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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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tonight, we have an update on a case of ro bernie sanders comes to colorado speaking one-on-one with 9news. his plan to win colorado voters this super tuesday. tonight we hear from two women involved in a road rage case. one slashed the other woman's face. plus john elway talks to mike klis about the players he is hoping to keep next season.
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to discover the most beautiful places in colorado. 9news starts now. tonight we have an update on road rage we covered 5 years ago. a fight between two women that ended with a long prison sentence. he found both women coming to terms with the consequences. >> reporter: this is a story about saving face. >> every time i look in the mirror every morning that scar is going to be there and that memory will be there. >> reporter: that the her five years ago after she was attacked during a road rage incident. 40 sketches to the cheek. -- stitches to the cheek. her attacker is still locked up. >> this is the first time i talked about it. >> reporter: cameras aren't allowed in prison but we were able to speak with her. she looks different now.
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different too. >> i just want to get my story out to other people and know that not everything is concrete about our days and our lives could be changed. >> reporter: the women were in different cars. each passengers with their husbands in august, 2011. her husband drove by and honked prompting a show down between the women. >> i never wanted to hurt her. i never did. initially my intention was to just get her to see that i had a weapon and leave me alone. >> life changing fight ended with a gash to her face and 10 years in prison for her. >> i know what is important and what is not important.
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family is what matters most. >> reporter: she was angry then. >> let the justice system have her pay the price. >> reporter: her scar is nearly gone. >> i think she was placed in my path to teach me about forgiveness. >> reporter: something else was wounded. her pride. >> i could have made the choice to stay in my vehicle, to keep my mouth shut. >> i hope she has taken this last 4-1/2 years to reflect on her decision and know that i have done the same. >> i am not trying to put blame on anyone else because i know what happened that day. i know what i was capable of. i know in my heart who i am and i never want to be what i saw that day. >> reporter: she hopes her good behavior may help her get released early. that could happen a year and a
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her daughter is waiting for her to come home. 48 hours from super scattered showers to the colorado caucuses. -- super tuesday and the colorado caucuses. tonight bernie sanders held a rally at csu in fort collins. he is hoping colorado will help him rebound after losing to hillary clinton last night in south carolina by 50% merchandise 9news reporter whitney wild got to speak one- on-one with bernie sanders. >> reporter: the line for the bernie sanders rally started early. thousands filed in. although there were hundreds of seats that remained open. bernie sanders stopped short of calling colorado a must win. >> nothing is a must win. we have dozens and dozens of state but colorado is very important for us.
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more on television ads in colorado than hillary clinton. >> reporter: keeping momentum going is critical. >> come out to vote, bring your friends and family, aunts, uncles. >> fear is the biggest thing that brought me out. i am afraid of our country being run by a bunch of rich pigs. >> reporter: she a freshman at colorado state, on her mind is her bottom line, college tuition which burst burst wants to make free -- bernie sanders wants to make free. >> nice to have a president cheaper. >> reporter: if hillary wins >> no. >> you don't quit.
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said he would work to decriminalize marijuana at the federal law. he said he thinks he can beat donald trump in a general election. whitney wild, 9news. >> hillary clinton worked the crowds in tennessee hoping her momentum will continue there on tuesday. a poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 2- 1 texas. on the gop side, the poll shows donald trump leading in georgia and tennessee. ted cruz ahead in texas. the poll was conducted before thursday's republican debate. they went back and reinterviewed 35% of the respondents. on tuesday night tune in to 9news at 9:00 p.m. and 10 for the latest on the results.
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locating a man accused of kidnapping and assaulting his estranged wife. police say he kidnapped his wife after arranging to meet her last night. the couple has been separated since last summer. police say he drove the victim to his mother's house where he forced both into a bedroom and tried to put duct tape over his mother's face. he told the victims he was not going back to prison and left. both are okay but they fear for their safety till he is located. if you see him call police. a woman who was walking on the side of i-25 in northern colorado was struck and killed this morning. the accident happened near johnson's corner. the driver stayed at the scene and they are not expecting drugs or alcohol were involved. they were trying to determine why she was talking on --
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killing two people in virginia, including a police officer, her first day on the job. she was responding when two officers -- with two officers to a domestic violence disturbance saturday. . >> clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> police say the suspect surrendered to police after more officers arrived. they found his wife already dead inside the home. funeral services are scheduled for the sheriff killed in the line of duty last week. friends and family will have services services service, he was killed in a shoot out while serving an eviction notice. the suspect was also killed and two deputies were injured.
