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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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i'm only trying to find peace and stability. my spirituality and my faith in humanity and in spirit pull me through even my darkest days. but i do not mean to suggest that it makes it easy. how confusing is it that life can seemingly be so cruel and so beautiful at the same time? >> inspiring words from the woman who survived a vicious attack, one that killed her unborn baby, and almost killed her, too. today, her attacker found guilty of attempted murder. good afternoon, that verdict came in just after an hour ago. the jury found dynel lane guilty on all charges. 9 news reporter ryan harris is live in the boulder county justice center with more. ryan? >> reporter: tarhonda, dynel lane found guilty on all of the counts like you said, attempted
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unlawful termination of a pregnancy. and all four of those separate assault counts. now, the jury deliberated for six hours yesterday. and came back this morning, with that guilty verdict. dynel really did not show much emotion when the verdict was read. wilkins cried silently in the audience. this was a brutal attack on wilkins in which she had responded to a craigslist ad for maternity clothes. wilkins survived to testify at trial. she spoke with us after the verdict today. >> it just never entered my worldview that someone could be so cruel and value life so little. many have asked me how i feel about dynel lane. recallly on, i had said i had forgiven her. it is part of who i am as a human being and martin luther king said it brilliantly. we must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. >> reporter: really, she showed so much strength. she also thanked dan gar net,
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prosecuted this case for all of his support and i want to talk with our legal analyst, scott thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> let's talk about the deliberation. every was surprised yesterday that the jury deliberated for six hours when the facts seem sod obvious. background there? >> the jury was doing exactly they were deliberating. they obviously took their time, made the decision they felt was judgment. so they've got to be given credit for how much work they put into this extraordinarily unpleasant case. >> no doubt about that. sentencing is set for april 29. let's talk about that for a second. stan gar net said to the media, there is a psychological evaluation likely coming. what happens next? >> dynel lane is looking at, at least a 48 year sentence by my calculations. that's the longest sentence for attempted first-degree murder. she won't be eligible for parole on that because it is a violent crime, so it is 36
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grappling with is whether the other crimes merged with attempted first, or are separate enough to justify consecutive sentences. that could put the sentencing into a three digit, a triple digit sentence, which is of course, the equivalent of a life term. all of that will have to be resolved by the court. both as a matter of fact and as a matter of law. prosecutors will be arguing consecutive sentencing. defense counsel will be asking for concurrent time. but one way or another, dynel lane is going to prison for a very long time. >> no doubt about that, scott, thanks for your insight. we appreciate that. sentencing is set for 2:00 p.m. on april 29. tarhonda, a long terrible few months, for michelle wilkin, finally coming to an end today, looking to move forward with her life. >> and he seemed so relieved and offering such strong encouraging words, too. ryan, in boulder county, thank you. a scary moment for a school bus driver. as the bus caught fire. first responders are still working this scene.
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in the area of 18th and treenont, a denver public schools bus. look at the front. you can see where the fire damaged that area, where that driver would be sitting, as well as all of the windows. they look blacked out. this bus caught fire, but no students were on board. that's really important for us to note. police and firefighters responded. they have shut down that intersection. and they are still diverting traffic, around that area, of 18th and treemont as they screfght and try to figure -- investigate and try to figure out how they will move the bus. we haven't heard yet what started the fire. early morning snow hit some areas harder than others. maybe you were one of the people who shared one of these beautiful pictures of spots from the foothills, all the way through. the snow has ended, over the front range. and it allowed for skies to really clear up, and create a beautiful sunny afternoon. just great background there, looking at that, too. 9 news meteorologist belen deleon is in the backyard right now. i still see a few snowflakes on the tree behind you.
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it is in the shade. that's what i'm saying. so that is where we still have that snow that has just stayed on the ground. other spots in the sunshine, the snow is melting and the storm system has moved out and it has left very chilly temperatures in its wake. i want to show you a bigger picture of where this storm system is right now. as it has pushed to the south and to the southeast, well, it is causing some very severe weather into parts of texas, and the gulf coast. in fact, in louisiana right now, a tornado watch has been issued. and we do have reports of four tornadoes so far, near the new orleans area. and that is in colorado. and our weather really is calming down. we still have a winter weather advisory in effect, for the central and southern mountains, until 6:00, but that snow, the majority of it, it has fallen in the high country, and any additional snowfall will be very small. we do have some stronger winds right now, in areas of the foothills, and blowing snow, with doppler 9 picking up and sunny skies in the city right now. a few snow report, and you will notice we are getting anywhere
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colorado and we did -- 1-3 inches in northern colorado. and right now, we have sunny skies over the metro area. but the temperatures are chilly. in the 30s, in the 40s, in some spots. you factor in the wind and it feels like a 20-degree temperature. 40s will be our high for today. and into this evening. and the weather pattern that coloradans are familiar with. when the skies clear, the temperatures will drop. a cold night ahead. the other snow reports here in the metro area, not all that impressive. but in the foothills, in the high country, my goodness, that snow has stacked up, and that is where our own colleen ferreira is reporting from, in nedderland, where they got 15 inches. >> this is where the real snow is today. and once you get here, you will be rewarded with some nice fresh powder. i want to take you over here to this picnic bench. just to give you some idea of how much snow they have received here this morning. probably a little more than that, because there has been some drifting with the winds. our drive here, started off pretty easy. we were on highway 93, just a little bit of slush to worry about. then once we got on to highway 72, that is where that ice started to form on the roads.
