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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 12, 2016 3:00am-4:00am CST

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[applause] >> nice talking to you.ou. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level of playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain, buto teach. call me or tweet me. today was the perfect illustration of the fact that panic is not a strategy, even though it certainly seems pretty easy. but you can be paralyzed with fear, because e l comes down or interest rates are coming down, bank stocks are going down -- >> sell sell sell. or we can collectively roll up our sleeves and find out what
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simply because they're caught up in the marketwide selloff. today paid off after initially getting obliterated, the averages rebounded nicely, to close down 255 points, the nasdaq inching down justst.39%. fifit let's get the negagave going on. what's really ailing the market is that all stocks trade together off of news that shouldn't produce such an homogenized output. the negative goes like this -- something is ailing the europe banks. so are european banks stocks ranked to go down? why not? they're acting hideously. it could be because they have more oil loans than we don't know about, or maybe just they're going down because they're going down, the industry is collectively lying to us. theyeyave all the huge expxpure to european banks. in other words, people are worried that there's systemic risk, that haven't yet happened again, and for the report might not happen at all again, but we have tore scared out of our wits, because that's what we did in 2011 and decided to sell everything, because the market went count 19%. there, that's the scenario. pl oil is going down. we have oil executives chattering about how we'll have to put c cde in swimming pools, because there's so little storage space left. i thought it was a funny
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but the oil futures guy realize it's dangerous to own oil. the market bounced somewhat when once again we heard press reports -- i could have said lies -- but that there might be an emergency opec meeting. that's after crude fell. its lowest level since 2003. the rumor was certainly right on time. call me cynical. maybybthe stock market is right and oil is going higher, but every rumor about production cutting has been wrong, so let's presume this one is, too. let's presume that oil could repeat the scenario, when it plummet fred almost exactly where it is now down to ten bucks in a very short period of time, january to march, that's right, 26 to 10 in less than three months. that would cause a l l of pain among banks. that makes sense, there is a lot of exposure. i'm not sugarcoating that, but let's stand everything on its head. let's leave crazy-town. we're going to walk over to non-crazy town.
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traders here. we're not trying to catch these intraday moves. we're not big hedge funds that are nimble, doing algorithms. we're trying to buy stocks of companies we like and prices we like, but didn't expect to get, because we didn't think this would be a marketwide sale. last night i said if the stock of disney were to go back to the low of '86, down from 122, you should buy some. things change, except it's more positive, more people go to the parks when gasoline is cheaper. if you followed that and bought disney, well you're already um four bucks, but that's not what we're in it for. we want you to hold it for maybe months, maybe years. how about procter & gamble? the darn thing just won't sell off. easily 1.6%, a 3.3% yield from a company that has a huge energy bill. suddenly they come up and you get a chance to buy into weakness. thank you deutsche bank, socgen, thank you jpmorgan. you can't afford to not buy pg at these levels. added bonus -- you know that super freaking strong dollar i'm always talking about. the exchange rate from the dollar and euro has come back down to where it was a year ago.
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ain't super freakin' anymore, that's monster good for procter. they do a lot of stuff around there. how about cisco? when cisco reported much better than expected quarter last night and boosted the different to the point where it gave you a 2.2.% yield, the to be immediately rallied. all i can say is chuck roberts did a good job, but i want to thank the german banks, french and italian banks for giving a price to cisco that was positively insane. sometimes the market truly angers me. no matter how they tell you they're in huge trouble and big derivatives, the book of this and that, and they're going to fail, this darn mcdonald's stock won't come in. i mean, what the heck is that about? you get a stock that yields 3% and a hue beneficiary of a strong euro, plunging raw costs, and the darn thing won't sell
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i thought the e clines would cause the s&p 500 to go down enough to get a bargain at mcdonald's, nah, i guess we'll have to rumor more german banks doing badly. it gives you a chance -- how about this j & j? i keep thinking the presidential even len or the europe yang bank will collapse this company, but it's not happens. they have ananmazing balance sheet, and accelerating revenue growth into one of these says you need to be ready if or when that happens. maybe in janet yellen really
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at 96 instead of 101. am i being too glib here? no. you see in 2011 which whole countries were indeed blowing up in r rember, remembering the piigs? and all hell was breaking loose? these banks should have gone belly you have, but they regulate differently over there. they like, you know, give them a wink and nod, the authorities look the other way, they let the poorly run totally lacking banks stay in business. now that these countriri are all sol vent and the european bank is run by a smart guy, you think they don't have a plan to recapitalize every bank in trouble? they have genuine crony capitalism.
