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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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most early ballots in colorado. >> even superheroes are joining the ranks of those trying to get people to cast their ballot. >> this was just a stupid place to pick for an entrance. >> it's not the neighbor some people expected to move in, what happens when big business lands in their backyards. >> and it's the beginning of the bud black era at coors field. 9news starts now. who will be its 45th president. by this time tomorrow night we might know who that person will be as the next chapter in this nation's democracy begins. 1600 pennsylvania avenue waits with the rest of the nation to see what happens tomorrow. voters in a few tiny town in new hampshire began casting their ballots moments ago. >> dick'sville notch new hampshire are the first to vote
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counted and then publicly announced to the nation. only a handful of votes to count. when we get them, we'll pass them along to you. dick'sville in. has picked -- dixville notch has picked most of the presidents. >> tonight's both campaigns made their last appeals to voters. they made stops in four states today going after the critical vote and ar campaign trail at this hour. clinton is in north carolina, trump in michigan. earlier this evening both talked about tomorrow. >> we're leading in michigan. [ cheering and applause ] >> we're leading in new hampshire. [ cheering and applause ] >> we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa, leading in north carolina. >> i believe with all my heart that america's best days are
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if we reach for them together. >> republican early ballot returns in colorado lag this year, which is unusual, but they have now overtaken democratic early ballots, just the number >> reporter: ed by party affiliation, no -- number returned by party after indication, no indication how they actually voted. 7,000 more republicans had voted than democrats this morning and the key could be in all 1.85 million. quite a few people reached out to us with last minute questions about tomorrow's election, example, can i still mail in my ballot? short answer no. do i need to turn in my ballot in my home county? we sat down to get some answers with the secretary of state's office. >> one of the biggest questions we've gotten at 9news is how do i know my ballot has been received and accounted for?
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into put in your last name, first name, zip code, date of birth. below that it will tell you what's happened with your mail ballot. >> we have answers to more commonly asked questions and how to get your i voted sticker. it's all at >> for anyone still making decisions our colorado voting guide is good delicious fun with democracy. how to register, yes, you can still register through tomorrow. where to vote of, where to drop off -- vo your completed ballot, information on the local candidates, ballot issues and truth tests. two separate crashes today caused backups for hours on i- 25 northbound. the first happened this morning near sixth avenue. this afternoon a semi flipped over near i-25 and arapahoe road and the tech center. it spilled 50 gallons of fuel
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up till almost 5:00. street sweepers had to come in. backups went down c-470 and south into lone tree. police diverted traffic at dry creek. the former swedish hospital surgical tech whose drug habit but nearly 3,000 patients at risk of infection was sentenced today. the judge in the rocky allen case said that allen's compulsive lying spoke to his character, not just his addiction. the judge said, "i don't believe rocky allen gives a damn the former swedish hospital worker will spent 6 1/2 years in prison for switching syringes to steal fentanyl. a large neighborhood in greeley is getting a large new neighbor. extraction oil and gas received approval from the city and state to build 22 oil and gas wells there. >> is this the first project in the state -- >> this is the first project in the state to a sure that neighbors have a say. >> reporter: when you live in
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changes are easier to accept than others. >> the houses on this side and that was it. >> reporter: dawn stein's quiet neighborhood she fears is about to become anything but quiet. >> you see where the stakes are right by the fence is where the road is coming in right by it, my bedroom is that corner right here. >> reporter: she lives right off 71st avenue in greeley. the access point to the site of future oil and gas wells where off frequently. >> no one would want to live here if that's what they really do. >> i keep saying i'm going to have a fatality right in front of my house with this traffic. i know it. there will be more than one. this was just a stupid place to pick for an entrance. >> reporter: the area is zoned residential, but mineral rights owners can't be denied the oil that lies beneath the surface and extraction oil and gas has the permits it needs from boat the city of greeley and the
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so the triple creek project is likely coming just about 1,000 feet away from homes. the biggest concern now is how will the facility operate and it's not just traffic the neighbors worry about. oil and gas wells are nothing new to weld county, but the rules for drilling near houses have changed. >> we always knew there could be some kind of development, but not did we think it would be an industrial uma site. >> reporter: earlier this year rules to minimize impact on homes near new oil and gas wells, perhaps the most talked about provision, a requirement for projects to use "best available technology." to neighbors that means a pipeline to limit the release of vapors, potential spills, not to mention fewer trucks in the neighborhood. >> if they would put a pipeline in here and do that approach which they did promise us in 2014 they would do, i don't think there would be a problem. >> reporter: this is where neighbors and the state
