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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a van carrying children rolls this is 9news. >> a terrifying crash overnight, a man carrying children bowls over, sending more than a half-dozen to the hospital. next month means new tolls from -- denver to boulder. colleen ferreira breaks down what you need to know. anyone who's flown on a plane recently knows seats are getting smaller and smaller. in new york senator wants change
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>> eisai here here to that. it's 6:00 this morning. several children were inside an suv when it crashed in littleton last night. family members told us one of the youngest children was an infant. noel brennan talked with the uncle at the scene it rolls and pierce and noel, using the family will be okay -- you think the family will be okay. >> that's right. behind me you can see that there are tree branches and what's left of a tree that the suv hit. this accident happened late last night. we have video from early this morning as investigators were out here from colorado state patrol and the sheriff's office. you can see the white suv resting on its side and they large tree branches -- covering the westbound lane. his family was in the suv, his brother, sister-in-law and kids were inside. he said one of the kids may have broken a leg and a baby girl was hurt. he said the baby was sent to a
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>> his youngest baby girl -- they took her to children's hospital because she has a big bump on her head. swollen. another baby just has a broken leg, but the others just have bumps, scripts in -- scrapes and bruises. >> again he's told me all of the family members are expected to be okay. the accident scene cleared up early this morning. at one point though, guys both eastbound and westbound lanes of bowls were closed down as investigators were out here. >> all right, noel, thank you. glad everyone is going to be okay. it was an absolutely gorgeous we can in the metro area. marty coniglio is in the backyard. that really nice weather continues as we start our work week. >> warm and dry, no question about it. we are seeing snow start to move in the mountain areas of
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it's just now into central wyoming and moving to northeastern europe -- utah. by lunchtime today -- we should see them moving in. most of the snow hanging on the north and northwestern facing slopes. the wind will be so strong here, we're not looking for any kind of moisture here. i have the rain forecast -- this is the liquid equivalent of what the snow will produce and eight -- at these amounts, you are looking at 1" to 3" with just a little bit of rain snow mix in the mountain valleys. wind is going to be the big issue, gusting to 65 miles per hour. after lunch time today we will begin to see some 25 to 35 mile- per-hour gusts up and down the i-25 corridor so do anticipate an extremely windy afternoon today and temperatures into the low 60s. quite a way to finish off the leap day we have going here.
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to our skynet view, taking a look at 225 and alameda. i believe the helicopter is on their way over to a crash just to the east of our freeway drive but for now look at this. no major volume tieups across our stretch of 225. let's go see -- we have a crash further out to the eastside east of 225 ride along sable at colfax. traffic fairly light but that could add a few minutes to your drive. overall it's going to be a really beautiful sunrise. cheryl had to pull this view live from twitter. this is the beautiful sunrise. >> all right, thanks a lot. the man accused of leading a deadly crash over the summer is going to be arraigned in arapahoe county court today. 28-year-old kyle sale was arrested after the wreck killed
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he faces charges of vehicular homicide. the us marshals have not identified the man because he investigation is ongoing. the man was arrested in a denver home yesterday afternoon accused of killing a 21-year- old last week in what police called a violent attack. the state highway department is blocking off 700 tons of rock near durango. the rock broke away from the mountainside and landed on the road earlier this month. now the highway patrol is putting up a concrete barrier on us highway 550. it's going to reinforce the rocks pushed against the hillside. drivers heading through should expect a single lane altering traffic today until 4:00. cdot plans to leave it until later this year. it's five minutes after 6:00 right now. we should learn later today when tolling will begin on us
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-- louisville. the express lanes were just completed and there's not going to be any charge. colleen ferreira joins us along us 36 this morning and calling, they told you that the rest of the turnpike has been working pretty good. >> yes they did some comparisons and analysis, working out pretty good. getting more consistent travel times. construction on us 36 has been going on for about four years now. a lot of people excited for the second phase to be complete and you have the entire us 36 without any construction. you remember the toll lane -- without the toll lane, it joined -- opened in june and now they are doing the second part, louisville to boulder. right now they can use the express lanes for free. the tolls will go into effect sometime in march. cdot tells me they have seen examples of increased speeds
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on that first phase. they found that speeds were about 10 miles per hour faster in 2015 during those peak rush hours. overall they say it's more consistent for people traveling the quarter. if you do plan to use the tolling on the second phase, even if you are trying to get used to the first phase, a good idea would be to get the transponder or express pass now. right now along the quarter, it's each of the -- hov 2 but they tell us it's going to change to hov 3 so start finding friends. >> i better get a body. gary, what are you doing? [laughter] italy -- the coffee says the first store will open in the lawn in early 2014. howard schultz was inspired to bring its drinks to the country
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early -- early 80s. beginning tomorrow subway will start selling its new antibiotic free rotisserie chicken. back in october they announced they would start transitioning to serving only protein from animals that have never received antibiotics. subways goal is to move to all of that antibiotic free within the next few years. a good-looking sunrise over the area, a few clouds over the area. we won't get any rain here in with all the win today -- no one wood burning restrictions. gusty winds here, the wind will falls along the continental divide and along the north eastern plains. not much here on the i-25 corridor.