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sheriff's office and he coached baseball and football. a tremendous loss in the law enforcement community recently but today there was a big showing of support for officers in castle rock. 200 people came together for a law enforcement appreciation day event. this was responsered by pro police rally -- sponsored by pro-police rally colorado. they even got to chat with men and women in law enforcement. a sheriff's deputy said the past week has been tough for cops around the country. he is thankful for the show of support. >> this is why you do it. you know, you are out here for the people, you are out here for the community. that is why we got into. to serve the people. when they show -- [ indiscernible ] makes you feel good. >> the organizers say they started the group in july to show appreciation to those who
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hollywood tonight for the oscars. chris rock had a monologue that addressed the controversy. >> we want opportunity. we want black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors. that is it. that is it. you know? just -- you know, not just once. >> in a surprise tonight's to spotlight. the story about an investigation from the boston globe that uncovered a scandal in the catholic church. tonight leonardo dicaprio finally won an oscar. leonardo dicaprio won the award
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and the award for best actress went to bree larsen. next on 9news at 10:00 p.m. >> they are sacred spaces, national parks. >> what a fantastic weekend across colorado. now all eyes on the work week and tracking storms. next.
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2016 is expected to be record year for visitors at colorado's four national parks. it for the last year -- for the last year we had a team looking for new sides of these familiar faces. a week of stories on 9news and
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kyle clark and chris hansen. >> got here about 6:15 a.m. this morning. coming up. here. it is really cool it be here alone. you hear the national parks people talk all the time about how these are your public lands, your parks. it is tough to feel like that if you are on a crowded hiking trail. when you are here alone in a beautiful spot it feels like your land. >> these are mega down down toes. >> all right. >> it is funny how perspective changes. i was hoping -- i wish a person was up there so it would show scale just how big these are. >> pointing me in the direction
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>> cool animal tracks. >> cool animal tracks. i said look. there is a guy up there. >> i would have seen the guy eventually. >> he was making his way down. >> this is my first trip. for me this has been about anticipation versus reality. >> worth coming out to this point. >> read so much about this place. seen the photos. it can't prepare you for the reality of being in the space. >> imagine what it is like being here. >> you are in a house, a place where people lived. and when we go into each other's houses you tend to be
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>> i had such a great time hanging out. >> really active. >> early morning, like sun hasn't even come up and he is just chipper. just excited to get out. >> i like it because it is just real private. less folks on the east side. >> i don't think that -- i don't think that he didn't like people people. >> that is how i met him, i was done shooting. he came up to me and said what are you shooting on there and he was interested in what i was doing. >> so quiet and serene for us. nice morning. was exceptional.
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all this week on 9news we will visit each park looking for adventures and next saturday and sunday tune in for this land, rediscovering colorado's national parks. i just moved here and i can't wait to go to mesa verde. amazing. >> it is all about rediscovering the national parks. i can't wait to see this series. >> some of the pictures didn't look real. >> did you see that video? just a reminder of how beautiful our state is. >> just talking about this at dinner, we don't have to leave free-throw line a vacation. >> we can -- leave colorado for a vacation. >> we can do it here. . >> we are very blessed to live here. this weekend was one of those weekends. in the 60s and 70s in denver
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over downtown denver on a spectacular weekend. look ahead to the work week, temperatures mild, 40 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. precipitation just less than half inch and snowfall we saw all of that on february 1 and 2. 11.6 inches. and since then it has been bone dry. 60s today up and down i-25 and eastern plains. 40s in leadville and steamboat. some spots mid-50s from eagle to grand junction as well. at the airport things are looking good. clear skies out there. 46 degrees. winds beginning to pick up out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. here in the 9 backyard, temperatures are at 46 degrees. comfortable night. but then looking ahead towards tomorrow we are going to be tapping back into the winds. i think they will get gusty tomorrow afternoon. here it is.
