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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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several police officers have blocked off a stretch of highway 85... we are hearing breaking news this morning, several police officers have blocked off a stretch of highway 85. this is a live picture of the area. you can see really leaf police presence. we are hearing reports of a possible officer involved shooting there. and what we do know is that highway 85 is closed between 37th and 42nd streets. this is a live look at the scene from our photographer, who got there just a bit ago. as you can see, a heavy police presence in that area we have several calls in to the evans police department, the weld county sheriff's office for more information, we haven't
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it looks like the highway will be closed for some time there. as soon as we sort out exactly what is going on, we will let you know. the subject fired, there were three members of the park county sheriff's office that were hit. one of those deputies lost his life. >> reporter: a tight knit community is struggling to make sense of the shooting. three officers involved, one of them lost his life. we are learning more about those officers this morning. the latest, coming up. >> we now know the shooter had been fighting for years to save his home. a look into the background reveals a long hatred he had for law enforcement. >> tarhonda thank you. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. gary and corey with you. cheryl is off today. we want to is that right with the forecast and the traffic. marty and amelia are handling that. >> reporter: average high this time of year close to 50
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are going to be. dry conditions in colorado this morning and through the day. we pop up into the upper 40s to almost 50 degrees yet again today with a lot of sun. there is enough air movement to keep air quality and visibility moderate, that means no woodburning restrictions for you today. 40s, 50s for our forecast highs up and down the front range and all the way out through morgan county. the 40s in the foothills. we will see occasional 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts mainly above the 7000-foot level today. in and around town, quite comfortable after a cool start, we are going to have a much warmer afternoon. speaking of warm, tomorrow into the 60s, and then saturday, pretty close it a record lie. the record high for saturday, 73. we are going to be within a whisper distance of that. and saturday night, a warm hockey game coming up at coors field, i'll talk about that in
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highways. >> reporter: let's take a live look outside. i-25 drive in the dtc. we want to immediately go up to our greeley situation and talk about the closure in the town of evans, south of highway 34 along highway 35. here between 37th and 42nd is where that closure is in place. police activity, the possible officer involved shooting is the reason for the closure. the local detour in place. as for right now, will take you way. highway 85 is the way to get out of greeley out of evans and transition to the south, including your drive in denver. as for the rest of us, a fairly calm start, 10 minutes across 225, and a calm drive along your stretch of i-25, speeds right now still in the 60s. 5:33. a park county deputy is leaving behind a huge legacy, after he was gunned down while serving
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corporal nate kerrigan was a well-known high school football the community. >> he was among three deputies shot. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is looking into the background of the shooter and his documented hatred for police. >> noel brennan is in bailey. we'll start with him i guess. noel, deputies there knew this guy was very dangerous when they went to evict him? >> reporter: they did, gary. that is why eight different deputies went to that home to serve a high-risk eviction notice. that is what they are calling it, to that suspect, martin worth. that was early yesterday morning. eight officers went there at about 9:45 in the morning. police say worth came out onto the deck and went back inside. officers followed him in the house and that is when he started shooting. corporal nate kerrigan was hit. he died at the scene yesterday morning.
