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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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right now, after 41 days, the occupation of the national wildlife refuge in oregon is coming to a close. the last-remaining armed occupiers say that they will turn themselves in today. tensions were high overnight. after the fbi surrounded the occupier's campsites. no shots were fired though. one of the last for armed occupiers say if the fbi double- crosses them, quote, all deals are off. shawn anderson is one of the four remaining people. in a group that seized the refuge on january 2, demanding the federal government turn over public land role to local people. let's switch gears now and talk about your local forecast. do you have plans for lunch? you may want to eat outside today after 9 news at noon. it is absolutely beautiful out there. becky ditchfield is in the 9 news backyard and we are in for a cooldown tomorrow but let's talk about today. so beautiful. i don't think we will be quite as warm today as yesterday. bummer. i know.
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a little breezy if you're out and about. plenty of sunshine to go around. look outside. and what we saw actually last night, because we did have some high clouds around here, and they have been looking spectacular with the pictures. hopefully we get another sunset just like this one that was today. you can see the high clouds sitting over denver. and the flags straight out. that is the breeze that i have been talking about. that is the same breeze that helped warm us up. 63 in broomfield. and downtown denver at 64. and 61 at d.i.a. and places that don't have as much wind are a little cooler and greeley is at 47 and 43 in fort collins. and wind gusts right now, strongest on the west side of town. we have 13 mile-an-hour gusts up around estes park, and close to 30 near boulder. and broomfield. with 25 mile-an-hour gusts, in erie and 24 mile-an-hour gusts out at d.i.a. and no rain, no snow showing up expecting it to. a pretty dry day. with the temperatures hovering
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for the remainder of the afternoon. and yes, we get cooler but we will talk about that coming up, it is not a big deal, and the biggest cold air across the country is actually going to be out on the east coast. so all of those details are coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, becky. smoke can be seen for miles after a louse caught fire in douglas county this morning. the house fire broke out in the 9600 block of perry park road in larskpur. firefighters have not told us what may have caused the fire. they have not said whether anyone was home at the time. we do know that two dogs were rescued from the fire. we are expecting more information today about the death of a 6-year-old boy. he died in a denver apartment. an autopsy was planned for this morning and now investigators are really trying to piece together the events leading up to his death. deputies made the discovery after a woman called 911, saying she was sexually assaulted. the boy's father was found inside, with a self inflicted stab wound. he is still in the hospital this afternoon.
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assaulting the woman he lived with. deputies are continuing their investigation into the reported sexual assault, and the child's death. now, while responding to that call in denver, an arapahoe county sheriff's deputy got into a car accident. he is still at the medical center of aurora right now. at last check, 55-year-old bill foreman was in critical condition. the number of people who died in the devastating train crash in germany is now up to 11. officers reveal a 47-year-old man from mun itch died of his injuries -- munich died of his injuries today. condition. condition. two commuter trains slammed head-on earlier this week outside of munich. investigators recovered two of trains. they could provide clues into what caused the crash. this is being called the deadliest prison riot in year, at least 50 people are dead after a fiery riot broke out at a mexican prison overnight.
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prison in monterey. look at the flames. facility. you can see it right there. the riot erupted just days before the pope plans to visit another prison in mexico. right. scientists say they have finally detected the ripples in the fabric of space time that he predicted a century ago. an international team of astro sensitive $1 billion instrument, they found one of these gravitational waves in the distant crash of two black holes. scientists say the finding opens a new way of observing the cosmos. it is so big that scientists are comparing it to the moment gal lay low took up a tell scope to look at the planets. super bowl mvp von miller joined the host the "today" show this morning. he spent some time with al roker doing the weather. and we are thinking he has a career in meteorology ahead. >> green bay, 2 degrees.
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make sure you bundle up. and indianapolis, 8 degrees, feels like negative 8. so make sure you bundle up in this area right now. denver is going to be good like al said. >> i think he has the numbers right. now, they couldn't help but ask about peyton manning's next move and von says he still believes he has the physical and mental capacity for another season but he didn't actually reveal anything. things are a little different at children's hospital colorado this week. and here is more activity than the usual flurry of doctors, nurses and patients headed to the appointments. the alice 105.9 cares for kids radio-a-thon is going on today, taking calls from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. last year alone, children's colorado cares, for more than 27,000 kids. your donations make a dig difference in their care. we will be out there -- a big difference in their care. we will be out there live
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coming up, becky ditchfield has more on how long the amazing weather will last. great day to walk your dog. don't have a dog? we will take you to puptown and tell you how to support or adopt one of these little
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you know, i love these days where it is so unseasonably warm in the month of february. we are going to have a nice little stretch of this, even with the cool-off headed in our direction. and let's take a look at the views that we have outside. some high clouds, sitting right across the front range including over the boulder flat irons. a little bit of mountain wave setting up there.
