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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MDT

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tribal leaders say the federal government has failed to protect native american protestors. now they're calling on the united nations. the protestors have been demonstrating against the dakota access pipeline. tribal leaders say 40 native americans were injured in clashes with police on thursday. that same day, deputies
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a texas-based company is building the pipeline across 4 states. protestors argue the pipeline threatens their water and cultural sites. we are learning more about the death of jose fernandez. toxicology -- an autopsy report released today shows his blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit. the 24 year old died from blunt force two of his friends also died. both friends also had alcohol in their systems. federal safety officials are investigating -- everyone evacuated the plane yesterday. 21 people were hurt. this type of engine failure is rare. it happens when engine parts
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outside the engine. body camera footage shows how an officer rescued an elderly woman from her burning car. the 87 year old drove on a flat tire. the tire caught fire and the woman struggled to get out of the car. the officer helped her exit and even retrieved her cane before putting out the fire himself. >> oh, my gosh. >> no one was hurt despite that fire. >> you just want to pull her out >> she's an elderly person -- >> can't move that fast. thank you for that officer. it is a new app, but it's not for entertainment. instead it's for stopping the spread of zika virus. professors at texas a&m developed it. the app is free for iphones and androids. it explains how the virus spreads, where it's found and how to protect yourself from catching it. one of the most important features is a survey.
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about potential mosquito breeding grounds in your area. >> we'll map it and that data can be available to local health authorities. we've also presented this data through the health science leadership to cdc. >> the cdc knows of more than 4,000 cases of zika in the united states. more than 900 of those cases were confirmed in pregnant women. we've got smart phones, smart cars, smart home smart pills. they're taking technology to a micro level to help doctors keep better tabs on their patients. >> reporter: health tracking technology is evolving from wearable to edible. >> they have invented an ingestible sensor. this is a small medical device. >> reporter: we're talking grain of sand or poppyseed small. the device is a sensor aiming to solve a big problem.
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patients take their medicines correctly. >> reporter: with the sensor embedded in a pill, physicians can track their patient's intake. it is fda approved. it is activated by the acid in your stomach. it is tracking your heart rate and rest -- >> reporter: a blue tooth connon >> the patient can elect to share the data with the physician. >> reporter: select medical centers are using the medication. but expansion is on the horizon. >> i can imagine a day when there would be no indication for a -- what i call a dumb drug. >> reporter: powering technology in the pit of your
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hand. >> now, the company that developed the sensor is testing it on pediatric patients on the a hospital in dallas. it involves young patients recovering from organ transplants. uber is fighting a case in the uk after a british tribunal ruled the drivers should get paid vacation days and be paid minimum wage. uber plans to appeal. increase operating costs for the ride-sharing program. >> the wider implications are really important. so many of these companies run on this basis where they label the people who work for them as self-employed where the reality of the situation is they're not self-employed at all, but they work for the business. >> in the u.s., a federal appeals courts for the most part, uber drivers have to
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company individually and not through a class action lawsuit. so many moms of preemie babies have the same hope that they will grow bigger. when one was born, he was barely the size of a smart phone. after more than 100 days in the hospital, he finally got to go home. >> reporter: mom [ indiscernible ] moore hardly ever hushes her baby. in fact, she little amari make noise. his small tiny cries are far better than the monitor beeps that kept him alive in the nicu. amari was in neonatal intensive care for 120 days. a lifetime for any mom forced
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the glass. let's than a pound at birth in february, amari was the size of a smart phone. >> i was like he's breathing -- he was so small. >> reporter: he was born at 24 weeks, just 15 ounces. his chances making it through the first 24 hours were slim. >> the first i see him, i said you're going to make it because god wouldn't do that to me. >> doubted. >> they never said he would be okay. they were like we have to prepare you for the worst. they had to take him in order to save me. >> reporter: news no mom ever wants to hear. now they're both doing great and amari is home. >> i didn't think a 15-ounce baby had hope.
