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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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[music] what is that? >> it's orange friday. >> that is right! >> wow! >> i like it! >> yeah, it is! >> greg, on sunday, how is the outlook for the broncos' game? >> it looks great. >> it looks great. good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrmann man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed
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>> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> will that strategy help or hurt her? machete attack. a man storms into an ohio restaurant and randomly slashes four people. >> this was a brutal attack. >> the suspect eventually shot and killed by police. the fbi investigating. wicked big air. >> history goes down. backflip for the crowd. >> boston's iconic fenway park transformed into the ultimate winter sports playground. dylan is about to head to the top of the massive ramp. today, friday, february 12th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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"today" on a chilly friday morning. even as a yankee fan, i'm happy to see what's going on at fenway park. they've transformed that place into a winter wonderland. >> you called it wicked big air, and i'd add wicked cold air. it'll be freezing or below freezing or below zero in a lot of the country. 30 degrees below normal. al is outside on a frigid plaza. good morning. >> good morning. i have to tell you, this is rough. it's just going to get rougher. here's what happens when you scranton, pennsylvania, and brutally cold air. it's an instant ice sculpture. coating power lines and homes. they finally have gotten it under control, but it created a mess. we'll see more scenes like this over the next 48 hours. as we mentioned.
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the north pole, but it's now shifting over the northern atlantic. it releases the arctic air into the eastern u.s. and spills across the canadian border as the jet stream dips into the east coast. right now, we've got, by friday, this morning, it feels like 4. new york city, 14 currently. in cleveland, it feels like 10. out in minneapolis, 8 below. then the cold air really starts to sink in. 5:00 a.m. saturday, washington is 18. 7 in cleveland. 2 in indianapolis. as we continue, wind chills become a big factor. cleveland, also beckley, new york city, feels like below zero. saturday afternoon, it's even colder. we bottom out sunday morning. look at these temperatures. we'll see records in boston, new york, washington and roanoke. chicago, you're going to be cold, as well. that's where we find kevin
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i hope you have the cold weather gear ready because it's going to be brutal, my friend. >> al, it's a >> al, it's a balmy 20 degrees here right now. overnight as you mentioned, the mercury is just going to drop. the bottom is going to come out of the floor. there's going to be a wind chill advisory starting tonight, lasting until tomorrow morning. the temperatures are going to be about zero here in chicago. who knows what they're going to be further out midwest, where the winds really blow. they're calling for the wind chill in the minus 10 to minus 15 area. people are being urged to check on their elderly neighbors. take a tip from me and dress in layers. i'm missing a couple layers this morning. pay closer attention to pets. should they go outside? feed them more because they use more energy. most important thing, these things don't work well in the cold, either. if it gets down to minus 40, which we all pray it doesn't, they don't work at all.
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agent before it gets that cold. >> if you're thinking of traveling, don't head to florida. it'll be chilly. head out west. go west, young man or woman. spring-like warm temperatures will feel like they're in the april or may range. san francisco, phoenix, pueblo and seattle. that's where we need to go. >> we'll have you back inside in a couple minutes. it was a chill between bernie sanders and hillary clinton last night during their democratic debate. their first since sanders won in new hampshire. clinton turning to new lines of attack to try to slow his momentum. let's begin our campaign coverage with andrea mitchell. good morning. >> hillary clinton trying to regain her footing after her big loss in new hampshire. accused bernie sanders of being a one-issue candidate, and of disloyalty to president obama, which was hugely popular with minority voters in nevada and
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to vote. >> reporter: clinton tried to put sanders on the defensive. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is, madame secretary, a low blow. >> reporter: she, seizing on what he has said to kasie hunt, on obama's record in dealing with congress. >> you don't think president obama successfully closed the gap? >> i don't. >> reporter: it was clinton's first chance since new hampshire to regain the trust of women voters. >> i've spent my entire adult life working towards making sure women are empowered to make their own choice, even if the choice is not to vote for me. >> reporter: sanders sees his candidacy as historic. >> somebody with my background, somebody with my views, i think
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historical accomplishment, as well. >> reporter: they hammered each other on immigration, the economy, health care. >> i have fought my entire life to make sure health care is a right for all people. we're not going to dismantle anything. >> the numbers don't add up. i believe i can get the money that i need by taxing the wealthy, by closing loopholes, things we're way overdo for doing, and i think once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> reporter: and foreign policy. >> journalists ask who you listen to on foreign policy. we have yet to know who that is. >> well it ain't henry kissinger, that's for sure. >> that's fine. >> reporter: when asked if race relations would be better under his presidency -- >> absolutely. we are going to create millions of jobs for low-income kids. >> reporter: with clinton earning the endorsement of the congressional black caucus pack and a slam of sanders against
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>> i never saw him. i was in the sit-ins, freedom ride, but i met hillary clinton. i met president clinton. >> reporter: sanders releasing an endorsement video from the young daughter of eric garner. who died after new york police put him in a chokehold. >> that's why i'm for bernie. >> clinton is digging in for a fight as sanders continues to out raise her by a big margin since his new hampshire victory. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. let's turn to our panel. political analyst nicolle wallace and political correspondent, steve kornacki. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's take it piece by piece. if you watch the debate, you see there are certain voter groups and issues that keep cropping up. let's start with this battle,
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the african-american vote. steve, we saw hillary clinton really usher in this strategy that she's been trying out, which is to wrap her arms around president obama and his legacy. not only that, say that bernie sanders didn't do so sufficiently. >> that's the interesting thing. president obama is still extremely popular with african-american voters. more than 50% of the electorate in south carolina. all of the areas where bernie sanders would try to come after hillary clinton, so many of them, the criticism he levelled against her could also be applied to president obama. she pointed that out time and again. basically put him on the defensive. he had to say, this is why i'm criticizing hillary clinton but it's not meant as a criticism of president obama. it's tough to accomplish. >> who do you think did better in terms of attracting minority voters? >> i think what was more interesting on that front didn't happen on the stage. john lewis is an american icon, not just in the african-american community.
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harsher criticisms of bernie sanders absenteeism on the >> his response to a question. he didn't just say that. >> correct. >> we know hillary clinton has a problem with women voters. we saw it in new hampshire. tough week with gloria steinem and madeleine albright saying things that didn't help. how did she go? >> someone just beat you for over 20 points. i've been there. she held her own last night and had one of her strongest performances. for her to do better among women, she has to do better, period. she did better. some of the things that have been off putting, she fixed. >> she said, don't vote for me because i'm a woman. she said it before. the fact i'm a woman is one of my qualities. didn't bernie sanders have an interesting reply. >> he was asked, are you blocking history? he didn't come out and say it, but we've never had a jewish president. when he won new hampshire,
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candidate ever won a primary. for that matter, we haven't had too many people who call themselves socialists, either. >> the last topic, wall street. she said she wouldn't be influenced by the big banks. he said, let's not think of the voters as dumb. >> front page of the wall street journal has a story about how gushy her talks were. she's not going to get away with not releasing more information. >> when she was speaking in the paid speeches for the banks. >> she made hundreds of thousands of dollars speaking to the banks. this issue is not going away. he has a distinct advantage over her on the stage and the trail. >> she said president obama took some of the money from wall street and nobody said he didn't stand up to the banks. >> again, that comeback from sanders, why did they give the money then, that's easy to understand. >> nico lle, steve, thank you very much. the next republican debate is in south carolina tomorrow night. most of the candidates are already in the palmetto state. last night, donald trump took his message to louisiana.
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alexander is following the gop. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. south carolina, of course, famous for its rough and tumble politics. donald trump's opponents are hitting him for his use of vulgarity. trump with the opportunity to swear last night. he says, in fact, he's swearing off foul language. as the candidates get ready to square off for the next debate tomorrow night. >> reporter: the billionaire barrelling into baton rouge. >> unbelievable. look at this crowd. >> reporter: donald trump earlier taking aim at ted cruz for alleged dirty tricks, charging cruz's allies with spreading misinformation in south carolina with push polls. we are watching, trump tweeted. cruz denying any involvement. >> i have read reports of what is being said, but somebody else is doing them, not us. >> reporter: cruz is fighting on two fronts. targeting trump and marco rubio with his ad accusing rubio of broken promises. spoofing a support group. >> making me feel dumb for trusting them.
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pretty face next time. >> reporter: the cruz campaign yanked the ad after finding out that actress was in adult films. telling nbc news, unfortunate fatlily she was not vetted by the casting company. we would not have let her appear in the ad, they said. a familiar face is giving jeb bush a boost. george w. bush will campaign with his brother, appearing here monday night. >> i'm proud of the fact he's coming and honored. >> reporter: john kasich is challenging them to be more positive. >> i don't know what he's thinking. does he realize the family legacy? spending all your time being negative. >> reporter: bush, who described himself as a joyful tortoise, is now campaigning with the joy of the texas chainsaw massacre, rubio is trying to shed his robotic image. loosening up in front of the cameras. according to an opposition aid. days after cracking under
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a molar on a frozen candy bar. he said, it's not going to slow him down. >> we're not suspending our campaign. >> last night, you've heard of kissing babies? try signing toddlers. check this out. at donald trump's rally, 11,000 people in attendance, he found a 19-month old in the crowd with a bejewelled binky and the mohawk. signing the back of his hand. not clear if there's a baby wipe for that. matt and savannah, back to you. >> thank you, peter. appreciate that. there have been major developments in the syrian crisis overnight. secretary of state john kerry announced big strides toward a potential cease-fire. keir simmons is in syria this morning. good morning. >> matt and savannah, good morning. there are people at damascus this morning who are optimistic and others do not believe there will be an end to the fighting. the hostility is still here.
