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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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to the hospital. police tell us they have security video showing talley fighting with the man minutes earlier - in a parking garage at the miracle mile shops at planet hollywood. talley reportedly told detectives he was too drunk and high on marijuana to remember anything. a photo of two people dressed in kkk attire has been getting lots of attention online. they were seen at cimaron high school last night - during the g-o-p presidential caucus. fox five's abby theodros is there now... and joins us live. a lot of different opinions weve seen about this incident in the last couple of hours. people are very disturbed and upset after learning people dressed in kkk attire showed up at a caucusing location tuesday. many people are also questioning the intent behind the appearance. some commenters have said the entire thing is a hoax and that children are just making a bad joke but others believ ethey are protestors trying to portray republicans in a
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way - state senator ford says its hurtful. sen. aaron ford: "anyone dawning kkk regalia has a first amendment right to do so but they also need to be exposed and that was the entire purpose of my face book post and tweet. " these two individuals also had signs that indicated support for donald trump. one of the more controversial presidential candidates. while it is unclear what their intent was - the people i talked with today say theyve never seen kkk in the valley. ccsd police were called to the scene and they say they successfully removed the individuals from the campus without incident. we also spoke to metro police - who were also there - and say no arrests were made and no reports were filed. the anti- defamation league about the situation - calling it a "display of
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with the nevada caucuses over.... the candidates are now looking ahead to other contests. that includes super tuesday..... where a number of states are up for grabs. joel waldman is in washington - with the latest from the campaign trail .... ((nat pop)) trump says: "we love nevada" donald trump taking a victory lap after winning nevada with 45- percent of the vote .... marco rubio and ted cruz coming in more than 20-points behind, in second and third place respectively. almost every slice of the electorate pie favoring trump ... including the young, the old, highly educated, poorly educated ... and hispanics. trump says: "we were big league with evangelicals ... and it was such a good thing ... and we worked very hard." simple math becoming a complex problem for trump's competitors ...his 80 delegates ...five times as many as his closest opponent, ted cruz ... heading into next week's super tuesday primaries ... followed by the "winner takes all" states of florida
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political pundits suggest it's already too late to catch the candidate so many failed to take seriously early on. stirewalt says: "... the entire animating purpose of ted cruz and marco rubio's campaigns is to stop donald trump from becoming the republican nominee // butted to never putting too much stock in the "experts" ... marco rubio is keeping his eyes on the prize. rubio says: "as far as going into next week, we feel great about almost every state that's on the map. we're gonna picked up delegates in every single one of them, and we feel like we have a shot to win a few of them out right." bernie sanders, on the democratic side, is also playing catch up ...trailing hillary clinton by double digits in south carolina ... just three days out from the palmetto state primary. sanders says: "we haven taken on the political establishment ...." waldman says (on- cam tag): hillary clinton, meanwhile, picking up a big political endorsement today from senate minority leader, harry reid. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. donald trump had a busy night. fox five was on the air live... when the billionaire
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surprise appearance at one of the caucus locations. his car pulled up to palo verde high school... where he addressed voters and even took a few selfies. fox five has complete coverage of the caucus... including full results online. just head to fox five vegas dot com... and look for our special section at the top of the homepage. let the trash talkiing begin. coming up... conor mcgregor finds a new opponent for u-f-c 196... and the hype train is already moving full steam ahead. plus... how much would it cost to buy one of everything on amazon? we'll explain how a mathematician figured out the answer. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only
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question.... how much would it cost to buy one of everything offered on amazon? the answer- nearly 12-point-86 billion dollars. that's according to a computer scientist in zurich who says he does
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research. kynan eng first determined there were 479 million different items available on amazon's website in 2015. then he determined the average price of an item was 26-86. there's been no from amazon so he's on the money or not. u-f-c 196 has a new main event. champ conor now face nate diaz.... on march 5- th at the m-g-m vegas. it will be a non- title fight at the welterweight level of 170 pounds... since diaz is taking the fight on short notice. both men are known for exciting fights - as well as an ability to talk trash. mcgregor even accused diaz of portraying a phony gangster image. jitsu on a sunday morning and goes on bike rides with makes gun signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left hand. ... you're a credit to
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mcgregor was originally scheduled to challenge lightweight champ rafael dos anjos in a bid to become the u-f-c's first ever dual title holder. but dos anjos pulled out this week - due to a foot injury. a wild stunt... caught on camera. how three men put their lives at risk... jumping off a causeway bridge. plus... is this pig worth 47- thousand dollars? how a community pooled their money.... to help a kid in tough times... during a swine auction. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay is already sparking an intense political battle on capitol hill. most republicans are vehemently rejecting the proposal. the plan would see some detainees sent abroad - with the rest transferred to u-s prisons.