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actually have very mild temperatures. so downtown denver at 64. 61 at d.i.a. but you get up around es pes park, it is 50 -- estes park, it is 50. 43 in fort collins. 47 in greeley. here in the 9 backyard, we have partly cloudy skies. and beautiful temperatures. our current temperature out here is in the upper 50s, sitting at 58 degrees. i talked about the wind. the wind gusts are expected to be fairly strong today. especially in some parts of town, particularly if you live out west, over the foothills. and those gusts this afternoon, starting at 1:00, they are going to be at 40 to 50 miles an hour out of the west bringing in some warm air. meanwhile, here in the denver metro area, we could see gusts upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour, at times. and it is going to take until late this afternoon and this evening, for some of those gusts to die down. and that is going to happen after about 6:30, 7:00 tonight. so it helps to bring the mild temperatures. highs today, in fact, staying in the lower to middle 60s in denver. we will be a little bit cooler
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through fort collins and greeley. and upper 60s and low 70s in southeast colorado. with 30s and 40s for the mountains. the reason being, see how the jet stream just arches up over the inter montane west. it shifts east. and those folks there are going to be a little bit chilly. we are not expecting any rain or snow. a couple of high clouds for us as we wrap up tonight. overnight lows dipping in the mid to upper 20s with lows near plains. denver. we will be partly cloudy. and winds will be breezy. out of the west at 5-15 miles an hour. with strong gusts. and heading into tomorrow, we get cooler, and afternoon high, just reached 48. temperatures out there. we will bounce back up to near 60 on saturday. and then cool and windy sunday. with a few more clouds. 49 the high. 55 for monday. 60 on tuesday.
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little bit of a rollercoaster ride for us here over the next couple of days. all right. at this. because you know, right now, it has been so mild. but every winter here in frigid temperatures. it is a constant challenge for homeless pets that frequently become desperate to find somewhere to warm up. some are even burned by car engines where they seek out the hood. but the dumb friends league helps the bets who have been left out in the cold. some have body temperatures that are too low to register on thermometers. veterinarians work around the clock to warm the animals up, to help them survive. >> i think the most common cold weather-related medical concern we see is hypothermia. in small animals. so it would be kittens, generally speaking. and it is a relatively straightforward process, we evaluate them for injuries, and
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warm them up as quickly and safely as possible. and it is often impressive to see how much of a turn-around these animals can go through. >> the dumb friends league has countless resources to help pets who are suffering from frostbite, hypothermia, and other issues that come with the cold weather. much more, from the 9 news dumb
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hi, everybody. i'm vida urbonas in the have a heart for homeless pets telethon center. and i want to show you a big crowd behind me. you don't have to be quiet. cheer. [ cheering ] >> yeah! >> all right, our front row is filling up the lines, they are filling up in the front row, but we are on the air and we are hoping that you will call in and take this time to just have a little heart for a little pup like this one. look at this one. so cute. and also, back there in the back, we've got little puppies answering the phone. the puppy, the phone over there rang, by that puppy. wonderful. we have so much to tell you about with the dumb friendses league. as you have been hearing all day today, the dumb friends league has a long list of services for any and all animals, lost, sick, abused, neglected, injured, you name particular the dumb friends league helps every day of the year to help them. and they don't discriminate. pets are taken regardless of
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and the staff has veterinarians and behavior specialists and countless animal experts who try to help animals recover and find forever homes. 9 news sat down with some of the people recently to hear about their favorite part of their job. >> i get to help a lot of animals. i get to personally help thousands of animals a year. that's a lot more than i think i would be able to do in another veterinarian job. just that we get so many animals in. it allows me to help a lot of animals, so i think that is a great thing about it. >> this is the coolest job in the world. i mean you get to get up every morning and get to help horses. and ride horses. and get to play with horses. it is everybody's cowboy's dream. what kid in the world didn't grow up wanting to be a cowboy. >> to be able to make a significant difference in the lives of so many pets is what keeps me in this field. and then i am inspired by the amazing staff of volunteers that i get to interact here.
