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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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now a bill that would end gun permits in colorado is getting a second chance. a plane flight ends in tragedy. we'll have the latest from nepal and tell you what happened moments for the plane crashed temperature moments before the -- moments before the crash. super lice. it's spreading across the u.s. as fast as the itchy pests themselves. >> i don't want to hear that. >> i'm so sorry. reality. >> super lice. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, cory with us today. cheryl has the day off, but
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>> we'll start off with marty coniglio in the backyard. marty, the snow melted off quickly like you said it would. >> we had a tremendous snow yesterday because it's so windy there. today this is our actual view. looking from sports authority field over downtown. incredible color in the sky. very dry air. that's why you get all those beautiful colors in the sky this morning. so we have no wood burning restrictions today. here's one of the reason we have the decent air going. it is windy near the foothills. between 25 and 50 miles per hour from broomfield right up to the top of the continental divide at loveland and bertha pass. we'll keep it windy. snow. it's going to help push temperatures up into the 50s. hd doppler with nothing to do
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the storm has moved into the northwest. it's strengthened significantly. the winter storm warnings from st. louis all the way into the chicago area and just south of chicago through northwestern indiana we had blizzard warnings going out this morning for winds over 50 miles per hour. looking ahead the next couple of days. clouds move in for tomorrow morning. we'll be slightly cooler tomorrow and then we start a warmup as we head into the weekend. the wind is up. beyond that, whether is pretty fine and roads are dry. amelia, how are things going. >> we're looking at sky 9's view here around i-25. more flashing lights and ambulance and a tow truck is on the way over. watch for delays to build on the north end. look at the cdot camera. a busy look at side streets. colfax and monoco, heavy damage done to the white vehicle.
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this intersection. i would add time to your morning commute. fairly calm and clear. anywhere south of sixth avenue. up to the north end. sky 9 was just flying over westbound 36 and i-25. colfax and grapes, a crash as well. as for the travel times, we're still under a 20 minutes, cory. 60 is our speed between 25 and boulder. >> thank you. we're looking at the results of this crash. look how terrible it is. the suv is crushed. glass is shattered. the women were thrown from the suv when it went across i-225, down an embankment. both victims were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. a bill that would end some gun permit requirements in colorado faces an uphill battle. the democrats in the house are
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noel brennan joins us live. noel, a similar bill failed last year. >> exactly, cory. just a year ago, senate republicans moved forward. a house committee decided to vote it down. we're likely to see the same happen with this new version. nevertheless, here is what this bill would change in colorado if it does make it through both the house and senate. right now, gun owners need a permit to carry a concealed handgun. the measure will do away with the requirement. the sponsor of the bill places an unnecessary burden on legal gun owners in colorado. senate democrats who voted against the plan yesterday, they argue that gun training would be needed to protect people who simply would not know when someone around them is carrying a gun. the bill passed the senate on a party line vote. it was 18-17. now it makes its way to the house. it is likely to see the same result as the bill that did not make it through the house last
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make it through the house and becomes law, colorado would be the 8th 8th state to allow permit. >> all right. noel. thanks for that. four minutes after 6:00 right now. attorneys for the 17-year-old charged with killing a mesa county sheriff's deputy might try to move his case back to juvenile court. austin holesser was charged and then prosecutors said last week they're going charge him as an adult. the university of tennessee is working to take peyton manning's name out of a lawsuit against the university. six women filed a lawsuit, saying the school didn't handle sexual assault claims correctly. in the lawsuit, the women mention a sexual harrassment complaint. the university says mannings
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because he not related to the -- he's not related to the lawsuit. the deputy director for the centers for disease control and other medical professionals are expected to testify. this comes one day after the centers for disease control announced its investigating 14 new cases of sexually transmitted zika in the united states. it's spread across parts of latin america and -- super lice is the newest trouble popping up. it's like regular lice, but this has mutated and can resist treatments. a recent study found that it's already spread in 25 states. researchers have not analyzed the date for colorado, but it's close. super lice was found in kansas, new mexico, and arizona. >> be warned about that. it is a donald trump victory in nevada. he won tuesday's caucus with