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and evening, less than a 10th of an inch over northeastern colorado it's no hanging mainly on the west and northwest facing slopes today, in the mountains by the end of the day, 1" to 3" of brand-new snow. >> marty, thank you. if you feel like every time you get on a plane the seats are getting smaller, you are not alone and something might finally be done about it. >> i thought my bottom was getting bigger and bigger. [laughter] much anticipation about chris rock hosting the oscars in light of the lack of diversity, and he delivered. >> i am here at the academy awards.
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[music] >> you do realize, if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. [laughter] >> leave it to chris rock to call out the oscars on its own issues right in its -- right in his opening monologue. just one of many moments that played out on stage last night. tarhonda thomas is here with the wrapup, plenty for people to discuss and shall sell media -- social media. >> so much to talk about. a lot of what you'll see is this guy, leonardo dicaprio finally won. rose and jack reunited. sitting close to each other when he did win. it was a really wonderful moment. if you want to get in the conversation, use the hashtag jan 9 and tell us your favorite oscar moment. froyo -- last night, leonardo dicaprio dominated social media, finally winning for best
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one person that's been nominated more than him, ennio marcone finally received an oscar at the age of 81. they made light of the fact americans nominated for the second year in a row. they did a few skits editing black actors into movies including the revenant and -- speaking of whoopi goldberg, there was a big tweet about her all of her social media this morning. this website total beauty tweeted court we had no idea oprah was padded -- tatted, and we love it. then mean -- thenfast and
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we had no idea oprah was a nine- year-old boy and we love it. tons of people talking about it this morning. >> one of my favorite was lady gaga, her performance was incredible. >> very powerful, she had sexual assault survivors joining her on stage. she had her son nominated, it didn't win but she was the big winner with that song. >> she's on fire this year. marty, did you stay up to watch? >> no, because i knew that i could count on us here at 9news the morning to see everything. high clouds are over us now, snow into utah and wyoming and that will be heading it warm out very shortly.
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-- that will be heading to the mountains very shortly. i would say before noon. 20s, 30s and 40s over the east. partly cloudy this afternoon, snow showers mainly along the divide. we will get a couple flurries in the afternoon and evening but it's mostly just a windy day. not so bad now but after 1:00 this afternoon, right here on the planes we will have 25 to 35 mile-per-hour gusts and it's already going up to 50+ in the foothills. snow along and west of the divide, generally crested butte to the north. 1" to 3" of new snow. late this afternoon showers over northeastern colorado won't really do much, much less than a 10th and the nature moisture. -- than a 10th of an inch of
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a few high clouds, 61 today. near 30 tonight, the winds continue. tomorrow we have a windy start to the day, five degrees above average with the decreasing wind in the afternoon but it comes back on wednesday and keeps temperatures pretty buoyant, hovering around 60 for the latter part of this week in the area. this is the intersection of quincy and buckley, a gas leak they started to repair. they are about an hour behind so quincy is shut down in both directions. buckley remains open. take hampton as an alternate for quincy. for the south, smoky hill is a good way to get around it. ongoing building volume on southbound i-25. today 112 236 -- to 36 and
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sluggish around lincoln. we are rock solid here, washington north huron good alternates to avoid those types of delays and as we look out across the city, we checked out the crash on the side streets at stable, but knows -- so far no major delays. >> thank you, emilio. new york senator chuck schumer wants to do something about -- requiring the airlines to follow a seat size guideline. he's going to attach that to a bill for faa funding. he says leg room used to be 35", but now it's down to an average of 31". they are getting narrower in the hips also. shrinking about 2". there's a new website that -- lists disability friendly and accessible rental properties around the world as
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like whether or not the bedrooms and bathrooms have access. it's got listings in more than 30 countries including 60 properties in the us and canada. it's a really good idea. a thief could not keep in a girl scout troop down thanks to some local police. and several members of the
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welcome back. the man in virginia accused of fatally shooting two people including a police officer will be in court today. the ta says he could face the death penalty. sergeant ronald hamilton reportedly opened fire on prince william county police as they approached a home on saturday. they were responding to a domestic disturbance. an officer was fatally shot. it was her first day on the job as an officer. hamiltons wife was also killed, and 11-year-old child was also in the house but not injured. five ku klux klan members arrested after a vicious brawl in california, out of jail this morning because police say evidence showed they acted in self-defense. seven people are still in police custody seen beating, stomping and attacking them with wooden posts.
