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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 24, 2016 1:05am-1:44am MST

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>> how are we doing, l.a.! [ cheers ] yeah! cause i i just wanna feel something real cause i feel something
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there are so many gifts and lessons that come out of the hard evaluate experience was our lives. >> a picture of strength, healing and forgiveness. her life now as a day is convicted of attacking her and taking her unborn baby. whether school officials will push for drills
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republicans make their choice. the storm that brought us storm creates tornadoes farther east that leave behind death and destruction. the crash that sent an suv tumbling from i225 into a nearby park. michelle wilkins will go to her sleep with her daughter in her mind and feel a sense of relief. today the woman who attacked wilkins and cut her baby girl out of her womb was convicted on all counts. >> i have an altar set up for her, in remembrance of her, and i burned a candle on it this morning, thinking of her. >> reporter: michelle wilkins says her baby aurora was her only thought when the verdict was read.
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her and took aurora from her womb was convicted on all counts. >> and in that moment, i felt -- like all of that pain was acknowledged. and vined indicated. >> reporter: michelle sat down with me, two newspaper requirements and a german tv news crew to talk more intimately about what she has endured and learned in the past year. >> there are so many gifts and lessons that come out of the hardest experiences of our lives. >> reporter: one gift that was difficult but important was a chance to meet her baby a few days after the attack. >> i did all the things that a mom would want to. i read to her, i dressed her. i held her. but knowing that she was only
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physically was really -- painful thing to grasp. >> reporter: michelle studied aurora's face and recognized a lot of her when she was a little girl. >> i think she had my name. and dad's handsome feet. [ laughter ] >> and his ears. and she was just a perfect blend of both of us. >> it seems like your family was really excited for her arrival. >> they were. >> reporter: michelle says she was called back to colorado and now living in boulder which has helped with her healing. >> i go hiking and climbing. and physically i'm definitely my old self again. >> reporter: despite her injuries, she is able to have children someday. for now, she's still grieving.
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the decisions that i make. which is being more engaged and being a more peaceful person. >> reporter: and with that, she has mercy for her attacker. >> i forgive her whether she asks or not. >> wilkins is looking forward to the last friday of april when she will have the opportunity to speak directly to dynel lane at her sentencing. she doesn't know why she felt compelled to act out so violently but ultimately michelle forgives her. >> maybe we shouldn't be so surprised with michelle. even during the attack she was telling her i love you. >> yes. and talking with her parents today, they're surprised by the grace she has. they know she's a great woman. but through this, that whole family has really pulled together. she's gonna be okay.
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and more from kyle's interview. the impact was just south of parker road. an suv rolling before coming to rest at the kennedy ball field. two women inside were thrown from the vehicle and were taken to a hospital. republican caucus votes are being tallied in nevada. if the counting going anything like the vote casting, reports suggest this will be a mess. some spaces running out of ballots. volunteers were passing out already completed bloods and advocating for candidates. they are calling the caucus for
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controversy. the democratic candidates are focused on south carolina. the primary this is saturday. and we're a week out from super tuesday which includes the colorado caucuses. colorado republicans will not be picking a winner this year. but other contests around the country should provide some clarity. two southern states declared emergencies even after it started raining. three people have been killed by the storms. there is a massive search and rescue operation going on in pensacola, florida. several apartment buildings, town homes, and general electric plant were badly damaged or destroyed. crews in nearby counties are
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effort to dig through blocks of damage. in louisiana, teams still going through an rv park west of new orleans. seven people are critically hurt. 30 others have less serious injuries. more than 150 trailers at the park remember damaged. the leading edges of the storms caught storm chasers by surprise. on lake pontchartrain, a giant waterspout stormed. it dissipateded before doing any major damage. one of denver's busiest streets the scene of a standoff this afternoon. you the standoff
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one person was taken into custody. it's really about safety. i think there's a lot more that could be done. >> some colorado schools have never done an active shooter or lockdown drill. and the schools don't have guidelines to use in training. >> reporter: the goal of any drill is to make sure the reaction to the emergency becomes second nature. this is a lockdown in lakewood. the students know exactly what to do and where to go. the principal helped set up a camera inside the classroom.
