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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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dreamers... among them, activist astrid silva, when she took to twitter to announce her support, some on the bernie side had a few words to share... and well, even hillary clinton herself got involved... take a look " people said that they tried to dampen our endoresement today, and i definitely said i came here i crossed a river because there was no other method available to my family, and a little water's not gonna harm us." activist astrid silva took some heat on twitter after announcing her support for hillary clinton the most visible critizism came from sander's latino press secretary erika andiola... " i knew that there would be people that disagreed with it, unfortunately some people disagreed a lot more, but again thats peoples opinnion and its great people are expressing themselves." andiola, a fellow dreamer, called clinton's dreamer support event a press hit, saying sanders and his team are organizing with dreamers not just showcasing them... clinton herself jumped online to defend silva, calling her part of the team... the twitter spat is part of a much
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the nevada caucus inches closer and closer, sander's campaign is busy making calls trying to take the support experts say hillary holds in the silver state... "bernie's opportunity in the next two weeks is going to be to try to motivate hispanics and the younger millenials to get out and participate because they like his message." they say sander's biggest challenge will be to get his millenial support group out to the caucus, but his nevada campaign leaders say iowa was a clear example that those feeling the bern shouldnt be underestimated " of the people who showed up to caucus in iowa, it was something like 80 percent were caucusing for bernie, so it is a challenge but its also time for people to stand up and were going to young people are excited and the were talking translate on caucus day." experts say democrats should keep on eye on one candidate who could try for the latino vote, ill tell you who at martinez-valle,
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nevada's democratic caucus is february 20th and the republican one follows on february 23rd... a man has a medical episode while driving... and his passenger is forced to take over the wheel. this happened just before six tonight on cheyenne and buffalo. police say a man in his 50's was behind the wheel when he had some sort of medical episode. they say the woman passenger had to to take control of the van... and hit ran into this pole. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. the woman was not injured. part of cheyenne and buffal were closed for several hours while metro investigated. we have a follow up on a story we first brought you last night... metro is apologizing after its 9-1-1 system crashed last night... and was out for almost seven hours the system-- which was updated late last year-- went down yesterday around 3:30-- leaving callers with emergencies... stranded. 311 and 911 callers- got a busy tone or message... and police say
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minutes went by where calls could not be answered at all. ""yesterdays unfortunate event is not representative of kind of service that we want to provide and is definitely not what the public deserves." " the new system was installed after the old system crashed last june. it cost two point three million dollars. a man-- shot and killed early this morning near downtown... was able to call 9-1-1 before he died. police believe the victim may have been walking in the area when he was shot. " "it looks like they were all standing outside, so i don't know if he knew them, or it could have been a robbery, but, i mean, it's 230 in the morning." " police are not yet releasing the 911 call because it is part of the investigation. it happened near of euclid and one neighbor-- claims he saw what happened-- have been a drug deal gone bad. police haven't arrested anyone. if you have any information-- you are asked to crimestoppers at
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a drivers waves a gun in the direction of a motorcyclist... and it's caught on video. we first told you about the video two days ago... it was recorded by a camera that's becoming more popular among drivers and riders alike. fox fives abby theodros tells us more about this trend and why people think it is a necessary precaution. motor cyclists shopping at "ride now" along craig road have infinite accessories to choose from if they want to deck out their ride - nats but there's one particular item flying off the shelves. alex shaffer, ride now: the cameras themselves are about hte same size accessories still it to where they shoot in a higher quality faster rates and makes it to where in quick situations where something goes wrong in the blink able to slow it down nd take a look at it from each spot of the actual problem. dash cameras were most commonly used by police but the number of civilians opting to use the recording device in their day to day commute has increased through the years. nats most recently having a
