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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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new this morning, one woman is dead and a teenager is in the hospital after a serious crash. what police say the driver did after he ran a red light causing the deadly wreck. it's very more -- very important to us that we continue to see those folks. nearly 3 months after a gunman opened fire at a planned parenthood , they will open their doors this morning. we another week of warm, gulf weather ahead of us, but
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>> absolutely dry down here. the amazing contrast from will be evident tomato. pushing 11 inches of know in -- know in breckenridge. strong winds on the continental divide. 5 '2inchs of snow for summit county over the winter park area. for the flat tops 5,-10, and in and around the valleys, 3-6 inches of snow. much lower amounts for the lower terrain as you get down on the valley floor there. wind, another big issue for us today, and 35-mile an hour gusts are possible, in town,
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west, very strong winds anticipated during the day, and we could have occasional gusts close to 70 miles an hour that will push the temperatures into the upper 50s near 60 degrees again today. we will have the strong winds to contend with, amelia. presidents' day is popular day to get up and hit the slopes. woe can expect dry winds and lighter volume a nice blake from the -- break from the wrapup of last week. a nice 10 minute stretch here with averages around 65 miles an hour. in the city, no major crashes to report. the areas in yellow, that's the
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another report on the i-75 closure. there were falling rocks, and as for the role your, east and -- and as for your role east and westbound impacting traffic. a jeep ran this red light and slammed into the chevy malibu. noel brennan has been live most of the morning. police are still looking for the driver of the jeep? >> reporter: they are. right at west 80s and sheraton boulevard, the car slammed into the chevy malibu. over the curb, through this rock pile over here, and you can see the debris in the
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chevy malibu 60 yards away. this is what the area looked like as the investigators were working last night. the woman driving the malibu was killed almost instantly, and her 15-year-old daughter was also sent to the hospital, and we are waiting to hear what her condition is this morning. three men were inside of the jeep, police say, and they actually fled on foot after the crash, and two of them were found 2.5 miles away from the crash scene at u.s. 36th, and they were taken into custody. one is believed to be the driver, and one has injuries and was taken to the hospital to be treated. at this point, gary, we are awaiting word on the 15-year- old girl. obviously everyone is hoping she will be be okay. as soon as we hear from police,
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it's 5:34 right now and the colorado springs planned parenthood that was the site of the deadly shooting will partially reopen today. many travel long distances to get birth control, cancer screenings, and their wellness exams for that clinic. they also provide abortion services. it's been more than 3 months since the gunman opened fire there. the other part of the building is being prepared. >> our wonderful, resilient staff who were so brave and smart the day of the shooting. they are back, ready to go and their hearts are in the opening, too. >> planned parenthood increased security measures to make sure the health center is safe.
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we will have coverage on 9 news and our news app. officer derek geer will be laid to rest today. he was shot and killed while on duty, and justice scalia's body was returned home. officers say the deputy geer tried to use a stun gun. he was on life support for days before his organs were donated to save more lives. funeral services are today in grand junction, and he will be be buried at the orchard mason cemetery. the veteran had a wife and two kids.
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virginia justice scalia's body has arrived in virginia. his flag-draped casket was loaded into a hearse. yesterday i had body was taken to a funeral home. denver police want you to watch out for people pretending to be police officers. they said there were actually two police impersonation reports over the weekend. friday night a maroon car with flashing lights pulled over the driver and rob him. the driver said the two people in the car handcuffed him before taking $180. they had uniforms on. two people in a dark blue sedan with red and blue flashing lights tried to pull over a
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something was wrong. the blue sedan pulled up next to the driver and then drove off after the driver called 911. the faa has been asked for permission to use two types of drones for search and rescue. a new case involving peyton manning has been involved in a lawsuit from the university of tennessee. a group of women say the school violated title ix regulations in the way they handled sexual assaulted by student athletes. the case were 2013-2014 and also references a sexual harassment complaint from a trainer with an incident she
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training manning. jamie ann naughright sued manning in 2002 after he mentioned the incident in a book, and the incident was settled in 2003. the national guard wants to search 100 backyards for unexploded ammunition. people living on the north slope of green mountain have been told to watch out for world war ii military debris, and now researchers believe the neighborhoods. people living in the area should avoid touching any suspicious items. they could be metal and shaped like a pipe, soda can, or maybe 9/11 a baseball it could be left over from an artillery practice range that was on the site in the 1930s. pope francis kissed dozens
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hospital, and today he will give mass near the border of guatemala. he will wrap up his trip tomorrow. winds 50 miles an hour on the west side of town. again a high wind watch going from sheraton boulevard to the west today, and it's not windy. it's cooler. temperatures in the 20s for northern colorado. this is the watch for sheraton boulevard. 20 to 50-mile an hour winds, gusts up to 75 miles an hour are possible. we are also looking at very strong gusts in southern wyoming with the high wind warnings out, all the way until tomorrow morning. >> this morning i about got blown over in my backyard. man oh man. the irs is warning people
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welcome back at 5:42. the mountains are a popular destination for presidents' day weekend, and the new snow made it all the more popular. and now all the people have to come back to the metro area. colleen ferreira is live, and cdot plans to make the drive as smooth as possible. all these people make sure you can get back as safely and easily as possible this is where they track cameras for all over the i-70 corridor, and they track for everything like accidents, bad weather conditions and all the metering that takes place. it's run out of this very area. we know high traffic volume in both directions today. you may just want to go up for