7:15 am
qaeda-affiliated group. nusra. leaders say they have agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of aid to communities under siege in syria, where some people, including children, have been dying of starvation. the secretary of state says he knows the agreement is ambitious, but the humanitarian push is crucial. >> we have agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid beginning immediately. sustained delivery will begin this week. >> the announcement comes as the syrian army, backed by russian air strikes, is advancing in the strategically important area of aleppo. a province pushing back rebels and possibly threatening another siege. there are pictures of president assad here. he's still in control here. one question, will he really want to stop the fighting when his forces are on the offensively?
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>> keir simmons, thank you. let's go now to a disturbing scene in ohio. this morning, four people are recovering after a man armed with a machete stormed into a restaurant and started attacking people randomly. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the latest on this. what can you tell us? >> matt, good morning. i can tell you that four people were hurt in this brutal attack at a mediterranean restaurant in columbus. the fbi is helping local police. while authorities say they don't yet know the motive, they're looking into whether this was an act of home-grown extremism. >> reporter: frightening moments for diners at a columbus, ohio, restaurant thursday, when a man wielding a machete began randomly attacking customers. >> they've got at least four injured if you can send some more medics. >> copy. >> reporter: police say the man walked into the nazareth restaurant and deli around 5:30, had a conversation with an employee and left, but came back to the restaurant half an hour later. police say he approached a
7:17 am
inside. >> this was a brutal attack. the man walks in to people that are just there having dinner, and starts attacking them. >> some of the patrons started throwing chairs at him, trying to get him out of there. >> reporter: after the attack, the man drove away in a white car, leading police on a chase. >> are you behind him? >> that was the car, following it. >> reporter: police officers forced him off the road a few miles away and tried to subdue him with tasers but he managed to get out of his car with the machete and a knife. >> he lunged across the hood at the officers. officers fired a couple shots at him and put him down. >> reporter: regulars at a popular restaurant in a quiet neighborhood are shaken. >> it scared the crap out of me. i just got here. going on. my friends work there. >> four people are at the hospital. all are in stable condition and expected to survive.
7:18 am
the attacker's past, trying to figure out why this happened. matt, savannah. >> pete williams, thank you very much. we have mr. roker back and out of his attire. >> we'll explain why that coat is a hot item later. >> exactly right. >> first, let's show you what's going on out there for today. we're looking at heavy rain in the pacific northwest. lake-effect snow continues in the northeast. look at those temperatures in l.a. 86. phoenix, 88 degrees. we'll get to your local forecast
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>> al, thanks. just ahead, harrison ford's accident on the set of the new "star wars" movie. now a criminal case because some of the people behind "the force awakens" face prison time. just in time for valentine's
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out if you are really compatible with your partner. we put three couples to the test and they will go through the results live. what could go wrong?
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they're staying warm inside. ahead on trending, need something to do this weekend? fabio has a great idea to keep you company on valentine's day. that's right, fabio. and the world premiere of hoda's new music video. it's all about the love.
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the democratic candidates for president will be having dinner in denver tomorrow night and before that, one will host a public rally at the convention center. we'll have details on channel 20. today, after a 9 wants to know investigation a bill will be introduced in congress aimed to make helicopters safer after a deadly crash that should have been survivable. and now to marty and amelia, and tgif. let's take a look at sky9's view at sheridan, and look at the cars, marty. so light. >> is that for real? [laughter] >> well, that's u.s. 36, and it apparently is 7. ment 27 7 -- 7:27 in the morning. but, boy, 36, very light, a relief with all the
7:28 am
a crash at 3rd and broadway, proof. i'm heading to boulder. we will see clouds thicken over the eastern plains this afternoon and tonight. there is fog and low clouds over the plains. it will be radically different to fort morgan and brush than along the i 5 corridor. we'll be in the 50s here with cooler readings, of course, in the mountains and west. 53 with partly cloudy skies. now, the wind really kicks up tomorrow afternoon. it's warm, gets stronger
7:30 am
back now at 7:30 on a friday morning. 12th of february, 2016. that's the view from the top of the rock. you can't see it, but it's here, the polar vortex, descending upon the eastern half of the country. it is 16 degrees on the plaza right now. going to get even colder throughout this valentine's day weekend weekend. snuggle up, snuggle bunny ies bunnies. >> this is the only cold weekend we've had. >> we haven't complain. we've had a mild winter.
7:31 am
>> it is in the single digits had the fenway park, where dylan is this morning. it's not baseball. we're talking other sports. >> we are, matt. other sports that involve a ramp this high, 14 stories high, to be contact, in the middle of center field. i've gotten tweets asking if i'm going to come down this. hill. we have professionals to do that, and we'll do it live in a little bit. >> i walked up the stairs of one of those in salt lake city. i turned around and walked back down. you have to be kidding me. we'll see you in a little while. >> thank you. let's take a look at the headlines this morning. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed over the current president during last night's democratic debate. clinton questioning sanders' support for president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for
7:32 am
succeed president obama. [ applause ] >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. democratic society. last i heard, a united states senator has the right to disagree with the president. >> sanders went on to say president obama has done an extraordinary job. during a rally in louisiana, donald trump promised he wouldn't use foul language on the campaign trail anymore. he faced criticism earlier this week for repeating a supporter's vulgar term used to describe ted cruz. disappointing news. the vaccine for the zika virus isn't coming soon. large-scale trials are at least 18 months away. the group voted two vaccine candidates are already showing promise. also this morning, the british production company behind "star wars: the force awakens" is facing criminal charges over an accident on the
7:33 am
this. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it's a movie that broke box office records and broke the leg of its main star, harrison ford. for that, the makers of the latest "star wars" move vie, ie, "the force awakens," are being prosecuted for failing to ensure the star of the hit movie wasn't hit by the props. >> you might need this. >> i think i can handle this. >> reporter: harrison ford's character han solo expects trouble in "star wars" but he didn't expect to be hit by the door of his spaceship. >> what a piece of junk. >> she might not look like much. >> reporter: he's worked with the millennium falcon for decades. two years ago, he was filming on the set of the falcon when he was hit by a heavy hydraulic met dahl door.
7:34 am
he spent weeks on crutches. britain's safety body said it was so serious, it's prosecuting the production company for failing to manage risk on the set. by law, it says employers must workers. this is as true on a film set as a factory floor. the "star wars" production company says cast and crew safety is always a top priority. we are disappointed in the decision. ford managed to finish the movie, later volk joking about his injury with jimmy fallon. >> i was worried about you. >> they closed a [ bleep ] on me. >> reporter: it's not the only time 73-year-old ford has had a lucky escape. last year, he crash landed his vintage plane. >> explain what happened. >> this was a plane crash. one. this dislocated the ankle
7:35 am
>> hey! >> reporter: there's no suggestion ford is considering action against the movie makers. >> it's true, all of it. >> reporter: the force though, clearly awakening britain's health and safety officers. >> the lawsuit means if the film producers aren't convicted, they face fines and possible inprisonment. they said they fully cooperated in the investigation. for the "star wars" francis, hise franchise, nothing can stop it. the sequel has already begun shooting at the same studios. let's hope they've fixed the spaceship door by now. back to you. >> is he in the next one? >> no -- >> says the person who hasn't seen it. >> you don't know this, but
7:36 am
you are stirring the pot. >> anything is possible. >> there you have it. >> that's right. >> let's get a check of the weather, chewbacca. >> these are not the lawyers you're looking for. go about your lawsuit. we've got more lake-effect snow. some areas picking up three feet of snow already and there's more into sunday, especially from erie, pennsylvania, all the way to water town, new york, where they may see another 24 inches of snow before it's over. erie, p.a., and buffalo, 8 to 14 inches. next week, sunday, we have a clipper coming in, and it'll bring snow from minneapolis to cleveland. ministry mix from missouri to south carolina. monday, ice event for the southeast and mid-atlantic. this is monday afternoon. by tuesday, warmer air gets in. can you believe it? here, we are going to see from washington to boston, temperatures in the 40s, maybe
7:37 am
a lot of rain and an icy mix along the spine of the appalachians >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> he just said to me, did you not, wait, darth vader is luke's father? >> i did not. >> yes, he did. >> savannah is explaining the whole "star wars" franchise to me. one for the record books. you have to see the newest
7:38 am
plus, can science predict love? >> i'm jeff rossen and welcome to the love lab. these researchers say they can determine who you'll be attracted to and how long your relationship will last. we have a married couple that's been together for decades, a newly engaged couple, and these two, just meeting today on the weirdest blind date ever. who will be the most soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be,
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infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. we are back at 7:40 this morning. on rossen reports, a little different t science of love. >> think you and your partner were meant to be? you may be surprised at what science has to say about that. national investigative correspondent jeff rasz ossen has a fun test, for some, in time for valentine's day. good morning. >> good morning and happy early valentine's day. do these couples behind me look nervous to you? they should be. they're about to find out how compatible they are.