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marco rubio and ted cruz battle for second and third. ben carson and john kasich ended up far behind. colleen ferreira joins us. a lot of reaction comes in from last night. >> and one of his most interesting quotes from yesterday evening, a lot of people are talking about it from meet the press. donald trump is saying it's going to be an amazing two months. we may not need the two months. trump is feeling the momentum last night, saying he might not even need the next couple of months to secure the nomination. it was another record republican turnout in nevada. similar to what we saw in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. many say caucus goers they spoke with went for trump because they want an outsider for their candidate. now this, one puts trump in a pretty good position headed into super tuesday next week. he obviously wasn't shy in sharing that with his supporters last night. >> if you listen to the
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win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> yes, that winning, winning, winning is what a lot of people are talking about today. marco rubio was looking for his first outright win. reporters say he went to bed last night even as results were coming in. he never gave the speech. ted cruz came in a close third, and he keeps reminding voters he's the only republican candidate who can beat trump as he did in the iowa caucuses. we want to take you to the facebook poll we have going on live at 9news. we ask you, all of you at home. after donald trump's consecutive win, which candidate do you think will come out the victor after super tuesday? coming in with the live results. people have donald trump. coming in at 58%, followed by marco rubio and ted cruz.
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for second and third. >> all right. colleen, thanks for that. it's the democrats' turn next. hillary clinton, bernie sanders discussed issues of race at a cnn town hall meeting last night. secretary clinton is counting on a strong showing in south carolina and southern states. the direct marketing association is deciding whether or not to appeal after a federal court upheld an online sales tax law. if they decide to appeal the case, it could end up in the supreme court. honda is considered takata's biggest customers, but takata, the airbag maker is on its own financially. the automaker will not bail
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more recalls may be on the way. a lot of automakers are switching to other companies. the airbags are responsible for ten deaths so far and more than 100 injuries. those of you that use google to compare prices for insurance and other kind of items will soon have to find another way to find the best deal. google is ending that specific search engine next month. it allows users to compare quotes from 30 companies. they can look for rates on credit cards as well as home mortgages. around here today, sunshine, windy conditions in and near the foothills. temperatures moving into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. quiet on hd doppler from here to the northwest. we have a weak system moving through the dakotas. that's going to keep us dry throughout the day today. looking ahead, i'm going to jump ahead to saturday. we're anticipating some snow to move into the northern and central mountains saturday
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then some really light snow over extreme northeastern colorado early, early sunday morning. we'll have a down sloping wind and that's going to keep us dry. the snow is modest. we're looking at the somewhere 1-4-inch rain. we'll keep updating that as we get closer. >> marty, thank you. e470 will make things tougher for drivers. both directions will be expanded from 2-3 lanes. a bike trail will be added. you have a chance to hear about the project tonight starting at 5:00 in aurora. >> a blind man is going to be reunited with his service dog today, thanks to a crook's guilty conscience. >> we're going to introduce you to one who's become an internet sensation.
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clear conditions very cold here around the mountain valleys in this morning because you get all the radiational cooling looking to the north and west. not much happening for the next couple of days. that's why we're not anticipating any snow even into saturday. that's the storm system. it's developed into a monster throughout the midwest. they're going to be dealing with that for the rest of the day. dry air, that's going to be throughout the state throughout the day. clear conditions over the front range. late this afternoon, a few thin clouds form up over the foothills where it will be windy.
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temperatures moving into the 30s and 40s. we'll be melting some of the abundant snow. 40s and 50s with an occasional 20 mile-per-hour gust along generally west of i-25. dry across the state today and sunny for most locations. again, you will see just a couple of fair weather clouds from the front range, vetting down into the arkansas valley late in the day. 40s out waste. 40s and low 50s around here, just a little bit warmer along the arkansas river. we'll go sunshine, pushing up pretty close to 50 degrees. windy and near the foothills. now, the wind should calm down tonight. clouds thicken a bit. we go into the teens. that will keep us slightly cooler tomorrow into the upper 40s because we get a little slower start due to the morning clouds. wind kicks up out of the southwest. that moves us into the 60s for saturday and the first part of next week. so a lot of folks, you know, amelia, it's wednesday. people are already thinking about the weekend.
