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a brutal murder... is inspiring a national law. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela in 2011 keith goldberg was beaten to death... his body was dumped near lake mead. however government regulations... kept goldbergs body from his family for more than a year... fox 5s cyndi lundeberg explains how this new law... could've changed all that... red rock search and rescue spent hundreds of hours and more searching for keith goldbergs body... werent allowed meade recrational area to get it... today i met with them here at their headquarters to discuss the proposed national changes and why they are so important for any family looking for a loved one. hardy- is a common sense bypartisan solution to tear down the bureacratic roadblocks that are preventing greiving familes from acheiving their closure congressman cresent hardy threw his support
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heck's 'good samairtan seach and recovery act' friday on the house floor... david- its a win win for everyone how can it be wrong its a completely logical bill friday the bill was passed with unanimous support as an amendment to an existing law... it was inspired by a 2012 las vegas murder in which a love triangle turned deadly for keith goldberg . cell phone pings helped red rock search and rescue narrow in on where his body was located... but regulations stopped them and retrieve it. this in place when keith goldberg wouldve recovered him in may we him april 2012 by may we knew he was in because of all the able to get in until jeff goldberg- it was horrible goldberg- you have no proof that he's really dead prior to the good samaritan search rock search and for missing roadblocks and million dollar liabilities. the family says the bills passing the
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and painful battle. they are now looking to the senate to also take action... the process of waiting to get his remains back and first finding him and now this whole thing with the house and senate its a waiting game while nothing can bring back their loved one... keith goldberg's brother tells fox 5 his legacy will save thousands of other families from the heartache they've endured. goldberg- its always a part of you you never get relieved of it but hearing today some action with his bill something to feel good about my brother cant come back i understand that red rock search and rescue spent hundreds of hours looking for goldberg... so for them this bill is deeply personal. something good came from it somethign good came from it yahoo the family told me today over the phone... they said when their brother was killed they were reminded how much bad was in the world... until red rock search and rescue came to their aid... the brother calls the work they do truly miraculous..
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brother could inspire a bill to better help them. reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las veas. air force staff sergeant antonio tucker also inspired legislators to draft this bill. tucker drowned in lake mead in 2012. search teams had to wait nearly a year to get proper permits before they could search for his body. metro police are looking for a gunman who shot his victim several times, before taking off. the shooting happened just before 11-30, near fremont and 14th street. bloody clothes and a phone were found at the crime scene. police say the shooting happened in an alleyway behind a convenience store. the victim was shot several times, and police did not say how serious his injuries are. we spoke to a witness, who described the scary scene. ive never been this close never seen anything like it. i wouldn't say war zone but i never been that close to that kind of violence or blood. " at this time, police don't have a description of the suspect or
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two people who police say were involved in a man's death, have turned themselves in. colton brantano is now facing several charges, including murder with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. sherri esquibel is accused of concealing and aiding a felony offender. police say brantano got in a fight with the victim on tuesday, and shot him several times... possibly over drugs. this is metro's 24th homicide investigation this year. a woman is fighting for her life... after getting hit by a car in a crosswalk. metro police say a teenage boy was behind the wheel. this happened just after three this afternooon, at warm springs and spencer. metro says the driver was making a left turn on a green light, and hit the woman. witnesses say the walk signal at this intersection was activated while she was crossing the street. police urge pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings. and they're asking drivers to watch out for everyone on the road. "our drivers also really need to pay attention. it's nice weather out here,
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be walking around, pay attention to what you're doing . definitely don't have your phones while you're driving, put those things away. " this area was shut down for hours during the investigation. police say the teenage driver is cooperating, and the teen's parents showed up on the scene for support. metro says the teen was not impaired. clark county school district pat skorkowsy has some new tricks up his sleeve. he will share them at his state of the school district. "i think we keep going further up! i think it's the opportunity to continue to increase graduation rate, to look at our read by 3rd grade initiative and help push those students up so that we're geting them proficient by the end of 3rd grade" skorkowsky is excited to share the new ways that it he is reaching students and teachers. along with the graduation rates improving... more students are also being placed in magnet schools skorkowsky says they are ready to keep leaping forward. for hundreds of valley families, horse therapy is the most affective
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loved ones work through their disabilities... but their therapy ranch of choice risks closing its doors fox5's miguel martinez-valle took a trip to paradise ranch, he has the story. intro: " paradise ranch has helped thousands of valley families with their horse assisted therapy. a lot of parents i spoke to today say when they go in through those doors into the indoor horse arena their kids gain confidence, and skills." nat : < animal> nat : tabitha rose has been going to paradise ranch for two years now... " she loves it, its one of the more exciting times she has when shes with me." in that time, her family has watched her build on mobile skills, communication, and even confidence. < tabitha nat> " she was very introverted before, and now she has no problem, i mean she can walk up to a horse, which i cant do."
