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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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stood behind her, that is making a difference. >> culture change can happen so much more quickly when it's being talked about by someone like lady gaga and that gets the attention of so many more people and people who will take her words in, but the goal of this that is if community members, you and i, everyone starts by believing that victims are treated differently. they get more support. this they're more likely to report and perpetrators of this crime are less likely to be able to repeat it and repeat it. >> here locally the denver police department with its partners the blue bench, a nonprofit who provides support to sexual assault victims, have been leading a campaign called start by leading. it's too early to tell what
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brought about, but the blue bench folks say it's already increased the number of people calling in say help me support my friend who has been victimized. so the blue bench has a number of resources we want to make sure people know about, not only the support for sexual assault victims, but also support for folks who want to be that someone to lean on for a person who survived an attack >> yeah. it was a powerful statement just to see them on that stage last night, but it is like now what? where do you go? i'm glad you pointed those things out for us, anastasia. thank you. well, too much sunshine, not enough moisture, several areas in southern colorado are under a red flag warning today. belen deleon in the weather center. do you think we'll see relief this week? >> there are some small showers on the front range it's about i in chance for precipitation --
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precipitation for us is minimal. there's a better amount of snow for the northern great plains, but in colorado that storm is associated with a bit of cooler air, so you'll also notice those winds have picked up as well, snow falling now along the front range mountains and in the high country a bit of that rain trying to make its way onto the foothills and rain right now in northeastern colorado and the northeast plains as well. the snow has now spread into places along i-70, wet roads in winter park and the snow is starting to accumulate while in the metro area we're dealing with some strong winds, not strong enough to prompt any advisories, but you see the flags just moving around, gusts in the city up to 30 miles per hour and as that frontal system is pushing through, gusts into northeast colorado 30 and 40 miles per hour. down south that red flag warning in effect just a little bit longer, but humidity is so low down there, about 10% where the gusts are up to about 40 miles per hour. it's been a very mild day,
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and it looks like for that afternoon commute we will have mainly dry roads here in the metro area but still a chance for showers on the plains. will march come in like a lion or lamb? i'll have that forecast coming up in just a few. thanks, belen. guardrail. i've had a male party calling in saying that he thinks his back is broken. ems and fire are on it. >> we still don't know yet how this actually happened, what went down. this was along southbound i-25 near alameda this morning. a crash left a truck perched on the edge of the roadway right there. denver fire says the driver got out on their own and was actually waiting for emergency cruels when they arrived. that person was -- crews when they arrived. that person was complaining of back pain, so they were taken to the hospital. the truck was towed off the ledge just before 9 a.m. a family is recovering after a rollover in littleton
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seven kid were inside the vehicle. the youngest is about 3 months old. six people were taken to the hospital. colorado state patrol said two of the kids are in serious condition. governor john hickenlooper did get a legal go ahead for part of his budget. his plan would eliminate state tax refunds, but economists expect to make a couple of years from now because of the spending cams in the taxpayers bill of rights. the plan is to remove a fee paid by hospitals from the tabor cap which would give the state more to spend. today the state's republican attorney general said the plan is legal and the governor said it won't keep voters from getting what they wanted out of tabor. >> we are one of the few states i think where we can point coming out of that recession we have restrained our growth in our state spending. >> it doesn't say whether we should do it. it will come down to the opinions of the people in this
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>> republican leaders say they want the legislators lawyers to review the attorney general's opinion. they argue the a.g. wasn't asked whether the state would have to lower the spending cap under the governor's plan, something that would keep the plan from working. the governor is hoping this would free up money to build up highways and add funding to education. today navy seal edward byers received the medal of honor for his role in rescuing an american civilian held hostage by taliban insurgents in afghanistan. the rescue man now lives in colorado. president obama awarded senior chief special warfare operator byers the highest medal for valor in combat. only five other seals received the honor. senior chief byers is also the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the award in four decades. the rescue was undertaken by members of the failed seal team 6 in eastern afghanistan. it was for an american american
