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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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only in a bus stop ... he was also riding a mobility scooter. fox five's les krifaton is live a rancho and lake mead with the latest. at this point it's a fatal detail investgation to happened. according to preliminary details provided by us by lt. david jacoby with metro, this vehicle traveling eastbound on rancho hit the median between the east and westbound lanes on rancho. the impact caused the tires on the driver's side to deflate. the car then jumped over the median, hitting the bus shelter. " upon going into the wall there was a gentleman in a
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struck" according to witnesses the vehicle had to be lifted off the man who died a short time later at the hospital. the driver of the car did not appear to be under the influence, according to lt. jacoby. she remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. also at the scene were witnesses police spent the better part of the afternoon interviewing. we'll hear from one of those witnesses at 5:30 metro police are also investigating a shooting in broad daylight in the middle of a parking lot - in the east valley. police now searching for shooters who quickly rushed away from the scene. fox 5's ophelia young is there now - where police are investigating a dead body. that dead body laid in plain sight all afternoon.
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the scene to you...adlib. elvira cozzens elvira cozzens "i heard two pops two gunshots pop pop so i started paying attention and looked at this corner over here. the corner of rainbow and westcliff - only a couple hundred feet away from the chevron - witnesses watched a man gunned down in plain sight. "multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body i would say." police arrived to find a body laying across empty parking spaces. after interviewing witnesses - which included construction workers and shoppers - homicide detectives learned the white chevrolet is the victim's car. the victim was seen waiting in the white chevy around 12:30 in the afternoon - when a car witnesses describe as a gray nissan altima drives up to it.
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up he got into the rear driver side of that vehicle." a reported altercation in the altima leads to gunshots. the altima drives a few feet in the parking lot and then the victim jumps out. "he's seen getting out and having his hands up this is pretty clear from one of the witnesses that was walking by that had unobstructed view and then several more shots are heard and then the vehicle is seen speeding out and then getting on to west cliff and then north on rainbow." "and they were way too fast i tried to get the license plate but it was way too fast for me to do that." police say shootings like this are not unusual - it could be a craigslist robbery or a narcotics transaction gone bad. this time - there are plenty of witnesses to help. "some saw bits and pieces some of them heard it so were going to get through this." police are also looking into surveillance camperas from gas stations and convenience stores around the area to find a
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hoping to have that for us by the end of today. reporting live. another man is dead tonight after a different shooting early this morning. it happened around 2-30 this morning... at a home on nookfield drive - near flamingo and buffalo. metro says a man was shot - and taken to u-m-c in extremely critical condition.. but later died. investigators believe there was an altercation prior to the shooting - and that the suspect and victim knew each other. no word yet on any arrests. if you have information on either of these shootings.... call police or crimestoppers - at 702-385-55-55. bad behavior led to a delay in court procedings for the woman accused of running over people on the strip. "screaming in the background" people in the courtroom could hear lakeisha holloway screaming in the
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district attorney steve wolfson was there-- and so were attorneys .. but holloway was never brought into court. the judge scheduled another hearing two weeks from today. while some nevada army guard members are preparing to deploy, others are in training. an exercise out at nellis shows what a specialized team can do to assist first responders. the cerf-p team about 200 specially trained soldiers and airmen who work in hazardous situations. "we are deployable anywhere where they need us to respond in a domestic operation whether it's a any types of natural disasters that occur." they have equipment to extract people in collapsed buildings after an earthquake for example, or decontaminate civilians from airborne fuel and any other nuclear or also today, a held for a forty nevada guardsmembers... who are being mobilized to the horn of africa.
