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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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was fired from a previous hospital job in arizona. swedish notified 2900 patients they need to get tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c. as of this afternoon 9news discovered one of those patients tested positive for hepatitis b. that doesn't mean she got it at swedish. that will be investigated. allen is facing at least 10 years in prison if convicted. three suspects accused of robbing a bank, carjacking a driver and shooting two people was in jefferson county escort today -- court today. the district attorney laid out several key pieces of evidence that pointed to the three as the scream robbers, the suspects who first robbed the first bank in lakewood last november. the bank's surveillance video was shown in court today. the suspects' attorney argued you can't tell who the robbers are because of the masks. an investigator who took the stand said clothing and masks later found in an abandoned car had dna that matched the suspects.
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get traffic flowing as normal along i-70 in glenwood canyon after that massive rock slide last night. the interstate is completely closed through at least thursday. boulders crashed onto the west and eastbound lanes near tunnels. boulders hit a truck driver. that driver is okay. rocks still coming down today. >> we have geologists on the hill currently evaluating the slow. we had a helicopter fly over that they are going to take a closer look and really until they can get a handle for how things look we are going to have to stay closed so we can constantly feel like the road is safe and even in that event we've got some damage that we have to look at. >> right now the detour around the closure is more than 200 miles in length. that's taking drivers an additional five hours. even when i-70 reopened, c dote says it will be in -- cdot says it will be in a limited capacity. one lane east and west will alternate as the work continues for about a month.
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recycling plant in northeast denver put up smoke that could be seen for miles today. it started past 1:00 p.m. at 43rd avenue and ivy street. firefighters spent several hours knocking it down. they believe it started deep inside one of these massive tiles. powerlines and a fence around the complex complicated matters. >> see the whole entire property has got a fence around it, a bash wired fence -- barbwired fence no less. we need to be careful when we set ladder trucks up like that we are not getting our ladder trucks in the way of the high powered tension lines and at one point in time the powerlines actually fell to the ground while firefighters were here. that's an easy recipe for a firefighter getting injured. >> firefighters are still no one was hurt. they don't have a cause yet. the trial for the woman accused of cutting a fetus from a mother's womb will begin tomorrow "no" in boulder county -- tomorrow in boulder county. faces charges of attempted murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy.
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wilkins to a basement and attacked her. wilkins is seven months pregnant. she survived, her unborn baby did not. the jury was sworn in today. opening statements set for 9:00 tomorrow morning. the 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing a mason county deputy last week will be charged as an adult. austin holtzer faces a dozen charges including first-degree murder. derrick gear was responding to a call for a person with a gun and tried to arrest holtzer. holtzer says he tried to first shoot himself before turning the gun on the deputy and shooting him three times. the deputy was laid to rest yesterday. he's a husband and father of two. appropriate today at the state capital the leaders took time to thank law enforcement for the work they do. state leaders specifically recognized deputy gear and others who have died in the line of duty. police looking for car thieves who apparently stole nearly a dozen vehicles from a used car dealership in wheat ridge. it happened at mcmannis motors at harlan and 48th.
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building overnight, stole 11 vehicles and the keys to another 50. included in the list of the cars, a 2004 blue mercedes e500, a 2000 red jaguar s type and an 2005 silver bmwx3. some of the vehicles may have dealer plates. one of the vehicles was found in the last hour in arvada. cannabis oil is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to treat children with seizures. a mother's decision to treat her infant with the drug has become a topic of debate. she told 9news reporter jessica oh why she did it and why it's helping. >> reporter: amelia nunez born december 7th, 8 pounds, 1 ounce. >> to have her out and know she was okay was a relief. >> reporter: until nicole munoz realized her newborn was suffering from a serious condition, a rare form of
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>> she was having about 15 or more a day. >> reporter: medications didn't seem to help. desperation forced the mom from albuquerque to look for other options in colorado. >> i got into the cannabis oil treatment by just researching. i use syringes to give it to her by mouth twice a day. >> reporter: doctors at children's hospital aren't allowed to administer cannabis oil but they have allowed nicole to give her daughter a popular strain called charlotte's web. >> the oil made a big difference on her. >> reporter: amelia isn't having very many seizures anymore. >> she is interacting with us, she is looking at us in the eye. >> reporter: advocates of charlotte's web said amelia is the youngest patient to ever be treated with the cannabis oil. >> you will do anything for your kids to make sure they are going to be okay. >> reporter: the treatment is still controversial because there isn't enough medical research to know about the effectiveness and side effects. for nicole it's worth the risk. >> i do think that this is probably the best decision that