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banks were technically insolvent, or bail them hoyt in some way that doesn't bring down the house. honestly. i have no why the. i do know that the situation is ceding opportunities for those willing to own individual stocks rather than flit in and out of the futures, which will be hit every time there's a rumor of a bank failure or oil goes down or some federal reserve officials says something crazy and all three of those will happen repeatedly. that's the kind of year it's shaping up to be. if you're a futures s ader, then
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that's just the game. all right? you didn't get any ccks off the checklist today, but if you buy the individual stock, i mentioned better prices and you owthem for more than 45 minutes? i think you come out a winner. john in new york, please. >> caller: jim, bad day for the european banks. recently you recommended key bank. it's proposed a merger w wh first niagara bank, both of western new york banks, today paper quotes governor cuomo has joined the growing chorus of pool tick of the acquisition. governor claims negative impact with merger and threatening that legal act, are we going to socialism? >> i was surprised at that. we have banks so big you would think they would let beth mooney
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so it works. i don't like the financials now, i think that key represents real value. i was shocked at that. i didn't see it coming. i still believe in key, but i am not pushing any of the financials on the show. i do think they have a place in the portfolio. and what happened at key was wrong. let's go to mark in pennsylvania, please. >> hey, jim, i was wondering what you thought about nvcr, novacure. they have new cancer treatments. i wanted to know where you think the stock is going.. >> it's down 50%, it's a total spec, if you understand that, then you're find. this market is not kind to speculators, if you have that understanding and you want to go there, i'm not going to stop you. mike in new jersey? mike?
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>> mike, what's happening?g? >> caller: not too much. hey, i know this stock is not the best in breed, but i have about five to ten years to wait. nokia with the intellectual operty and recent acquisition of lucent. i like it. what do you think for the next three to five years. can they turn it around? >> maybe, , t why not own cisco? it's got a 4% yield, great balance sheet, chuck robbins is doing a terrific job. i say no to nokia and yes to cisco, the csco kind. take your pick. in a market like this, you can be scared or paralyzed. maybe you can be smart. smart investors know that patients can actually be wait for your pitch. >> it's where is the beef? i'm sitting down with the company's top executives, or where is the bean burger?
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slammed every time oil goes down thanks to the crazy-town linkage between the futures and the price of crude, but centers the lower prices should be a boon to all sorts of companies. that brings me to wendy's. the fast-foot change with 6500 location, with a stock currently trading at just above the 52-week low. yesterday morning they if reported a gooooquarter, including a one-sent earnings beat, 4.9r 8% increase in same-store sales. that's theest number in decades, plus a solid outlook, and indicated the first few weeks of the next quarter are looking terrific, and a new addition that even my vegetarian kids would love. is this simply another example of this panicked stock market throwing the baby out with the
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let's deal with the outgoing ceo and successor to find out where the quarter is headed. welcome back to "mad money", and welcome to "mad money.." >> thank you. >> this is taking a bow here. you delivered an amazing return, yet ear starting with deliciously different now, what are the expectations for that program? >> well, jim. this is a great opportunity for us to tell the consumer what separates us from everybody else out there, and we've got about food since 196 and deliciously different will really drive home those differences and talk notot just about the hamburgers, but great items like our black bean burger that you had the opportunity to taste. >> let me ask todd about that. this is a burger, yes, indeed, i struggle sometimes do go with meal kids. why? because they want a veggie burger. this is not an easy think to make?
