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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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left a rancher dead. we start with breaking news tonight.... the van involved in the hit and run crash that killed a two year old north las vegas girl over the weekend... has been found. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. north las vegas police say the van was located some time today... but say they do not have a suspect in custody. 2-year-old evelyn green was hit and killed sunday night while playing in front of her house-- near pecos and lake mead. the girl's family says the driver of the van initially stopped... but then took off. if you have any information on this crash... or know who the driver is... you are asked to contact crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. a couple's risque ride on the worlds tallest observation wheel ended up at the clark county detention center. two vegas tourists engaged in sex acts, even after an employee ttoldhem to stop... fox5's miguel martinez-valle joins us now near the high-roller with all the lurid
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the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas could actually ring true in this crime of passion... the two tourists arrested for sex acts on the high roller could end up staying in las vegas since police say, their adventure could land them in jail. when philip panzica and chloe scordianos started their risque ride on the highroller, they probably didnt expect to face potential jail time, but thats exactly what happened after an employee caught them in the act, and called the police... " this is a felony, so that means per statute, they face a minimum of one year in prison if found guilty, plus a fine if deemed by the court." the police report shows the pair were smoking and undressing in one of the glass cabins... the linq employee told them over the intercom to put out the cigarettes and put on some clothes... but they kept going.. thats where things get graphic, the
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security footage shows them both naked, the pair engaged in oral sex, and ignored orders to stop... " of course everyone wants to come and have a good time here in las vegas, and we welcome that, we want people to enjoy themselves here, but there are certain things that no matter where you are are unacceptable. " we took to strip to see what other vegas tourists thought of the ordeal... " yes thats inapprorpiate, but dont get caught." and we got some mixed reactions " part of me feels like what happens in vegas should stay in vegas, but theres children around so thats inaproriate" " i feel like what happens in vegas should stay in vegas, and children, if youre under 18 you should be home in bed by 11 o clock." until they found out it happened in the middle of the day, at three o clock " oh no no no" " like this time of the night, maybe, but not during the day." the police report says people in surrounding cabins saw the whole thing, and even got some video, but refused to write a statement. as for the pair, they said they were just having a good time, and didn't think anyone would notice... theyre now facing felony charges for sex acts in public among
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philip panzica was also arrested for an outstanding warrant out of laughlin... employees of the highroller reported this sort of thing was happening more often, theyre worried vegas's version of the mile-high-club is going to give their attraction a bad reputation... live, miguel martinez-valle fox5 news local. las vegas. coming up at 11, we'll tell you if coming up at 11, we'll tell you if their public display could make them sex offenders... a former charter school music teacher... has been arrested in connection to a lewdness investigation... dating back to nearly four years
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william crawford is accused of having inappropriate contact with two 12-year-old students while working at somerset academy... in october 2012. two weeks ago - detectives obtained a warrant for crawford's arrest - and he was taken into custody yesterday. the school issued the following statement.... it reads in part... somerset academy of las vegas is committed to providing a safe, secure, and enriching environment, challenging academics and positive social environment for the growth and development of our students. at this time our thoughts are with those who have these unfortunate somerset academy of las vegas and its administrators will take active support to those who may have been involved. the votes are in... and there were no major surprises in new hampshire. as predicted-- for bernie sanders and donald trump... as they win the first in the nation primary... but it is who came in second--- that could narrow the field of republican candidates. john kasich
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spot-- followed by marco rubio and ted cruz. putting the pressure on other candidates to drop out to the race. bernie sanders- hoping his strong showing-- will give his campaign momentum. : ""what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic and aroused electorate - people who came out in large numbers...that is what will happen all over this country." " : "we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world is gonna respect us again." most of the republican candidates heading to south carolina tomorrow to campaign there... and sanders heading to new york for a meeting with reverend al sharpton. we've got less than two weeks until the nevada caucuses start. but one segment of the population says they're being left out. fox five's elizabeth watts is live on las vegas boulevard near russell with more. the democrats
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casinos to accomodate voters who work on caucus day.. but some local faith populations says they're being left out as the caucus is being held on a saturday. if youre really sabbath observant you can't drive even if you could walk not in the spirit rabbi shia harlig says he's surprised and disappointed the state democratic party is hosting its caucuses on a saturday morning... and not making special accomodations for certain faiths... jews observe the sabbath on saturday until an hour after sundown.. rabbi shia harlig (like chia with s) / chabad (habad) southern nevada i had a couple congregants who said they were called to come and caucus and told them they cant its because the sabbath and didn't get much of a response rabbi says the campaign of bernie sanders.. who is jewish democrat... has reached out to him and said they're trying to see what they can do... back in 2012 the g-o-p held a special evening caucus to accomodate the oberservers as it had been scheduled on a saturday.... hundreds showed up including rachel
