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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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because of a rock slide. we have a 9news crew headed to glenwood canyon. the interstate is closed between mile marker 140 and 116. here's a live look at vail pass... to the east we are waiting to hear details - including if any cars were on the road when the rocks came down. this is a story we will be updating for you through
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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. corey, gary and this morning. marty- in the weather center. good morning >> today there will be
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hearing for a man who investigators believe is one of the "scream" mask robbers. myloh mason was on the f-b-i's most wanted list for more than a month before his arrest last month. he is one of three men accused of carrying out a string of crimes while wearing 'scream masks'. those crimes include a bank robbery, a carjacking and a shooting in lakewood and sheridan. today is the judge
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chance to question all the possible jurors who will decide dynel lane's fate. today they will question the possible jurors as a group to see if there are any signs of bias... or if there is a reason not to let a juror serve. lane is accused of cutting a fetus from michelle wilkins womb last march. wilkins was 7 months pregnant... she survived... her unborn girl did not. tomorrow opening statements are expected to begin. a former reality star is expected to enter a plea today in federal court here in denver. he's accused of giving up his license to sell guns for violating federal laws... but continuing to sell weapons. a grand jury indicted 52-year-old richard wyatt, the owner of "gunsmoke" in wheat ridge - last week... the indictment also states wyatt didn't report more than 1-million dollars of income to the irs. wyatt''s store was the focus of american guns on discovery channel which aired in 2011 and 2012. republicans have vowed to block
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justice antonin scalia ... they want the next president to fill that vacancy. but democrats say blocking this vote is unconstitutional. nbc's tracie potts is following the latest developments from capitol hill. / ranking democrat, judiciary cmte :00- :04 "it is unprecedented. it is pure politics." from capitol hill... / fmr. judiciary cmte chairman :05-:08 "it is wrong. it is not responsible." to the campaign trail... presidential candidate :09-:14 "talk about cowardice! talk about obstructionism!" democrats are pushing back hard at republicans' refusal to give president obama's supreme court nominee a vote. / senate judiciary cmte :21-:28 "let's have a hearing. let's hear from our constituents what they think and then vote -- not say no vote at all." presidential candidate :29-:34 "the people of this country should send a very clear message: that is not the way our constitution works." they point out: anthony kennedy was confirmed by a democratic senate... in president reagan's final year. "the constitution does not include exemptions for election years, or for the president's last term in office." "we're in an election year, so i'm not going to pretend that that's not part of the atmospherics here." republican candidates insist the replacement for justice antonin scalia should not be president obama's choice. presidential candidate :57-1:00 "the republicans should reject it. i think the new president should have that option." presidential candidate 1:01-1:04 "the practical implications are nil. it's all about politics." they argue even if is confirmed, it couldact this term.racie potts, nbc news,osted
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washington post, top democrat harry reid calls this quote "nakedly partisan" and says republicans are quote "insulting americans' intelligence" by blocking a vote. new overnight... an suv slammed into a home in aurora. just look at this mess -- the man who rents to home took these pictures. he says the suv plowed through a fence before hitting the home. the renter says this crash
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he told us the driver tried to put the car into reverse and leave... but it was too damaged to move. right now we don't know if the driver has been arrested or what caused the suv to hit the house. this morning some folks in boulder are dealing with a soggy and discouraging mess. a broken water main soaked more than a dozen homes. some of the homes that are now damaged -had just been repaired from the 20-13 floods. an 8-inch pipe burst just before 5 p.m. it sent water gushing down the street and into 13 homes on norwood and oak avenues. cinda graubard's sister's home was damaged... you can see the water covering the floor. she told us they had to improvise to deal with the unexpected flood. cleanup crews used pumps to drain
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that said it would to do the repairs. ones looking to sell stronger beer. officials at c-s-u athletics are too. county commissioners will consider a request beer sales at c-s-u's 9news reporter in the information center with more. tarhonda-- we're battle on the state level. yes. legislation to allow grocery stores to sell full-strength beer, wine and liquor. well, now c-s-u is asking to change its liquor license for football games. the school's athletic director, joe parker, is requesting the change. he wants the license to allow full-strength beer sales at hughes stadium... and at the new stadium c-s-u is building. the team will start playing there next year. currently, c-s-u is allowed to sell 3- point-two strength beer at its games. the change would allow beer that has 4-percent alcohol. it's a small change--
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according to parker. he tells our parenters at the coloradoan that 30 college football stadiums in the country the sell full-strength beer. he says that, in the future, the school could run into problems finding vendors for "three-p-oint-two" beer. but the liscense change doesn't only cover beer. if it's approved, the license would allow for wine and spirits to be sold too. here's the catch-- parker says, even if a new license allows it, c-s-u won't sell wine and liquor on the concourse level at football games. spirits are sold, though, already-- at the club level. the larimer county commissioners pick up this issue tonight. we'll let you know
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the stars filled the the stars filled the red carpet last