7:43 am
this is all about the science of love. you can do scientific tests for attraction and actually how long your relationship will last. long-term compatibility. we sent these couples into the official love lab, and they took guess what? we just got the results back. we'll reveal the results live to them and to you in a moment. first, here is how it works. >> reporter: love is in the air. >> what does she smell like? >> sweet. >> reporter: meet dr. love. he runs the love lab at claremont university. >> you can find out who is long-term compatible with each other. >> you can hook it up and see on a computer who is going to be together? >> we can do it now. >> reporter: we've enlisted
7:44 am
cathy and jack, married for 48 years. this couple just got engaged. then there's kristin and josh. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: they just met on the weirdest blind date ever. which couple will be the most compatible? >> i'm placing the sensor here, listening to your heart. >> reporter: first up, the zest test. testing how much zest couples have. researchers wire each couple with sensors. do their hearts beat in uniform yun unison, how much are they sweating? and the chemical is released when you trust someone. >> what if this turns out badly? >> it won't because i need to pay the caterer the deposit. >> hug each other for one minute. >> this is deep in the brain stem and they can't control it consciously. >> there's no cheating on the test. >> reporter: when our married
7:45 am
>> jack's levels are peaking, bouncing. >> he's really enjoying this. >> what about cathy? >> not so much. >> sorry, jack. >> if you look into each other's eyes one minute, starting now. >> so awkward. >> reporter: time for test two. the visual attention test. >> what happens here? >> in this test, our participants put on these eye tracking goggles. two images are shown side by side. one of the person they came with and something else that's appealing. we'll see where the attention goes. >> you can track their eyesight? >> exactly what they're looking at and how long. >> one by one, they do it. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: for the last test, the couples need to work up a sweat and a strong scent. >> what are we doing here? >> blindfolding the men to test their smell. >> how? >> they'll smell the women to see who they're attracted to most. >> these guys will smell all of the women? >> yeah.
7:46 am
smell. >> flowers, smells nice. >> 1 to 5. >> 4. >> now his fiance. >> can't smell anything. >> okay. >> number. >> the married couple? >> 5. >> good. >> reporter: the blind date? >> 4. >> ladies, your turn. >> a little bit sweaty. almond. >> spicy. >> reporter: after hours of numbers. >> i think the results are going to be surprising. attraction is more complicated than we think. >> the moment we've all been waiting for. we're here with the couples and we have the results right here in our hands. you ready for this? >> yes. >> maybe? let me pull them out.
7:47 am
married 48 years. your heart rates were not in sync at all. >> maybe we won't make 49. >> good news, you both looked at your partner more than the attractive picture, the money, brad pitt. we wanted to look at jack more than brad pitt. good news there. good job, guys. let's move on to the engaged ready? you were the zest test winner by far. i'm looking here, you were more attracted to your partner than anybody in this entire group was attracted to their partner, and that includes dawn to you. you also released high levels of oxy oxytocin, the trust chemical. dawn, dawn, dawn, dawn. quoting from the doctor, you were not showing high attachment. this showed imbalance you're
7:48 am
>> what do you make of that? >> we already put the deposit down to the caterer so -- >> we're in too deep. i don't know. >> it'll all be okay. marriage therapy is a great thing. let's move on to the blind date couple. we'll start with attraction. kristin, you had low attraction to josh. >> okay. >> cover your ears. now we're up to josh. josh, you had negative attraction to kristin. the number was actually less than zero. i'm sorry. >> is that possible? >> it was in the negative numbers. the good news, you showed a strong emotional connection. >> that is what matters, right? >> it's all about emotion. the doctor says this is actually a great tip. great tip for first dates. it's because you weren't just at a dinner, you were enjoying an exciting experience together. it's an instant bond. dr. love's tip is, if you're going on a first date, go to an
7:49 am
get an instant bond, even if there is no attraction there. >> very exciting. >> before we go, there is a winner. there is a clear winner of the group. believe it or not, it's our engaged couple. so nice. they're still going to get married, thank goodness. your numbers were so high off the charts and you are attracted to each other. congratulations. thanks for being good sports. back to you in the studio. >> feel good spot of the valentine's day weekend. >> heartwarming when you said there was negative attraction, less than zero. >> on the upside, dawn was attracted to jack. >> mr. roker. >> yeah. >> we're all going to smell each other during the break. coming up, how'd they do that? willie is in the orange room with the story behind ok go's ground-breaking new i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was
7:50 am
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7:56 am
quick break. . hi, everywhere. i'm gary shapiro. here's what's coming up for 8:00 a.m. on channel 20. the jury selection continues for the woman accused of
7:57 am
woman's womb as the attorneys work to get closer to starting that trial in boulder. the mother of one of the columbine shooters is about to share her story with the world. one of the women permanently injured in the attack has a story of forgiveness to share for sue klebold. and it may seem like a place only to visit in the summer but rocky mountain national park is wonderful in the winter, too. a lot of activities going on, and we'll go over that and talk about safety issues, too. but i've been there many times in the winter, guys, and it's >> gorgeous views. marty, got a question for you. >> yeah? >> are you missing a bag of gravel in. >> on-gravel? >> no. with. >> well, we have someone that dropped a bag across all lanes
7:58 am
picture was sent in by somebody who had to pull over because of it. but it's backing up quickly. if you are wondering why it's so sluggish, you don't see a crash, that's why. coming up on channel 20, a crash at parker road and i-25. >> so an unpaved road. we have winds in the foothills, and they'll stay up there. we'll have not as warm conditions, plenty of sun and cloudy skies will continue over the northeastern plain where is we have some of the coolest air in the state and we'll have 40s in the mountains and 50s down to the south and west. for the denver area, low to mid- 50s, a cool breeze and the wind
7:59 am
you're in the mood for love it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, time for a little romance. hoda delivers a special valentine just in time for the big day. a new music video celebrating long-term love. to bring out the romantic in all of us. then one project, two legends. >> the rolling stones! >> willie catches up with mick jagger and martin scorsese, who are joining forces to bring the story of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to the small screen. >> we have quite a good working
8:00 am
even though we're both used to getting our own way to some extent, we both know we have to work with other people. not feeling the love? single and ready for a night of binge watching your favorite romcom. why some are saying you shouldn't do that on valentine's day. today, friday, february 12th, 2016. >> xoxo from chicago. happy valentine's day. >> everything is bigger in texas. we're in the big apple! >> good morning, north carolina! >> good morning, washington, pa. we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning, a
8:01 am
it is 19 degrees in our plaza. even colder in some other cities up and down the east coast. we are here at our makeshift fire pit outside. we're staying warm while these people are freezing. >> this is the white blanket scene. >> it's tough to sit on this thing. it's cold here in new york and colder up in boston. that's where dylan dreyer is. she's at the iconic fenway park. it's been transformed into a winter sports park for a great competition. we're going to get to check in with her in just -- look at the height. >> she's at the top. oh, my gosh. >> she's peeking over. not going to do it. >> maybe we should get her one of those lunch trays. >> memories of the dorm. >> exactly. first, we want to give a shoutout to the women of nbc news who are covering the presidential campaign. andrea mitchell, kelly
8:02 am
hunt, hallie jackson, all highlighted in a new "elle" magazine feature, called "meet the girls on the bus." really cool story. check it out. >> congratulations to them. let's get a check of the top stories. tamron is inside at the desk. in the race for the white house, the democrats sparred during a debate while the republicans gear up for a battle of their own. correspondent kristen welker is in milwaukee with the latest. good morning, kristen. >> tamron, good morning to you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded jabs over everything from the health care to foreign policy. but it was the issue of who is the better ally to president obama that unleashed the sharpest exchanges. >> reporter: secretary hillary clinton saved her sharpest attack for last, accusing senator bernie sanders of being disloyal to president obama. >> it is a -- the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our
8:03 am
republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> reporter: clinton hoping to regain momentum after a humiliating defeat in new hampshire, didn't let up. >> but those kinds of personal assessments and charges are ones that i find particularly troubling. >> senator, one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> it was a fiery end to a night in which sanders and clinton hammered each other over health care, social security and the price tag of making it all happen. meanwhile, the gop candidates are gearing up for their own debate, set to take place saturday. but the cruz campaign doing some damage control, yanking this
8:04 am
after reports that that woman appeared in adult films. donald trump with his smallest supporters. promising to watch his tongue. >> do it, do it! >> i won't use foul language. they're all saying, do it, do it. no, i'm not. >> trump raised eyebrows on thursday when he called the pope a, quote, very political person, citing his plans for the mexican border. also, he made jabs at jeb bush, for his plans to bring his former brother, former president george w. bush out on the campaign trail with him. all a prelude of what we might see when the republicans face off. >> thank you. police in ohio are trying to find a motive for a vicious attack on thursday. a man with a machete stormed into a mediterranean restaurant randomly slashing customers, injuring four people.
