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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the latest.. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly second homicide in the valley today.. police investigated an early morning shooting death near nellis air force base around 2:30. this happened at the nellis suites extended stay motel. the man who was shot died at the hospital. police are now looking for this suspect .. 21- year-old colton brantano. they are also looking for two persons of interest .. 21- year-old jared
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year-old sherri esquibel. tonight... the republicans have their turn choosing the nominee for president.. just two days after nevada democrats chose hillary clinton. caucusing in teh valley is well underway at locations around the state. fox five's abby theodros is at one of them right now.... from durango high school with more. caucus locations dont open until five tonight so people are slowly but surely trickling in here at durango high school this process is a little different from what we saw on saturday with the democrats. there wont be crowds of people migrating to different corners of the room based on their presidential preference. instead - the republican caucus is organized around a secret ballot where you put down your candidate. organizers theyre
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no more than 30 minutes to an hour. take a listen to fred brown with clark "i just believe him. i know some people say he doesn't come across as presidential... we need a strong leader. " captioning wil resume chortly show that donald trump is the frontrunner to win the "first in the west" caucus. ted cruz and marco rubio are
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coverage... as the candidates target nevada voters. let's begin with fox five's elizabeth watts... at trump headquarters... inside the treasure island
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recent polls show that donald
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frontrunner to win the "first in the west" caucus. ted cruz and marco rubio are close behind. let's begin with fox five's elizabeth watts... at trump headquarters... inside the treasure island resort. here they are getting things set up for trumps arrival tonight doing mic checks they've got the stage set and ready to go at this rally in sparks earlier today ... donald trump warned his supporters to keep an eye out for what he described as, quote, "dishonest stuff" at caucus sites tonight and report it to trump volunteers or to police.
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of fraud is they only way he could lose the election, noting how much time he's spent here and the las vegas hotel that bears his name. trump then went on to attack one of his opponents integrity .. ted cruz. "this guy ted cruz is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life, i mean it, i've never seen he will lie about anything and you meet some now i've met much tougher people than ted cruz he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to to deal with, he's like a little baby soft weak little baby by comparison but for lying he's the best i've ever seen. he's the best." last night at southpoint he reminded a crowd of thousands to get out and caucus it's the only way to win. back out here live at the ti all kinds of national media
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rally tonight in just a little bit we are going to be kicked out for a secret service security sweep then we are coming back in and we'll be live with what donald trump has to say tonight on fox five news at ten and eleven reporting live ew ffn llv ted cruz has been taking been taking part in a campaign blitz of nevada... criss crossing the state since the weekend.. and here in the valley today. fox five's cyndi lundeberg... joins is live from cruz headquarters - near valley view and meadow. gop presidential hopeful ted cruz making a final push today as the nevada caucuses get underway. speaking to a
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nevada... the texas senator taking issue with the recent proposal from president obama to close guantanamo bay. cruz telling silver state voters to expand the detention center... not close it. he also had a suggestion for the president's upcoming trip to cuba... "the president did announce he was going down to cuba shortly wouldn't be a terrible thing if he just stayed. the man is trying to transform this country into a communist, socialist, paradise- well there's one just 90 miles away." today's primary in nevada is the last chance for some of the candidates to gain some momentum before march first's "super tuesday".. when voters in 12 states will be
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votes. republican presidential hopeful doctor ben carson also campaigned here in the valley today. he held a rally in sun city summerlin at mountain shadows community center. he told the crowd millions of undocumented immigrants who are already here, the ones with an acceptable record, should have a six-month period to register as guest workers. they would also have to pay back- tax penalty... and taxes going forward. throughout the night .. for up-to- date information and caucus results.... head to fox five vegas dot com. then be sure to join us tonight at ten for the latest from all candidates. coming up ... the feds arrest family members of imprisoned polygamous leader warren jeffs .. what illegal activities they say they were up to. and new details tonight on the death of a young woman .. found
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vegas" laundry chute. yes - that's a camera.. burglars ransacking a local home are clearly seen on video.. how you can help
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. tonight on how a sacramento woman's body ended up at the bottom of the d hotel's laundry
