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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:25pm MST

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of the story. he hesitated. he decides to bring up. and thomas, across the 30, to get to the 34 yard line. mcmanis, the kicker, and hit him out of bounds. >> cris: we found a new star in this league, tyreek hill. a free kick. and he hit the jets. and you can forget about catching him at that point. that wasn't enough. there we go. hand it to him on the jet sweep ou we'll score it that way. with one second on the clock. controversy, maybe. but touchdown, yes. and here we go, one more drive. >> mike: you can see the touchback here in denver. too many men out there defensively? >> referee: prior to the snap, 12 men on the field, defense. five-yard penalty. still first down. >> mike: instead of getting the drive to start at the 25 yard
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rare here, to the 35. and then, the five on this. you're going to start at the 40 yard line for kansas city. >> cris: i think it was webster who was calling for a time-out, as he was running off of the field. because they don't want you using that as a delay tactic, in the game, forget about it. they have 12 on the field. i'll take the penalty and run the clock . all those things. >> mike: spencer ware will only gain maybe a half-yard. not much. chiefs touchdown for the win.
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ends. tyreek hill. they spread the field on denver. second and four, smith, underneath. on for the first down, by hill, at the 46 yard line. >> cris: they put three tight ends to look like it was a power formation. and they spread the whole field. you can see denver scrambling around, trying to figure out which one of the linebackers was going to have to go out in coverage and make a play. nicely done by andy reid. >> mike: andy has a couple of offensive coordinators. mike nagy who shares the job with brad childress. to hill.
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charcandrick west with the stop. >> cris: the things that von miller does is really remarkable. he was three yards up the field that time. stopped. circled back and got in on this play. watch this. back on the play. >> mike: if the viewers feel worn out. players?you think t again? >> mike: will play them again on christmas night, nbc. it was caught by kelce. kelce, and the 31 yard line. pickup of 21 yards and the first down. >> cris: bring the guy inside. i love the moves by the tight end. he had better moves than i did. he has a little wiggle at the top of his routes. they're so clever.
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let's keep it going, man. playing short touchdown. get out of here. >> mike: ware got away from a would-be tack bill stewart. and turns what would have been a loss of yardage, into the gain at the 25 yard line. >> cris: it is a good thing that shane ray can run. watch in jump cut first of all. set it up. and now, it's just a foot race with shane ray on the outside. there was one safety in the middle of the field. that was about it. >> mike: nice run by ware. one of the better looking runs all night by kansas city. >> cris: kelce one way and three receivers going the other way. >> mike: six minutes left in overtime. west to the left.
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ray on the stop. watch the clock here in overtime. 5:30 left. if kansas city scores a field goal, it's not going to be enough time left to break the tie. >> cris: i don't want two ties, though. they're starting to show the jet scheme now. using tyreek hill, as a ?ih diversion coming across. sooner or later, see if they give it to him. >> mike: davis has the advantage now. and stewart tags him after the gain of a yard. five minutes left in o.t. >> cris: the play is so good. daryon stewart came to make that
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seen all night long. >> mike: three receivers. spencer ware over there. and kelce to the top. smith, trying to throw it underneath. have we heard a whistle yet? incomplete pass? that will be third down. von miller may have hit the arm. >> cris: the arm was going forward. wade phillips has adjusted, as well. they're bringing kelce to the o one side. and they shifted him down here to the three receiver side. and they've left one-on-one, with demetrius harris on the other side. >> mike: the chiefs taking time-out, with 4:39. >> referee: time-out, kansas city.
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30-second time-out. >> mike: we look at the hips, cris. did the ball come out. you have to think, this has to hurt. >> cris: there's no question, when your elbow is flexed like that. you can see. you can imagine the torque on that elbow, throwing a football, a baseball or whatever. and all of a sudden, somebody hits that arm. i'm sure it's sore. i'm also sure alex smith is not coming out of the game unless it doesn't work anymore. he's going to throw a couple of balls on the side. that was a good time-out. >> mike: that's a great play. andy reid, knowing he has the two time-outs in overtime. you can't afford to not be completely ready for this play. a decisionmaker. and guy is going to throw it for you. make sure.