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>> reporter: in aurora, jessica oh, 9news. >> children's hospital is allowing cannabis oil treatments in this case but the hospital says it does not prescribe or recommend medical marijuana because of that lack of research on results. we are exactly two weeks out from colorado's presidential caucuses. we have heard from a number of you with questions on how they work so here are the basics. the caucuses are tuesday, march 1st, 7:00 p.m. they are not open to everyone. you have to be already registered as a democrat or a republican to participate and more than 1/3 of colorado voters are unaffiliated. both parties will choose delegates that night for county conventions. that eventually leads to delegates for the national convention. the state republican party will not name a statewide winner. on the democratic side the caucus format helped barack obama beat hillary clinton here in 2008 and it could help bernie sanders do the same thing this year. >> my sense is they are going to be close but he could win it. i don't think he's going to win it anywhere near the way barack
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view, just a lot longer organizing time and more momentum. >> got loads of more info on the story on and to look up your caucus location if you're going to participate. a high ranking republican in the colorado legislature says the u.s. senate should work with, not against, president obama in nominating a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia. colorado senate president bill cadman criticized his fellow republicans which included u.s. senator cory gardner. threatened to delay the nomination process. they want the next president to choose the replacement. cadman said in the delay to -- working to work with the president to influence his pick. in sports the new face of the rockies franchise is gearing up for spring training. and when at first glance appears to be a stain, it seemed to some parishioners a miracle following a church fire. and cps troopers find an
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it seems an unusual coincidence fire breaks out at the oldest catholic parish in colorado, almost 90 years to the day after another fire last tuesday night. fire damaged our lady of guadalupe church. 9news maya rodriguez and photo journalist manny sotelo made the 4 1/2 hour trip from denver to see what some parishioners are calling a miracle. >> reporter: inside our lady of guadalupe church it's not hard to miss the sights and smells of a fire. >> flames coming out, especially in that corner. >> reporter: father sergio robles showed us where a church fire started last week.
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>> reporter: local and state investigators found an electrical short started the fire. parishioners came in to start cleaning up the half million damage. that's when they noticed something unusual. >> just engulf us. >> reporter: at the altar, smoke damage left behind what appears to be a crown above the head of our lady of guadalupe. 9news profiled the church for a story back in october when no such crown was visible. church parishioners believe the crown is a sign because they are working on a project next door to create a labyrinth in honor of our lady of guadalupe. didn't believe. >> reporter: al fanso aveda the 1950s. >> when i saw that crown something hit me and that all
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i kneeled down and asked for forgiveness for doubting her. >> reporter: but the crown isn't the only thing that's unusual about this story, this is the second time fire has broken out at this church, both fires happened exactly 90 years apart on the night before ash wednesday. >> lady guadalupe is a little weird. >> reporter: weird and also something father robles says he can't quite call a miracle yet. the catholic church has rules about that but parishers here say -- parishioners here say they are convinced. >> hopefully they can walk away with something more than when they came. >> reporter: in c >> he says he contacted the diocese of pueblo which will send someone to investigate the crown and see whether the catholic church would consider it a miracle. the church remains closed as they wait for insurance money to begin repairs. colorado state patrol troopers are full-time
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both the people and animals. today troopers now rescued an injured owl that had likely fly. it will be cared for by colorado parks and wildlife. they said, quote, speedy recovery, feather friend. millennials like technology and social media and wine. they really, really like wine. a new study from the nonprofit wine market council found that millennials are drinking 42% of all the wine in the u.s. last year, that is more than any other generation. millennials, the 79 million americans ages 21 to 38 drank 160 million cases of wine, quick math, that is an average of two cases per person. >> good grief. biggest acts returns to colorado this summer to headline a mountain music festival. pearl jam will play at the 2016 the ride festival, a three-day festival in telluride. the festival runs from july 8th to the 10th and tickets go on sale friday, march 4th. if you thought that today
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wait until tomorrow. >> that's when we could see the records fall.
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hello. welcome back. meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 back yard.
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less wind along the front range foothills. smooth traveling on i75 throughout the city and up in the high country without as much snow and wind so you can get up and enjoy the wonderful snowfall numbers in a good place for this point in the season even though we haven't had significant snow in well over a week. at the airport winds are light out of the northeast at this hour, 46 degrees there, downtown we have been running a bit milder with clear skies and light wind, still lows 50s here outside the studios. wind has been a big feature for us, especially along the foothills but these warm downsloping winds have also served to push temperatures way above average and melt off a lot of that snow and ice that's been so persistent here since really november. still some reports of higher gusts to 40 and 45 miles per hour over berthoud pass, and areas of blowing snow out west with a series of weak weather systems that will make their way toward colorado. heavy snow forecast for the sierras, winter -- wind advisories all of this outside our state's border.
