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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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today we are learning more about the investigation into a former employee at swedish medical center, and he's accused of switching needles on patients. the american people are tired of establishment politics. >> numbers don't add up, and many people will actually be worse off. >> ahead of a visit to the mile high city this weekend, bernie sanders and hillary clinton square off in wisconsin. good morning, and happy friday, everyone.
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with you this morning. meteorologist marty coniglio is in the backyard. we will see our beautiful weather continue into the weekend. we have been so spoiled this week. >> we have been spoiled. the one thing that may spoil our weekend ever so slightly is the wind. it will be intense coming up tomorrow night through sunday. boy is it -- if you have today off, and you're extending your holiday weekend, you picked a good day for it. early morning this is beautiful again. the predawn sky in denver is gorgeous. we have a wee bit of an inversion going today. poor visibility anticipated, we have wood burning restrictions in effect today. we will make it into the lower to mid-50s with sunshine during the afternoon, and we will hold the winds in the foothills today, and then they are going to come roaring down tomorrow into sunday, and 40s, 50s, for northern colorado, and the foothills with mid- to upper 50s for the metro area.
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the state. no new snow for the mountain areas today. we have to wait until sunday for that. we will have a push of cold air into eastern colorado for this evening. i anticipate clouds and fog tonight and tomorrow for anyone traveling east on i-76 or i-70. amelia, now that i think about it, a lot of people may be taking the day off to stretch out the presidents' day holiday. >> i think you're right. the crash count is so low, and as sky 9 shows us, the view over 36 and i-29, it's no exception. great speeds, transitioning into the corridor through commerce city. we are going out here to show our maps. green across the board. c470 looking just plain awesome i-70 is also wide open. to the north side, great conditions now, and if you're
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and that's a 60-mile an hour drive. even 55 approaching 76 and 57 headed to 6th avenue. out to the west side this is the windiest conditions in the morning commute. i-70 is definitely included. high profile vehicles, use caution, and then nice dry roads ahead, and that means it may be a good time to head out to the car wash. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you, amelia. breaking news to talk to you about. crews are battling a big and intense fire at a warehouse in new jersey this is at the veterans industrial park in hillsboro, new jersey, and they have been trying to knock down the flames for 15 hours now. the smoke is blanketing the area. no injuries report that time, but there's reports there may be mercury inside of the building. it is day 2 in jury
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longmont that has the attention of the country. darnell lane is accused of luring a woman to her home and cutting the baby out of her womb. michelle wilkins went to the home to buy baby clothes, and her baby girl did not survive. prosecutors have charged a man with first degree murderer in connection with a fatal shooting in north bold aeroweek ago. 51-year-old cody frank is facing murder charges in the death of andrew duncan. his codefendant has been to murder. keeping our children safe is a huge priority, and it's always top of mind for parents. we talked to experts and have
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safety plan to help you ease the worries. colleen ferrerira is joining us. >> reporter: many parents don't want to lecture their children about being safe, so just simply ask them if they know what to do. one worry of a parent, losing your child in a huge crowd. one second your child is petting the goat at the petting zoo, and then they are gone. plan what to do in case they are separated from you, and ask your kids to help you develop the plan. here's suggestions. >> they are young and curious walking off. the most important thing to tell our children, tell them stay put. if you're lost, if mommy or daddy or someone is not here, stay put. if you see a law enforcement officer, go to them. they are your friends. they are here to help you. they will make sure you get back to your parents. >> we are here to help you start the conversation about safety today. in our news room right now, we have experts that are here
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here to answer any question you may have about keeping you and your family safe. the numbers are controlling on 303-608-9999. the phone lines are officially open right now. we have the police and a school principal among them. it's 6 minutes after 6:00 now. from the debate stage to colorado. tomorrow hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to be in denver, and they are going to be here to rally and raise money, and 9 news reporter noel brennan is at the colorado convention center. that's where his supporters will meet, and then afterwards sander will meet clinton for another big event downtown. >> reporter: they will meet with the colorado democrats nearby at the sheraton hotel, gary, and that will happen at
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before that, though, the rally for sanders will be held here at the colorado convention center at 3:00 in the afternoon, and last night, of course, those two faced off on the debate stage in wisconsin. it was held at the university of wisconsin milwaukee. it was the first debate since the new hampshire primary. sanders, no doubt, was hoping to build on his pry win in new hampshire. we heard about familiar topics, and one of the most heated exchanges was when stephen colbert attacked sanders over his criticism over president obama. >> the kind of criticism we have heard from senator sanders i expect from republicans, but i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama.