8:05 am
found and shout t by police. the fbi joined the investigation there. the house committee banned planes. at one point, there was a cloud duncan hunter. >> so this is called a vaporizer. >> visual presentation. the california republican said a nicotine vaporizer helped him quit smoking and argued they should not be banned on planes. the committee approved the ban. vaping is already forbidden on most airlines. what to get for valentine's day? put $1,000 worth of clothing to go to the dry cleaners. he's offering a reward, hoping to get the clothes back after it
8:06 am
he said, please contact dead husband walking. >> honest mistake. >> that will cost him. >> someone has to replace it. >> good timing, valentine's day. up next, ok go's music video and how they managed to pull it off. plus, how you can have fabio be your date for valentine's day this year. early gift for the special day. hoda premieres a new video celebrating lasting love in a special way. right after these messages. l in all of us. that urges us to shake things up, to turn up the heat, and take bigger risks. why should damaged hair silence that voice? new dove regenerative nourishment with red algae complex in a formula that nourishes to regenerate extremely for smooth, strong and healthy looking hair as if damaged never happened.
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we're back. it's 8:11. time for what's trending today. >> do you think the average life expectancy for a man and woman is -- >> 78? >> or -- 78? >> 76 for women. >> 82 for women. >> 81 for women. 76 for men. >> really? >> wow. >> the reason i bring this up, the question has been brought up, would you want to live past that? would you want to live to 100? >> no. >> if i was healthy. >> you say no? >> i don't want to, no. >> perfectly healthy, you don't want to live to 100? it's not possible. >> norman lloyd is 101 years old and was just in "trainwreck." >> i think if you feel good or moderately good, it would be nice. >> you're the odd ball on this. >> it's an exception. the wonderful people we
8:12 am
>> yeah. >> a survey was done in connection with "time" magazine. 2,000 adults asked. 77% say they'd want to live to be 100. count me in that group. we're going to explore longevity next week on "today," called living longer and living better with tamron hall. >> if you're healthy. when you say it, that's not what comes to mind. >> she's pulling the rip cord. >> she is. >> i'm out. >> that'll be fun next week. as we're aware, valentine's day is sunday. might be tempting to put on your favorite romantic comedy. do not do it. an article in the "washington post" explains exactly why. romantic comedies, and i can tell you from personal experience, spending many years as a single person, it is terrible for you. you compare your life.
8:13 am
happened in notting hill should happen to you. romcoms is the last thing you should do if you're alone on valentine's day. >> watch "rambo." >> "ghostbusters." >> "die hard". >> you see the ideas. >> stay away from "you've got mail. ". >> stay away from hugh grant in general. >> you can't watch romcoms but you could watch this. this is fabio. the famous romance novel cover model. he's in all his glory in an 18-minute long yule log style video for valentine's day. >> what's that cat doing? >> he lays there. every once in a while, he says, hello, ladies. that's it. >> hello, gorgeous. >> remember what he was most famous for later in his career? >> the bird hitting him.
8:14 am
>> the red on his face. >> oh, look at that! >> we would never show that. >> or laugh at it. >> no, no, no. >> he does look good. >> hello, gorgeous. >> you have those pajamas, don't you? >> by the way, there are expensive expensive thieves on university campuses. >> the canada goose. >> they are stealing those things like crazy. >> great coats. al knows. >> can't believe there has been 14 thefts recently. these jackets are not cheap. they go anywhere from $700 to $1,000. >> our ad .d. said her son sewed a tracking device into his coat.
8:15 am
>> give me my parka! >> canada goose. >> pop start, willie? >> first up, it's fashion week in new york city. last night, kanye west revealing his season three line at madison square garden. show didn't disappoint. he sang songs from his upcoming album while the models led by naomi campbell stood on stage. the kardashians were there. includinge ing ing e ing ing lamar odom. the show was tweeted about more than the democratic debate last night. >> incredible. >> the #480,000 times. kanye's show's hashtag was 900,000 times. >> that's a low blow. >> you like the show, right? our resident fashionista. >> not the clothes.
8:16 am
they say, this is what we'll be wearing in 20 years. kanye is so far ahead of us. >> i'll be gone. taylor swift is set to open up the grammys this sunday. nominated for seven awards, including album of the year. the list of performers is adele adele, lady gaga, luke bryan, the cast of "hamilton," justin bieber, rihanna and more. should be a huge night. >> willie, thank you very much.
8:17 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> announcer: a little romance is sponsored by smucker's. smucker's is happy to celebrate happy couples. >> it's time. series. on thursday, hoda promised us a very special valentine, and she's back this morning to deliver on her promise. >> today is that day, everybody. i brought you the love stories of incredible couples who have stuck together for more than half a century. they were a few of the stars of a new music video we created with the wedding gurus. as matt said, this video is my valentine to all of you. the world premiere is moments away.
8:18 am
>> gorgeous. >> quiet, please. >> reporter: this valentine's, i decide to throw a party. the guest list, exclusive. only couples married more than 50 years. and they have to dance. we watched dozens of sweethearts two stepping through kitchens and hallways across america. all for that special invite and a chance to star in a music video. a valentine for the romantics in all of us. featuring couples who had made it work. but we needed the perfect song. >> hi. >> it's going to be awesome. >> reporter: enter ingrid michaelson. she wrote these cathy tune s s. "little romance." one listen and we're hooked. >> little romance, take two. it seemed like it has the right bounce and rhythm and message and just fun.
8:19 am
>> the video is going to follow couples as they're getting ready for a big night out. i'm the hired entertainment at the sweetheart dance. >> how long have you been married? >> 68. >> that's amazing. >> everybody ready? >> reporter: we feature the best toe tap ners pers in a dancing scene with ingrid. at first -- >> i'm getting dizzy. >> where are you, dear? >> we were dancing with 12 left feet. >> did you see her? really funny. >> reporter: after a few takes -- >> stepping forward and backwards. >> reporter: these music video new bee newbies, all pros. later, we have our official sweetheart dance with 35 couples. >> it seems like yesterday. >> 63 years. >> i wish i had that today. look at that. >> reporter: more than just a video shoot, we want to
8:20 am
ultimate affair. wedding gurus from the knot coordinate every detail. >> we wanted to make this something they can remember forever. >> one of the things i learned from talking and meeting you guys is when something is broken in a relationship, you don't throw it away. you fix it. that's what you guys have done. cheers to that. and cheers to you guys. >> i think this video will instill hope in people, that love can last. it's really inspirational to see people that have made it through. >> reporter: turns out, love, like making a music video, takes persistence persistence. >> are we ready? >> yes! >> here it comes. we're going to bring you the
8:21 am
you're in the mood for love you're in the mood to dance you're in the mood for a little romance you're in the mood for love i see you pressed close i see you style the hair as it seem s s, you're in the love to dance tonight, i have the chance to be your little romance
8:22 am
i'm all dressed up tonight i've waited all my life when will they finally play your song i'm in the mood to dance >> i promise to love, honor and cherish you. >> the joy of my life. to have and to hold. >> i do, i love you. >> i love just having him home. you know, everything worked out. >> 61 years. >> 50 something years and he still has me laughing. this is if it's the only chance i get if it's the only chance i get ready to throw the shoes away
8:23 am
i will sweep, sweep, sweep you off your feet i will sweep, sweep, sweep you off your feet to be your little romance can i have the chance to be your little romance can i have the chance, i'm in the mood for you you're in the mood for me we're in the mood for love >> so sweet. >> wasn't that? how about those couples? >> makes me want to sign up for ballroom dancing classes with my wife. seriously. that's really nice. >> sweet. >> hats off to robin. you know how she can put together a production? she took care of that. we brought you those stories. there's more.
8:24 am
those are wedding bells and they're ringing for a reason. we have a big fat, huge announcement. the wedding is back. together with our sister company, universal, we're throwing a big, fat, today wedding, in honor of the release of "my big fat greek wedding 2." >> this is how it works. if you're engaged, love the movie, have a great love story, you're the one and we want you to get married on "today." go to for your chance to tie the knot with our family and yours, too. >> the bigger the family, the more boisterous. upload a short video and check out the rules and regulations. be quick about it. you have until february 26th. >> wow. >> not a lot of time. >> i know. you have a little bit of time. get on it. >> great. >> hoda, that was fun.
8:25 am
steps up to the plate at fenway park and we're there live. first, your local good morning.
