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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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?? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everydy! welcome to wines day wednesday. we're so happy you're with us. it's november 16th, and that is "nothing else matters" by little mix. >> we like our little mix a lot. >> not to be confused with little big town. you who spent time on the radio with yesterday. love us some little big town. >> we love them. >> we do. >> we have a great show. we always say that, but today we mean it. olympic medalist simone biles is here, she may be a gymnastic powerhouse now but there were
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i had no idea until i started reading this book. and she's going to share her inspiring message for all the young girls out there. >> we encourage tough a young daughter or a son they should read this book because it will make you realize that anything's possible. >> as long as you're willing to work as hard as she has, yeah. >> but there's rom com drama coming to town that takes some old hollywood and it stars the lovely and talented lily collins. >> she is just incandescent. >> the daughter of phil collins. >> alon the movie is called "rules don't ply." and lily sings in the movie, too. which isn't a big surprise because she's got good genes. >> surely does. i was watching the movie. we had to come upstairs. i was like i want to finish this movie. oh, my gosh, it's so much fun. all right. he's been in so many christmas movies we have lost track. now dean cain teaming up with melissa joan hart who's also somebody -- >> a couple. >> for a holiday movie sure to
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think and then they fall in love. >> yeah. wouldn't be it fun to star opposite dean cain in anything? >> yeah. >> can you imagine how fun that would be? >> let's make that happen for you, hodi. a hallmark movie for you. >> ready for words of wisdom? here they are for this wines day wednesday. the world is changed by your example, not your opinion. >> so true. >> isn't that true? >> especially during these times. >> we've used him many times. >> paulo coelho. >> i always pronounce it wrong. alchemist." it's one of the most famous books in the world. >> i love his thought process. >> all right. we're going to play a wine bot, aren't we? >> thanksgiving is just around the corner and had us thinking about some of the edit kelt etiquette issues that could and probably will come up. >> here's the question. all right. should the host do dishes while the guests are still present? you know, you have a big, huge holiday thing. should they? the good news is, not only can
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normally do, you can also vote on facebook. >> uh-oh. >> so i say why not? start the dishes process. you're going to be there until 1:00 in the morning. convo, scrub. hi. how ya doing? tell them about your kids. sudsy. you know it's nice. >> now i don't want to come over. >> #teamhoda. >> if you think -- i say no, because i mean, it's not like you're just hanging out all the time. it's special, thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> i think that you shout it's one thing to remove an entree and bring something new, but -- i mean, my sister, god bless her. my sister michy who's one of the greatest women i've ever known in my entire life, she's got the windex out on you while you're still slopping up gravy. there are some people like that. don't windex the table when i'm -- >> now you're stretching it! you're stretching it! >> do the dishes while people are still present. doesn't mean they're still
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>> you're changing it, hoda. she does it every time. all right. anyway, what do you think? does it drive you crazy when people start cleaning up when you're -- >> no! that's not the question. the question is, is it okay to start the dishes with people there? that's the question. >> that was not the question discussed in the room. >> that was the question. >> wasn't it the question? >> cleaning up. >> that was the question. yes it was. >> not the dishes. cleaning up. >> well, you know. >> the question is what was the question? >> let me show you how we're confusing people. nobody's voting. one person understands the wine bot. okay? >> even mr. wine bot himself. andrew, give us a hand. >> is something broken? is it broken? >> votes start coming in -- >> all right. so -- so, yes. yes, you should clean. team hoda. #teamhoda. or no -- >> yes! yes! >> oh, it's such a slow drip.