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i certainly am. 76 in the eastbound direction. now tied up with a crash to the right shoulder. right around 96. one car is blocking the slice of land. another car off to the far right shoulder. flashing lights are going to be the concern. no rains are blocked. out do our cdot cameras we go. reports of a northbound i-25 crash have fallen into place. this one could cause a major delay as you head through the brings. right now so far the speeds are in the 60s. the cdot camera shows a pretty good start overall. i-25 is cleared. you've got no problems so far on your morning drive. >> i like no problems. amelia. thank you. dinosaur ridge, right now the landowners are talking about the community about their
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space between c-470 and the hogback. developers would like to allow some car dealerships, restaurants, other stores. after the community input, the land owners will need to submit the propose toll do the rezoning. if it happens, it could take time to get ate -- it approved. insiders say amazon wants to get more people to sign up for amazon prime which offers free shipping on all purchases, but you have to pay 99 bucks year for that membership. it's getting tougher and tougher. >> a little unconventional.
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welcome back. investigators believe a plane that crashed in nepal flew right into a mountain. it was flying in poor weather. all people died in the crash, including two children. people may have to relive a horrific experience all over again. a movie starring mark wahlberg about the boston marathon bombing is in the works. they're asking for permission to recreate the shootout that the tsarnaev brothers had with police. filming would take place in
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california woman accused of trying to pull off a train heist was stopped in its tracks. >> shawnna maroney tried to steal a train. residents heard a train horn blaring. she said she wanted to take it on a joyride. bill gates is weighing in on the apple versus fbi case. they're trying to force apple to open one of the phone of the shooters in san bernardino. >> gates says he's taking the side of the feds. he claims phone companies and banks often turn over customer investigators. a thief's remorse. a blind man's dog is returned
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as they were getting ready to look for the dog this morning, she came running up to them. attached to her was a note that says please forgive us. the crime drew a lot of media when it happened. authorities believe the criminals' guilt over stealing a guide dog prompted them to return her. >> got the dog back. happy ending. he's the coolest k9 on the internet once again. this dog has one of the most unique jobs in the country. we'll tell you why he's drawing more online. first, we'll check weather and traffic. >> we're in the 20s and 30s. it is colder as you go up across the southside every. same is true in longmont. we have down sloping winds warming us. talking about the snow.
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little more detail for you. currently looks like 1-3- inches. we'll see how that checks out as we get closer. then, if you felted it all down to rain, again, it's not very impressive rain. we're anticipating rain saturday night into sunday morning. well less than a quarter of an inch. notice the dry slot here in the front range. amelia, a lot of people look to be moving along well. >> a few incidents could stack up and cause some pretty big delays in our morning volume. as for 225, sun is starting to come up. the backups on 225, they start south of parker road and leading to tamarac. you can see across i-25. we have reports of a crash near alameda, probably closer to 6 6th avenue.
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welcome back. a woman in maine is getting a new kidney after finding a donar in a very unconventional way. she posted signs along the side of the road. some read i need a new kidney before it's too late. to her. two were a match. she chose a mother of four who says she actually saw her story on facebook too. the surgery is scheduled for >> wow. it worked out. about it. >> i'm telling you, you do what you have to do when you're desperate. a michigan dog is taking the internet by storm.
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>> the wildlife control officer in michigan, i just love this story. he became a big hit back in april when news of his job went viral. now he's going viral all over again because of his new video that shows him looking all cool in front of the helicopter complete with ski goggles and a foot cast. >> it was number one on reddit. page. i hear it's absolutely huge. viral. so as for the cast, piper apparently fractured a toe handler's vehicle. he should be out of a cast and back to his duties. >> that's pretty cool. look at that guy. turns out, victory tastes a lot like barbecue sauce. we made a bet on the super bowl with our sister station in charlotte.
