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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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with the suspect. that's why so many officers responded to the home. the sheriff was one of them. >> we were simply gonna tell the individual, time's up, we need to move you out. the mortgage company or the bank, whoever it was, needs to take possession of the home. it's not our job to second guess what's going on with the eviction process. >> reporter: investigators said when the deputies approached the home, the suspect came out on his deck, then went back inside. they followed. they say the suspect opened fire. type of eviction and had peaceful results. >> reporter: so for now, the update from park county, they're done. the investigation continues, there will be investigation by the district
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is standard procedure when an officer fires. when all of that is complete, which could potentially take weeks, maybe month, we'll bring those details back to you. for right now, at the end of the day, an officer lost his life, and the sheriff did not anticipate that that's end. >> no question. and i guess that's what officers face every day. an corporal kerrigan watched over the community as a deputy. and he gave back to the same school district that he graduated from. victoria sanchez joins us with more. >> reporter: this is a tough time for this close-knit community. we stopped by coffee shops, restaurant, a school, and even a market. everyone was hearing stories about nate. in
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look -- people look out for each other. for 14 years, kerrigan served as an assistant football coach. for the last decade, he was platt canyon's head basketball coach. he was preparing for the season that starts monday. there are grief counselors to help students and staff. for the people in the community that knew him, they are sharing stories and remembering the kind hearted man. >> many of our staff went to school with him growing up. deep roots. >> everybody with somebody so great. >> reporter: we're hearing many stories about him. one am said her son would not have been able to play baseball in high school unless kerrigan drove them home every day after practice because
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late. and we're hearing stories that before he joined the academy, he drove a bus for the school. >> certainly important to continue to talk about memories. victoria sanchez, thank you. highway 7 west of limon in boulder county is closed because of a crash involving a cement truck. the person was airlifted to boulder community hospital. the road is closed in both directions from peak to peak. investigating after an officer-involved shooting overnight. highway 85 was closed until late this morning. two officers were investigating a trespassing call when they arrived. two suspects took off running, one turned and fired at
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police shot and killed him. he has not been identified. the other suspect is in custody. no officers were injured. the story of a surgical tech at the center of a health scare in colorado. our team has learned a hospital in california had a chance to keep rocky allen out of a hospital operating years ago. >> the question remain, could more have been done with this particular situation? federal prosecutors say rocky allen was caught in an unassigned operating room in january. when they tested his urine, he tested positive for fenninol. that sent the swedish medical center scrambling. they advised 2,900 patients to get tested for hepatitis and hiv. this was at least the fourth time since 2013
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hospital. we know the scripps team near san diego caught him in june of 2013. and now we know they did not notify the police and did not pass along his name to the drug enforcement agency. neither was required. earlier this week, management of that hospital said the chances for infection there were extremely low. >> we believe that the possibility for infection is extraordinarily low because of his limited access to patient, his limited time working here, and the fact that he was under working here. >> a spokesperson with the d.a. says scripps should have at least given investigators for the next three years, allen worked inside three more hospitals in more operating room, two in arizona, and the hospital in swedish here. in each case, staff believed he was trying to steal the same drug he was
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lot of people say this shows a system that is broken ifou can continue to work they hospital something like that. >> they have to regulate it somehow, and it's all drugs being stolen. i remember the last time this went around, there were a lot of people who remembered waking up from surgery in agony! in terrible pain! >> that's a very good point because drugs are diverted and can pass a whole host of people. at the end of the day, they believe in this particular circumstance because rocky allen had a bloodborne pathogen, he could have potentially passed it along to other patients in the process of trying to steal. >> no happy ending for any of this. cooler today but the wind did ease up across the metro area. >> cooling off to the teens and 20s around here. and tomorrow
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of sunshine toward the weekend. this sour view outside boulder. the flatirons look fantastic. tough to find too many clouds out there as well. temperature readings in boulder in the mid-40s. 50 degrees downtown. low 50s in greeley, columbine. the eastern plains in the 40s today. in the high country, cooler, 33 degrees in stea springs. the winds noticeably quieter, calmer around here. gusting to the teens, 15, 16 miles per hour around the foothills, and a little stronger across berthoud pass. cloud-free around here, and that's the way we continue through the remainder of this evening. cool a light jacket so tomorrow. and what a weekend we so many fun events going on. the hockey game
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gonna be unbelievable when you see the temperatures i'm and finally a little shift in the pattern, and we'll be tracking some snowfall moving into the folks out there are are all begging for a little bit more. while the bluebird skies are beautiful, we also love our fresh powder! so i think they're gonna see some possibly this weekend. and it looks like another little storm system next week that we'll chat about in just a bit. >> a couple resorts need some snow. getting a little thin. >> yeah! just a little something something. i'm gonna head up there pretty soon. >> jealous. we love the sunshine though. >> beautiful. >> for february, this is remarkable. this'll make some hearts sing. colorado department of transportation is expected to reopen another lane of i-70 through glenwood canyon at any moment! >> there we go.