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oh! this is never -- >> there it goes. >> so anyway. >> enjoy it. sit there and linger with each other, for goodness sakes. >> linger while you're cleaning. hey -- tell me about -- >> what if your guests are all in the living room or dining room and you're alone in the kitchen? >> you should go in -- i would be the one to help. i would be like, hey, you need some help? >> she's changing this. trust me. i am so on to you, ms. hoda. oh, my gosh. >> what are you talking about? should you start cleaning while guests are still there? >> it was cleaning. cleaning up. >> the dishes. >> no. it wasin let's move on. >> cleaning dishes, joann says. >> joann? >> doing dishes. >> you said starting to wipe the table and -- >> no. >> oh! i'm going to pull a regis. we are going to tape it next time. what the question is. i just wanted to show off the leather pants. >> by the way, those are hot. whoa! >> our photographer just broke a leg. >> i think we're supposed to say, oop, there goes matt
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if you have facebook, you guys, another thing. if you have facebook go to kathie lee and hoda, vote under the live feed of our wine bot. so it's easy. oh, my gosh. it's practically a dead heat. >> no. i'm winning. >> barely. barely. >> oh, i don't think so. >> it's just so important to linger for a change in life. you know? anyway, all right. we're going to let you know as results come in. >> we have breaking news about carrie fisher. >> i am so upset about this breaking news. sorry about the mess, jerry. break. poor jerry. >> so sad. okay. so carrie fisher revealed big news in her new book. >> go ahead. >> this is important. >> i'm listening. actually, i'm glad to get out of here. i hated this subject. >> what do you mean? carrie fisher -- >> i just wanted to show you how stretchy these are. they're really amazing. you can do almost anything. oh, nice, jimmy! no. it's -- it's safe.
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all right. tell them about leia and han. >> by the way, "star wars" fans are freaking out. >> they should be. >> no, but not like that, i don't think. inside her memoir called "the princess diarist" she writes she did in fact have an affair with harrison ford while on the set of "star wars" in '76. she was 19. he was 31. he was married, by the way, to his first wife. mary. she described it, it was so intense. now, a lot of "star wars" fans together. you know? >> even though he was married. >> well, we don't -- >> details. >> we don't want to judge everyone. please, we're wondering what people think. >> it was han and leia during the week and carrie and harrison during the weekend, she described it. she said they spent their first night together after a birthday party for director george lucas. says he was handsome and she felt insecure and wrote, i
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hero's face. a few strands of hair fell over his noble slightly furrowed brow. >> lord have mercy. >> how could you ask such a shiny specimen of a man to be interested in the likes of me? >> so sad. >> she was 19. >> carrie comes here wednesday. we're going to ask her. we did reach out to harrison ford for comment. >> but no surprise. we have not heard back yet. >> there were some reports that he -- she told him she was going to write that in the book and sent an advance copy to him. but she does describe also the -- >> yes. i'm not going to discuss it, but in the book she does. she talks about what it was like. >> like "50 shades" sort of description? >> yeah, yeah. anyway, we'll ask her why she had to go into that kind of detail. >> uh-huh. anyway -- >> so, have you ever thought about going back to school? >> oh! for what? >> cindy crawford decided she's doing it. >> i think that's great. >> she's taking business classes at ucla anderson school of management. ucla.
2:16 am
instagram showing her in a classroom with books, glasses and a cup of tea. >> good for her. >> the caption is this. "will these glasses make me look smarter? back to school." >> it's a lovely thing. >> and it does stretch your mind. when you do anything that's out of your comfort zone -- because learning is one of those funny things -- >> well, that's a different thing than going back to school for something. if i don't learn something new every day i have not had a successful day and, ooh, hoda, you're winning. you're winning. >> wow. a lot of people are cleaning up and everyone's pitching in. n that was not the idea of pitching in, hoda. >> the cleaning. >> shout out for, like, the umpteenth year in a row. the butterball turkey people. >> all right. this is important, because everyone, every year you have a dry turkey, a turkey that needs x, y or z. butterball has the answer. the butterball lady or guy is going to talk to us. if you have a question go to our facebook page and we could answer it on the air tomorrow. >> okay. >> and tomorrow is i want to mention, for covenant house it's
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tomorrow night to support homeless youth. if you would be willing to do that, spend the night outside and be sponsored by some people raising money for for more information and to donate. it's a fabulous thing. >> and we're going to talk more with one of our favorite people who works at our show later in the program. >> yes, we are. mr. kyle. >> mr. kyle is here and we're going to give him our -- >> his due. >> his due. put it this way. just get a shot of him so we know what's coming later on in the show. okay? we're going to have our way with >> coming up, she's got the strength of an olympian and the heart of a champion. >> simone biles shares her inspiring story and the crucial advice she got, right before she left for rio. after this! jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance.
