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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes. hey, everybody. so glad that you rare with us for winesday wednesday t 13th of girl rachel plalan singings a astronaut. >> ande have a very bu h dea cain here, and he is reading the newspaper while he is eating
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>> i yououave so many hidden talents. >> and yes, we will talk about them in a litttt bit. yourrhow this season. >> and yes, he is on like six shows actually. s out of work steve greenberg just returned from the consumer electronics show in las vegas, and he says that there are gadgets that wilthere. and one of the boy bands who still have a devoted fan base danny wood is here from new kids on the blblk. and he is going to be out with a solo album, and we will hear a very special song dedicated to his mom. very sweet. >> a a are youeady for somee words of wisdom.
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get into the nam stay. >> when you talk, you are repeating something that you listen you are learning something new. >> except when you are talking and listening. >> that should be a brain teaser. is like this -- ready? wow. >> rit? >> again, you are right. so right. >> thank you, hody tur? >> so fun, and i was on with andy cohen last night, and it is on so late. and it is called "what is live." an and he put me in a bad situatio callers are screened. >> allegedly.
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so anyway, it got me in a little trouble. >> shall we see? marry, shag, kill, carson, matt and willie? >> i can't. >> oh, have to. on. >> okay. shag matt, and marry willie and kill carson and i'm >> and you mean kill him with kindness. look at you. >> no, i am asking. >> no i asking, very important. okay. here. marry, shag, kill. >> marry -- >> see how hard it is. >> i'd shag matt, and t(en i'm mar marry carson and kill willie make up the thing with carson. and why did they leave out poor al. >> that is what al said. >> because i would kill him a lot.
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>> well, you had some action yourself, young lady. on the meredith vivira show. >> oh, i thought that we were going to be talking about ray yesterday. yes. >> and i i wenen to meredith's show yesterday, and i adore and love, love meredith. and things got a little crazy, and lit air today. >> as sweet as i am aren't you wor worried what i will do next, [ cheers and applause ] >> but i noticed that he lingered.
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>> a long time. >> oh, my god. i really do need some gloss. oh, my gosos where has he been? he said hecalifornia. >> i dont't know, we have had him in the closet fo and he just camamout there. >> and i wanted to g gbacksta p or something to canada. >> and he totally locked in. time -- >> welg on there? >> well, , is 30 years of pent up sexual tension. >> your mouth was open. your mouth was open. >> i ciuld not believe it. >> krouyou were in shock. >> and ht the crowd. oh, my gosh, kathie lee and regis. >> they got me. i had no idea. so anyway, it was fun. and that is on to theday, buk you local listings for their times. >> and ray liotta was on yesterday. and we have a theme, right?
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her update, and they had a smell test which we offensive. >> degrading. >> and made the women get on the treadmills and then the guy comes and about right here he sniffs them. >> for pheromones. >> and we were grossed out by that. y li if he thought that it was demeaning the women, and then we decicid to demean him. take a he smeme like? i want to smell, too. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. good? >> oh, you smell good, too. it? >> a ad s bu honestly, i don't like a big
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we tried to get his secret sauce. >> come on over, dean. >> and you can do the superman here. >> and he said that he used mennon the speedstick. and the this is is shower to shower spo take off the shirt, baby. >> oh, yeah, hey. all right. >> how is that? >> smell that? all i have to do is to fefe. this is good. ohoh and he not done yet. >> okay. hoda, get in there. >> no, we want to smell. >> oh, sorry. im yes, that's it! >> that's it! >> i know the secret, ray. >> you can clean up, baby. >>< no, no way. i am walking around here.
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secret, it is show to shower sport, and it is is powder, and it smells so good. >> i have never heard of a man powdering. whater he did. i don't care. >> you want some of what he is having such a nice guy. and so frighten manage the movies that e he is an easey going, and very funny guy. >> ae saw the facebook fan annie myer wrote this, i wish i could have been there to experience thecent of mr. liotta, and only two things that a gentleman needs to do to make me happy, being sincere and a nice scent. >> and i love that the r a nice yummy word instead of a scarey monster. >> and this one, donna says, i want touch-a-vision. >> oh, because i said i wish we had smell-a-vision. >> well, dean cain is everywhere, just smell him.