8:26 am
20 for 9news at 8:00 a.m. two women who say they were sexually assaulted by bill cosby are part of the effort to change the law in our state and possibly double the time victims have to come forward. denver is the next stop after the democratic candidates squared off on the debate stage. we'll tell you about hillary clinton and bernie sanders' plans in the mile high city. and tens of this happens of hoke fans will come as the puck drops for a huge outdoor game. now that's an ice rink. good morning, amelia. good morning, cheryl. i-70 in the mountains, a big accident that closed down i-70 for about 30 minutes. but we do have an update. previously, eastbound i-70 was closed at avon. about a minute ago, we had an update that one lane of traffic
8:27 am
so good news there, eastbound i- 70 one lane reopened. kipling a crash there, and over on channel 20, we'll have more on how this will impact your travel times. not as windy around here, gusty in the foothills, so we're 12 degrees cooler than yesterday which is nice. high clouds condition over the front range. it starts to get really overcast and foggy over the northeastern plains tonight as cold air sneaks in, and we'll stay overnight and move out tomorrow. 40s in the mountains and 50s in the south and in the front range and gets cooler as you go farther and farther to the northeast along i-76 with 60 plus in southeastern colorado. partly cloudy for us, a cool easter me -- easterly breeze and wood burning restrictions. tomorrow, we'll zoom into the
8:28 am
through sunday and cooler on sunday, and then rocket back
8:29 am
8:30 now. it is friday, february -- what is it -- 12th, 2016. take a look at that. you're looking at a huge skiing and snowboarding ramp set up on the field at boston's historic fenway park. doesn't that look fun?
8:30 am
goose coat. >> it's really cold and windy. dylan is there and we'll check in with her in a couple minutes. we'll try to convince her to slide down that in a lunch tray. >> snuggle up, snuggle bunnies. >> i didn't want to go for the blanket. >> why not? >> mick jagger and martin scorsese teaming up. we sat down with a couple legends to hear about their project. plus, your guide to valentine's day gifts. martha stewart is here on how to make gifts for your loved ones. what's valentine's day without candy. >> we have original ideas that are better than a heart-shaped box of chocolates. >> cute. >> nothing is better than this. >> leaping flames kind of licking our faces. >> can we do something, also?
8:31 am
quick get well and a very, very happy 90th birthday to a wonderful friend of ours? great baseball player and a member of our family always, joe is 90 today and hasn't been feeling all that well. if you're watching, we love you. we wish you the very best and a very, very happy birthday. >> huge hug to joe. >> love him. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we'll look at our weekend outlook. saturday, we have snow and rain in the pacific northwest. looking at some snow along the northern new england coastline. look for plenty of sunshine in the southwest. nice and warm. on sunday, sunday, record lows in the northeast. snow through the great lakes. icy mix in the mid mississippi river valley. more rain and snow expands out best.
8:32 am
the country. >> that's your latest weather. you know what? fire about that high is perfect. anyway, we have some friends over here. where are you from? >> alabama. >> you should have stayed in alabama. >> i know, right? >> we're glad you're here. >> thank you.
8:33 am
from our hockey champs fans. you guys are ready for the cold. >> yeah. >> let's get friends over here. where are you from? >> minnesota. >> this is nothing for you, right? >> no. it's comfy here. >> over here, that's what's going on. now let's head inside to matt. >> i didn't see you. the excitement up in boston, we've been showing you this all morn lg. in instead of baseball, fenway is home to a ski and snow board competition. dylan is on top of this massive ramp. good morning. >> good morning. fenway isn't known for its nose bleed seats but we're as high as you can get, higher than the lights as fenway. it's all for the big air
8:34 am
i am joined by your nbc analyst for free skiing and the first ever gold medalist in slope style skiing. congratulations on that. we've got a sport that i think is -- we're in the middle of downtown boston. what's going on here? >> interesting location wise. we wanted to introduce this sport in the right way. in order to do that, we decided to put it right in the middle of this glorious piece of american antiquity antiquity. hopefully the crowd would show and they did. and we had a cracked helmet. >> what happened last night? >> i took a nasty bail in practice. i ended up getting a little concussion. nothing too major at all, just a mild concussion. but i had to pull out, save my head. i had to watch the boys. >> you're feeling okay? >> i feel great this morning. the boys put on a great show last night but i couldn't be a
8:35 am
>> you're not going to compete tonight but you're hoping to compete in big air, in the 2018 olympics, and also in slope style. >> yeah, hopefully i can go back for both. should be a long road there, but it'll be worth it. >> since you're sitting this out, we have the analyst on skis. i hope you've done this before. >> not here. thanks for bringing that up. >> you've got this, man! >> here goes nothing. here we go. whoa! back flip. >> oh, my gosh. >> amazing. down.
8:36 am
luke, how'd it go? how would you rate that? >> i'd give it a perfect 10. rogue backflip at 8:30 in the morning. not bad. >> he's been an analyst eight years. to go out and down that -- >> that was insane. mad props. >> that's how that's done, guys. the big air competition continues tonight. it'll be on nbc-sn. guys? >> i'm a skier. i didn't like the sound of any part of that ramp. i'll tell you right now, that is pure ice. dylan, thank you very much. >> amazing. two icons and one project coming up. martin scorsese and mick jagger are joining forces for "vinyl." willie talks to them both. first, on a friday morning,
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
there are few people who are more qualified to tell the story of sex, drugs and rock and roll in the '70s than mick jagger. he's teamed up with martin scorsese and terence winter of "board "boardwalk empire" fame. they have a drama, "vinyl." >> this series brought together the two icons to show the down and dirty of new york's 1970s music scene and the shady business behind it. >> show people how rock and roll is supposed to make you feel. heaven knows they want to >> what was it about this period, mick, the 1970s, rock and roll? you lived it. the show is not just sex, drugs and rock and roll, it's a pivotal point. >> more the drugs. >> there are all those things,
8:40 am
these new genres of music coming. >> rock and roll is definitely in there, but we kind of touch on the fact that there's other genres of music. there's punk starting. we get the beginnings of hip hop. disco. it was a very exciting time. new york was an exciting place, though it was poverty stricken, run down. nevertheless, despite over things, it was a hugely creative period in many spheres. >> we decide to set this first series in this period. >> the '70s was a period of great excitement for me. beginnings of all the work i did in film, and music was tied into
8:41 am
>> and you used the stone themes throughout the movie. >> it's what was in my life at no point. >> do you have a favorite stones song? >> could be, "give me shelter." >> that's the one. >> it's interesting, we end up using it without saying we're going to use it. >> by the way, my favorite stones song, too. >> "exile". >> do you have a favorite album? >> i can't remember which songs are on which album, to be honest. >> reporter: even if mick's memory of his own catalog is vague, he hasn't forgotten the often shady business behind the songs. >> one of the key things that mick pointed out when he came to me to possibly make a film on the subject and it'd be more
8:42 am
about the artists and the music. more about how the business ran. >> which was crazy in itself. it was aligned with the period. a lot of people imagine the businessmen of were straight laced but they were not. >> you had that experience with some of these guys? >> yeah. >> the rolling stones! >> okay. >> reporter: scorsese directed the 2008 rolling stone's documentary, "shine a light," but vinyl is the first collaboration with the two icons. >> two guys who had creative control their entire careers. how did you work together? who was in charge? >> we have a good working relationship. even though we're both used to getting our own way to some extent, we both know we have to work with other people. you always want it to be the best. the thing about martin and i, we
8:43 am
it's unlikely to happen. we want as much as we can get. together. the series is great. i was telling you guys as we sat down for the interview, scorsese said, good, we're going to boom this here and mick will be here. he started directing the segment, which was cool for me to watch. >> i have. the series premiere of "vinyl" is sunday night on m hb to o. speaking of music, have you seen this new video by ok go? "upside down, inside out." they shot it in zero gravity.
8:44 am
>> so colorful. i love it. >> they took 21 flights in zero gravity to shoot that video. >> we should do it. >> i would need 21 little bags for that. quickly i want to go back to one thing. i'll be you, willie and you be mick jagger. do you have a favorite rolling stones song? >> to be honest, i don't remember which songs go with which album? >> you're sitting across from one of your heros and he's being mick jagger. i don't know what songs are on which album, really. >> that needs to be a jif. >> it probably already is.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back at 8: 47. valentine's day is this sunday. no better way to show your love than making something from scratch. look who is here, martha stewart, creator of all things
8:47 am
projects that even she says we can master, which is unusual. >> women have no trouble. >> as we do these, willie, al and me, we'll play in the background, our favorite love songs. >> how nice. >> ready for mine? >> yeah. >> fan out. tell me if you know who this is. >> barry white. >> well done. what are we making? >> these are beautiful vases. look how pretty. >> are they hard to make? >> wouldn't your wife like a breakfast pray with tray with her initial on it? >> what's your wife's initial? >> i need an "a." >> there's no "a." put an "m" for martha. i'll do an "m" for matt. >> she'll love that. >> you paint a border with this
8:48 am
these are stencils you can buy at the craft store. everybody can access these with no difficulty. put the stencil on. pounce with your paint. you don't want to do one? >> i'm going to do the one you've got. do it put this here? >> here. >> you do it. you're better than me. >> you go like that. you put this off after -- should have chose an more simple letter. >> this comes out beautiful. i was with martha, annette, but i was thinking of you. there we go. >> let that dry. hi, al. what do we have? what song do you have? now that's beautiful >> "unforgettable," martha. >> everybody is unforgettable. >> true. but my wife is more unforgettable.
