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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 17, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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the animal you need to fly from a destiny infested with chemicals you need a new drug not invented by the c.i.a. i wanna be your friend but don't have the self control we're in love but i don't get what you see in me lovin' me could be your fatal flaw just hangin' in here trying to be your
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some consider him a traitor, others a hero of tonight edward snowden talks to a sold out crowd at cu. >> this was filled with keys. those are all gone now. >> the real life version of gone in 60 seconds, someone stole 11 vehicles from a local dealership. >> patients come forward with their first test results after a surgical tech is arrested following a medical scare at a
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>> 9 want to know continues its dishonor roll with how a teacher kept hanging onto his job. >> and how a rockslide will cause problems on i-70 for weeks to come. 9news starts now. from russia with no love for u.s. government secrecy, edward snowden spoke at cu boulder tonight via video feed. student and community members packed mackey auditorium to hear from the former nast contractor who leaked massive amount --nas contractor who leaked massive amounts of security information. >> reporter: we all watched at google imagineout between former wall street journal reporter run suskine and edward snowden. no video or audio recording of
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could only snap still pictures 10 minutes during the event. snowden is still wanted in the u.s. for unauthorized communication of defense information. he told the crowd this evening that his disclosures he made three years ago have not or killed. he said there's a difference between legality and morality and he said that this was never about him. it was about the public and if he ever ends up in prison, he could live with it. most students we talked to tonight seemed to appreciate what he had to say. >> i thought it was very eye opening that to see someone so, i guess, influential in our society and see what his life is like now and how he's really impacted us over the last, you know, three, four years and how he's affected our government, the way they think. >> our privacy is something that we should value. it's a basic human right that we're entitled to by the constitution of the united states and i really feel like a lot of people these days don't understand that fundamental
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>> reporter: now this appearance cost the student organization $56,000. fees. a national speakers bureau will split that money up between suskine and snowden and snow deny said he will donate that money to the freedom of the press foundation. he mentioned that part during the 80 minutes that we were not allowed to take pictures and he mentioned it during the speech that we were not allowed to record. >> steve staeger at cu boulder for us, thank you. it is wednesday in south korea where there are reports that four u.s. stealth fighters have been seen in the skies. north korea recently launched a long range rocket and tensions between the north and south have escalated. while the planes can avoid radar they were clearly visible flying around an air base near seoul. last month the u.s. sent a b52 bomber to north korea after their fourth nuclear test.
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former swedish hospital surgical tech accused of stealing narcotics by switching syringes in a operating room. rocky allen may have exposed up to 2,900 people to hepatitis b and c and hiv. an attorney for those patients say they can't sleep at night. a mother has a chronically sick 4-year-old and with any of these other issues any of these viruses could prove deadly. >> i'm hurt and i think i'm in shock. personally i've tried to just stay positive because if not, you can lose yourself in this. even if i did cry, my tears aren't going to make anything better. me being angry isn't going to make anything better. i'm helpless. there's nothing i can do. it's out of my control. >> aiden tested negative.
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for hepatitis b. it is not clear yet whether rocky allen is responsible. it could be a month before traffic flows regularly once more along i-70 through glenwood canyon. that notorious spot for rockslides got walloped again last night of the drivers escaped without injury, but there is extensive damage to the interstate westbound and eastbound. cdot hopes to have one lane open alternating each direction thursday afternoon with traffic led by a pilot car. expect claims up to an hour. it could last weeks. it till beats the current 200- mile detour that's taking drivers about five hours. in southwestern colorado another slide shut down part of the so-called million dollar highway. early sunday morning about 700 tons of rock came down on highway 550. crews believe it will take about 70 trips by dump trucks to clear away all the rocks. it could be friday before all
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one stop shopping for car thieves, someone took 11 from a wheat ridge car lot overnight along with keeps to dozens of others. wheat ridge police told 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez they have no suspects. >> reporter: there's no clues. none of the neighbors have seen anything. one neighbor told the owner they heard loud noises coming from the dealership around 1 a.m. right around the time the owner may have been having a premonition about the whole thing. >> i had this crazy, crazy dream last night, man. >> reporter: while trevor mcmanus was sleeping. >> that i was breaking and entering into these buildings and i stole all this stuff. >> reporter: he says a thief or more likely a group of them were carrying out what evolved into a nightmare come true. >> i can't believe that can you believe that? >> reporter: 11 cars in all were stolen from his corner dealership at harlan and i-70. got in. >> reporter: a michigan and grab of sorts. >> and the other lock -- smash and grab of sorts.
