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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 13, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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. that is all i want to do right now, hold my baby and tell him how sorry i was. >> the mother talks about her son and the man accused in his death and america's fight against zika is in colorado and split. colorado's top cycling event
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year because it is not happening again. warmer temperatures and hurricane force winds for the weekend. 9news starts now. it has been 17 years since columbine. years of questions of why and whether the parents of the two shooters could have prevented it. in a new book titled a mother's reckoning living in the after math of tragedy the mother of one of the shooters breaks her silence. she talks about her relationship with her son and what happened in their home leading up to the day. the book will be released monday and all profits go to research and to charitable foundations focused on mental health. she shrugged off the changes she saw in her son and she
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>> the shock of this was -- was learning that what i believed and how i lived and parented was an invention in my own mind. >> themotomy she learned her son was the one -- the moment she learned her son was the one shooting she had he had to be stopped and i prayed he would die. she said we would like to believe our love is protection and i wasn't able to stop him from hurting other people. the book will be released on monday. two 15-year-old girls died at their high school in glendale, arizona. one of the girls shot the other and then turned the gun on herself. they believe the girls had been in a relationship. six-year-old boy is dead. his father accused of killing
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idea what led up to the arrest. he sexually assaulted his girlfriend and then turned a knife on his son. steve spangler spoke with the boy's mother today. >> reporter: social services took them away from her in 2012 after she was convict offend child abuse and left them in her ex-husband's custody. she was fighting to get him when she got a phone call from deputies. >> they gave me a lock of his hair. >> reporter: it is all she has left. >> i mean it feels like what it would feel like. >> lock of hair is all investigators gave her when she went to the coroner's office. they didn't want her to see him. not like that. >> i just want to hold my son. i think that is why they wouldn't let me see him. i would hold him. that is all i want to do. hold my baby and tell him how
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>> the boy's father brandon johnson killed him wednesday morning after he sexually assaulted his girlfriend at knifepoint. >> took a lot to make him angry. >> reporter: they are divorced. he had custody after she was convicted of child abuse in 2012. but she was working on her life. working to get him back. >> my case worker called me and told me she would close my case so i could fight for him. and then i get a phone call saying my son is gone. >> reporter: she had he was controlling but never violent. she remembers when he was forcing himself on her right in front of him. >> my son said daddy gate off mommy. >> reporter: she believes this might have been the case a few days ago. maybe he was trying to help that woman.
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a mother with so many questions and now a feeling of filt. >> if i would -- guilt. >> if i would have fought harder i would have had my son already. i blame myself because i should have pushed a lot harder. >> reporter: brandon johnson is still in the hospital recovering from self-inflicted wounds. the woman he sexual assaulticide now out -- sexually assaulted is now out of the hospital. it necknition involved in a historic -- technician involved in a hiv scare has left town. the hospital notified three thousand patients they needed to be tested for hiv and hepatitis.
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talk to him about the investigation. the colorado department of corrections is searching for three men under patrol supervision and they disappeared. they are associated with the prison gang. the 211 crew. the man who killed a colorado prison chief was a member of the same gang. they cut off their ankle monitors. they don't know if they are armed or traveling together. if you see them call 911. the battle against the zika virus is centered in colorado. the search and training is happening at the cdc facility in fort collins. 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez joins us. this is a global response. >> reporter: it is and it is spear headed by the cdc in colorado. they are working with international governments to
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and what could be down to stop it or slow it down. we were there today as senators met with researchers. the fight against zika begins here at the cdc in fort collins. the senators toured the facility together today to learn about the research efforts. >> they are working hard now we know it train people all over central america, latin america and throughout the united states to -- to handle the samples. . of the year. to discover more about the zika virus to understand it, to understand how it is transmitted. >> we maintain colonies. >> reporter: the cdc first worked with the virus in 2007 but three months ago they began outbreak. >> it is unprecedented to what we have seen in the and say the
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different as well. . >> reporter: two different species of mosquitos are responsibility for transmitting the virus. the cdc is learning move through their office in brazil. >> we have a team getting set to leave this weekend to begin the study that i mentioned. >> reporter: the birth defect that researchers are still trying to figure out may be connected to pregnant women who are diagnosed with zika. >> for all other travelers other than pregnant women they should not be concerned but aware and take precautions to avoid mosquitos. >> the likelihood of the zika virus spreading to colorado isn't likely. the mosquitos aren't found in the state and couldn't survive long term. they ever the virus however it is in a controlled environment. they are not infecting mosquitos at this time. that is down outside of colorado.