3:16 am
>> it definitely can go national. what we want to do is provide the consumer with some options within the restaurant, but really in the spirit of quality is our recipe, this is offering quality message. we feel very good in the test restaurants, how it's performing today it would be the irsats, no, it's real, and tastes better to me than a hamburger. i do want to talk about the gasoline notion. you have customers, not all althy, right? this must be good for them. they must maybe step up to wendy's from another place or maybe an extra fry, an extra chili? >> no, absolutely. you know, it wasn't that long ago that gas was -- regular gas, $3.94 at peak, and now it's more like $3 -- e euse me $1.70. this has put a lot of money in pockets of individuals with
3:17 am
very heavy users of quick-serve restaurants. we they it's been an important factor in putting together several very nice quarters. there's a perception among something that all -- wendy's has always prided itself on being fresh, recent flitting in this market? >> absolutely. it's spot on with the trends, jim. fresh, never frozen, north american beef. it's who we have always been. we have the vegetables cut fresh every day in that restaurant. we're spinning our lettuce fresh every single day and preparing it how and when you want it. we've been doinghat for 46 years. >> you are from a franchise background. you know how important the franchisees are. what's the relationship? >> the relationship is as good as it's ever been. we've done a nice job connecting and partnering with a franchise community to make sure we are all in this together in the spirit of bug one team united. my father was a franchiseeso
3:18 am
model works for r r franchise community, and we'll continue to partner through joint capital plans to bring that all to light. >> you've e en buying back a huge amount of stock. a good use of capital? >> absolutely. we bought back almost 100 million shares, ananwe believe it's a great way to return value to our shareholders, and we're going to continue to do that with excess cash, as well as continue to grow our dividends at the same pace of net income growth. we think we're a stock that can provide growth as well as -- and food safety costs a lot of money, and it's obviously from the news we've had. can fast-food restaurants afford
3:19 am
conscious investment in technology. we have a lab called 90 degree labs on the outskirts of ohio state university, and we're spending a lot of money to really work on consumer-facing technology kiosks, mobile ordering, mobile payment. we want to put the hands of the operations into the consumer. they want to control their own destiny. that will allow us to free up other labor costs to do other things, to invest back in th food, to invest back into the service model. okay. last question. emil, the younger people might be naturally interested in a bean burger are people who watch media, they watch social media. >> sure. >> what are you doing to get in tough touch with the natural market, what the younger people want. >> we use very much a 360-degree approach to our media efforts for all our products.
3:20 am
see a very significant push against social and digital media. we've even used this on a local level and really have connected with consumers on it. there's a lot of consumers groups called a flexitarian. they go meatless for a day or two every week. >> i'm a flexitarian. >> that's a growing, significant group of people. this is not just targeted at the flexitarian, but the broader group as well. you've done a good job. you brought out great gross margins, just terrific same-store sales, and emil is the outgoing ceo, and i'm a flexitarian. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, the great outdoors? high performance apparel giant columbia sportswear supplies the gear.