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with one eastbound lane. traffic will be moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week from now on. delays area. however there will be pace cars that will lead groups of cars and trucks in both directions to make sure they will be going slowly through the canyon. it's been ten days since the 24-mile stretch of the highway was shut down completely after a big rock slide there. it will be about another month before the cleanup is complete. it is tax season. you may have noticed scammers claiming to be from the irs trying to take your money. >> the phone scam is not new, but it is circulating in the denver area once again. and here at 9news, we have received dozens of e-mails from folks on the receiving end of one of these pesky calls. most recently a woman named patricia in the denver area. she contacted us after she received three calls
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saying they work for the irs. just yesterday morning, she received a third call. the scammer left a message on her answering machine threatening her with a lawsuit. she said the number belonged to a washington area code and she didn't recognize the number. so she didn't pick it up. >> it was a woman and she said this is officially your last notice. your final notice. i am with the internal revenue service. there is a lawsuit in your name. you must call this number so we can go over your file. and left a number. >> well, she never called the number back. good move! that's what the jefferson county district attorney's office says is the right move. don't answer those calls. don't call them back. the irs will never try and correspond with you over the phone. and never give out any personal information. if they do have your name, address,
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ability to steal your identity. we will have more tips on ways to protect yourself from this irs scam. in the rasz for the white house, current colorado democratic leaders and former center park this morning to put their support behind hillary clinton. governor hickenlooper, michael hancock, state lawmakers and former denver mayor wellington webb says clinton have the the country. he worked with clinton in her early years then later at the united nations when she was secretary of state. >> when you talk about somebody being ready and prepared to be president of the united states, hillary clinton has done that. and she's also demonstrated she's a team player. even though she ran for the office and was not successful when president obama tapped her to say i'd like you to be my secretary of state, she didn't pout or hold a grudge. she said i'm willing to serve.
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what's best for my country. >> michael bennett, pearlmutter race for the white house. on the republican side, tonight's debate in houston is the last before the big super tuesday runoffs. and ted cruz is hoping for some momentum in his home state. local polls are showing that he has a 15-point lead in that state. but there are questions as to whether that will hold. of the five remaining republicans in the race, four trump. rubio suggested that trump is only winning because the other candidates are splitting up the majority of the electorate. in addition to trump, cruz, and rubio, john casic and ben carson will be participating in the debate. storms continue across the southern part of the country. as many as eight people are confirmed dead. dozens more have reported injuries. meanwhile hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses from the deep south into new england are without power after tornadoes
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miles per hour in some places. virginia was the hardest hit killed. the national weather service says this storm system tornadoes. the perfect place to test science equipment heading for the south pole. the past several day, research scientists from the university of boulder have been testing a weather station on the frozen lake. it runs on solar-powered batteries and measurements above and below the surface of the lake. grant lake is 180 feet deep. and it is giving researchers the right conditions to test conditions that -- equipment that will be employed in antarctica. >> we tested this in the lab but we needed to test it in some water that was deep enough. and this is the deepest natural lake in colorado.
