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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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"i just kept thinking, please enough...." continuing coverage -- tonight, we're hearing from the family whose baby just couldn't wait for mom and dad to make it to continuing coverage -- tonight, we're hearing from the family whose baby just couldn't wait for mom and dad to make it to the hospital good news to report...the family that had a baby on an eastern iowa road is doing just fine taryn naill from iowa falls had her baby while her boyfriend drove down highway 20 yesterday morning the couple then pulled over at an auto body shop in waterloo to wait for paramedics to take her to
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kwwls olivia mancino caught up with the family today right after they got out of the hospital you'd never know what this couple just went through by looking at them, they were very calm and collected, but obviously ready to make the trip home heres the scene from that birth... emergency service crews responded to the call at iowa auto rebuilders in waterloo.. but the couple told me today taryn naill already had the baby..while her boyfriend tyler was driving! heres a look at their baby..his name is a combination of theirs -- tylyn clay. now that all is "what are you going to do now? you must be exhausted?" "go home and rest i suppose, and introduce them to the cats" tylyn is 6 pounds 11 ounces... about 19 and a half inches he is perfectly healthy of course people at iowa auto rebuilders are very excited to hear the baby and mom are healthy.. they actually were able to meet the new family today -- you can see that happy gathering coming up
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we've got you covered...kwwl news. glad to hear the family is ok!-- paramedics tell us roadside births are actually not uncommon a lot of people are talking about gun safety today -- last night at ten -- we took an in- depth look at kids and gun safety. again, important to note -- this is not an anti-gun story or a pro-gun story...this is about gun safety and our kids. we wanted to share it again in this newscast...because sometimes, guns aren't always locked up. oh! oh my goodness! oh my god! he's shooting my daughter! children... it took just seconds. let's rewind to the beginning - seven mothers - eight children - all in the preschool and kindergarten age range...coming together at the kwwl studios for an experiment that could
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(19:24:47 - :55) there's no possibility that there can be an accident. no ammunition, the gun's not functional. cause it's an actual weapon. lieutenant aaron mccelland with waterloo p-d - briefing the moms...showing them the gun that will be used in this experiment. he will hide it in this room...but the big question - will one of these kids - one of their babies - pick that gun she's never been exposed to a real one. i'm hoping she doesn't start now. what do you think? i don't think so. (19:28:56) jodi do i think he'll pick it up? absolutely. (19:28:03 - :17) ethan has grown up with them. rifles, handguns locked in safe. we taught him to respect. guns don't go off themselves. you have to pull the trigger. (19:25:48) sinead
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gun? i hope not. i'm pretty nervous. i don't know. i'd say no. (19:31:14) vickie i don;t know if she's going to away. gun? probably. i'm a little nervous. (19:32:12) do you think your son will pick up that gun? yes. i absolutely do. (19:26:46 - :57) i don't think he's going to pick it up. he'll probably want to see it. he's inquisitive. it's time to find out. hidden cameras are in place in a conference room...the moms are ushered into our master control where they will be able to watch room 19:48:34) (timer??) it took just 15 seconds... it. dominick starts to walk towards the door - but then
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gun still in his hand. (19:49:23) oh he still has it? is he going to put it back? dominick puts it before it's in the hands of another child... (19:50:42 - :54 cut in half) young boy pick up the gun - he
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at this little girl - right at her head...he points it at another young girl. he's shooting my daughter. becomes too much for again...and again... (19:54:20 - :30 mcclelland) educate them and let them know a look at when i walk into the this young girl walking i have it? no. it's time for these young who found the gun first? you did? i didn't think it was real. (19:59:28) i think it was just a toy. (20:02:11) this is a real's a real gun... (19:59:22/ splice to 20:00:08 ) mom real quick, you're getting pretty emotional? what's going on? it happened so quickly. this was a
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real for these parents... (20:05:40 ) worst case scenario, he could (20:12:20 - :37) we haven't had that conversation and he was the - :07:04) it's made me think about a lot more. watching that gun being two kids who did not pick up that gun - but on this night their moms, are still very didn't find someone and tell them. (20:04:43 - :05) no i thought she would be more proactive. sorry. and tell escalated. - tell a parent right away. (20:08:07) me a lot of families don't have guns...conversation?? splice to (20:09:14 - :20) until they know that sometimes it's not a toy, these accidents will
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(20:00:34 - :40) you just shake because if that was real, half of these kids could really be injured right now. injured - or dead. (20:07:59) i'm still shaking. only two kids didn't pick up that gun...or really even pay attention to it... those two kids are the ones who have guns in their house -- and their parents have talked extensively about guns... their curiosity is gone. check out our website, kwwl dot
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coming up... an evangelic candidate... and his campaign ad featuring a racy actress. details about why ted cruz pulled this ad. here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar. chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg has your full forecast next. "you're watching kwwl. we've schnackenberg. this is the kwwl
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--------- --------- 7 weather team. see the screen zero...some locations as cold as saturday remains cold with a light breeze as high temperatures struggle to reach 10 degrees in many locations. clouds increase saturday
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and continues through the night and into sunday before tapering off in the afternoon...about 3-5 pm. snow totals across eastern iowa will be 3-6". the wind will be 10-15 mph with some blowing snow issues in the open country. to -30). saturday remains cold with a light breeze as high temperatures struggle to reach
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clouds increase saturday evening. snow begins after 10 pm and continues through the night and into sunday before tapering off in the afternoon...about 3-5 pm. snow totals across eastern iowa will be 3-6". the wind will be 10-15 mph with some blowing snow issues in the open country.