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available technology. matt la pore is director of the colorado oil and gas conservation commission. >> the way i think about it is that technology available? yes, it's available theoretically. it's available in some circumstances. it's not available all the time. >> reporter: lapore says the state prefers pipelines are built but that the cost, time and legal requirements make it unreasonable to require the operator, ex fraction oil and gas, to -- gas, to build a pipe line. the circumstances make the best available technology unavailable he says. >> the significant focus of that task force recommendation was getting the local government involved and that happened here. >> reporter: the city of greeley held public forums where residents who oppose and oil and gas workers who support had their say. the planning commission originally denied the project, but the city council ultimately overturned that decision. the neighbors' concerns prompted the state to rhinos
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-- to require noise and pollution reducing measures from the operators. it appears dawn will have to accept her new neighbors or move from her house in 32 years, a house that no longer feels like home. >> it's pretty devastating, especially when you get to the age i am. and now that i'm alone and to have to deal with this and not have the enjoyment of my home. live here. >> reporter: ryan haarer, 9news. >> extraction oil and gas sent us a statement saying it plans to use some of the besieges available in the industry and that it has -- best technologies available in the very and that it has worked extensively with state and local government to lessen inconveniences to people who live nearby. we want to correct a story last night about earthquakes in weld county. a small quake was felt sunday in greeley about the same spot
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quake to fracking. that's incorrect. the 2014 quake was related to wastewater injection, the process by which wastewater produced from fracking is disposed, but it's not the same thing. studies have shown the wastewater wells essentially prime the ground for earthquakes, though the usgs says it could take months or even a yearton the cause of the latest quake in -- year to know the cause of the latest quake in greeley. he definitely caught my eye, so i wouldn't have known where to pull over if see captain america outside. >> this captain america is on a mission to preserve democracy. >> only a few more hours of political ads, if history repeats, there is a window of time that we might know the outcome tomorrow. >> we'll be talking a lot of politics tomorrow. kathy will get us stocked up on the forecast to last us through the week. >> why spend $50,000 on a truck with 50,000 miles on it? because von miller picked out the upgrades. that's why.
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decision as rockies manager, how to get that stinking jersey
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not every day you see a pickup with 54,000 miles on it going for $54,000 at auction, but, of course, von miller helped design this ford raptor being auctioned to go to von's vision foundation which helps kids get eye exams and glasses. you can get more information at in dixville, notch, new hampshire, first to vote and have their votes counted and tallied in america. hillary clinton won with four votes. donald trump two votes. libertarian gary johnson one
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having election 2016 and wrote in mitt romney. the eight votes were cast in less than a minute, just one note, the first ballot to go into the box missed and hit the floor. so there you go, metaphor. >> the one thing that all the candidates agree pop is how important it is -- upon is how important it is that all people vote and they got help today from a superhero in thornton. here's 9news reporter victoria sanchez. [ engines roaring ] >> reporter: hitting the road as captain america turns a lot of heads. for steve rogers, aka28-year- old matthew ganoic, he's hoping his star power will do a lot more than make people smile in this election. in the hours before the presidential polls close he's visiting as many voting spots as possible. >> high five for every ballot. way to be a hero. i hope it just reminds people
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drag. go out there and let your voice be heard. >> i honestly thought i was going to come here and throw my ballot in, call it a night, but captain america is just an extra treat on top of this. it's pretty much made my day. >> high five! way to be a hero. >> he definitely caught my eye. i wouldn't have seen where to pull over if i didn't see captain america outside. >> reporter: he says that makes it all worth it and hopes he can convince people voting is a responsibility and priv >> i'm dressed in a uniform that's big and flashy, but politics is a real thing being politically involved and politically charged. it can be made into a real show. this is a show, but what this show should do is remind people that what really matters is what they say and what they do. >> reporter: in denver victoria sanchez, 9news. >> way to be a hero, man. >> captain america will visit
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locations tomorrow. so he could show up when you least expect it. polls close at 7 p.m. the debates and battles have gone on over a year and the very last political ad on our a is set for 4:22 tomorrow. the final ad in the race is scheduled around 3:49 tomorrow afternoon on news. we -- on 9news. we understand the struggle is real for you. so we have a countdown to the ads on our facebook page. tomorrow and 9:17 mountain time is when the last three presidential elections were called. the 1976 race took until 1:20 a.m. our time. the pesky 2000 election ran on until, say, december 12th. >> if patience were indeed a virtue. today we learned loveland ski area opens thursday.