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[ laughter ] >> she's gonna tell us more about the work and what the researchers are hoping to learn. >> pretty fun! after nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly is just a few days away from coming home. he had his final news conference from the international space station today. he talked about what he plans to do when he returns home. he says he'll undergo some medical tests, then he wants to jump in his pool. and his advice to kids who want to become an astronaut? >> important to do something that you like. feel that you like, assuming it's qualified. if you like it, you're gonna do better at it. >> kelly heads back to earth on tuesday. and nasa's longest space flight, he will land in kazakhstan and go back home to houston. we saw kelly in a gorilla suit earlier this week, a gag gift sent to him from his brother who is also an astronaut. [ laughter ]
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way for to you get your feedback shared on 9news. there it is! >> we'll give you a topic and you get to weigh in today. we're talking about distracted driving. can you log onto, and see your votes on the screen. the nhl is issuing a warning ahead of the
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and the nasdaq was 39 points up at the close. apple asking a judge to vacate an order and help the fbi hack into a locked iphone. the fbi director said the issue represents the hardest question he has seen in government. the central question is who do we want to be and how do we want to governor ourselves? the case involves the iphone 5c belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. he says it's unlikely to set a legal precedent as
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continue to evolve. he says there are benefits to encryption while argue law enforcement needs the information to protect the public. >> increasing situations where we cannot with lawful court orders read the communications of terrorists, gang members, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people and with lawful court orders and search warrants, we're increasingly unable to make that search warrant effective. >> he says apple has been very cooperative in the dispute and that there have been plenty of negotiations between the two sides. apple's ceo says unlocking the iphone would be bad for america. he says he is prepared to take his case to the supreme court and asking congress to intervene. the university of missouri has fired an assistant professor student journalists after protests last year. melissa click tried to stop student
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protests in november. the journalist filed a complaint with university police. click was suspended afterward. more recent footage from the october homecoming parade showing her telling police to get her hands off students and cursing at an officer who grabbed her shoulder. >> officials say scammers like to target special events like we saw they recommend fans buying souvenirs look for purchase with the nhl hologram sticker. businesses say
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boost from all the fans in denver's lower downtown area. the crowds are expected to be significant. avs getting ready to take on the redwings on friday and saturday. we will have the stadium series game on channel 9. invite us at 5:30 saturday. this. >> big. >> and the morning show will also be live from coors field all the friday morning to take you behind the scenes in what goes into making hockey happen at a baseball field. and we'll preview all of this weekend's action. >> a lot of fans getting excited. >> and just cool to see. outdoor hockey. >> and the weather hasn't been terrible. >> i think it's supposed to be pretty warm and sunny. >> soft ice, good seats. [ laughter ] people are asking questions about the measles, mumps vaccine after the announcement of an outbreak yesterday.
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if you don't know if you have
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health officials are warning hospitals to be on the lookout for patients with mumps. four cases have been confirmed in denver and there are two other probable cases under investigation. the current cases are causing many to think about their vaccination status. if you're unsure which or how many vaccines you've received or if you're concerned about your immunity, there are a few solutions. can you track down old vaccination records or get a booster shot. the other option is tow get a blood test which measures antibodies in your bloodstream. the colorado department of health and environment says just getting the mmr vaccine is the best way for people to be protected. there could be a new breakthrough in treating male scientists in china
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if it is successful, they could make sperm from a man's only skin cells. out of 379 eggs in born. it is far from human testing but it is hopeful. february is heart health month and i'm sure you've heard the numbers. heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. and the experts say we have to focus more on prevention of heart attacks rather than wait for people to have heart attacks. here is the bottom line on four tests that can save your life. >> reporter: there are four simple tests that can catch heart damage when it can still be reversed. cartiologist khan says people don't know it, but we've come a long way in terms of prevention. >> it remains sadly the no. 1
