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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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because of a damaged expansion joint. crews say it could take until at least 8:00 tonight to finish the work. there will be extra traffic because of the avalanche/red wing alumni game at coors field. this is also the first night of denver restaurant week. traffic headed to the ballpark from south bound i-25 should exit at park avenue west or continue south from 20th street to speer boulevard. turn around and go north on i- 25 to 20th. traffic exiting northbound i-25 to 20th will not be impacted. travel on westbound 20th street from i-25 should be normal. the park county deputy critically injured in a wednesday morning shootout at a bailey home is on the mend. kolby martin's condition has been upgraded from serious to fair at st. anthony hospital in lakewood. deputy martin was wounded in the same shootout that killed
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their attacker was shot and killed. a cherry creek school bus driver out of jail on leave after he was caught driving 30 students allegedly after drinking a beer and could of medicine cocktail. it's the second -- beer and cough medicine cocktail. it's the second high profile case of a bus driver driving under the influence in colorado. 9news reporter steven vaughn found in this most recent case the district stopped the bus before the driver could finish the round. >> your bus driver was driving his bus urge the influence of alcohol. >> reporter: that message went out -- under the influence of alcohol. >> reporter: that message went out to parents of about 30 students. now michael hobbs, the bus driver, faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and child abuse and faces termination from cherry creek school. the trouble started thursday
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thought she smelled alcohol on his breath when kids were boarding his bus. she called the administration department. >> at this point his bus was loaded and had taken off. the bus had about 30 kids on board and only had one stop. so it reached that stop. all of the kids were unloaded. we reached him, told him to stay there and he complied. >> reporter: hobbs was arrested after failing roadside sobriety tests. according to documents obtained by 9wants to know, hobbs told officers that he had taken four different medications for the flu and he ultimately admitted that drank a beer at lunch. now parents are asking why hob was allowed to -- hobbs was allowed to drive off after that first employee thought she helded booze. >> -- she smelled booze. >> this is very important. no one observed him walking or talking erratically. our surveillance video on the bus did not show him driving erratically. it appeared very normal, but when he was asked to do the roadside tests, asked to walk heel or toe or on a line, that
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>> reporter: hobbs is on leave and could be fired. kevin vaughn, 9news. >> hobbs posted bail and is due back in court in late april. preliminary blood alcohol tests show he was below the legal limit. results from a more accurate test is pending. the lyons driver has been fired and is currently facing charges. an arapahoe county sheriff's department nearly killed in a -- county sheriff's deputy nearly killed in a car crash three weeks ago is out of intensive care. deputy bill foreman was on his way to the scene on february 10th where a 6-year-old was killed. a large truck failed to yield hitting the deputy's car. he called in his own crash but internally. he is doing much better today according to his girl friend. >> one morning he came out in the kitchen and he was in his uniform and full gear on and i was like look at you. i said you look like batman
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yes, i'm here to protect and serve the community, gave me a kiss and walked out the door, you know. humor. he's what he does every day, happy, loyal to his community, retire. >> deputy foreman does have a long road ahead, however. he'll have to learn to walk again. the driver who hit him was cited for the crash. two years ago today a special education student was brutally murdered in broad daylight. investigators with aurora police are no closer to finding the killer. tonight an emotional plea from the victim's family who believes someone out there knows what happened. here is 9news reporter jessica oh. >> he was a loveable child and he enjoyed sports. >> reporter: in many ways terrell efram was like any other 20-year-old. >> just got a job. he wasn't on the job that look and then he gets murdered. >> reporter: february 26th his
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creek a few blocks away from his home. terrell was stabbed to death near east 28th and wheeling street, a police that still haunts his mom mary jones. >> i went over to visit the creek at 2:00 this morning and just sat there. >> reporter: aurora police believe the brutal attack two years ago was a random crime. >> it hurts. i feel like it's my fault. >> reporter: terrell's fell ha visited the crime scene often -- has visited the crime scene often looking for clues. there have been few since the 20-year-old was murdered. >> i feel like my heart has been ripped out because there's no answers whatsoever. >> reporter: kathy and her family still have no idea whyer it recommend, a special -- why terrell, a special education student, was violently targeted and police have no leads. >> it's on impossible for me to think that -- it's impossible for me to think nano one seen the stabbing of my -- think
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of my grandson's death in broad daylight. >> i know somebody is hiding something from my mom and i. >> reporter: two years may have passed since the day terrell died, but there is still hope his killer will be brought to justice. >> i just want to held them i love him. >> investigator -- want to tell him i love him. >> investigators are confident there is someone out there with information. call crime stoppers with any information. the heston police chief in kansas is called a hero after stopping a gunman at a manufacturing plant yesterday. sheriff's departments served the accused shooter with an order to stay away from his girl friend yesterday afternoon. police say the man armed with a rule of and handgun shot two people he didn't know, stole a car and went to excel industries where he worked and killed three people there and wounded 14 others before the police chief ran into the plant without backup and shot and killed him. what the chief did likely saved lives. the shooting drew this comment from president obama. >> i felt it was important for
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because somehow as i've said before, this becomes routine. these sort of mass shootings that are taking place. we cannot become numb to this. >> the victims in yesterday's shooting have been identified as joshua higbee, brian sadowsky and renee benjamin. several law enforcement agencies are still investigating. the government is saying that zika infections have been confirmed in nine pregnant women in the u.s. all got the virus overseas. three babies have been born, one with a brain defect. the cdc says it is also investigating 10 additional reports of pregnant travelers with zika. the zika virus spread mainly by mosquito bites is epidemic now caribbean. the virus causes mild illness and no symptoms in most people, but in brazil officials are investigating a possible link to babies born with brain defects and abnormally small heads.
