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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  KVVU  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a woman tied up and blindfolded in a garage, manages to escape. we have more details on a kidnapping... and why the victim was targeted. las vegans have a pizza craving... and our city is filling it. we'll check out some of your favorite local places... and see what they're doing to stay competitive. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. we're starting off with some breaking news. metro is investigating a shooting tonight. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. this happened near durango and deer springs, just after seven. you're taking a live look at the scene now police say one man was shot near centennial hills hospital. we have a crew there now getting more information... and we will have updates tomorrow on fox5 news this morning, and on fox5 vegas dot com. a festival rather new to las vegas... has so far generated more
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dollars for the las vegas community. the event has a reputation for drug use and abuse... and on average one person a year dies while attending. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg joins us now to break down the economic impact... and some of the problems the electric daisy carnival faces... the electric daisy carnival isn't the most popular music festival in the world... but edc fans spend more per day than any other event... about 288 dollars per person per day... and when you consider nearly half a million people come in town just for this event it adds up... one point three billion dollars.... that's how much money one music festival has pumped into the city of las vegas. pasquel rottella ceo and founder of insomniac events who puts on the electric daisy carnival... says it feels great to put money back into his city... and
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i never imagined it to be as big of a number as 1.3 at least in five years the three night dance party held at the motor speedway draws more than 300 thousand people to sin city every year... festival goers generated more than 350-million 2015. the crowds ar some of the most well people in the world and im very proud of what we do while the economic boost from e-d-c cannot be denied... neither can its association with drug use... specifically ecstasy and molly otherwise known as mdma. the electric daisy carnival moved to the city from los angeles after a 16 year old overdosed. rodg- with edc there is always that cloud hanging over it that it draws negative publicity because of the people the clientelle or the music that they promote rod- when we talk about specific drugs we see a variety mdma marijuana we do see cociane and meth as well each year since the festivals move to las vegas... at least one person
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what the clark county coroner calls molly intoxication. in 2014 there were three... rotella tells fox 5 its not the event... its a drug problem nationwide. i think its city leaders responsibility to keep people safe young and old we get all kinds of people at edc unfortunately substance abuse is way further reaching much more of a problem its not just exclusive to our dance events edc pays off duty officers to patrol the speedway... this past event.... 76 people were arrested for drug related offenses and more than 14 hundred sought medical attention. rodriguez- is it a problem for us? its a focus of concern for us when you have 400- thousand people over a weekend you are going to have some problems but if you can get in front of them it can create a safe event edc says they have a zero tolerance policy for drugs... and give heavily back to the clark county community. they encourage everyone not to believe the events bad rap... its not anythign anyone should be afraid and the best way is to not judge for a distance and come down and attend most likely they have not attended one of our events before and if they have they were probably with the wrong people rodriguez- when we get the question is drug use a problbl there i think this organization does very well at
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amount of officers actively looking introducing drugs utilize undercover behavior isnt taking we dont make arrests keconomically t brings a lot of great things t our city as metro is concerned we deveote a large amount of resources to this away from other resources in the valley rod- with any event there is some amount of criminal element that may present our responsibility is to weed out that crminal element puts on edc does a keeping festival this years event 17th-19th... tickets more than 400 dollars.... reporting live cyndi lundeberg las vegas... we reached out county who support to we have not heard back. a woman killed in a house fire today, may have tried to rescue her pets before she died. this fire started around noon, near nellis and harmon. smoke could be seen around the valley... and clark county firefighters used four trucks in their attack. witnesses told firefighters a woman escaped the burning home, but ran back inside to save her pets. she didn't make it out, and firefighters found her body. it turns out, neighbors rescued the pets. "sandra jones/witness "i saw men beating
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there trying to get back there and they were after dogs, they got some dogs, meanwhile somebody had gone back in the house." " witnesses say animal control took the animals. firefighters haven't said how the fire started. new details on why a father was arrested, after his 12-year-old son shot and killed himself. according to olin manuel's arrest report... the father purchased the gun from a former coworker. because he was on probation from a grand larceny conviction, he wasn't supposed to have any firearms in his home. manuel told police his son was recently grounded for bringing marijuana to school, and he spent a lot of time in his room. but manuel did not believe the boy was depressed. police say the gun was not locked up... and other children in the home were in danger when the bullet went through the wall. we're also learning more how three suspects kidnapped a woman... and what that woman did to escape. in an arrest
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over the victim's car getting stolen. she found the car at a house where she had taken it to be fixed, and she took it home. police say several days later, the victim tried to do a meth deal with some of the suspects involved with her car's disappearance... and they kidnapped her at gunpoint. the victim was tied up and left in a garage... with the suspects threatening to torture her. police say the woman was able to free her hands and feet, and she raised the garage door a few feet up to escape. the suspects led police on a chase that lasted several hours, but eventually, paul gilbert, ashley stock, and sherman leemhuis were arrested. the suspect in a fatal shooting near the strip appeared in court today. omar talley's case was continued for a week, since his private attorney isn't in town. police say talley got in a fight with three people inside planet hollywood's parking lot, and he shot all three of them on the road. "melissa mendoza" and "jenniver chicas" were killed, and a man was injured. talley told police he doesn't remember any of this because he
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high when it there's no bail set next court appearance is march third. our valley is experiencing a syphilis outbreak... southern nevada health district. they want their patients bring down the number of cases. " you should not be embarrased about this illness, and it's one of the reasons we're asking physicians to take a sexual history, because a lot of people are not comfortable talking about their sexual " health officials say there's a 128 percent increase in the number of cases since 2012. the cases are seen mostly in men. syphilis appears as a sore... but if left untreated, can lead severe rashes and even blindness and dementia. health officials say syphilis is easy to get, but also easy to get rid of with proper treatment. they remind everyone who has had multiple partners in the last few years to get tested for s- t-d's. metro has a