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klan members arrived saturday for a planned anti-immigration rally and while some of them were let go, some of them stabbed three protesters and they are still in custody. the police department and community band together to help a group of girl scouts after they were targeted by a thief. the young man stole the girls earnings while they were selling cookies last night. when word about it spread, officers made donations and purchases in an effort to help the troops get back on track. >> who does that? that's awful. 16 grammys, four emmys, and academy award -- that's a brilliant career. the worlds most brilliant violinist visits the rocky mountains but first let's check weather and traffic. picking up close to 30 miles
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per hour on the west side of town, it's going to be between 30 and 50 miles per hour. you can see the winds move down slow. we will have them here this afternoon starting lunch time or a little after, pushing into the low 60s today. down through eastern colorado through the afternoon and evening, not only will we get strong winds, relative humidity will die and that means -- relative humidity will dive and there's a red flag warning of extreme fire danger until 6:00 this evening. already talking about fire danger. >> that doesn't seem right. we're getting reports of a possible accident, i-25 in alameda. right now sky 9 over broadway. this could be a major impact to the central corridor drive.
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live up to sky nine where a truck is dangling off of i 25 southbound at alameda. the barricades -- on the shoulder are what is keeping this truck from going right into the river. we are not sure if the driver is still inside the vehicle. from the looks of people walking around on scene it looks like the person is most likely out of the car. for right now this is going to be a major impact to the highway drive. i 25 southbound, lanes blocked on the right hand shoulder.
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it looks like that tree had a lot to do with the fact that that truck did not go right into the water. front tires off this event. looks like -- off of this segment. looks like at least a 10 foot drop. thank goodness that tree was there. >> it's defying the laws of physics or something. all right, thanks a lot. he got his start on the ed sullivan show when he was 13 years old and for many decades since, esop perlman has been known as the best violinist in the world and he brought his talent to denver. he makes it look so easy. 16 grammys, four and it -- emmys and academy award for his work on schindler's list. he played in front of a crowded picture hall and had a conversation about what sets a musician apart.