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trying to drill and said forget window. >> reporter: he said the thieves stole 78 car keys. total property loss? upwards of $100,000. surveillance cameras. >> it's tough to move 11 cars in an hour, two hours. >> reporter: and he says he's impressed with how quickly the thieves were able to steal the cars that included a bmw and a mercedes. >> if they'd just do it for a i'd hire them. >> reporter: he says insurance will help reimburse some of that lost peace of mind. >> we just keep on rocking. that's what we do. we just keep on selling. >> it cost mcmanis more than $7,000 just to rekey the existing cars. one of the cars, a 2003 ford this evening. some of the other missing vehicles may have mcmanis motors dealership on them.
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judge to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against the father of dylan redwine. dylan's mother elaine filed the lawsuit against her ex mark redwine four days after the suit expired. the suit should have been filed within two years dylan's remains were found. a lawyer said the suit was filed two years to the day when the family was told the remains were dylan's. his death was ruled a homicide. investigators have said his father is a person of interest, but no criminal charges have been filed. that would have made a civil lawsuit challenging. >> with a criminal case not yet even filed they would not have had access to the police reports. they could not have compelled the father's testimony. so it would have been a difficult case, but no one likes to see their lawsuit dismissed because you filed it a couple of days too late.
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it's unusual for a civil case to be filed before a criminal case. it is one of the more disturbing criminal cases in colorado, a pregnant woman stabbed and her baby cut from her womb and left for dead. michelle wilkins survived the attack at her home in longmont last march. her baby did not. tomorrow she will be one of the first witnesses to testify against dynel lane. lane has pled not guilty. two weeks. this week we've explained how problem teachers can go from state to state or district to district without raising red flags. tonight a story that makes you wonder who was really being frequented at one school, the students or -- protected at 1 school, the students or a teacher. jeremy >> reporter: -- teacher. >> reporter: elected to positions of power.
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protect students from situations like. this but reluctant to talk about what happened within the walls of dupont elementary, gilbert trujillo, a 4th and 5th grade teacher accused of repeatedly violating innocence of girls in his classroom -- >> i'm just shocked the way the school district handled the trujillo case. >> reporter: -- he kept his job despite several documented complaints from parents and co- workers. the current superintendent said this in june. >> we're looking into that. >> reporter: five girls, some now adults, claim not only were they fondled and kissed, but lavished with expensive gifts and love letters from through hill low. why are you guys hiding -- trujillo. why are you guys hiding behind this? this is my chance to get an explanation from the people in power now. there were at minimum four complaints and warnings about suspicious behavior by trujillo before he was placed on leave in 2008. trujillo remains locked up for
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covered the case when he was arrested in june. can the public really trust the adams 14 school district? here's what i've found since then. at least three moms and a co- worker filed complaints. a departing principal even called him creepy. finally in 2008 principal kathy hero knee ma had enough -- heronema had enough and promised to come down hard on trujillo and said he could keep his job if he could avoid touching or hugging students, keep his hands above or on the table and to stop using the word love in class, just what you want a teacher to be told. one of the girls claims she was molested in his class two years after that letter. >> the school district must put children first. >> reporter: i shared that letter with terry miller in arvada who is the president of a nonprofit that tracks sexual
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your prosecutors should look into all of the aspects of the case. >> reporter: for the sake of fairness i tried getting kathy heronema's take several times, but she never responded on the school district. good idea. at a meeting i brought up the fact trujillo mysteriously resigned in 2011 and then got back into the class mail. e-mails from the teachers union to district officials seem to indicate a deal was made for trujillo and months later that same year in july the school board approved his rehire as a substitute teacher. i know this is not a q and a session, this public comment, but maybe, but maybe since the school system here was so flexible with mr. trujillo you, the board, can be flexible with
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collective answer to one question i have, one question that does not have anything to investigation. what are you guys doing to protect students from situations like this? [ silence ] >> the tragedy of what you're describing, i can't speak for the board or superintendent, but it's quite disgusting and sickening that such allegations we've be made. >> reporter: only the school district's attorney spoke up. >> we have modified our policies and i think that those policies are among the colorado. >> reporter: and the teachers union, what did they know as trujillo's interests? we have nothing to say a spokesperson said in an e-mail declining any interview, not even a written statement.