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>> that is madame secretary that is a low blow. >> reporter: now both candidates no doubt are trying to drum up support here in colorado. our state's caucuses are less than a few weeks away from now, greg, and we will vote democratic, and colorado will pick the candidate on march 1st. uber will be paying $28.5 million to settle two lawsuits that said the ride sharing company was misleading customers about its safety procedures and fees. now in settling the company will pay a very tiny amount to about 25 million riders who made trips for january 1, 2013 and january 1, 2016. a judge still has to approve all of this. digital globe will play a role in the summer olympic security this is some of their satellite imagery work from world. in the rio olympic security package they will include
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wind in the foothills again today, and the wind will be moving down off the foothills tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and sunday. for us on the front range, not a lot of action going on as far as rain or snow goes. within the region, snow is fizzling out overnight, and rain in the pacific northwest, up there around seattle, and that's a nice little system that will come through and put snow down in the mountains on sunday and monday morning. 20s and 30s over most of eastern colorado. you see that's the exception. a little milder in the mountain valleys. partly cloudy to start the day. we will thin the clouds as we go into the afternoon, but late this evening, we are getting
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eastern plains, and we will be in the 40s to near 50 for northern colorado, and now above 7,000 feet, we will get the 50s and 25-mile an hour gusts, and haas not very windy. that's why we have wood burning restrictions in effect today. we will see the clouds move into northern colorado this afternoon, and especially this evening. clouds, fog, and that will hang in there until tomorrow morning, and it will be pushed out by the nice strong south westerly winds tomorrow. look for 40s and 50s for the mountains, west and north eastern colorado, and warmer for pueblo to the south and east. partly cloudy, and a cool east, northeast breeze, and near 30 tonight. and we will get the fog and the eastern plains, and that's generally clear around our neck of the woods tomorrow, and windy in the afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 60s, and the strong winds intensifying tomorrow night through sunday. we will get a bit colder on
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warm back up, and that's not a misprint it looks like we could be close to 70 degrees on wednesday, which is near record highs, most of the records, by the way, amelia, low 70s for this time of the year. >> 70, wow! loving that for february. should be a nice, dry commute for us, meaning easier conditions than normal. as you head out on i-25 and i- 70, what a day to fly. we will be tweeting out the pictures, #9newsthismorning. you can see what sky 9 sees when they are not live with us here. your security wait time is around 15 minutes, and parking lot has plenty of spaces open for you. if you're getting out there, maybe thinking is the sun going to hit me in the eye this morning? yes, it. is sunrise at 6:57: 130th to the east of i-25, also cleared out.
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details coming up, and it will be windy out there, and we are talking i-70, and two hands on the wheel, greg. >> amelia, thank you. a lot of folks are using e470. a the latest problems shows an increase in the traffic problems on the toll road. that's out to 75 million people using it, and this is the sixth straight year of traffic growth. it runs along the denver metro area. ford will be rolling out four new suv models over the next 4 years. management says millennials, demand, and low gas prices are pushing the growth. they are not saying when they will introduce the new models, but we know they will not get rid of any current ones. a minnesota congressman tried to put a shop to the shrinking airline seats.
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he wanted to establish minimum standards for how big the seats have to be. on average the seats 5-10 years ago, 18-inches and now they are 16.3 or something. >> it's not my imagination. >> it's the seats that are shrinking. >> not our butts getting bigger? >> my bottom area is going the other way, so anyway. >> they can't make them much smaller. >> oh, yes, they could. >> greg, thank you. they have not seen each other in 70 years, but this
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welcome back. it's 6:18, and a new york police officer who claims he accidently killed a man in the stairwell is off the job this morning. peter leange shot and killed peter gurley. he claimed he was startled in the stairway and fired his gun. camille cosby will be testifying against her husband after all. a judge threw out the order
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to not testify against her husband. the house judiciary committee has passed a bill that would double the statue of limitations for 10 to 20 years for sex assaults, giving victims more time to come forward. two colorado women are among those who have accused bill cosby of drugging them and assaulting them decades ago. at the university of tennessee, football players are accused of assaulting a teammate after he helped a woman who said she was raped. the woman said two football players raped her in 2014. ray boles took her to the hospital and supported her decision to report the incident. after the incident, he was attacked twice by teammates. the university says they cannot comment on it. the two suspects accused in the rape are waiting for trial.