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mph with some blowing snow issues in the open country. coming up... an area police department is using a website to solve un-solved crimes.
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find out why this meeting between pope francis and the head of the russian orthodox church is centuries in the making. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in waukon, lafayette, dorchester and all of eastern iowa --------- --------- ---------
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investigators believe one of two teens killed in a shooting at an arizona high school fired the fatal shots. two 15-year-old girls are found
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this morning. police believe it was either a murder-suicide, or a double suicide... but they're continuing to investigate. investigators say they aren't looking for a shooter, and have no one in custody. one year after launching a crime tips website -- dubuque police say its leading to multiple arrests. the i-d-4-p-d website is used for cases the dubuque police need help solving. they'll post the case if they have surveillance images for them. many of them involve local businesses, hit with crimes of theft and forgery. much of the success comes from tips from the public "we've posted i believe, 21 total cases, and based on leads and identifications provided by the public, we've had a total of 13 arrests spanning those 21 gotten several thousand page views -- and multiple submissions from the public. later at six...we'll hear about
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have been trying to solve for quite some time. major world powers are taking the steps toward a cease fire in syria... the agreement is not for a cease fire, rather a quote "cessation of hostilities" in the war torn nation. the plan calls for immediate humanitarian relief as many in the nation - including children - are dying of starvation. secretary of state john kerry says the agreement is ambitions - but the humanitarian support is crucial. an historic day as pope francis meets with the head of russian orthodox church. the meeting is years in the making. pope francis and patriarch kirill embraced and kissed one another three times on the cheek as they met in havana one thousand years ago the churches split - so this is the first encounter in history betweent he roman catholic pope and a russian orthodox patriarch. still to come on the k-w-w-l news at five...
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after he learns that one of the actresses doesn't follow along with his christian views... then - why experts say the threat of the zika virus during they are now. --------- --------- --------- --------- february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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actress. the ad featured actors portraying cruz supporters seemingly in therapy, discussing regret for supporting rubio. one of the actors is amy lindsay - a former porn star. cruz's campaign pulled the ad, and released a statement saying she wasn't properly vetted. kissing babies is a conventional poltical tactic to get votes - but donald trump is anything but conventional... take a look at this video out of lousiana -- donald trump actually signs a baby - right on the the little boy is named curtis ray jeffery the second -- who if you couldn't tell was sucking on a bedazzled trump pacifier. olympic athletes voicing concern about the zika virus in the months
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rio... some say they won't go becasue they're planning on starting families in the coming years and won't take the risk. the good news is when the rio games begin it will actually be the winter in brazil and so there should be fewer mosquitoes. here's a live look at the waterloo skycam. storm track seven meteoroligst mark schnackenberg has a final look at your weather next. we'll be right back --------- ---------
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viral -- because of how the baby acts in-utero... a kansas couple posted their ultrasound online... and their unborn son accidentally punches himself right in the face... he gets hit soo hard that he knocks his head right back. despite the hit, the baby is perfectly healthy -- their ultrasound tech says in her 20 years of reading ultrasounds, she's never seen
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storm track seven chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg has
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. machete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold for fraud. one out of three americans hit. how to protect your most sensitive personal information.


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