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in 2012 simone biles was too young to compete in the olympic games in london. but boy, have things changed since then. >> they certainly have. simone has essentially ruled the gymnastics world. no one will ever forget her explosive performance in rio at the summer games. five gold -- five medals, four of them gold. >> unbelievable. >> let's just live here and watch her fly. >> oh! >> you were there for it. >> i was. in person.
2:21 am
stop it, simone. that's unbelievable. >> yes. >> okay, but the road to the top wasn't always smooth as she writes about in her new book. >> "courage to soar." >> congratulations. beautiful title, too, simone, for that. >> thank you. >> why do you think that title fits your life? >> because most people would say i am, like, soaring through the air when i'm doing gymnastics and it does take courage to do what we do, because we have to dedicate our lives to gymnastics, to the sport at a very young age. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of people will look at you and say, boy, she went to all the top everything, she never had any hiccups, she just took off. but i think the encouraging -- >> a totally different story. >> yeah. the encouraging thing for kids reading, they'll see that you had your share of hiccups from when you were just a little girl. tell us a little bit. >> i was adopted as a very young age because my biological mom had a couple problems, so me and my sister and other siblings were put in a foster home and got adopted by my grandparents, which are now my parents, and they are the absolute best.
2:22 am
the absolute best happens to be standing right there. >> can we get a shot of nelly right here, you guys? that's nelly. hi! by the way, watching your mom and your sister and your family watching you -- >> watch you. >> i felt like -- >> you're torn, aren't you, what to watch? >> what's better, watching simone get a 10 or watching her family react? how important have they been in your climb? >> they've been one of the most like supportive family ever because not only do i have to sacrifice so much, my and my sister and my siblings, they've had to sacrifice just as much, and i don't think people realize that because i'm the only one that goes out to compete but -- >> you get the medals. >> yes, yes. but, like, my sister has to miss school sometimes because she wanted to come or my parents had to miss work and a lot of meets and everything. carry my stuff. my dad always carried my bag through the airport. >> he did? >> it was too big for me. >> everything's too big for you. >> it had to be incredible pressure. because there were times when
2:23 am
story was done before you competed and they would say to you, hey, look, you better do well because i've already written my story. >> don't make me rewrite it. >> how did you deal with that? that's a lot of pressure for a kid, for anybody. >> yes, it was a lot of pressure especially as being so young in the sport that we do. it is hard, because everyone labels like -- before the olympics even started they were already saying five gold medals, and i was like we haven't even started, how could you put thatch pressure on a 19-year-old? but they did. but i just kind of ignore it. i'm a pretty stubborn person. it helps me. i just ignore it. >> and people give you great advice along the way. tell us some of the things that people told you that you could now pass on to others. >> they always would tell me embrace the moment because it goes by so fast. which it did in the blink of an eye, it was all over and done. and then just, like, go out there and have fun, because it's only like a once in a lifetime thing. >> by the way, one of the awesome things about you, you were interacting with the crowd. i was always trying to make eye contact with you when i was in
2:24 am
it. >> i know what i got. what did you get from the crowd, like, looking at you that way? >> i got a lot of energy, good feedback, screaming. so obviously it helps with our adrenaline. we feel like we can just keep doing routines over and over again. but it's always exciting whenever they engage with us. >> people should buy this book. if you have young kids who are wondering, could i ever make it to the top of something? here's living proof it happens. >> you've only i can't wait to see what the next chapter is for you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, nelly. >> congratulations. you raised a spectacular daughter. >> yes, you did. >> all right. it's a christmas movie you're going to flip for and we'll catch up with the stars, dean cain and melissa joan hart. >> and then like father like daughter, lily collins shows off her singing chops in the new movie "rules don't apply." coming up, right after this. >> she is adorable. whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the???