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ranch helps around 400 families a month, with a form of therapy thats helped thousands of people take life by the reigns." they dont only help kids with disabilities like autism and down syndrom. they also serve as emotional therapy for many local veterans. " coming out and receiving services through us with the horses can definitely increase their chances of getting better and having a more productive life." paul rogers, the owner and veteran himself, says while the ranch focuses on helping others, theyre now forced to ask for help. " she wants the prior lease caught up before we'll sign a new lease. so thats why were in the situation that were in." their lease is up, and in order to keep the ranch open for clients like tabitha, they need to raise 25 thousand dollars in the next few days. " it would be a great loss to the city, and to the community." through a go fund me campaign, and
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donations, rogers says theyre pretty close to that goal... theyre hoping with some added community support, the ranch, and those it helps, will be able to keep trotting on... tag : " and if youre interested in horse assisted therapy, want to check out the ranch, or just want to help out the cause, you can go ahead and stop by tomorrow at their event, from three to 7. miguel martinez-valle, fox5 news. local. las vegas. " paradise ranch will be holding a carnival tomorrow to raise some more funds, its 10 dollars to get it. they will have horse back riding, face painting, and other activites... visit our website for the details, fox5 vegas dot com parents are concerned... after seeing pigeons eating off the cafeteria floor at cashman middle school. " those birds have diseases. the kids have to eat lunch in there what if they go to the bathroom on the table and gets it on his sandwich and doesn't realize it. he could get really sick." students tell fox5 the birds are in the cafeteria frequently. we reached out
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county school district about the birds. officials say pigeons do fly in the cafeteria while it is being cleaned... but the janitorial staff works hard to keep the birds at bay. a british airways plane finally left mccarran international airport... six months after catching fire during takeoff. the boeing 7-7-7 left las vegas around one-30 this afternoon... and landed arond three in victorville california. this is where the plane will be re- painted, before going back to the united kingdom. back on september 8th, 170 passengers and escaped this plane problems. that engine has been replaced, and the plane was leaving the airport. we often cover dangers on and it's a road complained about for years. and now, major changes are coming. you're on that road. an aspiring journalist gone too soon. loved ones share memories of a young man, who dreamed of sharing his love
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your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. a young man dreamed of becoming a sports journalist. but sadly... sean elliot passed away before reaching his goal. the 21-year-old was honored tonight by his friends and family at buckskin park... who wanted to give their loved one a beautiful send-off. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly to a story we've laughlin. smoke could be seen around a
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fire officials say it isn't alarming. this is the same power plant that caught fire last friday... knocking out power to the whole town. you're looking at video from that fire. clark county fire has been investigating the power plant frequently since the incident. they say things are okay, and the smoke is warm oil burning off. law enforcement is making some changes to a road in our valley, that sees way too many crashes. "boulder highway has a deadly combination of speed, wide roadway, and big medians and long distances between the crosswalks. " the speed limit on boulder highway between tropicana and broadbent was lowered from 55 to 45 miles an hour. police were out on the road enforcing the new speed limits... which cover the entire 17 mile stretch. there are other plans to improve boulder highway, including adding more lights so drivers can see better. metro police are looking for future officers, who want to get a head start on training. the department's "explorer program" is recruiting
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this program introduces people to various careers in law enforcement. explorers will learn what it takes to be a police officer, how to process a crime scene, and how to take in 9-1-1 calls. it's open to people between 16 and 20 years old. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty closed captioning will resume shortly a great weekend in store for us with a high of 80 on saturday, then 79 on sunday. we'll see a few clouds
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to 10 mph. more warm weather next week with 79 on monday, then 77 on tuesday. both of those days will feature light breezes to 15 mph and a few clouds. the next weather changer for us will be on thursday and friday next week with southwest gusts to 25-30 mph, but we stay in the mid to upper 70s. average high this time of the year is 66 for the weekend, then 67 next week. a great weekend in store for us with a high of 80 on saturday, then 79 on sunday. we'll see a few clouds overhead with very light breezes just to 10 mph. more warm weather next
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monday, then 77 on tuesday. both of those days will feature light breezes to 15 mph and a few clouds. the next weather changer for us will be on thursday and friday next week with southwest gusts to 25-30 mph, but we stay in the mid to upper 70s. average high this time of the year is 66 for the weekend, then 67 next week.