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let's see if we get anybody to talk. hi. my name is jeremy with 9news. i'm here to see if mr. bradley bartell would speak with us? but the union who sticks up for teachers. so there's no chance anybody will speak on behalf of the union on camera about what you guys knew about gilbert trujillo. why are you guys hiding behind this? why aren't you guys talking? didn't want to stick up for themselves. all right. i guess we tried. thank you, mike. bye bye. there you have it. silence. got to wonder why. the school board sent us a letter after the meeting saying they cannot talk about this case because of trujillo's criminal investigation. he'll be in court next month. we tried getting his side, too, several times, but a family member said he declines an interview at this point. >> that's where accountability may come for him. how about for the school administrators and the teachers union?
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the district attorney has told the parents in this case not to talk to the press because of the pending investigation, but i can tell you, kyle, there are parents that are upset with hothe rictrihandled this case. i wouldn't be surprised if there's any future law. s on the horizon which may be -- lawsuits on the horizon which may be a reason why nobody's talking. >> thank you. still ahead at 10:00 america has a new top dog tonight. we'll show you the one that took home best in show. >> he's one of the hottest stars on the music scene these days. even sir paul mccartney couldn't get into his party after the grammys. >> 70s in february? kathy's forecast could break some records this week. >> and broncos fans did just
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the grammy awards had plenty of star power last night. a music legend, however,
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after parties. former beatle sir paul mccartney was denied entry into a party hosted by the rapper tiga. taylor hawkins, drummer, also got turned away. today the rapper tweeted he didn't control the door and didn't even know sir paul was there. rtd set a public transit record in our town celebrating the super bowl win. we received a good number of complaints about rtd that day. surely it was swamped. 409,000 people rode the light rail and shuttle and buses. they saw over 40,000 riders, double a typical day and more than 90,000 took the light rail to the democratic convention in 2008. america has a new top dog. the best in show award was handed out at the westminster kennel club dog show just over an hour ago. the crowd at madison square garden wanted a bulldog named annabelle to win.
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haired german pointer named cj. the 3-year-old beat out nearly 2,800 dogs and 199 breeds to win the nation's most prestigious dog competition. this is the week to take those dogs for a walk if you get a chance. get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in an uncharacteristically mild evening. up in the high country winter is still in full swing, beautiful conditions for snowboarding and skiing, just powder in the loveland area and we could use a little bit more. the snowpack numbers are running above average, which is welcome news considering it has been a bit dry in february, one of our drier months on average. it is mild and dry outside right now which bodes well for the morning drive with mild temperatures, 46 at the airport, winds light out of the west, southwest but calm here in the backyard outside the
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wind has been a main player this week, but the warm downsloping winds from the north, northwest have pushed temperatures way above average. still reports of some higher gusts in the 15 to 30 mile-per- hour range and almost 50 miles per hour. the winds are blowing good over berthoud and kenosha pass. no winter weather or travel advisories in effect for colorado, but heavy snow likely for the sierra nevada mountain range with a winter storm warning there, rapid snow melt west of salt lake city and an aerial flood advisory there and montana. the worst weather is east of us, the snow and wind finally subsiding a bit as this next through. cold air will follow this system through while we know joy another mild dry day -- we enjoy another mild dry day even california. high pressure is located just west of us. so all this precip and energy will stay north of us now taking the bull's eye of the
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and boston, new york, really no organized storm systems across the lower 48 with the convention of this plunge of cold arctic air taking temperatures into the 20s and 30s across bismarck, minneapolis and chicago while colorado and points westward enjoy high temperatures way above average. on the northwest flow winds light initially, then shifting as the ridge moves directly overhead and pushes east. southwest wind will push lower elevation temperatures above average. the wind will return in about 24 hours, some areas of blowing snow in the high country but not tomorrow, decent travel weather, lows in the mountains in the 20s tonight, 30s for the plains, temperatures rebounding out west but springing literally into the 70s for southeastern colorado, denver, greeley, fort collins close to 70 tomorrow and thursday, decent amount of snow and ice melt around the area as well as it's kind of the early start to mud season but only temporarily. fair sky, light winds now, a bit of wind along the foothills, our low 30. we spring board to the low 60s
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both tomorrow and thursday. slight cooling trend heading into the weekend with more mountain snow as early as saturday morning. some of that snow may move into denver sunday, a cooler second half of your weekend. temperatures rebound nicely early next week, back to the 60s, close to 70 the middle part of next week. while it feels like spring in denver, in the high country it still looks like winter to me and way too cold to be out on that lake.