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a wonderful reunion we all get to experience. a world war ii veteran got to see his wartime girlfriend for the first time in years. >> it was a wonderful feeling to see the woman i had not seen for 70 years, and of course there was a great difference in appearance, but there's a big difference in my appearance, too. >> but their hearts have not changed much at all. the two met in london shortly before d-day. they reconnected via skype last year. a fund raising money raised the money so thomas could travel to australia to visit morris. >> 70 years in the making. still thinking of each other after all those years. peyton manning was on the tonight show, and he visited jimmy again last night. really. it's hilarious, and you don't
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>> looking good, peyton. let's check in with marty and amelia. >> it looks like he has lost a little weight. flight flurries with the drizzle along sydney and the system there is creating rain it will create very windy conditions here saturday afternoon through sunday, and then sunday, we will start tagrag the snow into -- to drag the snow into the southern mountains. 1-3inches for brand new know for the mountains. the holiday weekend this monday is probably the pick day for the best skiing, riding conditions. >> good information there. the crews in the city, not too much to worry about. across 25, around colorado, no major delays, and let's get out to the maps now to check out the minor side street accidents
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this on 285 around wadsworth, and we will track that. maybe sky 9 can check it out as well. if it's a major issue, we will let you know. sims and arlington dealing with a minor crash there also. i had to do it, it's my shameless plug, valentine's day
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. all right, we have big news this morning for disney fans of "froze." the stage version of the movie will be coming here in the summer of 2017 and then go to broadway in 2018, and that
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ready? [ laughter ] in big trouble. other big shows coming here into 2017 include the phantom of the opera, headwig, and kingy boots is coming back, and the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. good lineup. the final seconds of the super bowl are ticking away, and what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking, i'm so far from the line. [ laughter ] >> so far from the line? >> and i have to get, i have to get it to the -- you gotta do it. >> i gotta do it. i have to get the ball to the guy. [ laughter ] >> receiver guy.
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two nights in a row peyton manning on the tonight show. the actual peyton visiting and then kristen wiig decided to show up as peyton manning. >> very revealing interview. he likes maroon 5. >> what's your favorite band? maroon 5. >> how did she get the broncos' uniform. >> when you're on saturday night live, you get connections. >> i guess so. 6:26 now. like most holidays, valentine's day is a great excuse to indulge, and the denver museum of science makes it all the
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with the deepest humility, we apologize the role our son dillon had in causing the suffering you and your family has endured. >> forgiveness after her life was forever changed inside of columbine high school. compassion from the mother of a gunman in her first television interview. from the debate stage to a democratic dinner, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are headed to denver tomorrow to
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just weeks ahid of our state's caucuses. >> all right, big doings in denver this weekend. good friday morning, everyone. gary, corey, and cheryl with you. amelia will talk about the friday commute, but we start with marty in the backyard. not too bad out there. >> reporter: not too bad at all. it's cooler. yesterday 64 degrees, and it's still mild out here. good looking day, and the predawn skies have been spectacular over the last few days. i think we will match that in 15 to 24 minutes. we are seeing a couple of echoes on interstate 80, and just a bit of mist and low clouds perhapses forming there, and rain into the pacific northwest, and that has a baring on the weekend weather. it's part of the system that will swing through, bringing wind to the front range and snow to the northern and central mountains saturday
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it's really mild out here. temperature in the 30s and 40s through right now, right into the middle of the morning. we go into the low 50s for the middle 50s this afternoon, and a lot of sunshine, and not as much wind as yesterday, and we do have wood burning restrictions in effect below 7,000 feet, and just to look ahead to the holiday weekend, it's going to start getting windy tomorrow afternoon. a warmer day into the 60s, and extremely windy tomorrow night through sunday, and that's especially at the mountains and the foothills. on president's day, the wind will shift, back out to the south, and it will warm us back. a bit of everything going to holiday weekend, except no snow locally. in a couple of minutes, i will talk about that. at this time, we should probably get you out the door. >> marty, we will get you out
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c470 split, and really nice conditions. clear start from colorado springs to castle rock and also aurora. let's check out our cdot camera here. great with the exception of the volume. it will track in from i-25, linking up and then a clear start to i-70. side streets are the spot where most of the crashes are today. a new one at 8th and colorado. a busy intersection if you're travel together 8th side. wadsworth, not many delays there. should be able to work around it fairly easily, and the same thing for the drive across sims and arlington. neighborhood. >> thank you for that amelia. 6:32 right now, and there's a emotion scheduled in the case
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teen suspects in the mountain view high school threats. douglas county investigators uncovered the plot. the columbine tragedy will be making national headlines again today as one of the mothers of the shooters is sharing her story. sue klebold will be talking to diane sawyer, and one survivor is sharing her message. annmarie is paralyzed from the waist down. she shared the letter that sue shared with her in the hospital. throughout the years she has been able to forgive the klebold family. >> i don't have any ill will to her, and she did reach out to me in 2004, but i wasn't ready. if she did reach out to me now, i would be willing to talk to
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could help her by telling her i forgive her, maybe that's one less person she has to worry about, if she even does worry about me. >> reporter: the proceeds from her book will help those with mental illness. annmarie's mother suffered from depression and took her life just months after the columbine tragedy. a man was being held in the king's court hotel in lincoln. officers followed the suspects for a short chase, lasting 3 miles, and then the truck crashed. two people were arrested. we now know how much damage vandals caused on the castle rock star. more than a dozen lightbulbs were broken some time tuesday or late wednesday, and that added up to $250 in damage, and the special occasions star lit up in orange and blue, and it was scheduled to be turned off on sunday.