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it's only february... but allergy season is in full force. it can be a surprise to people who are spending their first spring in las vegas. doctors say some of them have a hard time telling the difference, between allergies and the common cold. "with allergies, you can still have a lot of mucus and it will be discolored, but it won't be a thick green dark mucus like you'd see in a cold. " doctors say there's some differences. allergies tend to happen at the same time each year. and colds come with fevers and possibly pain. you can start off
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medications, and see a doctor if things get worse. unfortunately, doctors say this year is expected to be a stronger allergy season because of more pollination. a property manager shoots an intruder... and he isn't facing charges. we'll look at what you're allowed to do when it comes to self-defense... and hear from a woman who found herself in a similar situation. and see the chilling video of home intruders walking through a home... while the homeowners were sleeping. you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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manager isn't facing any charges, after shooting a man who broke into a home. this happened near flamingo and boulder yesterday. district attorney steve wolfson told us it doesn't matter if you in your home or on the street... if you feel your life is in danger, you can use deadly force. in this case, police say the intruder punched the property manager several times in the face... and also went after his dog. the manager had a concealed carry permit, and he fatally shot the intruder. fox5 spoke to another property manager who experienced a similar incident a few years ago. she told us she and her husband held the intruders at gunpoint until police arrived.
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offering me personal violence and my life isnt in danger personally for me it wasnt necessary to shoot somebody." "if youre being punched if youre being attacked youre allowed to defend yourself and if youre are in a reasonable believe that serious bodily injury is going to occur youre allowed to use whatever force is necessary and often times thats deadly force." police have not confirmed if the intruder was a squatter... but do say the property manager is cooperating with the investigation. metro police released an alarming video... showing two home invaders walking around a home, while the homeowners were fast asleep! you can see these two shining lights around the home, opening drawers, and canvassing the hallways. this happened february 18th, near north town center drive and canyon run drive. police say the men took several valuable items. surveillance cameras also captured the faces of two suspects police say robbed a business at gunpoint. metro says these
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store at rancho and craig back in december. they robbed an employee at gunpoint, and fired several shots toward the victim. luckily, those bullets didn't hit anyone, and no one was hurt. and the nye county sheriff's officie is searching for this man, who they say is armed and dangerous. investigators say 21-year-old cody barnes went to his girlfriend's house today, and tried to kill her. luckily, the victim survived and doesn't have any injuries. investigators say barns took off, and they urge anyone who sees him to call police immediately. if you have information that can help police in any of these cases, call crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55. it's been a violent start to 2016 in metro's juristiction. the department released information today about the increase in crime here in our valley. there's been a sharp rise in homicide... with 26 cases so far this year. at this time last year, there were 14 cases. metro is also seeing more sexual assaults, robberies, and assaults.
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area command has increase in crime according to metro's data. fans can get a little piece of the show, right here in las vegas. what fans can museum... curators say organized crime. when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv and they're both delivered on a super-fast fiber network directly to your home, it's amazing. it is amazing, but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? just -- yeah. um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed
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your engines.... nascar weekend in las vegas is almost here... 5 will once again bring you the emmy winning speedway saturday night. we'll have feature stories, live interviews and everything you need to know to get you ready for the race at the las vegas motor speedway. it's saturday march 5-th at 7 p-m. it's the last friday in february! let's take a look at what's going on this weekend. downtown roads are closing from four a-m to one in the afternoon, for the color run! runners will be doused in powder color at various points during the 5-k. it starts at las vegas boulevard and bridger, and ends outside fremont street experience. the race begins at 8 a-m. henderson is celebrating black history month with a party downtown. it's tomorrow from 11 to three p-m, on water street near boulder highway. there will be gospel performances by local church groups, food venders, and plenty of dancing. and inventors young and old are invited to the "las vegas mini maker faire".
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people to get creative and test out new inventions and technology. there will also be a drone testing area. it's sunday from 12 to 6, at the henderson convention center. interested in owning a former police car or fire truck? you can find those and a lot more at this year's first government surplus auction! "we got a ton of pickup trucks lots of cars we got a paint striper that was 300,000 dollars new so we'll see how that does tomorrow." there will be about 200 vehicles and 500 other items used around clark county. you can also find unclaimed items from mccarran airport's lost and found department. it doesn't cost anything to register, but you will have to pay up front if you win a bid. the auction starts at 8 a-m, on stephanie near flamingo. breaking bad fans can find actual costumes worn by bryan cranson's "walter white" at the mob museum. "breaking bad is a modern form of
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show, so we have make meth in the 5th season. " won these items in an auction after the show wrapped up. curators say these items represent what crime and mobs look like today in america. a grand display party was held tonight to introduce the display. breaking bad's costume designer was there to show off the hazmat suit and two gas masks. three little girls are too young to movies nominated for oscars... stopping them from enjoying the we'll check out why these kids should get some kind of nomination, the best pictures


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