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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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after negotiations with a man holed up inside an apartment failed. metro wanted to take the man down without using much force and that's when the dog was sent in. this is a picture of sgt eric kerns and his k-9 nicky an 8 year old belgium malinois . friday morning nicky was sent in after a suspect who refused to come out of an apartment after an all night standoff. 12:16:34 as the k9 dog was deployed the suspect was bit numerous times and the k9 dog was stabbed by the suspect numerous times by the head the suspect had to be taken to the hospital while k9 nicky was rushed to this emergency clinic . metro's public information officer jessee roybal said the decision to send the dog after the man was to minimize any risk for the people in the complex even though many had been evacuated.. 12:17:22 our goal is to take somebody into custody without using much force and keeping the community safe. 14:14:54 nicky was rushed to this where he underwent surgery. shortly before 2
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friends of las vegas police k9 sent out this facebook post good news! k9 nicky is out of surgery and stable at this time. we'll keep you updated. back at the apartment complex sunny luthi who lived next door to the suspect couldn't believe what went down. i don't know him that well. he just moved in though. and the weird thing is we just seen him earlier like two hours before the whole thing started. we're actually surprised that this is all happening. sunny says the people in her compex were displaced all night. the prinicipal at a nearby school did offer up some assistance to the tenants who were forced from their apartments. they were allowed back shortly after the incident ended. as for the suspect he's in a lot of trouble. there are charges associated with hurting speciifcally a police dog. the name of the suspect has yet to be released. still no word on what caused the suspect to refuse to come out of his apartment. there were apparently shots fired and yelling coming from the apartment before
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the "friends of las vegas police k9's" has promised to keep us posted on nicky's condition. you can get the link to their facebook page from our website... fox5vegas dot com concern about another dog... who is looking for a forever home. animal control stopped by the pet-land along marks street in henderson this morning - after a picture of a puppy that looks emaciated went viral fox 5's abby theodros joins us live in the newsroom with more. well it started when a woman posted a picture on face book of a 3 month old rhodesian ridgeback. now theres a lot of talk about his weight and health. in the picture you can clearly see his rib cage. after hundreds shares and called in complaints - animal control made a visit to the petland location this morning to do a welfare check. turns out the dog is healthy.
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by the store and say its clear the dog needs proper veteranary treatment and should not be on display at the local pet shop. "he should be a little more animated then what he is. im just concered that he not as healthy as he should be and even having just beeen transported from mo or arkansas. hes only 13 lbs he needs to be 22-24 lbs at his age. meanwhile staff members at the petland store said the puppy is likely underweight because he just arrived in the las vegas area from missouri where he had a hernia repair and then arkansas before that. they say his weight is a product of long distance travel. coming up at 5:30 we got a look at this puppy's medical history and will tell you what a local vet has to say about
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north las vegas police need your help tonight locating a missing 87-year old lester clark was last at cheyenne and civic center drive. his family says he has dimentia and high blood pressure .. and needs his medication. clark is 6-feet 140 pounds. he was last seen jacket, blue jeans and black shoes. if you think you know where clark is north las vegas police. solar rooftop customers and businesses say they are reeling from another loss in the battle to bring solar power back to nevada. the public utilities commission voted unanimously today to keep the higher rates which shut down solar installation centers across the state earlier this month. fox 5's ophelia young is at the puc near fort apache and russell - where there was a huge protest even before the meeting began today. those rallying for solar energy surrounded seven
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these cards - 55 thousand signnatures - which were bagged and dumped in front of commissioners. in nevada - petitions need 55 thousand 2 hundred and 34 valid signatures - "nat of bag dropping." which the bring back solar alliance - plopped in front of the public utilities commission of nevada. "we can see the people are with us in two weeks 55 thousand people joined our campaign." in december the public utilities commission approved for nv energy to raise fees for solar customers and reduce the payback for extra energy sold back. solar companies figured this wiped out the incentive to switch to solar- they packed up and left nevada. "we want solar we want solar" this week battle was a fight for a grandfather clause - one that would protect those already with panels from bigger bills. solar advocates reasoned "my generation is going to have to clean up your mess." cried "i ask that you guys do the right thing protecting your
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they got angry "i hope you get fired." "you and sandoval are nothing but modern day jezebels for nv energy" and sarcastic... "this is a message from the sun actually the sun says im here!" but still "all in favor say i i i motion carries." commissioners voted to keep the new rates - asserting it evened out a cost shift to non solar customers. they did however give the new rates more time to take effect - extending it from 4 years to 12. "theyre thinking that that will help people get their return on investment on their systems but quite honestly i just dont see that happening." "means my system wont pay for itself until im 112 years old." public commenters promised this wont be the last battle. "were going to take it all the way were not going to lose this one."