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before thanksgiving when the star is relit for the holiday season. relighting. from schools to parks to play dates, many parents worry about their children's safety every day. we are here to help ease the worry. or try to anyway. it's the last day of our safety week, and 9 news is helping you teach your kids the most important things about keeping themselves safe. colleen ferreira is live, and all parents take a different approach. >> reporter: you have to. each parent knows their child best. you know how to talk to them, and you know how to teach them. many are very concerned, and others are not too worried. the goal is to find a happy medium. >> keep your kids safe, but think it through. i'm not going to let my 10-year- movie theater. what happens when your 10-year- old is a 12-year-old 1234 what
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a 14-year-old or your 14-year- old is a 19-year-old. you have not taught them coping skills, and they don't know how to detect danger and how to respond. you are doing them a disservice if you protect them all the time. today we have five experts until 8:00 a.m. to answer your questions, and guys, they are here for you. call the number on the bottom of your screen. (303)698-0999. it's a really tough topic to talk about, and we know many parents need help, cheryl, and we have the resources to help all of you. >> important but challenging conversations, colleen, thanks a lot. it's 6:36 right now. a 9 wants to know investigation for the fiery flight for life crash last july is prompting new legislation. representatives will introduce the helicopter fuel safety act at the nation's capitol today. seconds after the medical helicopter crashed, fuel
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erupted, and the pilot died and survived. the helicopter was new, but the fuel system was from the late 70s, and the proposed legislation would urge, if not outright force the faa to helicopters to have crash- resistant fuel systems by the end of the year. >> the kind of criticism we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. >> madame secretary, that is is a low blow. >> ahead of a visit to denver this week, democratic presidential contenders, hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off last night, doubling down on their messages and criticisms of each other, battling over everything like their support for president obama to campaign promises. noel brennan is live from the colorado convention center, and
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rally there tomorrow afternoon? >> reporter: he is, corey. it will be held tomorrow afternoon, and the doors open here at the colorado convention center at 3:00, and it's free and open to the public, but the sanders' campaign is also asking folks if they can to rspv online. after this event, sanders will actually be joining hillary clinton at another haven't downtown, just blocks for here at the sheraton hoe fell. the colorado democrats are holding their annual dinner, and the two of them will be there. last night the two of them squared off on the debate stage. this was days after the new hampshire primary, and sanders was hoping to build on his win from new hampshire, and clinton tried to reassure her supporters she's up for the job. they faced on the size of government and wall street and health care, and they made the effort to appeal to the minority voters, and both
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about immigration last night. >> we have got to move towards a path towards citizenship. i agree with president obama who used executive order to protect families. >> we should be deporting criminals not hard-working immigrant families. >> reporter: both candidates are trying to drum up support here in colorado, and that's why they are making the visits here tomorrow. we know our state votes or at least we will caucus in a few weeks from now. caucusing in colorado, where democrats will pick their candidates on super tuesday, guys, which is march 1st. >> all right, not too long. thank you very much. presidential candidate donald trump and univision making amends this morning, kind of. controversy over pulling the miss universe pageant is now settled.
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trump called mexican the rapists and criminals. no word on the terms from the settlement. diplomats will hash out the details on how to dole out humanitarian aid to syria. kerry spoke after a meeting with representatives from the u.s., russia, and other world power. pope francis took off from rome today as he makes his way to mexico. the pope will make a short detour to cuba first and land in havana for a meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church, and then pope francis is off to mexico where he is expected to hold a mass at guadalupe basilica. a denver-based a company is thinking about building a research campus here.