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said than done - with a law on the books prohibiting such transfers. republicans in congress are making legal preparations in case the law is violated. "he should rule out asking our military leaders to knowingly break the law." "i'm going to take this proposal and have a hearing about it, because it's gibberish. and i want everyone who has a better idea to come forward." the senate armed services committee is promising to closely scrutinize the plan and hold hearings on the details. apple is still fighting a court order to help preserve data from an i-phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. now - the justice department is demanding apple's help in unlocking at least nine i- phones nationwide. the obama administration says what the f-b-i is asking for isn't unreasonable... especially since the courts have already weighed in on the government's request. "it shouldn't be apple who decides who gets access to this phone. there is a court of law and there is a procedure in place to
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weigh the merits of the arguments made by both sides." rallies have been held across the nation... in support of apple... in the ongoing debate over privacy versus national security. however - a new poll shows most americans believe apple should cooperate with the investigation. cell phone video... captures three people taking part in a dangerous stunt in florida. you can see a person.... jumping off the side of a bridge.... taking a 70-foot drop into the water. two friends then jump together. the bridge covers a causeway near daytona beach. nearby boats tried to stay away... to avoid the jumpers. the woman who took the video on her cell phone says none of them appeared to be hurt. "they were completely out of wind. it knocked the air out of them, but they were fine. they were laughing and carrying on." the men returned to their boat and left afterwards. police say jumping off that bridge is a non-criminal traffic offense that could lead to a 116-dollar fine. but more importantly - the jump that high
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serious injury - or even death. an amazing moment during a swine auction at a florida county fair. the community rallying around an 11-year old boy - who suddenly lost his mother. as kellie cowan reports - they joined together - and paid 47- thousand dollars for his pig. closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly closed captioning
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now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll see a return to the 70s on thursday with 75 degrees. we'll be warmer friday with 78, then 80 saturday, 77 sunday. this is looking like the nicest weather weekend so far this year. light breezes will be with us 10-15 mph during the weekend afternoons. monday we'll see southwest
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with a high of 77, then north gusts 25-30 mph on tuesday. we'll see a return to the 70s on thursday with 75 degrees. we'll be warmer friday with 78, then 80 saturday, 77 sunday. this is looking like the nicest weather weekend so far this year. light breezes will be with us 10-15 mph during the weekend afternoons. monday we'll see southwest gusts to 25-30 mph with a high of 77,
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25-30 mph on
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it's hard to believe... but it's been nearly ten years since the band "ok go" released this clever music video. "here it goes... here it goes... " it quickly went viral back in 2006... and since then - the band has been trying to out-do themselves. how their newest video... may be their most ambitious one to date. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. nascar fans ... this year - local track workers hope to make parking much easier.. what's being done that could allow you to leave your ride miles away and not have to worry about traffic. and for the second night in a row .. a cirque performer on the strip is injured. new details on which show was brought to a stop and how the
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"ok go" are back with an out-of- this-world music video! the alt-rock band's new video for the song "upside down and inside out" was filmed entirely in zero-gravity! "(music)" the band is known for its wildly inventive and creative videos... that are often shot in one single take. lead singer damian kulash says they always wanted to be the first band to create art in space... and were thinking about the idea for nearly ten years. recently - they got in touch with a russian airline - who helped them pull off the idea. although - shooting a video while weightless - does have its challenges. "there was a fair amount of puking, yes... the parabolic flight, what it does is throws you up in the air and then your weightless for a while and it then it catches you and in that throwing part and that catching part, you feel double gravity.
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to zero gravity to double gravity all in the space about a minute and most people's response is to throw up." just like most of their videos.... this one is quickly going viral. "ok-go" says it was shot in one single take... with no wires and no green screen. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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originally escaping. did the klan attent a local caucus last night? social media lit up when people came face-to-face with two people wearing robes and hoods outside of a high school. nascar weekend is known to be a traffic nightmare in year's past.. what the speedway has planned new for this year that could keep the backups down. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas a woman is dead tonight after fire tears through her home on the east side of the valley. i'm chirstine maddela. i'm john huck. the smoke from this fire could be seen across the valley early this afternoon. and when firefighters got inside .. they found a woman's body. fox five's elizabeth watts is live near nellis and harmon with what happened. it started just after twelve oclock.. firefighters arrived to see the home fullly engulfed in flames here's some


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