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says she feels bad for the democrats who can't take part... rachel ramstetter/jewish republican it's just not nice and it's not just the jews it's anyone else that observes the seventh day adventist. and everybody needs to have their chance to be included. the nevada state democratic party gave us a statement saying saturday at eleven a-m is the best time to increase access as much as possible for democrats across nevada to participate in our first in the west caucuses. keeping this date is critical to preserving our early-state status in the presidential nominating calendar. the rabbi says he they're intentionally trying to leave doesn't they didn't just altogether after what happened today is new a tuesday i dont know why they can't do it on a tuesday on a weekday like the general elections. we spoke with the state democratic party again tonight... who wanted to add... "unfortunately it is not logistically feasible for us to hold a separate caucus. we have
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the caucus process as inclusive as possible by adding strip locations for shift workers, tele-caucus for and registered nevada voters living overseas." reporting live ew ffn llv. the democratic caucus is on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. ahead of the both presidential candidates will hopes of swaying last-minutes voters. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take hall... just two days ahead of the caucus... the focus will likely be on specific issues affecting nevada and the latino a location for the event has not yet been decided. an argument turns deadly in front of a home on the east side of the valley. it happened around 1-30 p-m on kennewick drive and mcleod. police say a man and woman in a pickup truck were homeowner...
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the homeowner in his upper body. he was taken to sunrise hospital where he died. police say all three may be acquaintances. "they were arguing and i guess they have previous history over money and they were threatening each other and they came over and had argument in front yard and shot fired from pick up truck..." police say witnesses saw a silver pickup truck drive away. no arrests have been made at this time. a couple accused in the shooting death of a man in front of his child appear in court to find out their bail. "the behaviors that she did as far as what she did with car and information she gave to police, because i felt like she was a flight risk." a judge set bail at 35-thousand dollars for 23- year-old krystal guice. 25-year-old deonte coleman
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without bail. both were death of 26-year- old johnny dee haney last monday. police say the couple met with shares custody of girl with guise. during the exchange -- police the child's father several times. haney died at the scene. police say the couple took off with the child. arrested a day later. guise is back in court next coleman the 22-nd. a bank robbery ends with a police chase... it all started at this late this afternoon at the u-s bank near russell and 215. the suspected bank robber-- took off from the bank.... crashing on the 215 between durango and buffalo--- causing some traffic tie- ups. the driver was arrested and taken to u-m-c. a nevada lawmaker will go to oregon this week to protest the arrests of an armed group in a ranching standoff republican state assembly member michele fiore plans to travel to portland ahead of a thursday meeting. it involves several state
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are members of the "coalition of western states". the group is against federal management of western lands. rancher ammon bundy called on elected officials to come support his cause. fiore says lavoy finicum was not reaching for a firearm... but his hands went to where he was getting shot. "there is footage of lavoy with his side arm on his right side. hes a right hand shooter so he always had his holster on his right side. so when i hear conflicting accounts of reaching for pocket twoard left side for firearm its difficult to believe thats why i would like to see body cam and dash cam." bundy and fifteen others have been indicted on charges of conspiracy to interfere with federal workers. fiore says she also wants answers on how oregon came up with those charges. taxi drivers voiced their concerns about a
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overcharge customers. some say the three-dollar credit card processing fee affects their tips. "now that uber and lyft are here. and we have the 3% tax on there, their skipping tipping on credit card machines. then they think were cheating them on the tax and making it up. so theyre not tipping at all." nevada legislators held a public hearing on the taxicab authority. a state audit claims cabs overcharged customers 47- million dollars a year. it recommends abolishing the taxicab authority... and having the nevada transportation authority or clark county to oversee it. drivers say auditors are misleading the public about the charges. the t-mobile arena is just months away from opening on the las vegas strip. and patrons will pay to park. how that price will be determined. still don't know what to get that special someone for valentine's day? tomorrow on fox
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we've got the gift ideas that any man will love. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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live from las vegas. you're watching fox5 news at 10, with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. m-g-m resorts international gives more details about the new t- mobile arena. construction crews are still working hard on the site... employees are going through the hiring process... and acts are being booked. today -- the henderson chamber of commerce learned about what the arena will have to offer. many had questions about the parking situation. m-g-m resorts announced it would charge for parking at several of its properties on the strip. the resort's senior v-p of entertainment says it's typical to pay for parking at different arenas.