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could make it. >> reporter: at 3 months, he has lived through 4 hernia surgeries and two bouts of pneumonia. >> and the skies turn gray, my dad keep me safe till the storm goes away. >> he's so cute. that was tracy mccain reporting. little amari is what's known as a micropreemie. thanks to modern medicine, there are hundreds of lives. this is your chance to be a hero. you can save someone's life by sitting in a chair. it's the 19th annual drive for life at mile high. we would like you to meet a blood donor. >> now i have a child, an 8 year old and just realize how precious life is.
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synthesize, so they need to get it from somewhere. and there's always a shortage. there's always a need for it. for me, why i'm at 50 is i'm at 50 because i didn't stop. >> now, chris just donated his 50th gallon of blood. he's also received blood after surviving a sky diving crash in 2001. you can donate at life. it's tuesday from 8:00 to 5:00 at mile high stadium. you'll also get to meet broncos players. >> chris, thank you so much for donating blood. 50 times. >> i can't imagine. that's a lot of blood. >> he's helped so many people. danielle grant is ahead. she's looking at halloween night to see if there are more tricks or treats in the
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just a few more nights left to check out the haunted houses across the metro. so much fun. i love these things.
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get into 13th floor. if this isn't your thing, some people pay for a good scare. it can come down to genetics. some people enjoy it because of the adrenaline rush we're getting triggered by our natural fight or flight response to scares. and it realizes almost immediately haunted houses don't pose a real threat. >> real life is scary enough. i don't need haunted houses pack plenty of thrills and surprises. maybe that's why a guy in phoenix thought it would be a good place to pop that one question to his qualify. as reporter william pits shows us, it didn't go as planned. >> reporter: see those two? the two hugging in love waiting to be scared half to death? they're about to get engaged. she didn't know it yet. and they're at a haunted house. a proposal in a haunted house,
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romantic than that. >> i'm nervous. >> reporter: what are you nervous about? >> i'm nervous because i'm scared. >> not getting scared. i'm in control. >> reporter: so good choice with the haunted house. tears, off to a good start. the plan is to propose on stage. the plan failed. briana fell off the stage. >> look at me. look at me. >> reporter: for a minute there, we were all thinking the same thing you're thinking. this isn't going to happen. but he's a fighter. >> will you marry me? >> yes, yes. you jerk. you're mean. >> i know. >> very surprised.
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stage. >> that was the thing that calmed her down for the most part. >> reporter: calmed down enough that they still finished the haunted house. >> it was definitely unique. >> she was -- she said yes even after that fall. that was william reporting. the bride to be was not hurt in that fall even though it looked terrible. if she says yes, her fiance wants a >> it looked like she said yes. she sounded like she was saying something that should have been [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> she was balling too. >> in the end, she was happy. we all gasped when he went down. >> we were all thinking this is not going to happen. >> they're going to have a great marriage. if it starts off with an engagement like that --
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haunted house. >> i would break up with him on the spot. >> i'm going to one on my break. you know what, tonight and even on monday for all of the trick or treaters and mom and dad, it's going to be fantastic. a lot of folks think we usually get snowfall on halloween. out of the national weather service, 88% of our halloweens in denver, no snowfall. >> really? >> obviously we might have to have a sweater on. but no snowfall. so i dug back into the archives in the grave yards to find what the weather was in past halloween years and you can see overall the past 5, you guys, not too shabby. 69 degrees last year. we were in the 50s 2013 and 2014 and 70s back in 2011 and 12. and this year, much of the
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off. mid-60s -- 5:30, 6:00, once the sun starts going down and everyone starts hitting the streets in their costumes. it should be fantastic. >> should be perfect it seems like. >> no snow to trudge in. it just makes it more complicate head we have to deal with that. >> the kids can go faster and hence get more candy. >> always so much fun. >> it is. we still ha come. next in sports, rod mackey is here to preview the broncos chargers game.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's rod mackey. >> no matter the sport, this is nothing like a home opener.