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it's been a busy few months for british-born actress lily collins who started acting at just 2 years old. >> she's got three movies coming out next year, a new tv series for amazon and a new book. stop it. but right now all eyes are on lily's starring role in warren beat n >> lily plays a young woman who comes to hollywood as a contracted actress for the legendary howard hughesm played by warren beatty. >> and he has important words of wisdom to pass along. take a look. >> i'm going to do a -- just have a face-to-face meeting with me and then call me a nut? >> that's ridiculous. and you have all your own people around you who you know you can trust. >> may i give you some advice? >> yes. >> never trust anybody.
2:29 am
they're not your mommy or your daddy. the only person you can trust is you. >> hello. >> that is good advice, even if he is a little inebriated, right? >> i'm the inebriated one. i'm very, very drunk in that scene. >> nope. >> which leads to trouble, doesn't it? we won't give anything away. >> it does lead to trouble. >> i often tell hoda that. but what are you going to do? >> was it fun? >> it was. it was really, really fun. business as a whole, and the whole thing was a huge mentor kind of experience for me. >> for not just you but the young man as well, right? this went on for years with him? >> about five years in the casting process. >> what? >> yeah. i got off easy. it was just a couple months. >> how was it acting across from warren beatty? this is a hollywood icon. >> i know. >> he's been in so many movies. was it intimidating? >> it was at first, but he just makes you feel like you're the
2:30 am
he's so endearing. and when he'd be acting with us he's also always going to be the director. so he would direct in character sometimes to stay in character and not to allow us to have to, you know, get out of our emotions and get back in it. it keeps it very, very easy for us. yeah. he's intimidating. he's a meticulous guy. know what's he wants. he's a genius. you have to kind of allow him to do his thing. >> and he gave you some good advice, too, didn't he? just let it go. >> let it go. yeah. he said, be in the moment. surprise yourself. allow yourself to surprise others. and if you can go home at the end of the night and feel proud that you almost don't remember what it is that you did but it felt right, that's the best thing. >> isn't that neat? >> yeah. >> annette bening plays your mom. that's another hollywood icon. >> i know! i've been really lucky with my moms in movies. i just have, like, this slew of incredible women to play my own mom and i have my own mom, but, you know. that's fabulous. she loves improv. so we got to improv a lot together. >> oh, that's fun.
2:31 am
and, yeah. a lot of the stuff in the back of the car with her, in the seat, was just improved. mother to daughter. i spent a lot of time at their house with their kids and so i kind of got to see how their kids interacted with them, and i got to have my own like very organic relationship with her. >> and you get to sing in this movie, too. >> i do. >> how was that? >> it was really fun. at first i was really nervous because we sang live. but the thing is my character is a songwriter, not a singer. so if my voice cracked or i got nervous it was fine. >> what does your dad think of your singing? >> well, i didn't tell him i was doing it until i sent him the trailer. so i sent him the newest trailer being just me singing and he got back and he was like, "utterly fabulous." he was really proud and very excited. >> you've got so much happening. a book. when's your book coming out? >> in march. march 7th. >> come back and see us. >> i would love that. >> what do we do, hoda?
2:32 am
>> please. got a lot of not in this one. got to have it out there. >> all the best. >> thank you. >> "rules don't apply" hits theaters next wednesday. november the 23rd. >> wines day wednesday. >> that's the one. >> it's a christmas movie way lot of heart and a lot of cain.
2:33 am
2:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] it is wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" and if you've ever wondered from like spill the beans, hands down, and our personal favorite, happy hour, we've got some answers. kath's across the street at nbc studios at 30 rock. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to anybody who gets the questions right. and one of her fabulous signed cds for those who don't. here with me in studio is the president and co-founder of, will pearson. will, are we ready to play? >> the audience looks ready.