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of bikers in henderson. they angered a man in a pick up truck who eventually pulled a gun on them. it was all caught on camera. abby theodros: "dash cameras like this one run for as low as 100 bucks and is fairly easy to install. just plug it in to your cigarette lighter/car outlet and hit record. then you have a camera that records your commute to an sd card" fox5 checked to see if drivers in the valley could get a discount on insurance for using the technology... john carmona, state farm/phoner: at the moment state farm does not offer any incentives or discounts for any one who uses a camera. i checked with a few of my friends lat valley insurance and another at farmers insurance. they dont offer any incentives either. carmona said that could change if dash cameras become more widely used but in the meantime - for those who do use it - the benefits are far reaching. sgt. richard strader, metro: there's always those sections of the story that we dont have, and so if we can pull a video and connect that dot...those are good uses of those cameras and they realy help put people who are victimizing other
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progressive insurance says while discounts aren't offered for dash cameras - they do have an incentive for motorists who install devices in their cars that monitor driving habits. henderson just keeps getting bigger and better... and there is still more to come. that was the message today-- as mayor andy hafen delivered the state of the city address .... from the green valley ranch resort. he highlighted being the first city in the state to offer a texting 9- 1-1 service. and talked about economic growth "costco is seriously thingking about opening a second super store here in henderson on the west side of town " henderson is going to get strong, and get stronger in 2016. mayor hafen did say despite the city's growth, there have been no new fire stations or police stations built since the early 2000's... and noted it is something that will soon be necessary. young women should not drink alcohol unless they're using
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that's a new warning from the centers for disease control. some says that statement is puritanical... insulting... and sexist. others say it could prevent a lot of problems. fox five's elizabeth watts explains. the cdc issues a warning and posts it on facebook sparking heated debate.. it says three in four women who want to get pregnant drink alcohol.. to which some wrote: heaven forbid! we spoke with a couple of local moms who say it's an important message but the approach could be revised... dawna alexander/ foster mom i think people are more intelligent than that butt to dawna alexander/ foster mom i dont know that its their place to tell people they should be on birth control rosalina sie / mother it is really dangerous because of the alcohol you dont know what happen when youre baby is born the c-d-c says three million women are at risk of exposing their developing baby to alcohol... because they're drinking, having sex and not using birth control... drinking while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders... causing physical issues... also behavioral and intellectual disabilites that could last a lifetime.. dr. daliah wachs/ the dr daliah show
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take 4-8 weeks before u even know youre pregnant doctor daliah wachs says the government's message may seem odd but she sees it often.. dr. daliah wachs/ the dr daliah show the cdc likes to make guidelines they like to remind us. i can't tell you how many women i go "youre pregnant" and the first thing they go is oh my gosh i've been drinking or i got drunk on saturday or i did this. doctor daliah says there's no way of knowing how much alcohol could be safe for a growing baby... so it's best to not have any at all... she says while mom may feel fine with a drink baby could be getting alcohol intoxicated... dr. daliah wachs/ the dr daliah show the fetus metabolizes alcohol much slower. so mom may be already eliminating it in her liver. eliminating it inher kidneys. butbaby its compounding is compounding. doctor daliah advises people to always expect you can get pregnant... so practice safe sex.. use birth control and be aware. the c-d-c also warns women that drinking can cause a host of other problems including cancer and violence. the american beverage institute
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while prevention is a worthy goal... the c-d-c's view on alcohol is absurd... and says advising all fertile women to avoid alcohol isn't a realistic solution to the problem. the college football season may be 7 months away - but today may be 7 months away - but today was a key day to the future. the recruits have signed their letters of intent and the rebels turned into big players on the scene. kevin: it is national signing day for high school football players and unlv pulled in one heck bolinger. we'll hear from head coach tony sanchez straight ahead. there are plenty of football fans shown much love for our city... changing? we'll explain. 24/7 forecast is
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winner john huck. christine maddela.
