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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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i-70 and c470, i-70 and 32th, i-70 and ward
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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. it's tuesday, febrary 23.... corey, gary and cheryl with you. marty is in the weather center. thanks marty... we
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weather coverage now with 9news reporter colleen
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can always check 9news dot com and your 9news app for weather updates. you can also share your pictures through the 9news app... just click on the your take picture. a verdict could come as early as today in the case against dynel lane. lane is charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy she's accused of cutting the fetus from michelle wilkins womb last march. wilkins survived -- but her unborn baby did not. both sides agree that lane attacked wilkins. the key question they don't agree on... did lane intend to kill her? the prosecution did everything they could to show lane thought about the attack beforehand but the defense argued that she
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the jury will resume deliberations this morning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas will have a live report from boulder county in the next hour. today- the 17 year old accused of shooting and killing a mesa county deputy will be in court... for formal charges. austin holzer was arrested as a juvenile on first degree murder, assault and trespass charges... but now he'll face charges as an adult. deputy derek geer died- after spending several days on life support. his funeral was last mondayin grand junction... more than 15 hundred people attended.
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officer is recovering this morning after she was shot in the leg yesterday afternoon. she was going after a burglary suspect in the highlands. 9news reporter noel brennan joins us now with an update. noel, at last check the officer was in fair condition. and she's expected to recover, gary. officer rachel eid is being treated at denver health. she's been with denver police since 2014 and often appears in the department's youtube videos. yesterday afternoon, she went to check out a burglary... that quickly led to shots being fired. the call came in about 1:25 yesterday afternoon near 37th and grove. officer eid and another officer caught up with two suspects a few blocks away. that's where officer eid was shot - hit in the lower left leg. one man was taken into custody, but another man took off and later carjacked a woman. officers chased him to 35th and lowell where he lost control... shots were
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man was killed. yesterday, chief robert white addressed the shooting involving officer eid... and the one that sent sgt. tony lopez junior to the hospital in december. denver police have not named the suspect who was killed yesterday afternoon or the other man who was taken into custody. we'll keep checking with police and denver health to get an update on officer eid, cheryl. this morning lakewood police need your help to find a man -- he left his house to go on a run and hasn't been seen since. that was nearly 2 weeks ago. 49-year-old michael edlin - was last seen on february 10th. he was running near his home in the green mountain area. his house is near the intersection of jewel avenue and
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boulevard. he was wearing blue jeans and a burgundy sweatshirt with a photo of the disney character "grumpy" on it. police don't suspect any foul play... but they say edlin has a condition - and needs medication. if you know anything call lakewood police. an uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage was denied bail. police believe he shot eight people at three different locations in kalamazoo, michigan on saturday. six people died... yesterday he was charged with six counts of murder. the prosecutor says the accused shooter admitted his involvement... but at this point investigators have not figured out a motive. if he's found guilty... he could be sentenced to life in prison. the next hearing is scheduled for march third. a warehouse in carson, california caught on fire overnight.... carson is just north of long beach from above you can see the flames coming through the roof and thick black smoke pouring out of the buidling. about 100 firefighters responded to the call ... many stayed
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the early hours of morning to keep an eye on the building. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings. been reported. nevada has a republican caucus today -- now that the competition is tightening up. more in a moment -- but first lets go back to marty for another look at your weather.
