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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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back open this morning between dry creek and county line... but here's what it looked like last lights. last night officials -- they were worried a loose panel from the damaged ikea sign rush hour traffic... csp says winds between 25 and 40 caused some of the loose. used ladders to help stabilze the sign. an ikea spokeperson says plan to assess the damage in the comin days.
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again today? the former
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accused of causing an h-i-v and hepatitis scare swedish medical center is scheduled to be arraigned today. investigators say rocky allen swithced needles to get a pain killer called fentanyl. tarhonda thomas is here with an update, tarhonda? "this" is rocky allen. he was a surgical tech at swedish for a little more than five months. and, during that
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that not only broke the law... but put people at risk. you about this story for "a while," it all "came to a when allen was arrested. he's accused of taking at least one syringe of fentanol-- that's a narcotic. investigators say he took it from the hosptial-- and replaced it with something else. they haven't said but that accusation means allen may have put many patients at risk for h-i-v, c. the hospital has recommended that 29-hundred former we know that at least one of them has tested positive for hep b. that doesn't mean, though, she contracted the disease from this incident. still-- investigators think it's a possibility. they've charged allen with "obtaining a controlled substance by deciet"... and "tampering with a consumer product." those are federal charges... ...and allen is in federal custody. agents arrested him on tuesday. today-- he'll appear in court for an arraignment. we'll find out if a judge decided to issue a bond in this case.
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if someone ends of dying from this incident-- gary-- allen could face life in prison. at minimum, he'd face a fine of up to 250-thousand- dollars. more gruesome details unfold as the dynel lane trial continues. lane is the woman removing an unborn baby from its mother, two surgeons said and lost half her vicious attack. both women in the a disturbing exchange with lane. at first lane made him believe she had the baby then changed her story before he performed an exam proving she did not give birth. the prosecution showed a number of items from the house including
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clothes and part of the mattress believed to be where the attack happened. dynel lane kept her eyes lowered when the evidence was displayed for the jury to see. the man accused of shooting and killing a castle rock native at a school in arizona... will face a judge today. stephen jones will learn whether some of the charges against him will be brought back to a grand jury.... jones is accused of shooting and killing colin brough of castle rock.. and injuring three others last year during a fight. a new bill that would make it easier for transgendered people to change their birth certificate is heading to the full house for approval this morning. the colorado house committee already passed the proposal. the bill would allow transgender's to update their birth certificates to the gender they identify with. drivers will have to wait a few days longer before they
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near glenwood c-dot says weather progress to clear up the road after a rockslide. when the highway stretch reopens -- one lane will reopen and a pilot car will lead cars alternating east and westbound. c-dot estimates the slide caused two to in damage. they are considering a federal disaster declaration which would get them more funding for repairs. we're told the road won't open until at least saturday. today friends, loved ones, colleagues and admirers will pay their respects to u.s. supreme court justice antonin as you know, he passed away last weekend. justice scalia's body will lie in great hall of the supreme court building. then there will be a private ceremony before the public is invited to say their farewells. scalia's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. it's a busy time for presidential
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their votes to the 2016 presidential race. tomorrow is the primary and donald trump is getting some heat from ted cruz, and from pope francis. democratic side, clinton and bernie running nearly the nevada caucuse. n-b-c's tracie potts gives us a look at the race for the white house. the clinton family with just 24 hours caucus...hillary sanders are the state's large candidate :14-:20 policy is to unite families, not to divide families." presidential candidate :21-:27 "i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said, "basta!" enough of this prejudice and paranoia." at a candidate forum trump - with a smaller but still firm lead in south carolina - blasted president george w. bush on iraq... defended against claims that he supported the war and toned down his criticism of pope francis calling him "unchristian" for wanting to build a wall with mexico. super burned in presidential candidate :45-:49 "i think he was very much misinterpreted, and i also think he was given misinformation." super burned in presidential candidate :50-:52 "i just don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith." ted cruz and marco rubio are courting south carolina's conservatives. presidential candidate :57-1:08 "south carolina's role is to step up and ensure that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states is a real and proven conservative." and while his numbers aren't in the top-tier, john kasich's making voter goy, super is not burned candidate 1:down a little bit."ats and republicansion prize.. tomorros, nbc news, washingtostill leading ut clinton's lead hjust the
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willing to change the church's beliefs to keep catholics healthy. the pontiff reveals he wants to control the zika
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on the church's position against birth control. he says quote " avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil". zika virus is spreading rapidly in latin america countries. the virus has been linked to birth defects that cause babies to have underdeveloped brains. she's determined to get on a flight for free. a serial stowaway with a long wrap sheet was caught trying to sneak on a plane, again! this time,64-year- old marilyn hartman was arrested at a bus shelter at chicago's o'hare airport. hartman has tried over and over again to board planes without a ticket. hartman was arrested twice in two days last summer in chicago for her stowaway attemps. she even pulled it off at least once by flying from san jose, california to los angeles in 20-14. she's facing several charges for her latest attempt including
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aspects to african american history. and-- during black history month-- we've been sharing many of them with you. today-- how food helps tell that history. the story of soul food has many different chapters.
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has explored most of them-- in his book. the self- proclaimed "soul food scholar" has spent years researching how food has played a role in black history... and still today. he says soul food shares a history and the mixing of cultures from around the world. the story of how the cuisine spread across the states is also a history lesson. today, on 9news at four, reporter tarhonda thomas takes us in the kitchen with the soul food scholar. he shares some of his favorite recipes... and his vast knowledge on the role soul food really plays in black history. chicken and waffles, sounds
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combinition. where you can get your hands on a
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spaceship later today. this comes after a devstating accident that killed one of the company's pilots more than a year ago. the new spaceship
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different descent system designed to be safer. virgin galactic is selling space in the craft for tourist flights to space. among those rumored to have already signed up for the $250,000 flights: angelina jolie and brad pitt, paris hilton and stephen hawking. something you should know before traveling overseas. apple is recalling about 895-thousand work travel adapter kits and wall plug adapters for countries like australia, brazil and continential europe. the two prong adapters can break off -- posing a shock hazard. you can contact apple for a free replacement. mickey-d's is getting in on the chicken and waflles craze....sort of. the fast food joint is giving its own spin to this by testing out the "chicken mcgriddle". it's basically a chicken and pancake sandwich -- no waffle. you take a mcchicken -- subtract the bun...and add the pancakes. mcdonalds is testing the sandwich at central ohio
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now. it's a broken bond. a child gone before their time. and we're learning race can play a role in infant
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to bear the burden of losing a child. and infant mortality effects a lot of coloradoans. thcolorado is the 5th lowest in the united states... and african american infants face a much higher risk of not surviving.. when compared to babies. our partners at rocky mountain pbs news dug deep into the statistics, dyer shows us what is being done to turn things around. the roads with
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he's taking a nice freshing dip at miami zoo. zoo officials say they needed to make sure the sumatran tiger cub named "satu" would be able to swim out of the moat in his mommy's exhibit if he fell in. so they threw him in the deep end and look at him go! now that he passed the test -- zoo staff hopes to move satu in with his mom in the next few days. that's going to do
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coors field? say it isn't so. new in our next half hour, the transformation
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democratic candidates threw insults at each other... even though they appeared separately in a town hall... we'll hear what they think of apple refusing to help the fbi hack into a terrorist's cell phone. is it "pesticide free" or "organic"? today - colorado's legislature will work on establishing a difference between the two... to create some consistency in the marijuana industry.


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