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vaccine? >> reporter: we are told they are not working on a vaccine. there are other organizations working on a vaccine and it is still several years away. >> nothing really quick. >> no. >> all right. thank you. women who are are pregnant are most at risk from the zika virus. that prompted many to rethink their travel plans. they planned a cruise to mexico. last week she received an e- mail warning travelers about the virus. she asked her dr. forked a -- doctor for advice. they decided to pull the plug [ indiscernible ] >> the company was wonderful. but it is just not worth it to spend money to have a nice time with the risk that i could
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children's life forever. >> the cdc has a warning for pregnant women. consider postponing travels to zika infected areas. in many cases they are offering refunds. they were able to rebook on a future cruise. the u.s.a. pro challenge in financial trouble for years is calling off the 2016 race. the race lost millions of dollars each year. it never did attract the responser it needed to be profitable. last year the backers bailed. in a statement announcing the cancellation they said they hope to have it back in 2017. when broncos fans fill the streets on tuesday to celebrate the win, they are trying to make money off counterfeit items. more than 360 pieces of
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were trying to sell. items were seized from 15 vendors. police arrested 276 people over super bowl weekend for drunk drivers. colorado springs had 27. denver's numbers are still being gathered. former virginia governor has ended his bid for the republican nomination. he got all of 12 votes in iowa. so he gets all of 12 second here in this story. tomorrow night the six gop carolina. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush and john kasich. bernie sanders and hillary tomorrow. bernie sanders is hosting a rally at the convention center.
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gabrielle giffords and mark kelly are campaigning on hillary clinton's behalf. we will cover the speeches tomorrow night. still ahead divided by different beliefs for a thousand years. the leaders of two churches come together for a historic meeting and a father rushes to rescue his son. >> saturday, warm and windy saturday on the way. and a get for comic-con, a star
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two religious leaders tried to take a step towards repairing a split that happened years ago. the heads of the catholic and russian orthodox church met in cuba.
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they are ready to take all measures to overcome their differences. saying they are not competitors but brothers. and for the modern differences between the church, the orthodox church doesn't believe in purgatory. they have taken a hard line against home sexually and pope francis said who am i to judge. the russian church, priests are permanented to be ordained while marries. a deal would be signed that would allow 100 flights into cuba by u.s. airlines. there will be 10 times more than the flights between the u.s. and cuba. travelers would be required to certify their trip. cuban airlines won't begin flying because of legal issues. regarding as he and his son go skiing.
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control and disappears near one of the trees. he is scared and confused and realize his son is stuck in a tree well. >> heads up. okay. okay. [ screams ] >> he we go. here we go. [ screams ] >> i got you. >> scary moments. his son will be all right. he posted the video as a lesson. he wants skiers to understand how important it is to never go alone and the dangers of the tree wells. his video has been viewed 700,000 times. valentine's day is sunday. again, guys, valentine's day is sunday. and our partners at career builder looked into how much love is happening around the office. according to their survey 37% say they dated someone at work.
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and 17% involved one person who was married. most didn't know if they were breaking the rules. 45% couldn't tell whether their company had a dating policy. comic-con will have star power. today we learned who will be here from the star wars movie. fresh off a return as generallia. care -- general lea. carrie fisher will be here. tickets are on sale for all three days and there are extra fees for autographs and photos. they will be announced in june. emergency danielle grant in the back -- emergency daniel grand in the backyard. . temperatures cooler than the past couple days.
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two bald eagles at there at stanley leak regional park. a great day to be out and bout. they seem to be just fine atop the tree. lovely sight. still talking animals. this one. 9700 feet. a golden sunset. you might see able to see. high temperatures 52 degrees today. dia. same in fort collins. cooler air pushing in from the northeast. we were in the upper 60s and 70s across the arizona river valley and in the mountains a comfortable day with all the blue skies. right now cooling things off, cloudy skies. winds now shifting out of the west at six miles per hour. in the backyard it is quiet and calm. nice to see the winds settled down a bit before they ramp back up. temperatures right now sitting
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the wind will be brutal towards this valentine's day weekend. right now the worse of it is around the foothills. tracking wind gusts 26 miles per hour. 33 for the loveland pass area. over all around the i-25 things are quieting down. the worse of it is late saturday evening towards sunday morning. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night through 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. wind gusts 70 to 75 miles per hour. on the front range foothills and above timber line. they will race to the i-25 corridors. wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour throughout sunday. it will be a noisy night, noisy weekend and as we fast forward into tomorrow morning, 11:00 a.m., we could have a couple of wind gusts in the 40 miles per hour range. the worse of it is tomorrow night. easily wind gusts in the 50 miles per hour range. denver. possibly in the gifts. golden as well.