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martin was hit several times. he is in critical condition at the hospital. a bullet grazed the ear of captain mark hancock. he was treated and released from the hospital. last night the community of bailey gathered at the church here to remember corporal nate kerrigan. 100 people showed up, including football players from the high school where kerrigan was an assistant coach. some wrote messages in prayer on big pieces of paper posted to the church walls. >> he was jovial, good spirits, you know a nice person. and he will be missed a lot. >> reporter: in the distance behind me is the church where all the people gathered last night. this is a very tight knit community. everyone remembering the corporal who was killed and those other officers who were wounded, especially pulling for the one who is in critical condition. this morning we are learning more about the shooter
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for that let's go to tarhonda thomas. >> reporter: the shooter made no secret of the fact he did not like police. on social media he called for others to fight back against law enforcement. he posted videos and statements to that effect on his social media pages. 58-year-old martin worth also participated in leftist movements and protests, including occupy denver. but it was his interaction with a counselor that really caused a scare in 2005. worth was ordered to attend aa meetings after being arrested for a second dwi. a counselor filed a protective order against worth saying he and others feared for their lives when worth said quote he was out for blood. he sued fannie mae to keep his home in bailey. he lost that fight and worth was arrested for shooting a man to death in 1994. he was acquitted on that charge, arguing self-defense. his most recent interaction
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park county cited him for driving and leading deputies on a pursuit. corporal nate kerrigan, he died in the shootout. he served the park county sheriff's office for 13 years. master patrol deputy colby martin was shot in his lower legs multiple times. captain mark hancock's ear was grazed by a bullet. he is out of the hospital. the shooter, martin worth, was shot and killed. in elbert county, deputies are searching for a killer and they have a video of the suspect, but they are having trouble identifying him. they have been looking for this guy since 68-year-old ed butler was found dead on his ranch. the pictures have been widely circulated, but so far nobody has identified the man. he is in the background there. >> he could be anywhere. he appears to be hispanic in nature, maybe he is from
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maybe he is an illegal person, i don't know. but we haven't been able to find him in any of our databases. >> investigators believe the suspect could have some sort of psychosis. the video shows him repeating phrases, spinning and doing many actions three times in a row. if you see him don't approach him. call 911. mumps may be going around in denver. four cases have been confirmed, two more possible cases are under investigation. state health officials want hospitals to keep an eye out for it. the public health and environment department says cases are linked to a person who moved to colorado from iowa. that person and three friends tested positive for pumps. the side of the face is really swollen, and other symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches and swollen glands.
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recover from mumps after a few weeks it can lead to life threatening situations like meningitis and encephalitis. the flu vaccine this year is 59% effective. that is a big change from last winter. it has been a milder flu season so far, but health workers say we aren't to the peak of the season yet so don't drop your guard. marijuana tourism is risky. a new study out today shows tourists are ending up in the er after trying marijuana far more often than colorado residents. the new england journal of medicine revealed marijuana related visits to the er in 2014, there were 109% increase in emergency room visits among tourists in colorado. one of the main railroad
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spend about $100 million to upgrade its system. bns fis owned by warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. the investment is increasing. amazon got one person to thinking how much would it cost the answer, about $13 billion. . aims calculated the average price of the item to be $26. fictional economics.
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removed from real economics. 15 to 35 miles per hour winds in the foothills, not windy around here. we are in the teens. looking ahead today plenty of sun with temperatures in the 30s this morning, 40s and 50s this afternoon. 30s in the mountains and foothills. for the evening temperatures in the 20s and 30s. northeastern colorado again i- 76 and i-70 up into the 30s, 40s and 50s during the course of the day. saturday, this is no joke. low six tis possible when the puck drops at 6:00 outdoors at coors field. probably be warmer there than it is at pepsi center most nightss. marty traveling through glenwood canyon i-70 should get a lot easier today. crews have been working for
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clear away a rock slide that left boulders the size of cars on the road. daytime closures will stop, delays of up to an hour are still expected. >> that is a lot better than it was, that is for sure. everybody has their favorite kind of apple right? >> we do? >> i love fuji apples. >> no not those, the kind you eat. >> the fruit.
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new research on islamic state terrorists suggest they are using regular items to make bombs. the report was done by conflict research. they found things like chemicals and detonators are coming from turkey and iraq, however those countries may not
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isis is turning its attention to the leaders now of facebook and twitter. the new video reportedly made by isis, supports and makes direct threats against mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey. why? because they batteries imby suspending accounts and removing posts that incite violence or promote terrorism. the new video claims they hacked 10,000 facebook and 5000 twitter accounts. in money news, ups is looking to get goods to consumers fast. the company sin vest not guilty same day delivery company that -- is investing in same day delivery companies. shoppers are increasingly expecting this kind of delivery, and it is actually becoming the new standard in retail. caffeine will not be the only thing people will be
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the cough tee foo chain has received a master liquor -- coffee chain has received a state. apple growers in washington state are getting ready to introduce a new brand of apple. called cosmic crisp. by 2019. those who tasted sample versions say the apple is really sweet and very tang. it has been 15 years in the making. >> this is all the rage among apple growers, experimenting and seeing what people like. >> i like apples, so that is good. it is 5:46 right now.