8:49 am
>> really? >> hombre heart. the banner down here is all hombred. take your crafts glue and paint over an entire part. it's made out of heavy cardboard or fiberboard, whatever. then we have four different colors, tones of glitter. glitter comes in beautiful colors now. you're a good painter, al. >> two coats. >> one is enough for this. just cover the whole thing. start with the lightest color on the top and go down. >> want to move on with mr. geist while i continue working? >> she doesn't trust you. >> we don't have time for crafts. >> come on down, martha. >> what's playing now? >> little frank. >> my favorite. >> "the way you look tonight."
8:50 am
>> i got lost in your eyes for a second. what are we doing here? >> we'll have candles for your dinner. are you going to have a sexy din dinner on valentine's? >> absolutely. >> good. you punch out the hearts. >> what is this material? >> wax. you can apply these hearts. look how easy they punch out. heat it up a little with the hair dryer. right on the little heart. warm it up. >> all right. >> and apply it to your candle and it stays. >> cool. >> nice. it stays right on there. you can do all different size hearts. you can make pillared candles into something special. >> ins i since i did the online dating thing with you, who are you spending valentine's day with?
8:51 am
friday, saturday and sunday, i'm flying out three. >> wow. >> just kidding. i wish. i wish. >> always nice to know. martha, thank you very much. >> happy valentine's day. >> i didn't see that coming. >> i have to get that image out of my head now. >> all the instructions are on up next, how to think outside the box when it comes to valentine's day chocolates.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're back at 8:53. now that you know how to make your own valentine's day gift, you need sweet treats to go with it. lori is style director at "good housekeeping" magazine, here to help us think outside of the box. >> good morning. >> life is like a box of chocolates but we're taking it up a notch. >> you never know what you're going to get. >> you have good things for us. >> the point i want to make is these are all still available. you might incur a cost to overnight it. we did a good job of finding local chocolates here and across the country. support small businesses, as well. malvi is out of north carolina. this is a baked chocolate cookie with the marshmallow inside. team. chocolate on chocolate, which i
8:54 am
$6.50 for a pack of four. >> i love it. >> if you like your chocolate in brown brownies or cookies, these are from whole foods. >> can i try? >> caramel brownies. these go from $24.99 to $34.99. really fun and nice to give to your sweetheart. >> you can get these by valentine's day? >> you can overnight them. >> wow. >> this one, i'm particularly obsessed with. this is from wood house chocolate. do you like peanut butter cups? >> love them. >> this has roasted peanuts, home homemade peanut btter. $16. this is brittle bark. a mom tripled this business because they're so addictive. speaking of family-run businesses, two sisters in brooklyn. family sundays.
8:55 am
if you love a chocolate covered pretzel, sprinkles, salty coffee, birthday cake. love hot chocolate? >> love. >> this ranges from $5 to $15. you stir it in and it's a really decadent hot chocolate. >> we'll have the list on for more on the sweet treats. want to launch into something? >> one more. >> these are the hearts. $32.95. this is used as a medical mold. >> the rest will be online.
8:56 am
hi, everyone. i'm gary shapiro. it's day 2 of the jury selection centered in long mont that has the attention of the country. dynel lane is accused of cutting an upborn baby out of a pregnant mother, attacking michelle wilkins when she was 7 months pregnant. she survived. her unborn baby did not. the trial will be in boulder. let's check the forecast. marty coniglio has that, and it's a hold on to your hat forecast? that's right, gary, a nice
8:57 am
it will come roaring back tomorrow and saturday and sunday. it will be a sunny day around the state, and we'll continue to see clouds and even fog and ice fog forming up early, early plains. i think we'll stay generally clear around here and we'll tomorrow. today, not a bad day. it's cooler in the north end plains. upper 40s to near 50 in northern colorado and a warm day in the mountains and southwest with 60-plus temperatures down south. for us, partly cloudy conditions and a cool breeze out of the east with wood burning restrictions in effect below 7000 feet and today, upper 20s to near 30 and wind picks up tomorrow out of the west and warms us. tomorrow into sunday, very strong winds possible in and near the foothills from tomorrow afternoon into sunday,
8:58 am
this morning on today's take, katie holmes in her most intense role yet. and mick jagger and martin scorsese. and cakes, crafts and more for valentine's day. that's all coming up. from nbc news, this is
8:59 am
natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. >> welcome to "today" on a friday morning. february the 12th, 2016. we brought our crowd in tight to that fire pit. they need it out there. it is cold here in new york city. really in large parts of the country. get on the couch. >> this reminds me of my parents wouldn't let me sit on the sofa. >> the only difference it's not coated in plastic. no plastic slip cover. >> you can't go in there. >> i don't know why, i woke up thinking about this. hung out with some cool girls yesterday. >> looking red hot. we need it, because this weekend we have temperatures predicted to be sub-zero from the mid wrest, to the -- midwest to the east coast. 14 in new york, 8 in boston. it will get colder sunday morning. i mean, it's going to be brutal. take a look at the images, this is from scranton, pennsylvania.
9:00 am
spraying water 20 feet into the air, covering homes, street signs, power lines with a thick sheet of ice. i mean, like out of a movie. it's crazy. they finally were able to chip away, but look at that. >> wow. >> yeah. that is unbelievable. >> unreal. >> isn't that crazy? >> we spent a lot of the week in manchester, new hampshire, covering the primary there. we got lucky. because i'm looking at the phone, negative 8 tomorrow, negative 6 in manchester. >> it is dangerously cold. so people have to check on the elderly, especially. check your pets. dress in layers. frostbite can occur very quickly on exposed areas of skin. please be careful. >> sounds like a good weekend for a blanket and clicker. we are getting a sneak peek of president obama's appearance on "ellen" later on today. the first lady had a nice valentine's day message and he
9:01 am
>> i wanted to wish you a happy valentine's day. so our last one that we'll spend in the white house and in honor of that i wrote you a little valentine's day poem that i wanted to share. roses are red, violets are blue, you are the president and i am your boo. >> somebody called the situation room, because things are about to get hot. [ cheers and applause ] because i love you so much, i obamacare about you more than that's right. obamacare. >> this is the man in the last year of his presidency. enjoying himself. >> he was so modern and hip. obamacare. >> i obamacare you. >> and i thought he'd break out in marvin gaye.
9:02 am
get into the president's speech. i will obamacare you. >> that's cute. that's very cute. >> one thing the cold weather is good for is up in fenway park in boston. they transformed fenway where the red sox play into the winter wonderland. this is a 40-foot high snow ramp. it is called polar tech big air at fenway. it's a free skiing competition, dylan was there. and the ski analyst was trying it out. >> oh. >> bam. >> wow. nails the landing right there. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> that's a little terrifying. from the top of the ramp. >> how small the bottom looks. >> how fast do you think -- going down? >> i don't know. >> doesn't matter. doesn't really matter. >> it's not the speed. >> just so you stop at the bottom.
9:03 am
>> this is on nbcsn this weekend. check it out. it's unreal what they're able to do. we see it at the olympics and now the people of boston will see it. >> what does that feel like? >> we'll never know. [ laughter ] >> never ever ever. >> we're just like -- never going to do it, never going to happen. another hot thing that's happening, last night kanye west had his huge fashion show debut. we'll talk about that in a moment and the headline -- lamar odom made his first public appearance, khloe kardashian's husband. >> he looks great. remember he was on life support -- again. >> he couldn't speak. kanye escorted lamar into madison square garden to cheers of people shouting his name. >> wow. >> the kardashians dressed there in kanye's clothing line which i thought looks like "game of thrones."
9:04 am
lamar is also in one of kanye's men's collection pieces there. >> that's amazing. >> the man's life has been turned around. >> like you said, the reports were so dire. i didn't see if we'd see the guy in public again. here he is at a public event. so happy to see him. >> obviously, just in contrast, and we don't know and perhaps on their show, they'll tell really what happened and his journey. he's been in rehab with his children visiting him. they've put out a couple instagrams. >> amazing. speaking of runways, tamron walking the runway for a special cause last night. >> yes. >> american heart association's go red for women red dress collection. there you see -- >> hello. >> tamron hall! >> hi there. >> good thing that wasn't today. >> look at you. yeah! >> my golly. go red --
9:05 am
shell more. you really do. >> dab! >> here's what happened, and this is the gospel truth. mark bauer, that's his creation. i'd never seen this dress until 20 minutes before i put it on. you know this, and al, this is all show, this is tv. when i'm one-on-one at parties, do i talk to people? >> no. >> believe it or not, i'm a shy person. our amazing pr, she's like, you're here, in the dress, you have to do it. >> and you did. >> florence henderson was my inspiration. she had her robe on and basically disrobed going out on the red carpet. >> that's our girl. >> florence was like, do it and own it. >> you looked amaze ing. >> you had great company. fran drescher, vanna white. >> yes. it was all for a good cause. i walked in honor of my aunt who
9:06 am
i took off a month ago from work. in her honor. please go over to the website, the american heart association, and learn more about how we as women need to monitor our health, have an annual exam and remind the women in your life. it's great to have a great red dress but better to have a hug from your mom, aunt, loved one. >> the next best thing? a secret admirer. what happened? yesterday. then he tweets this. when you're trying hard not to ignore your buddy al roker because you just want to stare at tamron hall. >> look at him. >> malcolm jamal-warner tweeted this. >> following up with, the only annoying part was not having time to ask willie geist to trade seats with me. >> see, you guys -- okay.