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e is be waking up tomorrow, and maybe one billionaire tomo here today. it is so s te so much of the winnings out, it is only $948 million >> well, that is saturday's record. >> well, i know, but what is it? >> well, it is about half, 50%. >> and you could not live on $500 million. >> could try. you guys at 10:59. they say that lots of people want to buy lot ss of tickets to increase the odds, and soy owhether whether you buy oner multiples -- which we don't understand. >> and it is some scientific mystery. >> and this is is jimmy kimmel. >> and the odd ss of winning the lottery are not go some reason the cable and local news channels are obsessed we are minding us.
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winning the jackpot. >> better chance of dating a super model. >> hitting two hole in ones on two consecutive hole ss. >> you have a better chance of the president of the united states. >> being hit by a vending machine. >> conceive quadruplets naturally. >> and replace your gps with a mon monkey, and the chances of thehe destination with the directions of a monkey than your odds of winning the jackpot. are you going to play? >> i only play when it is big, just for my mom a a i always play, and we get the quick pick. >> they sa why? >> one guy who has won it four or five times, and he said, don't do this or that the. >> and there is no science. and somebody is going to be winning. and can you imagine what they
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>> it is going to be big. >> what would you to? >> i would hole up for a while, wouldn't you? >> you have to. >> would you quick? >> in a nano secondnd [ laughtht ] are you kidding me? [ laughter ] yeah. >> okay. >> gwen stefani a a blake shelton attended his hairstylist wedding over the weekend. >> and people got picture, and there was a aumor that gwen caught the bouquet, a a a guest said that the bride threw the bouquet and it hit blake in the head, because he is so tall, and then gwen bent down to pick it up. >> does that count? don't you vhave to catch mitt the air. now, leah sills our friend who was diagnosed with cancer has been undergoing
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okay. we vhave to pump it up. >> we can't hear it. oh, it is softer. >> anyway, we are having -- >> oh! >> anyway, we are having a dance party with the one and the only dean cain. >> he ea vhs series "hit the floor." and that is what we have decided to do. -- andndurn around, dean. >> and a show about a professional basketball player who fallout after his ex-wife is put in charge. >> and you are not going to be play ing me again as a starter ever. we, it is not up to my wife how i play the roster. >> what if she drop ss me from the roster. >> i don't tthat.
10:16 am
>> we just won a title, and she coul things could be bad for me, she could ruin the whole organization, and there is not a damn thing that anybody can do to stop her. >> yes, drama. >> drama. >> and are you having fun? >> yes, a lot of fun. >> and still cooking even though you have toe sleepless. >> i get a lot of sleep, and i have five shows on the air. a they all going fou? >> and kind of all at the same time and we did ten or 12 episodes to hithe floor, and so time to do some other things. >> and your super girl? >> i plaher dad. and i was the guy 15 minutes ago, and now i'm the dad. >> and can you palm that basketetll? >> yes, ki palm that basketball. >> and one thing that is sexy about guys is the hands. look at dean cain's hands. >> and we got a little peek at
10:17 am
>> and now that you have had the my mute to wear a scent. >> i don't like cologne, so hathat is a nice scent. i am kind mysf now, right. >> and now, can people say, oh that that has been on for a while, and i haven't been watching. >> no, you can get caught up real fast. if you count the number, only 3 # episodes, so i iis not that much, and vh1 is doing a lot of the perspectives and the big marathon s marathonon on. and the movie, too. and what is that? >> well, i just finished the movie. >> and kmit gosnell. ias thinking of him this morning. >> who is he? >> and these women died in the
10:18 am
>> and he c cducted late term abortions after 24 weeks a, and that is why james wood, jim wood the detective brought him down. it is a tough story. >> and these women who are in that situation. >> and now, you have five projects that you are working on all at once, and how do you pick it? >> i am going to austria with a thing called "the jump" "and so it is like a paid vacation in it is skiing and skelten,skel skelet skeleton. >> and by the d you ever find bigfoot? >> still looking. kind of like dating. peful, but skeptical. >> and you know, remember when we w wt oking. wewe did a whole piece. >> we could not find him. >> it is difficult to find him.