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this one will be from houston. keep an eye on trump and marco rubio, could be a lot of fireworks between those guys. looking ahead to saturday, a weak storm system moving into the northern mountains. not going to start until after sunset. light snow saturday night, sunday morning, all we are going to get out of the deal, by the way, winds sunday morning and it is limited snow. mainly from aspen to the north, currently holding anywhere from a half inch to an inch and a half inch of snow. not a tremendous amount of snow, but at least some fresh snow in mountain areas sunday morning. good morning marty. let's start things off on u.s. 36 today. a beautiful view of a quiet drive here in the denver metro area 36 a 20 minute drive between bowed and denver with average speeds very high around the mid-60s. a 7 or 8-minute commute. here in the metro area, no
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stand in your way. highway 85 closed down in both directions between 37th street and 42nd street because of what
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welcome back. breaking news, we have been talking about this. this is a live look just outside of evans in weld county, where we have now confirmed there was an officer involved shooting early this morning. shooting. we believe the officer is okay. they are investigating, they have blocked off a stretch of highway 85 near 37th street. we, once again, don't have much information on what exactly led up to all this, but we have confirm that it is an officer involved shooting and by the looks of it that highway is time.
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bit if you are up in that area for ways to get around that closure. it is going to be the last republican face off before super tuesday next tuesday. the candidates will gather in houston tonight for their tenth debate. the front runner donald trump hopes to build on his momentum while marco rubio and ted cruz will try to knock him down a bit. marco rubio says trump may be winning but that is only because the other candidates are splitting up the may joart of the electorate. trump says it may not be so civil between him and marco rubio. it is at 6:30 at the university of houston. bernie sanders is going to be interviewed on msnbc, he is going to do a one-on-one interview with chris mathis news, the host at hard ball at 6:00 tonight denver time.
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for us, but it continues to hammer the great lakes, upper midwest, ohio, pennsylvania and washington. yesterday washington d.c. area could see colder temperatures, rain snow mix later in the day after the severe storms they had yesterday. i mentioned the storm system headed our way, it is spinning out there in the pacific right now. not impressive and will be a very minimal snow producer coming up here saturday night to sunday in the mountains, we'll get a lot of wind out of that system saturday night into sunday morning. teens, 20s, singles and teens in the mountains. gunnison has slipped a little below zero. partly cloudy this morning, sunshine this afternoon. hovering what i would call kind of an average range, upper 40s to low 50s with 40s in the foothills. the winds running between 25 and 35 miles per hour, above 7000 feet. statewide, loads of sun once again. we are starting to warm up in the western valleys, popping up in the 50s, a lot of locations to the west.
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50s for the front range and in southeastern colorado just a touch warmer in southeastern colorado than around here. downtown sunshine 48 today. start picking up its west- night. that keeps you in the mid-20s. gives us a real good boost, close to 60 degrees tomorrow. closer to 70 on saturday. wind kicks up saturday and especially sunday morning, we do have a chance for snow around here, coming up on tuesday of next week. amelia, so it is going to be another one of those situations, going to heat up and hopefully a lot of the snow melts when it hits next week. kicking off your thursday drive, we are starting off with c470 at broadway. we are going to see eastbounders slow down because of the glare. sixth avenue, c470, i-70 all the usual speeds. as we check out our travel time
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blake wood or golden no problems there commuting. an 8-minute drive is in place. as we peak out across the metro, all the green indicates speeds still in the 60s. check out our speeds across 225, between i-70, parker road and the i-25 split, and highway 85 remains closed down south of greeley in the town of evans south of highway 34.
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tech millionaire bill gates was surprised beyonce mentioned him in her new song formation. she sings i might just be the black bill gates in the making. gates was told about the line during an interview with wire. he said are you serious? kind of a strange set of words here, i'm surprised. consider me successful. gates went on to say i guess i should do a search and see if there are more uses of my name i don't know about. i bet you there are. >> that sounds so bill gates, doesn't it? that is awesome. i'm going to do a bing search. there is a man who needs to relearn what romance is. >> yeah he tried to prank his girlfriend, but police ended up having the last laugh. this ridiculous story and it is ridiculous, coming up at 6:22. >> can't wait for that.
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a suspect is dead following a shooting with evans police. minutes ago, we breaking news this morning. a suspect is dead following a police shooting in evans, which is in weld county. just a couple of minutes ago we learned the suspect was shot after he showed a gun. another suspect on the scene was arrested. this is a live look at the scene on highway 85, the highway is closed between 37th and 42nd streets in evans. it is expected to be closed most of the morning as they continue this investigation. the officer, by the way, we believe is okay.


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