auditioned in person and we read together and he was great. i skyped with him to tell him he was getting the part. >> we have that. let's take a look. >> i wanted to tell you that i wanted you to play the part if you want to do it in the movie. >> wait, what do you think? would you like to do the role?
8:40 am
this is amazing! i got the part? >> that's a priceless reaction. >> that's great. >> my hair is like a big mop. >> that wasn't a wig? >> we made a wig for cyrus to have his hair longer in the movie before he cuts it to be like derek. >> his derek hair -- i have to wear a hair. thick -- >> can we get a duo from father/son here? let's do the camera right here. which way are we going to turn? >> towards each other. >> ready? >> wow. >> yes. [ applause ] >> nailed it. >> ben stiller, cyrus arnold thank you so much. "zoolander 2" hits theaters
8:41 am
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8:44 am
they are quite simply one of the biggest bands of all time with hits like "feels like the first time", "i want to know what love is" foreigner had 16 top 30 hits. >> it is so cool and still going strong. their first live acoustic album will be performing later. we want to catch up with founding member and lead singer. good morning. >> really was just reading off accomplishments it includes being in song writer's hall of fame. how does that feel when you hear that and know you are still cranking out hits? >> well, that was really, it really got to me.
8:45 am
being recognized for my writing. i would never -- when i was growing up in england on broadway and being honored in that way it was a fantastic dream. >> we were talking in commercial break about staying power and endurance. i joked you cannot go into karaoke joint and not hear a foreigner song. >> what does it mean to you to have 15, 20-year-old kids knowing songs. >> crazy for us when we go out and look for audience and see an 8 year old who knows the words. they are there because they like the songs. and we have songs in all these movies now and angry birds movie and kung fu panda. it is crazy that we are reach agnew level of audience just keeps going for the next generation. it is fantastic. >> not a lot of people can say
8:46 am
you have a bigger tour coming up. do you still get butterflies? >> i think if didn't it is time to pack up. >> we don't want that. >> that's energy. >> cool this new album has charitable aspect to it. >> we did this unplugged concert at ford in detroit and the proceeds went to juvenile diabetes research foundation. and from the sales of this album artist royalty fees go to them, as well. our tour manager's daughter has diabetes. we like to do things to give back. we have the choir here with us to sing with us. they are the our lady of mercy choir. and what we do usually in concert is we have a lot of high school choirs sing to us and we
8:47 am
about lack of funding for school music programs. big deal for us. >> big deal for us to have you here. class act band still on the road. guess what perform in our next half hour. we cannot wait. this is my dream. mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait there's a lighter, fluffier way for everyone to enjoy greek yogurt. yoplait greek 100 whips! plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lasht lifting brush boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashest up up and away
8:48 am
u.s. olympic committee hiring disease specialists to advise athletes who are concerned about the outbreak of zika. hope solo said if she had to decide today she would not go. today brazil announced a partnership with university of texas for work on a zika vaccine and health officials say they hope to have the vaccine ready for clinical tests in about a year. they say aggressive mosquito control will be a key factor in keeping outbreaks from
8:49 am
a new study suggesting link between physical activity and brain size. researchers looked at 1,500 middle aged results and found low scores on treadmill fitness test were linked to smaller brain. smaller brain size could lead to higher risk of dementia. the study is published. burger king is adding hot dogs to menus. customers will be able to pick between the classic and chili cheese grilled dogs. there is an internal training video hosted by snoop dogg and calls the grilled dogs the whopper of hot dogs. won't be baseballs flying through the air at boston's fenway park but skiers and snowboarders. three times the height of the
8:50 am
that, a huge ski ramp built for the big air at fenway competition which begins today featuring olympic athletes. organizers hope the event will attract lots of new fans of winter sports. that looks like a lot of fun. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> we want to remind folks go to day 12 beauty and spa package worth $200. not that i need it but maybe you could. how many people so far? over 231,000.
8:51 am
today's it's been more than 20 years since the murder trial of o.j. simpson. >> a new series taking us back to the days before and after his acquittal in people versus o.j. simpson. malcolm warner plays the friend behind the wheel of the white ford bronco that carried simpson in the low speed chase. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> this is ac. i have o.j. in the car. >> who is this? i have o.j. in the car.
8:52 am
he has a gun to his head. >> where are you? >> you just clear the freeway. we are going to brentwood. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what was it like filming that scene? they cleared out the freeway. you are reliving that moment. >> we shot that scene for two days. we shut it down over a weekend. it was draining. we literally by the end of sunday we spent two days doing that scene. no one what went on in the car. >> you remember the moment where we were when we watched the white bronco chase. you were 24 years old at the time. do you remember what you were thinking at the time of that?