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night, 3-day weekend from the mountains, coming back down to denver. if you're headed up this morning or coming back down this morning, the wind has been such an issue. huge gusts of winds throwing us out of our lane. you want to try to wait a little do daylight. visibility is not good with the blowing snow. we will continue to check in with tunnel operations throughout the morning. back with you guys at 6:00. >> that's interesting in there thank you very much. 5:44, and right now this morning, investigators in new york are trying to figure out what started this fire in a multistory home in brooklyn. more than 140 firefighter were called in to battle the flames. four people including two firemen suffered minor injuries, and the building was totally engulfed in flames. around 1:30 this morning, the fire department tweeted they had it under control. president obama will meet with several leaders from the association of southeast asian
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gather in california to talk about things like security, trade, and climate exchange. this is the first time the gathering has been hosted in the u.s. secretary of state john kerry, and the secretary of commerce will also be there. we are just a few weeks into tax season right now, but the irs already has a warning for taxpayers. the agency is dealing with fraudulent tax returns it can be traced back to security breeches. the thieves are now using the numbers to file fake returns and trying to get other people's refunds. >> in most cases, they arefiling, and they are doing it in bulk, and they know a lot will get rejected or caught by the irs. >> taxpayers should take some
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caught by the irs because more security measures are in place to defect the real return from a fake one. the best thing to do? file before a thief does. try to file by the end of the week. >> i'm not going to make that. >> same here. it's 5:45 right now. how do you stream moose snick one service says it's number of subscribers is skyrocketing, spotify. around here, we are looking at great snows for the mountains. close to 6 inches for keystone, and they just swept the vail board clean. they do that to get the right inches.
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areas, up into rabbit's ear pass, 5-10 inches. temperatures will be quite mild. the drive is picking up here, even though it's a holiday. the volume is dense across the areas of 35. also on your way to al committee a day and -- alameda to santa fe. metrowide w reclear.
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5:49 right now ea. head today, you and expect to find -- ahead today, you can expect to find many federal offices closed.
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at the end of the week, governor hickenlooper will travel to dc, part of the national governors association of winter meetings. if you or your child needs to fill out a form for helping to pay for college, there's help this weekend. college for colorado will host a goal on sunday. there will be 21 locations around the state where families can get help filling out the fafsa form. i fill out many of those myself, and they are complicated sometimes. >> hard to say fafsa, and even harder to fill out the form. apple music has 11 million paying customer. spotify has 20 million members.
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spotify has been in operation since 2011, and apple music launched in june. >> people love their apple products it's a strong brand, and i can see why it has grown so quickly. we will see the limited visibility, and the tunnel approaches will be very difficult to drive over throughout the day today. we had some rain showers, and this system came through, and we are continuing to see snow in the mountain areas today, and looking to the west, right now, the storm track for the most part, it's staying north of colorado, and we just got a little southern edge of it here, and that's why we have the snow for the state today. pacific air, and that's why it's not especially cold. 0s and 30s for most locations. 20s, 30s, and 40s for a lot of spots in eastern colorado. continental divide. every now and then it will be blowing over, and it comes over the divide.
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of it, just plain wind for the area. 40s to near 50 for the foot hills. lower terrain today, with the winds, especially along and west of sheraton boulevard. snow continues throughout the day, and we will talk about the additional areas throughout the day, and with the wind. the mountains. 30s and 40s for the mountains, around here. very windy, especially for the west, southwest side of town, the wind will slack a little, but still 20 to 25-mile an hour gusts coming. 70 or warmer than that on wednesday, and we will be pushing 70 on thursday with the 60s friday and saturday. the wind will be warm and by the way, if you're a snow fan for the mountains, more snow on the way for the mountains on thursday.
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wants to ski. >> that will make a lot of folks happy. the dry roads, light volume. the camera showing a light start overall. 625 is a good example of what to expect. so much green. we look up to the north end of the corridor. 67 southbound, and that's nearby 120th. nice drive approaching u.s. 36. 75th is clear, and so is the 270 start headed into commerce city. as for the closure across i-70. that's all wrapped up, but a full closure of eastbound and westbound i-6 over the loveland pass. >> amelia, thank you very much. we usually see virtual reality devices used to play video games but now one
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oh my goodness, a wave hitting this 19-year-old man on the san diego reef. there's nothing he could do. life guards used a crane to save him, backing up to the edge of the cliff and lowered another guard down to safely bring romo off the cliff. he said he is thought he was going to drown. on saturday alone they
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they said it's not that people were making bad choices, but the waves came up so quickly. >> do you have any idea how slippery the rocks can be? >> he's lucky he wasn't battered down into the rocks. >> that's scary. one high schooler is getting props for making sure every girl smiled on valentine's day. we will share his flowery deed at : 25. >> a lot, lot more coming up.
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driver runs a red light with deadly consequences. police are trying to sort out what happened this morning. across the state, honoring a fallen brother after he was killed in the line of duty. and one teenager worked all year to appreciate all 800 girls at the school. i'm corey rose alongside cheryl preheim, and marty coniglio is outside. >> reporter: 20s, 30s and 40s for the metro area. slightly colder in northern


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