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southeast ... this morning searchers are survivors... while people look left of their homes. thr 30 possible tornadoes tore through the southeast. people look for what's left of their home. >> i forgive her, whether she asks for my forgiveness or not. >> she suffered through one of imaginable. yesterday she saw her attacker punished for it.
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tragedy in michelle wilkins' message to darnell lane. >> we put our chili where our mouth is. thanks to our broncos, we don't have to pay out any chili. we have a live shot with our north carolina sister station. >> hashtag where's the meat. >> there's that. good morning. cory, gary, amelia, and marty. >> we'll wrap these temperatures up this weekend. we'll experience some wind. that's true today in and near the foothills. it's dry across the state. it's going to say that way throughout the day. closest snow we have is over in the dakotas. now, looking ahead through the day. we'll continue to see 45 mile- per-hour gusts in and near the foothills. we'll occasionally get a 20 mile-per-hour gusts down here
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thins are going to start to slow down at and after sunset tonight. as you drive west, you're going to start getting into pockets of moderate to heavy wind. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. you're wondering about today's storm, it's moving into the southeast. it's part of the system that's affecting louisiana and mississippi yesterday. they continue with severe storms yesterday in florida and portions of georgia this morning. they have tornado watches there. blizzard warnings for parts of northwestern indiana. so the storm left and got stronger. now, let's get you out the door and see how things are going. good morning, amelia. >> good morning. we're starting off with a view from sky 9. let's talk travel times through colorado springs. you have about an hour-long commute if you're leaving denver. live outside we go to our 225
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sun glare is a factor there. across our area freeways up to the north end, we're starting 20 mile-per-hour toward 84th 84th avenue and 29 on the approach to u.s. 36. quick crash across 76 in the north and eastbound direction around 96 and reports of our northbound crash. 25 at alameda. gary, we want to put out a 9:00 a.m. to 4:00, the highway shuts down through glenwood canyon. got to remember that. so the planned parenthood shooter will go. a -- the planned parenthood shooter will go before a judge today. he has admitted to killing three people just outside that colorado springs planned
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in that moment i felt, just seen, like all of that pain was acknowledged and vindicated. >> that was michelle wilkins. she said the verdict was jus at this time not only for her but the entire community. yesterday a judge found lane guilty of cutting wilkins' unborn baby from her body. more on the personal conversation with michelle wilkins. kyle talked with her yesterday. she had a strong message after the verdict. >> it was nothing if not awe inspiring. a woman who was treated to viciously already offering a message of kindness. >> how confusing is it that life can be so cruel and beautiful at the same time. >> a question asked after a heinous attack. michelle wilkins got some vindication in the guilty verdict the jurors handed down for lane. >> i do hope she finds the time
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>> michelle has used the months since the attack to heal in her own way. >> what i can do is be honest with what my process is and the disbelief that someone could do that. >> she got to express some of that disbelief when she took the stand. >> going into that courtroom and seeing her, i finally felt like i had reached a comfortable place in myself where i felt like my anger was valid, and i also felt the compassion. >> compassion for the woman who took something so precious, michelle and her husband's baby girl who they named aurora. a child they only got to hold to say good-bye. >> but not being able to witness her first breath or her first smile or even seeing what her eyes looked like was extremely difficult. >> it's the beauty and tragedy
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she'll also speak in court on april 29th, sentencing day for her attacker. >> i forgive her whether she asks for my forgiveness or not. >> the power to forgive is also the power to heal. all the while remembering her baby that was taken but is far from gone. >> michelle wilkins says physically she has healed and may consider having another baby one day, but emotionally, it's too early. right now she's thankful for everyone who has shown so much love and kindness. she says every letter, every prayer, she appreciates them all. >> an incredibly small woman. late last year, a school bus accident that hurt eight kids made news across colorado because the bus driver admitted to being on multiple prescription drugs at the time of the accident. the accident in the criminal case, it's prompted question a school bus. we hear from a family whose