9:07 am
flirting with the mvp of the super bowl. >> von miller. >> who was adorable. i made a joke and i really was not flirting with him. >> no. >> i was flirting with malcolm jamal. >> i think it was obvious. >> the people had it wrong. it was all on twiet tter. von is like 20 and i'm a hundred. it's not my lane. >> tamron huxtable. i like the sound of that. never mind. forget that. >> he is a handsome talent and a musician. i started instagram stalking him. >> it's mutual, okay. >> there's a song called "it goes down in the dio." >> direct message? >> i haven't done it yet. i have a date lined up for valentine's day already. >> in case it falls through. guess what? day 13 of our 25 days of prizes. we'll help you find us on
9:08 am
our prize today, this is a great one, it's a perfect valentine's day present. a today prize is a snow joe ion hybrid snow blower. nothing says i love you than a hybrid snow blower. worth almost $500. go to's ees 's take. how many likes do we have? 236,000. million. check it out. please like us at's take. register to win that snow blower. of course, we have our friend polar vortex. it's weakened and sending down the cold air. we are looking at brutal temperatures, record lows moving
9:09 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. coming up, it doesn't get better than this. mick jagger and martin scorsese, the film's front man and the oscar-winning director teams up for a series on hbo called "vinyl." it's about the sex, drugs, rock and roll lifestyle of the '70s. we'll catch up with a couple icons next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. 8hr arthritis pain
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t like restrictions. especially when it came to watching her calories. that' s why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness, all for 80 calories. zlight & fit. z feel free to enjoy. so my kids don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me. but only if you have a brain. martin scorsese, a hollywood
9:13 am
century with incredible, iconic films like "taxi driver," starring robert de niro. four years later, he teamed up bull." it wasn't until 2007 that scorsese won his first oscar as best director for the "departed." he was nominated again for "the wolf of wall street." now, he's teamed up with an up and coming artist named mick jagger, for a new series on hbo called "vinyl." it's about the gritty rock and roll scene in new york city. >> so word on the street is this show is 20 years in the making.
9:14 am
marty, is that right, mick? >> yeah, it would be a four-hour movie. they said, marty, it had to be cut to three hours. marty said, never. >> i said, two hours. >> reporter: they found a home on hbo, where the series captures the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the music industry that jagger lived through. one of the actors on the show, mick's son, james. >> we had this character written for an up and coming punk band. i said, i hate to do this, but i'm going to throw my son in the mix. he's into the punk rock band. put him in and see how he does, throw him in the mix. i think he comes out very good. >> very well. >> reporter: scorsese is a rolling stones fan from way back. the band's music has been the soundtrack to some of the most memorable scenes in his films. >> the music that really scored
9:15 am
the music i kept relating to was the stones. >> i have a guess based on how many times you've used it in a movie. do you have a favorite stones song? >> could be "gimme shelter." >> that's the one! >> reporter: both scorsese and jagger worked with the late david bowie. they reflected on the loss of a long-time friend. >> very saddening. you know, i hadn't seen him such a along time. it's very sad. i had no idea he was that ill. >> i met him in the early '80s. i worked with him on "last temptation of christ." >> maybe you'd learn a lesson. >> thank you, gentlemen, so much. i appreciate the time. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> you can catch the first episode of "vinyl" this sunday on hbo. ahead, we'll catch up with katie holmes on her intense role in the film "touch td fire
9:16 am
the video that'll turn you upside down and inside ou human maintenance guy would actually be exactly what i am. i got to hang a picture. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world. it's amazing to me because it takes me seconds. but yet, when i go into the apartment, i'm there for half an hour. it is not just hanging a picture, it is conversing, it is being a friend. there aren't old people there. there are actually young people with old clothing on. valentine's day is this sunday!... so get to kohl's early for super saturday... and save on great early bird gifts 'till 1pm... like 70% off fine jewelry. 45-55% off colorful new dress shirt for him... or sleepwear, loungewear and robes for her. for the kids - find jumping beans tops and bottoms for . . . off - on top of these already great sale prices!
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9:20 am
let's get it started because we have to dress up. a big day for kanye, right? the rapper debuted his new album called "the life of pablo." he finally named that thing as well as his third yeezy collection for adidas at madison square garden. the entire kardashian clan came out to support yeezy including his wife kim who went platinum for the event. maybe she's hoping the album will do the same. i see what you did there, kim. we're not sure if the new 'do is permanent. what? it's a wig? we know north west was looking adorable. look at her at the bottom of the screen stealing the show proving kids can slay fashion. the extended car kardashian-west family includeed lamar odom and congrats to kanye. they're saying he reinvented fashion and music at the same time.
9:21 am
the band okgo is known for stunning with us their newest video. it's called "upside down and inside out" shot in zero gravity. it looks as though the video was shot in one take, which makes it more impressive. we're not sure how they will top this one but we look forward to whatever they can come up with next. i have proposed that the "today" team reenact this video. al roker says not happening. okay. it's president's day weekend and valentine's day weekend but mother's day has come early. we're not talking about the holiday, we're talking about the new star-studded movie from one of my favorite directors, gary marshall. yahoo! movies has the exclusive premier of the new trailer and it has a list of a-listers. jennifer aniston, kate hudson, julia roberts, and here's your peek. >> her ex just got remarried to, like, a 12-year-old. >> hi, sandy. >> hi! >> i'm here for a job. >> tell me more about this tween
9:22 am
>> i'm sure i exaggerated. i'll have a better idea once the acne clears up. >> can you go to the supermarket. >> what do you need? >> juice, eggs, and tampons. >> what does that mean? >> tamm on thes. >> i'm going to right "t." i don't know what that means. >> i need a price check on organic -- >> two sons. >> nice meeting you sandy with two sons. >> i love it already. can't wait to see that. that's up my alley. taylor swift is set to open at the grammys monday night. the singer is nominated for seven awards, including album of year t year. the list of performance announced so far extensive, adele, lady gaga, luke bryant, justin bieber, the cast of "hamilton" which we're so excited about, rihanna and isn't kendric lamar going to perform? he's king of the grammys, right? let me know because al says beat sound. just ahead, we'll catch up with katie holmes to talk about her
9:23 am
a "dawson creek" remake. and al is whipple up strawberry short cake after your local news and weather. that looks good. her. looks good. (crowd cheering) abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. it could be ibs-d. new prescription xifaxan is an ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. do not use xifaxan if you p p rifamycin antibiotic agents, p or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. ask your doctor about new xifaxan. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria
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9:25 am
basement and cut the fetus out of her womb. wilkins was 7 months pregnant. her unborn girl did not survive. lane faces charges of attempted first degree murder, assault, and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. a man who was held against his will inside a loveland hotel was rescued by police late last night. police got a call that he was being held at king's court hotel on north lincoln. when they showed up... they saw a suspect driving away. officers followed... starting a short chase. about three miles later... the truck crashed. two people were arrested. both the d-e-a and f-d-a are now asking questions- about what happened at swedish medical center. a former employee is accused of putting nearly three thousand patients at risk of h-i-v, hepatitis b and hepatits c. 28 year old former surgical tech rocky allen is accused of switching syringes -- so he could get his hands on a painkiller called fentanyl.
9:26 am
back with another update in 25 minutes... i'm vida urbonas with this 9news
9:27 am
9:28 am
taking a look at the headlines. the cdc says two u.s. women who contracted the zika virus while traveling outside of the country suffered miscarriages after they got home. they're the first known cases of miscarriages in america, with americans who have gotsen ten the virus traveling aboard. the world health organization said possible vaccines are at least 18-months away. the agency is proceeding very quickly. have you thrown in the towel
9:29 am
you're not alone, but it may not be your fault. a new study finds our brains are wired to focus on past rewards, making it hard to break bad habits and kick addictions. according to researchers the brain flushes with feel good chemicals when brought up to pleasurable smells or sights. a study found humans mimic the faces of others woutd real s s without realizing it and the brain feels similar sensations of past experiences and creates an instant response. at whole foods, you might get a tattoo. the company is looking for partners to set up shop in its 365 whole foods market. they're hoping to attract young shoppers. called friends of 365. while no partners have been firmed up yet, they could
9:30 am
record shops and tattoo parlors. pope francis is on his way to cuba and then mexico. havana. he got a gift from a mexican journalist, a sombrero. looks good in it. the pontiff returns to the vat cann -- vatican in a week. saturday, we have wet weather in the pacific northwest. lake-effect snow showers left over around the great lakes. cold temperatures in the upper midwest and northeast. as far south as northern florida. sunday, sunday, we are looking for more snow from the upper great lakes all the way down into the gulf coast. rain and ice in between. rain and snow on the pacific northwest. record lows sunday morning in the northeast and mid-atlantic states.