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tyreek hill is right on the nine, at third and nine. the slot in the middle and three to the right. broncos bring pressure. for kelce. couldn't get his head turned around in time. contact, but no flag. justin simmons in coverage. and here comes cairo santos to continue the game. the tail end. just take a look. no foul. sometimes those calls are so tough. and really well-played by justi? simmons, the young player. >> mike: pressure numbers. this to continue the game.
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only 4:19 left here in overtime. 27-27, next score wins in what has been a terrific one tonight, in denver. i just see a blacreen. c' what are you looking at? crazy stuff, man. you've gotta see this. what--what is this? it's like some 3d virtual world. can i see? oh yai yai yai yai yai yai. whoot. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit,3 zero due at signing,
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this black friday at the ? nationwide is on your side. ? >> mike: each team, two, long drives, yielding field goals. so, the next score wins this game. and the prospect, perhaps, of a third tied game in the nfl this season. perhaps, an unintended
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overtime rules, where the third possession field goal doesn't win it. the other team has a chance to tch it. more ties than we had in the past. a lot of time between now and then. 4:19 left in this extra period. santos kicks.? kapri bibbs keeps. 27-27. players had a good game on this guy, emmanuel sanders. >> cris: he's something else. he really is. not only is he the deep threat. he's the guy underneath who can create some space and can pick up some easy first downs. that's his second 100-yard game of the year. an i'm sure trevor siemian has got to be thinking what do i have t tame? we keep going down and taking the lead.zi
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running back. the second o.t. poession begins. has space to run. will take off. and down after a gain of eightr. out of bounds with 4:10 left. it will be second and two. cris: exactly what they were d! looking for out of trevor siemian. haven't seen him run much.?u?? but since he hurt that shoulder, he wasn't running at all. and for gary kubiak, so many of the key first downs in the firs his legs. comingndg plays. big opportunities. you want to take a shot down the is a good time j?j forthat. >> mike: run by booker for the h first down, to the8 ine.
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and the kickout from derby and schofield. >> mike: a good preseason with new england. not going to get time with martellus bennett up there. but he's factoring in for the broncos. the back, he's coming. gets rid of it. and gaines close by. >> cris: i knew it wasn't going to be lo.?y?v say, let's kick a eld goal brght both inside linebackers pt that time. now, they have something to work ceshee dense on ?2??4th
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couldn sise meheas the rece ?)ken by the broncos. >> referee: denver, first team time-out. 30-second time-out. >> mike: eteam with one time-out left. you're almost in that old overtime mentality, get it in field goal range, go another 23 yards or so. give mcmanis a shot at it.
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cheering for here? a tie? probably. they have a game and a half on everybody at that point. they are cheering for the clock.
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>> mike: year five in the league for donald stephenson.t kansas . he lost his starting job. but came back in this game and had a huge impact. >> cris: he has. at least he stopped the bleeding a little bit on the outside. and justin houston has to be completely exhausted, just playing this game. he just punched in and stayed in front and doing whatever he can. a.j. derby to get open. >> cris: and houston being a chief, wonder if that knowledge has helped him here. get six or seven in field goal rakes. bibbs this in the back. he will be kept at the line of scrimmage. derrick johnson, the tackle. kansas city has one time-out. with 1:45 left.lhj? it looks like alex smith might
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unless denver gets a field goal. >> you have to run this clock down. if you miss that thing, you don't want to leave it there. more yardage now. at the 44 now. 62-yard field goal, attempt it would be.u?h mcmanis, long 57. we are at altitude. >> cris: one-on-one coverage. >> mike: second and ten. siemian looking that way. the pass is deflected, incomplete. we'll have third and ten coming up. >> cris: chris jones, getting that hand up.sutton was saying, rare guy that can push the pocket and be athletic enough to jump. he said, a lot of times the guys at the line of scrimmage, get no pressure whatsoever, are the
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he gets pressure and blocks passes. >> mike: a lot of decisions to be made. siemian puts it on top. it is incomplete. bennie fowler, with phillip gaines, who has been beaten a lot here tonight. now, in his fourth attempt at th y >> cris: looat kubiak. he's like, wait a minute. i do that kinof chance, can you? the long in his career, 57. you almost have to punt this football. >> mike: and it is cold. low 40s, upper 30s. >> michele: i talked to brandon mcmanis. he can convert 60 yards. going in this direction, in the pregame.%t?- converted a 55-yarder. he said he could convert from really died