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with rain, wind, snow, even tornados in florida today. cold air following this front through, mild air setting up across the southern plain states and we are set to track the next system moving onshore in california but you will notice all the heavy weather in the form of rain and snow is off to the east of us, chicago, cincinnati, washington, boston and new york, these are areas that will see travel delays and will see the brunt of the cold air while across the western u.s. temperatures above average, wind shifting out of the southwest tomorrow and other than a few high and midlevel clouds, no weather or winter weather advisories to worry about, no travel advisories. next chance for a little snow won't be until the weekend, lows in the mountains in the mid-20s tonight, 29 in grand lake and 25 at greeley. high temperatures tomorrow will be close to 60 in the del nord, mid-70s close to 70 -- mid-60s close to 70 -- across the southeastern plains. unusual for one of our colder months out of the year and a fair amount of ice and snow
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the middle part of next week. fair skies 30 in the city, wind along the foothills, the trend will be for decreasing wind overnight west of i-25. mostly sunny, low 60s by lunchtime, 70 possible tomorrow, similar number for, well, thursday, ahead of a weak front that brings just a slight cooling trend heading into the weekend. snow for the mountains on saturday and maybe a few light snow showers here sunday, not a big organized storm system for denver, but a little bit cooler for the second half of your weekend. saturday may be the best day for outdoor activity. temperatures rebound nicely heading into the early and middle part of next week and really just spectacular cloud cover up and down the front range today. this is a great shot from carson spankler of lynn tick lar -- linticular clouds. peyton manning isn't under any pressure to hurry and make his decision quickly as long as he doesn't mind getting cut to end his career. he has officially until march 8th to make up his mind about retirement but he needs to
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because the broncos have to sign brock osweiler before other teams are allowed to approach him on the seventh and osweiler won't agree to anything unless he knows manning is out of the way. mark your calendars. first kid went to duke, second goes to the stanford, third is headed for michigan. the mccaffrey breezy are -- boys are getting the best education in the world. wolverines. jim harbaugh last night to deliver the news. >> we had a lot of conversations leading up to this one and then i finally told him that i'm going to michigan and he seemed excited. they have been talking to me for a while now and that was cool to see. i remember he just looked down on his phone and decided to date back and said he was going to remember this day which was a special moment. >> still one more mccaffrey boy on the way. i bet luke goes to harvard.
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larry walker, followed by roy tulowitzki -- heads to spring training as the face of the franchise. >> can't help but notice, the relationship with the people of colorado seems to have changed. >> i think the fans are reacting differently which is great. i appreciate their support. i love the fans. they always come out and support us, good or bad, they are always there and it means a lot. you know, i don't really -- you know, if people want to label me as the face or stuff like that, they can do that, i have no problem with taking that on. that does not affect me. i don't think about it to be honest with you guys, i don't think about that stuff, i get out there and try to do the best i can and help the team win and those are my focuses and i try not to let other distractions from other things from people hearing me. >> high, deep left centerfield. he may have got another one. >> although he had one of the greatest seasons of any third baseman in major league history, arenado is convinced he can still improve. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> being a better leader, maybe leading better by example, vocal, talking to the guys, letting them know how i feel. if i feel something is in my heart that i need to share, i need to do it. back in the day i would mind my business. there's going to be times where i'm going to need to let guys how i feel and what i need to do and voice my opinion. >> the rockies are expected to finish at the bottom of the standings again and arenado understands why but he doesn't have to agree. >> yeah, i mean, guys are excited. guys are -- you know, we are tired of losing. guys are tired of losing in general and it gets old and guys want to step up and i think guys are getting better and the young guys i think are getting better also and i think this team this year is going to be a little bit different than the years past and i think we are excited about it. >> so by my count since 1993 the rockies had that five faces of the franchise, handsome
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you got due klett, walker, helton -- >> there's a boing. there we go. >> could steal the title from knolly this year but i doubt it. >> how ab
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reached a deal to freeze oil output. iran, however not likely to sign on.
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sun balls and 70s in february, what's not to love about that. >> a title nor your book -- for your book. >> that should be the title of my book. balls. >> sun balls and 70s. gets a little cooler for the weekend and may be introduce a little bit of snow on sunday. >> did you say there were nine up there? i only saw one.
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tonight witness grammy greatness with "e.t." backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye. >> they going to be people who will try to take credit. us.
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>> the moments you haven't seen, with bestie selena and calvin harris. >> we tell you how lady gaga pulled off her grammy bowie performance. with we go backstage with all the mayhem and missteps. and lionel ritchie tells us about his big night. finally saying hel adele and his star stribute. all night long plus our style guru josey breaks down the fashion the dos and doing. was beyonce wearing a wedding dress? now for february16, 20 this is "entertainment tonight." >> shake it off? huh-uh, not this time.


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