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the name of the business is not being revealed yet. that's customary for this teenage of the negotiation. nearly $4 million has been approved for incentive tax credits to the company if they build the campus. new york and ohio are also in the running for the facility. smashburger plans to open up 26 restaurants overseas including dubai. there's currently 355 locations in this country, kuwait, canada, elsalvador, costa rica and saudi arabia. dish network and fox have hopper. skipping features. it's the same agreement that
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a storm moving out of the northwest, moving into colorado, bringing wind tomorrow through the weekend, and on the backside of it, we get colder air and snow into the mountains. sunday into monday, 1-4 inches of snow, and you will really get the biggest benefit out of this monday morning. it will start to snow sunday afternoon, and again, one of the -- really i think the biggest wherever event we have going on here, sunday night, monday morning a strong wind gust in and near the front range foot hills it will be windy starting saturday through most of the day sunday. the strongest winds midnight to 10:00 a.m. on sunday. >> that's cold. it's spray and pray day. >> pull up your hair. >> i don't have to worry about that. whole foods taking their
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welcome back. it's 6:44. usually at this time of the day at children's hospital colorado it's usually pretty quiet with doctors making their initial rounds and children preparing for surgery, but right now it's all a buzz with the kidsradiothon. >> reporter: the goal is huge. they want over $1 million, and last year they did it! 1.68million, and we will try to top that this year. 800-458-kids. through the end of the hour, they will triple your donation. we just got a donation for $333.33, tripled to? >> $1,000! >> reporter: yes!
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our friends, and the folks answering the phones look lonely. give them a call. they have been doing it every february here at alice. 6:00p.m., you have until tonight to call. don't wait until tonight, call right now. we are going to talk to you about special kids all morning long who benefit from the radiothons like this. coming up on channel 20 this morning, we will introduce you to the really awesome kids, including a little boy you have seen on the air before. remember this kid? he showed cody ladamere how to pose if he made a touchdown, and then he did it? the programs benefit the children here, and join us over on channel 20 to meet the great kids who have been helped by children's colorado. let's talk to marty coniglio about the forecast.
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a lot of folks are taking the morning off for a long weekend. we do have wood burning restrictions in effect today. generally because there's not a lot of wind down here. we will keep it at the foothills only 15 to 20 miles an hour there. the big story, nationwide, the extreme cold going from the great lakes into new york, boston, and into new england, and that's over the weekend. we will have some incredibly cold temperatures, and it's slowing down there into buffalo, new york city, boston, and looking at single digit highs in a lot of locations, and that's over the course of the weekend, and we have a nice start to the day around here, and we will stay dry for the rest of the afternoon, and amelia, we have had a good start. how are things going on the roads? >> a tough drive here on the side streets at 8th and colorado. sky 9 over the intersection
6:46 am
especially north and southbound, running by a very popular grocery store, and for now, they are pulling the cars into at local gas station parking lot. check out this view. if you wondered what the sunrise looks like, i just tweeted it out. this is the way of looking at the slow commute. you're in the 30s approaching york street, northbound and southbound traffic also sluggish making the approach up to 125. harry potter fans will have a new book to rate by this summer. it's called harry potter and the cursed child will come out on july 31st. it is based on the play that will be opening in july. at&t will be testing out 5g speeds this year. 5g is not expected to power smart phones until at least the
6:47 am
verizon will also be testing 5g soon. you may be able to get a to toon inside one of the whole foods millennial focused 365 concept shops. the company says customers will see all sorts of businesses operating inside of the stores that could range from fresh- pressed juice stands to a tattoo parlor or two. a website dedicated to 365 says they want to partner with startups and established brands to help enhance the customer experience. >> the tattoos? >> they go right together. >> sure. why not! all right, during black history month, we enjoy going to different parts of the state, and to learn about different aspects of black history, today our travels took us to colorado springs. >> this is home to the african american society of colorado springs. the society operates a museum featuring stories that many
6:48 am
>> right here is one of the original tuskegey airmen, and he does live here in colorado springs, but he was one of the originals. when he got out of the service, he was a new york city detective. >> that's interesting. just one of many, many stories shared in the one-room museum. at 4:00, tarhonda thomas will take us inside. you can view all of our stories in the black history month they have all been fantastic. it's 6:50. for once in your life you can indulge all you want and not it's true. chocolate at the denver museum of nature and science will open today. we will give you a quick look inside at the eye candy that, which by the way, it's all fake, and you can't eat it. that's why it won't add calories. you go through the his of cocoa, the cocoa bean, and now
6:49 am
>> it became the chocolate treat we knew today in the late 1700s, and late 1800s. someone who was smart decided they could mix it with sugar and other things and turn it into the candy we all know and enjoy as a chocolate bar. >> brilliant. >> the entire exhibit is fat free until the end when you reach the chocolate shop and you overindulge probably. >> it looks so real, you can buy it at the end. after a gorgeous week, we are headed into a nice weekend as well. it's not going to last forever.