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swerved out of control and flipped over a winding road. the driver was arrested on suspicious of driving under the influence of multiple prescription drugs. it has parents asking questions. >> it's just that gut wrenching feeling of everything that you can imagine going through your head. like, that's okay. they're not -- it wasn't fatal, but what did happen? you know? >> crashes like the one in lions are rare. it's the only injury accident we could find that involves a school bus driver accused of driving while impaired. the crashes themselves are not rare. since 2011 during the school year, there's an average of two school bus accidents a day and oftentimes parents are not told how bad they are. a special report is coming up tonight at 9news at 10. a deadly storm system that rolled through the gulf coast states last night is expected to bring severe weather to the
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tuesday's storms mangled trailers at an rv park. ripped roofs from buildings and killed at least three people. pensacola, florida, a tornado damaged homes and vehicles and left thousands without power. emergency crews are still on scene looking for any victims. in alabama, the storm shut down the power to an entire town. today the weather calls for flash flooding. there may even be isolated tornadoes. >> all right. cory, thank you much. republican candidates are moving on with nevada behind them now. they're focused on super tuesday donald trump with 40%. colleen ferreira joins us now. he's already talking about the nomination. others are saying, hey, not so fast. >> exactly. even though his numbers have been big, he won with 46% of the vote, there are still plenty of other people in this race.
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trump has won three consecutive caucuses now. new hampshire and south carolina. he's taking this momentum and saying he's in a really good spot right now, has a lot of confidence, but our partners at us a today, eventually someone else will have to emerge as trump's alternative. there are choices, marco rubio who came in second on tuesday. he didn't give a speech last night. reports say he went to bed as results were still coming in. ted cruz came into a close third yesterday. cruz is still saying he's the only candidate that can beat trump as he did win iowa february 1st. now experts say he not only needs to win his home state, but other southern states too. while the republican nomination is still up for grabs, trump says he keeps on winning. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> we still have john kasich
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hard to think, carson briefly led in october. there's a lot to think about, still, right? even though trump keeps winning, as he says, winning, winning, winning. >> right. >> so we wanted to ask you at home, what do you think is going to happen after super tuesday? whoever wins that. a lot of people are chiming in with this facebook poll. there's a lot of race left. >> we should know a lot more after super tuesday. >> that's sixtays away. >> good to know he loves the poorly educated. >> so hillary clinton is going to continue to campaign today in south carolina after answering tough questions in a democrat you can town hall last night. bernie sanders was also there. while clinton touched on the sensitive subject of race, sanders was talking more about clinton. >> we have serious challenges, and i think it's important for
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people, to be honest about those, and to recognize that our experiences may not equip us to understand what a lot of our african-american fellow citizens go through every single day. >> she's hoping to regain momentum after losing to clinton in nevada over the weekend. sanders has a two-state swing today where he's hoping to gain some support in missouri and in oklahoma. 6:41 right now. in money news, eight of eleven proposals in the colorado gas industry, proposals have been withdrawn. one of them could have a very big impact on our economy. the ballot proposals are still under consideration, including the one that asks voters the right to a healthy environment. it would allow people to file damages. another would make local governments the primary authority over oil and gas
6:42 am
and a third calls for a mandatory setback for new oil and gas facilities. it's pointed out that a study done recently of the impact of a buffer said the setback would hit the industry very hard. the colorado economy would take a it hit and thousands of jobs could be lost. denver continues to lead the nation the rising home prices. prices in the metro area were up about 10% or so from december 2014 to december of last year. prices went up half that amount nationally. so you can see how hot our market still is. the market did cool off in the fall around here, but lack of homes for sale and slower new home construction continue to create a very strong market. wind in the foothills, highest gusts between 25 and 50 miles per hour. it goes right on up to the top of the divide at bertha's pass. no wood burning restrictions
6:43 am
we move into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees, right in that neighborhood with sunshine through the day. for the next three days, we'll see clouds come in. that will knock temperatures down just a bit. it gets milder on friday. our 9-day outlook, we'll be talking about rain and snow in our future. >> well, it is still winter, i guess, right? >> it is. we're two two weeks removed from the super bowl victory and
6:45 am
clear skies throughout the state move to about noon today.
