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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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drivers headed east are having quite the time trying to get through. police are detouring them through a shopping center. we will keep an eye on this closure and alert you on our mobile app when it reopens. this next story and video is just troubling.. two men broke into a summerlin home in the middle of the night to steal valuables. take a look .. you can clearly see the men walking around the home.. it doesn't appear they even triggered an alarm. scary enough until you learn the people who live there.. were asleep when all of this was happening! this home is near north town center and canyon run drive .. and was outfitted with several working cameras. you can see the criminals using phone lights to check out items in the kitchen. one of them walked down the hallway to explore other rooms... again... while the family living there slept! this happened between midnight and two a-m last thursday night. if you recognize these men .. you can leave an anonymous tip by calling crime stoppers at 702-
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a property manager who shot and killed a man who police say broke into a homes - will not be charged for the death. metro says it was a case of self defense. fox 5's ophelia young is live at the home where the deadly confrontation took place yesterday. ophelia you spoke with the district attorney today? da steve wolfson says it doesnt matter whether its in your home a friends home or on the street - if you feel your life is in danger you can use deadly force. in this case - fox 5 was told the manager was punched several times in the face. "if youre being punched if youre being attacked youre allowed to defend yourself and if youre are in a reasonable believe that serious bodily injury is going to occur youre allowed to use whatever force is necessary and often times thats deadly force." district attorney steve wolfson says in nevada - a victim can fire a gun when
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danger - "as long as you have a reasonable belief that somebody is goign to commit a serious felony against you." thursday afternooon right before 3 - property managers say they came to check on this home on east viking road near flamingo and boulder after a locksmith reported an intruder. when the managers - a man and his wife arrived with their dog - they encountered the intruder in the back yard. he attacked the manager - fox 5 was told he punched both the manager and the dog. the manager who had a conceal carry permit drew and fired his gun - killing the invader. maggie mordaunt is a las vegas resident who had a similar experience in july of 2014. her husband was a realtor and they were locking up property which they squatters. came out there with come back to the property so they got there my husband and i had them at gunpoint." the squatters coorperated and police eventually came to arrest
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maggie says she was lucky she didnt have to pull the trigger. but she would have if they attacked her. "if theyre not offering me personal violence and my life isnt in danger personally for me it wasnt necessary to shoot somebody." metro and wolfson advises everyone first call police in a similar situation - but if there is time. "if you dont have time to call the police to investigate and check whats happening youre left with no other alternative yorue allowed to use deadly force if you have a reasonalbe believe that serious bodily injury is going ot you or to a loved one." police wont confirm to us whether the man who died was a squatter - but neighbors say they've been told by metro it was indeed a homeless man. that being said - the incident also sends a message to squatters - squatting not only illegal - it can be deadly. reporting live. this is the 26-th
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investigated this year. someone shot and downtown las vegas .. just off east fremont street. it happened around 11-30 this morning... near fremont and 14-th street. officers arrived to find a man in an alley behind a convenience store shot emergency crews u-m-c. geoffrey ruch witness "it was pretty shocking wasn't obviously expecting to see what i saw. fortunately the guy looked like he was moving so i saw him in ambulance so i don't know if he survived." no word on his condition - or if police have a suspect. no one has been arrested. new at six ... the nye county sheriff's department needs you help finding a man they say is armed and dangerous. this is 21-year old cody barnes. the sheriff's department says barnes showed up at his girlfriend's home on the east side of pahrump on
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tried to kill her. she survived without any injuries.. and barnes took off. if you know anything about where cody barnes is .. call police. a deadly stretch of road in las vegas has a lower speed limit. boulder highway from broadbent to tropicana was reduced to 45 miles per hour. making the 17-mile road is now one speed zone. police say around twenty-percent of pedestrian deaths in 2015 were on boulder highway. this is the first of several safety improvements for boulder highway this year. today -- metro police were out in full force targeting speeders. 30-percent of deadly crashes last year involved at least one speeding driver. several law enforcement agencies met in january for solutions on how to keep boulder highway safer. police say there's many crashes involving pedestrians because of the huge sections of road.. and speed. "a lot of people jaywalking and we have a lot of accidents
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cars. unfortunately these speeds the injuries are severe because people don't do over. theres a lot of cars that come through here." to ask everyone .. if you're walking in the valley ... use crosswalks and look beofre crossing ... and highway. wild animals are flying around .. a school's cafeteria. a viewer sent fox5 a facebook message and video showing a pigeon problem at cashman middle school. so we investigated.. fox five's les krifaton is live at cashman middle school. les- you asked the school district for it's response. they are worried that the pigeons being inside the cafeteria could pose potential health issues and while no one has officially complained to the school district or the health district this is a problem that needs to be addressed according to a doctor we spoke to.
