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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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into a tree... sending a family to the hospital. this is 9news. a white suv rolled and crashed into a tree, at that sent -- and that's in a family to the hospital. we tell you what one family member had -- says happened right before the crash. the multimillion dollar upgrade to help keep your phone charged. >> and leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar. good morning, marty craig ehlo joining us -- marty
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it's quite mild out here. we do have snow in portions of wyoming that is rapidly heading into colorado's mountains. looks like 1" to 3" west of the continental divide areas. we'll get light snow in northeastern sections of wyoming you need to nebraska and south dakota. current readings are extremely warm. temperatures pushing 50 degrees already, and a downslope wind going here. high winds up and down the region. we will have plenty we -- of wind around here. after lunch time, the wind kicks up here at lower to rain, some in the afternoon it's going to be very windy around
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35 miles per hour. that pushes temperatures into the low 60s for this last day of february so it's warm and dry , mountain snow and coming up in a few minutes we will see how long these warm temperatures stick around. good monday morning, getting out of here with an excellent start so far. most areas will look just like this. i-25 and third avenue. overall the north -- i-25 has been pretty good, a 10 minute drive north or south bound with 65 miles per hour average overall. across the entire city, to 25 looks beautiful, no major issues towards 6th avenue, still in the mid-50s around federal and that should only be
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a family was inside when an county. you can see it on the side there. avenue. a family member told noel brennan that seven kids were inside of the youngest was an infant. >> he's the youngest -- the youngest was a baby girl. they took her to children's because she has a big o'connor had. -- she has a big bump on her head everyone else just had bumps and bruises. >> all expected to be okay, that's the good news. sanders is rallying ahead of super tuesday but he says
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win state. >> nothing is a must win. we've got dozens and dozens of states we have to compete in but colorado is very important to us. we are fighting in 11 states and cool -- on super tuesday, colorado is one of them. >> during our one-on-one interview, he said he would continue to fight the criminalization of marijuana at the federal level. at a rally in tennessee clinton says she is looking forward to debating any of the republican candidates. according to a recent poll, clinton is leading sanders by nearly a two to one margin in tennessee, georgia and texas. the gop race is getting more aggressive. during a weekend rally marco rubio took a jab at donald trump saying quote friends do
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artists -- con artists. colorado is one of 11 states holding democratic caucuses or primaries tomorrow. other states include texas, minnesota and virginia. colorado's gop will hold a caucus tuesday but won't expect -- won't declare a statewide winner. the second phase of construction across us 36 is now nearing completion. the option to use the toll lane wilbekin sometime in march -- will begin sometime in march. hey guys, what's so cool
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was always to make us 36 multimodal meaning they wanted cyclists, drivers and people who wanted to use the bus. they wanted everyone to share the corridor and now that's happening. that 18 mile stretch from westminster to boulder, that bikeway is officially open, ready for use as of today. with -- connecting bike paths, it means you can now arrive from denver to boulder uninterrupted. many of you has used -- had used the first phase that was done back in june. if you haven't, it's a pretty neat ride, 12 foot wide lanes with two six-foot wide shoulders . they say this is the best possible way for cyclists to travel from denver to boulder in the safest possible way. you might want to try it out because it's been so nice lately. coming up at 6:00 i'll talk about an update on us 36.
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36. >> it's pretty cool, pretty nice. a registered sex offender due in court today to be arraigned on sex trafficking charges. shawn crumpler is accused of finding at risk boys on a dating site and then gluing them to come to colorado. at least 100 victim -- one and underage victim told police he was told he had to sleep with him if he wanted a place to live. at cadet accused of raping a woman will be court marshaled today. he's accused of assaulting a woman in october 2014. he was listed as a running back for the falcons at that time. longmont police are looking for this man, richard mun accused of kidnapping his
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police say he took her to his mothers house where he forced both women to his bedroom. if you see him or know where he is, please call longmont police. the post reports foreign investors pumped about 981 million bucks into the denver market alone in 2015. all told the amount of foreign- based investment into denver more than doubled between 2014 and 2015. that is a similar trend we're seeing on a national level. only 19 percent of these emergence are accepting the check cards. -- chip cards. king soopers and city markets in our states are
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the hot -- hacking tyra systems was a lot worse than originally thought. they potentially gained access to more than 700,000 taxpayer accounts, double the initial estimate. the information potentially still could be used to impersonate a real taxpayer, file a false return and then collect the money. notifications will be made to people if their account shows any kind of suspicious activity on it. are you one of those people that can't find a charger at the airport? that's about to change and dia. the airport is spending about $4.7 million to install new plugs all throughout the concourses. crews are currently installing about 3500 power hubs and chairs, each of which will have
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so by may there should be about 14,000 new places to charge up while you are waiting for your flight. win 30 gusting to 20 at rocky mount metro airport. close to 60 at the top of the continental divide. it will be a windy day here across the front range. as the front comes through we get mountain snow. and then late this afternoon, really more this evening, if you showers in the northeast corner of the state. modest moisture, mainly from brush to the north and east, we're looking at less than a 10th of an inch of total moisture over the northeast. for us, it is windy and warm . >> windy -- we've had a lot of those days, haven't we? >> you are waking up to a bonus day. it sleep day. >> companies are finding all kinds of ways to capitalize on this.
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something that might make you scratch your head because it leaves out the main product to see their . >> pretty much.