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so i guess we've got to start rooting against job growth. boy, i hate this kind of
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yellen rather than embracing the notion of the united states is perhaps the growth engine that could pull the rest of the world out of i i obvious slump, has chosen the higher, and perhaps into a recession if necessary just because we added more jobs than we thought. typically you would expect the fed to tightening given the strong job growth, but the united states no longer exists in a vacuum. we have to understand that our interest rates are dramatically higher than much of the developed world, where there's an actual bond shortage given the horrid rend out rates of growth. deflation, i feel like this could be a savior moment for yellen, because she has a chance to save not just america, but the entire world. she could say in front of congress let's not talk about higher rates until the global economy is in a less precarious position, let's speak of inflationary or deflationary
3:25 am
simple comments, but instead the agenda is incredibly narrow-minded. i waffle between being angry at the fed coming out and saying some tough stuff and wanting to shake the members into reality in the real economy. i'm mindful of ben bernanke who did so much good, singled me out in "the courage to act" when i did my rant in the summer of 2007 about how they knew nothing and they hado take action before a lot of firms went belly up, and the, and i was, it kind of hurt my feelings, but i'm a big boy. i'm all right. so let me puts it in a more statesman like manner. those texts were written before amazon and walmart laid waste to higher-paying retail jobs, before of digitization and offshoring that behalf the way of our country. they were written before nafta, they were written before the shared economy made it so people
3:26 am
shifts. lastly the new state and local -- the minimum wages being put through, that's what's moving up wages, not a tight labor market. there's such a glut. millions of people would work for less than they do if it weren't for the minimum wages. however, if jan janet yellen stays on message, we only have a choice that the hope that somehow the aerospace, housing and auto cycles do top out to throw some people out of work. we won't get anywhere with her noticing where the credit default swaps are, or how the bubble burt in oil will cause tremendous credit contractions or how china is probably contracting for a good part of the industrial economy. these things -- jobs increasing and radical decline in credit -- aren't supposed to be happening at the same time. that's what the texts said. they are, though, that givers he a chance why not become the world's beacon?
3:27 am
discussions for now. it could have the added advantage of keeping extremist anti-wall street candidates off the ballot. yellen continues on her source, she makes it more likely that come november someone with a radical different set the ideas on how to run the government, certainly ones where the fed could be obviated, could win the white house. i doubt anyone in the commodity market wants to see that opopons. the ceos just say this toe me over and over again, and they wonder why i haven't said it. i just did. they just know too much about the way things used to be in the country, and not enough about the way things are now. let's go to mike in pennsylvania, please. mike? >> caller: jim, big fan. >> thaha you, partner. what's up?
3:28 am
about marathon oil's ability to stay afloat, and a long-term play. >> they were one of the first to cut their different. that was prudent. they are about to report next week. i don't favor -- i don't want to own any fossil fuel stocks. the world has turned against them. i think there's a enario it could go to ten. it happened against in 1986. under no situation would you want to own marathon. it's a shame. a good company, but this is not the environment, and fossil fuels, no. we're not going to recommend on the show. john in pennsylvania, john? >> caller: jim, a great big boo-yah from quakertown, pennsylvania. >> holy cow, man. hey, i had a fist fight in quakertown at a track race. i did. a guy tripped me, it was unbelievable. i knew i gotothe shaft. you u uld ask my coach, but i -- i'm willing to forgive and
3:29 am
>> caller: wonderful. jim, i'm a longtime holder of new york community bank. i still have a solid gain even though the financials have taken a hit, i'm enjoy a nice different. is it hold? buy? sell? do i continue to reinvestment? >> that's the musical sound that says take your profit and move on. we're not going to fool around with the financials, either. we don't need the oils or financials on our balance sheets. ananthat quakertown guy?y? that didn't exactly work out for him. anyway, my message to the federal reserve, it's time to way up. open your eyes to the real economy and change course, before you end up causing g l kinds of problems you're mandated to resolve. panera has failed to may your dough rise, under recently that is. i love that place. and columbia up more than 12%, my fe loves the sorel boots. don't forgetety exclusive