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opening on record. for others the wait is still not over. copper mountain pushed back its opening a week and hoping now november 18th is their magic date. keystone hopes to start its lifts friday after delaying last week's opening. all the resorts could use help with some cooler nights. it is cool in the 9news backyard tonight, clear skies, light winds, good radiational cooling, temperatures in the mid-30 we enjoyed another beautiful fall day. you'll find some interesting cloud 40s this time of year and that along the front range eve the weekend. the high cirrus stratus clouds, a little reflection and really a pretty sight in the skies over denver. our high temperature today at 64 is above the average of 57, low 70s in southeastern colorado and mid-40s in areas like leadville. 42 degrees at dia, winds southwest at 11 with rising air
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outside the studios temperatures between 42 and 45 degrees. up in the high country they're waiting for more snow and here in denver we're waiting for our season's first snowfall as well, but no signs of that happening in the next five to nine days which is not necessarily a bad thing if you're out and about early tomorrow morning, temperatures mid-30s at 6:00, mid-40s by 9 a.m. loveland is delaying opening as are many ski resorts around the area, very litt the ground. november precipitation, we are already down for the month by about .2-inch of liquid precipitation and for the year we're down by almost 3. this is a little bit unusual and if we don't see that season's first snowfall in the next week or so, it may be a record for us as well. drought scenario continues to play out across the western u.s. and colorado is getting in on the action. abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions beginning to
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we're sandwiched in between two storm systems, low pressure system spinning. with high pressure anchored where it is it will push all this energy up over the colorado area and northern rockies. the showers associated with this low interacting with our front yesterday, too much of a good thing in areas like oklahoma city, dallas and houston. we'll be warm and dry tomorrow, across the desert southwest and southern california. southern mountains seeing a little bit of that warming influence as well. high clouds brent early in the day will move out, clear, cold tonight and a mostly sunny day tomorrow. so weather not of a factor for -- not a factor to get out and vote tomorrow. lows, 20s for the high country, 30s in higher elevations, 65 tomorrow in grand junction, denver and 70s possible across the southeastern corner of our
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blackhawk, conifer and evergreen. in the denver metro area tonight clear and cool, low above freezing at 36. sun is up tomorrow at 6:35, a chilly start, 60 by lunchtime, 65 by 3:00 in the afternoon. we see wednesday always the warmest day of the week, temperatures spike in the low 70s ahead of another dry cool front, 60s with sunshine heading into the weekend and a busy weekend, veterans day friday, 9cares colorado shares saturday, no extended forecast down here, but up in the high country perhaps a little snow for our mountains. keep those beautiful sunrise and sunset shots coming. drew soicher in next with sports, a quick break and we'll
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, that bud black might not be a good fit for the rockies, mostly because black had so much trouble slipping on a rox jersey for the first time the seventh manager in franchise history really struggled with a left arm hold during this afternoon's introductions but eventually did figure it out which is what you want from a skipper. after all, baseball is a game of adjustments. >> i'm very honored to be the rockies manager. looking forward to it with a
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this city in a lot of ways is special to me. i have a sister-in-law who lives here. i have a mother-in-law who lives here. my daughter got married in february in keystone. i remember coming to colorado in the early '90s and pitching at mile high stadium. >> keystone wedding, beautiful. black spent nine years as the padres skipper and was in the visitors dugout at coors field in 2007 when the rox rallied for three national league tie break are game and bud is still haunted -- breaker game and bud is still haunted by matt holliday's controversial slide into home plate. >> part of the interview was up in the suite and there is a number of pictures of rocky history and so all the guys sat down and i sat down and staring me right in the face was the rocky dog pile of holliday in
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i don't think he's touched it. >> actually missed by about a foot, but we don't talk about that around here, bud. broncos woke up in third place this morning and to make matters worse now 9news broncos insider mike klis dares to question their manhood on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: let's break this down to its simplest form. the broncos play a game of football. since the early days of general rules to succeeding at this game. one is to run the football. two is to stop the run. these 2016 broncos are suddenly in serious trouble. running the ball and stopping the run appeals to the manly man aspect of football and now one of the broncos' most manliest of men derek wolfe will be out with a fractured
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today. >> we have the physicality. we're all men. we're tough on the field. we don't give anything up. we definitely want to play hard. i think it's just us playing our games. we have to be assignment sound more than anything. >> reporter: this year denver's d ranks 29th against the run, 29th. the broncos running game meanwhile ranks 23rd on offense. manning used to be such a sweet word around here, but now that peyton has retired and the they used to, they have to start manning up. mike klis, 9news. >> 9news sports 9toonist wants you to get out and vote of. the broncos mailed in sunday night's performance instead addressed to lackluster effort? still of the night comes
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25 years ago today magic johnson shocked the world by announcing his retirement after learning he was hiv positive, a 1/4 century ago in the still of the night. remember when everyone thought he was going to be dead within a few months of that announcement. it was so scary of 25 years later he's thriving, looks fantastic, successful businessman and joined tonight on the set of eve by both donald trump and hillary clinton. >> the hair is fabulous. >> we'll have these out tomorrow night on the set. so you guys can use them all you want. >> can you do like jimmy fallon, can i mess his hair up? >> sure. the deal is tomorrow every other station has those cheesy graphics with the bars and nobody can understand them. we'll have bobbleheads. you'll be able to tell who is winning. >> we'll just slide them out.
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adele is very excited about election coverage tomorrow. they're making their plans on the set here, can't blame when on not getting out -- weather on not getting out there. >> 65 and sunny. >> and now the animation. tomorrow nbc news election night coverage starts at 5 p.m. on channel 9. we'll update you intermittently on local results throughout the evening. if you want all local all the
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it, we'll be on channel 20 also starting at 5:00. full results as the polls close on, our mobile app and facebook as well. then hopefully it will be over. >> or not. we'll be here.


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