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. this seems kind of peculiar. the broncos have no interest in peyton manning anymore, but they have to wait for him to retire before approaching brock osweiler with a contract offer all out of respect and refrains for manning who the broncos would -- and reverentness for manning who the broncos would rather not have to let go and, two, if you're brock osweiler i think there's an assumption. osweiler wants to make sure there's charity of manning before he -- clarity of manning before he comes back for the broncos. he wants to make sure that job is there for him and the only way to make sure that job is there for him in denver is if
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>> if osweiler resigns with the broncos, he'll be working with klint kubiak who was hired as the new assistant quarterbacks coach. klint should be able to carpool with gary and brother klein, personnel assistant. avalanche and nuggets both had the evening off. air force beat unlv for its third straight home victory, ball bounces off some dude's head. falcons win 79-74. 9news has all access with the university of denver hockey team leading up to their outdoor game against colorado college on saturday night at coors field. today the pioneers got a beautiful surprise. >> you go stretch anywhere you want. >> reporter: du versus colorado college is one of the oldest rivalries in college hockey. >> easy game. easy game when you let the puck do the work. >> reporter: pioneers head coach jim montgomery addressed
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this week in between ice sessions tuesday afternoon. the message wasn't about saturday's outdoor game but rather game one of the seer reagainst the tigers. >> -- series against the tigers. >> thursday night's game seemed like a lame duck game for everybody, but the three-point game matters just as much. this is where we're going to be pros and i'm going to plane on our captain to lead us and make sure they push you. it's not time for me to push. it's time for you guys to take ownership of this team and want to be something great. >> this time of year is the player's time. we're excited. i think everybody will respond really well. >> reporter: thursday is the focus, but after practice a small reminder that the game at coors field is on deck. >> there's a surprise in the locker room for you guys. so once you're done stretching everyone has to leave the ice at the same time. >> wow. >> oh, baby. >> reporter: battle on blake
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game. >> they're awesome, got the classic number look and classic shoulder, love the color, love the design. >> they're awesome. i think the whole team loves them. >> reporter: an old school style for an old school rivalry game. the pioneers will look the part on saturday night. aaron may tsa, 9news. >> -- aaron matas, 9news. >> next time i write one of those sizable tuition checks, i'll ask for one of those sweaters. >> i think they would have fit adele and i for sleep length.
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not a lot of wind tomorrow but a lot of warmth, close to 70 in the city. >> not close to. say it. >> it's not an exact science, drew. it's predicting the future. i'm hopeful for low 70s.
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on the thing thing. >> close to 70. >> last night at the grammys
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taylor swift's new grammy grenade for kanye. taylor swift's grammy
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>> taylor takes aim at kanye. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> swift backstage with beyonce and selena. >> oh, my god! >> a.j. and tracy with all the candid moments you didn't see. sophia's sexy warm-up in her dressing room. and new video seconds after her music video debut. what she yelled to blake. then our grammy fashion breakdown. demi versus carrie in a diamond necklace blingoff. >> this was actually a present >> mario and marco. >> only for "extra." >> only we're aboard rubio's campaign bus. what he really thinks about trump's tough talk and what he wants from -- >> mario lopez. >> hey! >> then luv guv eliot spitzer, here we go again.
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attacking a high-priced call girl? plus, two of the stars of american crime story are here with a sneak peek at tonight's tense episode. >> you are going home. now on "extra," from sper entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, my day with senator marco rubio. would he ever consider the vice presidency? and who he'd want to play him in a movie about his life. also coming up, mario, new video of the kardashian sisters hitting the grammy after party. >> but before we get to the parties, we start with the show nearly 24 million people watched, as lady gaga and kendrick lamar rocked downtown l.a. today we have every moment behind music's biggest night. >> one giant celebrity feud. two huge hollywood surprises. >> sophia vergara!
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you didn't see. >> three, two -- >> backstage, the up all night parties. >> how you doing, common? >> every big performance and even bigger winners. >> thank you for this moment. >> starting with this moment. taylor swift firing back at kanye west in her album of the year acceptance speech. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> the feud over the rapper taking credit for the pop star's success in his new x rated song >> me and taylor may still have sex, i made that [ bleep ] famous. >> if you focus on the work, you'll look around and you'll know that it was you. >> taylor kicking off the night with a pre-show win for her "bad blood" music video. selena gomez celebrating with her. >> opening up the show with her hit "out of the woods." but back in her seat, shedding a


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