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would expect to see pigeons out in a park and in open spaces. not here. this mom doesn't want to go on camera but says she was shocked when she walked through the the area and saw the birds i find that absolutely disgusting. this mom is concerned because her daughter has deaths and isn't sure close quarter exposure to the pigeons could cause problems i think that''s foul and i don't know how they are allowing that to happen. we reached out to the clark county school district about the matter. they sent us a statement that said quote"school staff work closely with the districts pest control staff to keep the birds at bay." end quote but students we talked to on and off camera say the birds are there almost all the time when i'm eating lunch i see them flying through the doors because they keep the doors open and everytime they fly in they do nothing about the birds to get them out the school district admit that quote "while janitorial staff are cleaning the cafeteria after lunch and have the doors open to remove trash, pigeons do fly in to eat crumbs or food that have been dropped on the floor by students." end quote the boys mom we talked to heard there was a problem and when we
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shocked those birds have diseases. the kids have to eat lunch in there what if they go to the bathroom on the table and gets it on his sandwich and doesn't realize it. he could get really sick. family physician dry daliah wachs says the students and parents have good reason to be concerned. we love pigeons we feed the pigeons, but you know that carry diseases, they carry bacteria, they carry fungi, they carry viruses they carry disease. dr. wachs says parents need to remind their kids to stay away from the pigeons and to not for instance put their sandwiches or food on the table where they sit just in case. whether you go to a restaurant, whether they eat in the room etc and so if the students themselves aren't going to wipe doe the area they need to be aware that area could have been contaminated by something in the meantime the school district insists they are working hard to keep the campus clean and it's not really a problem. this mom isn't convinced. they need to do something about it. we reached out to the clark county health district and asked if they had heard of the problem and whether they had received any complaints. they hadn't and for them to investigate a complaint has to be filed. casino owners are not seeing as much cash as in years past..
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a new report from the nevada gaming control. regulators say casinos in the state kept almost 3-percent less of the money gambled in january compared with last year. the number of gamblers also dropped by close to 8-percent.. even though the total tourist numbers are up. you can now use cash to get your registration and license plate decals from the d-m-v .. without actually going to the d-m-v. the nevada d-m-v and triple-a launched new self-serve "d-m-v in a box" kioska that now accept cash. you can renew your vehicle registration and license at the machine. it prints it all on the spot along with your plate decal and driver history. the director of the d-m-v says the new technology is becoming more popular. last year -- they processed more than 55-thousand transactions. "we are piloting the cash option on our very popular self service kiosks with aaa partner. about 30 percent of our customers who come into the dmv
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cash." you can find the "d-m-v in a box" at several triple-a branches across las vegas. you do not have to be a triple-a member to use the kiosks at their offices. ahead tonight ... why the california highway patrol spent hours earlier this week ... chasing a unicorn. here in the valley ... the british airways jet that caught fire last year is on the move.. where it's going for a little t-l-c. and a different type of aircraft is also on the move this weekend.. where you can go to see these majestic balloons for yourself. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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after sitting idle for months .. the british airways jet that caught fire at mccarran airport last year .. is one the move. this afternoon .. the jet took off for the first time sice the fire. you can see where workers have fixed the side of the triple-7 jet with a new body. this is the area the fire in the engine burned through the body into the hold. the jet isn't headed back to
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victorville, california .. where it will be repainted .. and then return to service. only the crew was on board today's flight. the air traffic to las vegas continues to grow. officials say the number of travelers flying in and out of vegas increased more than 7- percent last january over the year before. that's almost 3.6 million people. it's a strong start to year. last year the mccarran airport had the third highest passenger history. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty a great weekend in store for us with a high of 80 on saturday, then 79 on sunday. we'll see a few clouds overhead with very light breezes just to 10 mph. more warm weather next week with 79 on monday, then 77 on tuesday. both of those days will feature light breezes to 15 mph and a few clouds.
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changer for us will be on thursday and friday next week with southwest gusts to 25-30 mph, but we stay in the mid to upper 70s. average high this time of the year is 66 for the weekend, then 67 next week. a great weekend in store for us with a high of 80 on saturday, then 79 on sunday. we'll see a few clouds overhead with very light breezes just
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warm weather next week with 79 on monday, then 77 on those days will feature light breezes to 15 mph the next weather changer for us will be on thursday and friday next week with southwest gusts to 25-30 mph, but we stay in the mid to upper 70s. average high this time of the year is 66 for the weekend, then 67 next week. closed captioning
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with our amazing weather this weekend ... youn might think about closed captioning will resume shortly with our amazing weather this weekend ... youn might think about driving over the hump to pahrump.. "we're in the basket right here, ready to take off. jeff, do the honors my man."