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event, but i think it in most cases and we'll see how details flesh out with actual charges." the arena has already attracted some big names in music... like las vegas' own the killers and iconic country singer george strait. it's expected to open in april. the world's largest sports book in las vegas celebrates its 13- million dollar makeover. "this is now a las vegas landmark. we certainly have a lot around here in las vegas. but when you want to see worlds and see what we have done as far as technology is must see if you come to las vegas." the westgate superbook went months of renovations... and says they're just getting started! the superbook is now one of the most technologically advanced in the city. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman... former mayor oscar goodman... and clark county commissioners champagne toast! it has the world's largest l-e-d video resolution
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betting menu is even bigger! you can also bet from your seat with interactive player terminals wagering. it is expected to be a beautiful weekend... and you can take advantage of all red rock canyon national conservation area has to offer... free of charge. fees will be waived this weekend.... february 13th through the 15th.... is observance of presidents day weekend. the conservation area features a visitors center, scenic driving... numerous trails for hiking, biking and rock climbing. this year more than two thousand national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and other federal lands will offer free admittance. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll have mid-70s through the workweek with a slight drop in highs for the weekend. we expect a high of 74
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high temperature record set in 2014. for the weekend we expect 73 saturday, then 70 on sunday. highs stay around 70 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next workweek on monday and tuesday. average high for the 7-day forecast is 62 degrees. we'll have mid-70s through the workweek with a slight drop in highs for the weekend. we expect a high of 74
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that would match a high temperature record set in 2014. for the weekend we expect 73 saturday, then 70 on sunday. highs stay around 70 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next workweek on monday and tuesday. average high for the 7-day forecast is 62
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closed captioning will resume shortly las vegans are getting a taste of the big easy.... where people were taking in fat tuesday celebrations right here in the valley. beyonce brought up hot button issues in her halftime show... her performance touched on black victims of police violence and the black victims of hurricane katrina.. was she right to mix racial politics with football? one of the topics in the rant tonight.. we want to hear from
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hundreds of thousands of revelers.... out in full force... in new orleans... for annual mardi gras celebration. you are looking live at the bourbon street.... where thousands lined the streets for parades. it's one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country....visitors across the globe make their way to new orleans to get in on the action. the tradition started in new orleans in18-37 adding the first ever float parade in 18-57. the celebration is the day before ash wednesday, that kicks off the catholics. the las vegas valley.... celebrations took over the orleans hotel and casino. "music " the party kicked jazz music filled the casino...
