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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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capture the roadrage. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. iowa voters choose their candidates tonight in a tight race. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. let's check in live with cnn's karin caifa who's following
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the nevada
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three weeks away... and because of the close calls in tonight's iowa caucus.. the silver state will play an even bigger role that once thought. csn political science professor, mark peplowski joined us tonight at 10 to talk about how tonight's results will play out here, especially for the democrats. "it becomes very important to hillary because she's had a strong base here and this is going to scare hillary. she and the administration in terms of the administration types are going to be pulling out all the stops for hillary for the next three election primaries. i think you're going to see unions motivating people to get out to the caucuses to keep bernie down. "
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13 states that holds a caucus instead of a primary... democrats must get at least 15 percent of voters... and if they don't, caucus goers move to other candidates. for the republican caucus, ballots are submitted and all candidates are tallied. the democratic caucus is february 20th at 11 a-m. the republican caucus is february 23rd, and starts between 5 to 7 p-m, depending on location. one man dead after shots are fired at an complex in henderson... near sunset and green valley earlier this afternoon. thats where fox martinez-valle details... daylight when describe hearing upwards of 5 shots fired, and while some of them tell me this is the first time shot in this block, they say the area isnt as safe as it
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" i heard, you know, like five gun shots, and i came out and looked, you know the street was quiet, and i just saw a van pull out." a 26 -year-old man shot dead outside an apartment complex in henderson, and the shooter still on the run "were still looking for the suspects and actively pursuing them." police got multiple calls reporting the shooting at around 1:20 in the afternoon, the scene of the crime, the villas apartment complex on greenvalley and la mesa... " when officers arrived on scene they found one male who had been shot and subsequently died on scene." one witness, who wished to stay anonymous, says he saw the whole thing... he says a man and a woman in their mid 20's were standing over the dead body after shots were fired... they then got into their white chrysler and sped off... people in the area say they havent heard shots in their neighborhood before... " i dont know if we've had a shooting or not before, yea its something to be concerned about." however, they say
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safe as it used to be... " you can see a difference, i mean i grew up in detroit so i kinda know what i'm looking at, you can see a difference in culture i'll just say it like that." henderson police have already responded to two homicides in 2016... thats half of what they dealt with in all of last year. police are still looking for the suspect or suspects... theyre asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. kive, miguel martinez- valle, fox5 news local. las vegas. the victim's name will be released by the coroners office. a driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at a biker. it went down this weekend on boulder highway in the middle of the day... fox five's elizabeth watts has the video and more on what happened next.. it all happened on boulder highway.... a biker approaches some men in a truck during the road rage incident.... and that's when a gun is pulled- fortunately it
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tell the tale. nats driving a group motorcycle ride saturday gun was pulled on a rider.. it starts here on the left a blue truck and a rider get into it after the desert kicking but the red truck on the right wasn't happy about it either... the rider recording the video says the passengers were flipping him off and that's when he approached... get the gun why you flipping me off i didn't do nothing crossing traffic etc sot honestly say i didn't think that i'd get a gun put in the face for going up to the guys window the rider who wants to remain anonymous- somehow remained calm... and just tried to reason with them.. he says he was in a moment of shock and in hindsight he would never have approached... especially when he watched the
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finger on the trigger of the gun. sot i didn't even realize the guy had his finger on the trigger til i went back and reviewed the video myself and my heart was just racing my stomach turned i was definitely scary all his unedited video to and says besides his buddy riding in the sand for a bit obnoxious on the he records his youtube page- subliminal moto- and just in case something were to happen like an accident with a sot i didn't really think it was gonna literally the first somebodys window in traffic like that and it will be the last the youtube video has more than 330-thousand views right now... and you know there's some debate going on in the comments. the rider just hopes its a reminder to be careful out on the road... and he's just thankful to be alive. back to you he did file a police report and says he turned in all his uncut video from that ride. henderson police told us they are upping patrols on boulder highway. it definitely felt
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with people bundled up to brave the wind. chief meterologist ted pretty joins us now with a first look at this week's forecast. we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only 46 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend.