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ended in miscarriages and two abortions. two pregnancies are continuing without reported complications. the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that staple next september is donald trump. >> -- stage next september is donald trump. >> new jersey governor chris christie has endorsed donald trump for president. >> it's rubio! >> reporter: until this week donald trump didn't even have a single congressman endorsing him. today he got a governor who had been running against him. >> i'm happy to be on the trump team and i look forward to working with him. thank you. >> reporter: chris christie had 3% of the gop vote when he dropped out. his endorsement might be worth more than that in the long run, but in the short run it changes the story today. >> donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. so he called in chris christie. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> reporter: last night scrappy gop debate saw attacks from marco rubio. >> we're going to make america
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we're going to win, win, win. >> reporter: and cruz. >> he can release last year's tax returns. he doesn't want to do it because presumably there's something in there that is bad. >> reporter: the story today was going to be did it hurt trump or not? in a well timed move christie drowned out that discussion. right in the heart of texas, the only state voting next tuesday where multiple polls show trump in second instead of first place, speaking to us for sunday's balance of power susan page with usa today says trump has a chance to close the deal with gop voters. >> there is a possibility and this would be an extraordinary political achievement that donald trump will run the table, that he'll ridge win all the contests on -- that he'll win all the contests on super tuesday and if he does that, he's the nominee. if he's won the dozen contests in super tuesday, he won new hampshire, he won south carolina. we've never had a republican candidate who won new hampshire and south carolina and didn't get the nomination. >> reporter: colorado won't be
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caucus winner. democrats will, which is why bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both fighting for support here. brandon rittiman, 9news. nielsen said 14.5 million people watched last night's gop. the first gop debate of his campaign season last august remains the most watched with 24 million viewers. the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general notes an increase of military activity across the border in syria leading up to a ceasefire that has just now taken effect. he called today's violence tragic but unfortunately not surprising. more planes have been launching airstrikes against rebel held positions in the suburbs of the syrian capital. the russian and u.s. brokered ceasefire took effect across syria midnight local time. farms in pennsylvania damaged this week by a tornado are getting help from neighbors and local businesses. the clean-up began almost immediately following wednesday night's ef2 tornado in lancaster county.
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not stopping the work of an estimated 500 volunteers. the tornado damaged 50 buildings at a cost of $8 million. clean-up is expected to run into next week. the warm before next week's storm for us. >> also ahead the plea deal in a fraud case over mislabeled cheese sold at stores nationwide. >> and doctors performed the nation's first ever uterus
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say. woman and two -- a woman and two cheese
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pleaded guilty to mislabeling chaises with filler made from wood -- cheeses with filler made from wood cliff. her lawyer says -- chips. her lawyer says she is likely to receive probation. she is charged with aiding and abetting misbranded and adultated food in commerce. the cheese was sold at target stores and associated wholesale grocers of kansas, kansas. surgeons in cleveland say they have performed the nation's first uterus transplant, a new effort in medicine to give women a chance at pregnancy. the cleveland clinic said the nine hour surgery was performed earlier this week on a 26-year- old woman using a uterus from a deceased donor. the hospital planned a long time for the surgery. the hospital will not release more details about the transplant until a news conference next week. so today was very nice, but we expect the peak of our warming trend to arrive tomorrow. >> that's okay.
