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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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another republican candidate calls it quits, and disappointing results from the primary in south carolina. which candidates came out on top there, and in nevada. >> third grass fire in two days, burning more than a thousand acres in fort carson. >> a warm dry day, our chance of rain kicks up a notch. >> burden for parents, sending kids to college. and we welcome a new face to the team. >> eastbound i-70 at central park boulevard has been closed. it remains closed while denver police investigate a four-vehicle accident. police say two people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word when the road will reopen. last of three fugitives who escaped from parole supervision
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dennis simonton was arrested in denver this afternoon. officers say he is a member of the 211 crew, he and two others escaped on february 11. the other two escapees are been caught, and may face additional charges. race to the white house was as full speed in two corners of the country. first, democrats caucused in nevada, and voters went to the poll in south carolina. first, we start with republicans in south carolina, where donald trump is the winner of today's primary. trump finished with 33% of the vote, followed by marco rubio, and ted cruz. rubio ended out cruz to finish with 23% of the vote. cruz finished with 22%. jeb bush and john kasich finished with 8% followed by ben carson with 7%. tonight, carson announced his plans to keep his campaign going, and then moments later,
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for president, citing low hampshire. the top 3 candidates in the primary spoke shortly thereafter. >> we have a wonderful lieutenant governor who backed [ cheers ] you know henry, right? the lieutenant governor of south carolina, i will take him over the governor any time, because we won. we won. >> i want to con frat donald trump, he won here tonight, but after tonight that, is a three person race, and we will win the nomination. >> despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together against us, south carolina has given us another remarkable result. >> earlier in the day, the nevada democratic caucuses were tight as expected.
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news report that hillary clinton beat bernie sanders with 90% of precincts reporting. the results show clinton received 53% of the vote. sanders trailed with about 47%. clinton thanked supporters after the win. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> sanders called the former secretary to congratulate her. sanders said, five weeks ago, we were 25 points ahead, and we ended up in a very close election, and we probably will leave nevada with a solid share of the delegates. next up, for the republicans, nevada for tuesday. the democrats will then have their turn in south carolina a week from today. colorado caucus will be held on march 1, super tuesday. the state gop has chosen not to
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year. tonight, firefighters in el paso county are trying to contain a fire at the fort carson training grounds. it has burned 1200 acres since this mother, and just 10 -- mornings, but just 10% has been contained. the fire started during a training exercise, but not clear how to got out of control. no structures have been threatened. all week long, we've told but event called the college of gold sunday, the goal is to offer free help for students to fill out the fafsa. >> reporter: when they have time, they sit at the computers, and look for free money. >> trying to look for some scholarships for march and april. >> reporter: they are seniors on the west high campus. they're both the first in the
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>> my family doesn't make much money. >> i want to be better, like have a better future for me to surprise my parents. give everybody back they've given me. >> reporter: and they will tell you, their paths run through the fafsa. >> the fact he's's necessary -- >> reporter: taylor runs college in colorado. dedicated to helping people forward college. last year, tons of free money went unclaimed. >> $12 million on the table, because families were not filling out the fafsa. >> reporter: money for traditional students like guitar. >> money for non-traditional students. >> if you don't have health insurance. >> reporter: like dee anne at
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>> there's no way as a single mother i could go back to school, deal with the financial debt that you incur. >> reporter: even money for families new to the country. but the fafsa can be a challenge. >> like a lot of families have a hard time doing it. >> they may come from a country where education is paid for, or where education isn't a priority. so it's just a new process. >> reporter: a process that is has vega back at the computer. >> how to pay for college without money? >> reporter: looking for a path for her future. >> if you we've set up a simm well guide for anyone for financial aid or scholarships for the upcoming year. on this page, you can find tips and work sheets which are set up by our partners at college in colorado, and putting on college goal sunday tomorrow, and on this web page, you can find the
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where college goal sunday is taking place. this is it free help to help -- this is free help to fill out your fafsa. the hope is lots of people will take advantage. >> absolutely, every little bit helps. thank you. today, thousands of people paused to remember the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. more than 3300 people paid respects at his funeral mass in washington, d.c.. scalia spent near 3 decades in the supreme court, considered one of the country's most influential conservatives. he was found dead at a resort in texas last saturday. scalia was 79 years old. one of his nine children, the reference paul scalia, delivered the eulogy. >> yo biden the funeral, president obama did not go, citing his large security detail. instead, he paid respects on friday at the supreme court.