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meteorologist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. today is national signing day for high school football players. it's also the day where universities like unlv lay the groundwork for future teams. the rebels are bringing in one of the best recruting classes in history as tony sanchez continues to turn the program around. fox 5's kevin bolinger has more on why unlv is creating a buzz. kevin: this is the best recuiting class that unlv football has seen in more than two decades. in the op three of the mountain west and top 75 in the country. the excitement is building and head coach tony sanchez says now it's time to get to work. the 2015 unlv recruting class is made up of 23 players - but it's the type of players that is sending a message to the mountain west conference that the rebels are on the rise. unlv signed a
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bringing in the type of players that normally wouldn't give the rebels a sniff. head coach tony sanchez says the culture is changing. tony sanchez: the majority of our guys came from winning programs so they're gonna came with the attitude of i'm a winner. you want that. it will bleed into the guys that maybe didn't come from those types of programs and it'll bleed into our guys who haven't had a lot of wins lately. so i think the more we brgin that in the more that will be the expectation. the rebels brought in players who will have an immediate impact at key areas like offensive line, defensive line and defensive backs. they also signed two top tier quarterbacks - highly regarded high school q-b armani rogers who was being pursued by pac-12 schools is someone sanchez says has a special career in front of him. and junior college transfer johnny stanton - who began his career at nebraska - will step in right now as a 6'3", 245 pound playmaker that changes the rebels offense. tony sanchez: johnny stanton is a phenomenal football player. he
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hearing comparisons and people talking about his running ability but he throws first. he threw for 3400 yards but he did rush for 700 yards so he's a dual threat guy. kevin: believe it or not spring football practice is just over a month away here at rebel park. a lot of those junior colllege transfers are enrolled at unlv and they will partake in spring practice. that'll just help the rebels hit the ground running when summer camp begins. at unlv, kevin bolinger, fox5 news, local las vegas. kevin will sit down with coach sanchez to talk more about the recruting class in the rebzone....this sunday night at 11. if the oakland raiders need to find a new home-- nfl commissioner roger goodell says he not opposed to the team making the move to las vegas. " ultimately it is the ownership's decision. it requires 24 of the 32 owners to approve any relocation to any market. obviously there are specific issues that would need to be
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context of las vegas. " roger goodell told rich eisen... if the raiders want to move and owners approve it-- he will not stand in the way. he did add-- that the talks of a move are premature at this time. the big game is this weekend. we hope you'll join us before kickoff... fox5 and our take 5 to care partners are teaming up with goodie two shoes for the big game 10k run festival. you can choose your distance... and run or walk with us sunday- february 7th in downtown las vegas. registration includes entrance to health expos, a tailgate and a big game viewing party. to register, visit fox5 and click on take 5 to care. police are stepping patrols this weekend.... if you've been drinking-- do not get behind the wheel. triple-a is
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tow-- for drivers. they will drive you home for free up to ten miles--- and bring your vehicle along. you can call 1- 800-222-4357 that's aaa-help. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty another overnight close-to-freezing with a low of 35 degrees. we will stay in the cool territory with mid and upper 50s for the next two afternoons. we'll be partly cloudy on thursday, then mostly sunny on friday with a light breeze for both days. we'll be closer to average on the weekend with 61 on saturday, then 65 sunday. average high for the weekend is 61
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up to 70 degrees for monday and tuesday with lose in the low to mid 40s. another overnight close-to-freezing with a low of 35 degrees. we will stay in the cool territory with mid and upper 50s for the next two afternoons. we'll be partly cloudy on thursday, then mostly sunny on friday with a light breeze for both days. we'll be closer to average on the weekend with 61 on saturday, then 65
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high for the weekend is 61 degrees. we'll warm up to 70 degrees for monday and tuesday with lose in the low to mid 40s. closed captioning will resume shortly the city honors celine dion's late
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angelil... we take you inside the celebration of life ceremony... held tonight at
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many of us have a ccw... so when is it acceptable to draw a weapon.. and did a road rage incident rise to that occasion? we'll show you video in the rant.. it's a big topic there.. we want to