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if you don't die of it, it can get really messed up. yes, we can detect it early, we can prevent it, reverse it. you just gotta know early in the game. >> reporter: the doctor says people over 50 should have heart tests at least once and sometimes more often depending on the results. test one is a special ct scan that checks for calcium deposits in your arteries. the more deposits, the higher your risk for heart attack. second is a cimp. it's an ultrasound test that finds how much fat is in the arteries in your neck. test 3 is an advanced lipid test. it measures your cholesterol levels and looks at the number of particles and size of ldl and hdl cholesterols. some cholesterols can get into the arteries
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sensitivity reactive protein blood test it. indicates inflammation in the body. people with elevated levels are three times more likely to have a heart attack. if you get bad results on any of these tests, there are things you can do to prove your heart health. eating healthy to exercising. consult with your doctor about getting the test and a program if your tests are above normal levels. >> diet and exercise, key for all of us. if you think they're something you should get, cult with your doctor first -- consult with your doctor first. for more information, go to our website at and you will also find an extended interview with the cardiologist on heart health and ways to make your heart more healthy. and get ready to vote for the worst distracted drivers. log in new to
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the screen. >> very cool. >> and it's gonna be a great weekend. >> danielle is back with the
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there apparently is an avalanche family skate. >> going on right now at coors field. and what a would beautiful day to do it. the winds have calmed down. the sun is shining. >> this is gonna be so cool. and of course it's just packed. one. those sold-out things with a raucous crowd and great hockey. and it looks like the ice is gonna hold up this afternoon. they're still in the shade. >> the shade helps. and i saw
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yesterday saying we're just gonna leave danielle's forecast here because it's looking pretty good! [ laughter ] >> my goodness. for fans, spectacular. and they know what they're doing! they have all the right equipment to keep that ice nice and cold despite the fact that mother nature is gonna be bringing us potentially record-breaking temperatures on saturday! it's just gonna be wild around here as we see that dial tick up as we head toward the weekend. up in the high country, wishing for a little more snow! maybe some cooler temperatures! don't worry, it's gonna be coming. we'll enjoy those bluebird skies for a while. and snowpack numbers looking pretty good. statewide, 101%. all of the basins across colorado right there in the 90th to 100th percentile. it's just a perfect kind of day. and since february 1st, we have had 15 out of the past 25 days with above
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right where we should be, in the upper 40s. about 48 at dia, 50 degrees in downtown denver. even up in the high country, we're looking at temps in the low 30s out there in steamboat springs, 50s in grand junction. at the airport still steady at 48. mostly sunny skies, just 8 miles per hour. the breaks in the wind have just been dying out. about 49, 50 degrees. we do have a little stationary front that just backed up beneath the front range. keeping our temperatures where they should be for this time of year. some more weather across the southwest. beginning to pick up, rolling in for this weekend. it really looks like a fantastic one. and the storm system that was affecting parts of the midwest into new england now beginning to slowly push out.
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extremely quiet with not a whole heck of a lot of wet weather set to push in. toward the ghraib lake, still a little bit of light snowfall there. pushing out into new england. a little rain toward boston into new york. winter weather advisories will extend throughout parts of virginia and into tennessee till about 6:00 tomorrow morning. anywhere between 4-7 inches. low visibility out there as well, and the winds will be picking up just a bit too. if you have friends and family in that neck of the woods, give them a buzz, and brag about how warm it's been around here. our futurecast virtually showing nothing. 8:00 tomorrow morning, we'll kick off our friday with loads of sunshine, it should be beautiful out to the west, the east, no real clouds to speak of. 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, thinking of getting out of work early, the temperatures will be just right, the sunshine will be picture-perfect. heading up there to i-70, in the high
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by 10:00, mostly clear skies, and the weekend will be here. cooling off into the 20s, 20s for the eastern plains as well. down to about 15 for the vail valley, 8 degrees in gunnison. nice to see some of those numbers. 12 in steamboat springs. so this evening, clear, quiet calm. sunrise at 6:38 perform. and across the country, dip in the upper 30s toward 50s in atlanta, miami 75 degrees. and in phoenix, 88 degrees. eventually our winds will be kicking in out of the southwest. and that helps usher in some of that warmth into colorado for the weekend. pacific northwest staying pretty mild in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow just a degree or 2 shy of that 60-degree marm. a little warmer -- mark. a little warmer across the eastern plain, sterling south toward springfield.