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byers was the second to enter the building. the first to enter was shot and killed. dilip said, "i'm extremely happy to hear that chief byers is receiving this honor. he and his team are examples of courage, bravery and heroism. i am so grateful for their dedication in rescuing me as well as bringing security to the afghan people and for those who desire to see peace and prosperity in this region. on behalf of my family and i, congratulations on this momentous achievement to senior chief byers and the whole team." four students are hurt after a shooting at an ohio high school today. a 14-year-old student opened fire in the cafeteria. two kids were shot and two were hurt trying to exit. all the students hurt are expected to be okay. police say the shooter ran from the building and dropped the weapon and was taken into custody near the school grounds. tomorrow will be a make or break day in the presidential race. 12 states will provide a much clearer picture of the nominee
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on the gop side donald trump is leading in every super tuesday state except texas. so that's where his opponents have been spending a lot of time and money. texas is ted cruz's homestate. he has been slamming donald trump for not not deannouncing the kkk. analysts are saying super tuesday is looking good for hillary clinton. she had a big win in south carolina over the weekend and polls show her leading nearly 2- 1 in several key states. with that, though, she has started to focus more on the republicans instead of her opponent, bernie sanders. he held a very large really him at csu in fort collin last night. coloradoians will soon have new driver's licenses and other forms of identification. the dmv will begin rolling out
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program. the ids have black and white photos to accentuate facial features and they are made of a stiffer card stock. the dmv says there's no need to get a new id card. any form of identification is good until its expiration date. today is leap day, the 29th of february, the extra day added onto this month every four years. it makes up for the fact it takes earth 365 days and 1/4 of a day to orbit the sun. so every fourth year the year or bits the sun after 36 -- orbits the sun after 366 days. time is an important part of the job which is time where the boulder. time keepers there have some day. >> you're given an extra day, so spend it wise by.
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do. spend it by doing something nice for someone or spend it doing something that you've always wanted to do. >> yeah. >> atomic clock time has been in use since 1967 and basically set the standard definition for how belong a second is and that exact length of a second is used in technology throughout koebrich. don't get us going, one more day with you, wednesday. >> yes. wednesday is the last day. a new smelly flower just bloomed at the denver botanic gardens. it's not nearly as smelly as the last year's corpse hour that had the garden extend its hours because so many people wanted to show up and check it out. >> the voodoo lilly bloomed yesterday. it's only sticking around as far as stinking two more days. this flower is a relative to the corpse flower like a cousin
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it will get up to 5 feet tall. one of the horticulturists say it's an uncommon plant. people can still grow it in their homes and it's used in some areas as something more than just a house plant. >> they are grown in area for their edible chewers and in japan they usually use it to create noodles and it's also a commercial source of manos, a substance used for diabetic foods. >> wow. >> the voodoo lilly. >> that's versatile. >> it can be seen at the denver botanic gardens outside of marney's pavilion. so the horticulturists there believe it will only bloom until wednesday at the latest. >> man, it's spectacular. >> get a move on if you want to see it. it's gorgeous. >> it looks a lot like the corpse flower, doesn't smell as bad, but it's full of voodoo apparently. the type of buyer in the housing market is starting to change just a bit. >> yes.
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>> and the dalai lama is coming back to colorado after one canceled trip.
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force apple to provide the fbi with access to lost iphone data in a routine drug case in brooklyn. this case comes after a california judge's order to have apple create software to bernardino. dangerous power. federal authorities argue this would not set a precedent. the dow fell 123 points today for the month managing a gain of 0.3%. the s&p fell 0.4% and the nasdaq fell 1.2%. first time homebuyers getting into the market at a higher rate than we've seen in a while, partly because of rock bottom mortgage rates and an improving employment picture. a new report from scotttrade finding obtaining a mortgage is the no. 1 priority for millennials.
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from 2014 when millennial homeownership dipped to a 36% all time low compared with about 65% for all ages according to u.s. census data. the website trulia finds it's 23% cheaper to buy than rent a home, but that can be challenging in a place like denver where we have some of the highest rents in the country and some of the highest home prices as well. these numbers are primarily figured with a 20% downpayment on any property. drivers who use highway 36 are getting their first chance to try out the second phase of toll lanes. the new lane runs from table mesa in boulder. right now cdot will charge from now to the end of march. the bike lanes to boulder is set to open tomorrow completing the connection between denver and boulder, been a while coming. the dalai lama is planning another trip to cu boulder.