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talking about this cold arctic air mass dipping into the great england. the coolest air they have seen for the season and it is just going it be on the edge of colorado as we head towards sunday evening. you can see the bridge of -- the ridge of high pressure supplying us with sunshine and the mild temperatures. don't worry it will be back for most of next week. temperature readings tomorrow in the teens. day time highs. not accounting the wind chills. 19 d.c. 60s in dallas. and denver. the desert southwest mid-70s and upper 80s. wild, right? tonight mostly cloudy skies across the area. cloudy skies in eastern colorado, nebraska and cases. tomorrow morning cog -- kansas city. tomorrow morning fog. a break in the action by tomorrow afternoon. some sunshine in here that will warm us up as a cold front digs in. that will stir up the winds
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then we could be talking about snow back behind this system on sunday afternoon. northern and central mountains 2 to 4 inches of snow. falling in some spots, 6 inches. heading there for president's day nice patterns on monday. tonight a comfortable evening. over night temperatures mid-20s around here. clouds again moving win light morning. temperatures warming up quite a bit with all the sunshine. 60s in the metro area. 70s across south eastern colorado and the mountains mid-60s. upper 50s in fort colins and loveland and greeley. cool off on sunday. not that bad. 49. the winds will be the worse. you will feel those for valentine's day.
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we will be talking about close, so close to 70 degrees next thursday. >> go for it. >> promises it, people will expect it. say 69, people get 70, everybody is happy. [ talking at the same time ] >> safe side of 70. >> i have time to pop in a 70. two years after a sink hole swallowed 8 collectible cars the museum turned into a money making opportunity. in kentucky the museum opened a new exhibit. paying homage to the sink hole. what is left of the collector cars that were pulled out and how the museum dug itself out of the disaster. >> when we saw the devastation of all the cars at the bottom of the hole, we would then create an exhibit out of it. >> it was only able to restore
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the museum considers it a blessing. it attracted media coverage and the number of visitors have gone up. extreme surfers taking on the big waves. mavericks just south of san francisco. some of the waves can get 40
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from colorado's sports leader here is drew soicher. >> if that outdoor game is like tonight's indoors you will want to be at coors' field two weeks from tomorrow. matt duchene scored his 25th goal and then tied in the penalty shoot out, he smokes one through and the avs win 3- 2. college hockey. he scored the go ahead role. pioneers lead 4-3 with 4 minutes left. nuggets rookie made a fabulous debut today in the rising stars challenge. he scored 30 points. nobody plays defense except moo moo. look at the hustle.
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wins 157-154. do you think he will retire? him. everybody was asking broncos quarterback peyton manning about his future plans 9news reporter mike klis dropped it on john elway. >> if you won this thing you would ride off into the sun. where is your mind set at right now now that you reached the top? >> get us better for next year. that is the goal to get better. we have a real good football team right now. try to hold what we have together and try to get better. >> we have received broncos super bowl songs from every recording artists except bette midler. tonight let's listen to ken ross with our time to ride.
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>> that is pretty good. >> not bad.
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we are done here tonight.
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now on "extra." christian values advocate ted cruz casts a porn star in his anti-rubio ad. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> how he's explaining himself today, and why she's lashing out at cruz. then -- >> i think there's a very good trump. >> president obama are ellen getting personal about his wife. >> she's always right. taylor swift. >> his outrageous new rap lyrics slamming taylor, and why he's calling her a liar. plus, taylor, gaga, rihanna, how the show will pay tribute to david bowie. christina aguilera. >> does max watch the show? >> he barely know what is "the voice" is. >> why she's standing up for moms everywhere.
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>> driving me nuts. >> the jenner girls to a night of seeing red. plus, why betty white's on an "f" bomb blitz. >> ryan reynolds looks so [ bleep ] handsome. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. martin. reunion. also coming up, mario, we are going to give you the first look inside the wizarding world of harp, opening here at universal this april, and it is pretty awesome. but first, ted cruz forced to pull his new commercial off tv. the guy preaching family values just discovered his co-star is none other than an adult actress. oops. >> the soft core porn star, the gop political star. his attack ad starring her getting yanked today. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time.
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cruz under fire, forced to pull his new ad going after marco rubio. >> i'm ted cruz, and i approve this message. >> after the actress's soft core porn pass was exposed. her titles include insatiable desires and milf. >> i guess the rumors are true. >> she's had mainstream roles. >> a hologram? no. >> amy, who calls herself a christian conservative, was considering voting for donald trump or cruz, lashing out against ted's campaigning, saying she's extremely disappointed they pulled the spot. >> my favorite movie is "the princess bride." >> ted telling me he's an obsessive movie fan, but when he was 18, his acting goals were more in line with amy's. >> my aspiration is to -- i don't know, be in a [ bleep ] teen film. >> today the cruz campaign blaming the production company who didn't vet amy's full filmography. the man cruz wants to replace in


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