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if you're looking for a place to h he in this market, how about ananncredibly well-run company with no earnings risks? because just yesterday they report add spectacular quarter. i'm talking about panera bread. while this stock sold off with the rest of the market today, they reported a truly amazing quarter, sending shares up nearly 5%, something that made me happy, because we own it in my charitable trust. higher than expected revenues, uptick on company of same-store sales. it continue toss upgrade many of the stores for the new format, and the company has an aggressive buyback. this is a strong story. i found the commentary to be very reassuring. let's check in the founder and ceo to learn more about the quarter and the company's
3:32 am
welcome back. >> good to see you, ron. you came on the show, said we're going to be back, we're going to fix the mosh pit, we're going to get people in and it's going to be better. you did it. >> we're doing it, yes. >> it's increasingly clear that our strategy is not only right but it's working, and you have empirical evidence. what's going on at those stores? >> all you have to look at it the comps for the first 41 days of this quarter, up 6.4%. that's really speaking. >> best of any of the reststrants i deal with. >> absolutely. what is happening at the store level that's making that occur. >> you said it, it's panera 2.0. we're seeing the 2.0 stores that we have converted, they're up 3% to 5% than what the comps would
3:33 am
that's a sustained growth we're seeing, so it builds year after year. a better competitive alternative through innovation in food, in marketing, in store operations, our operation are continuiui to get t tter, and we're beginning to play with delivery. >> you said in the conference call that delivery is already producing some good results. >> yeah, well, so our view is we're moving into an omnichannel world. 2.0 is really a better guest experience. it allows us to do a better job for the eaten n stomer, for the to-go customer. we also understood the technology we built to enable that is completely relevant to allowing us to do deliveries. >> how far along are we with 2.0? our investors who are watching, is it almost over? or a lot more to roll out. >> when you return a large company like panera, 80 thousands people, anything with value takes years to do. 3 1/24 years ago we have this vision >> starting in north carolina, you said you have to believe,
3:34 am
>> absolutely. not only do you have to believe, but you see what's going on with guests. i'll tell you a story, my own experience. >> my son in the mosh pit. exactly. you go into a panera, seeing people wait in a long line and play the game of find your food and walk over to mosh pit and we said, isn't there a better way to do takeout? wouldn't it be better if people could place their orders simultaneously when they're driving in, place it on mobile and web, and w wstarted to think about the eat-in business. i remember a meeting in our stores, meeting a university president, and i showed up at 9:00 a.m., and he said do you want to get some food? i thought i have to way four, five minines for my drink and d muffin, wouldn't it be if i had my food delivered to me? i only had 30 minutes for the meeting. >> and it's all happening. i was in tucson about four weeks ago. >> tucson? no longer florin park?
3:35 am
short hills one. >> but this is one in tucson. it broroht me the food at mymy table. >> wasn't it nice? >> i thought it was fabulous. >> can you do it everywhere? >> i would say about 20%, and soon about half. imagine you can go to a kiosk, go to your table, you place your order and the food is brought to you. >> i love that. that's really great. raw costs, you said some are going pretty good, some of the ag stuff, the complex is gcing youreigh way? >> yeah, the other side is we haveveegislated labor incrcrses. >> you i know. but your decision to buy back as much stock as you did, and admittedly at $10 lower, versus this fantastic inversion, is it a trade-off? i tell you, i would rather have the growth than the buyback. >> no, it's not a trade-off for us. i think it was clear that the opportunity existed. we had always been very, very conservative with our balance
3:36 am
opportunity for us to basically access about one turn of ebitda in debt, and use it for buyback, and it seemed like an appropriate time to do it. or board was in support of it. that was really the key. they're always conservative. rightfully so. but they felt confident to do it. >> we're a loyalty members, and i'm always shocked at the huge number of people you have in your program. >> it's actually the largest loyalty program in the restaurant industry. >> isn't that incredible? >> 50% of our consumers. next best is starbucks at 125%. not a lot of people think that anyone is ahead of starbucks, but you have managed to do it quietly. >> i think we try to do more things quietly. we're more interested in the customer. we're e e leading digit at restaurant, including starbucks outside of the three big pisa operations. 16% of our sales came through digital last quarter. >> you're doing a lot of facebook or google?