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through... it was complete with beads, dancing and drinks. what happens in vegas-- won't stay in vegas for one couple.... after getting frisky 550 feet in the air... the punishment the pair now faces after get caught in the act on the high roller. protestors have been in place at a wildlife refuge for nearly 40 days.... now the last four-- holding out-- are issuing demands for
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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s fox5 news at a north las vegas toddler.... was hit and killed by a hit and run driver over the weekend. north las vegas police say they now have the van wanted in connection with the deadly accident. police say they do not have a suspect in custody. 2-year-old evelyn green was hit and killed sunday night while playing in front of her house-- near pecos and lake mead. the girl's family says the driver of the van initially stoped... but then took off. this crash... you are asked to contact
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702-385-55-55. a pair arrested for sex acts on a famous vegas attraction... police say the couples lurdid adventure could land them some jail time. fox 5's miguel has the details two vegas tourists got a little too intimate on the high roller, they thought they were in private... but as they soon learned, what happens in vegas doesnt always stay in vegas... especially if its happening in a glass cabin, 550 ft in the air these are philip panzica and chloe scordianos... the pair arrested on february 5th for sex acts in public... the police report says a high roller employee saw the pair smoking inside one of the glass cabins and undressing... the employee asked them over the intercom to put out the cigarettes and put on their clothes... they listened, for a little, before picking up right where they left off... once they got off the ride, security took them away. police asked if
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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they were there... the response... they were just having a good time, and they didnt think anyone would notice... "although vegas is a place to have a great time we still have families here we still have people from all walks of life, and again there are certain things that are simply not acceptable in public and what this couple did is one of those." according to the employee one of the cabins definitely knew what was going on, they were taking video of the couple, but refused to write a statement against them... police say because the pair faces felony charges they could face found guilty, they were both arrested for sex acts in public, and arrested for an outstanding warrant he had out of laughlin. according to the report, this type of thing has been happening more often at the but for those thinking about joining the high roller club, police say there are cameras will get caught,
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martinez-valle, fox5 news local. las vegas. police booked both people involved into clark county detention center. the couple each posted 3-thousand dollars bail and are set to be back in town for court
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protestors have occupied a wildlife refuge center in oregon for nearly 40 days... now the grant county sheriff is under investigation. "we're in uncharted waters here. "this is probably one if not the highest issue that we've had calls and emails on." " the oregon sheriff's association-- is looking into the sheriff glenn palmer's actions and if they violated their bylaws. it comes after palmer was scheduled to meet with ammon bundy and other leaders of the armed occupation. on their way to the meeting...bundy and others were arrested and lavoy finicum shot.. and killed. the last four people holding out... are now posting videos about their protest... saying they have no plans to leave.. despite having electricity cut. "they took away all of our smartphones and gave us this flip phone that doesn't even have a speaker." "it's a gamble to go out there." " the remaining occupiers have given authoritites some demands... including--drop all charges against them, release the hammonds as well as ammon bundy
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jailed occupiers. voters voices have been heard in new hampshire.... donald trump and bernie sanders capturing early victories in the new hampshire primary. so--- will the candidates who fell short continue their campaigns mary moloney has highlights from primary night. (bernie sanders/ (d) democratic candidate): "thank you new hampshire." bernie sanders and donald trump are the new hampshire primary winners. (donald trump/ (r) republican candidate): "we are going to make america great again." after coming in second in the iowa caucuses -- trump's win is a validation of his appeal (donald trump/ (r) republican candidate): "we're going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world is going to respect us again, believe me." john kasich finished second leaving republican establishment candidates -- like chris christie and jeb bush looking to regroup. (jeb bush/ (r) republican presidential candidate): "this campaign is not dead." nearly half of all republican voters interviewed after voting said they didn't make a final decision until the last few days. and two thirds said the recent
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making up their minds. on the democratic side--nearly 75 percent of voters telling pollsters -- they are worried about the economy. and nearly 90 percent saying the economy favored the wealthy. (bernie sanders/ (d) democratic presidential candidate): "the government of our great country belongs to all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their superpacs." the clinton campaign conceded this primary (d) democratic know what we would have done if we had actually won." and said it is looking ahead to march. (hillary clinton/ (d) democratic candidate): "now we take this campaign to the entire country." i'm mary moloney reporting the democratic caucus here in nevada is on saturday february 20th. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. one california company is joining in-- on the efforts to create a vaccine to fight the zika virus. paxvax in san diego is a socially specialized vaccine company.. they created a
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typhoid, are in the final stages of making one for cholera... and now they're taking on the zika virus. scientists are hoping what they know about other mosquito-borne viruses will help them understand zika. " : "a lot of what we think we know we're extrapolating from other viruses" : "there are i suspect a lot of surprises that zika will hand us in the future and we just have to be data driven and to be able to react quickly " say the best way yourself from the zika virus is to protect yourself mosquito bites.. that means pants and shirts outside... using a repellant with deet in it... and removing standing water from around your home. there are still no confirmed cases of the zika virus in southern nevada... but health officials are now-- united blood services is asking people to hold off on making donations who may be at risk of infection.