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october due to health problems. today the school announced he is coming back june 23rd. now a schedule of the day's events are still being sorted out. tickets are not available just yet for sale. cu promises more information to be announced later this month. >> it will be huge. >> a lot of people were really disappointed last time and concerned hoping there would be a chance to reschedule. well, bad news for people who rely on a lot of prescription medications, than one. >> there are new warnings going on about a popular brand of
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important information for women using birth control, federal health regulators say they plan to add new warnings to essure, a contraceptive implant that's been subject to women. the food and drug also require the manufacturer bayer to study the risks of the
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groups of women. essure has been sold more than a decade and is frequently pitched as the only sure option for permanent birth control. more than 57,000 women have received the device since 2002. the average one year cost for a supply of certain prescription drugs doubled in seven years to $11,000, about 3/4 of the average annual social security benefit. aarp says it shows prescription price hikes are especially challenging for those taking several drugs or people who need drugs long term. it's estimated more than 5 million americans are living with alzheimer's disease. researchers say we can keep our brains fit like we try to keep our bodies fit and that can actually help ward off dementia. here is gregg moss with the bottom line on keeping your brain healthy >> reporter: you work out at the gym to keep your entire
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how can you keep your brain fit? build a cognitive reserve say the experts. research shows people who read newspapers, play puzzles or listen daily to the radio are some 47% less likely to develop alzheimer's disease. >> what's going on in the brain may be similar between one person and another, but somebody who has more cognitive reserve is able to hold onto more of their memory and their ability to function cognitively. >> reporter: and do physical things says bottom line health editor bob barnett. >> take a new class. learn a language if you have the time. learn a new instrument. try something different. >> reporter: play brain training games, from old favorite like scrabble to online mental workouts and change it up. take a different route to work. get out of your rut. listen to music, the so-called mozart effect. [ music ] >> there really is a beneficial effect of listening to
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>> reporter: and try beating the clock. time yourself folding laundry, for instance, which forces you to focus and work quickly. bottom line, when it comes to brain fitness, use it or lose it. i'm greg moss. >> for more information on brain fitness and exercises you can do, head over to we are expecting an above average start to march tomorrow. what does that mean? >> we just like above average on anything, right? >> yes. snobby-is back with the extended forecast -- belen is
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we're celebrating this leap day with a lot of sunshine. and it sounds like the beginning of march won't be bad either. meteorologist we are celebrating this leap day with a lot of shine and it sounds like the beginning of march -- sunshine and it sound like the beginning of march is not going to be too bad either. >> belen will ease us into a new month, right? and it's nice, very pleasant.
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march will come in like a lamb as far as those temperatures go. the chance for any kind of rain or snow is staying really small forecast. what we have going on right now is we do have a weak storm moving through the state. it's bringing snow to the high country really kicking up the winds here on the front range and our temperatures today once again were above normal. it wasn't just you. i mean we're wrapping up february and it was a warmer than normal february. our overall temperatures were 37.6 degrees when our average monthly temperature is around 32.5. that's a difference of about 5 degrees. the high today got to 63 degrees here in the metro area and into northeast colorado more low to mid-60s,-70 degrees out in wray and pueblo got to 71, that's the area still under a red flag warning until 6:00 this afternoon in the high country. we had 30s and 50s.