6:46 am
we'll be in the 50s to near 60 in and around the arkansas river down in southeastern colorado. we begin to see high clouds move in later in the day. coming up this weekend, saturday, snow moves into mountain areas saturday night into sunday morning. might have a little bit of snow move into western nebraska and northeastern colorado. we're not anticipating much if any accumulation. up high, it is going to be fairly light. from aspen to the north we're looking at a 1-3-inch snow. we'll update as we get closer and adjust those totals as we need and get more information. it skips over the i-25 corridor and moves out onto the plains. kind of a weak system moving through. let's move up to sky 9. the exit ramp northbound at around lincoln. we're starting to see a slight slowdown.
6:47 am
road and went right up against the area. ground level now to our cdot cameras. you can see across the drive, we have seen a couple of crashes pop up across the wreck at 96 96th avenue. we got reports at 25 and alameda, but the backups are still -- so far the tech center is looking awfulfully nice. >> thank you so much, amelia. out. 7-11 is not going to sit back and take it quietly. they posted a tweet that says, quote, burger king and the hot dog wars, there can be only one weiner. >> oh, wow. >> 7-11 sells more than 80 million hot dogs every year. >> it's a battle. >> it's a battle. >> that's mr. cheeseburger to you. a british man has legally changed his name to bacon double cheeseburger. yes, he likes burgers, but
6:48 am
an evening of raising too many at the local pub. bacon double cheeseburger was up. he's been approached by one big chain over there who thinks he would make a great spokesperson. mr. bacon double cheeseburger. >> are you ready now is this. >> getting ready. in about two weeks, broncos backup quarterback brock osweiler, will hit the free agent market. the original plan was to postpone any discussions. there's still no indication what peyton is going to do. so the team plans to approach osweiler's agent and they will have to decide whether brock is truly the future of the franchise. >> he can lead them to radio number one playoff seed, i think, through the kubiak system. it is tailor made for him.
6:49 am
move, to roll out. brock is very good like that. he's athletic. not fast, but he can move. he can throw on the run. he has a better arm that peyton manning. he can do more damage on offense, have more impactful plays on offense. if he stays within himself, doesn't turn the ball over as he did at the end of the season when he did get his chance to start, i think he can get into the postseason. whether he has the poison to come through in the playoffs -- poise to come through in the playoffs that, remains to be seen. well, you can see a lot about the taste of victory. >> tastes sweet. >> tastes so good. and savory. >> it is. as in barbecue sauce. so, if you remember before the super bowl we joined our friends at wcnc in -- charlotte. we talked to them. they were nice enough to send
6:50 am
little cheer wine, which was shaken up and went all over the set. >> go panthers. >> did we mention that the panthers lost? did we mention that. >> i don't know. we saw an alternative ending with the panthers actually won. i don't know what you're celebrating. >> seriously, guys, we know what you're going through. >> we went through that little debacle a couple years ago. we do know what you're going through, but nevertheless, a bet is a bet. >> we're grateful for the items you did sent. >> there's no sarcasm in that. >> is there sarcasm. no. i'm wondering where is the meat? >> well, we were waiting on cam newton to bring it, but he walked off. >> i have to say we're not too excited about the box you sent these goodies in.
6:51 am
keep pounding with panthers stuff all over it. >> that was a one-two punch for you. >> i actually have you guys pulled up. do you see them, they're decked out. >> finally started wearing your jerseys. that's good. >> we had a show to do last time. >> hey, did you catch our hashtag that we're using now for ourselves. we appeared on your show. those jerks in charlotte. i just like how they thought you were going to forget about it. >> by the way, we have to go. >> this should be a regular segment where you guys check in with us and we'll razz you about different things. >> okay. we just want to thank you and say, speaking of hashtags, we hate to quote trump because it's donald trump.