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the road. and we saw some ice patch, and coal creek canyon was very scary. it was icy. it was snow packed. going up, going down, so that drive was very slow. but once you get through that, and you get here, you will definitely see some nice fresh powder. we did see a lot of people in line, a line of cars waiting to get into the el dora ski resort for a nice fresh day of skiing and we know a lot of skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of the fresh powder that mother nature gave us in the overnight and morning hours. a little bit of a drive, and once we are here and it is beautiful, and craving some fresh snow, this is the place to be. in nederland, colleen ferreira, 9 news. >> it looks beautiful out there. a denver police officer hurt in the line of duty is expected to recover. officer rachel iyed, was shot, police arrested one man, but another got away, and carjacked the woman.
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lowell where they exchanged gunfire and that suspect was killed. the father of one of of the aurora theater shooting victims announced this morning that he is now running for state senate. tom sullivan's son alex sullivan was one of 12 people who died in the shooting at the aurora theater in 2012. he is testifying at the trial here. he got involved with politics after the shooting and he was one were several relatives of the theater shooting victims who worked to change laws and lobbied for new state gun control laws. session. he is a democrat and he wants to build up the experience as a state legislator. he is running for state senate district 27 which is held by incumbent republican senator jack tate. how do you recognize the signs of an eating disorder? and what could you say that could be contributing to one? we will sit down with two people who know firsthand. >> and she is finally here. the new american girl doll, making waves on social media.
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hi, everyone. happy tuesday. quick-moving storm, almost out of colorado. that snow is melting on the ground already, here on the front range, with a little accumulation. in the high country, it will take a little longer for the snow to melt off the roads. here is why. take a look at the snowfall reports coming in from some of the ski resorts and also some of these little town, nederland, 15 inches. genesee, a foot. same goes for clear creek canyon. and ward, 14 inches. and monarch had 15 inches.
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a whole lot of snow. that's monarch ski resort. on the front range, the skies are blue again. the skies will continue to clear as we go through the rest of today. the temperatures, though, they are chilly. in the wake of this storm that has pushed through. we are at 39 degrees, at d.i.a. here in the backyard, our temperatures are at 34 degrees. let's check the weather across the state. starting off with northern colorado, with the temperatures, that they managed to jump into the 40s. and high country, in the teens and 20s, and let's fast forward to this afternoon, and 30s and 20s for higher elevations and 40s in the western slope, and 40s for the lower elevations, our normal high is 47 degrees. so we are going to be below that. and 30s to the south. and doppler 9, much quieter than what it was in the overnight hours. we have some very light snow falling, over the sangre de cristos. the winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of the central and southern mountains until 6:00. but the weather will stay dry here on the front range and the eastern plains. we are done with the snowy weather.
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a little heated from the moisture. the snow probably made its way over there, possibly a dusting through this evening, and skies clear across the state and tomorrow morning. and we are starting off with sunshine. and not only here in the city but also in the high country. now, here is a look at the rest of today, there we go. tonight, temperatures up to 19 degrees. and the temperatures much colder, there is winds that are relaxing as well. and the temperatures across the state, keep in mind, mountain valleys, that cold air, settles in, to where you live. so we could see the temperatures below zero. in your neck of the woods. temperatures here on the front range in the teens and the eastern range, in the 20s. through the rest of the week ahead, this high pressure ridge builds into the western part of the country. what that means is our temperatures will warm up. the weather will be quiet. and the storm track will be going out towards parts of the new england states and even over the great lakes. but our weather will stay quiet. tomorrow, a high of 49. 50s for thursday and friday. as of now, weekend looks nice. saturday, 64.
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this is a time to raise awareness and show you how to get help with eating disorders awareness weeb. it is a big topic, since 30 million people in this country have an eating disorder. the majority include women and girls and the number has increased over the past six decades especially in young women between 16 and 19. and how do you recognize the signs of an eating disorder in a loved one or even in yourself?