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park, leadville, vail valley. so foothill, enjoy the sunshine! enjoy the nice drive. no major storm! paep in denver -- 59 in denver with some 60s around the city. northern colorado much of the same. looking fantastic as we wind down the workweek. 70 degrees on saturday. plenty of sunshine out there. our record at 73. so if we just warm up a couple more degrees, we could be looking at a second record-breaking day in the month of february. pretty wild. storm system will be pushing in late that night into sunday, however it stays in the mountains. all we'll see, a little cool-off. not much. and some gustier winds saturday night into sunday. that's what you'll really notice. monday looks pretty quiet. and on tuesday, another system just grazes the front
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it's long gone and out of here. and by next week, more sunshine and 60s. so as we say hello to march, next tuesday, it might be coming in, but we're gonna bounce right back. >> just gonna remind you that it's february. >> but i fear the larger lion is probably working somewhere in the jungle. >> we're gonna pay for this at [ laughter ] >> that lion emerges the third week of march, just thinking, >> that's what i think. >> we'll cross that bridge when meanwhile, 70s! [ laughter ] >> thanks, danielle. or experiencing negative emotions while driving is more dangerous than a lot of people might think. >> it is. a virginia tech transportation institute found that drivers are ten times more
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behind the wheel while they're visibly angry, sad, crying, or agitated. this is something scientists have known for years. >> emotions increase, and the intensity of the emotions increase, the quality of the thoughts or cognitions or decisions decreases. >> denver ranks 22nd for the worst traffic in the u.s. the average delay are in a 30-minute commute in denver is 18 minutes. and denver drivers spend 70 hours in traffic every year which is all you need to make you angry. >> and 18 minutes feels like double. >> i know. >> the virginia tech study also looked at distracting driving using a cellphone, reading, writing, using a touch screen and found that drivers are twice as likely to crash when using
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just >> so we're watching our phone survey. and you can see, cellphone, eating, drinking, makeup is a big one. gosh. >> we really want to know, what is the worst distracted driving out there? >> cellphones. i know that -- i think there's a new statistic on american drivers. they did's questionnaire, 45 million driver, and their no. 1 fear is not dying in an accident. it's being killed by a distracted driver on a cellphone. >> absolutely. and i don't know what your parents told you when you learned to drive, but mine said i'm not worried about you and your skills. but really, it's other people out there that are distracted that aren't paying attention! those other people you have to worry about. >> absolutely. >> we're just asking, who do you think are the worst
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makeup? cellphones? >> overwhelmingly, 87%? i believe so. >> 85%. keep on weighing in! >> love our instant feedback there. as the osc arise get closer, people -- oscars get closer, people are weighing in on the lack of diversity of nominees. >> one actor from denver gives
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i a lot of suspense surrounding the academy awards this sunday. many say it's more about who will be there than who wins. diversity has been a big topic surrounding thea, ward. chris rock is hosting but all nominees are white. that has not been the case since 1998, the year the titanic won big. selma is up for the best picture award, but its actors and director did not make the cut. and a snub for straight out of compton. >> diversity isn't just about
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it's about the multiplicity of ethnicities and stories from all over the world. >> it comes from everyone understanding their situation, which is we're fighting against something that's been going on for a very long time. >> don cheatel in the first clip there. and some say just having this conversation is a step in the right direction. many actors are going to skip the oscars this year. the academy awards or the oscars are coming up this weekend. >> so we decided to sit down with some of the team to hear about their all-time favorite movies. >> this movie blew my mind. >> it feels like you're right in there.