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tonight with portland. the nuggets open with a win on the road. but bench boss michael malone says don't get too excited too soon. >> one the coaches says you can't win them all if you don't win the first one. we won our first game. my hope now is we can have a much better showing than we had in our home opener last year where we ca >> very strange saturday for our area college football teams. wyoming and unc are the only ones playing. the cowboys down right now 27. the bears lead 42 to 45. cu and csu both have byes. tried with utah coming in, the utes entertaining washington.
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everything they could handle. the utes might have had it, but washington survives to stay perfect, 31 to 24. the broncos made official today what we knew yesterday. running back juwan thompson has been promoted to the active roster. he will be along the 53 looking to avenge the loss a couple weeks ago in san diego. touchdown denver! >> reporter: for years, it seems san diego represented a second bye week for the broncos. 5 straight wins against the chargers. until last time. now it's time for the broncos to pay the bolts back just 18 days after that rare setback. >> i'm happy to be playing them again this early. we're looking forward to it. we still have a bad taste in our mouth. we're ready for it. >> got a good feeling for them.
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year, what they did to us and what they've done the last two weeks. >> i would rather be a divisional game than teams we didn't know. the league do a good job scheduling these games. the san diego chargers is a team we're familiar with. whenever you play them on sunday, it will be a different team. we're familiar with the type of players. >> a lot has changed since that thursday night game for one, the broncos have their head coach back. >> they played in [ indiscernible ] games all year long. they got interesting stats. i think they've led -- helped to lead more than anybody in this league right now. they just lost some games late. got after us. >> the san diego chargers win it in overtime.
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team. their offense is always in the top. they just weren't finishing those games. now that they're learning how to win and we gotta get them back to the [ indiscernible ] so get back to losing. >> the broncos will have to share the spotlight tomorrow with soccer. sunday's a big day for the rapids. colorado is in l.a. for game 1 of their two-game playoff series. take that and they will play >> it's not by any fluke that we're in the position we're in. we had a great season. they put together a great team coming into the season. it's something that we need to go to l.a. and believe in ourselves, to not be scared of the moment. a game going on right now, world series game number 4. the indians right now and cubs scoreless, but the cubs have a
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>> i took the shirt off. i almost scared some of the viewers. that would have been bad. no gold chains either today. >> he walked out here early. >> the dang notre dame miami
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nice evening out hopefully you get a chance to be outside for a little while. >> sunset, killer tonight. look at all those colors out there. this is our view in nederland. tomorrow, 77. a little bit of morning fog. by the afternoon, it's looking great. 70s for eastern colorado. as we head to the middle part of the work week, down to the
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in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. ng tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,... ...and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,... ...hepatitis b, are prone to infections, ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms,
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welcome back to e.t.'s halloween spectacular. this part of the show is all about celeb encounters with psychic mediums. paris jackson had a moment when she visited an illusionist, chris angel. he sort of >> look into my eyes. you're going to feel a surge of energy. >> it's a scary moment for the 18-year-old. >> what do you see? >> we were just backstage and she said chris can you do something with me, you know and i kind of got inside her mind
6:30 pm
completely lost her mind and freaked out. >> what death was she talking about? >> i think that people when they go through a traumatic experience, in their life, those emotions never go away. >> paris grew up intrigued by magic. she and michael both loved chris's brand of reality bending. >> they used to watch a show religiously. me wanted to do the tv show and i had something prepared for her that i've been working on for 15 years and i wanted to show her father and her father reached out to me the demonstration for his london tour. ? >> since michael died during the rehearsal period for this is it show, he and chris never got to work together so being with paris was like was full circle. >> what was that? >> death. >> what was that?