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killed in a crash tonight involving three cars. this happened on the 215 and aliante parkway. nevada highway patrol says two of the cars were traveling in opposite directions and hit each other. a lexus overturned... killing the man inside. a woman in a buick died at u-m-c. and two people in a chrysler were injured. troopers are
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whether alcohol or speed are factors in this crash. a tour bus burst into flames on the freeway... but fortunately... everyone got off safely. this happened just after three- 30, on u-s 95 and college drive. nevada highway patrol says no one was hurt, and another bus came to get the passengers. so far, no word on how the fire started, and where the tour bus was coming from or going to. new details on an officer-involved shooting that injured a suspect. metro says the suspect may have tried to car-jack the off-duty police officer who shot him. today, they released some radio traffic of the shooting. "he's gonna be on your left, he's coming at ya shots fired! suspect down, shots fired. , " this happened last tuesday, near pecos and bonanza. metro says 35- year-old "gilberto guitierrez stole a honda civic at
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he jumped some walls and hid in a neighborhood while police looked for him. off-duty officer samuel solorio was on his way home from work and spotted him. he feared guitierrez was going to car-jack him, and shot him. metro says guitierrez has been on their radar since 2004, and has a history of stealing cars. " frustration is good description of what you look at when you have to deal with these incidents. very lengthy criminal history. a lot is property crimes and stolen motor vehicle issue in valley significant. " gutierrez was taken to u-m-c... and then booked into jail once his injuries were treated. he has a court date set for thursday. this was metro's secind officer involved shooting this year. a man who has spent more than seven years in jail without being convicted in a child sex assault case, has taken a plea deal for 30 months probation. judge: youre
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probation to either work a job looking for job or in school or vocation program. yes sir. if youre looking for job or waiting to get into school probation can order you to do 60 hours of community service a month you understand that yes sir. " warren mcclinton pleaded an equivalent of no contest back in september to a lesser kidnapping charge. mcclinton never posted 130 thousand dollars bail, and he changed lawyers he was originally charged with sexually assaulting his friend's 14-year- old daughter. a new teen trend is not just hurting people who try it... it's hurting property. we'll show you the "put em in a coffin challenge"... and how it landed one local teen behind bars. n-v energy has seven ideas... to keep solar rates low for existing customers. a look at some of those solutions... and which
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here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight,
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is called "put em in a coffin". it involves a person crossing their arms... and throwing themselves anything from cars to grocery store shelves. " guy throws himself onto grocery store display squad, put em in a coffin! (guys thrown themselves and their bikes in a pool) in henderson, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for doing the coffin challenge... on the hood of someone's truck. this was on friday near whitney ranch and galleria. the truck was damaged, and police believe at least two other people might be involved. the teen is also accused of vandalizing the neighborhood by knocking over trash cans and throwing fruit at homes. if you have any information, call crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55. the "put em in a coffin" challenge is just one of many
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risk. another popular dare is the "duct tape challenge"... where teens have to escape from a web of tape. last week, a boy in washington nearly died when he fell while trying to untangle himself. he crushed his eye socket and suffered a brain aneurysm. and another popular dare called the "kylie jenner challenge" involves teens placing their lips in shot glasses, and sucking the air out. the idea is to make lips plump like the reality star's... but doctors warn glass can easily break under pressure and cut a face. there's also concern about permanent disfigurement with repeated attempts at this challenge. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a morning start on tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon with a high of only
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mostly clear skies. we'll be even cooler on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. we will start close-to-freezing with 33 as a tuesday. north breezes 10-15 mph are expected on tuesday afternoon 46 degrees with mostly clear skies.
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on wednesday morning with a low of 31 degrees, then a mostly clear high of 49. we will then warm up to the mid-upper 50s through saturday with 62 expected sunday. average high is 60, 61 by the weekend. closed captioning
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today's windy weather brought out good samaritans, who reached out to people living in the cold conditions. " right on the sidewalk they gave me a shave comb my hair look at that i got a beard and everything " also gave him money to buy a hot warm. homeless shelters are giving out new warm winter clothes today. it's easy to get the cold or flu in this weather, and doctors warn everyone to stay hydrated and wash their hands. the super bowl
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afternoon... so we hope you'll join us in the morning, for a 5 or 10k! run or walk with us sunday morning february seventh in downtown las vegas. fox five and our "take five to care partners" are teaming up with goodie two shoes for the big game ten-k run festival! registration includes entrance to health expos... a tailgate party... and a viewing of the big game. to register -- visit fox five vegas dot com and click on take five to care. a protest in oregon continues... despite the leaders of a militant group in jail. we'll show you the message cliven bundy has for president obama about the movement. and an inmate is killed at a nevada prison. what officials say led up to his
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death during a fight today at high desert state prison. the nevada department of corrections says 26-year-old andrew thurgood was killed just before two. correctional officers and medical staff found thurgood in the dayroom, and tried to save his life... but he died at the prison's hospital.
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prison for attempted possession of a stolen vehicle. prison officials say the fight was between three men... and they're investigating why it started. three men and one woman are continuing their standoff with officials at the malheur national wildlife refuge. they say they won't go home... unless they can get off without being prosecuted. a memorial is going up at the spot where protester lavoy finicum was killed last week. supporters of the cause are visiting it for themselves, after watching the f-b-i video of his death. the leader of the group, ammon bundy, is urging occupiers to go home. today, ammon's father cliven bundy... who lives here in nevada... sent a certified letter to president obama, the harney county sheriff, and oregon governor kate brown. it states protesters will continue to retain possession of the malhaur national wildlife refuge. it asks officials to remove federal and state agens from the area... and requests a sheriff guard post at the entrance of the center. n-v energy has seven ideas on
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utilities commission could keep existing solar customers into their lower rates. but the bottom line... these ideas only apply to people who installed or applied for solar by september 10th, 2015. one idea is for solar customers to move into the higher rates over four years. another calls for them to keep their old rates for 20 years. commissioners are debating whether "grandfathering" solar customers is a good idea. last month, the p-u-c voted to raise the rates of everyone who has solar... angering many who bought it because of the lower rates. police dogs are put in dangerous situations every day... and most don't have a lot of protection on their bodies. the efforts two local police officers are taking... to keep
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it was ten years congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in placeires buy ections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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o today when a metro office was shot and killed, while trying to save a woman being beat by her boyfriend. sergeant henry prendes was the first officer lost in the line of duty in 18 years here in southern nevada, and his death rocked the community. his memorial service was the largest publically attended service in our city's history. sergeant prendes left behind a wife and two daughters. dawn prendes formed a foundation in her husband's name shortly after his death, to carry out his dream of forming a camp
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prendes has worked ten years
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