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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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with you, corey rose is at coors field. she's getting ready for a big weekend there, as the nhl stadium series comes to town. good morning corey. a man with ties to colorado was
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a plant in kansas helping co- workers try to escape another mass shooting. the gunman went on a violent rampage at several
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hesston. one involved a man driving his truck. then investigators industries an someone in the then walked inside the plant and people down. four people died including the gunman, more than a dozen others were hurt. we're hearing from a woman in colorado who's husband was at that plant helping others when the shooter opened fire. she says the hardest thing to do was explaining to her little boy, who suffers from autism, how someone do such a cruel thing. darrow says her husband was yelling out the
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workers to evacuate. he turned and told a guy he saw to leave - not knowing at the time it was the shooter. darrow said the gunman responded "i know", and then shot him. again, we believe he is going to be ok. in colorado,many are still trying to come to terms with the death of a deputy shot in the line of duty in bailey. corporal nate carrigan was among three deputies shot while serving an eviction notice. survive. master patrol martin and captain survived. sheriff says the deputy who is still in the hospital is doin better... he's up and moving in the hospital. deputy kolby martin was shot several times in the he's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. was treated and wednesday.
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moment leading up to the shooting. sheriff fred wegener knew this eviction in particular was high risk. he said that's why he went along with seven deputies to martin wirth's home. he also said from all the information they had - there was no indication there would be any violence. as 9news photojournalist mike grady shows us - the sheriff, like most in the close knit commuity, get very emotional when talking about the tragedy.
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know about the martin wirth was involved with various leftist and anarchist causes incuding occupy denver. he was ordered to attend a-a meetings after his second d-u-i arrest in 2005. one of his counselors filed a protective order saying he and other staff members feared for their lives when wirth said he was quote "out for blood." on the day of the shootings, the sheriff said wirth came out onto his deck to talk to them -- then went back inside. when deputies followed him in --
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wirth was killed in the shootout. video from deputy carrigan's remeberance online. you can find it on 9news dot com and on the mobile app. the candidates are getting ready for several primaries - next week on super tuesday. and it seems like gop candidates marco rubio and ted cruz are front runner - donald trump. at last nights in houston, they rubio trashed trump's position on immigration and his talkedk about his priviledged background. the crowd went crazy when rubio touched on trump's speaking style. they also talked about trump's past comments on healthcare.
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are in second and third place... colorado democrats will join those picking a candidate on super tuesday... hillary clinton organized in the state early and already has the support of most state democratic party leaders. both clinton and berney sanders are focusing on the southern states today... clinton is pushing hard to win african american voters... and right now she has a slight edge over sanders in
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we're going to we're going to have to issue a warning for this next topic. it will make your stomach growl. we got an inside look at those yummy treats that might heat up the game a bit. brisket, poutine, and more, oh my! and what better than an adult beverage to wash it all down. and just because it's supppose to be warm, doesn't mean you can't get a hearty bowl of chili. this one is made with pablano chilis, sirlion and herbs. if this weekend's game is anything like their matchup against the red wings earlier this month... you're going to want to be at coors field tomorrow night. the avs beat the wings in detroit. it went to a shootout.... which ended with blake comeau sneaking one past petr mrazek. avs win 3 to 2. it's kind of an
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disguisted? so is a man in new york. the action he took after he got word of what's allegedly in his parmesan
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disguisted? york. the action he took in his parmesan cheese. of what's allegedly in his parmesan
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its employees have posed as animal rights activists in order to spy on its critics. the admission comes after peta accused a seaworld san diego worker of infiltrating the group to get information. the employee was placed on administrative
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later re-instated to a different department. the theme park has been trying to re- build its family friendly image after the 2013 documentary "blackfish" raised questions about orca whales being kept in captivity and their treatment. the plunge in oil prices continues to take a toll on people and their jobs. halliburton is cutting 5-thousand more jobs...that's about 8-percent of the oil services company's workforce. halliburton already cut 10- thousand jobs in the 4th quarter. oil prices have dropped about 70- percent since peaking above 100- bucks a barrel in mid-2014. that has led to a lot less drilling and a lot less business at hallliburton. walmart is facing a lawsuit over it's parmesan cheese. a man filed the suit in a manhatten federal court claiming he was misled by the label. the man says he paid a premium price for walmart's great value 100- percent grated parmesan cheese. but according to the complaint, the product contains up to 10-percent cellulose which is a filler derived
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spokesperson says the company will review the complaint and respond accordingly. as black history month comes to an end, were focusing on the future instead of the past. more about the movement right here in colorado and why some call it black future month, instead of black history
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about the past. there's a growing movement, many people who want the february event to reflect more on the future. in fact, some call it "black future month"-- instead of black history month. the grassroots movement is spreading nation- wide... including here in denver. motivational speaker and author chet sisk is one of the people spreading the idea. he talks to students... helping them to realize all of the opportunities they have. he says-- the
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studnets of today have a chance to be the people who make up the new chapters of black history. we'll share more on the concept of "black future month" as we wrap up our black history month series. you can watch the story tonight at 4pm and 9pm on 9news. you can also view many more stories and community events on the black history month page of our website,
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morning -- a man... with a young son in colorado... helps save lives when a shooter opened fire inside a kansas factory. debate? or yelling match? at times you couldn't tell - we'll break down the jabs in the g-o-p debate... and look ahead to what's next. hello! it's friday! you made it! marty is in the


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