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district does two of these in every school every year. >> we're at 2.1 years since the arapahoe tragedy. in my world, time is running out for the next one. >> reporter: an investigation found lockdowns or active shooter drills look different from district to district, if they are done at all. the drills aren't mandated. starting next summer, schools can't be sued if a student is injured or dies in an act of school violence. "there is a limited duty of reasonable care upon public schools to provide for students' safety. training". >> it's not laid out in bills because we expect school districts and officials to act. >> reporter: we took our findings to a republican from parker who is a chair of the school safety and youth and crisis committee.
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crisis drills. >> reporter: the bill motivates schools to act. >> we have to be careful not to just issue mandates. it's why we've been measured and how we're going here. >> reporter: he was surprised to hear some schools don't do lockdown drills and don't know how. drills. they want to get better at them but that's a tough thing to do. >> if you're telling me there's a superintendent out there who says i haven't done any drills, it's obviously not. and so addressed. cookie-cutter solution for every school in colorado. we can provide guidance how to make it work in your environment. >> reporter: john michael
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school safety after his daughter was killed in a shooting. >> if we're gonna look at legislation, it can't simply be an unfunded mandate. you need to have the fiscal fortitude to make it meaningful and to fund. >> reporter: findings are something to consider but stop short of promising. >> it is the function of this place to consider how to motivate that. how do you make people care more that results in more safety? whether that turns into specific mandates that will require funding still remains to be seen. >> he says his school safety committee will continue talking about what needs to be done. partly because colorado is so passionate about local control, the legislature does fund the
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>> so we don't have federal mandates on this. and you looked at what other states are doing. >> indiana is an interesting example. it mandates and pays for the staff to get training every year. schools are required in indiana to have a school safety smift. specialist -- safety specialist. the director tells us the system works because everybody is trained on best practices which they implement in their own school districts. if they have to travel for training, lodging is covered as well. no snow will become the first part of a weekend with temperatures in the 70s. performers taking the stage during saturday's intermission.
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having to put a broncos flag on their truck. >> tonight's game was in your
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you would expect colorado to have lots of representatives on the list of america's happiest and healthiest cities. sure enough, fort collins ranked 4th, boulder in 7th. greeley ranked 34th, and the denver metro 50th. naples, florida, was 1st. the denver fire department was not happy about having to fly a broncos championship flag on their truck. that would be
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carolina fire department. they posted the pictures of the flags on their trucks today. they made a deal! so time to pay up. hockey in ball parks today. we got a look at some of them going up, turning coors field into is an ice rink. avs and the redwings on friday and saturday. we'll have the stadium series game on channel 9 at 5:30 saturday. game time temperatures on saturday could be in the low 60s, warmer than the outdoor game last year between the sharks and the kings in santa clara. it could be the warmest
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it is gonna be really nice by the weekend. not bad right now. clear, cool, and dry. our recent storm has blown well off to the east of us. sunrise and sunset pictures make all of that cloud cover spectacular as well. this one coming in tonight out of golden. our high in denver, 43 degrees. the average this time of year is 47. 50s on the map in southeastern colorado and flurries in the high country. hour. calm winds in the 9 backyard outside the studio. we're up to 11.6 for the month where we typically see about 7.7 inches of snow. above average inches. year by 3.5.
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country, spectacular skiing and snowboarding conditions with 6-12 inch was snow. and recent travel weather for you. all the winter weather and travel advisories across the state have been canceled. our storm system will race into the gulf, pull in cold air from the north. all of that moisture wrapping around the low pressure system with the winter weather advisory to the north. close to a dozen tornadoes across the south. and here's video coming in from louisiana. motorists on i-10 southwest of baton rouge just stopped and see flying debris. never saw the actual tornado but confirmed touchdown in that area area. a threat of flooding through atlanta, and winter storm warnings north of nashville.
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increase across the carolinas tomorrow. something we'll be tracking throughout the day. it's headed toward new york. and that's gonna create travel delays across many of those major hubs. we saw a front coming in, otherwise mostly sunny, all the heavy moisture coming to an end for colorado and the west. all headed east. dallas, memphis, areas of rain and snow to the north. tonight is gonna be cold in the high country. even with that front rushing into is northeastern colorado. not much of an issue. low 60s in greeley and limon. 19 in pueblo. highs in 60s on the map. denver, 50-55.
