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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2016 7:00am-8:55am MST

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3 toox 21 rning nemoay, i'm craig ff ffey.kier price. morning --hi..
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ercer -- ggedndw efus r kesm coadde l ve 3 n y congn atd rr ohie. hi- in anfeaid do's" ng an e ig hte is atndshe d d . gnt tee wiesr ta-4 caerheedo ershwos... e hedaht les. d shs waedo e he e lovee pass r way do
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ewra "pe'dr dr ith urf habo d ..d his be frli h a dragon dragon.itofth19-77 ic. e's " hi ter 12 3 outeurie ins w vi ith te y. nt wll inin theno.. wh fng tus!
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