9:31 am
look at los angeles >> that is your latest weather. now to today food. a dessert not only perfect for your kids but also a romantic finish to your dinner with your sweetie. strawberry shortcake. my mom used to make this all the time and i loved it. it's a simple dessert. i love this. you make extra biscuits, it's great. you have your strawberries, eggs, lemon curd with baking soda. all the baking ingredients.
9:32 am
processor and it makes it easier. some do it by hand. take your flour. you're going to take some sugar. baking powder and salt. put it together. the secret is, when you put in your butter, it should be ice cold. >> really? >> keep it in the freezer until you're ready to use it. put your butter in there. >> easier to cut when it's cold. >> exactly. put the top on. you're going to basically pulse this until it gets crumbly. of course, you have to get the top on first. anyway, you pulse it. >> we get the point. >> this is what you'll end up with. crumbly stuff. now, you whisk an egg with whole milk. you're going to put that in here. then you're going to put that all together. you mix it up. you're going to roll it out to about an inch square. take any shapes. >> you have a heart? >> or you can use the perfect
9:33 am
>> so cute. >> now, to finish it off, before you put it in the oven, brush it with a little egg wash, like that. >> the biscuit is critical to this. a bad biscuit ruins it and this is a good one. >> sprinkle sugar on top. 425 for 10 minutes in the oven. while it's baking, get the ripe strawberries and mash them up. you're going to throw in sugar. a little water. then you're going to take the -- once these are mashed, put in some sliced strawberries so there's heft to them. >> got it. >> meantime, whipped cream. you can get some from the store or make your own. lemon curd. a little lemon zest. whoa, whoa, the vanilla! some vanilla. >> there you go. >> real life right there.
9:34 am
>> then you take your -- cut your biscuits in half once they've cooled down. take a little doll bit of sour cream. >> this is one of my favorite dessert desserts. the lemon curd, the best i've had. >> gives it another flavor. >> finish it off with a little stau ber strawberry and champagne. for the kids, sparkle ing grape juice. don't give this to your kids. >> oh, auntie tamron. >> this is the after-party where the kids aren't at. >> for more valentine day ideas, head to shout outto shoutout to one of our loyal food club members. cheyenne, thank you for sharing
9:35 am
katie holmes on her new movie, "touched with fire." want to wear your heart on your sleeve? and bouquets of bacon. >> kidding me? >> that's coming up. now an incredible rebirth for dry hair. new from l'oreal, extraordinary oil shampoo. a shampoo system infused with luscious, lightweight oils. in just one wash ha ir looks instantly and visibly nourished. transforms dry hair without weighing it down. sumptuously soft , weightlessly flowing, brilliantly shiny. as if transfromed. extraordinary. an incredible rebirth for dry hair. new extraordinary oil from l'oreal advanced haircare paris.
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in the new film "touched with fire," katie holmes takes on her most intense role yet, as a wombat lg an battling bipolar disorder. >> tamron caught up with katie. >> i sat down with katie and her love-interest in the film, luke kirby. i had a talk with her about another famous role from way back when, a beloved television show. here it is. >> were you a fan of "dawson"? >> yeah. is that convincing? >> no, that wasn't. >> it feels so long ago. >> it was iconic television. >> wasn't quite 20 years ago. >> that's what they wrote. >> reporter: the times have changed since katie holmes was a high schooler. with her newest role, we're actress. >> trying to figure out who i am. you know, because i don't feel
9:40 am
even when i go off the medication, i don't feel like myself. >> it's nothing like anything i've done before. the love story involved, it's really sad. you want them to be together but -- >> you do. >> -- they're not good for each other. because we both share, we're the only ones that can relate to each other. >> i felt like that watching this. i want the characters together, but i don't. i think it speaks to the chemistry you had on screen. what was that like for you? >> you know, it's about a five-minute test that worked. >> five minutes, you were in? >> either you see that we're going to lock in and do this or not. >> when you go home and you're with your child, does a film like this have an impact in your interaction and even educating your child about this?
9:41 am
at work. i keep everything really sort of separate. i work and then i'm mom. >> i know you talked to "more" magazine recently. the quote was, i feel i'm still a teenage ner i still feel like a girl. what does that mean? >> i guess it says i'm not that self-aware, is what i meant. i do things that are challenging. i do things that are fun, but i don't think about it too much. >> are you a kid at heart? >> yeah. i'm in jeans and a sweatshirt most days and i like it. >> do you think that, with everyone kind of into throwback television, would you be willing to go back to do a reboot of "dawson's creek"? >> and be in high school again? >> more of the creepy teacher in high school. you tell me. >> when i look back at the show, it had a certain charm that was available. it was before the internet really took over. it was before iphones. it was before this kind of new
9:42 am
it had this certain feeling that was of the '90s. >> it's time to grow up, dawson. >> we'll do it together. >> i don't think that in today's world, you could achieve that same kind of feeling. >> you think they're like on facebook now, those characters? they're facebook friends? >> where are they now? >> they just communicate on facebook. >> they text all the time, like the rest of us. they're texting to each other while they're sitting with each other. >> "touched with fire" is in select theaters, nationwide next week. "dawson creek" fans have to wait. >> you wanted the reboot. >> i'm too old to be into the "dawson creek," but everyone under my age liked it. >> classic. >> you won't get it. coming up, bacon roses. whether you like salt or sweet, we'll show you some of the most
9:43 am
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l is for the way you look at me roses are old school. how about a bouquet of bacon instead for valentine's day? >> that's what i'm talking about. inspiration for valentine's, you can find it on youtube. can channel, how to cake it, has over 1 million subscribers. yo lan good morning. you met martha stewart? >> one dream come true. the second, i had a one year anniversary on youtube. and i'm here with you today. >> congratulations. happy you're here to celebrate valentine's day. let's start with the emoji cakes. >> this is kissy face and heart eyes. >> how do you do it? >> this is a fondant cake, which is a lot of what i do. if this is too much to handle, you can make the mini cakes
9:48 am
ice them with raspberry butter cream. what you end up with is a gorgeous pink raspberry butter cream. perfect forvalentine's day. top them with your loved one's favorite candies. do it with your kids or wife. >> beautiful. i'm going sample it while you do bacon with al. >> okay. >> this is from spread banger. it's flowers and dinner in one. >> wow. >> you knock it out. you take a strip of bacon and roll it up. then you insert toothpicks so that they stand up on your baking rack. just like crisscross them. >> crisscross applesauce. >> good memory. stand them on a tray and bake them at 400 degrees until crispy. >> where is the bouquet part
9:49 am
>> you get your standard bouquet and pluck off the flowers. take your bacon roses and stick them in the flower bud. hello. she's in love with you. >> she loves me. she loves me not. >> you still love bacon. >> i do. >> deborah, you know what to get al. let's move over here. i see milk shakes, mason jars. >> this is from the domestic geek. this is a cherry cheese make shake. this is vanilla ice cream and we pour in milk. then we have, of course, cherries for the cherry cheesecake. this is cream cheese. if you can grab the vanilla and graham crumbs. >> absolutely. >> should we put a bacon rose? no. >> bacon milk shake. i like the way you think. >> we're going to mix it all
9:50 am
>> what do you like about the mason jar? they seem to be popular. >> they're chic, fun and casual. they hold a lot more milkshake, which is great. >> love it. >> pour nit it in a jar. let's skip ahead to the end. >> let's do it. the apple cake, a neat little heart sweatshirt. >> hearts on your sleeve sweatshirt. what you do, make yourself a heart template, foam roller, paint and paint away. any pattern. >> keep repeating? >> all down the sleeve, anyway you want it. >> come out with something like that. >> i would wear this on how to cake it. i'd paint, cake, across the sweatshirt. >> happy early valentine's day. >> you, too. >> we're back in a moment on
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
cold day out on the rink. sheinelle jones is warm inside with us. >> hi, i'm warm. do you believe in love? >> yes. >> you're going to see this story tomorrow. it's going to be one of those awe stories. the couple is married now. they had this near death expeerps ex experience that made them realize their love. let's not have a near death experience and let's recognize the person when we have them. that's for all the romantics out there. do you know the difference between love or lust? >> can you have both? >> you know what? ah-ha thing, i don't know if i thought about it that way. we'll have a psychologist and dig into it. >> you can have both. >> true. >> you probably should have both. >> exactly. >> i'm pretty deep. >> lust becomes love. >> absolutely. >> back and forth. >> can lust go to love? >> sure.
9:54 am
9:55 am
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