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how warm we have to get to break a record next in kathy's
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hello, meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9news backyard, what a beautiful way to end the month of february. it's a beautiful day to be outdoors in downtown denver or up in the high country. skiing and snowboarding
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61 at the airport, almost 70 in southeastern colorado with mid- 50s in summit county. currently the readings have been running right around 61 degrees throughout the last two hours way above the average, close to the record but not quite. i think we may actually tie a record on saturday. 59 degrees, dia reporting winds east, southeast at 7, but in the backyard the calm and temperatures hovering right around 61 degrees near the city. as we look over beautiful winter park, we have fair skies and light winds as far as you can see even though it's been skiing and snowboarding conditions have been good and as well, statewide average in normal. there's not a lot of snow coming in, but a weak front from the northwest may bring a few light snow showers and help boost numbers further, but we're doing pretty well this point in the season, a trend we hope to see continue moving into spring in about three weeks time. a little moisture coming into california and the pacific
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winds will increase ahead of a week dry front arriving tomorrow. with the wind concerns for high fire danger along the front range as southwest winds drop humidity values to the single digits and this front may bring snow to the mountains but keep lower elevations dry, a lot of the precip and energy going up over the top of this dominant high pressure ridge which shows no signs of breaking down until tuesday next week. so 70 degrees tomorrow, we'll of 73. we'll be in record territory. it really kind of depends upon the timing of the incoming front. we start off with sunshine tomorrow. afternoon. evening. winds will increase along the foothills as well. because of the wind, low humidity values, this front coming in as more of a wind shift than anything else, red flag warnings will be posted for central and southeastern colorado for high fire danger. low temperatures tonight comfortable. in spite of the clear skies we'll be in the low 30s in
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high temperatures tomorrow range from 59 in greeley, 76 pueblo, 53 in rifle and melt off some of the snow and ice in the foothills, 53 idaho springs, 50 in blackhawk. denver weather forecast for this friday night, it is a nice night outside. we are calling for light winds, a low of 33 under fair skies. temperatures drop only slightly. tomorrow mid-50s by lunchtime, low 70s in the afternoon. again the record is 73. cooler but dry sunday. temperatures are very similar to monday and tuesday and a chance of rain, cooler with highs in the force thes and 50s for the first few days of march -- force the 40s and 50s for for the first few days of march. look for temperatures in the blow 60s when the guys take the -- low 60s when the guys take the field and that's pretty much the same forecast for the alumni game tonight.
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those guys out there playing? >> that will be fun. if it comes in like a lamb, will it go out like a lion? >> it's very possible. it's our snowiest month. >> everybody is going to get whacked. coming up next in sports rod mackey will have early highlights from tonight's avalanche/red wings alumni hockey game. >> the current players take to the ice at coors for the first
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flat as lower oil prices and utility stocks offset good economic news. the dow fill 57 points, s&p
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from colorado sports leader here's rod mackey. >> i think it might be friendly at the start and might change over the course of the game.
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and we all love competing and it will be fun. >> fun, that the understatement of the season. this is a game that every hockey fan in colorado has been waiting for. saturday, of course, means more, but most are more excited about the hall of famers on the ice. 12 in all for tonight's alumni game, a game that's about to get underway at coors field. how cool is this? fans went crazy when the avs stepped on the ice and they went nuts as well. they went crazy with booze. no true avs fan liked that team in red, not then and not now. we will have early highlights for you coming up tonight at 6:00. now the old guys play tonight while the young guns go tomorrow. the current avs and red wings took to the ice on the diamond for the first time this afternoon over at coors field. black eyes in this rivalry, that's nothing new, but they're playing in the sun which means eye black.
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games that have been around the league the past few years, you've seen all the guys do it, definitely something that is a install little detail that's exciting to be a part of and to be honest, it didn't do much of a difference for me out there, but at least i look cool. >> it does look cool. make sure to tune into our special tomorrow night at 5:30, 30 minutes of hockey before the game and then we'll be live right after as well. time to talk a little football and talk about the combine, mike klis reporting that the broncos have begun to talk to ryan clady and demarcus ware's people in an effort to make some cuts, not cutting the player but cutting some salaries in an effort to keep around as many of the current pieces as possible. >> i'm not talking to all these guys. i'm talking to demarcus. the time that we haven't had up to this point i'll be able to spend time with them. ryan will be one of those guys we'll sit down and talk to and everything that -- we have a
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lot of different situations. the closer we get to the deadline and as far as a new league year, we'll start molding that and see how everything takes shape. finally we can't do a friday night sportscast without some high school stuff. the championships underway today, how one team got ready with a different kind of backdrop. >> reporter: skiing is a walk in the park. >> we do get a couple weird looks. you're clicking into your boots. >> we ski as much as we can when we can. >> reporter: when people are also walking their dogs and going for jogs. >> we don't get to ski every day and we don't have ski courses where they have tracks and groomed trails. we never have that. >> reporter: but the evergreen nordic ski team has found a way to make it work despite the obvious differences with its competition. >> but a lot of those teams live and breathe cross-country skiing and they have like the best equipment, the byssine foreigns. >> reporter: -- the best uniforms. >> reporter: don't forget the
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races are held, but the cougars would argue those things don't always put you a stride ahead of your opponents. >> we have some kids that are really strong skiers and i think we impress them because they know what we have to deal with. >> reporter: at a local park in lakewood or on occasion the local bunny hills the team hits the slopes twice a week and fills the rest with dry land. >> we have amazing coachessen and an amazing team and -- coaches and an amazing team and that's really all you need in this sport. >> reporter: and boots, poles, skis snow and especially the snow. >> you don't use golf courses unless you have permission because they get a little cranky. >> reporter: well, almost. >> get in an evergreen cougar story. >> there you go. i know you are a little partial, an all american in tennis. >> skiing downhill. that coaching stuff, way too much work. >> i thought it was badminton. >> all of the above.
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>> you notice i'm keeping very quiet. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> we have pictures. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump in a wild debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from rubio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 13 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in


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