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solar alliance plan next to approach legislators - and they cant be helped there - they'll take the 55 thousand signatures to the ballot this november. reporting live govenor brian sandoval disagreed with today's outcome... saying he was optimistic the commission would find a solution that considered the economic consequences to existing rooftop solar owners. the governor says today's decision does not go far enough to protect their interests. the culinary union protesting tonight... outside palace station. they're taking issue with parent company - station casinos.... who's been alongtime holdout of allowing its employees to organize. fox five's miguel martinez-valle is live outside the demonstration - where the protest is just now getting underway.
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closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly the presidential campaign returns to the valley this weekend. democratic candidate hillar clinton will be in the area for
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beginning tomorrow. she will first be holding a "get out the caucus" event saturday at painter's ahll in henderson... this is on whitney mesa drive near mountain vista and sunset.. doors open at 9:30 in the morning. clinton is planning more events .. but those plans have not been released. a voter participation organization hopes to inspire latinos to cast their ballot in the upcoming caucuses and primaries. the "nevada latino vote summit" took place at the college of southern nevada. it promotes the importance of the hispanic vote in the presidential election. the president of the "southwest voter registration education project" says politicans have made comments that latinos don't vote... but he says that's not true. "we expect record of hispanic votes cast in caucuses and latino community is united in rejecting anti-immigrant rhetoric from politicans in both parties. and we're here we're going to grow, participate and make our voices
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summit" runs through tomorrow. you are encouraged to register online before attending. toss to weather we'll stay in the mid-70s through the weekend with a few clouds and some north breezes for valentine's day on sunday. those breezes to 20 mph last through presidents' day on monday. highs stay in the mid-70s through wednesday of next week. we'll see some southwest gusts to 25 mph on wednesday afternoon. those gusts increase to 35 mph on thursday with a drop down to 70 degrees and
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chances. average high for this time of the year is 62. a day in court... for the last militia members to surrender... at an oregon wildlife refuge. how the f-b-i is making sure - nothing dangerous was left behind. two students are dead... after shots are fired at an arizona high school. we'll go live to glendale... just outside phoenix... with an update on
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98, at lowe's. re dead... after shots are fired in what appears to be a murder-suicide at an arizona high school. two 15-year-old girls were found next to each other-- with the weapon beside them just before 8 this morning. it happened in glendale... in the phoenix area. that's where .... donna rossi from our sister station in phoenix joins us now live - and donna you spoke to students today and learned more about both teens. we talked with quite a few kids who knew these girls pretty well and others who shared classes with them. the reaction from
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katie porter - student says: "nice, nice girls...very sweet...very very kind girls." shaken independence high school students spent the morning trying to come to grips with the deaths of two of their classmates. two 15-year-old sophmores were shot and killed on campus right after the start of school this morning. matthew bernal - student says: "i think everybody was in shock you don't come to school and expect to hear that kind of stuff." students learned the names of the two teens involved pretty quickly - even though glendale police did not official release their identities. gissele molinar - "they loved each they were practically inseparable." those who knew the pair say they had been dating for a couple of years and one of them may have wanted to guadalupe rivera - it's crazy because i yesterday for the softball because we both wanted to be mangers for jv and we talked for a knowing that you could happen the both teens were described as smart and kind. gissele molinar had classes with one of the girls both last year said she had just talked with her last night. ((sot)) gissele molinar -
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was gonna buy something from me for track and she gave me she had given me the money but ah guesss now i can't give it to her so i'm just going to wear it for her behalf." several students expressed concern about the older sister of one of the teens - who is a teacher at independence. ((sot)) hope martinez - says: "as soon as she found out that is was her little sister she like just she broke. she started crying." i spoke with several students today who said the girls have known each other since grade school. there were a lot of tears today ... and the griveing has just begun.