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it's 542 -- 5:42 right now. vice president joe biden took his appearance at the oscars as a chance to call for change. he wants support for campus sexual assault section -- victims. >> we must and can change the culture so that no abused woman or man like the survivors you will see tonight ever feel they have to ask themselves, what did i do? they did nothing wrong. >> he appealed for everyone to join the white house's initiative, it's on us. lady gaga performed her oscar- nominated song from the documentary the hunting ground.
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survivors holding hands on stage. the moment was so big, it crashed the it's on us website. it was an incredible performance. of course there were line -- lighter moments as well, tarhonda thomas is here with that. a lot of people talking on social media. >> just the hashtag oscars. having a few problems with her computer but if you search it you will see what everyone like and didn't like. leonardo dicaprio got a lot of love. it was on here a few minutes ago. he finally won after five nominations. of course the awards show also had to own up to its own issues, the hashtag oscars so white trended all night and chris rock did not shy away. brie larson one -- won for room and the fact that we had so
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you can search and see that online. leonardo dicaprio's five nominations must have gotten him clout with the academy because when he won, his speech was not drowned out by music. he used the spotlight to highlight issues around global warming. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> so leo of course getting some love on social media with the hashtag oscars, lots of different hashtags around him and let's see who can get -- trust me, the girl scouts were huge last night. chris rock pedaled his daughter's girl scout cookies to the hollywood millionaires in the audience and he said they raised about $65,000 and they were tweeting thanks to chris rock and seeing all these celebrities eating girl scout cookies at the oscars. we will try to get that up for you.
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$65,000, though? >>that's what they said. even batman enjoyed thin mints. the ceo of girl scouts said thank you. $20,000 came from vice president biden. >> i think chris rock got $40,000 from leonardo dicaprio because he called them out saying he made $30 million in his last movie. they are fighting for the right of people to have a seat size standard for all commercial airlines. he wants the faa to require it. legroom used to be 35", now it's only 31". he will introduce an amendment to the faa reauthorization act. that bill expected to be voted on the next month or so.
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today, arby's is rolling out a one day only meatless menu. the special will be available only today. it's basically regular arby's sandwiches with no meat. >> there's a bun right there -- it's just a bun. who would want that? >> i guess if you were in vegetarian you would take -- if you are a vegetarian, you would take -- that. >> my has been tricked me, he said on february 30th it's free food and i was like yes. and he said really? [laughter] astronaut scott kelly is doing something no one has done before, defending his entire year -- spending an entire year in space which is about to end. we will look back at some of the best pictures. but first let's check in with marty and amelia.
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this afternoon, especially after the noon hours, very gusty afternoon. humidity levels are going to dive, and as they do, creating high fire danger in fremont county. florets -- florence, canon city, all in high fire danger for your -- afternoon. wednesday more strong winds anticipated over the area, especially in the afternoon and evening so amelia, marches the windiest month of the year and it looks like it will start off living up to that reputation. and here's the camera shaking around this morning, highway 93 expected to be gusty. us 36, i-70 as well. it's a clear start between
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east if you are catching a flight today you've got great starting wait times right around 15 minutes for all lanes. 13 minute drive heading westbound across pia and
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today, and member of the famed seal team six will receive the medal of honor. edward byers junior was part of a hostage rescue mission have -- in afghanistan in 2012. he's already earned two purple hearts and five bronze stars for harrison. officials said he's the first living seal to receive the honor since the world war. scott kelly will return to earth after spending a year in space. he will land tomorrow and return to houston on wednesday. when he lands, kelly will hold
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spent in space, 520 days. that amounts to more than 143,000,000 miles in space, and orbiting the earth 5334 times. many people watched accounts so closely because he was posting just incredible photos of the earth. what an amazing adjustment he's going to have when he comes back down and what an accomplishment. around here today, snow approaching. we will have it in northern and central not areas before noon today. it will start picking up in developing kind of a wet snow sticking on the west end northwest facing slopes. 20s, 30s, 40s -- going on in the foothills. you get the rain and snow in the foothills.
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east of topeka highway. becoming very windy here with up to 35 mile-per-hour gusts, temperatures in the 60s for us today. snow hanging from crested butte in aspen, 1" to 3" in north and west facing slopes and then light showers this evening especially at an after sunset. 60s, 70s over the east, 30s and 40s in the mountains. a lot of snow in the mountains today, gusty winds with highs in the low 60s. tonight the wind stays up, a couple flurries here and there. temperatures near 30. tomorrow will really drop out in the afternoon, we really kick up again on wednesday into thursday and with all these westerly winds, we stay dry with temperatures running 10 to 12 degrees above average. hey, sky 9 is up.
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we will check it out as we get to your monday drive. it is worth a peek outside. looking at the parker road cam, you can see the light off in the distance. for right now we are liking this start overall. live view toward 93 and 72 shows it's going to be a windy one today. two hands on the wheel. metro wide, no major problems on i-25. a quick one on 225, details on that. >> 7-day -- we will get it done. it's the very 29th, leap day. we want to know what you're doing with the extra time, four times the fun, right? >>on a monday. let us know your plans on our
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welcome back, this may not be as dramatic as the corpse flower, but the denver botanic gardens has a voodoo lily that opens sunday afternoon. it will stay open for just a
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gardeners say it's a less stinky relative of the flower. you can see it in the same greenhouse where the corpse flower was housed. >> another cool, weird flower. we like that.
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a van carrying children rolls this is 9news. >> a terrifying crash overnight, a man carrying children bowls over, sending more than a half-dozen to the hospital. next month means new tolls from -- denver to boulder. colleen ferreira breaks down what you need to know. anyone who's flown on a plane recently knows seats are getting smaller and smaller. in new york senator wants change


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