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look on the purses space, whether they feel something inside or whether somebody is just exceeding -- extremely accomplished. i don't know if you can teach that. >> you met your wife when you are 17 years old. you've known each other more than 50 years. >> she came backstage and she said will you marry me. >> that was her opening line. [laughter] >> it was. >> pretty bold for a 17-year- old. they have five children, 11 grandchildren. jewish colorado brought into town. he's received medals from three different presidents, reagan, obama most recently for his work to advocate with -- for people with disabilities. he had to walk with crutches -- or a scooter. she heard them
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this is 9news. we now go live up to sky 9, flying over i-25 and alameda where a truck is now dangling off of the i-25 side guardrail there along the freeway. southbound, definitely impacted by this truck which is now
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tires are off of another embankment there. from the sky 9 view, we haven't seen anyone taken out of the truck but the way the emergency responders have been walking to and from the car, it doesn't look like anyone is still inside. we certainly hope they were able to get outside -- out okay. this is going to affect potentially tens of thousands of drivers making their way between downtown denver and the dtc. again i-25 and alameda. let's talk alternate routes as we go on up to the net. delays already building quickly along i-25 in from colfax. my suggestion would be to use beer, link up with university to avoid the situation completely. further to the west, colfax rush federal sheridan -- colfax or federal southbound. this one will impact the drive greatly. we just tweeted pictures so warn your friends if they will be affected by this commute. >> he's lucky to be hanging off
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good morning, everybody, happy leap day. the weekend has come to an end but the beautiful weather does not. marty, a pretty day but whether ships in the future. >> that's right. we see snow in the mountains, partly cloudy conditions. the court's predawn sky. -- gorgeous predawn sky. we will see these really close in on the mountains and foothills with showers. models indicating that those will be gobbled up by the down sloping wins. a few light showers in the foothills bit on the i-25 quarter it's just too windy out of the north and west. no measurable moisture out here. we keep the high in the four cast, converting a 10th of an inch of moisture into 1" to 3" of snow. once we get into the afternoon
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25 and 35 miles per hour . it's a down sloping wins it tends to evaporate moisture and that's going to be the case through the afternoon and evening. current gusts between 20 and 50 miles per hour, down the hill through the day, pushing this up into the lower -- pushing us up into the lower 60s. end of february running out of here on a really warm note. out like a lamb. we will meet the lion soon enough. [laughter] it's 634. a family was inside this suv when it rolled over in jefferson county last night. it crashed into a tree before resting on its side near bowles avenue and pierce street. a family member told 9news seven children were inside, the youngest about three years old. -- three months old. everybody is expected to be okay.
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one woman won't be safe until her estranged husband is caught. officers are looking for him this weekend. they say he met his wife at delivery no. she got into his car and police and drove off. someone in the parking lot heard her cries for help and called 911. he took her to his mothers house where he forced both women into a bedroom. the women are okay but they are worried for their safety until they find him. a man due in court today, 48-year-old sean crumpler is set to be arraigned on sex trafficking charges. at least one underage victim told police he was forced to have sex with him if he quote wanted a place to stay. crumpler is also hiv-positive and crew -- they say he didn't tell his victim. a man charged in the death of his seven week old son faces
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matthew berry is charged with child abuse resulting in death. his son died in march of last year. the arrest affidavit alleges that he called 911 saying his son was unresponsive. the baby was taken to the hospital where he later died. a trial begins today for clarence eugene howard accused of a series of break-ins and wrapping three women in 2014. he's charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree kidnapping, third-degree assault and attempted sexual assault. drivers and us 36 will get to check out the new toll lanes before having to pay. the second phase of construction is almost done, and it's big news for all of you bicyclists in boulder. colleen ferreira is live along us 36. it's officially done and ready
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>> yes tomorrow is the big day where you can use the bikeway from denver to boulder uninterrupted. i think the goal was always to make 36 multimodal, with drivers, people that want to ride the bus all of them sharing the quarter, and that six -- sharing the corridor and that's exactly what's happening. we got new video of this yesterday, giving you an idea of what it looks like. it's a nice ride. the entire 18 mile bike ride is done and officially opened tomorrow, march 1. you can write from denver to boulder safely. many of you have used the first phase already. 6 inch thick concrete, 12 feet wide. pretty good commute. they wanted people to have more choices to read this quarter and you can do that now with the bikeway, rtd or driving. they are testing the second
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which includes the toll lanes. when can we begin -- when can we expect tolling to begin? >> by the end of this month. i also want to talk about the first phase because preliminary analysis shows that it's been pretty effective with the tolls in place with that first phase. we've been gathering data and we will continue to do so for over a year but the preliminary examples show us we're getting more consistent speeds overall and people are driving 10 miles per hour faster drink period times, which is great news. >> awesome. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. after four years of construction, a lot of people excited not to see any more calm zones -- cole miller zones out here. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be in massachusetts
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and 11 states in total holding democratic caucuses for primaries tomorrow. colorado's gop will hold a caucus tuesday, but they will not declare a statewide winner. the same goes for wyoming which has been holding caucuses for super tuesday. bernie sanders hasn't quite been quality -- been calling colorado a must win state but he said it's a major stop here ahead of the carcass. thousands packed into the moby arena to show their support of that csu. they've reportedly outspent rival hillary clinton in colorado. he knows colorado is important but again he says it's not a must win. >> nothing is a must win. we've got dozens of states, but colorado is very important to us. >> in our one-on-one interview with sanders he said that he's