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his nominee to the bench. one day after her passing, today, family held a private funeral for harper lee, to kill a mocking bird was one of the most defining novels and won a pulitzer prize. a long time friend read the speech she wrote in 2006 when lee won the award for racial injustice. lee reportedly liked the speech so much, that she wanted it deliver as her eulogy. harper lee was 89. i-70 in glenwood canyon will stay closed for the rest of the weekend, c-dot says it needs time to clear rocks. when the road does reopen it, will be single lane with alternating east and westbound traffic. we should get an update from c-dot tomorrow arrange from the warm weekend offering up the
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can which. fans starting walking into coors field for the game. we'll have a look inside the ballpark coming up later in sports. we first introduced to my new friends, and colleague, vincente arenas. are we happy to have you. >> it's been a lot of fun, meeting you and the people here, and one of the coolest things i found so far about denver is nice. people in texas are friendly, but people here have just been so warm and women coming that it's -- welcoming be. i'm so happy to be here. >> it's a great place, and for people that want to get to know
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>> i have a twitter account and facebook page. name, don't worry. i'm the guy with that name. like the rolling "r." >> we're so happy to have you. in other news, an officer recovering from a shooting gets a boost of support in the form after workout. >> a piece of rock 'n' roll history sold for a big chunk of money. >> the greatest chance for snow showers? that's coming up next. >> outdoor hockey, it finally happened.
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lock of john lend inning's
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somebody paid $35,000. a german hairdresser kept it before a shoot. who would have thought? the hair was one of several beetles related items -- lopez was shot 6 times during a traffic stop back in december. he is news undergoing physical therapy. before that. lopez regularly did cross fit in castle rock. today, the gym had the fund-raiser work out and 5k for lopez recovery. lopez says he looks forward to getting back in the gym. what a day, right? it was beautiful. we had the warm temperatures, about 15 degrees above the average, and the winds are finally settling down. a beautiful day out there at cheesman park. we sent mike out there to
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finding some fans, beautiful skies. doing a little yoga in the park. no shirt needed! you can get a tan. just soaking up the sunshine and the warmth in the middle of february. today's temperatures hit the low 60s in the metro area, 63 in fort collins and greeley, warm across the eastern plains, low 70s degrees the arkansas river valley, and 40s and 50s across the west. out there at dia, temperatures are cooling off quickly. once the sun sets, the numbers started to drop fast, 33, and mostly clear skies, a pretty spectacular night, and the winds have quieted down. temperature readings coming at us around 36 degrees, but earlier this away, i'm sure you heard it, a cold front pushed through, whipped up the winds, and we are finding a couple spots with gusty conditions.
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along the i-25 corridor have quieted down so much. gusty conditions out there in southern wyoming, and nebraska. 28-mile per hour speeds out there, and fort morgue into sterling, 20-30-mile an hour gusts. the winds begin to relax, we get a break for most of tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, if you're going to the gym, brunch, things are calming down. and that's going to be the theme for most of the day. you may find an occasional gust in the foothills, but that's nothing compared to earlier this week. few rain showers in sterling, but now most of the moisture is towards nebraska, dakotas and into wyoming. quick front passed through the area, mainly whipping up the winds a bit. this is going to provide cooler temperatures for us, and also few more clouds.
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high pressure is still anchored to the west, and that will bring us a couple more dry days before the next storm system that is brewing in the pacific northwest starts to work towards colorado. looks like we're going to see a wintry mix monday evening through news. how about 8:00 a.m., beautiful, few more clouds out there, and number of clouds pushing into the metro area around the front rain by 5, 6:00. a couple more isolated showers possible in the high country, and that's about it. workweek is almost here, right? tonight, temperatures dip down into the 20s and 30s, another mild one, even in the mountains, we only fall to the teens, tonight in the city, just beautiful. about 27 overnight, and that sunrise coming at us at 6:45. upper 40s, low 50s. tomorrow will feel cooler in comparison to the balmy temperatures. but these numbers are still above our average.
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foothills, might find a couple upper 40s towards greeley, low 50s in fort collins, and stay in the 50s, should be a nice, dry start to the day on monday. and then about monday, midnight, we'll see the transition, we could have one two through he inches of -- to three inches of snow. it might be slow in the morning. you guys, this system moves out so fast, we're going to talk about a huge warm up by next weekend. >> look at next weekend! >> if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. >> a glancing blow, then back in action with the warmth. >> thank, danielle. want to bring you an update. c-dot session i-70 is closed, to investigate a four vehicle crash. traffic is moving smoothly.