2:35 am
look at this beauty from utah. how pretty is she? the terms hands down as in hoda and kathie lee are the best hands down, is from which sport? horse racing, race-car racing, or motocross? >> b. [ buzzer ] >> stop it. she wanted the cd! >> and she got it. the correct answer is -- horse racing. >> it is horse racing. so imagine one horse way out ahead of the pack. they know they're going to win. and as they get closer to the finish line, the jockey knows that tn >> all right. cool. all right, kath, over to you. >> from south carolina. right? happy hour traces its origins to which of the following scenarios? commuter trains that served beer and wine. the time when sailors could relax and play. or whenever kathie lee and hoda get together? >> i'm going to go with c. >> because he wanted the cd. >> and he got it. the correct answer is -- the time when sailors could
2:36 am
>> that's right. this one its origins are with the u.s. navy back in the 1920s. they were trying to find a way to break the monotony for these sailors with their life at sea. so they allotted a certain amount of time every day where they'd arrange competitions, wrestling, boxing and then it became just a time to relax and get away from whatever -- >> happy hour? >> it became happy hour. >> all right. over to you. >> where are you from? >> ontario, canada. >> okay. the term turn the tables comes from what activity? playing backgammon, carpentry or serving a buffet dinner? [ buzzer ] >> oh. it's a good day for klg. >> they wanted that cd. i see why he went for the wrong answer. >> what's the right answer here? >> the answer is playing backgammon. backgammon being a table game, one of the oldest games actually in the world. when you're behind in a game of backgammon, you want to stage a comeback. which would be turning the table in order to put your opponent in a position of disadvantage. >> look at you, will. all right, kath, over to you.
2:37 am
some say the phrase spill the beans comes from which activity in ancient greece? how are you supposed to know, right? cooking legumes, making weapons or a type of voting? >> b. [ buzzer ] >> you scared her. she's scared. what's the correct answer? >> i would say having a rough day. but they clearly just want the cd here. this comes from a type of voting. and there are still some places that vote in this way. the idea here being that there would be different colored beans that they would place in a their selection. and some places still do this around the world maybe with marbles or -- >> so you spill the beans by dumping them out? >> that would be how you find out who won the vote. >> ah 37 spill the beans. all right, kalth. from fort worth, texas, the definition of this word is the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. ever had that? >> yes. >> is it fudderbelly, collywobble or flufferjingle? >> b.
2:38 am
she's right! >> it is right. [ applause ] >> you're so used to hitting the -- the other buzzer. what's collywobble? >> it's a word we really need to bring back. it's been around for about 200 years. having the collywobbles means you have a case of the butterflies or a stomach ache. >> we can work on that. last one i think. >> look at our birthday girl from kentucky. which term originally referenced the mix of fat and grease left over after a meal? cut the mustard? or slush fund? >> um. pot bellied. >> no. [ buzzer ] >> there you go. >> so the correct answer of the mix of fat and grease left over after a meal? what do you mean, on your plate? >> what's left over after cooking something. the cook has something, grease or fat left over, it's called the slush fund. and actually, this is another nautical term where the cooks on shins would actually stow that away, save it secretly so when they got to port they could sell it to candlemakers or others to
2:39 am
>> okay, will, thank you so much for all your information. no matter how you phrase it, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. dean cain and melissa joan hart are going to share some special things for you for the holidays, coming up right after this. aw. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. guess i won't be seeing you for a while. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours?
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? all i want for christmas is you ? it's the most wonderful time of the year, and do you know why? >> because -- 'tis the season for hallmark's countdown to christmas. >> dean cain and melissa joan hart star in one of the channel's new tv movies called -- >> all: "broadcasting christmas." >> they play local news anchors vying for a co-hosting spot at the number one morning show in america. but their past might get in the way. take a look. >> admit it. you're scared.
2:43 am
>> that's why you stayed here at stanford six years ago. why you didn't come with me. >> what are you talking about? >> we had a good thing, em. >> i know. >> we told each other no matter what happened with the job at whny you and i would be fine. but what you really meant was we'd be fine as long as you were the one that got the job. hey! >> no, come on. not my hair. okay? i don't know how to style it like this. >> wear a hat! >> oh, love. hi, you guys. >> hello. >> i wish you would have done it in stanford. you would have been close to me. you shot it in vancouver, right? >> we shot it in stanford. >> and didn't call? nice. >> close to somebody's house. >> that scene was bridgeport. and he actually hit me -- during his close-up hit me in the face with one of those snowballs. >> what time of year was that? >> that was a few weeks ago. >> that was the fastest turnaround ever. >> you just finished it? >> we finished it in october. >> wow. >> will you guys worked together before? >> no.