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medical marijuana patients... be careful who you buy marijuana from! "inviting an unknown drug dealer to your home by clicking on a shady website is just asking for trouble. doing so gives them your name, your address, and possibly access to your private medical information. do not put your personal information at risk!" metro reminds everyone only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell pot. illegal dealers and delivery services are pretending to be legitimate providers, and of customers. been several robberies and cases of physical harm reported. pizza, the ultimate communal food, is not only is it delicious, its also readily available. so it makes sense that our 24 hour town is ranked as one of the places with the most pizza places per capita, in the country fox 5's miguel martinez-valle went to some local pizzeria's to see what sets them apart in the
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intro:" well the pizza buisiness is competitive here in the valley so we talked to a few local favorites to find out what it takes to get a slice of the profits." " its the ultimate comunal food, pizza is the most shared food in the world, its the number two food consuemed globally." pizza is serious business in the vegas valley and with tourism bringing thousands of people in and out per week, local pizza places have to constantly outdue each other for a slice of the profit pie... " as we know theres a lot of pizza places out here to compete with. from high end places on the strip, we try to set us apart with a really good beverage program." pizza enthusiasts agree, what the customer wants is a great pizza... which can mean different things for different people " im from the east coast so you know new yorker style." " and in order to see just what it takes to make a great pizza we decided to make
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track: both pizza rock and dom demarco's told me, for them getting the best ingrediants is key everything from the tomatoes used for the sauce to the cheese put on top, has to be the best quality. tag: " time to throw this bad boy in the oven." " in todays world people know more and more about their food, they want to know where their food is coming from, whos preparing their food, what farm its growing on." nevada has the 5th most pizza places per capita in the nation, and these pizza makers say its welcome competition " if you drive all the way down that road you will see pizza places on every single corner,. so it doesnt suprise me at all and thats ultimatly why were here, its a good market." theyre confident what theyre serving... will keep the customers coming back tag: " i think thats enough work for me, i'm gonna stay here and enjoy this pizza, but i'll toss it back to you at the desk. for fox5 miguel martinez-valle, fox5 news local las vegas."
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association of pizzeria operators is holding a pizza expo on march 8th. the event is not open to the public but pizza enthusiasts can buy tickets online donald trump wins nevada's republican caucus. but it's two people who showed up at one event, that are getting the attention. "i just thought maybe it was a joke maybe kids playing around - there's nothing funny about that. " we'll have more reaction on the individuals dressed as k-k-k members... and what school police say about them. and could governor sandoval's next job be a supreme court justice? we'll have more on the rumors about a possible nomination. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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"we love nevada, we love nevada, thank you. " donald trump was declared last night's winner in nevada's republican caucus... winning 46 percent of the vote. he was far ahead of his competition, with marco rubio coming in second with 24 percent of the vote. an incident at one of our valley's caucus sites has a lot of people talking on social media. two people showed up at cimarron high school, dressed up as ku klux klan members the two brought a home-made "trump for with them. pictures of the are spreading across social media, with people hurtful made at a caucus. some people believe they're to paint bad light... others say they're probably kids
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but for nevada state senator aaron ford, this isn't a joke. "ford: the regalia that kkk members where is symbolic of hatred and violence " larry haney, nv; its just ludicrous to see someone dressed up in a 19th century garb. c-c-s-d police say they took these people away without any incident. they say these were two white males, and one of them was wearing black gloves. metro says no one was arrested, and no reports were filed. hillary clinton scored a victory on saturday in nevada's democratic caucus. and today... she picked up a major nevada endorsement. " "she is a person who is a very quick learner, all you need to do is look at what happened after 9/11, gee did she do a good job. she fought for new york like i've never seen anyone fight." " senate democratic leader harry reid says he believes clinton will better serve the middle class. believes clinton will better serve
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commended clinton's health care views, and said she should be the first female president. the senator voted "uncommitted" during the caucus. reid said he wanted to stay neutral between clinton and bernie sanders so he wouldn't be accused of rigging the caucus. senator reid also spoke about the possibility of governor brian sandoval being considered for the next supreme court justice. " i know if he were picked, i would support the man. he's a good person, he has a great record, and he's been a tremendously good governor in spite of having to deal with some very big problems there." white house sources say sandoval may be one of several potential supreme court nominees. a republican nomination could be seen as an attempt by president obama to court the senate g-o-p. sandoval says he was honored his name was mentioned, but hasn't officially heard if he is being considered for a nomination. sandoval was a former federal judge, and is considered a moderate republican. mitt romney thinks there's a bombshell in donald trump's
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on the presidential candidate to release them. romney believes trump may not be as wealthy as he says he is... or perhaps he hasn't been paying as much taxes as he should. the 2012 republican nominee also called on marco rubio and ted cruz to release their tax returns. trump says there's no bombshell in his taxes, other than how the government spends his money. but he hasn't decided if he will share those returns with the country. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll see a return to the 70s on thursday with 75 degrees. we'll be warmer friday with 78, then 80 saturday, 77 sunday. this is looking like the nicest weather weekend so far this year. light breezes will be with us 10-15 mph during the weekend afternoons. monday we'll see southwest
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then north gusts 25-30 mph on tuesday. we'll see a return to the 70s on thursday with 75 degrees. we'll be warmer friday with 78, then 80 saturday, 77 sunday. this is looking like the nicest weather weekend so far this year. light breezes will be with us 10-15 mph during the weekend afternoons. monday we'll see southwest gusts to 25-30 mph with a high of 77, then north gusts
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tuesday. closed captioning will resume shortly tuesday.