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for the super win. >> in sports, they'll be talking about what john elway should do about the offense, particularly demaryius thomas. >> about this time last year, we were saying demaryius has to get paid, a year later, it's like he has to be traded! what is going on? >> of all the great moves that john elway made, and they are too mum russ to make, when he looks back, the one move he made when you might be, eh, was paying demaryius thomas, and i think he regrets it. they may feel they could go on without him, and i'm going to
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now and draft day, he may make some calls. >> like brock osweiler, they got to be paying. you look at what they do. >> you can't pay everyone. period. that, it's a salary cap sport, malik jackson, we talked about this, i'm not sure about brock osweiler letter, case by case basis, they want a lot of the guys back. you can't pay everybody. >> and i brought the other two guys up to make the point that john elway has to look at what happened to demaryius thomas last year. am i going to pay these guys? but with demaryius, i don't think demaryius thomas's skills have diminished. >> neither do i. >> and within two years, they're look at his contract, and think, well, not a bad deal,.
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with demaryius thomas, and his production. if it's like the last two, three, games we saw, we're going to go yikes! >> there was something going on up here. >> i don't know what it was. >> his mom getting out of jail, and that whole thing. something happened. >> and maybe, just maybe in the off season he can get back to where he was. >> and make sure he doesn't go against josh norman. >> pay or trade?
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it's one of the greatest rivalrying in college hockey, du and cc have faced off more than 300 times, but all of those games were indoors.
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got together in the great outdoors, for the first time, hockey game at coors field. rocky hockey is back! well, kind of. first goal, a unique one. it goes off a pioneer skate, then a tiger skate, and off the post, and in. both lucky and good? 1-0. du. du broke it open with two goals, 15 seconds apart, bottle on the power play -- both on the power play. outside, inside, doesn't matter for du. they win again, the final score was 4-1. >> aaron has been talking the pioneers all week, so you know he'd been at coors field, and still is! >> reporter: hi, rob, 35,144 people came out to witness this hockey game, that is a new du athletics record, and pioneers did not disappoint, beating their rival for a 8th straight
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off series in post season. they did it on a special night at coors field. >> it's really special for me. seniors, beats cc8 times in a row is unheard of. to walk out there, and see all those people, it was just, it was such a special experience. >> it was unbelievable. i think, honestly, we were all excited, 35,000 fans. it was definitely -- everybody we imagined. >> reporter: as you just saw, we are all access with the pioneers tonight, this win will be featured in our two-part special next saturday, called course to coors, and starts at 5:30, leading to the puck drop, and
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be seen on 9news. >> look forward to that. thank you very much. now, the avs and red wings will play at coors field a week from tonight, but tonight, the colorado ice men are in edmonton. the oilers worst in the conference and second worst in the entire nhl. the avs lead in the third 3-1. back to du, what a day for the pioneers, day that began with lacrosse, the defending national champions taking on traditional power house duke. turned out to be a great game. tied up at 12, not anymore! captain to tyler pace, pace puts it in. that's the game winner. number 2 over number 3, du beats duke, the final 14-12. we have covered college hockey, lacrosse, and how about basketball?
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but it doesn't look good. csu no answer for josh adams. 37 for adams, thanks to nine 3 points -- pointers. falcons beat new mexico, 76-72, graham was playing for his grandmother who passed away on friday. finally, it's almost over. another season of -- state championships are wrapping up at pepsi, and that's where we find taylor. >> reporter: action is still going on. it's been just a thrilling night. repeat championships, upsets,
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performances. >> the it was an adjustment for me. and i expected to win, because -- >> reporter: windsor freshman -- at 113 2a, another upset. the junior surprised the state titlist at 120. >> i feel great. i'm proud of myself, and the others. i couldn't even breathe when i went to shake the other coach's hand.
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made history. his win made him the 19th to ever win four state titles. we'll have more updates tomorrow morning. >> appreciate that. we may have more 4-time winners. breaking news we want bring to you out of kalamazoo, police are reporting there's a driver that is driving around shooting people. there are six people killed in, kalamazoo, four were shot at a cracker barrel, two a dealership. they say a white man driving in
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