3:37 am
>> no, i'm saying digital ordering. >> are you advertising osocial media? >> we mix it. we're doing social media, a bunch of that. some national advertising, but mostly what matters is what happens in the cafe, which is do we touch people or don't we? if we do things that customers value, then they'll continue to come in. if we don't all the advertising in)the world doesn't work. >> strategy is not only right, but it's working. congratulations for totally getting the stock together. ceo of panera, he promised, and he delivered. "mad money" is back after the break. i think we should've takenen left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is?
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it is time. it is time for "the lightning round." -- and then "the lightning round" is s er. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for "the lightning round." i'm going to start with n in colorado. ron? >> caller: welcome from the colorado rockies, home of the super bowl champs. marathon petroleum. >> you know what? i see the refinery margins being pressured here. thank you, rustie for filling me in. i'm going to say -- >> sell sell sell. bailey in washington. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, you're up. >> caller: hello, cramer, the famous money maker. what's your take on tesla. >> it's a cold stock. there's something for everybody. you know, i got in guy that says they're losing big money per car, elon musk is saying they're making a fortune. it's too much of a battleground
3:42 am
all i can say is it's a cold stock marshall in virginia? >> caller: woo-hoo -- >> that sounds fair. >> marshall was good, but let's go to jay in new jersey. >> caller: cramer, a pleasure talking to you. >> same. >> caller: i want to knows on the growth potential for the boyer pharmaceutical bio -- >> that one is done. move on. let's go to john in california. john? >> caller: love you, jim, reynolds american. >> i don't recommend tobacco starts. just got to have some principles. not recommending them. michael in kentucky? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i had a question about sing ronnie financial. >> that thing has been clobbered. i'm going to go against the -- and say it's a buy.
3:43 am
california. dennis? >> c cler: dennis in calififnia. i like your pin on tiffany & company. >> no, they went out and said all these great things, and then they different deliver. here's what i say about tiffany -- buy buy buy. [ buzzer ] no-no no. >> sell sell sell. >> caller: hello, jim, how are you? >> great. >> caller: fantastic. it's 80 degrees plus. >> i'll join you. >> caller: give me your xpo logistics. >> in another market it's perfect, but in a roll-up with borrowing money and buying different things, it is not one you can only herein. >> don't buy, don't buy. >> it's just the wrong time. nick in ohio. >> caller: yes, this is nick from ohio. boo-yah, mr. cramer.
3:44 am
>> caller: from the football hall of fame. >> hofer. >> caller: high max. >> i have not looked at it in a long time. it's an integrated circuit company. you can't just say buy or sell. it has to do with the product iteration and where they are. considering that skyworks solutions is doing unbelievably well and it can't get out of its own way. i can't go out there and recommend high max jim? kell hello, jim. >> how are you? >> caller: with the change to ionis, pharmaceuticals and 38 drugs in their pipeline, do you think it's a buy, sell or hold. >> the old isis? here's the problem with ionis. i'm trying to quantify to people this is a speculative and this market hates speculation. if you own it, it's for another market that's not this one.
3:45 am
fair enough? please, it's not this onon david in california. david? >> caller: cramer, boo-yah, i watch you every day,ou're might man. my question is hertz. >> still too early. i'm not a fan, i haven't been for a while. i'm not changing my viewew >> that, ladies and gentlemen is that is the conclusion of "the lightning round." "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade.everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. ery time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentisoffice. crest hd.
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in this different environment, what do we do with a winter apparelelompany like columbia? i recommended it aggressively three weeks ago, because i thought after months of being beaten down, this company could benefit from a multistate blizzard, but the story turns out to be much more than just about the weather. it's a well-run house of brands. sorel boots among others. now columbia just reported after the close today, and iwas a terrific. pigher than expected sales, increased by 3% year over year on a -- 7% constant currency basis, plus management gave pretty darn good solid guidance. so let's hear more about the quarter. march boyle, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim.