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a cold front pushes into the state from the northwest. winds pick up into 40 miles per hour. around i-25. wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. the winds once again are going to be a big talker for us throughout the work week. there is the storm system. sitting across the northwest throughout the past day or so. the cold front will push in tomorrow and that is what will bring us wet weather. most of the west is quiet and calm. dry. with the exception of washington and idaho, montana. light snowfall, a couple travel advisory. none for us however. throughout the reminder of this evening, tomorrow morning, a few changes. not as sunny. clouds increasing around i-25, 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m.
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lunchtime, northern and central mountains moisture starts to tap in. looking at light snowfall out there. a storm system doesn't have a ton of moisture with it. it will be cut off tomorrow evening after delivering a couple rain showers across the eastern plains and that is a big maybe. looks slim to none we will see precipitation with the storm. the majority will stay up in the high country and the plains will be dealing with wild winds. up to the mountains, not all that impressive. we will take what we can get at this point, 1-3 inches of fresh powder. tonight a mild evening for eastern colorado. temperatures dip down to the 30s. teens and 20s tonight in the high country and around here, clouds rolling in. you will hear the winds in the foothills and tomorrow afternoon. in town, things stay quit till
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tomorrow temperature. upper 50s, low 60s. some spots low 70s across the arkansas river valley. upper 50s for grand junction. and 30s in winter park and steamboat. 1-3 inches of fresh snow. idaho springs, partly cloudy skies. i-25, tapping into warm down sloping winds. cooler on tuesday. we will look for sunny conditions conditions and another storm system push into the state on wednesday. that one will be a copy of tomorrow. snow to the high country and gusty winds down to the plains. temperatures stay in the 60s for the tail end of the week and next weekend possibly talking about high temperatures in the low 70s. as we look towards the beginning of march, it is coming in quiet and calm but the tail end of the month might be like a lion.
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>> so long. we will cross our fingers and
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from colorado's sports leader here is rod mackey. >> storm the court. that was scene in boulder on wednesday night after the bus knocked off arizona. today they got the other team, 14-14 asu. on paper an easier opponent but a loss would put them back on the ncaa tournament bubble. it was senior day at boulder. the last game at home for josh scott. he will be missed.
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missed dunk by asu. ncu made them pay. three. a little later, showing how you dunk the ball. deuce. this game was close throughout till the end. they put it away. the dish to scott. last game in boulder. a victory. cu 79-69. csu and nevada. he knocks down two free throws. no time left to force over time. that is clutch. but it didn't matter. they took over in over time. csu loses the first round bye as they lose.
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the pioneers jumping out to a 7- 01st quarter lead on way to the win. >> football now, spruce and higgins left college as the all time leading receivers. now it is time to get paid to play. here is mike klis. >> reporter: higgins and spruce will be among the receivers here. they each have personal stories to tell. for higgins his nickname. >> kid caught a pass and i just came down and drilled him. and it was just like every since that game coach was like keep doing things like that i will call you hollywood. the name just stuck around. i am hollywood higgins now. >> for spruce, it is his father, a former world class body builder who is now an expert in the nutrition and
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>> growing up around a dad like that, always preaching nutrition, that helped me to stay healthy and be the best player i could be. >> reporter: higgins and spruce, higgins is expected to go in the second or third round spruce five through seven. mike klis, 9news. >> thank you. martin truex, jr. at the daytona 500 last weekend with a 7th place finish. today jimmie johnson won that race. we finish with golf. turns out that dress codes can take a break on the course. he lost his pants and playing in the boxers after hitting a shot in the water. look what he did. all right. went back in the trap but still
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went on to par the hole and finished in 61 place -- >> did he have to take his pants off -- >> i think he was showing off. >> i think there is an underwear commercial -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> no, no, no, no, no. >> a visual you won't be able to get out of your head.


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