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put on their swim attire... and headed downtown. that's because downtown grand held a casting call for its upcoming pool season. employers held on site interviews today... for servers, bartenders and pool attendants. they said they are looking for energenic and fun people ready to serve. "its a 30,000 sq ft pool deck,. we can't imagine why you'd want to work anywhere else in town. great food and beverage offerings that are
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great cocktails, fun entertianment everyday. a really awesome experience for your guest but we also really want to be a destination for downtown las vegas, we watn to serve this community. for a list of job openings at downtown grand... just head to the links part of our website... three hospitals are applying to become "level three" trauma centers. they include centennial hills ... mountain-view... and southern hills. "it provdes basic trauma coverage so if you're in a car accident or if you're in an accident that needs immediate attention." "that way, ems can quickly scooop up the patient, get them stabalized and bring them to the hospital where we can treat them." once approved by the state - the hospitals would need to be certified - and accredited. currently - sunrise hospital is a "level two" trauma center. u-m-c is a "level one" - providing care in the most serious of situations. more apologies. but still no answer. metro police do
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went down for hours. tonight... what the department is doing to make sure this new multi-million dollar computer system doesn't fail agin. "we simply do not have the right to remain silent. we do not have the right not to act. government broke it. government must fix it." " the water in flint, michigan is not safe to drink... and hasn't been for a while. so what took so long... and who state and federal officials are
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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10. local. las vegas. metro's 9-1-1 system was down for nearly seven hours on tuesday. the 2-point-3 million dollar system was installed at the end of last year to replace their old one... now metro is apologizing - after callers were left stranded during emergencies. fox 5's ophelia young explains. juan juarez/911 caller tom roberts/assistant sheriff, communications
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mike barkbeck radio systems metro "601 601 601 602 603 604 and that was just me." on the phone calling 911 over and over - but nobody picked up for about 10 minutes. juan juarez and stood hopelessly watching his house go up in smoke. "i could only hear beeping sounds." "we were trying to do our best to get out and our dogs out of the house." one of the dogs - didnt make it. it happened during metro's 911 system crash which started at 3:30 tuesday afternoon - keeping 311 and 911 callers- was a busy tone or message: "there was a lapse in between the time that we could get the 911 calls switched over to the other jurisdictions." metro estimates between 30 and 50 minutes went by where calls could not be answered at all while they worked to route them to henderson and north las vegas. after that lapse - there were delayed responses. six hours passed before the problem was finally solved. but in that time - metro is not sure how many calls they missed.... but have expressed their apologies since the beginning. "yesterdays unfortunate event is not representative of
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we want to provide and is definitely not what the public deserves." the new system cost 2.3 million dollars - plus another 4 hundred thousand the county commission granted to renovate the dispatch center - and was installed after the old system crashed last june." "what occured last summer was a switch failure. what occured yesterday was a systems issue." metro is still pinpointing the exact failure of the new system - they have ruled out a computer hack. meanwhile they've increased monitoring and technical staff- and they are building a back up dispatch center that should be ready by march. "natsound of ax" juan says he appreciates metro's apologies - but it still doesn't change the fact that he and his family now has nowhere to live. "anxiety anger im thinking about all the losses im thinking about my little sister i told her about our dog that died." oy f5n llv juarez says the firefighters have not yet come back
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he says may consult with an attorney to talk about what sort of compensation he can get. recording devices on the road-- are becoming a popular trend... some even say they are necessary. dash cameras were most commonly used by police but the number of civilians opting to use the recording device in their day to day commute has increased. the cameras are able to shoot in a higher quality and faster rates-- and when something goes wrong-- theyre able to slow it down nd take a look at it from each spot of the actual problem. which can be beneficial in case of a dispute. "1:24-1:31 sgt. richard strader, metro: there's always those sections of the story that we dont have, and so if we can pull a video and connect that dot...those are good uses of those cameras and they realy help put people who are victimizing other people away. " staff with "ride now" say these cameras are also popular for recreational use. you can get these cameras online for less than 100 dollars.