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at dia are at 56 degrees. those winds are gusty as we have a frontal system pushing through along with this weak system, winds out there about 32 miles per hour. here in the backyard our temperatures right now are at 60 degrees. so this is still about 10 degrees above our normal high for this time of year. temperatures in northern colorado in the 50s, same goes out for the eastern plains, 64 in burlington and 30s and 40s in the high country, 60s to the western slope. here is a look at the current wind gusts. notice how they're much stronger just to the east of the metro area out at dia and even for our friends in northeast colorado where gusts right now in sterling are around 47 miles per hour, mostly coming in from the northwest with this frontal system that's pushing to the south. in the high country we got wet roads in winter park for the front range mountains. here is steamboat springs. there you see the bigger part of this storm is just to the north of us out towards the great plains and we're kind of
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that snow still falling closer to the front range mountains and some very light rain falling out towards the northeastern part of the state. so through the rest of your monday watch how that snow just kind of fizzles out in the high country through 8:30 this afternoon, some very light showers out toward the eastern plains. that cooler air starts to make its way further to the south and then overnight we have clearing and that just sets us up for a very sunny start for tuesday. so there you have it. the winds closer to the foothills could gust up to 50 miles per hour as we approach this evening and then we'll start to see some improvement tomorrow afternoon as far as those wins go, but winds increase -- winds go, but winds increasing tonight and continuing windy through tomorrow morning. the overnight low will be around 30 degrees. that planning forecast shows cooler air because today we got highs in the low 60s. tomorrow we'll have a high of 55 degrees, wednesday 62, thursday 59, friday 60. 60s take us into saturday. so this very dry weather
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weekend, but into next week we start to see a shift in that weather pattern, a chance for snow in the high country, a better amount of snowfall and a possibility for some cooler temperatures here on the front range as well as another chance for some moisture on tuesday and i did check. we're about 20 days away from the official start of spring, but if i didn't have a calendar, i'd think we are already in spring, guys, because those temperatures are just so nice right now. >> absolutely. you will not believe, you have to roll through the studio on your way in here because i was going to say the spangler boys. >> we have some familiar faces, but we don't want to say. you have to see it. you'll love it. >> security almost didn't let them in. that's how much they changed since you saw them last. thanks, belen. all this week we are rediscovering colorado's national parks looking for new adventures, things that maybe you haven't pursued before. 9news anchor kyle clark, photojournalist chris hansen are our tour guides.
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of the gunnison national park, the least visited of the four. at black canyon you can have a natural wonder all to yourself. >> i mean you can see pictures of the canyon and say that's really a beautiful canyon, but when you walk to the edge, you aren't prepared. >> reporter: when that view makes the back of your hair stand up, just know each hair is one year's worth of work for the mighty river below. >> it was formed in about 2 million years. >> reporter: time will tell. >> that's a human hair a year. >> reporter: and this is a long story. >> unbelievable. i've never seen a canyon like this. >> reporter: a hair's width of erosion each year, a hair deeper, a hair darker. that's how black canyon was born. >> kind of hard to believe. it's a really small river down there, you know. >> reporter: this is the tamed gunnison, dammed and diverted
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even still -- >> going through the canyon would have been impossible. >> reporter: rangers will warn. >> rafting is impossible. most of the waters are unnavigable. we've got a few kayakers a year that give it a go when the waters are right, but the current and undertow is really amazing. >> reporter: this is as close as most ever get to the depths of black canyon. >> people for thousands of years have been analyzing years here. there's no evidence of all of humans at the bottom of the canyon before 1900. people were here before then for sure, but they were at the thinking no way. >> reporter: no way for most. we asked which way? >> it's not a maintained trail. markers. some folks might not know what they're getting into right away goes. >> reporter: a busy summer day at black canyon is about 2,000 visitors at the rim.