6:50 am
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very good looking day around here today. not as windy, and we have wood- burning restrictions in effect below 7,000 feet in the front range. we have what looks like a mist or haze and a couple clouds around sydney and nebraska and 18 0. this system from the pacific northwest will swing into colorado and bring us snow for sunday and monday and wind for the plains sunday night. the singles, teens, and 20s in the mountains, and partly cloudy start to the day. good deal of sun as we go throughout the day. we will see the clouds sneaking in from the east late this afternoon into this evening, and really it will cover up the eastern plains with haze and fog by early tomorrow morning.
6:53 am
shanook wind, the temperatures will be slighter cooler. low to mid-50s around town, and 40s and 50s in the foothills. wind slacking off to 15 to 20 miles an hour. north eastern colorado is getting a little bit of the cold air out of the midwest, and it's going to make some clouds through the evening tonight, and lasting into tomorrow morning, and then we are going to blow the clouds out of here with the strong south westerly winds during the afternoon tomorrow. looking at the 40s in the mountains, 50s down south and 40s and 50s over northern colorado, and the farther north you go, the cooler it gets with the 60s in the south eastern corner of our state. a cool breeze out of the east, 53 today into the upper 20s tonight, and fog, on the eastern plains, and clear around here. tomorrow, we are in the 60s and windy conditions, and the strongest wind is saturday night into sunday morning, and
6:54 am
monday as we start to warm back up from the upper 40s to near 70 degrees by the middle of next week. amelia? good morning, marty. 8th and colorado, showing the crash. and it's really blocking up just part of the intersection, and a couple of cars on colorado citizen, but most of the vehicles they are pulling into the local gas station. the damage done to the main vehicle you can see on the pretty extensive, and they may be bringing in a tow truck. out to the map. the crash count now picking up across the area side streets, a couple of issues, that show how old be fast to clear -- that should be fast to clear out. the same for the west side at 285 and wadsworth. one of the busy locations for the west side. across 25 and arapahoe, not looking too bad, but the slowdowns will pile in near colorado boulevard and of course around the mountain track. it's that time of the day.
6:55 am
here's some of our top stories today. potential jurors will be individually questioned in the danielle lane trial. she is accused of luring a woman into her home, hacking her, and cutting her fetus out of herwoman. michelle wilkins survived but her unborn baby did not. a man has been charged with investigators say nelson told him he shot him because of an assault on another man. both the dea and fda are asking questions about what center. a former employee is accused of putting nearly 3,000 patient at risk of hiv, hepatitis b, and hepatitis c. rocky alan is
6:56 am
so he could get his hands on a painkiller. one of the teenagers accused of plotting an attack on her high school is back in court today, and sienna johnson is one of two mountain vista students accused of a plot. she and brook higgins have been acharged as adults. a tip was called in to the sheriff's office. the iconic star is only partially lit because of broken lightbulbs. the vandals caused $250 in damage it happened late tuesday or early wednesday, and they are asking anyone who may know something to call the tip line. it's posted on, and also on the bottom of your screen. marty has the forecast with a nice weekend for you ahead. it's phenomenal around here, and it will be very windy. activities planned, bear in mind we have a lot of wind in the forecast for this weekend. it does get warmer for the middle part of next week, and
6:57 am
don't see a lot of changes it will be extraordinarily warm, warmer than we have been this week as we head past president's day into february. >> i can't believe the 70s there. >> not bad at all. we are going over to channel 20 and hope you can join us there. in the meantime, congratulations you made it through the week. [music] >> this is is >> -- this is a family show! >> there you go! >> okay. look and see it coming here. >> well me and the kernel.
6:58 am
[music] what is that? >> it's orange friday. >> that is right! >> wow! >> i like it! >> yeah, it is! >> greg, on sunday, how is the outlook for the broncos' game? >> it looks great. >> it looks great. good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrmann man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed
6:59 am


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