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bundy has been indicted by a federal grand jury. the sealed indictment includes the oregon standoff leader-- and ten others who were arrested so far... implying the four protestors who are still occupying the malheur national wildlife refuge could also be indicted. the indictment will be made public in 24 hours. defense attorneys demanded that prosecutors immediately release the document, so they could know what charges their clients face.-- but that request was denied. the field of republican presidential candidate is dwindling... "it has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race, and i believe we have broadened the debate by being part of it." " rand paul is suspending his white house bid. paul sent out a statement this morning-- confirming the decision to drop out of the republican presidential primary. he finished in a disappointing fifth place in monday's iowa caucuses, registering just four-and-a-half percent of the vote. paul, a kentucky republican, is expected to now place his focus on his senate reelection bid. former pennsylvania senator rick
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ended his second bid for the white house today. on monday night donald trump delivered a gracious address following his second place finish in iowa... now he has changed his tune. today he sent a tweet- accusing senator ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucus saying cruz committed fraud. he called for a new election or he says cruz's results should be nullified. ahead of the caucus trump had a significant lead over the other candidates in the polls. cruz's campaign dismissed trump's claim... accusing him of trying to get attention,. the case against bill cosby will move forward. after a pennsylvania judge ruled he will have to face a sexual assault charge. as mary moloney reports-- it comes after the comedian's lawyers argued the case should be thrown out. the case dates back more than a decade. and it involves andrea constand -- who claims bill cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2004. initially -- constand kept quiet. but a year after the alleged assault -- constand went to
10:34 pm
the time did not file charges -- saying there wasn't enough credible and admissible evidence. cosby's lawyers say the prosecutor made a promise never to criminally charge the comedian ... if cosby agreed to testify in constand's civil case. he did. and in sworn testimony -- cosby admitted to giving drugs to some women he wanted to have sex with. cosby and constand settled the lawsuit -- the amount not made public. the case was closed. cosby's testimony sealed. but late last year -- a judge opened those civil court records. and in december -- a different prosecutor citing new evidence charged cosby with criminal sexual assault. cosby's attorneys cried foul... claiming the promise made by the former district attorney protected the entertainer from prosecution. the star's attorneys argued cosby only testified in the civil case -- because the state agreed to drop the criminal case. (joey jackson/legal expert): "you would think there might be a written instrument, a written document that would suggest that the commonwealth would not
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rub, there is no such agreement." late wednesday the judge ruled... promise or no promise... the case against bill cosby will move forward. and his attorneys said they would appeal. bill cosby has not entered a plea. one of the anti- abortion activists.... who was indicted for tampering with a governmental record... after releasing undercover planned parenthood goes before a judge. sandra merritt and david daleiden were behind those videos, showing planned parenthood employees discussing the illegal sale of human body parts. plenty of pro-life advocates were on hand... her attorney ---says merritt is falsely accused "we're doing it because it's the right thing to do. she's a falsely accused woman. the indictment is wrong-headed. i don't care if you're pro-life, i don't care if you're pro-choice, i don't care if you're a pro-bowler, this case is dumber than a bucket of hair. it needs to be dismissed. " david daleiden is expected to turn himself in on
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the zika virus is spreading rapidly. now we're learning its not just spreading by mosquitos, but also through sexual contact. "the clusters of microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event." "we have received confirmation that it has spread otherwise through sexual activity."" the zika virus is present in at least 24 countries as it sweeps through central and south america... northward to the u-s. its been linked to a birth disorder in newborns that results in babies born with abnormally small heads... causing severe developmental issues and sometimes death. the environmental protection agency's water chief-- says the water crisis in flint was avoidable. federal and state officials from michigan argued over who is to blame for the lead contamination crisis... today on capitol hill. fox's mike emanual has more on the heated battle.
10:37 pm
hearing wednesday federal and state officials pointing fingers... over who is responsible for the ongoing water contamination crisis in flint, michigan. cummings says:"epa officials should have moved much more aggressively." "but states are the primary enforcement agencies for the safe drinking water act, not the epa." the acting water chief for the e-p-a says federal officials warned the state of michigan to treat the water in the flint area...for elements that cause corrosion... but, he says the e- p-a's warnings were - quote - "met with resistance" by state officials, including the michigan department of environmental quality. beauvais says: "mdeq advised the city of flint that corrosion control treatment was not necessary. failure to implement such treatment resulted in leaching of lead into the city's drinking water." he also testified the state waited months...before warning the public. however, the director of michigan's state department of environmental quality says the problem festered for months as the e-p-a - quote - "did not display the sense of urgency
10:38 pm