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permit to take this trail down to the river bottom. >> it's hard to get to, but it's worth it for a reason, gorgeous and there's not 10 billion people trying to get the same shot as you or trying to get the same spot in the is made or same spot in the river. >> yeah -- in the shade or same spot in the river. >> yeah. the rangers said we were the only ones down here, the first down in the day. seems like they do a pretty good job scaring people away at the rangers station. >> reporter: they do. it's a slippery and grueling descent to get in and out, but in between is as close to paradise as you will find in a national park. >> empty, remote and a lot of solitude here. >> this is i think my favorite spot in colorado. >> it's almost like being at the bottom of the grand canyon but with far less people. >> you really do have it all to yourself. >> reporter: at black canyon
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ed with far less of a tax on the legs -- can be purchased with far less of a tax on the legs. back up on the rim relatively few visitors means you don't have to go into the wilderness to be alone in the wild. >> it's a rare opportunity in a national park, to come to a spectacular national park and have a lot of quiet. >> reporter: it's quieter still when the snow falls. >> wow. black canyon in the winter, it takes it to another level. >> i'm impressed. it's a contrast between the dark rock and the white snow. it's not only for the body, also for the brain, for the head and everything. >> reporter: talking to folks at any of colorado's four national parks has a subtle way of shaming you for not visiting more often knowing how far people come to see our backyard. >> i've driven by the entrance, you know, probably 10 times and just i'm always going from a to
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>> reporter: daniel roman and becca scera made their first visit when few people do, in winter time. >> it's beautiful. >> it's stunning. i didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: there's no going into the canyon in the winter. >> i couldn't imagine a better time to be here. >> reporter: most snow? you or cross-country ski around the rim. >> it's a huge off day bonus. >> reporter: these two will camp. >> they shoveled out a site for us. one site is shoveled. the rest have 4 to 6 feet of snow in them. it will be a test for us. i've never camped out in the wintertime before, just see if we've got the right equipment and if it's any fun, the right attitude and the right amount of peppermint schnapps, yeah. >> reporter: for most time around here. >> even without power of the gunnison river it takes a long time to eat away at this rock. >> it's incredibly humbling. we could never do this. man could never do this. >> it doesn't people as cold as
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the weather report. >> yeah. incredible. we don't have that in france, no. >> there we go. >> nice job. >> decided to come out and see what it was all about, have a new experience on the weekend and it's been amazing so far. >> yeah, fire. >> this land rediscovering colorado's national parks continues all this week at 4:00 and 9:00 and saturday night at 9 p.m.
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it will reair sunday night at 9:30 on channel 20. kyle and chris are looking for your old colorado vacation photos. they'll be featured in the special, so the older the better. share them with us using the your take button on or share them anywhere on social media with a #beon9. >> the older the better, clothing, hair and tell us what year it was. it was almost time right now for you to tell us what you think we have a topic. we -- what you think. we have a topic. we want you to weigh in. we're going to talk about the oscars, why you did or did not talk. >> still a big topic today. head to
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one thing we can't deny, leonardo dicaprio's win set a record on twitter.
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more than 440,000 tweets her minute. that makes it -- per minute. that makes it the most tweeted ever and the second most buzzed about moment measured by tweets was when spotlight scored the win for best movie. >> it looked like mad max was cruising for all the awards last night. you can vote now by typing in 9news/votenow. >> we can never give you enough options, but was it chris rock as host, lady gaga performance or leo's big win as best actor? tell us what you think. >> i thought a lot of people had a lot of comments today about chris rock's performance, both good and bad reviews. lady gaga, everybody loves her. a lot of people were saying it's not the best song for her. >> that was so powerful, but i don't know, all of them.
4:41 pm
if leonardo dicaprio did not win, that would have been a stunner, sort of like the sylvester stallone thing. people were really surprised. >> leo's win looks to be at the front of the pack right now. i bet slacker and steve went for gaga. what do you think? >> i voted for leo. i'm literally voting right now. i am. >> right now. >> i thought lady gaga was amazing, but it's just that's the difference between the grammys and all the other things like they're all performances and they're great. the musical things at the oscars kind of feel out of place. >> it's like they need to set it up for something because it kind of, yeah, you're like okay, where are we going now? >> i get fatigued by all the agendas. everyone has an agenda. there was some weird stuff. did you like sam smith? did you guys like that performance?
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>> i always like sam smith. >> i just any he's a better singer than that -- think he's a better singer than that. >> he said he was terrified and really, really nervous. i couldn't have been able to walk. those women looked so fabulous. you're just thinking one trip and you're done. one little stumble up a stair. >> come on, stumble! >> yeah. that would be front page in some of those gowns. a lot of criticism -- >> how did people tweet if it was not watched so much? somebody was watching it. it's weird. music. a lot of people didn't like the music last night. the oscars are weird that way, but leo's moment, you put him over, slacker. >> thanks for participating. if you did watch, we want to show. you can vote now by typing in here's the final tally and, yes, leo is clearly the man as he was last night.