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annual grammy awards. taylor swift walked the carpet with gal pal selena
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carrie underwood looked stunning in a longer black dress. adele looked glamourous as ever... she was wearing a black sequined gown. lady gaga wore a glam rock inspired dress... last night she sang a tribute to the late david bowie. and justin bieber walked the red carpet with his little brother jaxon. here's another face you'll recognize... people can't stop talking about broncos linebacker von miller and his shiny jacket at the grammys. he posted these pictures on instagram last night. he is rocking this bedazzled silver jacket! "uptown funk", by mark ronson and bruno mars won the grammy for record of the year. the song also won for best pop group performance. t-swift won album of the year for her
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she also had a message for young women -- saying there will be people along the way who try to undercut your success. many think it was a response to kanye west. he recently said he made swift famous in one of his new songs. rapper kendrick lamar won the most grammys... he took home five. and here's an interesting fact... the award statues are made by a company in ridgway, colorado. they are all made in the workshop of artist john billings. he says the ones they get onstage are strictly props, the engraved grammys will be sent to the winners about a month from now. apple is working to
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they discovered if you do this one thing... it can kill your phone or ipad. google is going to shut down its free
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online editing
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the company will no longer support the picasa desktop app. google says it wants to focus on just one photo service... 'google photos' if you already have picasa -- you can still use it... but google won't provide anymore updates. picasa users will be able to access all their photos through google photos. google says if you don't want to use google photos, the company plans to create a quote "new place to access your picasa web data." apparently going back to the 19-70s can kill your i- phone. apple says manually changing the date to may 19- 70 or earlier can prevent the device from turning on after a restart. apple has not provided a reason for the bug, but it has acknowledged it. apple says it's upcoming software update will prevent the issue from affecting ios devices. here's a story we
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moss can really get behind. filming has started on star wars episode eight. . . walt disney announced that shooting started yesterday in the united kingdom. episode eight is expected to hit theaters in december of next year.. and for those of you who can't wait that long... star wars: rogue one is still coming out this december. a team here in colorado is helping us see more of the distant planet... saturn. us see more of the distant planet... saturn. wars: rogue one is still coming out this december.
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colorado is helping us see more of the distant planet... saturn. this project has been in the works for nearly two decades
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decades in the making. back in 1997.. nasa launched the cassini spacecraft to study saturn... and take hundreds
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pictures in the process. 9news reporter maya rodriguez shows us how a team in colorado has been working all these years... to get those images ready for us it's arguably the planet. with the most unusual look in the solar system. saturn. and its stunning rings. "it's a very unique thing." the newest images of saturn are courtesy of nasa's cassini spacecraft. launched in 1997. it reached saturn's orbit seven years later. and it's captured stunning images of the planet and its moons. ever since. "we all get to see the images on the internet, but i get to see how it actually happens." that's the job of the ciclops team in boulder. they're in charge of taking the raw pictures captured by cassini. cleaning them up by filtering out space dust and cosmic rays. and getting them ready for the world. "viewers can think of it as a "photoshop-type" of thing." "we average about 30,000 images a year." some of the images show saturn's beauty through its rings. others show a swirling mass of winds. similar to a hurricane. with saturn's north pole. right where the eye of the storm would be. "every morning i show up and look at images i'm the first person to see them. they're from a billion miles away." but cassini's lifespan is entering what's called "the grand finale." it is now starting to de-orbit. and will crash into saturn next year. but before then. it will travel between the planet and saturn's rings. giving us images of them. never seen before.. "the highest resolution oing to see." cecraft that gs far-
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separate lander from the european space agency. it landed on one of saturn's moons -- titan -- giving us up-close pictures of that moon's surface.
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last week- on ash wednesday-- an accidental electrical fire caused serious smoke damage - at our lady of guadalupe church in conejos. the church caught fire on the same day-- 90 years ago. the father told us an investigator surveying the damage noticed the image of a crown -- now above the portrait of the virgin mary. the crown appears to be from the smoke damage. the father says other parishoners are calling it a miracle. they've asked him to leave the painting - as is. the church was founded 162 years ago by a group of settlers from new mexico that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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stretch of i-70. colorado state patrol expects 'extreme delays' - we'll show you where it happened and the damage. the snow... and wind... are making driving in the high country tough this morning. traffic reporter amelia earhart will help guide you through the tough driving conditions backyard munitions... inspectors are focusing on neighborhoods near green mountain... looking neighborhoods near green mountain... looking for unexploded military artillery. we'll talk about a new concern that moved the search... to hundreds of homes. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter


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