8:53 am
was going to turn out. was he going to shoot himself? or were the cops going to shoot inside the truck which i thought was plausible, as well. >> such an interesting figure in the story. o.j.'s friend in high school and played together in the pros. how did you get into a.c.'s head to play the character? >> there was not a lot of information on him. most articles have to do with their friendship. i took it from the standpoint of a guy who there were complexities to the dynamic of a friendship where one guy is in the spot light and the other guy is in his shadow. from my perspective he really had o.j.'s back and feels that if a.c. and o.j. were still friends after the trial that o.j. would not be in jail now
8:54 am
go to vegas and do what he did. >> this online, social media reaction, people are addicted and really wanting to binge watch. considering the controversy with the current status and the verdict? >> i auditioned for the role of chris darten. that is what i auditioned for. i had a great audition. apparently somebody else had a better audition. i kind of forgot about it. i got a call out of the blue offering me to play the role of a.c. i jumped at that opportunity. >> you said you knew it would be good. >> ryan has a great quirky slant to whatever story he tells. i knew with him telling the story it wasn't just going to be a run of the mill o.j. trial story. i knew it would be interesting
8:55 am
>> done in such an interesting way to hook people who maybe don't know all of the story behind the scenes. it takes you through the evidence. it is done in a date line kind of way. you get the sense that they really put the pieces together. >> so because the show is not designed to change anyone's opinions about what they thought about the trial or the verdict, the show is really about the players involved and gives you a lot of behind the scenes stuff that we didn't necessarily know. >> i had no idea. >> don't tell me. >> the only reason i know is because i saw the commercial. >> i am so addicted to it. it is fantastic. >> thank you so much. always great to see you. "people versus o.j. simpson" airs tuesday on fx.
8:56 am
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a revolution in mascara. revlon. love is on. our next guests are a couple of actors, stars of already tomorrow in hong kong and got married in real life last halloween. >> the film is about two meeting in hong kong and sharing an impromptu romance. good morning. >> you guys were already engaged when you started on this movie was it art imitating life and did you have to put the brakes on your own love story? >> we were already engaged. we connected to the story because there were a lot of similarities of our own relationship how we met, the timing wasn't right and then we
9:01 am
it was difficult because we needed to take away a little bit. jamie suggested we get two separate hotels room while we were there. >> for a month. >> not my suggestion. >> when you work with someone for 12 hours and go home you appreciate the alone time. >> you need the separation for it to work. >> watch basketball. >> wasn't so bad. >> tv shows. >> the set sg great when you watch the time you spent in hong kong what was your experience like there? >> it was so beautiful it really is a city where east meets west. for my character who is chinese american who was never back to the mother land it was my first experience there and her first experience there, too. ironically he was the local.
9:02 am
i'm an ex pat who lives there and show her the ropes. we got there ten days before we started shooting. i had to learn cantonese. it is a beautiful city that i don't think western audiences have really been exposed to outside of action films cht this is a love story that takes place there. those walk and talk types of romances. we have never seen it in hong kong. this is a love letter to that city. >> you got married on halloween called boos and booze party. >> it was the only weekend available for our venue. we wanted to embrace the idea of having a costume party. we thought a great way to break the ice for guests. people really got into it. >> marty mcfly.
9:03 am
we had people dressed up. >> wow. >> and it broke the ice. the next day at the ceremony once the masks came off they were like who are you? it was fun. >> awesome to see you guys. thank you so much. the film is in theaters and on demand tomorrow. coming up next we have been waiting for it, foreigner in concert and soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less.
9:04 am
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the power to feel the citi concert series on "today" is proudly brought to you by citi. >> our in studio crowd is ready. we are all ready performance from the legendary rocker foreigner. they have the iphones out with faux lighters. chart topping hits including "i want to know what love is". >> some of the lighters are up before the song is out. >> here they are with members of the select core of our lady of mercy academy.
9:08 am
come take a little time, a little time to think things over got to read between the lines in case i need it when i'm older a mountain i climb feels like the world is on my shoulders through the clouds i see a shine keeps me warm in my life there's been heart
9:09 am
i don't know if i can face it again can't stop now, i've travelled so far to change this lonely life i want to know what love is i want you to show me i want to feel what love is i know you can show me it's going to take a little time
9:10 am
i've got nowhere left to hide looks like love has finally found me in my life there's been heart ache pain i don't know if i can face it again can't stop now i've traveled to far to change this lonely life i want to know what love is i want you to show me i want to feel what love is i know you can show me
9:11 am
i want to know what love is oh, the love you feel inside i want you to show me i want to feel what love is i know you can show me oooh, oh [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, foreigner.
9:12 am
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