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decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. hillary clinton worked the crowds in tennessee over the weekend, hoping to build momentum going into tuesday. according to a recent wall street journal poll, clinton leads sanders by nearly a two to one margin in georgia and texas. the same poll shows donald trump leading in tennessee. senator ted cruz is ahead in his home state of texas. most of the polls were done before last week's gop debate. they re-interviewed about 30% and most of them thought rubio won the debate. are you one of those guys who can never find a place to plug in your cell phone and tablet to charge back up? that's about to change. denver international spending nearly $5 million to install new plug-in stations throughout all concourses. that works out to some 3500
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each of these has a couple of outlets and two usb outlets. by me there will be almost 14,000 new places to charge up while you wait for your flight. the country pushing forward with plans to pump an additional 1 million barrels of oil per day into an already oversupplied global market. prices nosedived about 20% -- 70% since 2014. iran's return to the comp -- to the marketplace is further complicating the future. the drive right now in most areas -- dry in most areas but ahead of a weak front that will go through the state and create snow over the area. by this afternoon, snow over the mountains, a light rain/snow mix. really minimal
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northwest facing slopes . perhaps a few showers toward the nebraska panhandle, for us all about wind today. they will continue to increase. they will be very gusty this afternoon, from 25 to 35 miles per hour and if you're wondering, i think march comes in like a lamb. forecasting a low of 30, forecasted 55 with no snow for the beginning of the month. >> where did you find a lamb? [laughter] >> he is a softy. >> 6:42. oscars not short of memorable
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>> you realize, if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't
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from embarrassing tweets to long-awaited winds, the oscars had no shortage of moment and many of you -- moments, and many of you are still talking about them. tarhonda thomas, let's talk about this terrible tweet. >> it's horrible. who does this look like to you? >> clearly it's whoopi goldberg, but they thought it was oprah. they say we love opus shoulder tattoo.
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we love obama -- oprah's shoulder tattoo. surfaces like are you kidding me? we don't all look alike. it was pretty hilarious to see that play out but some people say, this is further proof of hollywood's diversity problem, which was at center stage last night. for the second year in a row no black actors are nominated for an oscar. host chris rock said if the hosts had to be nominated he wouldn't have gotten his job either. there were plenty of those jokes throughout the night. even the academy's president talked about the problems. another issue that got attention, sexual assault. lady gaga brought celebrities to tears, performing a song, till it happens to you, with sexual assault survivors joining her on stage.
6:47 am
introduced the song. the website crashed last night. but the orchestra got no love for playing off several acceptance speeches that had them. one person that did not get drowned out, leonardo dicaprio went on as long as he wanted. i guess that's what happens when you lose four times and finally win, even getting a hug from his costar kate winslet. this is one of people's favorite oscar moments. you can share yours using the hashtag be on 9. we will go up and take a look at the earlier footage where rock has gone over the embankment there. southbound 25 in alameda and has been saved from going right into the water. by rear tires and really the front wheels that are dangling
6:48 am
incredible that the driver was able to remove themselves from the chart. no injuries involved, but i 25 is a mess. southbound federal -- southbound spear over colorado or i-70 two 225 to avoid this situation -- to 225 to avoid the situation entirely. snow coming in today, light showers over the extreme northeastern plains going through the day. we start bringing snow in the mountains. by this morning, we will see that go with rain and snow in the valleys. and then this afternoon, winds and showers k-cup over northeastern colorado and into western nebraska by earlier this evening. the next three days, mid-50s to start off and then back to the 60s. we get a break from the wind tomorrow morning but it will come roaring back again on wednesday. >> thank you marty. there's a new website
6:49 am
disabled travels -- travelers. it lists disability-friendly accessible locations around the world as well as information such as whether or not the bathrooms have handicap access. happiest place on earth now comes with seasonal pricing attached. disney world and disneyland will charge different ticket prices depending on when you visit. it will be divided into value, regular and peak periods. the new pricing plan will apply to one day tickets, so a one day ticket at value pricing is $105 and if you are traveling on a peak day, they shoot up to $124. this includes thanksgiving and christmas. it's leap day and whether you are you lift a baby or not
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on food, shopping or traveling. if it's your birthday, you get a free one topping personal pan with your carry out. hard rock will give you a very special menu item and krispy kreme shops are drawn -- offering by one dozen and get a dozen original glazed at $2.29. there you go. we need some donuts. [laughter] this leap day brings some huge deals. matt granite shows the the trans-that are cutting costs. >> i am so pumped to be with you . for those of you watching right now, what retailers like to do is, not only have people like me on tv talking about these but they take some tongue- in-cheek ways to lower prices
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details -- deals on time, items that tell time. the savings are not 29% or two or three dollars. they are nine -- 90 person off. they have a staggering sale. they are offering 90% off msrp. i would say these are probably worth $150. they are under 40 with free shipping and returns, so if you don't like it you can send it back for free. for guys, some of the top-rated watch is coming in around $29 with tax in honor of february 29. keep in mind, the prices will change throughout the day but they are all listed on but as the sales they will deplete some of the watches.