meantime, a flint mom also testified. walters says: "the citizens in flint were assured for 18 months that the water was safe." walters says: "we fought the city and the state saying there was something wrong and we were dismissed." ultimately, flint water was not properly treated to keep lead from leaching into the water supply. at this point the blood of some children in flint has tested positive for lead. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news. the justice department is now also looking into the contamination. now some are calling for officials to be fired... or even serve jail time. thousands of people are gather on the strip... to honor celine dion's late husband rene angelil. the celebration of life-- held tonight at caesars palace. more's sean mcallister is there... he joins us with details from the ceremony. closed captioning
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"this is rene singing to celine ok... singing... " he never allowed for me to give my opinon if we were not alone.if there would be family or dear friends close. somewhere, somehow. when i was about to say, but, he would either kick me under the table, or give me like, or. (laugher) he would give me a sign that i would
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well. that, me his he never allowed for me to give my opinon if we were not alone.if there would be family or dear friends close. somewhere, somehow. when i was about to say, but, he would either kick me under the table, or give me like, or. (laugher) he would give me a sign that i would understand very well. that, me his wife, the artist that i am, the performer i am, behind closed doors you can tell me anything i want, but not infront of peron. an artist, a
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judge another one." closed captioning will resume shortly the heat is on for american idol american idol hopefuls... " singing" we have a look as they battle it out for a spot in the show's final season. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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we've been showing you video of a road rage incident.. where the driver ended up pointing a gun at a motorcyclist.. he hear from someone who was there and tells us the bikers were riding stupid.. but does acting stupid justify drawing a weapon? a gun instructor answers that.. in the rant coming
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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it out in hollywood. vying for a spot in the top 24--- for the final season of american idol. " " they survived group round... now the contestants are hitting the stage-- solo. and-- no feedback from the judges-- until they find out if they are moving on... or going home. you can catch more idol tomorrow night-- right here on fox5. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted
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another overnight close-to-freezing with a low of 35 degrees. we will stay in the cool territory with mid and upper 50s for the next two afternoons. we'll be partly cloudy on thursday, then mostly sunny on friday with a light breeze for both days. we'll be closer to average on the weekend with 61 on saturday, then 65 sunday. average high for the weekend is 61 degrees. we'll warm up to 70 degrees for monday and tuesday with lose in the low to mid 40s. another overnight close-to-freezing degrees. we will
10:46 pm
territory with mid and upper 50s for the next two afternoons. we'll be partly cloudy on thursday, then mostly sunny on friday with a light breeze for both days. we'll be closer to average on the weekend with 61 on saturday, then 65 sunday. average high for the weekend is 61 degrees. we'll warm up to 70 degrees for monday and tuesday with lose in the low to mid 40s. closed captioning
10:47 pm
if you carry a concealed weapon.. when is it acceptable to point it at someone? that's the debate in the rant now.. after we aired this video..
10:48 pm
between a motorcyclist and a driver on boulder highway near horizon. the motorcyclist confronts the driver over a the driver said he felt threatened and pointed his gun at the biker.. this firearms instructor starts
10:49 pm
send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up.. on fox five news at eleven. nevada's solar troubles get attention on the senate floor. what senator harry reid is proposing... to keep rates low for solar customers across america. and it could be a valentine's date night at the animal shelter. we'll show you what the animal foundation is doing, to find new homes for pets. the righteous brothers are getting ready to call las vegas home.... temporarily. you've lost that lovin feeling, woah-oh that loving feelin the rock and roll hall of famers have announced a
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harrah's beginning on march 23-rd. it will feature original member bill medley alongside bucky heard. fans can expect to hear their classic hits "unchained melody" and "you've lost that loving feeling." tyson beckford.... ian ziering... now michael phelps? the olympian wore this speedo at the a-s-u basketball game last week and it caught the eyes of chippendales organizers. now they have reached out to the olympic swimmer... to be a celeb guest host in their show at the rio. he's declined the offer for now-- because he's training for the olympics. but phelps says he may reconsider the offer after. many pets spend their days alone while their humans are at work. he look harmless... but he is anything but-- how this pup is
10:51 pm
many pet owners entertain themselves all day when they are alone. one woman knew her pup was up to no good... but wanted to catch him in the act. and this golden retriever... did not disappoint. as soon as his
10:52 pm
anything... and everything he could... first he snuggled up on the couch with a book... and ripped it apart. then he moves on to the place mats on the coffee table... and then he goes after a yoga mat. but when his human comes home... he stops
10:53 pm
and greets her praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders focusing efforts on nevada... especially when it comes to the younger vote. a look at a feud between their two local campaigns. a warning from health oicials has some woman feeling like feminism has taken a giant leap back. why millions of woman are being told to stop drinking. senator harry reid takes nevada's solar
10:55 pm
the senate floor.
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