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time like that was -- >> it was one take on and -- on just somebody was shooting it with their iphone it. wasn't intended to be part of any tv show. >> what were you feeling and experiencing when you were doing that exercise with her? >> darkness. >> paris was part of angel's return to a and e, in his new special tricked up. >> she's been very public about the fact she's had some battles with and own demons like we all have and you have to consider the fact this young lady grew up with her father they was the biggest star on the planet, period. >> yes indeed she did. now, to a spirit medium who brought out a very different side of dance moms drill sergeant abby lee miller. forget the raging reality star you think you know. one woman who said she talks with dead lepeople left abby in
6:32 pm
wants quiet for her spiritual reading. >> crying, emotional, she was overwhelmed when monica, the medium dropped by to connect abby lee with her late mother. >> she really didn't want you to know the severity of her cancer. >> this monica girl, i think she's the real deal. definitely. it's a relief. it's nice to know because you wonder. you can't have that mike on. i can hear every there's something where -- i don't know if the ashes were put in a casket or something of your mom -- >> bingo. >> 22-year-old monica has her own show on free form and says her six sense was developed in high school. >> i'm not like, i see dead people. i will see, hear, sense things all at the same time. >> you also have a catholic connection to your mom. did she pray a lot?
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>> after hearing monica tell me your mom had the rosary, that rights there was enough to say, this is the real deal. she knows her, her spirit. >> the reading was shot for dance moms. abby felt monica was spot on but missed the mark on her love life. >> were you dating somebody or married at the time? >> i wasn't married? huh-uh. >> were you dating somebody? this is >> this is strange. i don't really have a love life. >> and despite all the tears for her mom, it's good ton abby lee never changes. >> somebody get the phone. take it off the hook. don't let it ring. >> ah, is it over yet? yikes. monica, the medium is a college student taking classes to get her degrees in communication of all things.
6:34 pm
medium who connects stars to diseased deceased loved ones. as cameron matheson finds out it will be emotional. >> do you have stitches on your face from a long time ago? >> stitches. >> were you bit by an animal or something? >> you're freaking me out. >> your mother just showed me that. >> her dog bit me in the face once. she's in youred you know what she just told me she loves your hat collection. >> wow. >> do you want to validate that? >> yes there is a hat collection. yes, i have a hat collection. >> she loves where that hat collection is, that's where she hangs out. >> okay. >> and medium kim russo, author of the happy medium, life lessons from the other side, previously connected her with
6:35 pm
this to yourself? i believe your mother arranged this meeting. i believe that. there's no -- >> please don't make me cry my makeup off. that's the truth. i really felt drawn to call and you pick you and i know that was your mother doing that. >> i feel it. i feel her way, way more than i ever did, that's the crazy thing, especially lately. >> she says there was a lot of things that she did that was -- she feels really bad for. >> very bad. >> but the way daughter, i can't tell you the feeling she's giving me of how i never taught you how to be a good mother, and you -- you just know it instinctively. >> thank you. >> she oosz. >>tu >> and the bonding continued from her pseudo stepmom, sarah. >> i knew sarfarrah was going t show herself.
6:36 pm
>> i hope she's happy. >> but what blew me away was a message from an old friend. >> are we talking about michael jackson? >> he kept showing me the tickets he got for you. he says remember the tickets i got for you? >> he's mad at me about that. >> he's not, that's why he's coming through. >> he's laughing. is this like a known thing? >> no just between he and i. >> she seems so relaxed. you're getting messages from michael jackson about tickets that he bought could possibly know. >> it's so weird. >> are you used to this now? >> no i'm just trying to kind of stay present and not -- because it's a lot, you know, between michael and joanne and my mother. all whom i love. >> you know cam told me going into all of this he really was a little bit skeptical but in the end, this all really blew him away. our halloween spectacular
6:37 pm
40 years later and why john stamos can't keep his clothes on, what we uncovered. >> oh, it economists.