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the other big deals you just heard mentioned, we've got donuts, free pizza and watches at 90% off. >> not a bad deal. you weren't born yesterday either. [laughter] >> thank you matt, i love 90% off anything. lindsey vonn did not let a fracture in her knee keep her off the scope -- off the slopes this weekend. with braces on both knees, she took part in the alpine combined event and placed 13th. it was enough to protect her world cup lead. she slid off the course during the super gee, injuring her left knee. she said she got caught in the left -- in the soft snow. the mri revealed a substrate -- a substantial fracture. >> i get the paint -- i guess the pga dress code just isn't
6:53 am
he went pants less in florida. he didn't want to get his pants wet so he took them off. there you go. he put his pants back on after that. >> i don't think guys -- are doing that very often. >> [laughter] after another nice weekend, and they start to the week but
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wind is going to be the big issue around here today and we will have rain and snow in the that's already beginning to show up in western colorado. in the next couple of hours it really starts ramping up in the mountains. and 40s and relatively mild conditions. many mountains -- mountain valleys could get rain or snow that model brings you showers around here but i think maybe have such strong down sloping wins today, it's going to gobble that moisture up before it does anything at all. we -- have wins in 25 -- tooth -- to 30 miles per hour. snow in the mountains, 1" to 3" , this evening right around sunset we get showers over
6:57 am
generally less than the 10th of an inch. might get lightning and thunder with that as well. 30s and 40s in the mountains, generally in the 50s in the central and western valleys. a foot -- pew foothills -- hard to get moisture out of a situation like this. a windy morning tomorrow, and then the wind is back in a big way. we will be hovering anywhere from five supposed to 12 degrees above average for the rest of this week. not a bad way to start the month . >> let's go to the video from sky nine. probably a little bit of luck kept the truck from going off of i 25 southbound right into the river. the truck is currently hanging, its back wheels hooked onto the cement barrier. as we take a live look at the
6:58 am
cdot camera, we see the back wheels hooked onto the concrete. a tow truck just arrived on scene but to be totally honest, i am not quite sure how they are going to do this with rush- hour going on at the same time so let's talk alternate routes. some delays could add up to 30 minutes or well over an hour to get between downtown and the dtc. southbound federal, spear, colorado or i-70 two 225. -- to 225. thanks 1 million. it's 658 -- 6:58 right now. a family was inside when this last night. it crashed into a tree before resting on its side near bowles avenue and pierce street. family members told noel brennan that seven kids were in there.
6:59 am
months old. six people were taken to the hospital and the children's uncle tells us everybody is expected to be okay. a man accused of hitting a man and taking off arrested. the crash killed a man in england in june. he admitted to the crash and drinking alcohol according to police. richard moniz accused of kidnapping his estranged wife from a king soopers parking lot on saturday. police say he took her to his mothers house where he forced both men and women into a bedroom. they said they fear for their safety. marty has a final look at the forecast and sunshine had. quite a bit of sun today and a lot of wind that will last through tomorrow morning. you have to ask yourself, how long does this last? it looks like at least until the middle of next week, so march starting off warm and dry.
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just because the kids baby teeth eventually fall out doesn't mean you shouldn't take good care of them. coming up, we talk about common misconceptions in kids and dental health. we hope you join us on channel 20. if you are staying with the today show, have a great day. good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host cis rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie


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