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said it has ceased operations at two las vegas schools. one is near bonanza and nellis... and the other near sunset and mountain vista. according to the department of education - the two locations had more than 2- hundred students. the department says it discovered violations - such as requesting federal aid for students based on invalid high school diplomas - and charging students for excessive overtime. marinello said the department withheld funds from students for two months - and would not let the school respond to waht it called unfounded allegations. in a letter to students - the school said it did everything in its power to avoid the outcome. the school said it is working on partnerships with other schools to help students finish coursework. good news today for hispanic children in nevada.. more are now covered by health insurance than ever before. at an awards presentation today.. the children's advocacy alliance, the national council of la raza and the city of las vegas talked about a new report showing significant
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uninsured hispanic children in nevada. the number of uninsured children in nevada is down 33-percent from 2013 to 2014.. the largest decline in the nation. andres ramirez / president, ramiraz group "for us to be able to guide them through the process, help them overcome obsicles and reach an option that's best for them and their families that to us is a great feeling and rewarding in and of itself" steven lopez / manager, health policy project "we know that when kids get covered it increases their academic success, it increases their economic opportunity as adults and we know that when we look at the latino community the child population for the latino community is the fastest growing in the country." the report estimated the number of uninsured children in nevada declined from about 53-thousand 2013 to about 36- thousand in 2014. coming up - a look at the booming tech industry in nevada.. here in the valley and our neighbors to the north. plus .. indictments against the bundy brothers behind bars in oregon are unsealed.
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charges they and more than a dozen others now face. 2:10 - 2:18 "we can talk about the purchase of, is it, the wu tang clan, is that the name of the album?" that's a congressman grilling a former pharmacutical c- e-o about a rap album.. we'll tell you why. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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nevada's known for tourism and gambling, but experts are hoping a third industry will take the state to the next level. fox 5's miguel martinez-valle joins us live in the studio to take a closer look at some big changes happening in our back yard. the new nevada boom, thats what officials are hoping for, after being hit hard by the recession law makers knew nevada needed to add more long term real jobs, thats where the tech industry comes in with faraday future announcing its north las vegas home and tesla up in the reno-sparks area, big jobs are coming to nevada from the electric car industry. experts are calling nevada the place to be for business ...
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massive construction up north, and massive construction right here in southern nevada, as faraday kicks in i think southern nevada will be that leader in the southwest in projects under construction and planned." but not everyones eager to get building, for those hit hardest by the great recession... jumping into the building band wagon seems like a risky move... i took a close look at new jobs coming to the valley, and even went up to reno to see how the reno - tahoe industrial center is pushing their economy... i'll give you the details of why experts are saying this new boom is here to stay... tonight at 10 the clark county commission has approved a new shopping center on the strip .. and new convention center space .. both on the north end. the county confirms that wynn las vegas is planning a two- story .. 86- thousand square foot shopping center addition. and further north ... sls las vegas intends to open a three-
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building with convention space that will also have a pool on top. no word on a timetable for either project at this point. and away froro the strip .. more construction is planned. this time near the las vegas motor speedway. this is where an investment company plans to build this 18- million dollar 125-room hotel. it will be a starwood hotel. construction should begin in july .. and take about a year to complete. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty plenty of sun over the next week and temperatures increase as a result. a warmer morning in store for us friday with 38 degrees, then mostly sunny with a high of 58. we'll see full sun and highs
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weekend. we'll see 61 on saturday, then 66 on sunday. a little warmer into next week as we'll see 68 monday, then around 70 degrees tuesday through thursday. plenty of sun over the next week and temperatures increase as a result. a warmer morning in store for us friday with 38 degrees, then mostly sunny with a high of 58. we'll see full sun and highs at average and above for the
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66 on sunday. a little warmer into next week as we'll see 68 monday, then around 70 degrees tuesday through thursday. closed captioning will resume shortly newly released
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newly released documents show the four remaining occupiers at an oregon wildlife refuge are facing charges. in an unsealed indictment .. there are 16 defendants named, including
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jury charged all of them with felony conspiracy, accused of using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at malheur national wildlife refuge. the indictment says two conspirators traveled to the area in october to warn the local sheriff of "extreme civil unrest" if certain demands weren't met. martin shkreli -- the notorious ex- c-e-o of turing pharmaceuticals -- got a grilling by congress today on drug pricing. shkreli -- named by some last year as "the most hated man in america" -- was questioned on his actions at turing. while c-e-o, he hiked prices of a drug used to treat aids and cancer patients from 13-dollars- 50-cents a pill to 750-dollars a pill. shkreli took the stand today, but refused to give testimony. over and over again, he declined to answer questions, invoking the fifth amendment. one congressman tried getting an answer out of shkreli and briefly succeeded.. (rep. trey gowdy/ (r) south carolina) "is it pronounced shkreli?"
