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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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and right now her 15 year old daughter is in the hospital after a crash in arvada. 9news reporter noel brennan is live near west 80th and sheridan. noel... police say a jeep ran a red light and crashed into another car. it's monday,
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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. marty is in the weather center. marty- we have a warm week ahead of us.... the colorado
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parenthood that was the site of a deadly shooting will reopen today. this is only a partial opening... the facility was badly damaged during the shooting. about 8 thousand people depend on the colorado springs clinic. many travel long distances to get their birth
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screenings -- or simple wellness exams. it's been over two months.. since a gunman killed three people, and then surrendered after a stand off planned parenthood is opening a part of the building - while the other part gets repaired. planned parenthood has increased security measures. today we will have a crew down in the springs... we'll bring you more coverage of the reopening on the networks of 9news and 9news dot com. today flags across colorado will fly at half staff to honor a deputy killed in the line of duty. mesa county deputy -- derek geer was shot after he confronted a 17- year-old who matched the description of a suspect with a gun. before he was taken off life support .. deputy geer performed one more life- saving act... by donating his organs.
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planned for this afternoon at canyon view vineyard church in grand junction. deputy geer served in the u-s navy before joining the mesa county sheriff's office in 2001. the state flags are also flying at half-staff to honor justice antonin scalia. the 79 year old was found dead in west texas on saturday. today we expect to see more fallout in washington from his unexpected death. republicans want president obama hold off on another appointment... this would allow the next president name a successor. nbc's tracie potts is following developments this morning from
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"i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor." the white house says that won't happen this week while congress is on break. but with flags at half-staff, we're already seeing possible candidates mentioned to replace justice antonin scalia: super burned in presidential candidate :17-:20 "that's his prerogative. he has every right to do it." presidential candidate :21-:23 "that's his perogative. but we don't have to confirm him and we won't." the court's in the middle of its term, with more cases to hear and decide between now and july. without conservative scalia, key cases could end up in a tie. super burned in presidential candidate :33-:41 "we will see abortion on demand throughout this country...partial birth abortion...taxpayer parental notification." super burned in presidential candidate :42-:43 "we need a conservative person." democrats insist the country shouldn't have to wait nearly a year for the next president to decide. presidential candidate :49-:55 "we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice." please courtesy presidential candidate :56-1:00 "i don't think the public would look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do." ublicans aren't justhe president... trepublicgainst the presso batt another supreme court justice." please courtesy presidential candidate :56-1:00 "i don't think the public would look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do." republicans aren't just going against the president... they're also battling each other. ted cruz came out with a new ad saying donald trump can't be trusted to appoint the next justice if he became
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government is former swedish accused of 9news recently allen was fired from a job at a phoenix hospital. nearly 100 people there are being offered free hepatitis b, hepatitis c and hiv testing as a precaution -- just colorado. colorado -- know where he went. the hospital in arizona says he lincoln medical center for about two months in 20-14. despite offering free tests... the facility says this case is quote "different than the one in colorado.... and right now there's no evidence here happened in phoenix. allen is accused of containing fentanyl swedish hospital. fentanyl and marijuana in his system. new overnight, we have video of a big fire in brooklyn. more than 140 responded to fight this fire in a multi story home.
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the building. the fire started last last night... and about 1-30 this morning the fire department tweeted that the fire was under control. four people, including two firemen, suffered minor injuries. and several other homes in the neighborhood were evacuated as a precaution. the cause is still under investigation.
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sweet story. a high school senior in utah wanted to make sure all the girls in his school had a happy valentines. not only did he get his girlfriend a flower for the holiday... he brought a flower for every girl in the school. meet hayden godfrey. he says he wanted to make as many people as happy as possible this year. so he showed up at school with 900 carnations. lilyan sharp is hayden's girlfriend. she says she's happy that her boyfriend is
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hayden started planning his valentine's day surprise more than a year ago... he's been saving money for the past year and a half to buy all the flowers. hayden spent about 450 dollars on all the carnations. more men are washing clothes. now companies are researching new ideas to cater to
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of presidents' day... up some ground on friday. the dow jones rose close at 15- thousand-973... the nasdaq gained 70 points and closed at 4-thousand 337. if you have the day off... you might want to take advantage of president's day deals. a lot of stores are having big sales... they want to clear out old merchandise that was left over from the holidays. traditionally -- president's day is one of the biggest car buying holidays of the year. fat-wallet dot com says today is also one of the best times to get a sweet deal on home upgrades and big name brands.