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i had the opportunity to speak to some young people at csn... it was a communications class some great questions about the news business, some of the stories we cover here at fox5... terrific class! religious leaders
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stamp fraud appear in court. what officials say the suspects did with the funds, meant to feed hungry families in their community. and hear one man's story of survival... after a tornado lifts him
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members of thetalist church of jesus christ of latter- day saints appeared in court today. they're accused of running a multi-million dollar fraud scheme. investigators say the group stole government welfare money intended for poor families. reporter aldo vazquez has details on two of the suspects, who are considered leaders of the f- l-d-s church. shackled and in jail jumpsuits, lyle jeffs and john wayman entered a not guilty plea to the charges of conspiracy to commit food-stamp fraud and money laundering. charges that could put them behind bars for several years and have them paying thousands of dollars in fines. the prosecution argued they remain locked up, following the raids in their compounds in hildale and colorado city yesterday, citing their massive network of resources as a potential flight risk. both men will be
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(robert lund, u.s. attorney's office) "the government is gone through a lot of effort and expense to investigate this case and present the case to a federal grand jury. wanna assure we have our day in court and that we're able to vindicate the government's interests." a total of 11 leaders and members of the f- l-d-s church were indicted tuesday. federal prosecutors say the stolen money was used to pay for a john deere loader... a ford truck... and nearly 17-thousand dollars in paper products. rancher ammon bundy and other oregon refuge occupiers were in fedral court today... pleading not guilty to federal conspiracy charges. this is the group that held the malhuer wildlife refuge for 41 days, in a standoff against federal officials the judge told the group they are innocent until proven guilty. but some stood up and told the judge they feel like they are being treated like convicts. today on the bundy ranch facebook page, the family thanked everyone for their prayers, and said the battle for freedom is far from over. severe storms wiped through a virginia town today... terrifying
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there. "frank rose/witness: it was scary, my truck went up in the air, the glass started caving in on me, i saw everything coming off the roof and i said i hope this isn't it... but i didn't know what to do ... it was scary. " officials say a possible tornado touched down here, as well as flooding and high water. at least four people were killed, and several people are out of their homes. this is part of a storm system back east, leaving more than 220 thousand people without power. tornado watches are in effect across florida and georgia. there's anything but racing going on... when it comes to heavy nascar weekend traffic. what speedway officials are doing this year, to reduce headaches and crashes before the biggest racing
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getting ready to welcome racing fans for nascar weekend. today... the focus was on getting thousands of people to and from the event. " because we have so many busses and because people take the busses, and because of a lot of hard work of people over the years, we've been able to improve traffic flow to the speedway and away from the speedway." there will be one hundred shuttles picking up passengers from the strip and downtown... and bringing them to the speedway. the goal is to get about three thousand cars off the road and clear up traffic. fans will want to
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busses... it will cost 99 bucks for all three days. we have information on how to get a shuttle, or park if you plan on driving... on the home page of our website fox5 vegas dot com. during nascar weekend in las 5 will once again bring you the emmy winning speedway saturday night. we'll have feature stories, live interviews and everything you need to know to get you ready for the race at the las vegas motor speedway. it's saturday march 5-th at 7 p-m. a fire training drill at the high roller was daunting... even for the most seasoned firefighters. " "it's very scary coming from 550 feet above the ground even for our firefighters. it's dangerous, we don't want to do that unles we have to, and that's in case everything else fails that this is how we're going to bring people down and we would know how to do it." " fire crews from orlando, new york, and las vegas practiced what to do, if an observation wheel ever caught fire. teams used 30


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