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arrested in california... in connection to a las vegas murder nearly one year ago. metro says dwayne lawson was taken into custody in fairfield - near san francisco. he is awaiting extradition back to las vegas. police say he is suspected in the murder of a man shot and killed - near boulder highway and tropicana - on february 13-th of last year. the victim was found shot in the walkway of an apartment complex. the f-b-i says it hasn't found any rigged explosives or booby traps at a national wildlife refuge in oregon that had been seized by an armed
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the militia members who were arrested include members of the bundy ranching family in nevada just yesterday - the final four holdouts in the standoff surrendered. they appeared in court today - and all of them pleaded not guilty. authorities are making sure the refuge is safe - before allowing the public back in. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll stay in the mid-70s through the weekend with a few clouds and some north breezes for valentine's day on sunday. those breezes to 20 mph last through presidents' day on monday. highs stay in the mid-70s through wednesday of next week. we'll see some southwest gusts to 25 mph on wednesday afternoon. those gusts increase to 35 mph on thursday with a drop down to 70 degrees and mountain shower chances. average high for this time
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we'll stay in the mid-70s through the weekend with a few clouds and some north breezes for valentine's day on sunday. those breezes to 20 mph last through presidents' day on monday. highs stay in the mid-70s through wednesday of next week. we'll see some southwest gusts to 25 mph on wednesday afternoon. those gusts increase to 35 mph on thursday with a drop down to 70 degrees and mountain shower chances. average
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closed captioning will resume shortly a new program... against bullying. how one school is making sure that closed captioning
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a new program... against bullying. how one school is making sure that no student eats lunch alone.
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america,
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that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women...
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...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. outside their comfort zone during lunch to make a difference. they sat with other classmates to make sure everyone felt included. it's part of a national effort called "no one eats alone day". it was founded by the parents of a teen who was born with a facial syndrome. her peers worked together to bring change to their school. today -- becker middle school and greenspun middle school were challenged to talk to someone they don't know...
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friends. teachers and staff hope students will start a chain reaction to prevent bullying. "there is bullies out there who pick on people who don't have friends. they wont have anyone to stand by them not to protect them but to help them stay strong. with this you could get that allies of friends." more than a thousand schools took part in the nationwide movement. love is in the air! many are deciding to tie the knot this valentine's day in the wedding capital of the world. dozens lined up outside the clark county marriage license bureau to get their marriage licenses today. valentine's day is the most popular date for weddings in las vegas. the clark county clerk expects a busy weekend with the holiday on sunday... and president's day on monday. couple say it's the perfect date to get hitched. "we're getting married today our anniversary our 7 year anniversary would be on valentines day so it
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we have family in town and it felt right so we're doing it today." couples are encouraged to complete a marriage license pre-application online to save time before going down to the license bureau. the clerk's office will give flowers to every 100-th couple who gets their marrage license during the next few days. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. concern on social media... about a dog that appears to be malnurished. fox five catches up with the little pup... who's eager to find a new
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flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old.
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this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. a metro k-9 is on the road to recovery tonight... after being stabbed several times. it happened while police were trying to take custody of a suspect in an overnight standoff near twain and maryland parkway. that's where we find fox five's les krifaton... with the latest on the k-9's condition and a look at the scene that has returned back to normal, les? you really wouldn't know that this entire complex was either evacuated or on lockdown after a man apparently fired shots inside his apartment here and started yelling for help. after the police


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