10:19 am
scene? >> well, you vhave to make time. and my son is old enou sa do in or that, the and i was like, i will be tthis, and he said, dad, get a girlfriend, and he said, dude, i think that i will will. but he is old enough himsel and he is independent. >> and he likes the girls sp h. ladies, but he is like -- >> like father and son. >> and yeah, that apple did not fe tree. >> because your love at one time brooke shields was here. >> and no, it is great. i love seeing her. and we are great friend, and i love t the see her, and we were back in college. and you were her first. >> i remember. >> and so does she. >> no, she is love areally. >> and she is our girl. we love you shgs, an all of the best, and hau before "hit the floor" premiers january 18th on vh1. >> and if you think that we are
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a partnership with direct relief to help millions in need heal their skin. because the same thing that helps heal yououdry skin ...can help others get to work. or go to school. and that ordinary jar can make an extraordinary difference. > we are going to celebrate some of our favors and animated characters with a game of "who knew?" of these famous ak actors hasasot had their voice fe film? meryl streep, al pacino, or george clooney. >> and we will find out across# the street. >> and somebody is going to get your book, ght? >> and he has all of the right stuff. from new kids on the block, danny woo has new song for his daughter. all the right stuff
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lonnie ludvigson was from edgewood. he was shot in memphis onaturday. we heard from memphis police this morning. witnesses told them four men wearing masks pullll lonnie out of his vehicle -- and demanded money -- before he was shot. no arrests have been made. morning after their home caught fire in dubuque. the fire department says it happened along rosedale avenue around 4-30 this morning. no family members got hurt -- crews say the back of the home was on fire. they're still working to figure out how it srted. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. light snow showers this morning (up to inch)... warme with even higher temps for will be in the teees with onll single digit highs on sunday. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've
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it is winesdadawednesday and it is time to plply triv game "who knew?" and today is the anniversary of the mickey and we want to test your knowledge of the animated characters through the yearar hoda is across the street at the pop-up store, and she is ready to hand out $1,100 for anybody who gets the questions right, and winner, because they rare getting a signed copy of hoda's new book, where we belong." and with me is amy from "entertainment" magazine, and this week's issue is a tribute to davamy. hi. >> and before we broke, we had thisquestion, which of these
10:29 am
voice featured in an animated movie, a.d meryl streep, george clooney orr al pacino. >> and we had the answer al pacino. he w signed on to play eduardo in "despicable me ix i" but he dropped out. back to hoda. i am not used to this. >> okay. >> we have a wild crowd out here. d wrobin. >> where are you from, sweetie >> queens. she is from here in queens. and this is the question. matt groening, creature of "the simpsons" and has hidden his initial s initials head? >> i am going with mrs. smithers. >> oh, it is so sad. you got a a book!
10:30 am
so it is not smithers. >> the answer is homer. so if you look closer the squiggle in n e head is the m and the ear is g. and next time you watch "simpsons" keep an eye on that. and the it is the long estest running comic in america. >> and i know, because regis and i were the first couple at thanksgiving. >> and what issour name? >> sherry. >> and you? >> luke. >> and the pressure is on you. what animated character's given name iss norville rogers, shaggy from scoopby doo or charley from charlie brown or boooo bear? >> i am going to say, a a, shaggy four books and then you get a
10:31 am
>> and five books for you. >> hoda, you are shameless. and so i definitely would not have gotten that one at all. >> and i think that it was just guessing, wasn't it? >> yes a from. evansville, indiana. >> and you have -- > red hand. e is the question, in despicable me 2, what are the color of the evil minions, red, blue, orpurple? >> they are a, red. >> oh, so sad, just one book for you. >> okay. >> yes, so we know it sis purure. >> purple is the answer, andnd s on the opposite end of the color spectrum of yellow. >> we don't har o more, and i know hoda, she is going to give everybody d give our love to stackable. >> steve greenberg is here for an entertainment center for your pets.
10:32 am
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there is literally a new gadget on the market everyday, but last week in las vegas, the consume consumer e ele with more than 300 companies representing six countries. >> and guess who ihere? our gadget guy steve greenberg. >> and that is like your super bowl. >> yes, it is like geek heaven and my 20th year going. and you are king of the geeks. >> well, you know, i try to keep the secret, but it is true.