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everybody is excited. kate winslet was so happy for him and okay. >> it was fun to watch. we have been trying to avoid this, but we are in the final countdown of mark koebrich's final days of 9news. >> my last week at 9news, cannot believe it. wednesday is my next day. next a look back at thousands of segments with our friend science guy steve spangler and his wonderful family.
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we are following some breaking news that we are hearing from many of you about. you have probably seen this if you are in the area of lowry right now. firefighters in denver and aurora are fighting a brushfire near lowry that is close to east alameda avenue and dayton streets. this fire started about 4:00. we don't know any estimate of
4:47 pm
threatened at this point. photos from viewers show large plumes of smoke in that area. there are open fields, the golf course and lowry neighborhood close by. we'll stay on top of this and keep you posted on the networks of 9news. >> how appropriate that we have a fire at this moment leading into the spangler family. this is my last opportunity to be with the spangler family. believe it or not, that's jack. everybody knows steve. this is mark. this is renee who we call the glue, by the way and scotty. they're as much as our family as anybody who appears on a regular basis of 9news and today a look back at pieces of month are than 1,000 segments we have done over the years, a look at these kids growing up in our studio and their father, of course, who never has. >> push it and, gosh. >> for years steve spangler has blown up, foamed up, fired up and generally terrorized members of the 9news staff.
4:48 pm
it's back and, oh, did you see your little flame set? >> most especially me. >> put this onto the side here like this. this will make it explode, all right? i'm sorry. you don't have to do another newscast, do you? >> no. well, yes. >> i'm sorry, then. >> steve's motto has always been if one is good, five is better which led to this. >> three, two, one. look at that, people. that's five! >> and this. and, of course, this. >> oh! [ bang, boom, pop, ] >> i have ruined more clothing as a participant that i can count, mostly holes like these, mostly from little mishaps like these.
4:49 pm
down that fast before, wow. yes, people, this is supposed to happen for sure. >> i'm all right. kim occasionally got a lab coat but paid the price anyway. >> how's that? >> concentrate on it there. >> i have amazed myself participating in seemingly impossible to solve science conundrums. >> as we're going through a pool, look at those color changes. this is a real pretty one right there. >> all the while risking my life and the lives of others. >> three, two, one. slow down, slow down! it's mine. don't worry. it's mine. >> run, run! >> and i've had more fun than my job description allows. >> this is great! >> they come together. >> when i started working with steve, he employed an able assistant or two, his own children, the cutest kids on television and more significantly, the smartest.
4:50 pm
to make other kids fall in love with science. his kids have always been an example of what that looks like. >> what does a catalyst do? >> it makes the experiment go fast. >> little jack spangler was only 4 when he made his first appearance on 9news. >> jack, what do you say when you see a pretty girl? >> hubba hubba. >> today he is 17 years old driving, dating, heading to college. the twins scotty and mark were 5 here. both are now 13. i would like to thank the spangler children for saving me from their father on multiple occasions. >> i believe the can will float. >> well, the only thing we can do is try it. >> try it out. >> and there isn't much we haven't tried in our science segments with the spanglers. >> oh, gee whiz. oh, my gosh. >> we have just had the best time.
4:51 pm
she's actually been down behind the desk. here's the family, renee, by the way, the glue. steve has said many times you are a remarkable woman in the middle of all this. >> thank you. it's fun. >> do you have a favorite moment, scott? >> i was really little standing on a chair and my shoe felt off and i got really nervous on camera and you alleged over and told me it was oak. it made me feel way better. >> to this day he only wears one shoe. mark, your favorite moment? >> you asked me what i would do if i caught a leprechaun and i said i would eat them. >> you were so tiny. my favorite part was you telling me no, mr. koebrich, that's wrong. >> when you opened the 5:00 news with me sitting on the lap, i think you taught me to read on the teleprompter. >> you have made science fun for so many people. >> well, eve had fun with you guys -- i've had fun with you
4:52 pm
wardrobe. >> if i took you to a science teachers convention, you would be a rock star in the hallway. >> i'm sold on the concept. >> would you knock the eggs one more time? >> one more time. >> one more time just got to knock it in, the classic koebrich knock it in. >> i wore a coat that is already preholed. spangler boys ready? >> three, two, one. oh, my gosh. i don't know how you did it. over the years what you really have done is you've just set me up. >> i'm terrified of this one. >> i put a post on facebook, if you want to see it, go to facebook. >> this is amazing. we've never missed. i don't know how that's even possible. knock on wood. if i go down on this one, you know. >> this is going to be good. the secret is the setup. you have set me up over the years for great success.