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man matt granite is going to show you some of the best deals out there. tax season is just getting started... and the i-r-s is already talking about fraud. thieves are trying to cheat the system by filing fake returns. nbc 's chris clackum has more. american taxpayers across the country are getting letters from the irs... that shows the agency is again dealing with an onslaught of fraudulent tax returns. "unfortunately for consumers, tax return fraud is not going to go away anytime soon" cnbc's kelli grant has been writing about it... ....and says the troubles can be traced back to last year's data security breaches... ....where millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of i-d thieves. the thieves then use the number to file a fake return and get other people's tax refund. "in most cases, we're hearing that they're e-filing. they're just doing this in bulk...massive amounts of returns and they know a lot of these are going to get rejected, they're going to be caught by the irs" she says taxpayers should take comfort that many are being caught by the irs... and that more security measures are in place this year to detect the real return from a fake one. but the individual can't do much to prevent fraud.. except to file before the thief does. "try to get all of that done so that as soon as you have all of your w-2's, 1099's..all of that in can file right away" which means trying to file your return by the end of this week. chris clackum, nbc news.
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retailers have noticed. now some detergent and washing machine makers are researching men-- so they can better cater to them. men and women wash their clothes differently. now tide is experimenting with new scents that it considers are more masculine. and whirlpool has added a cycle to keep colors from mixing... some guys don't sort their
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hospital visits can be stressful... but one hospital is using some high tech gear to try
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are stressful for families and the patients. researchers at cedars-sinai medical center are doing an innovative new study. they're letting patients use 'virtual reality' devices to get them out the hospital ... even if they can't leave their rooms. nbc's erika edwards explains. imagine being immersed in this peaceful underwater world... "oh my god this is incredible.." the woman whose voice you hear... "a shark just went by my head!" ... is not scuba diving... she's a patient in the hospital. "oh my god!" doctors at cedars-sinai in los angeles are studying the effects of virtual reality on hospital patients... whose real world surroundings can be sterile, uncomfortable, sometimes frightening. "this is an incredible opportunity to escape the four walls of the hospital." patients are carried away to different worlds... like iceland or the ocean. researchers have tested the virtual reality system with about 70 people so far. many say it's helping relieve stress and anxiety. "this was like the greatest diversion that i could have ever had." "ahhh oh gosh!! that feeling.. illustrated perfectly... by a young boy at c.s. mott children's hospital at the university of michigan. doctors there have also used virtual reality -- in this case -- turning wheelchairs into rollercoasters! "i'm on top of the world!!" the cedars-sinai team thinks virtual reality could also be useful for women enduring long labors... and those having to wait for painful procedures. "now we need to know -- does it improve pain
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younger patients have been most willing to test the system... but it's older patients who appear to be most amazed by it and could get the biggest benefit. erika edwards, nbc news. another study out
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virtual reality might also help ease symptoms of depression. now let's get a check of your roads with amelia earhart hollywood's
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hollywood's biggest music stars tonight for the 58th annual grammy awards. will be held at the you can see crews prepping for the the red carpet and rapper l-l cool-j is hosting the event. big names like and justin bieber will perform... there will also be bowie and glenn
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how much money would you bet on your marriage? a seattle based start-up hopes to attract couples that want to get married... they've proposed a very... unique offer. 'swan-luv' will give you up to ten- thousand dollars to use toward their dream wedding. but there's a catch. if you get divorced... you have to pay all the money back... with interest. we checked their site last night... the company posted that their servers have been overloaded due to traffic. so if you want to sign up... you'll have to wait. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a
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run - after being accused of stealing prescription drugs.... now we're learning he may have done something similar in the past. there is already a big fight brewing over replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly over the weekend. republicans want to delay the nomination for nearly a year. don't let this mild weather fool you... it's still winter - it will make an appearance again. we're looking at what el nino could have in store for us in the next few weeks. a car crash late last night has sent several people to the hospital.... and one woman was killed. 9news reporter noel brennan has been at west 80th avenue and sheridan boulevard


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