2:44 am
network. >> i was doing sabrina and met, but he was always hitting on everybody else, and i was like -- >> is that what you were doing? >> did you ever hit on her? >> no, he didn't. >> i will take the fifth. she's married to a stud dude. >> yeah, i'm good. i'm good. i got over it. >> but i'll tell you what. working with her was the easiest thing in the world because she's a total pro, knows all her lines she is a director as well. peter who did direct it, directed it, but peter, she could have done it too, right? she's just nails. >> a great chemistry. when people come from television, too, you know how to hit your marks, find your light, know your lines. the whole thing. >> yeah. >> we had a great cast and a ton of fun and got to shoot it all in connecticut. so i got to sleep in my own bed. >> oh, that's amazing. all right. shall we play this little game? superman or sabrina? >> what? we're doing it? >> i think so. >> i want to start with i am going to really suck at this, because i don't -- i never
2:45 am
i'm sure this guy sits in front -- >> i watch all my stuff. >> which is why we're winning wine bot. >> okay. here we go. >> ready? >> yes. >> we have five witches and a newt. we should be able to do something. >> sabrina. right? >> has to be. >> just checking. >> got it right. kath, next one. >> can we focus -- you already did that one. i think you're brilliant but there is a fine line between brilliance and lunacy. >> that's got to be >> here's one. people try to kill a lot. >> that's probably sabrina. >> no, it isn't. >> could be either, though. >> and so what are you saying? that i'm not who i think i am? you're not who i think you are. >> i'm just going to say sabrina. >> i think so, too. >> you are! >> you know, people who love each other are supposed to be kind to each other. >> broadcasting christmas! oh, wait. >> wait. i think you're right. i think we did have that. no.
2:46 am
>> i'm so bad at this. >> you are bad. okay. do the next one. >> i made a list of possible topics for tonight's dinner conversation. now, if one doesn't work move on but don't stray from the list. >> that has to be sabrina. >> yes, it is. >> finally, for the win, this will decide who's the winner. you know, i really hope that someday you'll learn that sometimes what it seems like people are doing isn't really what they're doing. >> well, that's a mouthful, isn't it? >> let's go with "lois & clark." >> you did the movie, we're glad. >> and point out, missy, an announcement in your department. >> i directed a movie this summer in wales and it's the remake of a movie called "watcher in the woods" that starred bette davis in 1981. this time anjelica huston playing the lead and i got to be at the helm. so is it was really exciting and really fantastic. and that will be out sometime next year. >> come and see us when it is. >> i will. >> and dean, you'll be back every week because you have a movie every week. >> i will. and a christmas one every week. >> hallmark.
2:47 am
and "broadcasting christmas" premieres november 23rd on the hallmark channel. >> now how one nurse is helping new parents through one of the most difficult times of their lives, after this. it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. it could be the smallest ice crystal, cloud. >> what does "it's amazing out there" mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired. even if it's straight up blue skies. i mean, how beautiful is that? that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to another. >> and the roll of thunder, it's just -- it's just one of the most amazing things. >> that's what "it's amazing out there" is.
2:48 am
mentally. and the memories you take away from that weather. >> and how that absolutely affects our lives, our day to day, what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we going to eat, what's everything going to cost? to me all those interactions the weather has real influences on, that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists, we know what's going on with the that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the field and says thanks for being there, we're so glad that you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge. we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people to help them, help the communities, help the families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science and the data, it makes a real connection and starts to i think drive home the
2:49 am
>> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and you know, i love working with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. i. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... anything meant to stand a body without proper foot n support can mean pain.n. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee, or lower-back pain from being on your feet.