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republican caucus today. the gop candidates are fighting for the top spot... donald trump is expected to win the state... but second place is still up for grabs. nbc's tracie potts is in washington with more presidential candidate :00-:06 "the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit." a final late night push to win nevada. presidential candidate :09-:12 wrong with this shows donald cruz. of the republican is couple of weeks could be unstoppable." "i just think he has fresh off his second place finish in south carolina, marco rubio is hoping to score here: presidential candidate :34-:38 "we can't win. if we nominate someone, if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates." what makes anyone believe that donald trump supporters are going to peel off of him and go to someone else." john kasich is seeing protests after signing off to defund planned parenthood in ohio. comments today to be completely deplorable and very offensive." presidential candidate 1:01-1:05 "what those attacks tell me is that someone is listening out there." he and ben carson rounding out the five republicans left in this race. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. expected to be e across the
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huge. four years ago only 33-thousand people across the state showed up. are you putting money away? maybe adding your tax refund... well you're not alone... you may be surprise at just how many people are saving
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now publically supporting the fbi's push to have apple to help with the investigation. apple has resisted a request to help the fbi break into the shooter's cell phone -- citing privacy concerns. robert velasco agreed to be named in an legal filing supporting the government's position. his daughter -- yvette -- was one of 14 people killed in the december 2nd attack. apple has been under scrunity for
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special software that would allow the feds to unlock the phone. today people who support apple's position have planned demonstrations at apple stores across the country. a recent survey finds homeowners who have a mortgage are feeling pretty good about their equity.. according to a survey by mortgage company "loan-depot"... 46 percent of homeowners think they will see an increase this year. in fact -- 85 percent expect a 10 percent rise in home equity this year. on average, however, the forecast is for gains in the range about two-point- three and four- point-seven percent. only 3 percent of homeowners expect their equity to fall in 2016. more americans are saving their money. bankrate-dot-com says more than half have more emergency savings than credit card debt. a bankrate financial analyst says millennials learned from their parents' and they're more cautious with their spending. only 22 percent have more credit card debt than emergency savings. that's the lowest it's been in six years.
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had quite the scare after their daughter vanished in the snow... she fell into this ten foot hole... fortunately the family got some unexpected help from a group who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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girl is home safe after she fell into a snow covered hole. it was 10 feet deep... the dad sprung into action... he also got some help from a group that just happened to be walking by... nbc's dana griffin talked to the girl and her family about the ordeal nats: video: "holding on? yep." you can barely see her little arms struggling to hold on... that's 10-year old samantha white stuck in a hole while snowshoeing at castle peak trailhead. "when my dad tried to come and help me, i fell more." nats: video samantha's mom captured this cell phone video thinking she was just stuck in the snow... she stopped and jumped into help once she realized samantha was sinking deeper and deeper "i could hear her,
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how deep the hole was, or what she was going to fall into or what was down there. i had no idea." her dad william is a retired firefighter who's seen this narrative dozens of times before... never thinking one day it would be his own child. "agonizing. your daughter screaming, don't let me go. don't let me go daddy. wife yelling, don't let her go honey. butted to "the choice was to let her go and live with that. if something bad happened, or hold on and all three of us end up in the hole." samantha fell 10- feet and landed in ankle-deep, frigid water. her dad called 9-1-1 and thought by the time help arrived, she'd be in grave condition. but by sheer coincidence... the help they needed walked by.... "this group of 12-15 snow shoers came down the hill and i was a little preoccupied talking on the phone to the dispatcher and one of them said, do you need some help and i said yeah, my daughter's in a hole about 12-15 feet down... who are you? they said w mard rescue, and i was likthe rescuers used t within a matter osamato walk a mile and a half car... she thanked and took a pnow, she's ready to get back to the snow. "i still want to go to the snow, but just not off the trails." the rescue team were recognized
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yesterday. now let's get a
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morning drive with amelia earhart we have a special
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mornings on friday ahead of this weekend's game. noel brennan and i will be live from coors field to help you get ready. and sure to join us this saturday before the avs-red wings game for an awesome pre-game special. it'll feature interviews with players--past and present... plenty of cool behind the scenes stuff... and access that you wouldn't otherwise get. it airs from 5-30 to six p-m right here on channel nine... and then will continue after the game ends.... followed by a special edition of 9news. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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here's another look at the conditions around the metro... marty will have
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it's snowing across the metro area... and it'll be a slushy wet commute. this is a live look at . and up in fort collins - it's also snowy this morning.... although i don't think the c-s-u students will have much trouble getting to class. and high-country driving might be a little dicey this morning. it's been snowing


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