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>> i'm sorry, dave. i can't do that. >> transformers? because i'm in it! >> you can tell us your favorites movies from this year. >> we have a lot of james bond fans. we have posses going to the theaterses dressed up. [ laughter ] >> you can hear more from other anchors and reporters about their favorite movies under the oscars tab. >> you have a favorite movie? >> i know yours is king lepolled. >> it is not! [ laughter ] >> i enjoy me some john cusack,
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>> he has the director's cut. [ laughter ] >> i would say princess bride is one of my favorite was all time. you kill my father. prepare to die. [ laughter ] >> did you know that nobody is watching the oscars this year? >> there was a recent poll that came out that said one third of americans don't care or two thirds. >> they don't care. losing its luster. on the music show, you can see the actors. the actors don't come out and act. >> right. it's a different audience for sure. >> we're talking about this pearl. did you see this story? >> she found a pearl in her dinner. >> score! >> it's not a cheap pearl! >> $600.
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you find a lizard in your salad, bad. >> a pearl, that's a great find. >> it turned out to be like one in a million? >> a black pearl. >> yeah. >> exactly. it changes colors as you look at it from different angles and stuff. [ laughter ] >> speaking of great food, did you see this on your monitor? we got delicious, delicious barbecued ribs. >> that's not fair! [ laughter ] >> thanks, guys. >> we get it. [ laughter ] a tasty dish made with locally grown ingredients. >> jason brought us mile high
4:49 pm
honey comes from right here in colorado. there are 27,000 bee colonies in our state producing one million pounds of honey every year. you love bees. >> i have done many stories on the bee producers in colorado and the wonderful products they make. a lot of them are just big family businesses. but you come up with wonderful recipes like this. that is a beautiful thing. and jason is a wonderful chef. we are celebrating one of the guys that we know! >> who could that be! >> we look back at my favorites
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you're just as sad as we are, mark has just four days left at 9news!
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after 46 awesome years of television! next week, wednesday. >> four years to retirement, four month, now four days. >> it's gonna come too soon. >> i've had some really good moments on television. some very bad moments as well. [ laughter ] >> usually mispronouncing something like a title as i did many years ago. one of times. i did this on an afternoon show that we did with alisa craft. and my producer got me for my mistake. >> scared clowns. i'm sorry, sacred clowns. [ laughter ] >> when you move the c and the a, it becomes scared. [ laughter ] >> how scare second degree that clown look! [ laughter ] d that clown look! [ laughter ] >> you wrote it scared, i'm telling you, jason. [ laughter ] >> i'm gonna show you. turn
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[ laughter ] >> i'm gonna take the blame here. [ laughter ] >> scared clowns! [ all talking ] >> thank you! [ cheering and applause ] >> if you wrote your own material -- [ laughter ] >> that was pretty good. >> that was an easy mistake. >> oh, my gosh. >> makes sense. >> and o course i turned around and nailed him. >> and he was, like, boom! [ laughter ] >> write more of your own stuff. anyway, we're gonna be showing you many of these whether you like it or not over the next few days. >> so looking forward to it. time permitting, mark will be waking up early.
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we have a 3-year-old cat today. >> cat line 9 is coming up
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it is pet line 9 time. and this is a first of mark's career. >> this has never happened! >> we have a curious kitty running around our newsroom. [ laughter ] >> we want to tell you about this kitty three, years old, taken in as a stray. housebroken. not the best with kids. we're alerting it's very curious. this cat is from the larimer humane society. i'm sorry we're giggling because this little guy is running around our newsroom right now. [ laughter ] >> looking for a home! we'll have the number posted online. first for your career!
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he meant a lot to our community. he was the consummate law enforcement professional. >> i-70 reopened in both directions through glenwood canyon. and a warning about a scam from callers who make people think they're from the irs. to me this is a slap in the face not only to my office but to the community. that's not the way we should be taking care of things. >> the sheriff in park county
5:00 pm
the death of one of his deputies. anastasia bolton joins us. and corporal nate kerrigan was like family, he said. >> reporter: for a department of 58, losing an anyone is exactly like losing a family member. in a small community, people seem to know just what to do for each other. >> it's just the proper thing to do. >> the sheriff has to know his community and how to react. before there was no problem. >> reporter: yes, says wagner, with an eviction. >> when we talk about a high-risk eviction, it's usually i need more help moving stuff out of the building. it wasn't a


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