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see a 2% dip in donations... we're asking donors who have traveled to areas affected by the zika virus to postpone donating for 28 days u-b-s is also closely monitoring the restrictions set by the c-d-c. but they are asking people who have not donated blood in awhile... and have no risk of infection to do so... to keep supplies from depleting. every donation can save up to three lives. the mayor of flint michigan.... announces a 55 million dollar proposal to remove lead piping from the city's water system, it's a bid to fix the city's toxic water crisis as quickly as possible. first priority would go to high-risk households. this comes as a new team of investigators--- take the lead in the investigation into the crisis in flint, michigan. the team will look into whether any laws were violated or crimes committed- when flint switched its water supply from detroit water to the flint river. " as i've said for some time to try and capture in words
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occurred in flint, it's almost beyond description. so my job as attorney general is to enforce the law and we're going to determine what laws have been violated. " officials in michigan first declared a public health emergency in october- in response to tests that showed children with elevated levels of lead. the u-s has it's plate full when it comes to worldwide threats. today lawmakers were briefed on those threats from north korea, isis and iran fox's catherine herridge has more from washington. dubbed a litany of doom by the director of national intelligence james clapper, the annual briefing of worldwide threats held little surprise. isis is of course at the top of the list. growing in size and spreading to africa namely libya . at the same time al qaeda is growing ... clapper says "al qaida's afafliates also have proven resilient despite counterterrorism pressure that's largely decimated the core leadership in afghanistan and pakistan, al qaida's affiliates are positioned to make
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muslim extremist groups that have the intelligence community concerned... clapper says north korea, who launched a missile over the weekend, has also expanded their uranium enrichment facility and restarted a plutonium reactor . clapper says: "it is also committed to developing a long range nuclear arms missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the us although the system has not been flight tested." estimated to already have about 10 nuclear bombs its believed that number could grow to between 20 and 100 by 20-20. cyber espionage is also a concern... as countries such as russia and china continue to target the united states. attention is also on iran, which clapper says is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism and a continuing threat. clapper says: "i think we in the intelligence community are very much in the distrust and verify mode." in washington, catherine herridge, fox news." president obama's proposed budget for 2017 which he unveiled today addresses many of these concerns...
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battle isis, 3.4 billion to shore up european defenses and discourage russian aggression. and another 19 billion to enhance the nation's cybersecurity. a so-called drive-thru prank.... lands a florida man behind bars... this after he throws an alligator through the window of a fast food restaurant. "they said, 'will he cooperate?' i said, 'absolutely! he's not a bad kid, he's a stupid kid. he did a stupid prank.' he had no problem with turning himself in." " 24-year-old joshua james has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon-- after thowing the three-foot gator through the drive-thru window at a wendy's restaurant-- where one of his buddy's worked. it happened back in october. james also faces charges of unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. it was a sea of orange and blue... as tens of thousands of fans lined the streets of denver--- celebrating the broncos super bowl win.... " all 53 guys on the
10:37 pm
season and that helped us win a super bowl championship." the celebration started with a a free concert at civic center park it was then followed by the parade featuring players, broncos officials and family members. then back to civic center park for a rally. on sunday-- the broncos defeated the carolina panthers 24 to 10 in super bowl 50. "we had great energy. we were so sure of our gameplan, we were so sure of ourselves, we came into the game with confidence and energy and came out with a win." " now the countdown to super bowl 51 starts.... it will be held february fifth in houston... right here on fox. it is the final season of american idol... and fans will get a bit of a reunion this week... who is coming back to the competition... to give contestants a little guidance. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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with all the pedestrian fatalities we have.. you would think a parent would teach her kid.. to be careful where they cross lynne tells us what she saw happen between amother and her son at ann road... and she says i hope that kid doesn't become a number.. the rant is cmoing
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american idol blast from the as previous finalists take over the top 24 getting some guidance. fox's adam housley has a look at mentor night. nat pop: (ryan and ruben singing together) "you want to do it ryan" ... singing together it's reunion week on idol, as past winners and finalists return to mentor and sing with the top 24 contestants. the first 12 getting help from nick fradiani, lauren alaina, fantasia, caleb johnson, scotty mccreery and ruben studdard. studdard says" "having the opportunity to