6:52 am
congratulations. >> bye. >> winning, winning, winning. meat. how are we supposed to eat this barbecue sauce. >> i tried the wine. it's not wine. >> there's no alcohol in it. >> it's soda. >> who knew. >> it happens. >> it's dr. pepper, is what it is. >> well, we still won. that's what it's all about. so we're a little more than -- is it spicy? they probably did that on purpose. we have to get him some crackers, people. we're a little more than three days away -- or ribs would be good. the avs hockey game. excitement is building. >> yesterday -- i'm sorry, i almost missed my cue there. we have banners going up. the avs and red wings game is
6:53 am
it will feature performs by andy grammar. the fray will play and the air force marriaging band will be there. we'll have the game on channel 9. we invite you to join us for a half hour special before the puck drops and then another special following the game. are you going to live? are you okay? >> i had no idea it was strong. >> it is spicy. queen city barbecue is the good stuff. it's pretty good. >> we're going to be live from coors field. we'll show you what goes into making hockey happen on a football field. >> sounds good. i love the broncos win. winning, winning, winning. >> how are we going to split up three little bottles of barbecue among the whole team. >> you can bring the ribs. >> number one. yesterday's snow has melted
6:54 am
6:56 am
clear across the state, we're our way. we're not going to see anything moving into colorado until saturday. just mentioned. clear across the area now. we're going to continue to see that across the day. we'll start to get a few fair weather clouds. it's going to be very windy during the day with 30s and 40s.
6:57 am
sunshine will dominate the state and push the clouds into the front range. park county and down toward the arkansas valley late today. no rain and snow for us at all. 40s mountains. 40s west from the denver area to loveland and fort collins. hovering close to 50. similar readings up by 76 and about ten degrees warmer down south from pueblo to la junta and lamar. wind stays in the foothills near 50. few clouds move in. we're cooler tomorrow. the reason i did that is because i think the clouds hang around in the morning and they will slow down our warmup. chilly morning, not a bad afternoon. we'll really warm up for the beginning of the weekend. amelia, i will be talking rain and snow coming up here in a outlook. >> we'll look at that.
6:58 am
northbounders are dropping into the 30s as we head into colorado boulevard. let's go to the maps and look at the citywide views. i-25, 16 minutes. 25 mile-per-hour southbound down from 120th. so it's a tough go there. out across the metro wide maps. couple new problems including the shoulder crash. 25 around lincoln. our accident eastbound 76 and 96 is cleared out of the way. sunrise this morning. 6:41. take a look at that. it almost matched herfectly. there it is a-- matched up perfectly. >> thank you very much. here is a look at our top stories today. the planned parenthood shooter's mental he health is going to be the subject of a hearing. the gunman announced he wanted to fire his lawyer and represent himself. he's faced with 71 counts,
6:59 am
murder, and assault. the suspect charged with killing a deputy may move his case to an adult court. colorado republicans are moving forward with their plan to allow people to carry concealed guns without a permit. a bill passed the senate on party line votes yesterday. now it heads to the house, though, where it face as real uphill battle. democrats will likely vote it down as they did last year. marty has a final look at the forecast. >> close to 50 today. tomorrow, similar with a few more clouds. we get warm to start the weekend. then into tuesday we start to see some cooler air move in here. windy conditions, rain, snow, tuesday. current forecast show any system moving through early next week. moving out just as quickly. we jump back up into the mid- 60s by the tail end of next week. >> marti, thank you.
7:00 am
some purple heart veterans needed. we'll te you about the program of healing through friendship. >> very cool program. if you're staying with the today show, have a great day. we're going over to channel 20. hope you can join us. good morning. three-peat. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada, his third straight win in the republican presidential race. super tuesday is a week away and he's ahead in nearly every state. does he think the nomination is his to lose? we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak. >> it's crossing the road. look at that! >> a string of twisters across the south, entire neighborhoods wiped out. the damage stretching from


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