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pahrump balloon festival. running through thursday there are dozens of hot air balloons, pilots and crew in pahrump. on fox 5 news this morning .. dave hall went for a flight for field trip friday.. and learned how these giant balloons are flown. voice of: jeff ebel / hot air balloon pilot "we're gonig to put hot air into the balloon to make it go up, let it cool to let it come back down. i have a vent in the top i can let hot air come down, and we go up and down to find winds at different altitudes to steer with and we can actually steer these things a little bit but it's not like an airplane." the balloon festival is wrapping up for today... but they will be back in the air tomorrow morning. petrack park opens at 6 a.m. balloons lift off at 7 ... and then around 6 tomorrow and sunday night is the balloon glow.. something really amazing to see in person when they use the burners
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balloons in the dusk sky. still ahead tonight .. the miracles of modern medicine.. what doctors in cleveland just did for a woman that could help her give the gift of
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a breaking news
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one day after a gop debate filled with insults ... the candidates were back on the campaign trail and back on offense. led by donald trump with a major announcement. fox news correspondent joel waldman is in washington with more. a familiar face, back on the campaign trail, if just for one day ... new jersey governor chris christie throwing his support behind the candidate leading the republican race. christie says: " i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states." the endorsement coming just four days before super tuesday ....when one-quarter of the 1237 delegates needed to win the gop nomination are on the line...donald trump showing his appreciation for the nod. trump says "this is an endorsement that really meant a lot." the pressure to perform well "super tuesday" ... a big reason marco rubio and ted cruz tag- trump during last night's debate ... more scathing
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rubio says "we cannot allow the conservative party to be taken over by a con artist." political watchers making it clear rubio was forced to switch campaign tactics because niceties were no longer working. johnson says "i think rubio can win in fla, the questrion is if he can keep up the attacks on trump and how successful trumps pushback on him." with 2,383 delegates needed to win the democratic nomination ---and 53 0n the line in the south carolina primary saturday --- hillarly clinton talked about the importance of each and every vote. clinton says "it is one of the most important elections we have had in a really long time." waldman says "despite several close democratic caucuses and primaries, hillary clinton is holding a big lead over bernie sanders in the delegate count ... leading him by more than 400. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." a major announcement today that the nation's first uterus transplant has been performed. the twenty-six year old patient underwent the
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this week in cleveland. she is in stable condition.. the transplanted uterus came from a dead organ donor. the transplant team plans to make more information available at a news conference next week. next - the story we've all been talking about today.. the search for juliette. but here's the twist .. juliette .. is
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finally tonight .. people in a town near fresno couldn't believe their eyes.. they were seeing a unicorn roaming the area. and it turns out ... they kind of were.. tatum boos/daugher of sandra boos "she got afraid and then she pulled it out of the guys hand and then she runned away." she .. is juliette-- and looks more like something you'd find in a fairytale-- than on a farm. the pony - dressed as a unicorn - belongs to five year old tatum boos (bose). juliette is used to being in the spotlight .. she's posed with her horn for many people in pictures and at parties. but wednesday night .. she decided to go for a run on her own.. which led to the california highway patrol chasing her. sandra boos/juliette's owner "she was running a muck in a couple of orchards with some white blooms so she kind of blended in
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well and she's not real tall so she turned out to be stealthier than we imagined." tatum boos/daugher of sandra boos "i was afraid and then we had to catch her in the dark." with nobody hurt ... it's a fairytale ending for this pony-- but according to tatum she has some explaining to do. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. the golden moment that lifted liberace back into pop culture! and up-close with the movie costumes that are now side-by-side with the originals. plus -- the controversy that's tarnished award season. the oscars so white hashtag, really has been trending sing the nominations award season.
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"more" interviews with those who see the struggle first-hand. and the idol effect still strong for kelly clarkson! what this appearance just helped the accomplish plus -- donny osmond's career ves. thee's a couple at right now that want to do! your access to entertainment starts now get more las vegas. more. more! i love to get more. when i'm in vegas i love to get more! (( bang! )) the bea hive and the lambily coming together? the music news that about beyonce and mariah that has fans in a fury! i'm sean mcallister.. and i'm rachel -- we start with the award season controvery that just keeps heating up. and now stars weigh in with "more" about diversity and the


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