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about this right now. dr. mindy solomon, a clinical program director, of the eating disorders clinic at the children's hospital colorado. good morning. >> good morning. >> and we also have mallory, she is joining us as well. thank you so much mallory for being with us. >> it is an loner. thank you. >> we love the fact that you are here to -- it is an honor. thank you. >> we love the fact that are you here to share your story because you struggled with an eating disorder and when did it begin and how did it develop? >> early age. elementary, middle school. and i think it developed with self. someone has to plant this idea, and kind of festers and eating disorders are kind of like self, not self made but they get a lot worse because you don't get help and you have this idea. and body image issues starting for you as early as elementary school. but then not too long ago, you went to new york, and you walked around, and you lost weight then. but what people said to you afterwards is what brought some feelings about.
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adults said i look good. you look good. have you lost weight? and well, obviously. this has something to do with the way that i look. this must be a good thing. so it became a lot about maintenance. and maintaining something that i thought was good at the time, i guess. >> i want to bring you into this, doctor, because we might think that we are doing something good by telling someone, wow, you look great, how can saying something like that contribute to something that may be brewing inside of someone? >> sure. i think that kind of being overly focused on body and appearance is part of what perpetuates the problem and the eating disorder cycle. and i think that overfocusing on the way somebody looks and you don't really know what has gone into how they may have achieved that, you don't know where it kind of came from, and i think it can send the wrong message. >> only one in 10 people get treatment for an eating disorder. why are those numbers so low? >> i think a lot of factors contribute.
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we are here to raise awareness about, to fight against the stigma. there is a lot of stigma about eating disorders. a lot of misinformation about them. and i think that a lot of times, people just don't want to get help. >> yes. >> mallory, how has it been for you in terms of getting the help? and why did you want to share your message. >> oh, man, so to be honest, it was hard, i am not going to dance around the subject. it was not something that people want to do. but i mean that is the thing, like if it is important enough, and it matters enough, it is not going to be fun. but i mean if i hadn't gotten help, i wouldn't be able to be here, to see lovely you and lovely mindy. >> and lovely you. we are so glad you are sharing your story. >> and i think one thing that is important to tell viewers, dr. solomon, is how can they recognize this? whether it is in someone they love or even in themselves? >> i think when healthy eating, or a change in eating habits starts to cross over into rigidity, obsessiveness,
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of control, something that you feel really afraid of, or if you notice that in somebody that you love, that they are cutting out lots of foods or avoiding situations where there might be food present or starting to say things like i already ate, i ate somewhere else, things like that, are things that you want to be on the lookout for. >> dr. solomon, good advice. thank you very much. >> and mallory, we are so glad you are doing well and healthy and happy. >> thank you. >> thank you. if you or someone you know needs help with an eating disorder, the eating disorder program at children's hospital colorado can be a resource.
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this afternoon a big announcement from president obama, he is sending congress a plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. this move would bring dozens of suspected terrorists here to the u.s. now, to those who disagree with this move, the president argues that the country is actually less safe housing suspected terrorists at git-mo. that's because they are using
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he also argues that the prison is draining $455 million a year fra the nation's military. -- from the nation's military. >> you can capture terrorist, protect the american people, and when done right, we can try maximum security prisons, and it works just fine. we are already holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states. >> okay, so the top republican in the senate says this is illegal. the president's plan is going nowhere. the president is trying to fulfill a campaign promise by getting this done in an election year, and it could be really tough, if not impossible. the house armed services committee has already announced it will hold a hearing on the issue. call it despicable "e." police in santiago, chile, busted two guys with more than 100 ecstasy pills shaped like characters from the despicable me movies. the minion shaped pills were stacked in a kid's art kit at
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they had apparently been made in the netherlands. in honor of black history month, american girl debuted the new historic doll, melanie ellison. the character is an african- american girl who grew up in detroit in the mid 1960s. the company announced it will release the doll this summer and in celebration of american girl's 30th anniversary. american girl says melody's story will include aspects of the civil rights movement, mo- town music, and dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. my daughter got this catalog
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look at this. so cute. england. all is well now. this little gal is doing great. she is the first gorilla in the u.k., to be delivered by emergency c-section. there have only been a few gorilla c-sections in the entire world, most recently at the san diego zoo. but she is doing great.
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>> that looks like a human hand. >> like a real baby. forecast. >> that storm has moved out of the way. one. look ahead to the weekend. is it too early for that? >> i think not. 64 for saturday. and stronger winds on sunday. a lie of 55. tracking possibly -- a high of tracking possibly a storm for the start of next week. >> done with the snow. and on to the sun. >> and the melt. >> thanks for being with us. and be sure to join our
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new photos, taylor swift walks down the aisle. >> maid of honor at her best friend's wedding, but where was taylor's man? now on "extra." taylor swift's wedding weekend. new pics of the superstar as her best friend ties the knot. and why taylor just wrote a check for $250,000 to kesha. the first photo of baby saint west. >> he looks like north's twin. like a little tiny north.


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