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people i have met in my life, here at the dumb friends league. >> and the passion is the reason why 9 news has partnered with the dumb friends league to raise money to make a difference for so many homeless pets in our community. last year alone, they helped 20,000 pets in our area. and we are talking from puppies, to dogs, to cats, and everything. so please pick up the phone and call that number on your screen. and help out such a big part of our community. i grew up here in colorado, and my sister volunteered at the dumb friends league when we would pick up a stray in the neighborhood, you could go there and drop the pet off overnight at their shelter and make sure they are safe and they would have a chance to possibly find a new forever home if they didn't have that. so just an amazing time. this is stebben. if anyone is interested. i love this one. and tarhonda, puptown, kusa, as we like to call it, and i think there. >> oh, my goodness.
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it is hard to be in a bad mood in puptown. this is so cute. they are just playing around and having fun.
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okay, our studio has been transformed to puptown kusa we like to say and this is all part of a telethon we are doing with the denver dumb friends league to help to raise money for so many animals including these little adorable puppies. megan is with the dumb friends league. >> hi. >> tell me, how is it going today, in terms of getting the phone calls and people supporting the dumb friends league? >> it is wonderful. we are so happy with the success so far. we are accepting donations
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we please encourage you to call in, text us, any way you can make a gift, we truly appreciate it. it takes a lot to work with these puppies all year round. >> and are these puppies up for adoption? >> we will, tomorrow at 11:00, when we open, they will be up for adoption. you have to wait a little bit but it is certainly worth it. >> what does it take for to you take care of a puppy who comes to the dumb friends league? people would like to know how the money they are giving today could help these little guys. >> absolutely. we take in more than 20,000 homeless pets every single year. many of those pets require medical care or some behavior training and socialization, and maybe they need foster care, and so the money that we raise today, at this telethon, allow us to be able to provide the vital services and specialized these guys. >> like you said, a wide range, so everything from little puppies to grown dogs an even >> that's right. we have many adult pets, back at the shelter as well. and cats, kittens, puppy, dogs, horses even, and small mammals, all in need of a good home and in need of your donations to
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they need. >> and you know what? there are so plane people in our building who -- many people in our building who are now. give us a couple of tips, where if you get lucky enough to take an animal home, what are some things we need to know and be prepared for. >> if you're taking a puppy for the commitment because they can be a handful. make sure you're in a time of your life ha you can take the time and the commitment for a new companion. they come spayed and neutered including the vas -- vaccinations, and micro chip and a free office visit with a participating vetted north a -- veterinarian. >> and how many animals do you have -- >> we have about 700 in our care right now. >> how much money do you hope you raise today? >> we are hoping to break our goals and we are excited to be with 9 news this year and with the new format.
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raise a lot for these little guys. >> and for people who already have dog, what are some of the resources that have you? >> we have a lot of different resources. free behavior help. you can schedule a behavior consultation with one of our folks at the shelter or you can do it online. we also offer spay and neuter services out in the communities. to have your cat spayed or neutered, completely free. and we offer that for dogs as well. and many things that we offer out in the community, it is not just helping these guys find homes but it also that we are a resource for everybody in the community as well. >> wonderful. i think you will get the support that you need, because colorado, we love our animals, right? >> that's right. we live in a wonderful place. and we have a very supportive community that really values the animals, values human animal bond. >> who is this right here? >> this is patrick. >> patrick, he is so cute. >> he needed a little break from puptown. >> and it looks like he is getting a little tired. patrick is up for adoption along with the other puppies that you see here. they will be up tomorrow. and in the meantime, make sure you call, the number on the
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dumb friends -- the denver dumb friends league. your money goes a long way to help animals in our community. we'll be right back. >> the have a heart telethon on 99 news is sponsored by the dumb friends league and the
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hi, welcome back. i'm harper. what do you have there? >> this is real nice. >> welcome back to 9 news puptown. >> okay. >> but we obviously love these cutie pies. they are up for adoption today. and we are looking for your help today with the denver dumb friends league to support animals in our community. if you are looking for a new dog or have a dog already, or want to take a dog for a walk, it is a great day. >> fantastic. the middle 60s for the temperatures this afternoon. a little cooldown for tomorrow. upper 40s for highs. but pretty up and down forecast. with 50s and 60s and a little 40s in the mix all the way even through next week.
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>> i think it looks good. >> that's perfect. so this is perfect weather for harper and patrick to find a home. so make sure that you call, you contribute to the denver dumb friends league, and you can inquire about adopting. look at patrick's eyes, he has green eyes. >> oh, sweet. >> oh, my goodness. >> so beautiful, so make sure you stay tuned with us, we will keep showing you how to celebrate the denver dumb friends league today. have a wonderful day. harper and patrick, say bye- bye.
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