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millions of babies around the world are born prematurely, tiny, fragile and so courageous, brave as can be. for a parent it's an extremely overwhelming and >> well, tomorrow is world prematurity day. so today we thought we'd take a look at one very special nicu nurse who's set out to give parents a little support. >> babies are born every day, but one in ten have an early entry into this world. it doesn't just affect the child. those long days in the neonatal intensive care unit can be stressful for mom and dad. >> you feel lost. okay. my baby's here, they're on a
2:52 am
you see all these tubes and wires, and it's frightening. it's very traumatic. >> working for 20 years at the bedside of sick babies, jody dolasol, a nicu nurse at caremont health outside charlotte, north carolina those the impact preemies have on their parents. >> whether they have a 24-weeker or a 34-weeker they all have that same question. when is my baby going to go home? when is my baby going to be okay? >> lisa's son >> i had times i would break down. i never thought i'd be here. >> and having lived through this herself, nurse melissa hewitt tends to preemies daily at einstein health in pennsylvania and knows firsthand how difficult this experience can be. >> i had my daughter 18 years ago. she weighed a little but under a pound, and she was 11 inches long. that is smaller than the length of a barbie doll. my son was born 13 weeks early. it was the hardest time of my
2:53 am
kids, lexi and jared, are perfectly healthy teenagers, and even on the honor roll, but statistics show almost 60% of parents with babies in the nicu are at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder even years after leaving the hospital. >> an alarm goes off. you want to know, what's wrong with your baby? it's always what's wrong with the baby? what's wrong with the baby? you're constantly in that high-alert fear mode. >> jody knew the parents she saw every day needed somng nicu journey bead program was born. >> they will receive a bead as a tangible timeline for their countdown to home. the first bead is a caterpillar, and the final bead is a butterfly where they're ready to spread their wings and go home. >> over 500 miles away in philadelphia melissa learned about jody's journey bead program and brought it to her hospital. >> the first time they get a bath, they get a bead.
2:54 am
a bead. the first time mom's able to hold the baby, they get a bead. each bead is symbolic and comes with a paper to explain the significance of the milestones these babies overcome. >> i'd like to give you the five-pound bead to add for his weight gain. >> one step closer to home for little jacion. >> i just can't wait till he get his last bead because then i'll know he's coming home. >> coming home with a baby, and the beautiful strand of beads to t >> isn't that precious? >> beautiful. >> we should mention little jason is home and he's healthy after a month in the nicu. right now the journey bead program is in 18 hospitals. you can see how beautiful they are. >> a lot of hospitals don't have the funds to implement these programs. so if you'd like to sponsor a baby or a family going through a nicu journey you can go to and hats off to sarah clagette for doing such a beautiful job on that.
2:55 am
experience of one of our producers. there she is. she wrote a beautiful blog about it, shared her story to let other parents know that they are not alone. >> they are not. we'll be back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> beautiful, clagette.
2:56 am
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wine bot results are in. this thanksgiving don't feel bad if you have to do the dishes while your guests are still there. >> or clean up. >> because according to wine bot most people agree with me. >> well, all right. all right. >> double! more than double. >> one should linger. >> tomorrow -- >> get off that, please.
2:59 am
quinn is back with a new york story. >> and then from his role as chris darden in the hit tv series "this is us," actor sterling k. brown is here. >> i really hate this. >> and ambush makeovers. >> in time for thanksgiving to -- everyone has a story for you. >> and before we say good-bye we want to say a separate good-bye, a special good-bye to a member of our team who we love. >> kyle michael miller. >> oh, no. >> whyre >> kyle's leaving us. >> i am. >> come here. we need to say good-bye. come here. in a proper way. can we have -- oh! >> oh, my -- >> thank you, gary. >> new york to ohio. >> all right. >> thank you, gerard. >> kyle michael miller, we love you, sweetie. >> i love you guys. thank you so much. >> we love our kyle and we're going to miss him. >> we are. i still have not accepted it. i refuse to accept it.
3:00 am
>> i don't accept it. >> cheers. love you guys. >> morecans watch nbc news my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make money. my job is not just to entertain but to teach, educat put it in perspective. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. there are wacky bids underneath all over the place, and they're making for a far more orderly stock market retreat than you might expect after this remarkable rally. hence why the averages have failed to get crushed, which is what you'd expect after a move of such great magnitude, right? dow backsliding 55 points.


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