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pharmaceuticals, founder and former ceo) "yes sir." (rep. trey gowdy/ (r) south carolina) "see there you can answer some questions. that one didn't incriminate you. i just want to make sure you understand you are welcome to answer questions and not all of your answers are going to subject you to incrimination, you understand that, don't you?" (martin shkreli/turing pharmaceuticals, founder and former ceo) "i intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours." shkreli faces securities fraud charges involving retrophin, another biotech company that he ran several years ago. today's hearing was unrelated to those charges. next -- remembering the man behind the voice of bugs bunny and several other loved cartoon characters. and vice president biden just did something he really wants you
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sad news in the congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street.
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join the fight to take back our government. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper, but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent can't wait. a single mom who desperately needs a raise can't wait. a student with a mountain of debt can't wait.
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who need it. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ainment world tonight ... the voice actor behind bugs bunny and daffy duck has died. the family of joe alaskey confirmed his death this morning. the voice actor had been battling cancer. alaskey voiced several looney tunes characters after the death of mel blanc in 19- 89...including tweety bird... sylvester the cat... and even won an emmy for his performance on cartoon network's "duck dodgers." alaskey was 63- years old. even as results from the iowa caucus continue to be scrutinized .... the next state is
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gearing up for the new hampshire primary .. now less than one week away. joel waldman has the latest from washington. clinton says: "i didn't think i was going to run for president at that time." it's just one of the reasons hillary clinton gave for accepting 675- thousand dollars in speaking fees from goldman sachs...during a new hampshire town hall stumble ... now, just 5 days away from the nation's first primary, clinton is in a race to gain ground, trailing bernie sanders by about 18-points in the granite state. stirewalt says: "hillary clinton has a problem ... which is when she tries to put the authenticity chip in where she tries to upload the program to be relatable, voters know." the iowa caucus still haunting clinton ... with the des moines register now calling for an audit of the final results ... the one- time big favorite squeaking out a win by just two-tenths of one-percentage point. all this .... as the two candidates get ready to face-off yet again during a debate this evening. just one night after a heated
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progressive candidate .... clinton says: "i am amused the senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive." candidates on the criss-crossing the week's primary ... albeit a few less of them... rand paul, rick santorum and mike huckabee all announcing they've suspended their campaigns... but fewer candidates does not mean fewer attacks. cruz says: "donald rattled. he told the win in iowa - and he waldman: "carly fiorina, in jeopardy of missing saturday night's gop debate because of poor polling numbers, got a big boost from new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who says she should be allowed on stage. in washington, joel waldman, fox news". after a short break ... we are about to see a lot more of the presidential campaigns in the valley.. and it starts with president bill clinton tomorrow. teh former president is scheduled to campaign for his wife, hillary, tomorrow at the united brotherhood of carpenters international training center at 7:15 tomorrow
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going to pahrump saturday to campaign for hillary at manse elementary school at 9:45 in the morning. both events are open to the public .. but you need to sign up in advance through the clinton campaign web site. vice president joe biden made history today.. becoming the first vice president to have a facebook page. biden posted some pictures today .. including of the day he was sworn in. biden's first facebook post comes on world cancer day. president barack obama has tapped biden to lead a new task force designated to end cancer. next at six ... time to pick a winner of this weekend's big game.. broncos .. or panthers... we let a tiger decide. keep watching for an all new more access. coming up
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. another deadly crash at a valley bus stop... now state officials are working to find a solution to put an end to the trend. we have details on the changes that are coming to nevada roadways. finally tonight .. no need to watch the super bowl this weekend .. we already know who the winner is. that is .. if you believe "misha" .. a large tiger at the blank park zoo in des moines, iowa. zoo workers scented the two boxes with perfume and put meat inside both. after checking them out for while ... and finally ... misha says it will be the carolina panthers winning super bowl 50. however .. after this .. mishatore apart the denver broncos box .. not quite sure what
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thanks for joining us.. access" -- ((nats of david foster performance..... end)) "devoted love until we die." a touching tribute as vegas remembers rene. how celine's famous friends came together to show their love and support... celine says: "rene, i love you so much." then the grammys get ready to entertain and honor some of the greats! see which vegas stars have just joined the all-star line-up! then from cinderella to slaying zombies! "i've been training for this my whole life." lilly james gives
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