3:49 am
>> this was the quarter where i ink that columbia sportswear is a technology company with brands that touch secular growth areas like yoga, and the idea if it's not cold, you can't m me your numbers is a thing of the past? >> well, listen, it's always great for us when the weatheis cold, but frankly we have focused diligently on making the business better and less weather dependent. north of 30% of our sales are outside the u.s., so the chances of it being the proper temperature all over the world is just remote, so we have to have business that can sustain our growth on a less weather-ant time of the year. >> the prana acquisition is looking brilliant. is that something that's
3:50 am
>> yeah, we think so. for sure, it's a relatively small company, a small part of our business, very well-run. we're thrilled with the business, especially the fact that it's less weather-sensitive, about 50% small, 5% spring, but most importantly it's about 70% women. they're buying apparel much more heavily than men. that's an area we've been focusing, making or products and brands more relevant. >> rock climbing, yoga, maybe a few years ago i would -- this is a much bigger category thahawe realize, i guess. >> it's really how that product, which is based on those kinds of activities can extend beyond just those limited activities. so these products are e de for pepele who are active, w w enjoy being outside, being passionate about what they do, whether they're climbing or doing yoga or just enjoying the outdoors, these products are designed to be comfortable. with that basis it allows us tows differentiated from the united states or the world for that matter that's selling apparel. really the opportunity for prana
3:51 am
>> my wife loves sorel, three people on our staff have them t 14% growth. even though it's associated in our country if your feet are sold. it hasn't been that cold. is there something else going on here with this brand? >> well, there is, and it's really an extension of the product into apparel, which is small and was really a microcapsule collection we put together this year, but really the brand has so much strength outside of just winter, but again, as we talk about how to differentiatatthese brands from others, we have to have some basis upon which to rely our design efforts and focus those, and really for us it's about protection, whether it's protection from rain or snow or
3:52 am
of boots for great weather. >> nowowyou have also shown us time and again there's a lot more technology in your clothes that almost -- we hear about wearables, but you continue to improve it to make it tougher whether it's colder, better? is that continuing, the technology in your materials? >> exactly. that's, again talking about points of differentiation from us from every other brand. we're about making people be comfortable, so they can stay outdoors longer. it's one of the reasons the manchester united team has approached us. not only do our products very differenenfrom our products inin their man shops, but it's also the global nature of the manchester united team as well as our own distribution. we can keep people comfortable
3:53 am
that way. mentioned the grt balance you said we can do this great balance sheet. to me that meant you'r'reither going to continue to buy back stocks or you have your eye on other brands that can be put into your family, or can you do both? >> i think at the end of the day we're obligated to manage all of our assets, including our cash, in the best way. however, we really believe the best -- least risky way for us to grow our business and to expand our operating margigi is to c ccentrate on those brbrds that we already have. that having been said, we've been successful, we're managed our balance sheet carefully, and we have the opportunity to acquire brands should they become available. but frankly the focus is on making our existing brands better and bigger. >> congratulations. it was a quarter i know we were thinking you would deliver, because we recognized the
3:54 am
sir. >> thanks, jim. the stock is up very big. always better to buy it when it's cheaper, but what a great transformation of a great american company. stay with (sternly): where do you think you' going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco o esday. man: you're not comingng i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle h h the grease cleanang power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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i'm not going to be glib. yes, the european banks, there probably are real issues. i'm not guarantees anything. for all i know, many are in trouble. all i hear is every minute you hear they're in trouble, but they have a different level of regulation. they tend to be crony and tend to keep the banks alive. i'm not saying buy any of those, i'm saying buy procterer gamble, j & & every time a hedge fund gets on the tv and says this bank is teetering, buy j & j. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it here
3:58 am
i'll see you tomorrow. it's friday, february 12th. coming up on "early today," life threatening wind chills a polar vortex is hitting the northeast and the midwest with a veveeance. bernie sanders took a few punches from the former first lady on debate night. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect for someone running for the democratic nomination to succced president obama. >> madam secretarar that i ia low blow. >> and the fbi is looking into a deadly machete attack at a columbus restaurant as a possible terror attack.
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