10:40 pm
already either won or placed really high in the show probably makes them more nervous than anything, but you know, like i told the two girls that i'm singing with, you just have to have fun." mccreery says: "i can give them my opinions if i think, you know, 'that's great.' or, you know, "i don't know about that." but at the end of the day, it's their show and their performance, so i'm just here to try to help make them shine." fradiani says: "they are asking questions, but most of them have been really good questions and they're working with me a lot, you know, on the side, so we're both comfortable." snd full: (american idol 2/4/16) "24 of them they move on to the final spot" host ryan seacrest is impressed by the judges top 24 picks... seacrest says: "in watching back it felt like you guys did such a great job in picking great talent and it came down to what they decided to do in that moment. they all have it but did they make the right choice." nat pop: (broll gianna isabella) "keep moving" the contestants say they're learning a lot from the former idols... isabella says: "nick has been a really great mentor. he's helped me just be myself on stage and loosen up and act like every time is the last time i will be performing." renae says: "mostly i was just freaking out. i was like oh, my gosh, i can't believe i got scottie, i was so
10:41 pm
favorites." young says: "when i found out that i was going to be singing with ruben, i remember screaming - i was just, "ahhh!" and everybody was, "what?" and i was, "i got paired up with ruben." and it's incredible. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. the idol hopefuls take the stage solo-- tomorrow night.... and team up with their mentors for a duet on thursday. you can see it all right here on fox5. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll have mid-70s workweek with a slight drop in highs expect a high of 74 on wednesday and that would match a high temperature record set in 2014. for the weekend we expect 73 saturday, then 70 on sunday. highs stay around 70 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next
10:42 pm
monday and tuesday. average high for the 7-day forecast is 62 degrees. we'll have mid-70s through the workweek with a slight drop in highs for the weekend. we expect a high of 74 on wednesday and that would match a high temperature record set in 2014. for the weekend we expect 73 saturday, then 70 on sunday. highs stay around 70 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next workweek on monday and
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high for the 7-day forecast is 62 degrees. closed captioning will resume shortly there is a picture circulating through social media that is not sitting well with some.. this picture was taken at findlay middle school..
10:44 pm
an up position while the students eat their meals on the floor.. one student told us it was punishment.. the school district says it was no such thing.. just kids being kids.. a lot of you are askign where were the adults after a two year
10:45 pm
hit and run driver but at least one woman is telling you don't jump to conclusions now to beyonce's superbowl performance.. this guy's angry that she brought up racial politics in the halftime show. and the next
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send us your rants to the rant or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at at eleven. two people busted... after taking a risque ride on the high roller. why these two could face more than jail time. a huge night for two presidential candidates... after 2016's first primary. we go live to new hampshire... with what's next for the white house hopefuls. still looking for the perfect valentine for that special someone? country superstar garth brooks and wife trisha yearwood... have the perfect present. "we're inviting you and your valentine to come to vegas not only to see a
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and my valentine. that's right. we'll hang out backstage, be couples and be cool. check for details and we will see you in vegas, vegas." garth will perform four shows at the new t-mobile arena from july 2 through the 5th. if you're interested - you can find a link to the 7 days of garth and trisha contest by the more section of fox5 vegas dot com. dad stays at home with the baby while mom goes to work. how the pair makes sure mom isn't missing out... on all the fun
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...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. a stay-at-home dad and his young son get to spend a lot of quality time together.... so dad came up with a plan to make sure mom doesn't miss out on the fun... "we can dance if you want to. we can leave your friends behind. cause if your friends don't dance... they're no friends of miine. hey hey hey hey i said hey-- what's going on hello-- it's me... alright- let's kick it ice, ice baby " eric bruce and his
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time lipsyncing movie clips-- on the app dubsmash... and then he edited them together.... creating an epic video... all meant to make mom laugh. fox5 news at 11, your only local station here for
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. nevada's caucus is a few weeks away... and already there's controversy. why some locals say there's a conflict with their faith. a man shot and killed in his own front yard. what police say
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