6:38 pm
yeah, we're in the midst of e.t.'s halloween spectacular, and john stamos and his c week from universal studio's horror night. people are required to sneak up on you and scare you -- i'm not into that -- but i am loving stamos on scream queens and leeanne aglarry, who got a lot of steamy moves from john on the set. >> what are you doing? >> showering. >> we were doing the shower scene. why don't we try to show some butt it. hasn't been done on tv in a
6:39 pm
see your butt. >> agree to disagree on that one. john's first-ever nude scene sent hearts of fluter ter and t month in the locker room with coach glen powell. >> you check off two boxes, handsome and rich and i checked those two. >> i haven't done a lot of that, even shirts off. it hasn't been my thing. >> they didn't have that on full house? >> no. nope, nope. >> we're calling you out on that one, picks, not that we're conplaiconpl complaining. and remember his becoackside? as the newest cast member, john joins the horror comedy in the second season, fenton hospital ran by dr. munch there's brand-new killer on the loose
6:40 pm
surgeon with the secret. >> which hand is the possessed one? >> not that one. it's this one. >> i'm the recipient of the very firs donor, full donor and his hand starts getting a little crazy on date nights, the first -- the first date night. they find out that it is indeed the hand of the serial killer, so i could be a suspect. >> i was doing so well on my other show. i play a grandfather and now i have this. >> near as we can tell from the social media post what is he's got is the most fun on >> who's the one guy you would sleep with? >> john stamos. >> i've never got to do some of these things as his character and you just sort of do them and -- is it okay. i just punched a cadaver, is that all right? >> if someone were to tell you would be on scream queens playing a doctor with a possessed hand. >> i was on general hospital
6:41 pm
sh show. they had telly proeprompters. >> you sneak the look over there. that's what this reminds me of. general hospital is something you don't know of. it was my first job. >> scream queens, from the par mon parmont studios, and cheers star joined the cast of scream queens, and we talked to about coming back to primetime and one of her famous costars who convinced her. >> i called john travolt a, who worked with ryan murphy who just finished doing theo.j. series. >> and all she needed was a little push from john to say yes. john said oh, my god. you will love him. you will worship him. you will -- and -- and i go well do you think he's going to be okay with me? >> my god, he's going to love
6:42 pm
>> and so then when ryan called i was very flattered and i was excited. and here i am. >> i'm going to be feeling great in about 15 minutes. >> fill us in on a little bit about nurse ingrid hoffle. >> ingrid marie, that's hart to say. >> that's one of the best names in tv history. >> i'm hoffle. >> i thought i smelled something hoffle. >> tha i just registered your name sounds like awful. >> as one of the new recruits, kerstie is the new, hospital administrator. and just like last season anyone can be a suspect or victim. >> we're filming episode six right now. we know you make it this far. >> yeah, i make it this far, but there's always room to walk, you know. >> if you can't help me i'll
6:43 pm
>> who did you think of to tap into that wicked side? >> that's not real. >> playing mean may have come easy to her but there's one thing kersti, said she still needs to work on, her timing. >> i'm learning to speak quickly, because there's a lot of dialogue that you need to stay quickly. >> i'm an advanced practiced registered nurse. >> it's whitty reunites her with jamie lee curtis. >> when i first moved to loss an less -- los angeles and i needed money desperately, i went on the match game and jamie lee was on the panel of stars. >> some things are just impossible, like a drill sergeant, asking venus demilo to solute. >> i do remember i was walking
6:44 pm
and i was like oh. still to come on the halloween spectacular, hear what meat loaf has to say about the rocker horror portrayal 40 years after the original. then, carrie, the scary movie 40 years later. >> what's the one carrie question you never want to be asked again? that's ahead but first this weekend in the entertainment tonigh celebrity was named after the celebrity was named after the city in which they were born? is it bristol city in which they were born? my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira
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so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers before fibromyalgia, i kept on top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain eel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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se lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. i hope you're ready because i am. >> that was tim curry for the premier of rocky horror on fox. the rocky horror star was recovering from stroke, it was nice to see him play a tv the sound track featuring adam lambert hit number one on it itunes. only we were there for adam's rehearsal. >> quiet, please. action. ?
6:48 pm
zombie going on. >> you know, he's got half of his brain removed. >> it's a transylvania, and tim curry, it was lavern cox. >> the scale of the production is just topnotch. >> and remember meat loaf as eddie? >> whatever happened to sanity now. ? >> sometime adam lambert nailed it. >> i talked to adam. adam has his own ideas and so he should and anybody who can get on stage and sing any song, you know is an unbelievable singer. >> the jump was pretty awesome. >> he's -- he's a horn dog. he's nasty.