4:53 pm
>> the last time i knocked this one. here we go. you count me down. >> they've, two, one, hit it. >> owe! >> that was the most important one in my life, man. thank you. >> thank you, steve. thank you, mark. thank you, renee. thank you, scotty. thank you, jack. look at the size of these kids. security wasn't going to let them in that's how big they are. kim, back to you. sorry, i messed it up in the end anyway.
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down--his last day is wednesday. that we're listening to the clock tick, tick, tick mark's final days at 9news. his last day is wednesday and that will be must see tv. >> going to be a good day, raining cakes. >> tune in on wednesday. >> for the last couple of weeks we've been taking little looks back at earlier programming. today another little look back, a little problem with a cake that our friend louisa kraft
4:57 pm
colorado that wasn't quite right. >> then when it cools, you're going to sprinkle a little more powdered sugar over the top to give it that wonderful icing top. >> we can't lick this. can we tell you why? there's a little secret. right before the show started there were some big chunks of butter that we put in here and one of these with the butter in it fell on the floor and broke with all the butter, but we didn't have any more butter. so we picked the butter up off the floor and then we put it in here. so we can't test there. >> and there isn't an egg in the world that will help you digest glass. put it in the oven and when it's done. [ cheering and applause ] >> it's a metaphor for my career because everything in the end turned out okay. >> if it doesn't work, just fake it, right? >> that was a riot. >> it looks great. aren't the spanglers great? hope you enjoyed that. >> watch those young men grow
4:58 pm
remarkable young men. >> little jack spangler, his favorite thing on television was always to tell me how many molecules are in this particular pickle, mr. koebrich and i'd say 800 he'd go wrong, mr. koebrich. you are wrong! there's 12 million, always some huge number. he was a great set up artist. >> you could never win that ever. that was great fun. that's going to do it for us. we're still here at 9news at 5:00. that's coming up next. next at 5:00 a song by lady gaga about empowering sexual assault victims to resonate with someone who knows from experience.
4:59 pm
drive this morning. >> and protesters interrupt a donald trump rally the day before super tuesday next on 9news. >> this is 9news. firefighters from both denver and aurora working a brushfire near denver's lowry neighborhood, these pictures are from libby needer from the area of sixth and alameda. gusty winds are complicating efforts to contain the blaze. so far there is no estimate on the size of the fire. it is certainly putting up a lot of smoke, however. drivers can expect to encounter road closures in the area. as we learn more about this fire, we will pass it along to you. culture change can happen so much more quickly when it's being talked about by someone like lady gaga and that gets the attention of so many more people and people who will take her words in. >> it was perhaps the most emotional moment of the oscars,
5:00 pm
happens to you. her oscar nominated song about sexual assault. 9news crime and justice reporter anastasiya bolton scholz us what the empowerment anthem -- shows us what the empowerment anthem could mean for the future of sexual assault education and prevention. >> i was feeling extremely unsafe. >> reporter: it takes brave people to publicly talk about surviving sexual assault on any stage, be that here in colorado or on an international stage like the oscars. tonight. >> reporter: this year the awards featured vice president joe biden, lady gaga and survivors of sexual assault, a topic advocates say many people want to avoid. >> this is an issue that has so long been kept quiet and in opening up. >> reporter: carmen carter runs the blue bench, a sexual assault. >> people listen when it's somebody that they have some respect for and they know them in a different way.


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