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areas, you're gonna be hovering around freezing. clear, cold, 18 degrees. sun up tomorrow, 6:41. low 50s in the afternoon. above average only slightly. a good day for to us get into the upper bias and lower 60s. weekend looks good. late sunday, a wintry storm coming our way. a chance of a rain or snow shower. hello march with a nice rebound in temperatures toward the first part and middle part of next week. and there's a little hockey game on a baseball field this weekend. record temperatures are possible. auchlly mild. and why drive to the store? this is one way i like to get to a store.
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wfully mild. and why drive to the store? this is one way i like to get to a store. [ laughter ] come on, everybody, come on. come on, baby! get behind you. get it back there. push him up! push him up the track! hell of a job. so close. >> this does seem to be a cinderella team. a single-car operation out of denver. >> i don't think he realizes how much work that is.
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have so much faith in what they're doing. this that confidence we have in one another. >> 35 more races to go. they start in february and wrap up at the end of november. the next
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enough mistakes to fill an air-ball! pass lands in the front row. jakarr sampson looks, but they hustle down and steal it back. time! denver still somehow had a chance. augustine got stripped in the final seconds. colorado state beat new mexico. smallest guy on the court, john dylan. and he's gone stop it! rams win 86-67. i wouldn't blame brock osweiler if he told the broncos he wasn't ready to discuss a contract yet. you make me wait, i make you wait! you know, make 'em squirm! the original plan was to postpone negotiations with osweiler until peyton
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more than two weeks has passed since the super bowl and there's only two more until brock becomes a free agent. so the team plans to approach osweiler's agent at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis. >> he can lead them to a no. 1 playoff seed, i think, through the kubiak system. it is tailor made for him. they want the quarterback to move, to roll out. brock is athletic that way. not fast but he can move. he can throw on the run. he has a better arm than peyton manning. he can do more damage on offense offense. i think he can get into the postseason. whether he has the poise to come through in the playoffs, that remains to be seen.
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chance at all in the playoffs. the red soxs and the rockies traded troy tulowitzki to the blue jays for jose reyes. major league baseball commissioner rob manfred placed reyes on leave today because of his criminal proceedings. >> hopefully gonna have some clarity on that in the near future. and for that, i said before, you talk about depth. we
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descalso, and young talented kids. thing. when you have players like that is correct we'll figure it out. >> strange but true. even though he hasn't taken a snap in three years, tim tebow finished 5th in a 2016 poll regarding america's favorite quarterbacks. strange but true. they also had who is your least favorite quarterback. tom brady 1st
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>> the tonight show. [ laughter ]
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hillary clinton crashes the set of scandal. >> is the presidential hopeful making a cameo inside tv's
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now, on "extra." new photos -- hillary clinton posing for selfies with the stars of "scandal." a story behind her day with tv's back stabbing, cheating political villains. plus, trump, rubio, and cruz. the showdown in the desert. >> "extra" is in las vegas as the gop plays a game of high stakes politics. charlie sheen's new interview about his now infamous rant-a-thon. >> winning. >> what he says triggered the outburst and why his relationship with denise really turned toxic. >> she's burning down the bank and then trying to rob it. kim kardashian opening up about dropping the baby pounds. >> this is calling my name. baklava.
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crime story, the journalist who exposed o.j. detective mark furman's racist past. >> do you believe furman planted evidence? then, a super sexy "extra" feed. katherine heigl in lingerie. britney in a bikini. plus, why carissa is feeling like the third wheel with the low bros. >> if you want to leave me out of this. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, big bang star kaley quo toe's emotional new interview about the down fall of her marriage and what led to her divorce. also, chris rock taking his oscar jokes for a test drive. just who are his targets? but first, the woman who in on tv's white house. jerry has new details on hillary clinton's "scandal" surprise visit. >> these are the photos catching
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new pics that democratic hopeful posing with white house aide kerry washington, spokesperson darby stanchfield, and president tony goldwyn. she didn't shoot a scene, just stopped by while campaigning in l.a. kerry hash tagging, #i'mwithher. >> you know i love hillary. i'm all about it. >> but this wasn't the only set hillary just crashed. >> ladies and gentlemen, secretary clinton! >> clinton surprising steve harvey's audience, revealing she law school. >> i go over, and i said, if you're going to keep looking at me and i'm going to keep looking back, we at least ought to know each other. >> that was actually a player move. >> instagraming this tender shot of the two on the campaign trail, settling this great chicago debate on tomorrow's show. >> deep dish or thin crust. >> probably at this point in my life, thin crust. >> hillary in the windy city. the republicans in sin city for


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