6:49 pm
night long. >> 7:00 in the morning. >> eddie's groupie columbia was played by analie ashford. >> any bruises? >> i have a really disgusting bruise. >> it matches your hair. ? >> oh, yes. rocky, the man after the crenation. >> this is the only industry where my job interview requires me to come dance. ? >> you know the old time warp? >> just to jump to the left? [ laughter ] ? >> put your hands on your hips. ? >> let's do the time warp
6:50 pm
>> so much fun. now, just one year after the original rocky horror premier, this movie scared the living daylights out of people. yes, i'm talking about carrie. next week marks the 40th week of the horror classic that actually made prom night downright terrifying. yeah, that prom night. it still gives me the creeps. >> you can >> carrie is the victim of a vicious prank and unleashes her tel eakin etic few i on everyone. >> it is the 40th anniversary of carrie. >> my god? really? >> yes. >> let me tell you something, time really does fly and it speeds up so enjoy every moment. >> what's the one carrie question you never want to be asked again? >> probably what was the blood
6:51 pm
>> that blood by the way was corn syrup and food coloring. as for the bucket? that was cardboard. the guy pulling the prank was john travolta. >> what dorm m you remember mos from that experience? >> probably just loving i was in a real movie, a big movie, and it was an important film. it was stephen king. so i have a lot of good memories, and nancy allen is still a friend who played girlfriend. >> here's a few more scene secrets. the beer here was the real thing. >> we shot all night doing the cruising with him throwing the beer. the entire floor of the car was covered in beer. >> and earlier in the film, nancy gets slapped by the gym teacher. that was also real. requested by the director bryan depalma.
6:52 pm
do a phony stage slap and he says no, i want you to slap her. >> and for you trivia buffs, betty had a dual role. >> he had me lose the little boy on the bicycle that rides through that says creepy carrie, creepy carrie. >> that boy was her never you. of course no one is treated more horribly like sissy than when he deranged mother drags her to the closet. >> it made me think of helen keller and patty duke that. inspired me, just kicking and screaming. >> and the creepiest moment in kerry? coming back from the dead was sissy all the way. >> they wanted to send me home and use the stand-in and i was adamant about doing all of my own foot and hand work. >> we knew we were doing a kind of classic piece.
6:53 pm
i don't care. >> the 40th movie is on blue ray, and features all the interviews from the screen
6:54 pm
travel considerations
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look at all of those stars with birthdays this weekend, richard dryfuss is 69, matthew morris son is 38, and gavin r rossdale. which celebrity was born after the city in which they were born? that is wynona weekend. >> look out. we went to the race car drivers racing through the streets of hollywood to the top of the leaderboard, and e.t. is behind the scenes with jerry springer to mark his 25 years being on the air. it's jerry like you've never seen him before. >> which is crazy i know. >> that's monday. we're almost out of time for this weekend, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news go
6:56 pm before we go check out the new video from the chain smokers from their single "closer," and it's been number one on the billboard hot 100 chart for ten consecutive weeks. the video definitely pretty steamy so enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ? ? ? ? we ain't never getting older ? ? we 18 neain't never getting o? ? we ain't never getting older ?
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the minister called, said, "you need to come home." never in a million years do you think you'd see your parents' house taped off by that yellow tape. >> inside a neaska farmhouse, >> as i started up the stairs there was blood on the walls. >> it was a very brutal crime scene. one of the worst i've ever seen. >> a loving couple dead. was the killer witness of the family? >> he said, "they arrested matt." and i said, "matt who?" and he said, "our cousin matt." >> put the gun to her face and blew it away. and then i blew him away. >> but this case wasn't closed. there was one tiny clue that didn't fit at all.
7:00 pm
always, cori and ryan." who's ryan? who's cori? >> said that's like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> the trail would lead hundreds of miles away to a chilling piece of evidence. that must've been a shocker to have it cross your desk? >> pretty much sends a chill down your spine. >> "i killed someone. he was older. i loved it." >> pretty scary. >> a sinister story, but not even it revealed the whole, twisted truth. >> i know what happened. no one will believe me. happening? >> i didn't think i could feel so much anger. ? >> reporter: it was late, past midnight, when the farmhouse


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