10:36 am
>> the first thing i brought back is for animals and not r pets, and it theys like a areahere, like a treat? well, it is not a treat, but and it is a daily allotment of food. >> so they figure out what combination open ss it up. >> and a it is going t , and you can keep tracac of it dururg the day.y. >> and he is a sad and lonely dog, this is going to be keepipiy dog. his mommy is out on the book tour doing great. and he npet. yes. >> and now, in is next up called ear ear-in, and this is the fiy ear budds, and no cords to get tangled and you just take this and put it there. >> and what is that? >> it is like thth, and i have heard it, and bluetooth, and i
10:37 am
brand-new, and it is $299, and works great, and no wires. >> that is crazy. >> and and ch it up, and amazing. it is going to be available at best buy, believe it or not. >> next. >> this is called ditto, and it is a vibrating button that sinks up to the phone, a a ndnd if you get a phone call, and if you get it, it is going to vibrate.. and kathieieee is wearing it right no is wearing it on the bra strap. >> and you can get specific people or text message, and customize the beep sohat you can tell. >> i am taking that baby home. idea. >> you say, hey, i loved getting that call are from you. >> a cooking? >> yes, we are coo from gourmeta, and this is the robotic ten ro1 cooker. this is baking b bwnies from the
10:38 am
risotto, and what is cool with this is that it has a self-sti built n and using the hot air inste of the regular heat, and so it is going to be cooking faster, and so it is less calories. and itk in there. >> that is $149 at amazon. >> and that is not smelling as good as ray liotta, but it e smells good. >> and this is very good, but you can't wh ray liotta. and this is smart wheel invented teenager. and he is right over there. >> t. skwchlt. >> and what does t i prevents distracted driving driving. you take your ha fr second, going to be sending the message to the parents, and hey, what is going on, and why did you take wheel? did you get in trouble? >> yes. >> yes. >> and smarting idea. anddmart wheel usa.
10:39 am
>> this is for taking your temperature, and are this is called thermo, and you know, some of these you have to search for temporal artery, and it is going to send the information to th of time. time. >> and wo teasi it. >> okay. go a go ahead. >> and thi called kill-a-brie. and you can see it. it shows you where to brush. >> where you need to brush. >> yes, and attached to wi-fi. >> and little dino. >> this is like siri for kids. ask it a question. how far away is the on? it usually answers. i love the live television. and he is answering, but it is
10:40 am
>> but it sis, you can ask it a bunch of question, it works amazingly. >> and she is a 30-year vet the music industry,, but to mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm mmmm. yoplait. one-up your cup. add a few simple ingredients for a snack the whole family will love. mmmm only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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the citi concert series on totoy is proudly presentnt to you by citi he proved thth he had the right stuff more than three decades ago, and he is from the insanely popular boy band new kids on the block. >> and now he is doing a solo album called "hold on." >> and it is a tribute to his mom and the portion of the proceeds are will go to her foundation remember betty.
10:45 am
>> yes, i think about her everyday whether i am singing or not,t,nd i see her in my positive with it. >> and beautiful lady. and here he . i can't take much more how much more to endure i can't feel what's in my heart everything we know has torn me apart i've been letting go
10:46 am
thinking if i did something wrong i've been letting go and now i'm holding on waiting for the first light of dawn now hold on just a little longer hold on till i get stronger hold on i get lost in you i get lost in hold on with a little passion hold on meet me in boston hold on i get lost in you i get lost in you i can't forget
10:47 am
my eyes just focused on the ground in the dirt and in my pain we got to remember what we gain gained i've been letting g now i'm holding on living life like you're not gone i've been letting go now i'm holding on wondering if you are listening to my song now hold on just a little longer hold on hold on till i get stronger hold on i get lost in you i get lost in hold on with a little passion hold on meet me in boston hold on
10:48 am
i get lost in you everything i do all myy memories they all belong to you hold on >> danny wood. >> danny. >> thank you so much. >> thankyou. >> thank you, guys. >> thank y >> all right. the album is "look at me" and check out the the interview withw kids on the block, and back in 1989, go to k lshgs gshgs and hoeg and >> and now, e hd over heels for lilliana's luxe looks.
10:49 am
>> now that we r rare here. >> i hope that you are weari looks for less you have. >> well, it is hats and beyond the basic beanie, and start with the pom-pom beanies and they are from city.col, and they have all of your cities. and this is from, and that is an mall-inspired hats are also huge, and this is kitty cat hat from bo bonnet, and that i love is the trapper hat. and do they have another size, because they don't fit.
10:50 am
>> this is from city hupter as erhunter. >> and i love this one. and you know what fit he >> this one. babybyrapper hat for likee little baby elmer fud. >> i want that for my little checkie. >> and oh, no, breaking news. we have joy philbin on the e ne. and she is wanting to talk. the victim. >> and look, joy, did you see that? >> you know, i just happened to catch that this morning. hihoda. are you still speaking to kathie lee? >> well, i i barely got -- i don't know. i'm still a little shock, joyment your husband. >> well, you know, it was just adorable, wasn'tt?
10:51 am
and you know, i was told that he was going to kiss you oncece >> no,twtw w interestio me is that over all of the years gellman woulnoon.... tonight's the night. a historic powerball drawing with an enormous jackpot... and this will make some peopp happy -- a bit of a warm up on the way. kyle kiel joins us at noon. rco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted f it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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