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death an accident.. but the coroner has not released a cause of death. fox 5's ophelia young is in the newsroom and ophelia - what's her family doing about all of this? those lawyers based right out of las vegas and reno - i called them earlier this afternoon and they couldn't say much about an investigation they are conducting on their own. but the retention does beg the question of what possible litigation there may be - one of the many mysteries still remaining about this death. on kalli medina browns facebook page - a picture with the hashtag peace. loved ones are still asking how the 26 year olds body ended up at the bottom of a laundry chute at the d hotel in downtown las vegas. roraback: "we have to figure out who did this...we have to figure out what happened." those who claimed to be browns best friends spoke from sacramento - whats where friends say brown was visiting las vegas from to celebrate her 27th birthday with her husband. initially metro sent their homicide unit - but determined the
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accident. that raises even more questions of how - according to metro - brown fell from the 18th to 3rd floor where hotel staff found her in the laundry collection area is at 2:30 in the morning- brown fell 15 stories. worell: "i just ask god that she didnt hurt that she wasn't scared or she didnt feel alone or helpless" the accidental ruling poses even more questions - how brown ended up in the chute to begin with. her long time friends say brown, a legal secretary was always the responsible one. "she wasn't the wild one. she was calm and she was mature." the coroner says he will need toxicology test results and the official investigative report from metro to determine a cause of death. for now - brown's family has hired lawyers - robert eglet of eglet prince in vegas - and bill bradley of bradley, drendel and jeanney in reno. they say they are in the middle of their own investigations. the lawyer in las
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he'll have a better idea of what the family wants to do next a week or two from now into the investigation. we reached out again to the management at "the d" ... they told us again today they are not commenting on the investigation .. but are cooperating with police. las vegas metro police are looking for your help tonight.. identifying a group of burglars who ended up posing for a camera. check out this home security video from a home near north lamb and las vegas boulevard. police say these men broke into the home a week and a half ago.. and ransacked the place. and at one point .. one of the men appears to notice the camera and stare right into it. if you know anything about these men .. call police. federal prosecutors are arresting and indicting members of a polygamous sect in southern utah. eleven people .. including lyle jeffs and seth jeffs... who are brothers of imprisoned polygamous leader warren jeffs.. are being charged with food stamp fraud and money laundering.
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enforcement agents have been raiding businesses today - in the town of hildale, utah... near colorado city on the arizona border. the u-s attorney's office says leaders of the sect diverted funds from utah's nutrition assistance program for inappropriate use. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll get a little warmer on wednesday with 67 degrees and a very light breeze. warmer weather for later in the week with 73 on thursday, then 76 on friday. we'll stay in the 70s for the weekend with 77 saturday, then 76 on sunday. north breezes 10-20 mph will be with us saturday. we'll see another round of north breezes late monday into tuesday next week, but stay in the mid-
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we'll get a little warmer on wednesday with 67 degrees and a very light breeze. warmer weather for later in the week with 73 on thursday, then 76 on friday. we'll stay in the 70s for the weekend with 77 saturday, then 76 on sunday. north breezes 10-20 mph will be with us saturday. we'll see another round of north breezes late monday into tuesday next week, but stay in the mid-
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closed captioning will resume shortly a new emergency room optinon coming to the west side of the valley. and traffic trouble on the interstate when a
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room is coming to the west valley. it was groundbreaking today on the new southern hills hospital e-r at the lakes. this is near desert inn and fort apache. executives from the hospital and clark county commissioner susan brager were on hand for today's event. the new e-r will also have 12 patient rooms and
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it is expected to open later this year. a huge mess this morning on the 15 near downtown.. a semi truck hit some debris on the interstate which caused a large fuel leak. troopers shut down several lanes of the southbound 15 near the world market center for hours as they cleaned up the mess. next at six -- another step in the opening of the new t-mobile arena. how you can try to get one of a couple hundred new jobs just posted. keep watching for an all new more
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. it is republican caucus day in nevada.... we have crews at all of the candidates' camps.... we will have the latest results.... and reaction from voters. finally tonight ... if you're looking for work .. the new t-mobile arena is hiring more than 200 workers. these will be part-time and on- call positions. and it includes service representatives, security officers and ticket office representatives. the service representatives act as vip ushers in the arena's 50 luxury suites. if you want to apply .. you canfind a link to the mgm job site at fox 5 veagas dot com under the links tab. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. now on "more
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celine dion returns to caesars palace tonight. why the world will be watching as dion steps back on stage after losing the love of her life. then --the latest on a love performer injured during rehearsal.... and which music festival has given vegas a 1.3 billion dollar boost since coming to town? plus - ((nats of br jlo)) and it's a tale of two hot headliner bodies as both jlo and britney post uber sexy pics! then ((chuckie sot)) a cult movie favorite is back and a vegas star is along for the chuckie ride! plus - ((billy idol sings... "more, more... more...")) even billy idol wants more! a preview of what we can expect from the future headliner's upcoming show! your access to las vegas entertainment starts now


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