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not much of a factor at all, mike. >> mike: it would be 62 from the ball at the 22. kubiak takes a time-out. if you attempt the field goal frhayou give kansas city the balat the denver 48 yard line. >> cris: i can't imagine you do that. >> mike: do you punt or go for it??3 >> cris: i think you have to punt it. >> mike: the punt, the scenario? is hereomes mcmanis, strutting out. >>ris: man. overtime ?+?l?> field goal in histor57 yards. >> cris: if you have a trick play to draw them offsides here, maybe when you want to go with u this. you lose nothing. you punt the fl.ootbal
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field goal will be returned by a player. hill went back. and put a defensive mode out there to protect. longest field goal history. this is 62. game-winning field goal in league history. hit hard. time-outs and 1:03 left. >> cris: wow. thisecision, so interesting. this kick is just hooked too hard. may have had a shot at it and had been nailed straight. now, you're giving them the balz
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that means, get a first down to 7get in that field goal range. the weather is getting cool. here we go. up to the ten. 53 seconds remaining in the overtime period. west is the back down free play for smith. he gets wide-open. he ran it down to the 42 yard line. you're rht. >> cris: oh, man. he just didn't see it.?6? )- >> referee: 94 defense. five-yard penay. over the line of scrimmage or not. there was somebody just streaking down the boundary by
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tol the way on the outside to the left. see m coming in?the background, i think.ere's nobod all. >> mike: first and five. 55 secon lolated, bottomhe scre again. throws. it's caught. first down. no time-outs. at the 32 yard line.?5 from here, a field goal is 50 yards. they will spike it to kill the clock.? wilson on the end. the line of scrimmage. there was not a penalty with the clock running. that would have cost him yards. >> cris: now, the game is completely under control of andy reid and the kansas city chiefs. because of the fact they attempted that field goal.
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maybe five seconds to go. you have a time-out left. complete control, now. whatever andy reid chooses to do, you may want to take a coup of runs a see if you and takehehotoint. >> mike: they have one time-out left. denver is out of time-outs. second and ten. off of the edge. underneath. got it to the 25. to the 16 yard line. the blitz looks like it cameoff side from t.j. ward. more makable field goal for kansas city. >> cris: and a rare missed tackle. stewart, unable to gel kelce on the ground. so good with that run after the catch. and now, andy reid, has enough. he leaves himself just enough
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>> mike: first down bad snap. retry the kick. if it's thrown away by the holder. >> cris: just remember this. what happened in the saints game. it was justin simmons that jumped over the center. and will parks that returned it. we've seen it multiple times this year. i would imagine andy reid has an take a little running jump. >> mike: remember what happened with the overtime game with secincinnati and washington in london. and the game ended up tied after a short field goal. >> mike: aqib talib coming off of the edge. good at blocking these kicks, as well. there's justin simmons, right over the ball.
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colquitt holds. cairo santos. 34 yard attemp for the win. he got it. and in. and in. unbelievable game-winner, kansas city. you've got to be kidding me. >> cris: the only way this game could end. holy smokes. i didn't know what had happened. i couldn't tell if it went through or not. that thing hit that post hard. how did it go through? >> mike: just caught the inside of the uprights. and the fans back there thought it was going out.
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you see him passing on this side of the post. the kansas city chiefs, with an incredible comeback down the stretch. this guy's defense started it. some nights it's your night. this guy had a great night. deserved a better fate. but the decision of the long field by kubiak, santos, on the upright. the chiefs win. and the volkswagen postgame re i local nbc station. enjoy your phone! you too. (inner monologue) all right, be cool. yothe u got azing new iphone 7 on the house by switching to at&t... what??.... aand you got unlimited data because you have directv?? okay, just a few more steps... door! it's cool
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enjoyed ever since. stella artois. host one to remember well, they played 75 minutes of football. and it ended a little bit of pinball. cairo santos from 34. ricochets off one upright. and going off of the foul ball for the game-winner. we asked if it would be


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